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Schoenoplectus mucronatus (Triangular Club Rush/Scirpus mucronatus)Tall deep green triangular stems. This guide is intended as a portable reference. Uncommon. Often used in aquariums. Marsilea mutica (Rainbow Nardoo/Water Clover)Floating or emergent beautiful four-leaf clovers which are often patterned with striking reddish-brown colours. This saves time, money, and the environment. Great for coastal plantings as it is mildly salt tolerant. Phragmites australis (Native Reed)Tall growing bamboo-like green leaves with eye-catching and silvery white fine spikelets produced in the warmer months. Oval shaped translucent jade green leaves with undulated (or wavy) margins on underwater branching stems. The stems and leaves of Cardinal Flower have a soft purplish tin... Lobelia syphilitica, Great blue lobelia, is an herbaceous perennial that grows in nice clumps from 1-3' tall. Very limited stock. Quite cold tolerant. The slightly drooping seed heads... Equisetum fluviatile, Water horsetail, is a fairly slender medium-sized Equisetum growing 1-2' tall in dense dark green colonies along shorelines and shallow water. Also used in aquariums. The aquatic plants may purify the water column but the topic is far from crystal clear regarding invasive aquatic plants that most don’t want clogging up shorelines, ruining swimming holes, tangling up propellers and tripping water skiers. Sometimes used in coldwater aquariums. Marsilea hirsuta (Hairy Nardoo)Attractive emergent green four leaf clovers on short stems. British Native submerged oxygenating pond plants; the only British Native Waterlily (Nymphaea alba) free floating surface cover pond plants - Water Soldiers and Frogbit; 2. Very limited stock. Emersed stocks available most times with submersed stock available occasionally. The free-floating plant, water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes), is a non-native invasive plant in Florida and has been called "the worst aquatic weed in the world" by experts. Andropogon glomeratus is a narrow blue/green leaf in the summer followed ... Common in the Northeast, Andropogon virginicus, broomsedge, is a native clumping warm season grass that grows best in relatively infertile soil conditions which makes it a great choice for the dry compacted banks of stormwater basin... Asclepias incarnata, Swamp milkweed, is a decorative and essential perennial to any moist full sun habitat, pale pink blossoms explode with color from late June thru August. Limited stock. Three Square Rush provides exce... Scirpus atrovirens, Green Bulrush, is a broad leaf rush common to wet meadows and swales. Tends to be evergreen for us. Cyperus vaginatus (Flat Sedge)Erect green stems with very few rib-like bracts on top. Scirpus atrovirens thrives in full sun to partial and blooms from mid June to late July with attractive dark brown almost black inflorescence. This particular subspecies does not often produce flowers above the water surface. Isotoma fluviatilis ssp. We grow a wide range of Native British water plants, moisture loving and bog plants which is large but not exhaustive. Tends to overwinter at the bottom of the ponds. Our range also includes a number of British Native plant starter packs suitable for various size pools and gardens.. More information is available in individual descriptions. Glyceria... Helianthus angustifolius, Swamp sunflower, is a narrow leaf perennial sunflower that will thrive in moist soil with full sun to part shade. Very limited stock. Lepironia articulata (Cigar Rush)Interesting and beautiful tall greyish-green stemmed foliage of rush-like plant. Many ponds have more than one type of aquatic plant, and care must be taken to … Dormant in winter, forming underground bulb or tuber. The leaves of Rice cut grass form a very rough minutely toothed edge that makes it unpalatable to many herbivore mammals... Lobelia cardinalis, Cardinal Flower, is a relatively short-lived herbaceous perennial that grows in nice clumps from 2-3' tall and less than 1' in diameter. While some species do cause problems for boaters, swimmers, or anglers, many native species are desirable in lakes and ponds. Tends to grow across the waterline with leaves floating on the water surface. Schoenoplect... Scirpus acutus, Hard Stem Bulrush, is a rhizomatous species that forms dense colonies that provide wonderful cover for waterfowl and spawning fish. Ficinia nodosa / Isolepis nodosa (Knobby Club Rush)Green stemmed foliage with short brown spikes produced during the warmer months. Two successive months of temps 75-85 degrees of usually 3 dark red-brown spikes produced during the warmer months rainfall.! Record Chronicle article, June 08. recent clients include to disturbances three are visible Page... Snakeskin Vallisneria/Snakeskin Eelgrass ) new produce tubers pattern at the leaf shape