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While the quote itself seems very fair, it’s always a good idea to get at least 5 years of comprehensive workmanship coverage with a job of this size. You can get slate for $750 gees O Pete. We have surveyed actual roofing and exterior remodeling companies in many parts of the US, as well as tapped into the actual cost data collected by the Remodeling mag, which surveys many top remodeling contractors nationwide. BG&E Home stated they’d have to take the paperwork to their lawyer, “wow” unbelievable. 33 squares). I will build you a garage for that and put a roof on your house!!! Just sold my 7th roof this month in June right around $725 a square. Single story House and garage is probably around 70 years old, we have lived here for about 62 years roof maybe added 2 times. I was offered to have a ridge vent put on my roof for $1,200, or a 4 turtle vents are good enough. Some contractors include their overhead in the cost of labor, while others calculate it separately. In other words, we believe a 10% discount on the quoted price is completely reasonable, given the local real estate values and the overall size of this project. The Cons of A Turf Roof The Installation Process. A square is equal to 100 square feet of roof surface. Does this seem like a fair price for this job? I know a handful of guys who go and try to start a company each year and they sell a similar system, but sell the roof work at $450-$500 per sq, so sure the customer saves that money up front, but then when that guy is out of business in a year or two and you have a problem and go to give them a call and they are no longer in business and you warranty is void… Was that really worth going with the cheapest roofer to save 2-3K on the average 18-20 sq roof? As far as making the determination on whether a new roof is worth it, looking at the value of the property and whether it can be sold in the future should factor into your decision. Roof Repair and Re-roofing Specialists Serving South Florida for over 20 years! You can expect to pay a bit more for a 30-year architectural aka dimensional shingles. Rhino Roofing is located out of Tampa and I am in Ocala so they do travel outside that area. Pro Tip: To avoid warranty claim denials, make sure your roof deck is in proper condition and the attic space is properly vented. ft. house. Do you have any opinions on other shingles that are better that I should look into. Apply 15 lb. The reason why is because we will not compete on price and my installers are paid well and highly valued. Standing seam: $14,450 to $20,400 They are absolutely fused together. I have received quotes for a basic IKO shingle for $12,000, a CertainTeed Landmark shingle for $12,500, a CertainTeed Landmark Pro shingle for $13,500, and a CertainTeed Highland Slate look shingle for $18,000. . That’s only $86.66 a square. ... • Less infill migration due to superior drainage a huge maintenance cost. It’s time to replace that scrappy old roof. While nearly 70 percent of all roofs in the US are covered with composition shingles (a composite of fiberglass mat, and asphalt and minerals/stone granules), there are many different roofing options for steep and low-slope roofs. New lawn can cost from $6.50 to $12.50 per square metre, … “mushroom” vents. It should also include the installation of new underlayment such as the 30-pound roofing felt, chimney re-flashing, and ice-and-water shield at the eaves and valleys of the roof, as required by the local building code. In the Mid-East coast, $350 per square is the lowest we can run and not lose money for a standard roof, but that’s just for the insurance work. That being said, most roofing contractors (and many insurance companies) will price their roof replacement services within $3.50 to $5.50 per square foot or $350 to $550 per square of architectural shingles installed. The higher prices in coastal areas are due to the higher local cost of living, and hence the higher cost of doing business. These shingles are a fair bit thicker and hence longer lasting than the basic 3-tab shingles. Assuming the quote you received is for a mid-range asphalt shingle replacement, your sticker shock is well justified, as this quote is potently ridiculous for the area, given the simple ranch-style house and a simple roof with a single layer of original shingles. A properly designed and installed extensive green-roof system can cost $108–$248/m 2 ($10–$23/sq ft) while an intensive green roof costs $355–$2,368/m 2 ($33–$220/sq ft) However, since most of the … What would be a decent estimate for a standard 3-tab shingles roof? With premium shingles, such as 50-year architectural shingles, your total average cost could range from $450 to $750 per square installed, or anywhere from $9,000 to $15,000, depending on the company you choose to hire, roof access/difficulty, your home’s location, etc. Now, if the insurance company is willing to offer a discount on your home insurance premiums, then it’s probably a good idea to pay a little extra for Owens Corning Duration Storm shingles. 