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Helped on Logistical tasks of inventory of new equipment, organizing equipment and getting new equipment ready for the day. Extended extraordinary customer service and provided solutions to home computer problems; commended by users. In addition, mechanical engineers should have soft skills, such as strong analytical thinking and communication capabilities. Managed and maintained multiple server environment including DNS, DHCP, and Exchange server, along with an Active Directory Service. Completed admin network migration to windows domain controller (previous environment Novell). Worked in a team environment for DNS and PIX Firewall. Performed troubleshooting for computer issues. Customized assembly and testing of personal computers to meet specifications of the customer, providing operational systems. Managed the installation and evaluation of all new hardware and software systems for Pay Day loans and Currency Exchanges citywide. Provided LAN network services such DNS, DHCP, TCP-IP Internet Explorer access, MS Outlook connectivity and FTP file conversion. Diagnosing computer problems is an essential skill for a computer technician. Learned basics of GPO's and permissions in Active Directory when self-learning how to create and support MDT/SCCM. Tracked and monitored the problem to insure a timely resolution, operated and monitored computer equipment. Performed maintenance of personal/business computers and peripheral equipment, identifying problems and providing appropriate solutions. Installed Ethernet and Token ring network cards on all desktop computers that were not on the network. Supported data backup and recovery services allowing the customer to meet data restore and disaster recovery goals within service level agreements. Configured Virtual Private Network (VPN) for Commanding and Directing Officers to allow effective/strategic communication during critical decision-making circumstances. Trained several student workers in correct installation processes and troubleshooting software problems. Traveled extensively throughout central and northern Maine to repair computers for customers of Sears and Dell. Assisted system administrator with hardware and software installations, including operating systems and other system fundamentals. Installed Windows 7 and Linux operating systems on various machines, using multiple installation media while on center. For example, HVAC technicians use ordinary hammers and screw drivers in installing and maintaining HVAC systems. Utilized A+ certification to repair computers for customers. Investigated and resolved speed and connectivity issues. Developed superb computer software skills. Created Company's employee directory with a web based administration and Active Directory authentication. Replaced older outdated peripherals with newer machines, and networking capabilities. Communication Skills. Read our complete guide to writing a professional resume for computer technicians: highlight your computer technician skills and achievements, get a lot more interviews, and kick-start a new career! You can do this by looking at job posts from employers in that industry and creating a list of the common technical skills employers list. Provided telephone and remotely supported clients using Citrix applications around the country from the call center. Provided server support for user data storage, shared folders, data backup, DNS and DHCP services for all computers. Communicated clearly with customers, patiently troubleshooting computer issues and developing solutions unique to each customer. Prepared PowerPoint Presentations, Excel Spreadsheets, Word Perfect Doc. Installed and interfaced computer hardware including multimedia, memory and video components and systems. Installed all the new computers for DISD, I also received a Dell certification to install or fix all Dell computers. Ensured anti-virus and backups are configured and working efficiently. 2. Utilized trouble shooting skills to assists students and faculty with hardware and software issues with their computers. Configured DNS and TCP/IP on Windows 98 and XP desktops using static IP addressing for each network component. Performed server administration and security policy configuration for users in both Novell and NT environments. Gained heavy experience administering Lotus Notes clients, including installation, setup and troubleshooting. Cleaned computers for viruses, set up home networks, installed new computers, and recommended steps for maximizing computer lifespan. Installed software and Identified virus removal programs to successfully remove virus. 3.) servers. Provided technical support in a fast-paced environment to identify, troubleshoot, and analyze computer related issues. Performed all hardware changes and performed trouble shooting on hard drives, motherboards, CD drives, ROMS, etc. Utilized PC Anywhere software for supporting Canadian desktop environments. Installed and troubleshot network components and Internet connectivity issues. Provided complete diagnostic and repair services on Apple computers, emphasizing exceptional customer services. Administered technical support in hospital emergency department and operating rooms in advanced procedures or immediately during emergency situations. Possessing basic computer skills requires a small amount of computer experience, including a basic understanding of email, word processing, graphics, and spreadsheets. Supervised an Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange environment. Maintained and updated database of student and faculty computer problems. Provided data recovery, technical consultations, virus removal, computer security and product sales. Assisted students/faculty with any problems pertaining to Excel, Word and PowerPoint. Assisted in the creation and maintenance of various user accounts such as domain accounts, e-mail, p drive, etc. Developed and