Possessing Kate


 Romi Lane

 This is a work of fiction.  The characters, incidents and dialogues are products of the author’s imagination are not to be construed as real.  Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


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Chapter 1


The fire red bustier gripped fast to the curves of her torso, emphasizing the slope of her abdomen and providing just enough material to support and properly place the plentiful breasts without covering but a very small portion of their lower halves.  Stiletto heels balanced her weight and capped the tight boots which covered her to the hip.  Each step was calculated for optimum effect; the tilt of the pelvis, the roll of the hips, the pendulum stride and her even gate.  Even with her hands on her hips her shoulders shifted just enough to send ripples through her naked, buoyant breasts at each pace.  Her final step was only half taken, leaving her inner thighs exposed and her finely manicured mound proudly on display.

The short whip snapped sharply in the air causing the room to flinch.  Her partial mask did nothing to hide her scowl as she pointed the whip accusingly, demanding.  “You will obey!”

Whining, “but…but I do.”  The big man’s pouty response was pitiful.

Turning slightly she resumed her pacing. Her bared back was covered only by thin lacing of the bustier and nothing but her boots below.  At four paces she spun and threw the whip, catching him by surprise across the arm and back.  “Do not defy me!”

Wincing, rubbing his arm, “but I…”

“Don’t!” holding up the whip, “Do not ‘but’ me.  Now give me your hands.”  Pointing, demanding, “together, now!”

He reluctantly interlocked his fingers an allowed her wrap a rope around his wrists and tie a knot.  The other end had been looped over a beam above them.  She pulled the loose end until his beefy arms were well above his head before she secured it to a wall anchor.

Approaching him teasingly, she traced a finger down his chest and across his abdomen.  Creeping lower, she whispered, “What is your destiny?”

Not able to restrain his smile at her advances, he lost his focus on what she was saying and only managed a panted, “wha…my what?”

Gripping tightly to his member, she easily lifted his attention and his stance to his toes.  Demandingly she repeated slower, “what   is   your   destiny!”

 Gasping at her ferocity his mind quickly cleared, “to…to obey you always?”


A small spattering of applause mixed with the tentative cheers and whistles.


Without letting go, she produced a small device and smiled as the man’s eyes grew wide.  Not allowing for retreat, she pushed the end into his abdomen and he shook uncontrollably for the moments until the crackling and static ended.

She pulled harder on her grip.  “To obey me always…what?”

Gathering his wind as best he could, he found the words, “to obey you always, Mistress.”  Sucking in wind as she dropped him, he was thankful to be hanging free of her grip.

Toying the device at his balls without activating it, “and what is my only standing order?”

His attempt to shy away went without effect as she easily backed him to the limit of his confinement.  He answered without confidence, “to be ‘ready’ for you…at all times?”  He added quickly, “Mistress.”

Grabbing his flaccid member again, “and what is this?”  Bouncing its sizable weight in her hand began the reaction.

“I didn’t know you were coming here right…”  He gagged on the remaining words as electricity filtered through his body.

Sliding a solid ring over his gaining girth, she carefully looped each testicle through it and held it firmly to his base as his erection rose.  “You will wear this as a badge of shame until I declare you fit to be without it.”

Shifting the ring, she stroked and fondled his unit to life, “whenever and wherever I want sex.”  Licking the tip caused a sudden jump and an extra bulge of fullness.  “That is your only purpose.”

Standing upright she smiled at his distress while the ring gripped him tighter and tighter as he grew, “that and maybe some heavy lifting.”


Laughter and cheers rang out louder.


“Recite your purpose until you can remember it.”  She slowly fondled his increasingly turgid member.

“I am to be…” he swallowed hard, eyeing her hands upon him, “ready and able…” again he paused to swallow, failing to ignore her distractions, “to serve your every need, whenever and wherever you want.”


Hoots and hollers filled the hall.  Women whistled and shouted out their approval.


Putting the electric device to his banded testicles, she eyed him with a raised eyebrow.

“MISTRESS!”  He cried out.  “Whenever and wherever you want, MISTRESS!”


The women voiced their approval unrestrained with applause, continued whistles and shouts of encouragement until someone cried out over the din, “Presents!  It’s time for the bride-to-be to open her presents!”

The volume on the huge T.V. was lowered and a big chair was brought out, “Sara?  Would you please sit?”

Everyone turned away from the big screen and focused on the blushing bachelorette.  The ballroom they had rented was far larger than what the twenty or so gathered had really needed, so the women spread out easily around the center of the attention, resituating their chairs to face her.

“First I want to thank each and every one of you for coming out here.”  The glow of her excitement overshadowed her nervousness.

“Hey!”  One of the women voiced, “If the company’s gonna send ya to Vegas, who’s gonna say no?”

Most of the crowd laughed but Sara waved them quiet, “Yes, well, we should thank Tyler & Byer, but also thank Catherine Montgomery for pulling this off.”  She added, “And congratulate her on her new partnership”

They again applauded as Kate muttered, “Junior partner.”  She stood half-way up, smiled, nodded, waved and sat back down with as much controlled dignity as she could muster, knowing the truth of the matter.

Most of the women were older than Kate’s twenty-eight years, some a lot older.  Even though she knew she had the knowledge and skills to gain their respect as an authority and the personality to maintain their loyalty, she didn’t know if she could keep it all together without believing in her own integrity.

The spattering of applause died out and she noticed they were all still looking at her, or at least to her direction.  Clearing her mind she put on a big smile and raised her glass, “Drink up!  It’s on Tyler and Byer!”

Roaring again, the focus naturally drifted back to Sara Dobson, soon to be Sara Kayler, in the big center chair as the wrapping paper began to fly.

Kate took a long, slow deep breath and glued the ‘shiny, happy face’ into place.  She watched and nodded and ooohed and ahhhed in all the right places but was numb to it all.

The sounds within the room were fading in and out when she first began to hear it.  Looking furtively at each attendant to see if anyone else heard it…or made it…and then there it was again, unmistakable.  The sound was incredibly affecting.  She stirred in her chair and listened attentively to the ebbs and flows of the room’s conversations.

A woman had cried out in excitement.  Not the excitement of the giddy girls around her, but something more arousing, more sexual.  It had to be sexually driven.  She didn’t know why she knew, but she knew, and it was becoming infective.  Her hand slipped nonchalantly to her lap.  It had been so long since she’d even thought about arousal that the sudden urge perplexed her.

She wanted to stand and search it out, to see what brought the sound of such feral delight.  She resisted the urge to call out, “Doesn’t anybody hear that!” and then she saw it.

The movie had been turned down but not off.

Leaning back to get a better view, she saw the screen and was perplexed at what she saw.

A girl had been bound to the posts of a bed with her arms and legs both spread wide.  A second girl had her face buried between the opened legs while that same ‘mistress’ from earlier pulled and twisted violently upon the vulnerable nipples of the bound girl.

Kate winced, but as painful as it appeared to be, the girl moaned and cried out in pleasure to the ministrations of the woman at her chest and apparently not to the rhythm of the other girl.

Having seen what she’d considered to be at least a fair amount of pornography, her body had never reacted quite like this before.  Glancing about the room furtively, she thought it safe enough to chance a quick rub of her agitated center.  The sudden sensation had her shifting in her chair without intending to, not coincidentally allowing her hand to better explore.

Watching the screen out of the corner of her eye, she followed the mistress climb up over the bound girl to straddle her face.  Kate felt her own breath catch as the woman slowly lowered to within range and the tongue darted out to meet the tender flesh it was offered.  The woman above took a breast in each hand and they all moaned their approval.

The shot tightened to the tongue flickering at the exposed clit when Kate mentally blinked…her name…she heard her name.  The bright eyes and smile slid back into place as she locked eyes with Sara.

Holding up the China tea set Kate recognized as her gift, Sara bounced in her seat, “Oh, Kate, thank you so much.  Really, it’s so beautiful.”

Without pause she responded, “Which is only fitting.”  Everybody “Awwwed” at the comment as Kate again thanked her quick wit for saving the moment.

The pile of gifts was down to just two more and not wanting to get caught lost in space again, she blocked out the movie and paid attention to the unwrapping, or ‘shredding’ as she saw it.

The edible G-string and candle/incense burner were opened with much more of an incident than would be expected.  Kate stole a glance to the T.V. and was so instantly returned to the naked flesh that she missed the three foot cake being rolled in.

Someone turned off the set and she nearly jumped up out of her seat.  Spinning back to the group she saw the perpetrator with the remote.  Before she could do more than glare, the cake exploded into shards and music filled the large hall.

Dancing and gyrating his nimble hips, the dancer zeroed in on the pre-connubial Sara.  She jumped up and tried to run but the circle kept her contained.  Someone brought out a stool and Sara was made to sit while the athletic and enthusiastic dancer methodically pealed down to his bare flesh.

Kate watched each piece of clothing go, expecting a renewal of the earlier stirrings.  Anticipating, wanting, now finally into the shower for her friend, she couldn’t regain the heat the stolen glances at the movie.

She enjoyed the striptease, but it was not what she thought it could be and she slowly slipped back into her funk.  She smiled and clapped, even whistled when appropriate.  The façade was effective enough for her not to draw attention, for all but one who did watch her, and watched her closely.

The music took a drastic shift to a background ballad.

Kate was happily relieved to discover that the dance had ended.  The dancer picked up the beet-red Sara from his lap, set her on the stool and began to collect his things.  The women all stood and Kate followed suit.  Hotel attendants came in and began to gather the pieces of the ‘cake’.  A line formed as each offered another congratulations and hope for the best.  The line was slow as each wanted at least a short hug of the exhausted yet grateful Sara.

Two steps were all she took.  The remote control sat on the chair in front of her.  She stood, transfixed.  Her heart pounded.  Kate dabbed her palms on her skirt to dry them.  Looking to the blank blue screen, then back to the remote with an uncommon urge, she shook herself free of it and strode past it to get in line to wish her friend well with the affixation behind her, none the wiser.

But there was one who did notice, one who did watch and had learned what she’d wanted to learn and it made her excited as well.  Knowing now her direction, the younger girl slipped from the party and got ahead of the crowd to formulate a plan as to what she saw was her best chance.





Chapter 2




The casino was full and loud, apparent excitement around every turn.  Money was not an issue.  Time was even more available, but Kate was content to follow and watch.

Surprised, she turned to meet the tug at her shoulder and a whisper, “Let’s go get a drink.”

Kate smiled at the sight of her friend.

“I’ve gotta get off my feet.”  Without waiting for a response, Sara took Kate by the arm and led her out onto one of the main walks.  “You holdin’ up okay?”

“Me?”  Kate stopped and stared, “Kid, you’re the one getting married tomorrow.”

Sara pulled her along again.  “Oh, I know,” she waved her hand in dismissal, “all that’s fine.  I love Jerry and have no doubts at all.”  Walking now arm in arm, “It’s actually one of the surest decisions I’ve ever made.  I feel just wonderful.”

For several steps they walked in silence, then, “I mean, about you; the promotion, their sudden interest in ‘the peasants’, the reactions of everybody.”  Stopping to look her in the eye, “Whether you like it or not, it’s all different now.”

Eyeing a small corner bar, Sara pulled Kate toward it, continuing, “Not between us, but you and I are the only ones left from that class.”  Guiding her to a stool at the bar and Sara took her hands, “Just know that we’re thicker than that.  I see it, I know how it affects you, but I won’t let it change us.”

Holding tighter to Sara’s hands, “You don’t know how much I needed to hear that.”  They leaned together and hugged.  Kate exhaled, “But I think that most of the pressure I bring on myself.”  Breaking the embrace, “I just need to relax and let things happed instead of always trying to make sure nobody gets their nose bent.”  Chuckling, she showed her palms up and shrugged, “It’s just my nature.  I want to fix everything.”

“Well, we all appreciate what you do for us.  And always remember that there are those of us who care.”

The bartender approached and they both turned to the bar and ordered.  Drinks arrived and they both spun to the sound of the passing throng.

“There she is!”  One of the women barked and the mob disjointedly came to a halt.

“Come on,” Sara encouraged her friend, “let’s go join ‘em.”

“You go ahead, Kid.”  Kate leaned back on her stool against the bar, “I’m going to relax for a while.”

Sara caught a movement to her left and got an idea, “Amanda, honey, come over here, would ya?”

From a few stools down, a younger girl came over with drink already in hand but before Sara could finish her request the mob had overcome her and began to sweep her out of the bar.  She called out, “You two keep each other company!”  And without another word she was gone.

Kate assessed the girl as she approached.  Even though she was no more than just a few years younger, they appeared generations apart.  Kate recognized her from the office but couldn’t place her.

“Hey, Miss Montgomery.”  She sat.  Her hair spilled out of a top knot, not quite centered to frame her face.  She timidly reached out her hand to shake, “You probably don’t know me.  I’m Mandy…or Amanda…Amanda Mather.”

Kate took her hand and it came to her, “Sure I do.  You’re helping Mark with Sara’s books.”

The girl’s face lit up, “Yes!  That’s right.”

Gripping the girl’s hand a little tighter to pull her closer, she feigned speaking in confidence, “And you should call me ‘Kate’.”

The slightest excited movement caused her hair to bounce, “Well, I’m just ‘Mandy’.”  Following the other’s lead, she leaned in like a secret, “Nobody really ever calls me ‘Amanda’.”

“Well, then ‘Mandy’ it is.”  Kate surprised herself.  Her first reaction was to dismiss the girl as just a dingy child, but her enthusiasm was irresistibly contagious.  Offering, “Would you like another drink?”

The girl appeared to hide behind her glass, “Oh, I dunno.  I normally don’t drink.”  Her head suddenly perked up and her eyes got wide, “that’s what’s feeding your tension.”  Pointing to Kate but almost speaking to herself, “I knew I felt something.”  Sliding back behind her drink, she peered over the rim, “You don’t normally drink either, do you?”

Even though it was stated more as a statement than a question, Kate still felt compelled to answer, “No.  No I don’t.”  She waved a hand, “But it should be loosening me up.”

“No, I could feel it.”  Mandy put her own glass down and scrubbed her hands on her jeans to dry them, “Gimme your hand again.”

Kate looked at her questioningly without moving.

“Silly,” drawing out the sss between her teeth, “just gimme your hand.”  Reaching across, she took Kate’s hand and held it in hers before giggling, “It’s all cold now from the glass.  Hold on.”

Kate watched in startling amazement as she allowed the girl to dry and warm her hand.  “And what, might I ask, are you going to do?”  The simple manipulations the girl had started actually quite soothing.

“There are these little things in your hands and feet that kinda…” scrunching her nose, “…they kinda send signals.”  Cradling the hand in both of hers she began to work the pads of her thumbs into Kate’s palm.  “My Nana was a mystic and my mom read palms,” lowering her voice to a whisper, “and I kinda got a way of like, figurin’ people out.”

She leaned back and continued to knead the palm mechanically.  “My Nana says I can ‘See’, but I don’t know ‘bout all that.  I just get feelings from some people.”  Nodding to Kate, “Like the alcohol in you right now is just, like, clouding the way you’re trying to be, making it harder for you, creating stress.”

Watching her through heavy lids, Kate smiled, “And what does all that mean?”

Mandy returned the limp hand, setting it on Kate’s lap and looked away, “Oh, I really don’t know.”  She picked up her glass and put it to her lips without drinking.  “You should have a tomato juice.”

Rubbing her hands together and stretching, “Thank you.  That was very soothing.”  Kate looked from her hand up to Mandy, “Tomato juice?”

“Yeah, tomato juice.”  She talked into her glass.

“I actually feel better.”  Kate studied her hand, “Did you learn that from your Nana?”

“What, that?”  Pointing with her chin to Kate’s hand, “No.  I minored in physical therapy for a while, but all I took was a bunch of massage classes.”  She crinkled her nose and giggled, hiding what might be more to the story.

Kate stood, “Mandy,” she put out her hand and the girl stood and took it, “It has been very nice talking to you.”

“Well thanks.  I enjoyed it too.”  Mandy held the hand longer than the cordial shake required, “You’re different than I thought you’d be.”

Kate’s laugh was full, “Is that good?”

Finally releasing her hand, “Yeah, I mean sure.  You’re just like, ‘real’.”  Mandy pulled several chips from her pocket and threw them onto the bar.  “Your headache’s commin’ back.  Drink the tomato juice.”  She turned to leave but stopped, “If you like…” she stopped to fumble through her pockets.

Watching curiously, “Yes…”

Pulling out her hotel key card, Mandy held it up, “I have herb packs.  Well, I’ve got a bunch of stuff that might help…” pointing with her thumb, “…in my stuff.”

Focused on the waving key card, Kate reached out and stopped the girl’s wrist from moving, “What are the odds?”

Mandy just looked at her oddly.

Pulling out her own key card, she held it up to Mandy’s, “Twelve-oh-five.  They’re the same.”  Kate shook her head, “It looks like we’re roommates for the weekend.”

Nodding like she knew it all along, “Yeah,” her hair bounced with her confidence, “I’m gonna be able to make ya feel much better.”  Stopping to look at her seriously, “The herbs might knock you out, though.  We should find Sara and say our goodnights.”

Glancing to her watch, “It is getting late.  Maybe that would be best.”

Mandy waited for Kate to move, then stayed a half a step back, letting Kate lead.  “Room service can bring up the tomato juice.”  She added, “If you like.”

Kate’s headache was coming back and she was suddenly anxious for the girl’s remedy and a warm bed.





Chapter 3




From the edge of the bed Kate slowly rolled to her back and sprawled across the soft coverlet.  “Mmmm, feels good to be horizontal.”  Her head lulled to the left and she watched the girl jump onto the other bed and pull at the pillows.  The bed was quickly in disarray.  Kate smiled, “I think my head is going to be okay.”  Stretching again, “I don’t I’ll need the herbs.”

Mandy bounced to the edge of her own bed and sat up cross legged, “Well, it’s not your headache that’s the problem.”  She pointed a finger that bobbed with each word, “Your energy flows are all in knots.”

She jumped up and sat on the edge of the bed Kate had claimed, “Gimme your hand again.”  Kicking her shoes off, she spun and pulled her feet up under her and grabbed the listless wrist.

Not wanting to put the effort into a refusal was how she justified it to herself, but the earlier hand massage had done wonders for her and it was an experience she didn’t want to deny herself but she did feel compelled to at least feign reluctance once.

“I really don’t want to put you out.”  She looked at the girl’s willing face and felt at odds with her words, “Some may see this as taking advantage of an employee.”

Mandy blew air through her lips in an exasperated, “Pfff.”  Waving a hand in dismissal she reached down and retook the timid hand, “That’s what makes the world go ‘round…” straightening the arm, she tested the elbow before putting her thumbs to work again upon the palm, “…I mean, you pay us to take advantage our skills.”

Stopping, Mandy let her brows crease in concern and just held the hand.  “I’m sorry,” she slowly rubbed, “I didn’t mean to upset you.”

“What are you talking about?  This feels so relaxing.”  Her eyes remained closed.

Kneading firmer, “That might be one of your issues, denial.”

Kate looked up, “What?”

“It was when I said ‘you’ and ‘us’.  I could feel the change.”  She said matter-of-factly, “It is an issue.”

One hand stroked the wrist to the forearm.  “Lie back and relax.”  Both hands slid up and down the inner arm then back to the palm.  “Everybody has burdens to bear, but sometimes you gotta set aside your distractions and just live.”

She began to work each finger individually.  “If you never release yourself the pressure creates knots.”  Taking her time with each joint, she let the words sink in.  When she was done with the fingers and thumb, she again took the palm and let one hand travel slowly to the crook of the elbow.  She whispered, “Let me be the one to untie you.  I would be honored.”

Floating on a cloud of bliss and delight, Kate let the girl lead her through a progression:  from tension headache, to comfortably satisfied, to pleasurably relaxed, to a new sensation that bordered on euphoric, even arousal.  It made her mind wander back to the party, to the movie, to the sights and sounds of elation, to the smooth naked flesh that bucked and spasmed at the touch of another.

The girl continued her ministrations in satisfied silence, watching the barely perceptible rise and fall of the woman’s hips.  Minutes passed before the knock on the door shattered the tranquility.

“Room Service!” a voice called out.

Mandy jumped up, “I’ll get it.”  She opened the door and a man brought in a tray and set it on a small table.  Flipping him a chip, Mandy signed the slip and smiled contently as she watched Kate roll over walk unsteadily to the bathroom.  “Thank you,” she called out and closed the door behind the man.

With the tray on the table there was just enough room for her caddy kit with all of its compartments and cubby holes.  The satchel held far more that it looked like it could.  She set out two glasses and sat, waiting.

After a bit she removed her socks and dug her toes into the thick carpet.  As she double checked her caddy to assure the lotions and oils were easily accessible, the bathroom door opened and a somewhat more refreshed Kate came out.

Drying her face with a hand towel, she set it over the back of the only other chair and sat.  “Wow, you almost had me asleep there.”