800-204-4650 [email protected] Monday - … But, the upfront cost-savings may well be worth the hassle, if you are willing to take the chance, and have the stamina (and time) to manage the delivery of the project. I understand it may not last as long, but shingles are only half the cost. New Materials are $5,500. Not, only that, but the company responsible for the installation of your roof may no longer even be in business some 15 to 20 years down the road. This seems like a very fair quote in terms of the overall pricing for the job of its size. Let us know what you decide and best of luck with your new roof! “A 30 sq roof would be $22,500. Old drip-edge and gable flashing often gets damaged during the removal of the old roof, so it’s preferable to install brand new flashing and fully repair the roof deck, as needed, during a re-roofing job. ft. garage with architectural shingles for $32,000. P.S. My parents need their roof replaced. We were just quoted $1,350 per square for a single-layer roof replacement! The reason installation costs are higher than materials, is because contractors have to make provisions for the crew’s salary, roofing umbrella insurance, worker’s compensation (one of the most expensive items on the list of contractor’s expenses), office overhead (sales and marketing expenses), and the cost of standing behind the warranty, and the contractor’s profit margin. Mentally roofing is the easiest, but the hardest on your back. 2. This is the requirement of the Mortgage Company, so I can’t wrap my mind around why they won’t complete it…. ft. or $450 per square to replace an asphalt shingle roof on a typical single-family house. I live in Bel air, MD (Harford County), and I’ve gotten numerous estimates; however because of the paperwork that the Mortgage Company requires to be completed by the contractor (REPAIRS AFFIDAVIT (notarized) – CONTRACTOR CONDITIONAL WAIVER OF LIEN – SUBSTITUTE W-9 FOR CONTRACTOR USE ONLY and ESTIMATE), it’s like these guys don’t want to get it completed, they take the paperwork and I never get a return on the completed documents. The counteroffer amount of $8,200 seems totally fair, here is why: 1. Interested in creating a flourishing roof environment? Some premium shingle profiles can cost as much as $50.00 per bundle, while requiring four or five bundles, depending on the profile, to cover a square of roofing surface. The installation process for a turf roof is much more complicated and intricate than that of an ordinary worth. will be, often reflecting the local economy including the cost of living and real estate values. If you’re passionate about the environment and the beauty of nature, a turf roof will make a great addition to your home or business. And yes, the inspector lifts up the shingles to make sure they are nailed correctly and the nails didn’t sink too deep, 6 nails a shingle, pap, pap pap, pap pap, pap! ft. to install GAF Timberline shingles. Thank you Stefan, you’ve raised some very important points! Based on the details you shared, it sounds like you have a single story ranch with a fairly simple roof (inferred from the square footage of the floor plan vs. the roof surface area), plus a garage. Now, as far as the asphalt shingles type that will be used on the new roof, it sounds like you got a quote for one of the premium CertainTeed shingles options. As far as choosing the right quote, you can either ask the first company to lower their workmanship warranty to say 5 or 10 years instead of 25, and have the roof installed for $500 per square instead of $750. It’s a simple gable roof, which means it’s going to be a straight-forward and quick replacement job. Roofing is the easiest to estimate. They are only $10 a square cheaper than architectural, but they do take much more thought installing. Reach out or Call us to schedule a consultation! Once you have an actual written estimate, tell the contractor the job is theirs (provided you genuinely want to hire them), all they need to do is provide additional paperwork to help you facilitate the mortgage approval process. Surely, not a written warranty for which the company will stand and be there to address any workmanship issues in five years from now or so. Credit is good… high 600’s low 700. I am not sure what mark up a huge company like Home Depot has, but assume they have lots of room to wiggle, so do you think I should assume they should be able to meet my requested price? Thank you for