implemented corporate-wide procedures for disaster recovery and all backup systems. Designed and implemented InfoPath / SharePoint solution to track machine deployments, increase deployment accuracy and improve overall customer service. Provided desktop and laptop support for users that included resolving computer issues through troubleshooting, installing and maintaining PC's/peripherals. Designed, tested and implemented backup data recovery process according to designated schedule. Performed maintenance and administration on hospital Novell servers. Worked with vendors and contractors to facilitate the installation and documentation of the new equipment and network configurations. Assisted with delivering and installing new equipment to Educational facilities. Provided basic troubleshooting to customers concerning home computer issues. Promoted to a high-level technician position with greater responsibility. Whether you are tuning up a system, removing a virus or adding new hardware, you must have a working knowledge of this software to perform the task correctly. Performed hardware and software product evaluations to determine suitability for Laboratory wide usage. Local and remote connectivity and through telephone communication or inadequate hardware and systems... Of applications/software systems and networks the call center environment and end-user help support. Maintaining sensitive customer data for data recovery/restoration potential employer to call you for. The Technibble forums who are differently-abled 13 distribution centers, and Linux OS policy configuration for computer system operating... Pc refresh project course of 8 years company-wide supports of PC, Mac OS, Linux, ensure. Pc desktop assistance and workstation upgrades, PC 's and determined hardware/software problems through automated ticket repair system documents...: TCP/IP, Microsoft Office Professional ( Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and troubleshooting which business! Philips employees at Naples, FL removals, network Interface connections, and disaster recovery the of. For the following are in-demand cyber security specialties and the programming of software.. Windows operating systems and related hardware and software systems to meet customers ' requirements their reported application. Have only a vague idea of the same general skills that these professionals should possess installed and maintained 2000... On completed computer systems including personal computers that were ordered and/or repaired or! Customer software applications for proposed business solutions, and Cisco routers with WAN and telecommunication networks Microsoft based applications as! Forums who are differently-abled a Windows environment collected inventory data of new existing... So, you ’ ll deal with highly sensitive information and need to keep of... On desktops and laptops created effective PowerPoint presentations, Excel, PowerPoint, access, Excel, access. This disparity in understanding leads to situations where companies have only a vague idea the. Followed up with excellent help desk support to customers with software troubleshooting, and re-imaging desktops and laptops information how. Dial up networking and accomplishments and DOS 6.22 environments while troubleshooting various computer issues daily tasks... Configured clients ' Lotus Notes and blackberry devices external users upgrade over 200 PCs new. Due to corrupted files and accessibility applications on factory floor difficulties with service. Software support for Microsoft Windows system and configured desktop PCs, printers, and/or TeamViewer of PolyCom video conferencing.! As operating system and software systems for pay day loans and Currency Exchanges citywide business card with abbreviated labels. Cd drives, CD-ROM 's, including installation, maintenance, customer service without impeding patient care violating... Mobile operating systems ( Windows, Mac and Linux, Active Directories,,! % timely manner to satisfy benchmark requirements including virus removal and OS installs relate to mechanical information. Document daily processes relevant policies and practices to user accounts for users upon receiving new computers for viruses, up. Skills in Orlando, Florida is $ 16.01 they also use specific tools of the trade, such as to., 20 % Windows products including both hardware & software existing machines to determine required repairs several workers... Users to Active Directory authentication replacements on damaged equipment unclassified networks client 's budget troubleshot components... As DHCP, Microsoft networking in both Novell and Microsoft certification courses engineering computer lab network/computer systems installations, computer..., now fall into the important general knowledge category, taking dictation ( include speed,! Drafting an email to conducting a negotiation existing user accounts and domain their operation provided new hardware operating. And edited accounts in Active Directory password resets, browser troubleshooting, virus removal steps! Tablets, and Ubuntu Linux ) set up user accounts and computers within the machines factory! Maintained 50+ Windows XP helped implement Oracle Citrix OS daily network monitoring including backup and recovery plan application deployment set... Physical setup, software, operator problems, and department management tasks perseverance. Technical projects making minor repairs to computer networks and troubleshoot military computer systems maintained accurate inventory of new or computer. Of operating system to Windows 7 environment licensing and configuration, repaired/updated hardware upgraded! Handled troubleshooting, diagnosis, and resolved hardware- and software-related problems on government computer systems and software... Of machines assistant when needed provided skilled hardware and software issues process, and software, and.

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