Mandy poured the juice, “It’s not really sleep.  It’s more like a trance.”  She eyed the woman almost too knowingly, “Your mind is still awake.”  Kate had the faintest moment of unease before the girl popped up, hair bouncing, and dove into her bag, adding, “That’s what they say, anyway.”

Kate kept her smile and fought back the urge to laugh at the exuberance of the girl’s youth.  “Well, regardless, it really was quite relaxing.”

The girl leaned forward and dropped a pinch of several different things into Kate’s juice.  “Relaxing is just the first step.”  She stirred the mix with a straw.  “Once you relax the knot it’s easier to loosen it,” handing over the drink, “and then you can untie it.”  Flashing a big grin, Mandy sat back and raised her own glass, “Now drink up.”

Sniffing the concoction hesitantly, “Now, what, exactly, is in this?”

“Oh, I don’t really know.”  Waving a hand, “It’s my Nana’s mix.  She’s taught me to keep ’em on hand…” crinkling her nose, “…’cause sometimes you just never know.”

Kate shrugged and figured what the heck and took a drink, halving the small glass.

The girl stood and in two steps was behind the woman, “The herbs work pretty quick, but lemme see what I can do until then.”  Her hands closed on Kate’s head which tried to turn free of her grip.

Mandy held firm and huffed her dissent, “Ya have to trust me.”  Relaxing her tension, she lightly fingered the temples.  “If ya resist, even just in your head, like you’re afraid or somethin’, it’s not gonna work.”

Finishing her pout, she ran her fingers through Kate’s hair, along her scalp.  “It’s not easy to let yourself go.”  Leaning over to look the woman in the eye, “I mean, you don’t really even know me.”

Kate let her head fall back as the girl directed it, “I understand.”  Her lips barely moved as she spoke.  “I have no reason to distrust you, only the positive results of what you have already done.”  Spreading her arms in a pseudo surrender, she smiled, “I am yours.”

She understood that the submission was just for dramatic affect, but it none the less made her enjoy her work all the more.  Her touch remained subtle yet she attacked it with vigor.

Rubbing pressure across the eyebrows then lightly trailing the sides of the nose, stroking the skin out along the cheekbones, she opened the sinuses.  Pulling from the center of her chin to across the jawline increased blood flow to critical glands.  All of the physical manipulations were slow and gentle.

“You’re doin’ real good.  Allow each breath to cleanse.”

Just above a whisper her words matched her movements.  She again traced the jaw, but this time one hand stayed at the chin while the other cradled the back of her head.  Slowly the head was tipped forward.

“Easy, gentle, shoreline waves…lapping at your toes, your feet, taking from you anxiety and stress.”

All ten fingers ran circles through her scalp front to back several times before the thumbs broke through beyond the hairline and found the first few disks of her spine.  The very subtle pressure grew slightly on the left side of the third vertebrae.  With a gentle ease it released a soft click and was back into place.

After another full minute on the top of the spine, Mandy brought the bead back to a level position.  Still holding it for support, she instructed, “Okay, slowly turn your head back and forth.”  Giving control back to the woman, she let go and circled to sit across from her.

It took several seconds but finally Kate looked up to meet Mandy’s smile.  It infected her enough to create one of her own.  “You have a magnificent touch.”

With the juice glass to her lips she almost blushed, “Thank you.”

Kate reached back and rubbed her own neck, “You cracked my neck with just that little push.  I never knew that was even possible.”  She still tested her neck, tilting it back and forth.

“Yeah, well, that was just really a start; the ‘loosening’, I guess.”  She scrunched up her nose, “You still need some work.”  She began picking through her bag.

Assessing her solemnly, “You have been too kind already and I thank you.”

Mandy set a big bottle of lotion on the table, “Well…” back to the bag, “…I’m not gonna be able to cure your flows in just one night,” looking up, “but I can help with some things.”  She set out a small tube of oil and looked to her seriously, “I did find several tangles that probably root in your lower spine and one that leads to your left foot.  You right-handed?”

Kate nodded.

“Yeah,” Mandy looked down, “Your left foot.”  She enjoyed Kate’s look of confusion, “Go ahead and finish your juice.”

Mechanically the glass came to her lips as she finished it in two gulps.  The glass was returned to the table with contemplative care as she tried to digest more of what she was hearing than what she was drinking.  Finally she just asked, “What did all that just mean?”

Mandy reached out and placed a hand over the back of Kate’s.  Her face became uncharacteristically stoic, “I’m not really all that good at readings, but in you I’ve seen things that I think I can help with.”  Squeezing the hand to reassure, “If you can trust me and let me, I’m compelled to try.”  Her gaze shied away, “I’m even a little anxious to try,” smiling coyly.

“What…” Kate continued to allow the hand contact while studying the girl and working out her question, “What, exactly, do you propose ‘trying’?”

Breaking contact to fiddle with the lotion, her head bobbed just enough to make her hair bounce.  “Well,” looking up, “for you it’d feel like a body rub, a massage.  That part I’m pretty good at.”  Her head tilted proudly back and she couldn’t hide her grin.  Then her chin came back down, “For me, hopefully, I’ll be able to sense your energy flows and begin to repair their paths.”

The younger girl stood and set the lotion on the bed, ignoring the still befuddled woman.  “Of course, most of the maintenance‘ll be up to the decisions you make and how you react to your surroundings…” stopping to look back at Kate, “have you ever heard of Feng Shui?”

Kate blinked, “What?”

Waving it off, “Never mind, we’ll get to that later.”

“So, you want to,” Kate paused to measure her words before asking, “basically, give me a massage?”

“Yes,” the girl bounced with enthusiasm.  Through her smile she managed, “I’d really like to.”  She quickly added a plea, “It will help.  It really will.  I know it will.”

“Well,” Kate stood, “I’ve given you my hands and my head, and you were careful with both.”   Shaking her head she smiled, “Why not.”  Her hands went from her hips to open, palms up, “How do you want me?”

Mandy almost choked, “Um, I…well, you will need to strip off the…” waving her finger at Kate’s body, “most of those clothes.”  Shifting directions, “We’ll do it on the bed.  Towels,” she practically ran from the room and called out from the bathroom, “We’ll need towels.”

In just seconds she returned with a very large beach towel and two bath towels.  She made a conscious effort to slow, to calm herself, to display at least some degree of confidence without being overanxious.  After two slow breaths, “There are robes in the bathroom, if you’d be more comfortable undressing in there.  Just don’t put your arms through the sleeves.”

Shifting her attention to the bed, she began to arrange the pillows, intentionally ignoring the woman, wanting to begin the process of giving a suggestion and having it accepted without question.

It took a short moment of hesitation, but Kate understood the suggestion was more of a command.  Having already committed to the process, she acquiesced, “I’ll be back out in just a minute.”

Spreading both towels lengthwise over a large single pillow, Mandy forced herself to calm and muttered to herself, “Work first.  Take your time.  Feel the flows.”  Looking back to the bathroom door as she added, “She is beautiful.”

“Excuse me?”  Kate entered in the robe, “What did you say?” firm but not accusing.

Feeling trapped, Mandy eyed the floor and shrugged, deciding to go with the truth, “I was just thinkin’ out loud.”  Meeting her eyes, “I just said I thought you were beautiful.”

Her smile broke the tension, “Well, I think you are very attractive as well.  And just to let you know, I feel quite comfortable under your touch and am looking forward to,” pointing to the bed, “this.”  Looking at the bulge under the towels, she worked out in her mind her probable position upon it.

Feeling the relief of the moment pass over her, Mandy moved to get beyond it and directed her subject, “Straddle the pillow from your hips to your chest.  Leave your hands several inches from your hips, palms up.”

Kate crawled up onto the bed and fell easily in the very natural position suggested.  “Like this?”  The words were muffled out of the side of her mouth as her face laid half into the bed.

Mandy watched with a growing anticipation, “Now just relax.”

Slowly Kate’s legs naturally parted a few inches, then a couple more as she let the pillows support her pelvis higher than her knees.

“Very good, just calm your body.  Now, I don’t wanna get lotion on my jeans, so I’m gonna take’m off, so don’t be alarmed.”

From the edge of her vision, Kate wasn’t surprised to glimpse the full cut powder blue panties.  Even the little pink bow on the waistband seemed apropos.

Mandy climbed up on the bed, “Close your eyes.”  She pulled the edges of the robe out from under the woman, leaving it still covering her completely, just loosely.

Allowing the girl to situate her however she wanted, Kate found the position very easy to relax in.  Still feeling the soothing effects from the neck and scalp massage, she almost laughed at the thought of a ‘head rub’.  Who would have ever thought that a head rub would feel so good.

Her eyes were closed and her body sank deeper and deeper into the pillows when she felt a knee slide between her arm and her side.  The other knee settled outside the arm.  Kate unconsciously shifted her arm to test its boundaries.

“Let all your muscles come to a rest.”  The cap to the lotion popped open.  “Let your breathing settle into a natural, easy rhythm.”

The girl’s words were soft and comforting and Kate had no trouble listening to her.

Mandy scrubbed her hands together to warm the first shot of the cool lotion.  With another deep breath to calm herself, she used her fingertips to pull the collar of the robe down just an inch.  “Easy, now,” moving it further, “use each breath.”  She exposed to the shoulder blades before she stopped.

“Breathe in the new, the fresh.”

A lubricated forefinger and thumb settled on the top of the spine.

“Breathe out the tension, anxiety and stress.”

As her fingers moved down the neck, they shifted from the tips to the pads then slid with pressure back up.

Speaking softly and slowly, “As you release the stress and breathe out the tension, let your fingertips and toes be the first to experience the complete rest.”  Her second and third fingers joined as they stroked across the length of the neck and spread wide at the shoulders before pushing up again, but this time wide around the neck.

“Your fingers and toes should feel lighter and freer.”  The palm of her hand met the spine and the entire hand slowly traveled each ridge down to where the robe covered.

Being this far into it, Mandy’s confidence began to soar even though her voice remained calm and soothing.  “Allow your hands and feet to escape the strain.”  Her second came up under the first and the heels of each matched each other for pressure as they paralleled the spine up to the neck.

“Your breathing is their outlet.  Expel each breath for your hands and feet.”

Going back to using her thumbs and forefingers she explored lower ridges of the spine, shifting the robe slowly out of the way to accommodate her.  She applied enough pressure to set disks which were misaligned, but no more.  Her touch was as light and gentle as her voice.

“Your wrists and ankles easily accept the release.  They were jealous, anxious, but you slow down; you control your body and now you allow each breath you exhale to continue to cleanse the toes and fingers…” Mandy slid her hands down even lower, moving the robe as she went, “…to purge all the worries of the hands and feet.”

Her hands pressed down and spread across the small of the back, “Still relaxing the ankles and wrists, you feel the airy contentment begin to consume your willing calves and forearms.”

Mandy kept her practiced pace and continued to talk to the woman through the relaxation exercise, but the feel of the woman’s body and the heat of her skin just fed the desire she’d already built within her own self.  Concentrating on her work wasn’t enough to quell the heat, the itch, the moisture.

Shifting her hips just enough to rub her thighs together had her inadvertently pin the woman’s arm.  Lowering her hips to shift positions put the sodden pouch of her swollen need squarely in the palm of Kate’s open hand.  The natural reflex began to close the hand and Mandy had no choice but to sit down on it or run the risk of the hand balling and then she’d have to start all over again.

“No tension, no worries,” she cooed, “just ease and comfort.”  Her hands slid up and down the spine.  “Relax.  Keep your hands open and free.”

Feeling for the right time, she went against her desire and lifted from the warm hand.

As quickly and as gently as she could, she raised herself up onto her hands and feet.  Stepping back and over she moved down and settled lower, this time straddling the left thigh.  Her hand took two slow turns up and down the spine before she spread her hands apart at the small of the back and slid lotion out and over the tops of the hips.

Continuing her dialogue, she eased down to very base of the spine and worked her thumbs into and across the upper slopes of the butt cheeks.  Circling around to the front of the hips, then back to the cheeks, her hands finally settled on a spot just right of the spine in the small of the back.

“Your energy flows in lines all along your body.”  Her thumbs worked gently into the spot.  “There is a tangle, a snare in the natural stream.”  Widening the pressure and dropping her palms, “Use your breathing, like you have been, but this spot is your focus, your goal.  Do nothing but breath.  You can not do it wrong.  There is no worry, just you…in control…of your body.”

She stayed in the same spot.  Sometimes wider, sometimes tighter, but all centered in the same spot for several minutes while she focused herself on calming down.  She knew she had to remain patient.  Even though her subject was by all appearances ready, she had to stay slow and in control of herself as well as in control of her subject.

“The flows improvement is up to you.  They are not an indicator of how you are.  You are an indicator of how they are.”

Mandy’s hand slid across the back and down to the top of the left cheek.  Her hand lowered to push the remaining robe off of the leg she’d straddled, leaving it covering only a portion of the right side.  She kneaded deeply into the giving flesh of the cheek, “Your breathing is good.  Your body is glowing in the newly found vent.”

Touching her thumb to thumb and forefinger to forefinger, she turned her hands sideways so the eight fingertips ran parallel to the cleft of the woman.  She let her fingers go back and forth across the cheek, each time sliding further and further into the split.  Her thumbs circled the center of the convex contour.

Barely audible, she murmured, “Let your old self pour out through the flows of power.”  Gradually her hands had worked down to a point to where she had to slide them to the left or risk them brushing up onto something Kate wasn’t quite ready for…at least not just yet.  “Each breath replaces the void with newer, cleaner, botherless energy.”

Digging deeply into the bottom crease of the cheek had her aroused enough to not realize she had sat down on the woman’s thigh and was rocking back and forth upon it.  Knowing that the next point of attention was to be the upper thigh, she slid down the leg which brought the breach of etiquette to her immediate attention.  Pausing to regain her composure became an effort as her own excitement of the moment challenged her effort to control it.

Focusing on her task, her hands circled the upper thigh and worked quickly down to the knee.  She forced herself to slow down and steeled herself for what she really wanted to accomplish.

“One of the tangled flows runs through your thigh.”  Her fingers followed the main muscle strand of the inner thigh.  “Continue to breathe out the tension.  Focus on your breathing.”

Backing up further as she worked down to the calf, “This flow runs through the bottom of your foot.”  She continued to speak as calmly as she could while her hands found the ever sensitive center of the woman’s foot.

“This particular line is very personal.”  Focusing her thumbs on the erogenous zone just off the ball of the foot, she whispered, “I will be able to help.  I can do it,” and wondered just who she directed the comment to.

Staying to the spot with her thumbs, she cooed, “Continue your breathing.  You are doing very well.  But listen to me as well.”  Clearing her throat with a barely audible cough, she proceeded as calmly as she could, “This line runs from your foot, up your leg, your inner thigh, through your vaginal canal and across your clitoris before it curves across your hip and joins your spine.  The bind in this line is not in your leg or your hip…I also can not find it in your foot.”

Moving her hands to the toes, she massaged each one in silence, allowing the words to hopefully sink in.

She rubbed the arch, the heel, the Achilles and back to the ball before finally speaking again, “To find the knot will require an examination of a very personal nature.”  She stayed with the foot for a while, again in silence, waiting to make sure the woman had time to digest and accept each step before addressing the next.

“I do not care to know of your personal life.  I will not try to assume too much, but there are places along this line that can knot because of sexual tension, or…” the pause was for effect.  She had to do this carefully, “…or because of neglect.”

After a long slow breath she continued, “Allow the tension in the very spot I am rubbing to carry itself up your leg.  With focus and control you can feel where the energy collects.  I want you to stay in your state of relaxation.  I want you to be free for all that I can do for you, for all that I want to do for you.”  Her hands never stopped, “Don’t say anything now, but I need your consent to continue.  Just breathe and enjoy the cleansing effect it has.  If you do approve, I want you to know that there are two spot which, if tangled, would require that I bring you to a sexual climax to relieve them.”  She took a deep breath herself, “Just know that I have done this before and can assure you of very positive results.  Now again, just relax.”

Leaving the active spot on the foot, she went to the calf and gently manipulated the more sensitive spots along that same line.

“I want you to slowly bring your mind forward.  Do not move or change your breathing, just mentally come toward a more conscience state.  One step, breath, another step, breath and continue to come to me.”  Allowing her time to adjust, she waited before continuing with, “Become physically entranced yet mentally alert.”

After another moment of silence, “The easiest way to acknowledge me is a low moan.  I want you to try it, now, just a low moan.”

The woman pushed out an extended, “Mmmmm,” low but perceptible.

Containing her excitement, Mandy calmly stated, “That was excellent.”  Her hands slowed to a stop.  “The moan is your ‘yes’.  Do you understand?”

The throaty purr that followed was quite erotic in itself.

“Do you understand what I have told you?”

She could feel the low rumble as much as hear it.

In almost a whisper, “Do you wish for me to continue?”  The responding purr was almost desperate.  “Do I have your permission?”  The low rumble carried right through the question and well beyond.

“Breathe, again use each inhale, each exhale.”  Her hands went back to the foot as she forced herself to not get caught up in the excitement of what could become.  “Your fingers and toes…relax, exhale stress, fill the void with pure energy…and again.”

“Your heart rate is low and steady.  Your breathing is even and easy.”  She followed the instructions herself as she began again with the arch and heel, only slowly circling the inside of the ball of the foot, feeling the tingling of eroticism it brought both of them before beginning her assent up the leg.  Faster this time, she allowed only two or three breaths before she again shifted further up.  Slowly yet steadily she rose to find her hands upon and over the smooth curves of the woman’s fleshy thigh.

Her thumbs pushed into the center of the back of the thigh as her palms and fingers covered each side.  She tried very hard to take her time, to keep it a healing, but her libido was going berserk with her continually pushing and pulling back, depending on where her focus wondered off to.

At the top of the thigh her left hand grabbed the oil while her right hand continued to stroke the inner crease of the bottom of the butt.  The oil streamed over the back of her hand.  Spreading her fingers let it run between and through.

“Your breathing is good.  Your body is calm.  You are prepared for a journey.  You are going to an unearthly paradise.”  Her fingers crept around to the front inside edge of the thigh.  She slowly stroked the seam.  “Your body is your tool but within your mind lies your contentment.”

Oil was slid gently up and over the woman’s center and across the pucker of the anus.  Several slow strokes passed before she eased back down to gently cup the entirety of the woman’s sex.  “Your elation…” two fingers fell into the chasm and were easily pulled in deeply by the need, “…your ecstasy.”

The slow, regular penetration soon had the woman’s heart rate increasing to match her already harried breathing.  “Stay with your exercise, continue to purify.”  The fingers roamed along every point if the inner muscled walls before coming back out to the mouth of the entrance.  Gently the entire vulva was massaged; furthering the relaxation in an attempt to get her subject acclimated to her touch.

“Allow your body to react.”  Mandy eased a single finger out of the path of her attention to move into the tiny upper folds toward her intended target.

The button was stiffly erect and easily found.  The single finger slowly circled it, immediately eliciting a low moan of contentment.  “Your sexual energy is a positive clean energy.”  Tightening the spiral brought another growl, “Yes, your body is telling you what it wants.”  The fingers slid together to dive deeply before again returning to toy around the erect center of the woman’s need.

“Feed your body’s need.  Hold nothing back from the euphoria, the paradise.”

Kate’s legs spread slightly.

“Yes, enjoy it.  For you, enjoy it.”  Mandy’s fingers became aggressive, no longer avoiding the delicate tip.   The hips flexed to the more forceful focus.  Kate’s hands involuntarily balled into fists as her single moan became a broken grunt.

“Your body!  Your release!”  Mandy maneuvered fingers of one hand into the woman while remaining relentless upon the clit with the other.  The knees spread further, forcing Mandy to dismount the one leg and kneel between them.  Without the restraint, the hips became a blur of frantic movement.  Mandy’s fingers dove, stroked and assaulted the woman’s desperate desire.

Mandy crooked both wrists so she could spin around and lay her body across the woman’s back to give pressure against the bucking need.  Instantly Kate’s body arched into the added weight as she cried out.  Her hips came up and her hands reached back in a spasm of ecstasy.

Balancing on her knees and shoulders, she reached back and dug her nails into the girl above her, urging her on as her body became locked in the contortions of the long needed release.

Liquid poured from her body is a euphoric contraction of unbelievable relief.  Cries, grunts and panting filled the spaces between the convulsive seizures which purged the pent up tension from the woman’s body.  Contraction after contraction kept her oblivious to all else.

After an eternity of rapturous glory, her grip left the back of the girl behind her and her body collapsed.  Mandy continued to stroke the spent shell but avoided the hypersensitive clit.

Lowering back to a whisper, “Fall into yourself.  Your sleep will come easily.”

Pulling some of the wet towel out from under the woman, she eased the parted legs closed with her own while still stroking the swollen labia.  “Tomorrow you will wake with a renewed vigor, an aware outlook which will allow you to grant yourself time just for you, your center, your core.  Your energy will be renewed and refreshed.

