Possessing Kate Chapter 1

Chapter 1

 The fire red bustier gripped fast to the curves of her torso, emphasizing the slope of her abdomen and providing just enough material to support and properly place the plentiful breasts without covering but a very small portion of their lower halves.  Stiletto heels balanced her weight and capped the tight boots which covered her to the hip.  Each step was calculated for optimum effect; the tilt of the pelvis, the roll of the hips, the pendulum stride and her even gate.  Even with her hands on her hips her shoulders shifted just enough to send ripples through her naked, buoyant breasts at each pace.  Her final step was only half taken, leaving her inner thighs exposed and her finely manicured mound proudly on display.

The short whip snapped sharply in the air causing the room to flinch.  Her partial mask did nothing to hide her scowl as she pointed the whip accusingly, demanding.  “You will obey!”

Whining, “but…but I do.”  The big man’s pouty response was pitiful.

Turning slightly she resumed her pacing. Her bared back was covered only by thin lacing of the bustier and nothing but her boots below.  At four paces she spun and threw the whip, catching him by surprise across the arm and back.  “Do not defy me!”

Wincing, rubbing his arm, “but I…”

“Don’t!” holding up the whip, “Do not ‘but’ me.  Now give me your hands.”  Pointing, demanding, “together, now!”

He reluctantly interlocked his fingers an allowed her wrap a rope around his wrists and tie a knot.  The other end had been looped over a beam above them.  She pulled the loose end until his beefy arms were well above his head before she secured it to a wall anchor.

Approaching him teasingly, she traced a finger down his chest and across his abdomen.  Creeping lower, she whispered, “What is your destiny?”

Not able to restrain his smile at her advances, he lost his focus on what she was saying and only managed a panted, “wha…my what?”

Gripping tightly to his member, she easily lifted his attention and his stance to his toes.  Demandingly she repeated slower, “what   is   your   destiny!”

 Gasping at her ferocity his mind quickly cleared, “to…to obey you always?”


A small spattering of applause mixed with the tentative cheers and whistles.


Without letting go, she produced a small device and smiled as the man’s eyes grew wide.  Not allowing for retreat, she pushed the end into his abdomen and he shook uncontrollably for the moments until the crackling and static ended.

She pulled harder on her grip.  “To obey me always…what?”

Gathering his wind as best he could, he found the words, “to obey you always, Mistress.”  Sucking in wind as she dropped him, he was thankful to be hanging free of her grip.

Toying the device at his balls without activating it, “and what is my only standing order?”

His attempt to shy away went without effect as she easily backed him to the limit of his confinement.  He answered without confidence, “to be ‘ready’ for you…at all times?”  He added quickly, “Mistress.”

Grabbing his flaccid member again, “and what is this?”  Bouncing its sizable weight in her hand began the reaction.

“I didn’t know you were coming here right…”  He gagged on the remaining words as electricity filtered through his body.

Sliding a solid ring over his gaining girth, she carefully looped each testicle through it and held it firmly to his base as his erection rose.  “You will wear this as a badge of shame until I declare you fit to be without it.”

Shifting the ring, she stroked and fondled his unit to life, “whenever and wherever I want sex.”  Licking the tip caused a sudden jump and an extra bulge of fullness.  “That is your only purpose.”

Standing upright she smiled at his distress while the ring gripped him tighter and tighter as he grew, “that and maybe some heavy lifting.”


Laughter and cheers rang out louder.


“Recite your purpose until you can remember it.”  She slowly fondled his increasingly turgid member.

“I am to be…” he swallowed hard, eyeing her hands upon him, “ready and able…” again he paused to swallow, failing to ignore her distractions, “to serve your every need, whenever and wherever you want.”


Hoots and hollers filled the hall.  Women whistled and shouted out their approval.


Putting the electric device to his banded testicles, she eyed him with a raised eyebrow.

“MISTRESS!”  He cried out.  “Whenever and wherever you want, MISTRESS!”


The women voiced their approval unrestrained with applause, continued whistles and shouts of encouragement until someone cried out over the din, “Presents!  It’s time for the bride-to-be to open her presents!”

The volume on the huge T.V. was lowered and a big chair was brought out, “Sara?  Would you please sit?”

Everyone turned away from the big screen and focused on the blushing bachelorette.  The ballroom they had rented was far larger than what the twenty or so gathered had really needed, so the women spread out easily around the center of the attention, resituating their chairs to face her.

“First I want to thank each and every one of you for coming out here.”  The glow of her excitement overshadowed her nervousness.

“Hey!”  One of the women voiced, “If the company’s gonna send ya to Vegas, who’s gonna say no?”

Most of the crowd laughed but Sara waved them quiet, “Yes, well, we should thank Tyler & Byer, but also thank Catherine Montgomery for pulling this off.”  She added, “And congratulate her on her new partnership”

They again applauded as Kate muttered, “Junior partner.”  She stood half-way up, smiled, nodded, waved and sat back down with as much controlled dignity as she could muster, knowing the truth of the matter.

Most of the women were older than Kate’s twenty-eight years, some a lot older.  Even though she knew she had the knowledge and skills to gain their respect as an authority and the personality to maintain their loyalty, she didn’t know if she could keep it all together without believing in her own integrity.

The spattering of applause died out and she noticed they were all still looking at her, or at least to her direction.  Clearing her mind she put on a big smile and raised her glass, “Drink up!  It’s on Tyler and Byer!”

Roaring again, the focus naturally drifted back to Sara Dobson, soon to be Sara Kayler, in the big center chair as the wrapping paper began to fly.