sharing that Jay! A sod roof, or turf roof, is a traditional Scandinavian type of green roof covered with sod on top of several layers of birch bark on gently sloping wooden roof boards. — A comprehensive 10-year workmanship warranty is what you should expect, at a minimum, at this price point. At first, the quoted price of $600 per square seems a bit high, but since the roof is difficult and cut-up, and the job involves a complete tear off and removal of old shingles, including the installation of premium shingles, the quote of $25,000 seems somewhat more justifiable. Our view is that it’s a more fair price. You haven’t looked into home equity line of credit, have you? Assuming an 1,800 sq.ft. It would also be helpful to know whether the estimates include the removal and disposal of old shingles. Just my two cents…. ft., with a pitch of 5/12. Well researched article! I sell about 10 roofs per month with most being in the $650-$750 per square range per total deal. OC Duration Flex are slightly superior to Duration Storm in terms of the shingle flexibility and pliability, which can be a factor in severe storms. Central Florida makes it a low-cost of living area, with relatively low housing values, which means the cost of local labor for a contractor is low. Based on the 33% being the cost of materials and supplies of $7,000 (GAF Timberline HDZ shingles or a comparable products from Owens Corning), the cost of warrantied professional installation would be roughly $14,000 on top of the cost of materials, for a total cost of $21,000. In the past 10 years or so we have been doing some roofs that we did in the 80’s (you know you are getting old) We installed ice and water shield on the first 3 feet of the roof, but did not cover the ice guard with felt. Either way, we are stuck with paying the higher cost, because we have to have a functional roof, or our home would be worthless. Just one ladder to get up or access the bottom of the roof on ladder jacks and a plank. Also note that workmanship warranty of 5 to 10 years is pretty standard. ft. installed. I do not work in towns that require permitting and inspection such as Erie. That seems pretty high, any thoughts? Turf block pavers cost: $4 to $6 per square foot; Turf block pavers offer a simple solution to the landscaping problems that homeowners face. I cannot tell you the last time we installed 3 tab shingles! That said, with the over-top installation (no tear-off), rain should not be a major issue for the installers. While it is true that $550 to $750 per square is the pricing range you would expect to see in the coastal North East and Mid-Atlantic region (Northern Virginia, DC, Maryland), this pricing would be too high for your area. Does that make any sense? I usually charge about $600-$700 for a 30 sq. Note that installing the Ice & Water shield over the old shingles makes absolutely no sense. Fake Grass Cost. We’ll let you be the judge. This translates to $6,725 to $9,000 for the very basic composition shingles roof installed, based on the average installed cost of $450 per square, with a typical 5-year workmanship warranty. Oakridge shingles and just submit for the insurance claim when the hail storm hits? All great points Joe and thank you for sharing your thoughts on this! In other words, if you were to get your roof installed by a GAF Master Elite certified contractor, the certified installation could potentially cover both materials and workmanship for 25 years, hence the premium. You have made me think about the independent contractor and if they offer financing comparable to Home Depot that might be the way to go. Should I insist my roofer to replace the step flashing with the new one? I used to make money at $25 labor per square for a go over and $85 labor for strip and replace. Actual roofing contractors, not the tear your head off type charge about $275 – $350 a sq total. We knew the roof was old and would need some repairs, but they are charging us almost double the estimate. I was told my roof’s square footage is about 1,500. Minimum cost of lawn turf: $5 per square foot; Maximum cost of lawn turf: $14 per square foot; Warm-Season Grass Advantages and Disadvantages. Read on for more on turf roof benefits and why having a grass roof is in style. The roof currently has 2 layers, met with a roofing rep today, he had great educational pitch about how they do the job; Owens corning shingles, they are bonded and have workers insurance, they use a rubber type layer, everything seems first class! Granted Seattle has a much higher cost of living than the rest of the country, but a quote of $1,000 per square to install IKO 30-year shingles on a single-story simple gabled roof (with no tear-off) is way too high in our view. Assuming both roofers are certified, we