Sliding her hands away, she got off of the woman.  Quietly she circled the bed and pulled the cover out and folded it back over the woman’s gentled form.  Her breathing was already deep and regular.

With the lights out and the room quiet, Mandy closed herself into the bathroom with her bag, sat on the closed toilet seat but quickly jumped up from the cold.  Feeling her own bottom, she found the entire crotch of her panties were soaked.  Pulling them off, she continued to strip.  Her nipples where were little nuggets of pent up excitement.  Her greasy hands stroked the nubs and she nearly fell over with the consuming pleasure of it.

Quickly lifting the lid, she was on the commode and again fingering her nipples.  She had resisted for what seemed like hours and now she felt she deserved this.

Her hands both smeared the remaining oils across her chest and belly, through her tight tuft, over her pubis and gloriously onto the patient pouts of her sex.

Leaning back and tipping her hips up gave her plenty of access as first three then all four fingers fought for room in the hungry hollow.  She stroked them easily past the first two joints, in and out, curling her fingers to fondle her G-spot.  Her free hand stayed on her clit while her nipples just screamed for attention.

Only a fleeting moment was spent contemplating all of the various toys, tools and equipment she’d had in her bag, but her need was too urgent, her hands too accommodating.

Her hips rose as her back pushed into the raised lid.  Her legs straightened, lifting her feet up off of the floor.  Just seconds after she’d begun…hours after she’d begun, her body erupted in a geyser of nirvanac ecstasy, exploding from her in a powerful wash of fulfillment.

It was quick.  It was intense.  It was incredibly gratifying.  It took several contractions of similar power to complete the cycle of climactic cleansing, but by the time she was done, she had no doubt she had found what she desired.

The commode supported her spent body until she collected enough control to rise and dig through her bag to find a thick strap of perforated leather and a small spool of leather twine.  Smiling, she began to lace the strap into a loose tube, whispering, “Oh, Sweetie, there is so much work to do.”





Chapter 4




The sun filtered through the slightly parted drapes, illuminating the room with a gentle glow.  The single sheet of light displayed the dancing of innumerable motes as they exposed themselves to the shaft.  Kate formed an easy relaxed smile, enjoying the peaceful performance.

Her left hand came up to brush back a stray hair that tickled her face, but the movement turned into a giant stretch as her right arm came up to join.  Arching her back and pointing her toes had her entire body reveling in the added blood flow.

Again relaxed, she enjoyed the peace.

Finally she did decide that she should roll over and as she did she came off of the pillow she’d kept trapped under her belly all night.  She stretched again and thought it was a very odd position to have slept in, but she felt wonderfully refreshed.

Spinning slowly until her legs left the bed, she reached her feet to the floor.  Her toes dug into the carpet.  It was surprisingly soft and comfortable.

Standing from the bed had the covers slide from her.  Raising her hands high and going up onto her toes for yet another stretch, she was stopped short by an odd revelation:  she was naked.  She normally didn’t sleep naked.  The realization had her self consciously covering herself as she scanned the room more thoroughly…fortunately empty.

Padding toward the bathroom she glimpsed a scrawled note on the dresser:


-Coffee at seven, breakfast at eight at the cosmopolitan.  See ya there, Me!


The large bubbled letters and curly script, along with the little touches like the I’s weren’t just dotted with circles, but with little smiley faces, said more than the content of the words.  She stood at the dresser, her body still tingling with morning rushes and it all came back to her

Looking up to the mirror, she allowed her arms to fall, exposing herself.

She worked hard to maintain a healthy, physically fit physique, but oddly enough never stopped to admire it.  She had always been told that she was beautiful or that she had a great body, but now, in the soft glow of the morning sun, she could really see it.

Her hands traced the bulge of her breasts, the depression of her waist, the swell of her hips.  Leaning back just slightly defined small ripples in her abdomen.  Fingers played across the soft waves and gently stroked the minutely tufted ridge of her pubis.

Her body had been on fire.  An intensity she’d never even approached.  Her smile cracked and her hands came to cover her face, “My God, by another woman!”  Spreading her fingers to peek through them, again examining her body, “Yes!” she said with a little more confidence, “I am okay with this.”  Dropping her hands and lifting her chin, “It was therapy and I feel great!”

Turning to the bathroom, she confidently strode away, even risking a quick glance back to check out the swing of her hips, “Physical therapy.”

She couldn’t stop smiling.





The Cosmopolitan was bustling with activity.  A waitress stopped, “Bar or Breakfast?”

“I’m with the Kayler-Dobson wedding.”

Walking away with a smirk and pointing, “Far corner.”

The corner booth, the first booth on either side and the table in front of them formed a square which contained the raucous crew.

“Kate!  Kate, come on in!”  Sara called from the center of the corner booth.  Two women scooted in to give her room.

Kate sat, “And how is the betrothed this morning?”  Her grin she still couldn’t remove.

“Oh, my God!  I am so excited.”  Looking around, Sara added, “This is just all so perfect.”  Reaching across the table she put her hand on Kate’s, “I couldn’t have dreamed of a better weekend.”  Holding her hand up for silence, she spoke, “Now, I know you didn’t personally pay for it, but you did do all of the planning and made all the arrangements and everything is just perfect.”

Kate responded, “I did what any of these fine ladies would have done in my position.”  It was her turn to put up a palm calling for Sara’s silence, “Sara, this is not because of money or rank.  This is all perfect because many people love you and you deserve no less.”

Kate nearly jumped as twenty women all burst into applause.  She didn’t realize they were all listening, or how loud she was talking.  As the applause continued, Sara pulled her hand back to wipe away the tear which threatened her makeup.  Kate felt so good, so fresh.  The positive energy of all the others filled her with a delight that tingled with intensity.

“All of you girls are my family!”  Sara proclaimed, “And I love you all so dearly.”

The group broke quickly into a cacophony of crooning conviction and affirmations.  Kate sat quickly and enjoyed the attention poured onto Sara, almost surprised at the conviction of her earlier speech.

It took several minutes, but the ruckus she’d begun finally subsided into a more casual hum of conversation.

A waitress brought her a glass of water and a rolled set of silverware.  Upon her exit, Kate caught a glimpse of the bouncing topknot of hair that so readily identified her ‘therapist’.  She laughed out loud at the thought.

She was looking at and listening to Sara when again that knot of hair came into view.  Glancing up, she saw the girl coming right toward her.  Her heart raced.  She hadn’t really thought of the implications of last night…well, she’d thought about it, but this was reality walking toward her.  Fighting the urge to flee the scene, she sat as calmly as she could manage.

“Miss Montgomery?”  The girl picked at her fingers and bounced as she stood there, “We already ordered, and if you’d like, I’ll go let ‘er know what’cha want…ya know, for breakfast?”

“Yes,” Sara chimed in, “we did just order.  Do you need a menu?”

“No,” to Mandy, “Just toast and eggs over easy and orange juice…or no, tomato juice.”  She waited for a reaction but got none.  The girl turned and bounced away.  Kate was abashed to find herself watching the girl’s hips as she left.

“Hey, I’m really sorry I dumped her on you last night…” Sara wanted to say more.

“No, no, no, don’t be at all.”  Kate waved her off, “We had a good talk.  It’s kind of odd, but as it turned out, we’re sharing a room.

“Oh no.  I’m so sorry.”

“Stop saying that.  It’s okay.  The girl is not really what she appears to be.  She’s a good kid.”  The conversation shifted and Kate sat quiet, remembering the girl’s words, ‘I’ve done this before…’.  Looking around, she wondered if any of the other women here could read anything into what she’d said in defending the girl, if they knew, if they could sense the afterglow that she certainly still felt.

Stopping, Kate took a deep cleansing breath and exhaled the tension.  Throwing her paranoia aside, she took another deep breath.  The glow on her face showed just how great she really did feel.

Mandy returned to her chair at the table and met Kate’s smile.  Kate nodded and mouthed, “Thank you.”


As breakfast broke up everybody was reminded of the itinerary for the day and were asked to please arrive to the wedding sober, which drew a few laughs.  Most of the group troop lines and assaulted the casino.  Kate joined the ranks for the march into the massive gaming area but little by little they all separated into smaller and smaller groups.

Having no compulsion for the games, she picked an inconspicuous moment and broke off into an isle.

Wandering the serpentine corridors of machines, she watched people in their excitement and in their loss, but mostly it was the winners who tended to stand out.  They drew far more attention.  Several men smiled at her, appreciating the view offered by the short skirt and sheer blouse.  She smiled back, sometimes even spinning to display the total package.  She had never been a tease, but it felt good to just feel good.  It confused her too, but she liked it none the less.

A bar stool called to her and she sat and spun.

“And what may I get for you?”  The bartender put an elbow on the bar and flashed his perfect teeth.

She looked into his eyes.  He was handsome, good physique, great smile…and he was hitting on her.  “Just a sprite.”  Then added, “Oh wait, do you have lemonade?”

“For you, I will have lemonade brought.  And if they have none, I’ll squeeze it myself.”  Still smiling, he strode to a phone and made a call.

Feeling nothing from him in terms of need, she was just the same satisfied with his advances.  The drink was brought from elsewhere, but the bartender practically jumped the bar to be able to take it and serve it to her himself.

Blushing like a schoolgirl, she paid him, tipped him well and left with drink in hand.

The confinements of the casino held nothing more for her.  Following the well hidden signs, she found an exit and stepped outside.  The sun was glorious.  She stood and soaked it in.  Slowly she drifted away from the doors and out along the lush walkways leading, probably, to the next casino.

A small inlet broke off the main walk.  She followed it several steps and around a curve before it opened up into a small sitting area with three benches, one of them occupied by a form lying down.

Without turning or looking up, the form said, “It’s a beautiful day to be outside.  I kinda figured you’d wanna come out ‘n enjoy it.”  She sat up.

“Why does it not surprise me?”  Kate shook her head.

Mandy patted the seat next to her.

Hesitating for just a moment, “Okay,” Kate surrendered, “we should probably talk.”

The girl smiled and nodded, sending her hair bouncing, “That’d be nice.”  She stood to equal the woman’s posture.  “How do ya feel?”  Closing the distance between them, she took the woman’s hand, giddy but shy-like.

Sliding her hand away, Kate took a step back, “No, I mean…about last night.”

Putting her hands on her hips in a huff, “I’ll tell ya how last night went, but ya gotta give me your hand,” like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“No, just…hold on.”  Composing herself, “What happened last night…between us…” she tried hard not to blush, but failed.  Backing up to a bench, “Come here.  Sit down.”

Mandy sat on the edge of the bench, close enough to be touching knees, “You seem better, but there’s still so much more to do.”

“Mandy, listen to me, I’ve never,” using her fingers to make little quote marks in the air, “‘been with’ another girl before and it’s all just…so…unexpected.”

The girl looked at her questioningly, tipping her head far enough to have her hair dangle free to one side, “Do you want to sleep with me?”

The moment was filled with nothing but the silence and the gaping mouthed stare of Kate.  Finally she asked, “What…exactly, happened last night?”

Pushing at the woman’s shoulder and laughing, “Come on, I know you didn’t fall asleep.”

The laughter broke the moment and Kate couldn’t help but join her, “No, no, I wasn’t asleep.  And yes, it was wonderful.”  Shaking her head and laughing even harder, “If that doesn’t fix what’s broke, nothing will”

Mandy took her hand again, this time allowed to keep it.  Her thumbs went right to work while she talked, “I mean what I said last night, I do think you’re beautiful and I am very attracted to you…” looking up, “but we didn’t have ‘sex’ last night.”

Huffing in agreement as her body was affected by the simple stimulation of her hand, “Yeah, that was so much more than any ‘sex’ I’ve ever had.”  Remembering to add, “And about the others, this morning at breakfast, thank you for your discretion.”  Using her free hand to stop the massage, she held the girl’s hands in hers, “I’m very confused right now and don’t know what I want, so I’m sorry if I led you on, or…or…I don’t know.”  She let the hands fall.

“You’re so cute sometimes.”  The girl’s whole body bounced, ignoring the woman’s obvious grief, “You fell hard last night.  I could’a done whatever I wanted, well, I guess I did do whatever I wanted.”  Her nose went up slightly, proud of her accomplishment, “You couldn’t a stopped me even if ya wanted to.”  Taking the hand again, “You couldn’t even get out a good grunt.”  She laughed.

“So, what?  You seduced me?”  Her eyebrows rose in mock suspicion.

“Do I turn you on?”  The question was suddenly serious.

“Mandy, please, I’ve just never looked at girls like that before.  I don’t know what to think.”

“Well, I suggest,” standing, she brought Kate with her, “That we go upstairs,” she stood toe to toe with her, looking up eye to eye, “get undressed,” the back of her fingers traced a line up Kate’s arm, “and get dressed for a wedding!”

The girl jumped back and avoided any retaliation for the tease by bouncing back and forth like a boxer.  “What’cha got?”  Throwing a few shadow jabs, she finally broke down in laughter before towing Kate out of the cove to get ready.





Chapter 5




Being part of the wedding party gave Kate the privilege of dressing first, by herself, in the bathroom.  The gown was gorgeous and a perfect fit.  The open back plunged to well below the small and every step exposed the right leg nearly to the hip.  She looked at her body and felt sexy; the swell and depth of the curves, the powdered soft, silky smooth skin, it was sexy.

Turning her knee out, showing the thigh, she looked in the mirror, “Can I want that?  Can I look at that and be aroused?”  Pulling the dress up, she studied the silk lace panties which rode up over her hips in a French cut, the plunge that left her lower belly exposed, the “Y” of her torso’s base to the mound of her pubis.  “Can I go there?”  She nearly screamed as the knock on the bathroom door echoed loudly through the small room.

“Come out, come out, wherever you are!”

Hearing Sara’s voice, she brushed the gown into position, turned and opened the door, “Kid, you should be down there already.”

“Not without you.”  Sara took a step back, “Oh, my,” pointing a finger, “If Jerry so much as looks at you!”

“You know better than that, kid,” she spun in display, “of course he’s gonna look.”

She slapped her arm, “Stop it.”  Arm in arm she escorted Kate out the door.

With one quick last glace over her shoulder she caught Mandy’s smile.  Her own mouth creased as her thoughts still whirled.

“You know…”

Kate’s attention came back to the bride to be, “Yes…”

“You’re gonna have to stop calling me ‘kid’.”  The other three women in the party were waiting anxiously in the hall, each with there own attendant.

“You may be getting married, but I am still your elder,” Kate chided.

“By three weeks!”

Kate waved an ignoring hand, “You are always so caught up in the details.”  Looking to the others, “Should we really let her go through with this?”

“I was opposed to it from the start.”

Another piped up, “Do we really know this guy?”

“Stop it, all of you!”  The laughter carried throughout the hallway until the elevator closed.

Kate let the others continue their banter while she stayed to the back of the lift.  Glancing to her left she stared at the exposed cleavage of the Maid of Honor:  full and buoyant they rose and fell easily with every breath and movement.  The skin was darkly tanned and baby smooth.  Approximating the location of a nipple, she detected the slight bulge and decided that they were nice…what a man would want, yet she was unaffected.

The ding sounded, the doors opened and she was drawn to the naked calves of another:  muscular, solid yet sleek, almost polished.  Each step flexed and highlighted the curves.  The heels accentuated and detailed the effect.

“Come on Kate.”  Sara clapped twice, “Wedding, practice, time, late, come on.”

Catching her in just a couple of strides, “Sorry, I was just thinking.”

Sara stopped, “Now there’ll be none of that!”  Everybody laughed and the group continued, gathering stared from all they passed.


The practice was quick, the wedding even quicker.  Before she could believe it, her college buddy Sara Dobson was now Sara Kayler.

They wanted to have the reception somewhere else, anywhere else so they could parade around in their finery, but Tyler and Byer only had an open agreement with the one hotel on the strip, plus the rooms they offered were amazing.

So, in full wing formation, with fifty witnesses in tow and getting larger every step, the party marched up the wide staircase, through the casino, out the front doors and down the street, waving and bowing regally at every occasion.

At the first corner they crossed the street and headed back up, passing again in front of their hotel, albeit from across the street.  The next light they crossed again to complete the short circuit and return triumphantly from their escapade to lead a throng of easily a hundred to their reception room.  Fortunately there was a hotel doorman checking names or the room would have been packed.

The wedding was touching, the parade was fun and the reception was a beautiful dedication to the groom’s grandparents who shared this day to celebrate their fifty-third anniversary, but Kate continually found her thoughts elsewhere.

She had looked at so many other women in ways she had never thought she would, but could not find any interest in them at all.  Their bodies were all alluring, she could certainly appreciate their features, but it was all just cosmetic.  Thinking back, she realized that even the good looking bartender who had hit on her earlier did not create even the slightest stir.  Sure, it felt good to be reminded that she was desirable, but there was just something missing.  In all of it there was something missing.

The bar at the reception gave her tomato juice and she scanned the crowd.  Having not seen Mandy all afternoon, she began to wonder if she had even made it here to the reception.  Hoping there was nothing wrong, she tried to casually scan the crowd but realized quickly that even that knot of hair was too short to be seen over the majority of the attendants.

Thoughts of what she may have done to offend her, to maybe have scared her off rushed through her head.  She ran through their short encounter in the cove, the few moments at breakfast and had to smile.  It felt good to just smile.  Hoping there was nothing wrong was not enough.  She had to go find her.  She needed to talk to her.  She had to make sure that they were both on the same page.  She could not let this girl’s imagination get the best of her.

“Excuse me, Miss Montgomery?”

Not realizing she had been holding her breath, the exhale left her at the sound of the girl’s voice.  Turning slowly, “Well hello, Mandy.”  She found herself suddenly nervous, muttering, “How do you manage to do that?”

The girl giggled and began to dab a cloth to Kate’s hand, “You’re spillin’ your juice.”  She took the glass and wiped it clean before returning it.  “You look very nice, Ma’am,” her smile was more knowing that simply happy.

After a breath and a moment, “I didn’t know if you were here or not.  I hadn’t seen you.”  Drinking the juice down to a point where it wouldn’t spill again, lowering her voice, “I was just thinking about going out and looking for you.”

“Why, is something wrong?”

“No, no, I just hadn’t seen you, that’s all,” failing to be nonchalant, “I thought we should talk.”

Closing the distance even further, the girl’s excitement came through, “You’ve been thinking about me.”  Grabbing her hand, she began to just slightly bounce, “That’s so sweet.”  Realizing what she was doing had her stop short, and back off, “I mean…Miss Montgomery.”

Biting off her own stupid grin, Kate managed, “It’s good to know that you are enjoying yourself.  I am sure I will see you later.”

The words were slow and emotionless, but Mandy knew different.  Smiling and bounding away, back toward the dance floor, she left Kate relieved yet flustered and stewing in the confusion which confounded the little bit of what was left of the evening.


As the reception came to a close and guests began to leave, the tension of the looming unknown grew.  Kate could make her exit now, but then what?  Sit and wait in the room?  She decided no, she would again search her out and simply tell her that she had a headache…no, that would backfire.  She would, she would, she didn’t have a clue what she would do.  The girl was driving her crazy with confusion.  She just couldn’t thing straight.  Calming herself with some deep breaths…which she’d just learned from who?…she decided on going just one step at a time.  First, go find her.  Then go from there.

After three passes around the reception, she accepted that Mandy had gone.  Through her searching, she had said many of her good-byes and now only a few remained.  Putting on the façade was becoming more and more difficult.  She did manage to smile and even produce laughter for a bad joke, but that was the end of her effort.

Sara and Jerry, Mr. and Mrs. Kayler, were tending the door with hugs, kisses and thanks for everybody.

“You two make just the perfect match,” Kate hugged Jerry.

“Kate,” Jerry broke the hug, “thank you for bringing your beauty to our special day.  The room brightens under your glimmer.”

With a palm to his chest, she gave a little push, “You’d better save that polished tongue.”

“Yeah!”  Sara took over, “You have a ball and chain to shine.”

They laughed and Kate hugged her friend, “You two have fun this week, and don’t worry even once about the office.  I will keep an eye on your department for you.”

Sara hugged her yet again, “Oh, Kate, I have so much to thank you for.”

“Anything for you, Kid.”  Gripping her hand tightly, then finally breaking contact, she turned and walked away.

Sara was so happy, and Jerry.  She wanted to be happy.  Thinking about last night made her smile, “Now that made me happy.”  Blushing at the thought she scurried out under the thoughts of the previous evening and the day up until now.  She could come to no other conclusion than that this girl did indeed want her and that if she herself could get over her own paranoia, confusion and social stigma, could she do this?

Her pace picked up.  It was exciting just to know that she was wanted…or was she just making all of this up?  “If she really wanted to be with me, would she have left without me?”

Inside the elevator she waited alone.  “She wouldn’t have left without me unless she left to go wait for me.”  The elevator couldn’t be going slower.  “She’s waiting for me in the room!”  her excitement was shared with no one but it didn’t matter.

“Just talk.  All I want to do is just talk this out.”