Kate took a long, slow deep breath and glued the ‘shiny, happy face’ into place.  She watched and nodded and ooohed and ahhhed in all the right places but was numb to it all.

The sounds within the room were fading in and out when she first began to hear it.  Looking furtively at each attendant to see if anyone else heard it…or made it…and then there it was again, unmistakable.  The sound was incredibly affecting.  She stirred in her chair and listened attentively to the ebbs and flows of the room’s conversations.

A woman had cried out in excitement.  Not the excitement of the giddy girls around her, but something more arousing, more sexual.  It had to be sexually driven.  She didn’t know why she knew, but she knew, and it was becoming infective.  Her hand slipped nonchalantly to her lap.  It had been so long since she’d even thought about arousal that the sudden urge perplexed her.

She wanted to stand and search it out, to see what brought the sound of such feral delight.  She resisted the urge to call out, “Doesn’t anybody hear that!” and then she saw it.

The movie had been turned down but not off.

Leaning back to get a better view, she saw the screen and was perplexed at what she saw.

A girl had been bound to the posts of a bed with her arms and legs both spread wide.  A second girl had her face buried between the opened legs while that same ‘mistress’ from earlier pulled and twisted violently upon the vulnerable nipples of the bound girl.

Kate winced, but as painful as it appeared to be, the girl moaned and cried out in pleasure to the ministrations of the woman at her chest and apparently not to the rhythm of the other girl.

Having seen what she’d considered to be at least a fair amount of pornography, her body had never reacted quite like this before.  Glancing about the room furtively, she thought it safe enough to chance a quick rub of her agitated center.  The sudden sensation had her shifting in her chair without intending to, not coincidentally allowing her hand to better explore.

Watching the screen out of the corner of her eye, she followed the mistress climb up over the bound girl to straddle her face.  Kate felt her own breath catch as the woman slowly lowered to within range and the tongue darted out to meet the tender flesh it was offered.  The woman above took a breast in each hand and they all moaned their approval.

The shot tightened to the tongue flickering at the exposed clit when Kate mentally blinked…her name…she heard her name.  The bright eyes and smile slid back into place as she locked eyes with Sara.

Holding up the China tea set Kate recognized as her gift, Sara bounced in her seat, “Oh, Kate, thank you so much.  Really, it’s so beautiful.”

Without pause she responded, “Which is only fitting.”  Everybody “Awwwed” at the comment as Kate again thanked her quick wit for saving the moment.

The pile of gifts was down to just two more and not wanting to get caught lost in space again, she blocked out the movie and paid attention to the unwrapping, or ‘shredding’ as she saw it.

The edible G-string and candle/incense burner were opened with much more of an incident than would be expected.  Kate stole a glance to the T.V. and was so instantly returned to the naked flesh that she missed the three foot cake being rolled in.

Someone turned off the set and she nearly jumped up out of her seat.  Spinning back to the group she saw the perpetrator with the remote.  Before she could do more than glare, the cake exploded into shards and music filled the large hall.

Dancing and gyrating his nimble hips, the dancer zeroed in on the pre-connubial Sara.  She jumped up and tried to run but the circle kept her contained.  Someone brought out a stool and Sara was made to sit while the athletic and enthusiastic dancer methodically pealed down to his bare flesh.

Kate watched each piece of clothing go, expecting a renewal of the earlier stirrings.  Anticipating, wanting, now finally into the shower for her friend, she couldn’t regain the heat the stolen glances at the movie.

She enjoyed the striptease, but it was not what she thought it could be and she slowly slipped back into her funk.  She smiled and clapped, even whistled when appropriate.  The façade was effective enough for her not to draw attention, for all but one who did watch her, and watched her closely.

The music took a drastic shift to a background ballad.

Kate was happily relieved to discover that the dance had ended.  The dancer picked up the beet-red Sara from his lap, set her on the stool and began to collect his things.  The women all stood and Kate followed suit.  Hotel attendants came in and began to gather the pieces of the ‘cake’.  A line formed as each offered another congratulations and hope for the best.  The line was slow as each wanted at least a short hug of the exhausted yet grateful Sara.

Two steps were all she took.  The remote control sat on the chair in front of her.  She stood, transfixed.  Her heart pounded.  Kate dabbed her palms on her skirt to dry them.  Looking to the blank blue screen, then back to the remote with an uncommon urge, she shook herself free of it and strode past it to get in line to wish her friend well with the affixation behind her, none the wiser.

But there was one who did notice, one who did watch and had learned what she’d wanted to learn and it made her excited as well.  Knowing now her direction, the younger girl slipped from the party and got ahead of the crowd to formulate a plan as to what she saw was her best chance.

Possessing Kate

Catherine Montgomery discovers a world beyond her own yet within her own. Led by a younger woman who just started working in her office, she follows her into an adventure filled with the glory of new and inventive stimuli and the shock of ancient and insidious torture. Will her new epiphany allow her to manipulate these extreme sensations into euphoria? Her need to be with her newfound love will take her there regardless.



A sorority house full of young willing pledges eager to be accepted and a headmistress with a penchant for punishment is the recipe for a system to discover and winnow out nubile submissive masochists. But this scheme to recruit proves to be not nearly as dubious as the plot to prevent it from happening. They may still need to be cut and polished but even in the rough one can recognize precious gems.
A sorority house full of young willing pledges eager to be accepted and a headmistress with a penchant for punishment is the recipe for a system to discover and winnow out nubile submissive masochists. But this scheme to recruit proves to be not nearly as dubious as the plot to prevent it from happening. They may still need to be cut and polished but even in the rough one can recognize precious gems.