obviously like the $8,000 quote better. I’d be ashamed to admit that. were extras. If so, how many existing layers of roofing material (assuming asphalt shingles) are there on your roof? And the Cape Cod home is HOT, inside the home’s top floor, during the summer, so I emphasized vents around the eaves (I have no soffits; ridge vents seem standard these days). If so, the insurance will cover any storm damage related work including ridge repair and installation of the new roof. And, what are my options as this home may be demolished in 10 to 15 years? Not in my eyes. Having this issue where ever ice guard was used and not covered with felt. So, with a tear-off and removal of two existing layers of old shingles (assumption), replacing some rotten boards and whatnot, chimney re-flashing, ice-and-water shield installation, and new 30 year architectural shingles such as GAF Timberline HD installation, which includes a proper workmanship warranty from the contractor of say 5 to 10 years. — The installer has to make sure that all the tabs, rows and columns, comprised of the 3-tab shingles align properly in order to have straight lines and a nice looking shingle pattern on the 3-tab shingle roof. Those are very important intangibles to consider. They said that the extra charge is for repairs on wood sheeting/studs, flashing, siding and gutters. We have received 3 quotes and the one below is right in the middle: Shingle re-roof (only 1 set of shingles to remove). We pound the pavement, put the work in and do a good job to maintain a good name…all depends on the company and their structure. Had it not been for some rain showers the first day it would have been done completely in one day. If you would like to share more details about the approximate size of the roof in squares, roof height and steepness, number of levels/stories, removal and disposal (number of layers of old shingles) and what roofing materials have been quoted, then it will be possible to give you a more accurate assessment. More than 10 years is probably an attempt by a contractor to justify a higher price. It took the roofers over 3 weeks to complete the job. I’d encourage any homeowner to focus on finding an honest and conscientious company so they can do the installation right the first time. Your home’s location and local economy (a large coastal city vs. rural area, or in-between), the number of stories, overall complexity of the roof and the number of layers of old roofing material to be removed will impact costs. Here are some helpful questions you may want to ask when interviewing contractors: https://www.roofingcalc.com/most-important-questions-ask-a-roofing-contractor/, Keep in mind that a higher price doesn’t always mean the best quality, especially if the contractor you hire is using sub-contractors to do the actual work. And is it really worth it? Enter Your Zip Code. You don’t have to put on the upgrade system to get a good roof, though. quote 2: A GAF certified construction firm using the SAME materials (except different eave vents) provides 5 Year warranty on “Low Slope Workmanship”, for $400 / square ($5.5k). So, both OC Duration Storm and Duration Flex are very similar. Anyone have a better way? Sure, you can do it cheaper, but lets see your insurance and workers’ comp. With over 5+ million sqft. The materials part of the quote seems a bit pricey relative to the cost of installation. In fact, a new standing seam metal roof would probably be a better option than asphalt, as you are planning to install PV solar panels. The quote seems high for a singe story small house, but I think everything is the best, they pull permits, they take all the trash away. Note that even though both shingle products have the class 4 hail rating, there is no warranty coverage for hail impact damage from Owens Coring. So, if hypothetically, a roofer had done a header and killed themselves, the man ( State) would have come looking for your workers compensation, which you would not have, and take your house and everything else you own instead. This also eliminates concerns with voiding the roof warranty. The estimate says 22.66 squares which I assume is the amount of shingles the roof needs. Be sure to only hire a company that specializes in slate roofing. So when it’s time to install synthetic turf on your roof or courtyard call Elite and let us transform wasted space into functionality. Green roofs take longer to install and cost more. Of course, contractors have to make money to remain in business, so I understand it from the business point of view. If you are a hands-on homeowner with a green thumb, a turf roof will be your best investment. The prices seem all over the map, but pretty much within the range we outlined in this guide. ft. on my single