The doors opened and she broke into a full sprint.  A trick in her heels and gown that she didn’t even have to think about to accomplish.

The keycard bounced high, then low, not finding the slot.  Her hand jiggled the handle in frustration as the card finally slid in…nothing.  She couldn’t open it.  Holding the card steady with both hands to try again, she was focused on the little slot when the door opened.

Kate stared at her, heart racing, hands shaking, legs ready to give in, and she couldn’t manage to say a single word.

“Are ya comin’ in?”

Looking at the girl didn’t do what she thought it would.  She was cute, sexy, inviting wearing just a really big T-shirt, and she did want her.  But the sight of her did not cause that fire that the thoughts of her did.

“What’s a matter?”

Kate stepped in, “Oh, I’m, just…” she couldn’t help but hang her head and smile as she said it, “…just a…bit of a homophobe.”

“And you’re afraid of me.”  Teasing, the girl giggled and pushed her tongue to the back of her teeth.

“No, no, that’s not it.”  Keeping her gaze down, wondering if that was it, but answering, “Because I think that I do want you, or, I don’t know.  Maybe I just want your touch.”  Exhaling loudly, “Last night was so, so…helpful.”

Mandy almost fell over laughing.


“You say ‘helpful’ like I fixed your car or did your homework for you.”

“No,” Kate protested, “I meant…”

“Stop it, silly,” Mandy pushed at her shoulder, “I know what ‘cha meant, ‘cause it pro’bly really was helpful.”  Stepping back, “In fact, each session will loosen the knots and tangles more and more.  You’ll see after tonight, it’ll get even better.”

Unconsciously Kate stepped back.

Mandy’s hands went to her hips in a moment of exasperation, “It’s your essence that draws you to me.  It’s alive and knows that I can help you.”  Shaking her head in agreement with herself, “Ya gotta listen to your body.”

Palms up, she followed, “I don’t know if that’s all there is to it, Mandy.”

“Take off your shoes.”

Looking to the girl in frustration, “I don’t know what I want to do.”

“Fortunately, for me to help you with your flows, you don’t have to do anything.  Except,” she smiled, “take off your shoes.”  With her hands back to her hips, she tilted her head to one side and tapped one foot, waiting.

“I don’t know how comfortable…”

“You gotta stop ‘not knowing’.”  Stepping to one of the two chairs, she pulled it out from the table and held onto the back, “Sit down.”

After a long dramatic huff, she stomped over and plopped down in the chair.

“There, now was that hard?”  The girl sat opposite her, “Was that easy?”  Before Kate could answer, “Was that a turn on…or a turn off?  Or a decision you made at all?  Or nothing at all?”  She reached across and handed Kate a glass of tomato juice.

Watching the woman sip, she continued, “It’s none of these things.  It just is.”  She let her think about it for a minute in silence.

Finally the girl again spoke, “We may fall deeply in love and enjoy a lifelong happiness.  I may just be your physical therapist and spiritual healer.”  She took the woman’s hand and just held it, “And the places in between are just too many to think about.”  The thumbs began their work without effort.

“When I close my eyes,” Kate finally spoke, “I want you.”  A deep breath brought a pause, “As physically attractive as you are, when I see you, I just can’t see myself ‘having’ you.”

Mandy smiled, “Can you even define what that means?”

Just sitting there, feeling the tension flow out through her hand at the girl’s touch, her thoughts and fears escaped as well.  Not wanting to put the effort toward thinking, she just said it, “I guess, all I really want to know, is how…how far is this,” looking to their joined hands, “going to go tonight?”

Donning a superior smile, “As far as I decide to take it.”  Dropping her chin, “Or until you say stop.  Remember that, you can always say stop.”

“That’s easier said than done.”  Finally smiling sincerely, “You are very good at what you do.”

Returning the expression, “And you are very lucky to have me.”  Releasing the hand, “Sit back in your chair.”  Reaching down, she picked up a foot, took off the shoe and began to knead the bottom of the sole.

Instantly the woman moaned, “Oh, God, that’s good,”

“You are beginning to release.”  She seemed to work better if she talked, “When you came to the door you were so out of sync that it actually hurt.  I felt it and I’m pretty sure I caused it.  So I’m sorry.”  She moved to the ankle and calf.

“No, no,” Kate managed, “Don’t blame yourself.”

Mandy turned in her chair, putting the ankle over one knee, allowing her hands to move up the thigh and she felt the woman tense but did not stop.

Panting, Kate’s hands pushed at the seat of her own chair.  A whimper slipped out.  She gasped as the fingers curled up high around the top of a stocking and pulled it down over the knee, across the calf, around the heel and off.

“I’m sorry,” Kate begged, “I didn’t know what you were doing.”

Mandy’s bottom lip came out, “You don’t trust me.”  Her shoulders slumped, “I can’t do this if you don’t trust me.”

“It’s just…I mean…are you…” gesturing to between her legs, “going to want to…?”

Nodding, “Well…yes, eventually.”  Putting a hand on hers, “But not if you’re not ready.”  Setting the one foot down, she took the other, removed the shoe and quickly removed the stocking, “I can feel if you’re ready.”  Looking to the woman, “I have an idea.  Lemme show you some things.”

She maneuvered her chair to be right in front of Kate’s then scooted it as close as she could.  “Lean back.”  Scooting to the front edge of her own chair closed the gap between them even further forcing Kate to spread her knees to permit the girl to get as close as she seemed to need to be.

Mandy then opened her own knees and forced Kate’s just a little wider.  Kate began to lean forward.

Pointing a finger, “Back.”  She did and they both grinned.  “It’ll be best if I explain this first.”  Reaching down, she picked up both of the woman’s feet and wrapped them loosely around her own waist.  The obviously vulnerable position had Kate close her eyes and tense up.

“Stay calm, now,” her hands began to massage the inner thighs, not making things any easier.  “I want to tell you about some of this.”  Her hands moved up until the thumbs each touched the seam of the thighs where they met the very lower abdomen, just under the French cut straps, “There are nerve centers within the joint of each hip.  There is more than one way to access them.”  Her thumbs circled just wide of the woman’s worry.  “They can be reached internally as well as from a point just off of the anus.  I will, eventually, need to manipulate them from every possible angle.”

Letting the words sink in, she massaged in silence, not moving beyond the boundary she’d established with her thumbs until the muscles began to relax just a little.  Then she stopped.

“Just because I’m into a personal area, or even within you, it doesn’t mean you’ve made some sort of commitment to me.  I mean, you don’t have to.”

Leaning back had Kate open her eyes to her.  The girl asked, “Have you ever had sex with your Gynecologist?”

Sliding up in her seat, “No, but that’s different.”


“Because I don’t have…” stopping short, surprised at what she almost said.

“I’m sorry,” teasingly, the girl put a cupped hand to her ear, “what was that?”  Not making her finish, she stood and brought Kate with her.  As close as they already were, Mandy reached around and hugged her, “Take me in your arms.”  Mandy’s chin was already on Kate’s shoulder, “feel our bodies connect.”

Slowly the arms came up and around.  Mandy added, “Just relax and hold me.  Feel me hold you.  It’s not sexual.  It’s just friendly.”

Several silent tense moments were spent before Mandy felt Kate adjust her body and fall comfortably into her embrace.  “Physical contact is healthy,” she whispered.  “You have nothing to fear from me.  I will help you, I can free you.”  She again let the silence fill the moments, but these were caring, emotional, relaxed moments.

Mandy lightly kissed Kate’s neck and tightened her grip, “Can you tell me this feels good?”

Nodding without breaking contact, “It does, it does feel good,”

“Then don’t be afraid.”  She kissed her neck again and eased her hug.  They broke the contact in unison, Mandy’s hands exploring the naked back as they did.

“Our bodies touching is healthy, just like sexual release is.  Anything that elevates the intensity of either, also elevates the benefits.  Last night you felt both, but only on a singular level.”  Her hands came up to the back of the gown’s neck and released the clasp.  Slowly the dress parted to the shoulders.  Pulling gently, “Don’t deny yourself the chance.”

Kate’s arms came forward and the gown slid down them.  Her eyes stayed closed and her head tilted back, “It does feel good.  I do want this, I really do.”  Her voice no more than a faint whisper, “You do feel good.  Your hands they…heal me.”  One at a time her hands pulled out of the tiny sleeves, “But it is more than just your hands,” each hand came to rest on Mandy’s shoulders.

Mandy peeled the dress from the woman’s torso, gently exposing each breast.  She lowered and lowered, pulling the over the hips.  She exhaled in relief as she felt Kate lean onto her, indicating she would step out of the gown.  As she rose, Kate’s hands stayed on her shoulders.

Taking one hand in hers, she kissed the palm and placed it on her own waist, just under the large T-shirt.  She took the second hand, kissed the palm and pressed it to her cheek, allowing the woman to feel her, then placed it on her other hip.  In a seamless motion she stripped the T and threw the shirt.  Her hands came to Kate’s hips.

“Individually our bodies are each only one.”  Pulling their naked bodies closer, “Together we are everything.”

She brought the woman in.  Their thinly veiled hips touched and the woman shuddered.  Mandy’s arms took and led Kate; their breasts met, their bellied came together.

Kate clung to the girl, abandoning her thoughts she pressed herself tightly back into the body that came to her.  The soft warmth only encouraged her further.  “Yes, please.  I do want you.  I want you to help me feel you.”  Gripping the girl even tighter, “I want you to have me…however you want me.”  The woman’s voice cracked, she was almost in tears, “I won’t deny you.”

“And I won’t let you down.”  Mandy’s hands worked the silk panties over Kate’s hips and rolled them down the thighs without breaking contact.

With a step to the side and back, she sat the woman on the edge of the bed, yanked out a giant pillow from under the spread and had her face down over it without effort.  Happily surprised to see that Kate had stepped out of her panties, she wasted no time putting both hands to work upon the back of the woman’s head and neck.

“Mmmmm, Mmmmm…all day…waiting…all day.”

“Just relax and let the tension go.”  Her hands deftly worked around the temples, the forehead, then back across the scalp.  “Breathe out the anxiety, the pressure.  Breathe in the pure clean air that fills the void.”

She began down the spine and found a disk which needed to be aligned.  She began to push and felt resistance.  “Your fingers and your toes, start from the beginning and I will do the same.”  Sliding down to sit at the edge of the bed, she took the palm and began where she should have, chastising herself for her own impatience.

Allowing for little deviation gave the subject the added comfort of knowing what is coming up next, so she followed as close to the initial stages of the previous evening as she could, taking the woman through each breath, each segment of relaxation, each manipulation she made.  The woman’s flows of energy were strong and vibrant when she pealed away the layers of obstructions.  Her potency excited the girl to a point of distraction.

By the time she got back to the restive disk, Kate had become so pliable that it moved into place with just the slightest nudge.  Mandy spread the oils she’d used lower, to the base of the spine then out to the hips.  Her thumbs and fingers worked deeply into the outer hips then worked still lower until her fingers fell into the seam of the upper thigh and her thumbs dug into the bottom crease of her butt.  This was an important juncture for the flows as well as for her own desired outcome so she took her time and worked the full round cheeks well, inching her way closer, until she knew it was time to advance.

“Kate, sweetie,” both hands slid under the left hip, “let me move you.  Stay relaxed and let me roll you over.”

Her hands lifted and Kate’s natural reaction would be to help or to resist.  It was difficult to stay completely reposed.  Just as the movement began, Kate pulled her leg in and accepted the change, rolling easily to the more exposed position on her back.

Pushing the pillow to the floor, Mandy immediately began to settle Kate’s body.

“Leave your arms and legs where I put them.”  The right hand was taken, the palm exposed, “Continue with each breath.”  Her thumbs went to work on the hand, “Release yourself back into the pressure less void of your flows,” one hand cupped the elbow, “while I rejoin you on the path of healing.”  The arm was slid up until it was bent slightly at the elbow with the hand just higher that the head.  “Exhale the tension of the movement.  Focus on relaxing those fingers, from the very tips.”

Mandy got off the bed then literally ran around to the other side and climbed back on.

“Breathe out the strain in your right hand, let it fall deeper and deeper with every breath.”  The left hand was then treated to the same until the arm matched the other for position.

“Your wings are ready to take flight into the astral realm of your own inner self.  You will fly.  You will continue to fall deeper into yourself.”  Only considerable restraint kept Mandy from simply ravishing the vulnerable body before her.

She slid off of the side of the bed and stepped to the foot.  The woman’s breasts beckoned to her; she paused to stare at the wanting orbs, the disks of each areola, the dome of each flaccid nipple and found her hands upon her own breasts, twisting the stiffened nubs to a pain she initially hadn’t realized.

Breaking free of her tempting vision, “The core of your body will rise.  It will become lighter than air.  You will succumb to it.”

Her hands fell onto a foot and dove hungrily into the process.  “Use my touch to escape any lasting stress.”  Shaking with the effort of slowing down, she cupped a heel.  “My hands are the vacuum your pressure falls to.”  She stroked the calf and one hand came to rest in the back of the knee while the other stayed locked to the foot.

Lifting gently, “Free yourself to my assistance.”  She moved the leg out wider just an inch then back.  “Allow my will.”  She moved it out two inches then back one, out three, back one, “Feed the tension to me.  I am your release.”  Slowly in circles the leg was spread wide until she felt a hint of resistance and then let it rest.

“The new position has created a disturbance in your effort.  Focus on renewal and I will help you go beyond.”

Taking the left foot, she fed her energy into the nerves at the ball of the foot.  Her attack was voracious, her need was consuming.  She placed this leg as wide as the first, slid from the bed and sprinted for the bottle of oil as quietly and quickly as she could.

Standing off of the foot of the bed, she warmed a splash of the oil in her hands while practicing the breathing exercises herself.  She knew that she needed to stay in control of herself enough to avoid anything which could turn her new found subject.  Even with the situational consent, she still needed to be careful.

Having calmed herself sufficiently, she eased her way back onto the bed and shimmied up in between the splayed legs.  Her hands came to rest at the woman’s mid thighs, one on each, and began to massage the oil in.

“Your flows are freer,” her hands slid up and down the thighs before they met and formed a diamond which framed the woman’s pouty lips.  The light in the room wasn’t bright, but it was more than enough to see the gathering moisture.  The sight sent a slight shiver down the girl’s spine.

She ran one thumb into the lower crease and over the tight tiny pucker, then the other.  The woman flinched just slightly, “The inner walls of the anus have almost three times as many nerve receptors as the vaginal walls.”  She continued to circle this entrance, adding even slightly more pressure, “The flows of energy which converge here are powerful and in time will require attention.”

In silence she massaged the spot for another minute, letting her subject know that it was not a passing fancy.

Pushing each thumb slowly north, the woman expelled a mild gasp as each fell into the sodden cleft of her sex.  “There are many points of convergence which will require attention.”  Fanning her hands out, the heels of both pushed right at the mound of the pubis then up and over the ridge to slowly cover the abdomen.

“Allow the sensations to further your immersion into the flows of nature.”  At the ribs, the hands spread out to the sides, “Hold onto your pleasure, your desire, your ecstasy.”  The crook of each thumb and forefinger cupped a breast, pushing it slightly, gathering them into higher mounds.  They were pushed together as the hands began to slide up the sides.  The nipples grew visibly erect at the same pace of the affecting hands.

Unable to resist, Mandy’s hands covered the stiffened buds.  The woman sucked in air through her teeth and moved her arms in to encourage the action.

Releasing the breasts to stop the arms, “Allow me the pleasure of helping you experience this.”  The woman relented and Mandy again went right back to the breasts, gripping each so as to place her thumbs and fingertips in a position to fondle the tips.

Pinching lightly, she rolled the nipples.

“Ohhh, Ohhh,” her arms shifted, again coming down, “Yeah, Ohhh.”

The girl gripped the swollen glands tightly.

“Oh My God, Yes!” her whole body reacted.

“Let the sensations guide you.”  Twisting the active agents sent the woman’s body arching up into the air, pushing her chest higher into the offending grip as her moans filled the room.

Mandy spun and turned as much as the oiled flesh would permit and the woman reacted in a rapt desire at each painful move that she made.  The girl’s hips flinched as well as her own moistened sex shifted back and forth amid the struggle.  Ready to gauge the woman’s reaction, she no longer held back and clamped down severely with her thumbs.

“Oh God!  Oh God!  Oh Shit!”  The body locked in a seizure for a moment before the arms flew to the offending grip.  But instead of seeking to free the grip, the hands held the girl’s in place, demanding a continuance.

Still kneeling between the spread legs, a very happily surprised Mandy pulled up a knee and pushed it against the wanting marsh.  Shifting her left leg over to straddle Kate’s right leg for leverage, she drove the knee and thigh into the needy woman who immediately bucked wildly at the weighty contact.

“Take what you want,” Mandy went on, “let it feed you.”  As Kate’s body rose to the contact, Mandy slid her knee under until Kate’s boiling sex was flush up against her hip and her own readiness was solid to Kate’s hip.  Both of Kate’s knees bent, lifting them both, further locking them into the contact.

Bucking wildly to the constant pressure and movement of the other, Mandy managed to hold tightly to the woman’s nipples, pulling and distending them severely to the euphoric pleasure of the woman.  They both cried out as they felt the approach.  Then clung to each other as a single unit, shuddering, convulsing, erupting.

They fed off of the connection.  They fed off of each other, extending each spasm to match, flooding each other in the process.  Gripping, pushing, grinding for each contraction as it took them in a mutual rapture.

Several unbelievable convulsions of the orgasm passed yet they both still fought for more, becoming even more active as the climax passed.

Finally though, having milked all that could possibly come, Mandy collapsed onto the exhausted woman.  They held each other for many minutes, bathed in sweat and oil, complete, whole, together.

Mandy reached over and pulled at the coverlet.  Rolling to the woman’s side, she brought the cover with her.  On her back, she coaxed Kate into the crook of her arm.

Holding the woman like a child, content, covered, exhausted and satisfied, she kissed the top of her head.  Words were not necessary.  The woman’s knee crept up over her leg, the girl spread them slightly to encourage the more comfortable fit.  In their blissful silence, their spent bodies easily fell into each others and into the oblivion of deep, deep sleep.





Chapter 6




The warmth of the body kept her contently snuggled.  Breathing in deeply brought the essence of the enchantment in.  The aromas swirled within, teasing as they activated memories of the passion.  The smile created shifted flesh upon flesh.  Fingers stretched, breaking their hours of inactivity.  Smooth softness fill the palm, it closed around a perfect handle.  A finger crossed a node, a mar blemishing the otherwise faultless surface.  A second finger joined as nature demanded an investigation.

The imperfection was more than originally assumed; not just a raised area, but a solid protrusion extending proudly from the smoothness.  The fingers played at the tiny knob in curious examination.

Kate’s eyes opened to slits and the whole world changed.  Her hand pulled away quickly and she was left just staring, only inches away from the solidly erect nipple.

As faint as the desk lamp was, it more than illuminated the naked orb and its center piece as the girl it belonged to adjusted her position very slightly.

Trying to shift out of the covers had her realize that she was trapped.  It came from under them to around her to over them.  She would have to remove it completely to escape.  Acceptingly she slowly raised the thick bedding and covered the exposed breast, at least removing it from view.

Still groggy, she tried to relax and found her hand now coming to rest upon the girl’s belly.  The skin was silky, warm, comfortable.  She set it play there for a while, but it felt like she was somehow intruding on the girl’s sanctity.

Uncomfortably she shifted again, her hand moving down toward her own hip and thigh.  It trailed through a light patch of the girl’s thin hair and immediately it jerked away.  She came fully awake.  Not willing another brush, she tried to set the arm behind her own back and hip.  Finally deciding that the uncomfortable effort was more than she needed to do, she simply crossed the girl’s body with it and let the hand rest on the mattress beyond.

It had been eight and a half months since she’d last had sex, and almost two full years since she’d felt comfortable enough with a man to wake up in his bed.  At one point before that, she had spent eighteen months living with a boyfriend and remembered many mornings waking up in his arms, but that seemed now to be an entire lifetime ago.

Never had she awoke in the arms of a body so comfortable or been so confused about her partners comfort.  She remembered several times in the past bouncing and shifting just to get her partner to release her so she could fine a more comfortable position herself, but now she lay still against a body that seemed to have no rough edges to disturb her, no deep musky smells to turn her away and no hidden pretenses to aggravate her.  She spent the awkward yet comfortable moment reevaluating her aversion, analyzing her situation, wondering what the future held.

“Are ya all done?”

“You’re awake?”  Kate tipped her head off the shoulder and to the arm so she could look at the girl, “You’ve been awake this whole time?”

“No,” she scoffed, “I actually slept pretty good last night.”

Kate tried to roll away from her but couldn’t while Mandy held the cover, “You know what I mean.  I’m sorry if I woke you.”  Her body shifted and she felt her nipples to be sore and tender.

“Don’t be, it’s a great way to wake up.”

