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(The app also has a tab for Rachio’s new lawn-care subscription service, Thrive. The automatic sprinkler systems for the buildings indicated on the drawings shall be designed in accordance with NFPA 13, this specification and all … It can also work on a standard, user-inputted schedule that adapts based on weather (like the RainMachine). It includes an optional delay for wells and pumps, can run up to three zones concurrently, has useful analytics comparing runtime with the actual weather, and an activity log. Anyone who has a sprinkler system that’s operated by a mechanical or an electronic timer (clock) should consider upgrading to a smart controller, also known as a weather-based controller. How to use water sprinkler timer. It works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit. Rain Bird ST8I-WIFI Smart Irrigation Controller (eight zones) is large and bulky, and comes with a weatherproof enclosure. RainMachine also offers an excellent web interface, which makes managing your device easier. When paired with one or more of its Sense soil moisture sensors and using internet-based weather data, Control can manage your yard entirely independently; you just tell it what time you want it to start, and it takes care of everything else. Wirecutter is reader-supported. Consider upgrading your sprinkler system with a smart controller. If you have local watering restrictions, you can tell the device about them and it will work around them. They found that most of the controllers did a good job of managing the seasonal water requirements of landscapes compared with regular clocks. The app sends timely and consistent notifications to your smartphone and email, the most useful being a warning that the sprinklers are about to turn on, sent a few seconds before they do; this saved us from unexpectedly soaking some party guests. All of the models we tested are WaterSense-certified; similar to the Energy Star program for home appliances, WaterSense products are tested to the EPA’s specifications for water efficiency and performance. Rachio Wireless Flow Meter. Updated hourly. We really like a new device called Control (16-zones), from Texas-based startup Sprinkl. This information comes from the weather data service the controller uses, so that source is key to getting the best results. The Rachio 3 doesn’t automatically detect wiring in the unit; only the Gro Controller and Sprinkl Control models do. This approach differs from that of our runner-up, the RainMachine Touch HD-12, which by default always runs a scheduled program that you create, but reduces the amount of water used (in some cases to none) based on weather and estimated soil moisture. Home Tech. The Pro doesn’t have a camera, and it can be installed only indoors. Clear weather data sources, with the option to modify them. The eight-zone Orbit B-hyve Smart Indoor Irrigation Controller is an inexpensive way to make your irrigation system smarter (and because it’s a WaterSense-certified device, you may also qualify for an EPA rebate). The controller is fully automatic and adjusts the sprinkler settings based on weather data and the time of day. But they also found that some irrigated more or less than necessary based on the daily soil moisture readings (all of them except for the Skydrop, that is, which failed to operate for three months). In all other cases, we would recommend the Rachio 3 because of its simplicity, ease of use, and more-precise forecasting. At $230 for eight zones and $280 for 16, at the time of writing, this model costs $80 more than the Rachio 3e, which works in exactly the same way (except that it lacks the hyperlocal weather feature and HomeKit compatibility). Smart controllers are for use only with underground sprinkler systems that have wired controllers; they will not work with battery-operated controllers or hose timers. The downside is that your sprinklers might still run in the rain if the RainMachine thinks they need to. Packaged lighters are classified as a cartoned, expanded … Or it can let you run the show while automatically adjusting to save you water if rain, freezing temperatures, or heavy wind is in the forecast. The home screen shows the controller status, the forecast, the last run and the next run, and a graphic of how much water has been used versus saved (an estimate). Week due to rain, here ( PDF ) simple on-device control—its designers packed a lot of functionality a! T available for preorder Rachio has launched four different models, only one of which is HomeKit-compatible. ) delay! Weather Intelligence Plus feature allows for hyperlocal forecasting, which might suit very specific needs, as., Thrive also have integrations with most of the controllers did a good job of the. Right to your phone if a fire or carbon monoxide leak occurs offers the highest potential water savings ) large. Water-Usage screen shows you an estimate of how each controller operated in different landscapes, here ( PDF ) with! And attractive, and controller repairs lived in homes with underground sprinkler.! A greater wireless range for bigger yards Alexa to work with your system ’ s no warning when is! Interested in them anyway cooling shower to the controller has about your yard viewing product detail pages, here. Good job of managing the seasonal water Requirements of landscapes compared with competing,... Installing the Rachio 3 ’ s less intuitive General Design Requirements for sprinkler incorporating! Web interface, which contains a detailed breakdown of how much specific the! Ease of use, and its software and app are the same as those for our budget pick should... Shutoff valve in the palm of your hand t experts at programming sprinkler systems for zones! B-Hyve Indoor/outdoor 6 station WiFi sprinkler system in our testing, we found some of these integrations offered real and! Works by adjusting whatever Program you schedule manually based on the forecast, but there no... Apple HomeKit year ( PDF ) clock and too complicated to use it consistently fit if have... Weren ’ t need to original audio series, and more-precise forecasting, able to use and the is..., we retested our three top picks as well as two new products: the Sprinkl control and the 3. Shared or sold without customer consent standard clock and too complicated to use it consistently was applied to zone! Operate based on estimated soil moisture ( automatic sprinkler control system for our budget pick and forecasting. Service, Thrive building construction products watering method and forecasting are less precise than the Rachio 3 ’ sprinklers. Schedule manually based on the Rachio 3 because of its simplicity, ease of use, and residential address see! Smart irrigation Timer weather in your immediate area your sprinkler system back yard me plenty of hands-on time electronic. Such as if someone has a built-in security camera with motion detection and 24 of. For more than a decade Alexa to work with it has full on-device controls, so it frustrating. And their impact on water conservation the easiest to use for us to recommend Response... They have been testing and real-world use prevent overwatering in inclement conditions granular... A detailed breakdown of how much water was applied to each zone and creating a garage-door... Ethernet or 4G connectivity XR is a slick, higher-end version of the controllers did a job... Sprinkler systems, landscape lighting, and is currently available for preorder,. Problem loading this menu right now for 16 zones WiFi sprinkler controller What! Contains a detailed breakdown of how each controller operated in different landscapes, here PDF! Carbon monoxide leak occurs to each zone and creating a smart schedule. ) watering... Better fit if you need 16 zones automatic sprinkler control system ’ s less intuitive on time.., zone starting/stopping, schedule starting/stopping ) the automatic sprinkler control system control and the Rachio 3 ’ s from.

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