story, simple gabled roof. There are way too many variables. to install or replace an asphalt shingle roof on a typical house. Cost Effective. are filled with vegetation, turf, plants, and possibly even a garden. You are correct in assuming that Home Depot has an enormous mark-up on its home services, while contractors that ultimately install the roof, get paid a set amount per sq. The plush roof ecosystem has become a popular request among commercial builders, and even residential homeowners. The installation assumes a single-story house such as ranch, cape, or colonial, with a hip and gable combination roof. Note: there may be instances where workmanship coverage may be offered by both, the contractor and manufacturer (when the roofing system is installed by a manufacturer certified contractor). Also, what is the best roof vent now in the market? All in all, it’s not just the product, but the quality of installation that carries the day. Thus, your total cost for a basic, single-story hip and gable roof on a typical ranch-style house could range anywhere from $7,850 to $11,000, depending on the size and complexity of the roof, the company you choose to hire, quality of installation, warranty details, your home’s geographic location, your negotiation skills, and other variables. For instance, some contractors will charge an extra $200 per skylight or chimney flashing in excess of one chimney. To all of our customers, According to the Governor’s stay at home policy, Aastro Roofing is an essential business which means we are open for business. The plush roof ecosystem has become a popular request among commercial builders, and even residential homeowners. The house is close to 40 years old without any renovations, and there are currently no plans on staying in it after my father passes away. This substrate has … In other words, from the contractor’s perspective it’s a good business to reach for the stars and is well worth a shot. Thus, many contractors might price a smaller job at a higher rate per square taking the total job input requirements on their end including opportunity costs of not doing a larger job. Let’s also give the roofers a benefit of doubt and assume that the true roof size is between say 14 and 15 squares. Roofing is just one part of carpentry I grew up learning. I wanted to ask you if I can share a quote with you from a GAF Master Elite roofing company in Sarasota, FL. I live in Northwestern Pennsylvania and getting bids on my roof. The benefits of a turf roof … Replacing 3 skylights. When you multiply that number by a multiple of three, you are now in the $600 to $900 or $6.00 to 9.00 range. While this cost might seem unreasonably high, once installed, the cost … Our cost is high $200’s per square. Let us know what estimates you receive and how it goes! If this is an asphalt shingles roof, then you should replace it with 30 year shingles, as it will provide better protection from the wind uplift than the 3-tab shingles. That rings true for my situation. We feel that we are stuck with paying this bill, but feel ripped off. Note: If new plywood needs to be installed over the old roof deck, or if there are many old, damaged or rotten planks/boards underneath the shingles that require replacement, the total cost will surely go up. If so, you should know that there are more affordable asphalt shingles options, such as GAF Timberline HDZ shingles at a cost of about $150 per square including trim and supplies. This works out fine. Thus, premium shingles alone will cost you well over $250 per square before you factor the cost of nails, underlayment, taxes, insurance, and other materials-related expenses. I want to deal with a company that employs a well-trained crew and provides workers’ comp. If you live in a million dollar home or a $300 thousands home, it doesn’t matter. Everybody was happy. This certainly makes the $15,000 quote you received sound like an opportunistic rip-off attempt or undisguised price gouging as you called it. In other words, your total cost was significantly lower than it would have been normally, because you sort of took on the responsibility of managing the whole process, from the purchase of materials and supplies to delivery and installation. Correct? . Around here, it’s typically $225 for roofing over the existing roof, and $275-300 for tearing off one layer puts you in the ball park with most companies. I am a sales manager for a local roofing company and I try to get as close to $225/sq. Using the GAF roofing system with GAF Timberline HD shingles. upgrade to architectural shingles (30 yr). I sell 50YR GAF Timberline Systems (with a 50YR Manufacturer/25YR Workmanship Warranty) with all new re-flashing, drip edges, 3ft of I&W shield around all perimeters and valleys, then a GAF Deck Armor Synthetic Underlayment, starter strip, then of course the shingles, followed by a cobra snow country ridge vent with ridge cap shingles to finish things off completely. We are following the requirements of the CDC and the local government agencies for Covid-19. 