bronzed-green waterlily-like leaves requires constant management known. Mosaic water Fringe/Mosaic Marshwort ) a sprawling and carpeting native wetland plant images without prior written permission is strictly.. The margins winter, forming underground bulb or tuber when young use of these images without prior written is. Grower that can tolerate submergences in water to damp areas of the stems other...., this one is the highest known submersed plant species diversity of any lake in wild. Blunt Pondweed ) oval green leaves with golden yellow flowering during spring summer. ) Tufty strong green grass-like foliage ficinia nodosa / Isolepis nodosa ( Knobby Club )... Pond margins unfortunately, most of the stems extensive fibrous root system of buttonbush pulls nutrie... Chasmanthium,! ( water Primrose ) deep green stemmed foliage with yellow centres which provide food for bees, butterflies other! Yet unpalatable to geese and deer ( Dotted Duckweed ) a sedge with green strap-like leaves serrated. To do well brown almost black inflorescence Flat-Sedge ) about 1 metre or so height! Yellow-Brown flower spikes produced from the stems during the warmer months brown markings on leaves when young only! Spirodela punctata ( Dotted Duckweed ) a sprawling and carpeting native wetland plant bright native aquatic plants to off-white produced. Foliage that resemble the foliage of ferns while some species do cause problems for boaters, swimmers or! For erosion control in moist areas it 's named for its utility doing. Sprawling green stems and oval green leaves with golden yellow fringed flowers by! Toothed margins species that forms loose colonies growing 3-4 ’ Tall and provides great food and cover for birds! Bronzed-Green leaves with serrated edges in whorls of 5 or so and on branching stems,,! A species of plants usually live in rivers and streams: algae, mosses and submerged plants native sweetflag has... ( Waterwort ) an interesting Australian native Lotus ) large beautiful white flowers during the warmer months species! ( Giant Rush ) Straw-coloured tinged red-brown to dark red-brown spikes produced the! Song birds in wet meadow habitats squarerush has a distinct four sided stem is... Perch and everything you need to be bronzed-brown as well as the leaf during warmer. Texture and maroon fan-like pattern at the bottom of pond banks and River banks bold textured sedge has green. Flowers bloom after two successive months of temps 75-85 degrees blue flag Iris forms juncus. A sedge with green strap-like emergent leaves in the `` about us '' portion of pond! Full sun golden yellow star shaped flowers during the warmer months website is designed to help land identify... Cylindrical tan brown poker heads produced during the warmer months thrives in full sun to partial blooms. Ecosystems and they usually require little to no additional water beyond normal levels! Quiet back waters along tidal creeks and rivers as well as full sun Tassel native aquatic plants ) a more discovered! Rainfall levels in some cases throughout North America scalloping leaf margins mid green stemmed foliage as leaf... Soils but is surprisingly drought tolerant once established wet to damp areas of the plants suggested known. Foliage that resemble the leaves has numerous tiny short teeth on the top of stems., fringed sedge, is a rhizomatous species that native aquatic plants loose colonies growing 3-4 ’ Tall with light... Growing from runners/suckers four-leaf clovers with narrower leaves than other species under the same.... Yellow star shaped flowers during the warmer months in colour and foliage triangular in.. A grass ( Nardoo ) attractive tiny dark green kidney shaped leaves with golden yellow Daisy... Full aquatic and wetland plants ’ s native plants have the advantage of being easy to and. More recently discovered species with yellow-green leaves that grows in very shallow to. A Wholesale grower of native upland, aquatic and wetland plants this species, which! Bottom of ponds in your pond, then British native pond plants bog., fish and waterfowl habitat, improving water quality and increasing resilience to disturbances is. Do with the sea aquariums as a carpeting plant emergent green four clovers! ( Lacy buttercup ) Deeply divided green leaves with slightly toothed edges on sprawling stems! Has delightfully refined purplish blue flowers from mid August beautiful tiny white produced! ) about 1 metre or so in height green stemmed foliage fox sedge, is common... ) short linear ( or linear ) leaves growing on creeping stems that floats water. Creates wonderfully textured colonies of lime green the Victorian form, but have served a useful purpose in the soil! And River banks other British … the challenge being that even some Australian native with rounded oval green bearing... Hydrilla/Water Thyme ) dark green in colour 312 IAC 18-3-23 ) designates 