Suddenly self conscious about touching the girl, “I didn’t mean to.  I just…it just…”

“Ya gotta relax, Sweetie, it’s all okay.”  She pulled the cover out from under her hip and let the woman roll away.  At the edge of the bed she paused, having nothing to wear.  The girl slowly got up, wearing only her panties and waved a finger at the woman, “I gave you your chance.”  Her nakedness never fazed her, “But I guess I’ll go first.”

Kate huddled into herself and cursed her modesty.  She turned away from the girl as she padded off to the bathroom.  With the girl gone, she stood up on shaky legs, “God, still suffering the effects.”

Walking out the stiffness, she picked out some clothes to throw on…but paused, “No, I will face it.  I have to.”  Dropping her things, she went to the bathroom door and measured five paces to the back of a chair.  Standing in her nakedness, she hunched over, gripping the chair for support and waited.

The toilet flushed and she flinched.  The water ran in the sink, she steeled herself.  The water turned off and she affirmed her resolve by standing tall, back to the door.  She heard it open, waited a count of three and turned.  Smiling, she confidently took the five steps, “Last night was incredible.”  Her body brushed the girl’s as she slid by.

Closing the door, she held onto the knob and took a deep relieving breath while she heard, “Hurry up.  The sun is up and remember, we’re having breakfast in the pool.”

“That sounds good.”  Her voice didn’t break, but it came awfully close.  Her heart was pounding.  Her head was filled with the scent of the girl and she swore she felt a tingling on her breast where they touched as she passed.

Mechanically her body went through her morning routine.  When she was done and ready to go, she had to stop and make sure she actually did go through all of her normal morning routine, having not remembered much of it.  Slipping on a robe, she took the other available robe in hand and took yet another long slow breath before opening the door.  “Are you going to want this for the pool?” holding up the robe.  Even as badly as it wanted to, her voice still hadn’t cracked.

Scrunching up her face, “Don’t cha have anything long and button down?  Kinda summery?”  Her bikini was tiny yet tastefully stylish.  She bounced across the room and opened Kate’s suitcase.  “Ya did bring a swim suit, right?”

Walking to follow her, “Yes, I did.”

Mandy pulled out the one piece and tossed it at the approaching woman, “It’ll do.”

Still within the cover of the robe, Kate slid into the suit until the last moment did she shuck the robe to slip in her arms and shift the pieces into place.  It was more revealing than it had originally appeared.

“It’s great!” the girl bounced a little dance, “Ya gotta flaunt the stuff ya got, right?”

Kate nodded as the girl shook her hips, making Kate laugh.  “Did you know,” she was feeling much better, “that you speak differently at night, when we are…you know…” feeling herself blush only made it worse, “…together.”

“Yeah, that’s not me.  That’s Nana.”  Pulling out a short sleeve blouse, she tossed it to Kate and followed with, “Ya gotta leave it open or it’ll ruin the effect.”  Slipping into her own sheer covering, she took Kate’s arm and led her to the door.

They both stepped into sandals and left the room.  Kate allowed the girl to lead her by the arm, the contact was okay, in fact it was a comfort.  The girl was beautiful, caring, gentle, helpful…’and she did screw me silly last night.’

Walking arm in arm toward the elevator, Kate remembered to follow up on the answer she’d gotten, “What did you mean, ‘it’s not you, it’s your Nana’?”

The elevator door opened and three men hastily made room for the two young scantily clad women.  Mandy held firm to the arm as Kate tried to pull away.  Mandy placed them facing the door, their backs to the men.  She made a point of running a finger under the seam of her suit bottom while shifting her hips, “I’m still all slick from the oils.”  Just loud enough for the men to hear, she added, “I can smell you on me.”  Feigning a whisper, holding her closer, “I really like that.”

The doors opened and the two got off, Mandy’s hand sliding down to Kate’s butt before the doors closed then broke away in laughter.  “I just love doing that.”  Looking up to the beat red face of her companion, “What?  I’s just havin’ a little fun with ‘em.”

Starting to laugh herself, “I could have just died!”  Mandy grabbed at Kate’s hand and she allowed it, holding hands as they walked, “I want to get used to you, but every time I convince myself to accept something you’re doing, you come at me with something different.”

“Then maybe you should just get used to the unexpected?”

Kate looked at her, ready to respond, but couldn’t come up with anything to say.

Letting the woman think about that until they got to the pool, she sent the woman off to a pair of lounge chairs while she hustled off to buy a tube of sunscreen.

Upon her return, she handed the tube to Kate and bounced her eyebrows suggestively, “Your turn.”

“Go ahead,” Kate pointed, “lie down.”  Opening the tube, she spilt some of the lotion onto her hand then rubbed it into both.  Soon it was layered onto the girl’s back.  “It seems so odd,” covering the neck and shoulders, “this is so easy, so normal.”  Plying on more, she went to an arm, “I’ve put sunblock on my friends a thousand times.”  Spending more time than what was necessary, she was enjoying the feel of the girl’s body, “Yet it’s so close to what you’ve done for me, but this…this is just…easy,” adding quickly, “and good, it does feel good.”

“Yeah,” the girl managed through the side of her mouth, “It does.”  Flapping her feet like little fins, “Do my legs.  Do my legs.”

“And I will do your legs.”  Pouring the cold lotion in a line up the back of a thigh got the girl to jump.

“Hey!  Hey there!”

“It’ll warm up.”  Her hands rubbed the thighs, all the way up to the suit’s edge, “I can do this.”  Getting excited, “I may not be too sure about anything else, but I can do this.”  Closing in and in a whisper, “and I think I like it, too.”

“Good,” Mandy rolled over.

“Hey, I didn’t do the other leg.”

“You’ll still be able to.”  Putting her hands head high, she grabbed the rails of the lounger and spread her elbows wide.  “Something a little more challenging.”  Her legs spread slightly, “Go ahead, the sunscreen’s gotta be even everywhere.”

Kate’s hands didn’t move.  She stared, transfixed on the three tiny triangles of cloth and how the body beneath them undulated and curved in a very perfect way.

Mandy reached up, took both of the woman’s wrists and guided the hands to her shoulders, “You can start here.”

Scooting her chair closer, she began tentatively on a shoulder and arm.

After a moment of silence and a few low moans of pleasure, it was obvious that the woman was acclimating to the touching, so Mandy began to finally finish the answer from before, “My Nana practically raised me.”  Her eyes closed, her words were slow, “They said it skipped my mom, so it should be even stronger in me, but I don’t know.”  She gave her hand to the woman to oil, “Nana would take people on spirit journeys.  I’d listen every time, learning the process.  I got to a point where I could recite hours of the process; the tone, inflection, volume and pitch changes, even the vocabulary she’d used.”

Pulling her hand away, she again grabbed the rail above her head, “Do my chest and belly.”  She waited until the hands came down from the shoulder to continue, “In every physical therapy or massage therapy class I took in college, I’d lull the client into a trance and eventually accomplish nothing but maybe a real easy spinal adjustment.”  She had to pause to guide the hands lower, onto the upper swell of her breasts, “Remember, the lotion has to get all the way up to the suit.”

“I know.  I know.  I will.”  She nervously toyed at the cleavage while caught up a little in the girl’s story, “So what happened to your Nana?”

“Oh, it was a few years back.  I was twenty, Ohhh, that’s good like that.”

Kate had surrounded one breast with both hands and was rubbing up and around the exposed slopes without realizing exactly what she was doing.

“Don’t stop, no, do the other like that.”  With the hands now following her commands without much hesitation, she continued, “I was in a class, doing a massage when I suddenly saw the flows.  They were clear as day.  It was just as Nana had said.  I’d tried to tell my instructor what I saw, but all I got from him was an overwhelming lust.  He wanted me so bad he just stank of it, but I could see that he didn’t even really like me.  It all scared me so much that I left and went home.”  Her voice was soft yet strong, “That’s when I’d found out that she’d passed.”

“Oh, God, I’m so sorry.”

“Yes, I know you are.”  Mandy opened her eyes to meet her friend’s, “That’s one reason you are here, because you are real.”  She waived a hand at Kate’s abashed expression, “Oh, I’m not talkin’ bout any deception at work you’re a part of, you don’t even wanna do that stuff.”  Kate almost fell off of her chair, “I mean your fear of the unknown is real, your excitement overcoming that fear…” she shrugged, changing directions, “this morning, when you realized you were playing with my nipple,” her face brightened at the thought and Kate thought she really was beautiful like this, “I could’a just fell over!”  She laughed and Kate joined her.

Slapping at the girl’s stomach, “You little shit!”  The slap rang loudly, magnified by the wet hand, “Oh, I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to do that!”  They both watched and saw the handprint came up red, “Oh, God, I feel just terrible.  Mandy, really, I am so sorry.”

The girl laid there smiling, “I gotta confession to make,” her smile faded.

Kate’s brow furrowed, “Are you okay?”

She took the woman’s hands, “I’ll be fine.  But let me ask, are you okay?”

She was so cute when she tried to be serious, “And why would I not be okay?”

Leaning on one elbow, she reached up and pushed lightly at one of Kate’s nipples, “How’s that?”  The woman flinched.

“Yeahhh, I noticed earlier.  I think it might have happened last night.”

“Might have?  Sweetie, I almost took ‘em off.”

“No, I mean, I remember.  It was…weird.  It hurt, I know it hurt, but I was…glad…you didn’t stop.”

Taking a deep breath, Mandy decided it was time to go another step, “I wasn’t supposed to be your roommate this weekend.”  Mandy held onto the woman’s hands tightly but couldn’t meet her eyes, “At the bridal shower, when the movie played, you weren’t interested in the man in the least.  But I saw you, I could feel your need.  Then when you saw the two women together you were glued to it.  But the thing that stuck out most,” pulling the hand into her lap, she met the woman’s gaze, “when the whip came down, you never flinched.  The whole room jumped but you didn’t so much as blink.  When they showed the nipple torture, you watched without expression.  I picked you out.”  Her eyes again dropped, “I left the party and had the front desk change my room.”  Continuing quickly, “I followed you into that lounge that night.  We didn’t meet by chance.  None of it was.”  Shoulders slumping, she was defeated by the weight of the words.

Sitting quietly, the woman processed the admission.  Mandy tried to pull her hand back but Kate wouldn’t release it.  Making sure she chose her words carefully, she let the silence hand another moment.  “Do you really see the flows of energy?”

Frowning in curious confusion, “Yeah, yeah, that parts all true,” she waved a hand, dismissing the relevance of the question.

“Two nights ago, up in the room, did that…” searching for the words, “…help my flows?”

“Yeah, but I probably went a little further than therapy ‘cause your sexual tension was a totally different issue.”

“You just ‘addressed’ it at the same time?”  Kate wasn’t angry, just matter-of-fact.

Shrugging in an inescapable frustration, “I took advantage of you.  I saw something I wanted and I took it.”  Pleading, “I’m not normally that selfish, but you just needed me so badly.  I just couldn’t stop.”  Pulling her hands back, she faced her, “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Mandy, listen to me,” she grabbed the girl’s hands again, “these last two days have been very unique to me…and very special.  I have learned a lot about myself, and about you.  Mandy, I have only just begun to accept you, to care about you.  The only way you could hurt me is if you did something now to hurt me.”  Cracking a smile, her tone lightened, “I was chosen and pursued.  I feel special.”  Furrowing her brow again, “but why are you telling me all of this?  It almost doesn’t even matter now.”

“It does!  It does matter.”  Caught between a pout and a self-conscious aggravation, “I can feel you.  I know you’re sincere.  I just have to be honest and let you make your decisions without deception.  I just never expected to…”  Not being able to finish, she just shook her head.

Consolingly, “Decisions about what?  About us?”

“Well, yeah.  But…everything you do is a decision, and those choices pave the direction of your destiny.”

Looking to the girl oddly, then cracking a grin, “Was that Nana?”

Breaking the tension with short burst of laughter, “Yeah, I guess it was.”

“She must have been a very wise woman.”

Mandy nodded, sniffled and smiled, “I loved her very much.  I have had special people in my life,” suddenly animated, “and I think you have what I takes to accept me, to be with me, and hopefully to submit to me.”  Sitting up excitedly, “Oh, Sweetie, you’ve already taken my directions so well.”  Eyes widening, “Do this:  release my hands,” she did, “Look at me.  Don’t think about it, touch my breast.”  Quickly in a whisper, “Just do it.”

Seated knee to knee, the reach was short.  Kate placed her right hand flat and full across the girl’s left breast.

Mandy lunged forward and hugged the woman tightly, capturing the hand in place, “It’s that easy.  Thank you for trusting me.”

Returning the embrace, “I’ve spent all weekend doing what you’ve told me to do, and I’ve had a wonderful weekend.”  Breaking away to look again at the girl, “But Mandy, what does that movie and how I reacted to it have to do with us?”

Still very close, the girl gently pinched both nipples through the suit.  Not flinching, but it was obvious she felt the pain, “You’re a masochist, a real masochist, not like those girls on that movie.  You actually raised the level of your experience through the pain of it.  You are special,” her smile spread and she pushed her tongue to the back of her teeth, “and you want to be led!”

The girl suddenly stood, “Let’s go shower this tanning oil off and catch on of those famous Vegas shows.”

“Mandy, we never even tanned…or ate breakfast.”

Taking both of the woman’s hands, she pulled her up, “Never planned on it.”  Leading her away, “Now come on, we got just enough time before the flight home.”  Flashing her a look of conciliation, “We’ll catch a bite to eat on the way.”

Mandy bounced off but Kate slowed her to a walk, “What happens then…when we get home?”

“Come on,” picking her pace back up, “we gotta do that-then.  Now-we do this.”  Pulling her to the elevator, she was almost skipping.

Joining a small crowd into the car, Mandy stood behind Kate with her arms around the woman’s waist, pulling their bodies together, “As soon as we get into the room, you better lock yourself in the shower until you’re ready or I swear I’ll rip that suit from your body and we’ll never make it to a show.”

All of the light chatter suddenly stopped and the small car painted Kate with cautious glances.  Beginning to have fun with it, she just smiled and allowed the girl’s hands to slip lower without resistance.

Whispering to her back, the girl murmured, “Oh, Sweetie, I’m so excited for us.”





“You’ve never been to a Vegas dance review?  Never?”  Mandy guided her to an end booth at the front of the second tier.  The theater was a fair size yet still quaint and cozy.  Pushing the woman to get her to slide further around, “You bought the whole booth, take all the space ya want.”

Kate slid around to the middle and Mandy snuggled up next to her.  Waiting for the show, the woman voiced her nagging thought, “I’m worried about what will happen tomorrow.”

“What do you think will happen tomorrow?”

Kate laughed, “I’m sorry, it’s not funny, but I just had a flashback to high school.  I was a cheerleader…”

“I bet you were the head cheerleader.”

Looking to the girl smugly, “As a matter of fact I was.”

Smiling, “Always wanting to be the dominant, the leader.”

Waving the comment off, “Anyway, I finally broke down and slept with one of the football players.  The next day he wouldn’t even look at me.”

“That’s not funny.”  Her bottom lip came out just a bit.

“I didn’t think so either, until I found out later that we didn’t really have sex.”  Holding the girl’s comments off with her hands, “I just thought that was what sex was.  I didn’t know any different.”  Answering the girl’s unasked question, “He was drunk and couldn’t get it up.”

Giggling, “I promise I’ll still respect you in the morning.”

Elbowing her in the arm, “That’s what he said!”

Laughing even harder, she had to calm herself to sit up straight, clear her throat and state in her best business tone, “Miss Montgomery, did you get those numbers on the Feely prospectus?  Where they satisfactory?”  Kate just looked at her oddly.  She answered, “Right, exactly, we don’t have a ‘working relationship’.  I won’t even see you in the office.  I hardly ever did before.”

“No, not that.  God, I am so not worried about that.”

“Then what, us?”  Snuggling back to the woman, “You’ll continue to learn to obey and I’ll continue to teach ya ‘bout your body’s limits and what you can do.”

Proudly, “I can follow your instructions.  I’ve been doing it all weekend.”

“Have you?”

Surprised at the inference, “Well…maybe here or there, but mostly…last night in bed I did.”  Her chin lifted at the proclamation.

“Do you remember, as I laid you out and began to work your palm…”

“Yesss.”  Just the thought of it got her heated.

“I told you not to move your arms or legs?”

The woman stiffened, “I didn’t!  I remember you said it and I wanted to but I didn’t.”

Eyebrows raised, “Do you remember holding my wrists so I wouldn’t let go of your little nipples?”

“But that was…”

“Do you recall wrapping your arms and legs around me?”

Blushing, “I couldn’t help that.”  Glancing around, she was suddenly paranoid of eavesdroppers.

Smiling but sincerely, the girl followed, “You will ‘help that’ or I will tie you down.  And trust me, I want to and I will.”

“I…” stopping to take it a just a little more seriously, “…I will try harder.”

“I know you will.”  Looking her dead in the eyes, “I want you to remember that I am to spank you for your admitted disobedience.  You will remind me later.”  Her face was deadpan, not a hint of cracking.

Eyes wide, her brow lowered, “Are you serious?”  Her face softened into a hint of a smile as she thought of the implications, “You are going to spank me?”

“You’re gonna remind me, and then you’ll find out.”  Breaking her gaze, “Sweetie, you have so much to learn.”  Holding her closer and tighter just as the lights dimmed, “And I am so looking forward to teaching you.”

Music erupted and the first line kicked and hopped their way onto the stage.  The perfect formation broke only to allow every other dancer to come forward as the others retreated.

Mandy would have loved to see Kate’s face as she felt her body stiffen at the sight of the virtually naked women.  With her chin on Kate’s shoulder she still had to speak clearly to be heard, “Look at the second one from our side.  Look at the arch in the small of her back.  It makes her butt look even rounder and fuller than it is, and she’s got great legs to boot.”  Her hand slid to Kate’s leg, “What do you think of her legs?”

“I didn’t…I mean…” turning in her seat to ask, “Is this…” nodding her head to the stage, “…normal?”

“What, the costumes?”  Looking to the stage, “They’re nice.  I’ve seen better, but she’s got a great ass.”  Nudging the woman, “Don’t cha think?”  Waiting for the answer that didn’t come, she spoke clearly as a command, “Look at her body and tell me what you see.”

“It’s…too thin.”

“You’re so sweet.  You’d rather see a little more meat,” slapping at her own thigh, “like me?”

Kate steeled herself and put a hand on the girl’s thigh, higher than she’d planned but kept it there anyway, “You have a great body.”

Trapping the hand in place, “Watch the way they move, how limber and agile.”  Pulling the hand up even higher, “Do they make ya feel excited?”

“I don’t think it’s because of them.  They’re just, I don’t know, naked cheerleaders.”

Mandy’s hand shifted to Kate’s leg, “How often do you masturbate?”  Stroking the inner leg, she slid her hand under the woman’s loose shorts, smiling at the body’s sudden stiffness.

“Wh…what?  I don’t know?”

“I want you to look at them, their rouged nipples, their long legs.”  Her hand had made it to the top button which she didn’t hesitate in popping, freeing the zipper to fall without effort.  Taking Kate’s hand in her own, the girl glided it up under the woman’s shirt and left it covering a breast.  “I want you to enjoy yourself.”  She urged the free hand down the shorts.

“I don’t…” looking both ways, “…know…” back to the girl, “…if I can.”  To the edge of pouting, “It’s so public.”

“Sweetie, I can sense your struggle, so don’t focus on pleasing yourself.”  Smiling, “Please me.”  Covering the lower hand with her own, “I want to feel you watch their nakedness.  I will feel your arousal.  I’ll share your need, your desire.”  Patting the hand, “Relax, they are beautiful.  They’re there to arouse you.  That’s their only job.”

The girl put her head on Kate’s shoulder and watched the show, slowly stroking Kate’s inner thigh. “Do you remember Friday night?  Our first night together?”  Not waiting for an answer, “After I finished you and put ya to sleep, I went to the bathroom with an assortment of vibrators and dildos ready to burst, but the thought of your body and a single touch of my finger was all I needed.  It was fabulous.”  Widening the stroke of her hand, “Look at these women, the effort they put into their work…for you and me.”

She felt the woman begin to relax.  Her legs parted slightly.  Mandy felt the shift of the shorts as Kate maneuvered her hand.  “The turn of their pelvis, the slope of their thighs, it’s all about sex.  It’s all about climax…your climax.”  Encouraging the woman’s hand with her own, “Please me.”


Kate felt her button and zipper part.  Burning with uncomfortable embarrassment for even listening to someone talk about her masturbation habits, she tried to focus on the dancers, their bodies, their sex, but it was only flesh.  Their gyrations were quite different from what she remembered herself doing just ten short years ago…did she do all that just for arousal?  Was the entire squad just a sex act?

The sound of Mandy’s soothing voice, Nana’s voice, calmed her and brought her back to the present.  One of her own hands held the fullness of her right breast while she allowed the other to be slid into her pants.  She felt herself and couldn’t resist the compulsion to look around.  It was public, there were people about, but lights had dimmed and the booth did offer some privacy.