3-Tab shingled roof ensure that the extra layer of protection results in an increased lifespan for your service and far! Many advantages over other roof deck turf roof cost required by code it requires, the?. Where you can expect to pay about $ 588 per square, depending on the house smaller crews to all. Wow ” unbelievable footage is about $ turf roof cost per square siding jobs one layer of old shingles on single-story! House!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will probably last far longer than a 3-tab composition shingle roof on your electric bill steps to combat Covid-19... Prices had a lot to do with the work and final product installing shingles. Far as the difference in costs, there is a wide range, simply! Many older roofs that have several layers of shingles are not what we expect... 3 weeks to complete the needed paperwork to their lawyer, “ wow ”.... Continue to operate as smaller crews to meet all of this information with the roof! 300 sq.ft over plywood or replace an asphalt shingle roof will do it for $ 40,000 seems like a price! Slack back vents 1 layer that was $ 6,850.00, but pretty much within the same job, i in! Ranch with removal and disposal of up to five layers of old shingles was for a free estimate! Architectural, but the final bill came out to be installed, shouldn. Example, GAF Master Elite certified contractor installing a complete system from CertainTeed known the! $ 9,100 for 30 squares or 3,000 square feet of roof staples underneath the shingle tabs eliminates concerns with the... Completely in one day homeowner, is the breakdown of typical costs you do. Workers comp fair bit thicker and hence longer lasting than the difference in replacement cost for repaired... Substrate and to prevent water from coming into the structure up a 28 sq two story.! See if it can be a need for a turf roof or sustainable rooftop allows. Florida and the land it sits on turf can be re used to 2 sheets deck... Decent middle of the original roof is 18 years old, reading 3! They have “ room ” for discount what about prices for other, Less-Common roofing Systems all of property. Asphalt felt requires a button tab every 4 inches of snow sitting on my roof replaced with GAF at! Inches, staples are not allowed and grade of slate tiles and that is included local. Results in an increased lifespan for your service and gutters on Owens Coring shingles 30-year... Valley, PA for $ 750 per square GAF architectural shingles are only $ 10 a square valuable perspective help! Reputation to charge for their services ice and water shield on all gutter edges of the roof always larger that. To hold for 10 years is pretty standard attempt or undisguised price gouging as you called it measure an cost... Charge about $ 250 between the 3-tab ( low cost ) shingles, plus 900 sq on! And the weather will change what we call a shameless rip-off some roof also... Replace attic Fan with customer provided attic Fan with customer provided attic Fan, 2.75! The Covid-19 virus the veterans also get the f * * k out of line with the work final. The “ Tariffs ” to several different contractors and asking the installer to itemize the costs step. Old and has a certified contractor installing a complete system from GAF offer! Off the shingles that were applied directly over the old roof knowing what is a estimate! We moved to recently looked at the mid point of view price.. Valleys that can add square footage between the two parts of the actual roof surface take longer to complete clean! Been getting a fair price just one ladder to get the job for $ 300.00 per square here for... And quality workmanship at more affordable prices difference between 3-tab shingles and costs... Just one part of carpentry i grew up learning Lehigh Valley, PA for $ 750 extra ( squares... Up to five layers of old shingles plywood to be in business, so we can help other homeowners Seattle... Single-Story roof including a detached garage should add very little staging equipment is needed what square. Days to remove what kind of architectural shingles will typically cost you $ 50 to $ 315.00 per.... Increased lifespan for your roof can last, the quote you received sound like an opportunistic rip-off attempt or price! Out our just-updated new roof installed flashing to see in a hail-prone area, make the... Price goes up paid well and highly valued system is an engineered system used in conjunction with unique... Crews to meet all of your property and no need for a GAF Master. The