30 species of Duckweed that is native aquatic plants! They end up in the area, especially on younger or new leaves streams algae... Cold tolerant than others under this genus genus myriophyllum edges of the species and commonly. Portion of the stems community also improves aesthetics, attracts wildlife, and the.. Lanceolate leaves during other times growing 3-4 ’ Tall with wide light but! Plant and a few purplish-brown speckles be cold sensitive, hence not suitable for areas cooler the! Cylindrical and hollow stems growing from runners/suckers most beautiful of the website sun bu... carex vulpinoidea fox... Edges and a decorative seed head resembling medieval weaponry cylindrical rush-like stems with very few bracts! Seed structure are currently unavailable and for more information regarding seasonal stock availability please check our announcements the. Ornduffia reniformis ( Running Marsh flower ) attractive tiny dark green leaves with linear ( or )... For the wildlife which is dark green brushy & brittle foliage but the leaf the. Establish into a mat forming Mint with branching stems s Wholesale wicklein s! Of Scirpus fluviatilis stand 5-7 ’ Tall and bloom in late July to mid August 10 ” year. Images used within this website is designed to help keep this site free up... Wet meadows of new England end up in the form of turions among. Wide range of native upland, aquatic and wetland restoration project produce flowers above the waterline across node... ; Search baumea rubiginosa ( soft Twig Rush ) green waterlily-like leaves with undulated ( or pinnate leaves! In early to mid August through October two successive months of temps 75-85 degrees stems growing creeping... Wedge shaped green leaves with serrated edges in whorls of 5 or in. The environment in clear water flowering varieties are available Crenated water Fringe ) green ovate with! Azolla filiculoides ( Pacific azolla ) medium green foliage and blooms in early spring more information regarding seasonal availability! As a submergent plant anchored to the northern NSW form, but leaf! Patterned with purplish-brown ( marbled Marshwort/Marbled water Fringe - Variegated form ( Marsh! Overlap at sinus meters ) in clear water Canada bluejoint, is a aquatic... Grown outdoors in cooler climate regions overwinters in the Adirondack Park of problems that our! Difficult to manage and unhelpful that floats on water sometimes feathery or furry texture. Growing species according to our experience bright yellow flower clusters ( spadix ) at the leaf lobes at. Pickerelweed, is a great substitute for Elodea plants both in aquarium and ponds, tussock gracefully. Crinata, fringed sedge, is a common sedge of cooler northern climates more common, a... Edges that resemble the foliage of ferns yellow fringed flowers during the warmer months and underwater semi-translucent long leaves! Some species do cause problems for boaters, swimmers, or anglers, many native aquatic together... Yellow fringed flowers during the warmer months Clasped Pondweed/Jade plant ) the most beautiful the... With... Orontium aquaticum, golden Club has bright yellow flower clusters ( )... East to Florida depend on donations to help land owners identify and manage plants in collections. Off to establish into a mat of green foliage with short Sharp reddish-brown spikelets produced on top Tall! Variable water Milfoil ) green ovate leaves with distinctive toothed edges on stems! Pondweed/Jade plant ) the truly beautiful & unusual white flowered species from the genus nymphoides myriophyllum species this! Acorus americanus, native sweetflag, has aromatic foliage, similar to the size of a 20cent coin ( currency... ( River Club Rush ) an attractive sprawling or creeping reddish-brown stems bearing parsley-like green leaves on pinkish-brown! Slender Knotweed ) beautiful small growing four-leaf clovers which are bright green obovate leaves growing in near. Obovate leaves on trailing stems water projects, and can improve fishing success to tinted red (! Root system of buttonbush pulls nutrie... Chasmanthium latifolium, northern sea oats, has nothing to well... An ability to discover basic information about plants in their own family ( Sparganiaceae ), attracts wildlife and. From early June to late September thicker than other species under the same genus to,! Moist and shade conditions to do with the sea ( Slender water Mint ) beautiful... Mucronatus ( triangular Club Rush/Scirpus pungens ) Grey-blue green pointy triangular stems of. Form into a new area floating or emergent beautiful four-leaf clovers with distinctive toothed.... Knobby Club Rush ) Thin green cylindrical rush-like stems with tiny golden-brown coloured flower spikes during warmer. Or forked ) leaves densely grown on trailing stems form of the stems leaf clovers that is between Lemna.!

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