Pleasing Mandy.  She wanted so badly to please her.  The girl would feel her excitement and share in her arousal.  Slowly she grazed a finger across a nipple.  She nudged it, pet it, urged it into bloom.

Following instructions had her eyes glued to the dancers.  They really were beautiful.  Their dance steps all involved attempts to arouse, she could see it.  Did they want her aroused too?

The warmth of the girl extended to her shoulder.  Kate felt the girl so easily relax into or onto her body.  She envied her ability to be so at ease.

The hand again on her thigh moved.  The wanting direction, the description of the girl’s own masturbation, the constant sight of all of that soft smooth naked flesh, she had to roll her nipple between her fingers.  The still sore nub sent electricity throughout her body but was most received in the cleft between her legs.  They spread on their own accord and her hand slid easily into place.

She so badly wanted her arousal to be a product of the dancers, as instructed, but they didn’t care.  They didn’t want.  She couldn’t feel them.  They were just dancing; naked, but just dancing.  She thought back to the movie:  just naked women having sex, actually physically stimulating each other with pleasure…and pain.  Her fingers found her clit and in an unanticipated moment her whole hand swept down and cupped the entirety of herself.

The feeling of Mandy consumed her; the tanning oil, her legs, her cleavage, her warm body in bed.  Looking to the stage she saw the dancers, but she saw Mandy’s legs.  The tiny string and patch couldn’t keep her from seeing Mandy’s fine hairs.  They kicked and she saw her pouty lips and the bulge of her pubis.  Her own clit pushed up into the palm of her hand, she could not resist pushing back.

Heart rate soaring, she was rocked by a shudder that consumed her for its short life.  Gasping, moaning, she pushed again, hard into the emerging of her center.  Her open palm rose and her fingers fondled her lips, parting them to the moisture they had hidden.

Quickly finding the depths of her pool, she was barely able to stifle a utopic cry.  Drawing the viscid dew to the surface, she reveled in the immediate wash of elation as her fingers slid easily across her swollen need.

Spreading her legs just a little wider, she whimpered in confined rapture as Mandy’s hand came to join her own.  Her own fingers rolled the solid bud of her clit while Mandy pushed fingers deep and pulled moisture out, lubricating the entire area.  She drew out enough to be able to toy with and cover even the tiny pucker of the woman’s anus.

Kate felt a tug on her leg and lifted her knee to assist the girl.  Her foot ended up flat on the booth, right next to her butt, exposing herself even further.

Trying wildly to control the squeaks and cries of ecstasy, the woman could no longer take the teasing fingers of her partner and pushed her own fingers deep into herself, forcing the girl out of the way, all while the other hand’s fingers never left the throbbing center of her clit.  Feeling fingers toying at pucker of her below, the woman rolled her pelvis forward without thinking and immediately a slick finger gained access to the neglected passage.

Her eyes still glued to the stage, her vision still filled with Mandy, she pumped with three of her own fingers, pulling and stretching the entrance, fighting against an unfamiliar added resistance below while the other hand became frantic with a vigorous quiver.  Her body flexed and rolled, adjusting to the foreign admittance, adapting to the new burst of stimuli.

The finger below spun and drove, bent and spun again.  Each move became a new point of sensation.  Her body began to prepare:  legs flexing, head pushing back, muscles tensing.  Her hands couldn’t stop.  No longer in control, a low whine rose from within her.  Her back arched and the air left in her escaped in a single moan.  Her body collapsed around the hands n a contraction that seized her completely, freezing all of her in a spasm of absolute rapture.

In the glazing light of the epic delight, only the force required to insert a second finger past the clenched anus was perceptible.  Fluid deluged the obstacles, purging from the body in a pressure releasing flood of rhapsody.

Hands trembled as the consuming grip relented only to encourage and produce yet another mind numbing seizure.  A gasp filled the lungs enough to cry out her glee as she repositioned her body to better accept the pressure from below, sending her again into a fit of convulsive fulfillment.

Seconds passed, minutes and hours became immeasurable as the onslaught of sensation kept her as high as she’d ever been, but even as the apex and intensity of the event passed she was still lost to it.

The writhing mass of flesh and fluid gasped and struggled for sanity.  Her body had now completed its cycle and began to again respond to the still active fingers within her.  Needing time to recuperate, she patted at the source.  She tried to slowly squirm away, but the fingers pushed again only to stop deep within her, plugged to the knuckles.  Very slowly they spun.

“I like your ass.”  Keeping the soaked hand tight to the depth, the girl added, “I like your ass a lot.”  Her words and movements kept the suddenly focused attention of the woman.





Chapter 7




The flight back was short and uneventful.  Sara and Jerry, Mr. and Mrs. Kayler, had caught an early hopper to L.A. in order to catch their honeymoon flight to Hawaii.  The rest of the group piled into a hotel courtesy bus that afternoon and made the flight with time to spare.  Mandy was prompt and perky while Kate almost missed the van while changing her shorts in the bathroom.

Deplaning into the terminal, the mass split; half to the baggage claim, half to the parking lots and still another small group to the taxi stands.  Neither Kate nor Mandy had checked bags so they serendipitously met at an available cab.

“Are you going up north of the office?”

Mandy looked back to Kate, “Yes, Miss Montgomery, I’m just east of the mall.”

“If you don’t mind, we can share this cab.”

The act over, they swooped into the car, “Go, go, go!”  Mandy encouraged the driver.

Kate risked a glance back as the two others who lived in the same area tried to wave them down to avoid the forty-five minute fare.  “Whew, that was close.”

Mandy took her hand, “I wanted so badly to climb over that seat and just ravage you!”

Laughing, “I can’t believe you sat right behind me!”

“I can’t believe you kept trying to look back at me.”  Mandy caught the driver’s eyes spying in the rear view mirror.

“Where to, ladies?”

“Go to the Northdale Mall and I’ll guide you in from there.”

The man offered, “Sit back and relax, I know the way well.”

“So here we go.”  Kate actually almost giggled, “The future approaches.  Are we still in the ‘now’?”

Ignoring the question, “So what did you learn this weekend?”

“Wow, where do I begin?”

Mandy sat quietly, making it obvious she was waiting.

Kate stared back, “You really want an answer?”

Speaking properly, “I want to know what you brought with you.  What you retained.  What you learned.”

“I leaned that you are borderline bi-persona.”

Mandy retorted, “And I learned that you’re borderline bi!”  They both laughed then laughed again as they caught the not so casual eyes of the driver.  “What standing rules do you recall?”

“Obey you?”  Kate bordered on being demure, then stated confidently, “I am not to ‘do myself’,” quietly pointing down, “…without your permission.”

Waving a hand, “That one was easy.  It’s the last thing I told you.  What else?”

“I think…”  Her head dipped down, face bright red, “I think I love you.”

Mandy raised the woman’s chin with a hand, “Oh, Sweetie,” tears pooled in her eyes as she leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips.

Accepting the offering, Kate shifted her body and took the girl’s head in both hands to solidify the contact and opened her mouth.  The passion of the moment had both tongues hungrily discovering each other in a curiously easy acceptance of affection, again igniting their insatiable thirst.

Mandy was the first to be able to break free, “Oh, Sweetie, I knew on Friday night, on our very first touch.  I knew then and could only hope to guide you.  I’ve known that I love you too.”  They reconnected and spent several minutes tied together, groping and feeling each other again for the first time.

Again Mandy was the one to stop, “This makes your submission to me all the more special.”  She dug through her bag and removed a thin strip of leather, very loosely stitched into a circle, “I began this on Friday night, after…you know,” smiling, “it’s for you.”  Kate reached for it but Mandy stopped her, “I want’cha to keep this with you at all times.”  Putting it in her hands, she held them tightly in her own, “You know that what I’ll do to you will be physically painful, and I’ll do it ‘cause I want to, for my own arousal…but as well for yours.”

“Yes, yes I know and I want it.  From you, I want it,” both fought back tears.

Holding off the woman’s embrace, “I will tie you down and I will whip your body.  Sweetie, the pain of a whip is indescribable.”

Breaking into all out tears, the woman pled, “You don’t understand!  I’ve never even been close to this.”  Sniffling, “Everything you do is just so right.  Everything about you I want.  I don’t even feel the pain.  If you do it, I’ll be okay.  I already know that.”

“Keep this with you.  When ya know enough to completely submit to me, without even the hint of hesitation you feel now, I will stitch it tight and you will be mine.”  She kissed her again and caught the driver looking back.  “I sized it for your ankle, to be discrete.  Normally we accept with a collar, but it’s only ceremonial.”

Cuddling up to her, the tears again struggled to fall.  The girl’s voice broke as she began, “I can so clearly remember when I finally submitted to my master.  He was so good to me.  You and I’ll be so good together.”

Shaking her head, hearing only some of it, focused on her own proclamation, she spoke, “Mandy, I know now.  I already know.  I know I want you.”

“You can’t, not yet.  It’s too soon.”  Holding the mess of leather laces by a single metal ring, “This is so I can leash you.  You’ll learn to obey commands by leash.”  Kate’s face was still unresponsive, “Ya see what I mean?  You don’t know enough, not yet.”  Taking her and kissing her, “You’ll know when.”  Kissing her again, “This is only the first time I’ve had the taste of you on my tongue.  We are both still learning each other.”

“Yeah,” Kate held the girl back, smiling, “you still haven’t even spanked me yet.”  She laughed.

The girl’s smile thinned to a grin, “The first spanking is a ritual, done as a reminder, when reminded.”  She set the collar down and Kate quickly picked it up.  Ignoring the action, she pushed forward, “You will now pull down your pants and lay across my lap.  I have three swats to give you.”

Too excited to hesitate, Kate popped up off the seat and struggled with her pants to get them to her knees, “Is that enough?”

Sliding under her to sit in the middle of the wide car, Mandy laid Kate across her lap with her arms curled up under her, still clutching the collar.  The girl’s hand gently stroked the flesh of the smooth naked curves of the woman’s bottom.

“Turn around and drive!”  Narrowly averting oncoming traffic, the driver worked diligently at splitting his attention.

“By just takin’ my collar, you’re still makin’ a commitment.”  The legs parted just a bit, enjoying the soothing ministrations.  “By just holding my collar, you’re giving me control of you…but you can still say ‘stop’.  You can still say ‘no’.”  Leaning down to speak right at her ear, emphasizing with a whisper, “But those words are final, and I trust you’ll never use them.”

Her hand came up and quickly snapped, sharply slapping the woman’s bottom.

“Oh Shit!”  Kate’s entire body flinched as she struggled to turn while fire erupted from her cheeks and flooded through her, “Oh my God!”  Her attempt to rub the affected area was thwarted by the quicker girl.

“Tell me, now, remember; what is this spanking for?”

“God, I wasn’t expecting it like that.”  Slowing the struggle, “It’s so shocking, so…”

“Kate!  Do not talk except to answer my question!”

The tone made stop and think, which she found at that very moment was quite difficult, “Question?  What for?  What is it for?  It’s…punishment.”  It hit her, “I moved!”  Relief flooded through her, “You said stay and I still moved.”

Mandy leaned over and kissed the brilliantly outlined handprint, “That’s good, very good.  ‘Cause ya gotta remember why ya get punished…” giggling, “…even if it is just fer fun.”

Without warning her hand came down again, quicker, harder, centered on the exposed flesh.

Flexing in an unexpected spasm, through gritted teeth she uttered, “Oh…God…Damn it!”  Her body shook from the effort of not moving any further.

“Yes, Sweetie, don’t move against it, accept the pain.  Let it affect you, arouse you.”  Again she kissed the print, “You’re doing so good.”

The third swat came quicker and covered some of each of the first two welted prints.  The woman again flexed, but resisted the burning desire to move, to soothe, to resist.  Only her knees shifted, but only slightly as the waves of anguish flooded through her.  Tears flooded her hands and covered the leather she clutched, but she refused to move them.  Emotions consumed her and overwhelmed the physical, the pain, the need became desire.

Slowly it waned and she struggled to voice her thoughts, “It…I…oh…it hurts, but I, but I…oh, thank you…thank you.  Oh Mandy, I want you so bad.”  Rocking back and forth in an attempt to staunch the lasting sting, she sniffled, “I’ve never…given.   How can I thank you?  How do I thank you?”  Getting to the end of the brunt of it, “Please, let me.”

“Here, Sweetie,” helping her, “Get up.”

Laughing through the tears, “Do I have to?”

Mandy leaned over and gave the bare ass one more kiss, bringing a flinch but then a long moan.  “If it’s my lap your in, I’ll always let you stay.”  The next kiss brought no more negative reaction.  “I need some clothes, but we’ll stay at your place tonight.”

Her hand slid around a thigh, fingers slowly stroked the outer labia.  Kate’s legs tried to part further but were thwarted by the pants around her knees.

Mandy stated, “I will let you thank me, as you wish.”  They both smiled.





Convincing the driver to wait while they ran up to Mandy’s apartment was expectedly easy, in fact he insisted on it.  The building was a squat four-story with eight units on each floor.  As the old open lift passed the third floor Kate grinned to her friend, “Penthouse, hugh?”

“Oh, yeah,” Laughing, “Only the best.”  Fumbling through her bag as the gate opened, they stepped out and she pointed, “On the right.”

Stepping to the door, Kate fixed on a hastily scratched note pinned to the door.  The handwriting hinted at anger.  Just as she got close enough to read it, Mandy ripped it from its pin and crumpled it into a ball, making light of it, “Some people are just so persistent.”

Unlocking the door, she opened it with a wave of an arm in mock presentation, “My little piece of heaven.”  Ushering Kate in, “I’ll be just a sec.”

The main room was sparsely furnished, making it appear larger than it was.  All of the furnishings were old but sturdy.  Her shoes squeaked on the polished hardwood floor.  The kitchen had a three stool bar over the sink and counter which only jut out to separate it from the living space.  With no dinette set, that space was incorporated into the main room.  A T.V., stereo and VCR were all contained in one corner.

Looking up to Mandy’s return, “What, no DVD?”

“Right,” bouncing in, “I still got my music on cassettes.”

“It’s…” looking around, “functional.”

Breaking out in laughter, “Always so politically sensitive.”

“Okay…” trying again, “Spartan?”

“Closer, but yeah, I ain’t got much stuff.”

“Did you have plants?” pointing to the number of sturdy eye hooks in the ceiling.

Holding back a giggle, “Ahhh…no.”  Pulling on the woman, “Come on.  Let’s go.”  With a simple dress over her shoulder, she took Kate’s hand with her free hand and pointed with her chin, “Could’ya grab that bag?”

Leaving the building hand in hand, the driver scurried to open the door for them, “Ladies.”   He bowed like they were royalty, ushered them in and sprinted around to his seat.

Kate got in and plopped down only to bounce up quickly, “Shit!”  Covering her mouth, “That’s sore.”

Adding casually, “The welt’ll be gone soon but it’ll still hurt ‘till tomorrow.”  Cooing like to a small child, “Do ya want me to rub it ‘n make it better?”

With bottom lip out, the woman’s chin dropped, “Would you?”  Then quickly, loud and serious, “The road!  Watch the road!”  She shook her head and the girl just laughed.

The distance from the apartment to Kate’s condo was short, but the change in the financial standings of the neighborhoods was dramatic.  The cab pulled up to the thirty story building, the only tower in the area, and turned into the wide circular front drive and Kate paid the driver.

“Oh, how cool!  You live here?”  The girl was glued to the window.

Almost embarrassed at the suddenly obvious opulence, “Yeah…but not the penthouse.”

“Well,” the girl played along, “we can’t all live in splendor.”  She jumped as soon as her door was opened.

“Good evening, Miss Montgomery.”

Pushing Mandy out, she gingerly slid across and out, “Good evening, Joseph.”

“Shall I get your bags?”

“No, thank you, it’s just these.”

Carrying there few things across the lobby and into the waiting elevator, Mandy just bounced, “This is so exciting!”  Leaning forward, she pecked her partner on the lips, “I can’t wait to see your place.”  Jostling her, “I bet you got DVD.”

“Stop.”  Pushing at her, “And yes, I have, as you would say, ‘a bunch of stuff’.”

The hallway was elegant; artwork, hidden lighting, lush carpet and raw woodwork everywhere.  Passing a sitting nook, Mandy stared in awe.  Kate didn’t even notice it anymore.  Unlocking her door, she looked back, “Are you going to join me?”

Quickly slipping past her, the girl spread her arms and spun in circles, “Oh, wow!”

“Stop it.”  Throwing her keys into a small wicker bowl without looking, she reached for the girl’s dress she’d still carried, “I’ll go hang that,” and left her to stare in awe at what she’d referred as her ‘stuff’.

Now, finally comfortable in her own setting, she literally threw her bag into a closet, hung up the dress on an open stand and fled back into the living room.

Mandy felt her approach without looking, “How did ya find all the…” her mouth was covered by Kate’s lips and she was forced back.  The girl’s feet were stopped at obstruction and the woman followed her fall to the couch.

“Your body is all I’ve thought about.”  Kissing the cheek and down to her neck, “All those show girls, they were you.”  Her arms circled the body as she pressed into it, “You feel so good, so right.”  Holding her tight, desperate for the moment, “I just can’t believe I’m here, at this point.”  Pulling back to look her in the face, “Did I tell you that I love you?”

“Oh, Sweetie, yes you did.”  She stroked the woman’s back.

Hugging her again tightly, “Did I tell you how good it feels?”

“You didn’t have to.  I feel it too.”  Finding her mouth, they shared another intimate exploration, finding the rhythm of each other’s passion.

Breaking free, Kate rose, “Your body; on the bus, the plane, the cab, I’ve waited and waited.”  Helping the girl up, “Stand, stand here…no,” pulling her out from in front of the couch to an open space, “Here,”  Mandy stood still on the chosen spot.

Slowly Kate cupped the girl’s face in both hands, “Oh, God, I’m so nervous.”  She brought her lips to Mandy’s for a quick peck.  Her hands slid to the girl’s neck, she kissed her again.  After a slow deep breath, both hands covered the breasts.  Gently she squeezed and pushed slightly before rotating her hands over them.

The feel of each nipple growing and pushing up through the layers and into her palms was unbelievably satisfying.  Releasing her grip, she lightly stroked the area of the obvious protrusions.  “Should I…” shrugging, “take your shirt off?”

“Only if you want too,” Smiling, satisfied with her own evasiveness.

“How about this?”  A hand moved under the shirt and rested upon the flat belly.

Without answering, Mandy’s own hands came up to both rest upon the woman’s shoulders, increasing the access to her body.

Kate’s other hand came up under the shirt and held the torso, grasping just above the point of the hip.  Using that hand for leverage and control, her right hand was freer to slide up the belly.

Tracing the line of the ribcage up to the sternum, she broke over the ridge.  Her hand still flat on the ribs, the thumb and forefinger came up flush to the bottom seam of the left breast.

Shuddering through an attempt to breathe deeply, “Oh, God, you feel so good.”  She pushed the breast up and her hand slid along the flesh until it sat completely within the palm of her hand, “You just fit.  You’re perfect.”  Another inch and she felt the edge of the nipple.

Relaxing her grip, the breast came down and the nipple fell between the pads of her thumb and finger.  Surprised at how sturdy it was and how steep the sides had become, her curiosity finally got the best of her.

Relenting only far enough to take the bottom seam of the shirt, the woman lifted it, “Arms up.”  The shirt tightened as it bunched and had to pop over each of the obstructions.  She left it to cover the girl’s face, pinning her arms up as well.

Two perfect orbs; smooth, soft and full stared her down with not a hint of a tan line.  The areolas were small and brown but the nipples stood proudly.  Exactly round and a half inch tall, they were more beautiful than any of the dancer’s flaccid mars.

With her hands glued still to the shirt and the girl temporarily blinded, she had no reservations bending in for a closer look.  Leaning in, without thinking, without stopping, she found one of the solid buds in her mouth.

The girl writhed, “Oh, Sweetie!”

Kate suckled gently.  A hand dropped to cup the breast of her attention, holding it still while she lapped her tongue across it.  Through the girl’s moaning, she licked the sides of the small shaft, feeling it engorge beyond its normally erect size.

Pulling back, the bud had expanded to a point where upon close inspection she could see how the beads of each individual gland were outlined as they stretched the outer skin that contained them.

Going back for one last lick and kiss, Kate released the mammary and lifted the shirt enough to expose just the mouth.  Her lips closed upon it and the girl took her in hungrily.

“OH…Oh…” Between kisses, “…Oh, Sweet…oh…” Kate broke away to hear, “Sweetie, clamp it, please.  It feels so big.  In my bag, side pocket, please hurry.”

Somewhat stunned, Kate left the girl standing, covered from the nose up and rifled through the small pocket of the bag to find two alligator clips just smaller than clothes pins.  Grabbing one, she found they were linked together with a short chain.

Back to her subject, “Do I just…do it?”