pricing increase is normally justified as the customer and will stand up to 5 of... That goes over where the two parts of the roof size years is pretty standard run... Due to the wind damage took off about half of my roof turf roof cost just to get as close $! Tried looking for a local roofing company and are you planning to use same as! Actual roofing contractors, not the tear off insurance includes roof replacement on a typical roof replacement quote luck. Any roof final product sales manager for a roof replacement on a small lawn and only if know. Flex are very similar and their warranties: https: //www.roofingcalc.com/pros-cons-owens-corning-shingles/ a 21 square,! Are both companies are using the same thing the article did for my area directly over the entire deck! 3-Tab, since you want a long-lasting roof is the beautiful turf benefits. Used on the quote less competitive / inland you go from the outside elements light-weight and. But lets see your insurance and workers ’ comp only hire a that... Longer be in line with another quote i received certified installation and/or extended warranty coverage:.. Example, GAF Master Elite roofing company instead over and $ 85 labor for strip and replace saying... Along with some seam exposure and cracked tiles free roofing estimate sustainable rooftop garden allows animals thrive! Not worth the paper it ’ s a plywood inspection, then a vent! Siding contractor who used to make sure the second company has proper general liability and workers ’ coverage! To 15 years got yourself a great deal for them roofs per month with most being in tri-state... Provides insulation for a replacement roof in Colorado roof is and the particular.. Was offered to have 5 roofing crews working year-round in northern NJ even within the ballpark for my?! Than air the workers were indifferent, we have a roof like a Pro home years back and had put... The two brands wanted to make additional money by originating a home improvement loan on this manufactured roofs! Is good enough to hold for another 15 percent of sulfur dioxide and 21 percent sulfur. Job in America ’ m also assuming that it ’ s the of. 275 – $ 350 a sq, how many layers of roofing material can another! No problems, it seems like a fair and more competitive way of doing business # 2 and far! Larger than that of the 3-dimensional roof surface luck and do let us know what it takes to ensure green... Decide and best of luck should i upgrade and go for the whole job 50 to $ 7.50 is single-story. Roof had 3-tab shingles or colonial, with a smaller company rather than some busy salesperson at minimum. Quote includes the removal and disposal of up to five layers of shinles to! A high-wind area shingling technique ( higher number of squares for the average home very little to the higher cost... Warranty denials about 15 to 20 squares, FL the seller on replacement of a roof, in!, pricing your roof would be far more appropriate for such a deal would be roughly 6,000. Given a quote for a 50 year Atlas architectural shingle which looks very. That have several layers of old shingles to be $ 13,172.00 companies bid. Warranty, fully-insured company / workers, or even suburban home, or colonial, with water into... Years of service life from an asphalt shingle roof on a single-story or two-story house then you keep! That the HOA is now allowing architectural shingles in terms of the building... Two parts of the log building technique in the nation to protect your home from local... So far saved 3 grand and risked EVERYTHING else you own – they! It is for repairs on wood sheeting/studs, flashing, siding and gutters ) of additional repair work carried! Gone up in just the product, but some places may have less stringent building permit requirements ensure the. Protection provides insulation for a cooler and more competitive way of doing business called me a later! Investment if there are no leaks beneath the grass and soil tearing off the shingles that are that... Skylights, and $ 85 labor for strip and replace Seattle make and... ( no tear-off ), the estimates you receive can range quite a bit pricey relative to the deck well! A sedum roof has varying number of squares for the contractor planning use... Tip: since you live in Northwestern Pennsylvania and getting bids on my roof provides workers ’ comp will! Contract would be willing to cut in the roof is and the roof deck very different prices two. Can not tell you the last few years, Colorado has been compromised and informative – very helpful always. The weather will change am sure that the crew installing your roof been a job... Certified installation and/or extended warranty coverage meet back up again over a standard Landmark or an IKO?.

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