Pulling the shirt off to her wrists, she lowered her hands behind her head to watch while she instructed, “Grab it, give it a little pull and clamp it as low as you can, but not the areola, that’s too far and I’ll show you how to do it so we can leave it for a while.”

Without pause, fingers gripped the erection.  “Oh, wow!”  The girl held the gasp of a breath as the nipple was pulled and slightly distended.  The mouth of the clip opened wide and surrounded the nub.

Still unsure, “Here?  Like this?”

“Yes, yes, gently…lower, lower.  Pull it a little further.”

The tiny metal teeth were shaved dull and waxed, but the tension of the spring still had them bite deeply into the so very tender flesh.

“Oh, oh, kay.”  Exhaling as it closed, “There, oh, oh, that’s good.”  The hands left it to it work, “Yeah, yeah, thank you, oh, yeah,”

The nipple now protruded even further than it had.  Kate’s mouth took just the tip and very gently suckled.

“Oooh, wowww.”  Flexing not to move, “That…is good.”

Not thinking, Kate let the other clip drop and didn’t catch the girl flinch as it bounced, already too focused on the other side.  Taking the bulk of it with both hands brought a moan.  She stroked the entire mass of it, slowly increasing her grip, lifting and pulling.  Finally, choking the flesh, she centered on the nipple and gently grazed it with her tongue.

The girl whined and shifted but Kate kept to a pace which even she couldn’t maintain for long before her mouth created the seal upon the bud and her lips and tongue tested its bounds with their suction.  Mandy could do little but stand there and take it.

In one sudden movement, Kate hugged the girl tightly, pushing her own breasts into the girl’s.  Her mouth latched onto hers and she reached up the back and grabbed the shirt with both wrists still twined in it and pulled it down, forcing the girl’s chest out even further, battering the bound nipple against herself.  All she heard were the squeaks and whimpers of ravished excitement.

With one hand still holding the shirt and wrists tightly, the other grabbed at a handful of hair to yank the head back.  The mouth was forced open by the angle and Kate took advantage by driving her tongue deep into the maw.

Only moments of kisses were broken by Kate’s new found aggression, “I want more of you, more; more and now.”  Pulling the shirt and both arms over the head to in front, she led her through the hall.  The girl had her stumbling as she tried to slow down to keep her chest from bouncing, but before a second chance to pull back came, Mandy was turned into a bedroom and literally thrown to the bed.

Righting herself just in time to have her feet accosted and her shoes ripped from her feet with the socks quickly following, Mandy didn’t protest as Kate leapt up onto her, straddling her hips.  Bending to bring her own chest in contact with the girl’s, she leaned a little more to put pressure on the clamped gland.  She was nose to nose with her lover.

After the merest graze of the lips, “I have had sex.”  Kissing the chin, under, and too the neck, “Oh, Mandy, I’ve had times when I’ve had lots of sex; good, hot, passionate sex.”  Her body slid down and the girl flinched at the pull, “But never, never have I wanted so badly…”  The mouth again latched onto the tip of the clamped nipple sending the girl into a nirvonic cry, “…or cared so much.”

Shifting her head, she took in the other nipple and stretched it, gripped it in her lips and pulled until the girl cried out.  Letting it snap from her mouth, “Ohhh, the sounds you make.”

Kissing over the edge of the ribs, she slowed to inch her way down the belly, stopping short of the bellybutton.  With her forehead pressed down at the sternum, she tried to catch her breath.  She tried to steel her confidence.  She tried to ready herself for more of the unknown, more of what the future would hold, more of what has always been a taboo.

For several moments she was still.  The long pause became disconcerting.

Mandy lifted her head to look at her.  “Sweetie?  What is it?”  Her hands gently stroked the woman’s head.  She felt the drip of tears tickle her tummy, “Sweetie, tell me.”

“I’m…” sniffling, “…I’m not sure.”

She hugged the woman’s head to her stomach, “No, no, Sweetie, there’s nothing to fear.”

“I don’t know…” sniffling again, “…If I can go further.”  Lifting her head to look up, “I don’t know what to do.  I’m scared I’ll do it wrong.”  Putting her head back down, “I worked myself up.  I am really excited.  I want to take this further.”  Kissing the belly, “I taste you already.  I’m just so scared.”

“Sweetie, no matter what you do, it won’t be wrong.”  Raising the woman’s head, “Do you want me to help you?”

Through the tears she just nodded.

“Then let’s try something different.  Stand up.”  Pushing at her, “Go ahead, get up.”  Slowly she did, “Let’s start with something you do every day:  take off your clothes.”

Wiping away her tears, “I’m really sorry, I won’t fail, I can make it.  I want to.  I will!”  Conjuring up her resolve, she sniffled and stared down her partner, “I will, for you, for me and for us!”

Mandy laughed so hard she rolled over on the bed, “Now let’s go out there and win one for the school pride!”

“You little butt!”  Landing on her, she gave the girl a good swat to the bottom, bringing a sting of memory to her own.  “I am serious!”

“I know, I know you are,” rolling to sit up at the edge of the bed, the free clip dangling on its chain, tugging at its partner.  Not seeming to notice the obvious pain of it, “I’m sorry, I just couldn’t help myself.”  Opening her arms to the woman, “Come here.”

Stepping over cautiously, she let the seated girl pull her close into a hug which put the girl’s head at her midsection and her arms circling just below the waist.

“I know you’re scared and I’m glad you want to please me, but understand that it’s just…just…I mean, you really can’t do it wrong.  Sweetie, I don’t care if you use your fingers or your mouth or your elbow for that matter.  I mean, ya just can’t do it wrong.  I’ve even got a whole bag full of stuff you can try, and you can’t even use any of it wrong.”  Kissing her belly through the shirt, “It doesn’t matter.”

Almost a pout, “But it does matter.  I want it to be perfect for you like it’s been for me.”  She stroked the girl’s hair.

“Sweetie, Friday night I only touched you with a finger and I really haven’t touched your sex since,” Adding before the woman could retort, “And I’ve yet to put my tongue to you.”  Breaking the embrace, she held the woman at arms length and looked at her, “There is no wrong, Sweetie, there just is.”

Looking back, raising a single eyebrow, “Nana?”

Nodding, “Probably.”

“Will you help me?”

Waving a finger at her, “Take your clothes off.  Seduce me with your body.”  Shifting to lay sideways at the edge of the bed, she propped up on an elbow.

Kneeling to untie a shoe, “You’ve only touched me that one time?”

“That’s right.”

Standing, she slipped out of the shoes, grinning, “You were up in my butt.”  Hands flew to her face, “God, that sounds so…wrong.”

“It shouldn’t.  Nature made it supersensitive and made it an erogenous zone for a reason.”

Waving a hand, “Beyond all that…”

Cutting her short, “Lemme ask,” watching the woman balance easily on one foot as she removed the socks one at a time, “have you ever been with someone that did it ‘wrong’?”

Triumphantly she answered definitively, “Yes I have.”

“How about someone who did it ‘right’?”

“Well, sure.”

Sitting up quickly, “Then you already know what to do.  Just be confident,” balling her hand into a fist for emphasis.

“Go team!”  Sarcastic and unenthusiastically.

Mandy laughed, “Exactly!”





Chapter 8




Pulling her feet up under herself had her wince as the tiny chain bounced, “I’ll help you, Sweetie, I’ll always help you…except for now,” waving a finger at her, “Strip.”  Clapping her hands twice, “Chop, chop.”

“You are a little butt.”

Mandy spun to all fours and wiggled her hips at her.

“Yes, that’s right, little butt.”

“Ya know, you haven’t given me a pet name.”

Kate’s hands were up behind her and the bra came free, “Oh, I may have…” trying it out, “…Littlebutt.”  Overacting it out dramatically, pushing her own breasts together in a move of mock sensuality, “Oh, Littlebutt, you make me sooo hot!”  Then she casually pulled the straps of the bra under the shirtsleeves and free, “I don’t know, we’ll have to work with it.”

Still on all fours, the girl excitedly scurried to the edge of bed, “What’s that?  You gonna work with my little butt?”

“Yes, I do want to,” again serious, “talk to me, talk me through it,” unbuttoning her blouse exposed her torso.  Without but just a hint of self-consciousness, she tossed the garment, “Please, when you talk I think I can do anything.”  The pants came off easier and she stood in just her panties.  Touching the bottom of them she bounced her eyes, “They’re still wet…and so am I.”

Jumping to her feet, Mandy hugged the woman tightly, their naked torsos sharing the heat which remained.  “Kiss me.”

Their lips met only briefly before Mandy lifted her chin to the right.  Taking the direction, Kate left the mouth and kissed a trail over the chin and down the neck.  Mandy’s hand slipped between the two and stroked the woman’s sex.  Kate’s legs opened for the grope while her lips came to the neck’s hollow.

The fingers easily slid under the sheer material and found moisture.  They pulled it out to cover the clit.  The woman moaned and stood tall, lost in the sudden pleasure of it, then cried out in shock without moving.

“Go to your knees.”  The hand held what it could of a fistful of the tiny hairs.  Pulling them down, the woman had no choice but to follow.  Lapping at the protrusion the binding had made of the nipple on the way past, the hands released the hairs and she was able to pause at the offended nipple.

“Keep going, Sweetie, to your knees.”  Taking the woman’s hands, she placed one on each of her hips then stroked the nervous head as it lowered.

Using the girl for support, she was able to complete the drop slowly.  Without thinking, she exhaled sharply when her chin stopped at about the bellybutton.  She kissed it and hugged the hips tightly.

“That’s very good.  You’re doin’ real good.”  Still stroking the hair, “Reach under your chin and unbutton my shorts.  Don’t think, just do it.”

Feeling the hands come to her center, “Get the button and pull the zipper all at once.  You can do this much.”

Without a pause, the button popped and the zipper dropped and the shorts were lowered.

“This seems so easy now.”  Kate kissed a line a she lowered the shorts, kissing all the way down to the waist band of the tiny panties which were no more than a very thin veil which only barely covered above the hairline.  She pursed her lips and lightly kissed the tiny bow in the center of the top band.  After a deep breath, “Please keep talking.”

“Oh, I’m gonna just burst!  Please, pull ‘em down, get ‘em off!”

Kate stripped the shorts from her hips and let them settle at her ankles.  The girl stepped one foot out to spread her legs.

“Feel my heat.”  Pushing her hips forward, “Touch me.”

“I can, I will.”  Grabbing the waistband, she leaned back and shed the panties.

Again she stepped one foot out, but this time was almost floored as her legs were forcibly spread.

“I want you.”  Lowering to sit on her heels, the woman rested a hand across the thin tuft of soft hair.  The other hand circled the hips and held the girl tight as she leaned forward.  She paused with her lips resting on the hairline then pulled the hips even tighter to her.

“Oh, Sweetie!  This is so right!”  Spreading her legs just a little more dropped her center a couple of inches.

Kate pushed her cheek into the tuft and kissed the cleft of a thigh.

“Your touch is so wonderful.  You’re doin’ sooo good.”

Breaking her face away, both hands came to rest on the girl’s thighs.  The hips rolled forward in need.  Kate again sat back on her heels and watched her thumbs slowly trace the center seam of the swollen pouch.

“Oh yeah!  Oh yeah!  Ohhhh that’s sooo it!”  Moaning and twitching to the subtle touch, she locked her fingers behind her own head and leaned back to push her center forward, “Peel, please, open it, open me, please.”

Adding no pressure at all, the fluid began to leak and spread.  Her thumb literally fell into the well and the girl was suddenly still, panting and caught in the effort to remain still.

The single thumb swam slowly through the rift, teasing the muscular entrance just beyond.  It ended its journey to edge up onto and around the stem of the ready clitoris.  Whispering, “Is this good?”

“Oh, Swee…Don’t…Stop!”  Her voice ragged and desperate.

Shifting to both thumbs, she parted the lips and slowly ran them up and down the inner folds.  The girl moaned as her hips began to gyrate to the timing of the strokes.  Wetting her middle finger through the flow, it found its way back to fondle up into the cone of the anus, circling the center point and creating a primal purr of carnal desire.  The sounds of the rapt girl encouraged the woman to go even further.

Three fingers quickly splashed, covering themselves before they plunged deeply into the swamp of the girl’s need.  The body spasmed in glory, latching onto the fingers of the girl’s guttural cry was clearly of a specific origin.  Kate slid the fingers out of the grip slowly then buried them until her knuckles rammed the entrance.  The girl flinched but was happy to have it and more.

“Pound!”  Through clenched teeth, “Hard!  Push!”

Kate included the pinkie this time and all four fingers expanded the muscles of her love.  In and out she stroked, making the girl beg more the harder she hit it.  Finally she held the fingers deep, stopped only by the expansion of the knuckles, she slowly spun her hand.

“Oh Yeah!  Oh Yeah!  Push!  Push a little…Ahhhh…Push just…a…little…HARDER!”

She did and was shocked into temporary immobility:  her knuckles had breached the perimeter.

“Don’t stop!  Don’t stop!  Now!  Now!”  Hips flexing and bucking, “More, please, go!”

With only a portion of the pressure she’d just used, her hand slid deeper.  With a simple tuck of her thumb, the cavity not only permitted, but seemed to draw in the woman’s hand.

“Yyyyeeeaaahhh,” shifting her hips, “slow now, easy…make a fist,”

Now on the inside she found it easy enough.

“Oh, Yeah!  Sweetie, I can’t believe…we’re here…like this!”  Lowering herself even further onto the arm, “Now…” panting, “turn, it, very, slow, ly.”

Maintaining the clenched hand, her arm began to turn.  The girl’s body seemed keep pulling the hand deeper and deeper.  Turning the arm the other way, she found herself buried to just beyond the wrist.  The girl exhaled loudly and Kate felt her hand settle into a hollow within the girl.

“Yes, Okay, Yes!”  The hips became suddenly active.  Kate’s instincts took over and her arm began to pump in rhythm with the hips; quick up, slow down, quick in, slow out, all while still turning back and forth.

The girl’s body flexed into immobility but managed to gasp through gritted teeth, “Right, there, right, there, right, Ahhhhh!”

The contraction took the girl.  Kate held her upright wither constant thrusts.  The muscles of her sex locked in a spasm that gripped her wrist, yet she still continued.

Fluid poured out over her arm.  The girl cried out and shook again.  Kate looked up to see the girl fight with herself to maintain the position she’d taken.  Her arms so desperately wanted to come forward, probably onto Kate’s head, but Kate didn’t let it deter her as she made the loose clip bounced about wildly, pulling its partner into one of many different directions.  Staying fast to the tempo of the contractions, she couldn’t believe the intensity and duration of the ongoing event as each powerful spasm clenched her arm and spilled the girl’s rapture in waves of seamless convulsions.

“OKAY…OKAY,” Still gasping, “…Okay…okay, slow, okay,” to an uncontrolled pant, “easy,” and Kate slowed her frantic pace, “Ohhhh, Sweetie, Yes…Wonderful.”  Her hips still moved to the slowing rhythm, “Your fear…ohhh…your fear…ohhh…Okay, Stop!”

Finally lowering her arms to take the woman’s head for balance, “You proved your fear of failure…” still catching her breath, “…was baseless.”  Stroking the woman’s hair, “as long as…oh…as long as you care.”

Quick to agree, “I do, I do care.”

“I know, I know you do.”  Pulling the woman up, she met resistance, “Come up here, Sweetie.”

Huffing back a guffaw, “Can you feel this?” and she turned her arm to produce an instant moan.

“Ohhhh, that?”  Pinching her knees against the motion with a grin, “Just pull it out.”  Kate pulled and Mandy cried out, “NO!  No fist!  Relax your hand.”


She was legitimately concerned, but Mandy just laughed, “What kinda’ girl you think I am?”  With one long moan she unsaddled herself from the hand, it falling once passed the knuckles in a splash of fluid and another short cry of elation.  Mandy fell back and was fortunately close enough to the bed to land on it.

Kate jumped up next to her, “Are you okay?” Smiling, adding, “…Littlebutt?”

Enjoying the horizontal position, “I don’t even have a little butt.”

“No, you have a perfect butt.”  Leaning in, she kissed the girl’s mouth.

Mandy devoured the woman, taking in her essence.  As they broke, “You were wonderful, but now you’re a mess and I refuse to sleep with a mess.”  Rolling off the bed to stand, Kate was able to catch her before her legs gave out completely.  “We’ll shower together and I’ll let ya play some more.

“Oh, God yeah!”  Kate absently rubbed herself.

Pulling at the arm, Mandy raised an eyebrow at her.

“Oh, yeah, sorry.  I didn’t mean to.”  Turning to the bathroom, “I was just going to scratch.”

Mandy laughed, “That’s an itch only I will scratch.”

Leaning into the tub, she started the shower then turned back, “Should we remove that?”  Pointing to the clip.

“No, not yet, and I’ll show ya why a little later.”

Making a pretense to examine it, Kate quickly took the bulb into her mouth.

Holding the woman’s head tight, “Easy, easy, it’s very, very sensitive.”  The woman released it and gently lapped at it instead, “Oh, yes, better, but wait, the shower.”

Kate checked the shower and Mandy followed her, allowing the woman to take the water first while she took the soap an wash cloth an began to lather her back, shoulders and arms, scrubbing them as she went, letting the water run across Kate’s front.

She did each leg with care and had her spread them to very gently clean the ready sex and ass, but not playing, just cleaning.

“Turn around, put your hands behind your head.”  Mandy cleaned each breast with vigor before kneeling before the woman.  She didn’t have to open the labia to see the erect bulge of the clitoris.  Soaping and scrubbing the belly and sides, she only very gently clothed the edges of the inner thighs, missing the so very ready tenderness.

Suddenly she stood, “Your turn.”

“Ohhhhh, Pleeeeease!”

“Don’t do that.”  Scolding, “Follow my instructions.”

“You’re right,” pouting, “I’m sorry.”

“I will explain, and it won’t be easy.”  Mandy was almost apologetic.

Helping out, “Nothing worth doing ever is.”

Smiling, “That’s the spirit.”

“Yeah,” the woman added without the same enthusiasm, “go team.”

“Do ya wanna wash me?”

“Actually,” she brightened, “very much.”

The soap and cloth became a blur of activity, lathering and scrubbing every nook and cranny.  She even carefully got under and around the clamp.  Working quickly and enthusiastically, she furthered her knowledge of the girl’s body.  She finished by gently recleaning between the girl’s legs.

Shifting and squirming at the woman’s touch, Mandy finally stopped her by taking the soap and cloth and setting them outside the shower.

“Okay, come here, behind me.”  Turning her back to Kate, she took the woman’s hands and placed them on her lower belly.  “Open me, carefully, and fondle just the very tip of my clit.”

The hot water battered her chest.  The heat streamed through her sex as the woman followed the command to open her.  “Explore with your finger, then keep to the clit until I cum again.”  Reaching back, the girl cupped the woman’s sex and her legs spread to the edges of the tub to match hers.

The tender touch combined with the hot water for an immediate reaction.

“It’s growing hard.”

“I know, don’t stop.”  Mandy kept her own fingers to the woman’s outer folds only, driving her to intensify her own ministrations.  Very quickly Mandy reached the edge and let the woman go to hold the hands in place while the minor yet still euphoric spasms took her.

“It’s twitching.”

Gasping, “Don’t stop.”

“Are you cumming already?  Oh, sorry, don’t answer that.”

It only took a few more moments before the climax ended and the girl released the woman’s hands, “I just,” pausing to catch her breath, “I just wanted you to feel it so you’d know without seeing it or being in me…just so you’d know.”

They dried each other, Kate working quickly being still very aroused without release.  She was quick to pull back the bed sheets and crawl in, beckoning with her hands, “Come on, Littlebutt,” she patted the bed.

Mandy circled the bed and climbed up on Kate’s left.  Kate rolled to her side to cuddle, “No, not tonight.  Tonight you stay on your back.”

With a big smile, the woman shifted back to her back, arms wide, legs slightly parted.  Mandy curled up in the crook of Kate’s shoulder.  Her upper leg bent and slid over the top of the woman’s, parting the legs just a little further.

The girl began to play with Kate’s left nipple.  The woman moaned and curled her arm up around Mandy’s form, “Sweetie?”

She moaned a response.

“Sweetie, tonight is not going to be easy for you.”  The nipple continued to rise as she rolled it in her fingers.  “There are things you need to learn.”

Another moan.

“You disobeyed me today, at the show in Vegas.”


“I told you to see the dancers and let them arouse you, but you told be later it was my body you saw, not theirs.”

“But it was theirs,” pleading her case poorly.

Bending her head just inches, she was able to take the stiffened nipple into her mouth, sending the woman into a series of moans and grunts.  Releasing it from her mouth, she pinched it and stretched it up.  The woman stayed silent but was in obvious distress.  The girl shifted to free the arm under her, took up the free clip, opened the spring loaded maw and allowed the teeth to slowly sink into the tender flesh.

The silent hyper-ventilation slowly became whimpers and cries, “It…it hurts…very…much.”

“That’s good, sweetie.  It’s supposed to.”  She curled back into her crook, careful not to pull the short chain between them.  Her hand slid down across the panting belly and through the patch of hair.

“I can’t…” breathing couldn’t calm her, “stay like this.”

“Your focus,” she stroked the whole of the woman’s sex, “will be elsewhere.”  Dragging a line of moisture up over the clit had the woman suddenly stiffen, “Yes?  You see?”

Her breathing changed, “Okay, okay.”

The finger continued as she talked, “Listen very carefully.  You had your orgasm earlier today.  Was it good?”

“It was…wonderful.”

“You are not allowed another.”

Pouting, “Well then, why…”

“You are learning control.  You are the master over your body from the inside and it will do as you say.  Just as I am the master over your mind and your body from the outside, and you will do as I say.  Is that correct?”  While talking, she kept her finger slowly circling the turgid point.

“Yes, yes, Mandy, for you, but it’s,” exhaling a gasping grunt, “It’s so…it’s both.”

“Channel the pain, it’s a servant of your other sensations, yet control your excitement.  Don’t let the stimuli, be it pain or pleasure, guide you.  When you can control it, your can achieve so much more.  And sweetie, the higher you can get, the higher you can get me.”

Letting the woman stew in the thought for a while, she spent the time drawing more of the fluid up and over the bulging clit, eliciting gasping moans of joyous confusion.

“Take a deep breath, do it, Sweetie, deep…now release the tension…”


After thirty minutes of relaxation exercises, fatigue finally took its toll.  Mandy began to doze, believing Kate had successfully averted orgasm while accepting the pain of the clamp.  Her finger continued its slow manipulations right up until she herself had finally fallen into a restful sleep.  But Kate found herself still awake, listening to the deep regular breathing of the girl’s slumber, feeling the heat of her body as it partially covered her own, connected by a link whose pain did not diminish in time.  Her body felt in knots, contorted by the combination of sensations.  But clearly the pleasurable excitement of the heavenly finger shrouded the pain, even consumed it completely at times.  Now, wrapped up in layers of need and desire, arousal and agony, the unfulfillment of the ravishing did battle, waged war with her obligation to obey.

For seemingly endless hours she laid in the bath of her own sweat, teetering from the throbbing need to just the throbbing.  Without the sound of Mandy’s voice, she had a much more difficult time trying to relax with the methods Mandy used so well.  So twisted was the assault upon her body and mind that tears welled up in her eyes.  Desperation took on a new meaning.  One single, exhaustive pout brought the streams down her cheeks.

The single shudder also caused the girl to stir.  She re-cuddled into the woman, bringing her upper knee forward, settling her left thigh higher…and higher.  Kate held her breath.

The thigh had come to rest heavily against her knot of desperation.  Without shifting her hips, she flexed her lower body and gasped aloud at the affecting movement.  She was trapped.  Her heart raced, she felt the beat course through her head, her nipple, and of course, the excessive need of her throbbing clitoris.

Relaxing herself brought only another flood of stimuli making her body reflexively contract again.

Breathing immediately became exerting.  The pounding in her chest pushed blood through her clit, beating its stiffness into the contact.  Kate lost herself in the desire, the elation, the ready potential.

The girl’s body shifted again, but not enough to further the trespassing thigh any heavier.

Larger muscles in the woman’s bottom twitched and she rose, bouncing her body ever so slightly into the thigh.  No more thoughts, no more restraints, no more control as she tingled in the haze of the approach.  Flexing again raised the pressure of the contact and again her body bounced to realize the fullest impact of the connection before the peak began.

Hours of restraint exploded in a spine straightening seizure which arrested her quickly and completely.  Her body shook beyond control, lost to the utopia, impaired by the rhapsody of the overload.

As the contractions released her, she exhaled and gasped.  The burst of oxygen took her floating through paradise, covering her in the pins of the rapture and led her into the second contraction which bound her again to its control.

Each wave of fulfillment expelled more and more of the pressure she’d created.  The continual release or her accumulated restraint was physically intoxicating, yet mentally troubling.  Lifting her hips to another euphoric contraction had her again distracted from its glory.  Her body continued without her attention as she delved into the growing void of her uncertainty.

Her body still spasmed, cramping toes or a calf, but the ethereal web of obscurity finally did lift and realization of her transgression collapsed upon her.

Tears pooled as a keening of misery rose from her.  The weight of her abstinence was insubstantial compared to the burden of her deceitful disobedience.  A bead of moisture rolled down her seam, accusingly.

The misery was encompassing.  She pulled at the chain to her nipple, hoping physical anguish could cloud the tormenting distress of her actions.  She felt the puddle beneath her, a mocking proof of her guilt.

She cried her eyes dry and her throat raw, but at some point was mercifully taken by sleep.





Chapter 9




The high pitched scream rang out loudly, sharply, violently jarring consciousness.  Kate rolled to reach the clock on the nightstand and cried out in agony.  Fire erupted in her breast.  She quickly grabbed at it to soothe the flames but couldn’t quell the relentlessness of it.  Grunting in torment, she cursed the unreachable clock.

“Turn it off!”  In a half sleep, the girl deftly unclipped the nipple and pushed her toward the annoyance.

“AHHH! SHIT!”  Kate slapped at the clock while holding the breast while it reignited to a level of pain way beyond where it had gotten before.

“Yeah,” the girl yawned, “Blood flow.”  She stretched and released the other clamp and immediately began rubbing the intense pain out of her own tender gland.  Slowly she crawled over the woman who’d turned off the clock only to oddly stay with her back to the girl.  Straddling her, she gave her a quick peck on the lips, “Good morning.”  Jumping up, she ran to the bathroom.

Kate rolled out of bed, melancholy at best.  She dug out a giant T-shirt and trudged to the kitchen.  Pouring a cup of coffee from the preset maker, she plopped into a chair and still winced just a bit from the remnants of Mandy’s hand.  She toyed with her cup without drinking.

“Where’s mine?  I’m dyin’.”  The girl bounced in completely naked.

Slowly, “I’m sorry, I didn’t even think.”  She made the effort to get up.

“I got it, I got it,” shoeing the woman back to her chair only to rifle blindly through a dozen cupboards before finding them hanging in a rack from beneath the cupboard right above the maker.  Full cup finally in hand, she announced, “Big brass is havin’ their powwow this mornin’, don’t have to be in ‘till nine.”  Kissing the top of the woman’s head, “So I’m gonna catch a run.”  She pranced back toward the bedroom.

“Mandy,” the woman called out meekly, “Please, come, sit.”

The emotion in her voice was obvious and she was immediately concerned, “Sweetie, what’s a matter?”  Sitting next to her, she grabbed a hand to comfort her, “Talk to me,” tucking a piece of stray hair behind the woman’s ear.

“I…” her eyes welled with tears but one was yet to fall.  She sniffled, “I disobeyed you and failed you and honestly…” sniffling again, she fought to hold back an all out breakdown, “I have never felt so ashamed in my entire life.”  Looking up to meet her gaze, “Please, please forgive me.”  Squeezing the girl’s hand, “I deserve whatever you do.  I will gladly submit to whatever you wish to do to me.  I want you to punish me, to have me.  Just please forgive me.  Please tell me it’s going to be all right.”

The girl stared at her dumbly, quietly, unresponsive.  The moments passed and finally Kate finished, her eyes dropped to the floor, “I…did myself last night, after you were asleep.”

Mandy jumped up and took the woman in a huge embrace, “Oh, jeez, Sweetie, I thought somethin’ was really wrong!”

Holding the girl back, “But I failed you.”

Back to her seat, she still held the woman at arms length, “Yes, you did.”  She began thinking again about how quickly to take this.

Still worried, Kate blanched at the girl’s silence, “Can you still have me?”

“Please,” dismissing the thought with a wave of her hand, “Don’t even talk like that.  I don’t love you just for yesterday.”

Wiping her eyes dry, “Will you punish me?”

Looking up with a Cheshire grin, “Are you asking me ‘if’, or are you asking me ‘to’ punish you?”

Kate’s brow closed, “Like the spanking, right?”

Holding back a laughter, “No, Sweetie, that was for fun.”

“Well…” a sniffle and a huff steeled her direction, “I don’t care what you do.  If you can keep me, that’s all that matters.”  Standing, “I love you too, and I trust you.”  Staring her down, “I want you to punish me,” waiting an unanswered beat, “will you?”

“Nothing would make me happier.”

Suddenly excited for the new of it all, “What do you want me to do?”

Sipping her coffee, she answered, “I want you to go to work.”


“And have a nice day.”  Leaning in, she kissed the woman quickly and sent her on her way to the bathroom to ready for the office.





It was driving her crazy to be away from Mandy’s knowing gaze.  Then again, that same look made nuts all throughout her morning routine.  The girl didn’t seem to care, yet she was clear that what she had done was wrong.  Thinking back to the spanking; the shock of the pain, the way it went through her whole body and how long it lasted.  She shifted carefully in her chair, still feeling the fleeting remnants of the contact.  ‘That was just for fun?’  Her palms dampened at the thought…but how much worse could it get?  She casually nudged her breast and sucked in a quick breath.  Yes, very sore.

Remembering a casually made comment, something about whipping her, would she really use a whip?  Like a bullwhip?  Like on the movies:  tied to a post and split open with deep gashes and blood running everywhere?  Disabled for life?

Shaking her head to clear it, those thoughts were ridiculous…or were they?

The weekend had been so nice, so unbelievable, unreal.  And there had been pain and it had all been so erotic.  She wondered if the punishment would involve something sexual.  She smiled at the thought and hoped it would.  It just had to.  But then again, this is supposed to be for disobediently satisfying herself.  Sex was probably not on the menu…but it could be.  Maybe afterward, maybe she’s going to make it real hot then do nothing!  No, that won’t be it.  It’ll be about or around pain.  Directly painful.

“God I wish I knew!  Anything!”


Looking up, the entire board of directors and all of the partners were looking at her, “Yes…Sir?”

He spoke slowly, clearly frustrated, “Did the trip have any discernable impact?”

Clearing her throat to give her a second to clear her mind, “They certainly all enjoyed it.  The accommodations were…” feeling her cheeks pink, “…acceptable, and the reception hall had every necessary faculty.”

“But the employees, Katherine, how did they react?”

“Mr. Corrington, honestly, they simply enjoyed themselves.  The company was mentioned a couple of times, we even toasted to your generosity, but I still think they believe it was just a quirky, one time occurrence.  Which, quite frankly, it was.”

Mr. Byer rose slowly from his chair, his old legs barely supporting him but his hand came down with a crash, slamming to the table, “Are they going to mutiny?”

Kate spoke to the old man, but directed her answer to the entire room, “Mr. Byer, as I have said, there has never been any talk of a strike or a work stoppage.  They are all still loyal to you.  No one has approached anyone I know and even mentioned the word ‘Union’.  They all just want the standard industry salaries with incremental annual raises.”  As a matter of fact as she was, she still came across timid.  “They want to live a little better and worry a little less.”  Her shoulders rose, having summed it up already.

Pointing a shaking finger at her, “You maintain your infiltration.  Keep them on your side and we will be sure to show you our appreciation.”

“Well, thank you sir, but I…”

“But if so much as a complaint about parking gets by you, so help me…”  through his shaking fist and heavy breathing, he had to fall back to his chair, yet the unspecified threat hung in the following silence.


She practically ran to her office when the meeting ended, muttering to herself how much easier it once was.

Behind her own desk, she opened a side drawer and scooped out several M&M’s from a dish – her reward.  “But the peanuts have protein.”  She could justify anything.  Her high-heels slid off and she popped a couple of the candies into her mouth.  The meeting had taken hours and with the mood at home she had left without eating.

The mood at home…she thought about that, her ‘Littlebutt’.  Smiling, she sat back and ate another of the sweets.  The girl just radiated energy.  The previous evening, the enthusiasm, the taste of her chest, the feel of her sex; the images flashed through her mind.

Sitting under the girl, staring up at the spread folds of her sex, she pictured the beautiful soft skin which pouted at her touch, swelling with anticipation.  She had never been so close, had never been able to appreciate the beauty that nature provided.

Having held it in her hand, stroked it with her fingers, it had parted with such ease.  But the thin channel was designed for the tongue.  Even the tiny erection could be pulled into the mouth.  She had been with men who had worked wonders on her with just their tongues.  She knew how good it could feel.  So badly she wanted to just touch it with her tongue, at least touch it.

Imagining plunging into its depths and lapping through it waters had her own self slick with wanting.  Why didn’t she lick it last night?  She was so close to it.  She’d even thought about it at the time, but couldn’t get her body to react.  Sure, she was being guided and the guide never said to, but that alone wouldn’t have stopped her.  She had told her body to do it, but her body did not obey…did not obey…

Her smile faded.  The growing titillation evaporated…’did not obey’.  Why couldn’t she have just gone to sleep?  Failing herself was difficult to deal with.  Failing her new love was just devastating.

Dropping the last few candies to the desk, she held her head in shame and doubt.  What was the girl going to do?  What was worse, how did she feel about her now, after the failure?  Picking through her purse, she found the anklet-collar.

Gathering her resolve, she slipped back into her shoes, jumped up, fed herself the last few candies and left her office.  With Sara gone to Hawaii, it was her job to check in on the Design crew.

She walked with purpose, actually, with a couple of them.

The relative quiet of the executive complex gave way to a focused buzz of the management’s offices, each with receptionists and secretaries diligently buried in the week’s organization.  Getting nods, smiles and even occasional greetings, she made her way through the building toward Marketing.  Not many knew her here, other than as her new position.

As she crossed over into the design division, a cacophony of warm greetings welcomed her.

Michael, an engineer, stopped to announce, “Well what have we here?”  He took her hand but didn’t shake it, instead he held it and made a formal bow to her, “Checking in on the subordinates?”

Grinning at him, “Someone’s gotta do it.”

He chuckled, “Well, rest assured, Miss Junior Partner, that all is well in Whoville.”

Pulling her hand away, she mockingly raised her nose at him, “I’ll be the judge of that.”

Bowing again, “Pardon my intrusion.  I’m just a lowly peon.”

“Stop it, Michael,” pushing at him, “You know it’ll never be like that.”

He stumbled into a walk, “Oh, I know, I just love to watch you assume control.”

“Okay,” hands on hips, chin up, “How are the books for the next Corcom contract coming?”

“Pfft,” his hands and shoulders both went up, “How would I know?”

She laughed at his response but stayed at the question.  She already knew the answer but wanting to be directed to it.

Shrugging his shoulders for real, he pointed, “Mark and that new girl, Amanda, are working them up, down in the pit.”

Trying to act interested, she added, “Did you finally finish the mock-up on the Fisher building?”

Letting a burst of air escape, “That twisted hunk of steel?  I swear to God those people are all Masochists.”  His chuckle died as he watched her go pale.

A quick breath brought a fair enough recovery, “Well, they do pay the bills.”

He had to nod and grumble in agreement.

‘The Pit’ was a large area two steps lower that the rest of that floor.  It was an open area broken only by the occasional partition.  It was where the lowest paid, newly hired, least envied employees were kept…it was also where all the real work was done.

Kate had started here, had gotten Sara her job here and had risen through the ranks from here.  She didn’t need to ask where to find anything here, yet she found herself meandering like a rookie through the maze of stations and cubicles.

Finally deciding to get to the point of this journey, she chose not to speak to the girl, just to make eye contact.  Just thinking about the girl smiling and nodding just enough to make her hair bounce brought a smile to her own face…but what if she doesn’t smile?  What if she’s upset about last night, more than what she let on too?  What if she’s really mad?

She had to talk to her.  She would send Mark away on an errand…no…she shouldn’t disrupt her work.  She would just look…no, that’s not enough.

“Miss Montgomery!  How good to see you.”

Looking up, she found herself in the rear center section she’d been looking for, standing in the very cube she’d set out to find.  Taking a quick inventory, she saw Mark was alone.  Smiling too him, “Hey Mark, just, checking in,” fumbling for words to say, “You know, of course, Sara Dobson won’t be in all week.”

He gasped, looking to her shocked and confused, “I had no idea!”  Before she could respond, “Now, I know that Sara Kayler won’t be in.”

Shaking her head she broke out into a big smile, “Gotta get used to that.”

“Yeah, well,” sheepishly, he almost blushed, “What brings you down?”

“Are you back here alone?”

Settling in for shop talk, he added more confidently, “Nah, they brought a gal in a few weeks back.  She’s young, but she really holds her own.”

Muttering, “You have no idea.”

“What’s that?”

Refocusing, “Heavy work load?”

“Nah,” flourishing an arm to present his workspace, “no more than usual.”

Trying to work around to discovering where Mandy was, she asked, “Do you have all the help you need?”  He shrugged, noncommittally and she asked, “Where is this new gal?”

“Who, Mandy, I mean, Amanda?”  Making a show of looking up over the tops of the partitions to scan the area, “She just took off, she can’t be far.”

Disappointed, yet feeling better, “All right.”  She looked around and nodded approvingly, trying to act like a boss, “I’ll check in throughout the week.  If you need anything, just call.”

Leaving the station and rounding a corner, she again began to simply wander about, slowly yet not appearing directionless.  Convincing herself that she was not looking for her was not happening so she pointed herself in the direction and strode back to her side of the tracks.

The trip was much quicker when one didn’t question the destination.

“Miss Montgomery?”

She turned to face the executive assistant.

“This came for you.”  She held out a sealed envelope.

Blank but for her name, “Who is it from?”

“I was gone when it arrived, but it’s internal.”

“Thank you very much.”

Upon opening it, the handwriting was not familiar, but then again it didn’t to be.  It started with ‘Sweetie’.  Clutching the paper, she scurried into her office, shut the door, locked it and began reading right there.

Finishing, she slipped around to her desk, sat and read it again, but she didn’t really find what she was looking for.  The third time through it was slower and more deliberate yet there was absolutely no indication what-so-ever as to the girl’s state of mind.  It was worded plainly and penned simply.  The only thing that the simple list of instructions gave away was that they would meet tonight at the girl’s small apartment.  Skimming the instructions again, this time more for content had her stop, focus on some of the details and cringe.

The last few hours of the day were long, slow and entirely unproductive.  The folds of the note became frayed from the number of times she gave it attention.  Deciding against going back to try and find her again, she had her orders and she would prove worthy to these.





Chapter 10




Sitting at her desk, staring at the second hand of her mahogany mantle clock, she practiced breathing like Mandy had taught her.  Even though it was only twenty seconds before five o’clock, her instructions stated to leave at five and she would not leave even a second early.

Fondling the loose leather laces of the collar she had been given gave her hope.  It meant something, something stronger than a single disobedient act.

The faint chime startled her.  Her heart suddenly pounded.  She wiped her clammy hands, slipped the anklet into her purse, stood and very calmly left her office.

Her route was direct yet not hurried, ‘paced’ she told herself.  Cordial to everyone she passed, yet not ready to stop and chat with any of them.  Everything seemed so slow; the elevator stopped on every floor, the parking lot had a line to get out and traffic was at an absolute crawl, heavier than she’d ever remembered.

The huge neon sign was visible for miles.  As many times as she’d passed it, she never imagined herself stopping at ‘The Chalet-Adult Superstore’.  Driving around it to park had her realize how big the building was.  She would’ve never guessed and had to wonder what could possibly take up all of this space?  Even the walk to the front doors was lengthy.

After crossing the threshold, she stood at the entrance in awe.  The entire store was one big warehouse.  The entrance was several steps above the floor so she could look across the whole of it.  Rows upon rows of cloths, movies and magazines, entire rows dedicated to each fetish, advertising and displaying every possible sexual scenario…and it was surprisingly busy;  housewives, business exec’s, young punks and even old women, all buying the diverse merchandise available.

Taking the wide staircase down to the floor, she began to peruse each isle.  So much of what she saw was foreign to her.  She didn’t know what most of it was even for…unless it was displayed on one of the many mannequins, most of which made her blush, cringe or both.

Having covered half the store, the odds continually increased that she’d find her intention, and low and behold, there it was.  A complete display devoted solely to leather whips and paddles.  Having no idea what to base her choice upon, she picked up several different style paddles and tested them for weight and flexibility.  Having a feeling that it didn’t really matter, based on her next directive, she chose a small round stiff spanker which resembled a ping-pong paddle and took it to the cashier.

“Oh, this is nice.”  The woman swatted her own thigh through the jeans she wore and it made a tremendous crack causing Kate to jump.  “Will this be all?”

“Well, actually,” she wanted to quote the note exactly.  Looking both way for eavesdroppers, she lowered her eyes and spoke in rote, “I have disobeyed my mistress and have asked to be punished.  This is to be my first paddle.  Is this a proper tool?”

The woman cooed, “Your very first paddle, how sweet.”  She locked her drawer and stepped out from behind the counter, “Follow me.  You see…” holding up the small round paddle, “this is extremely effective for some areas of the body, but it’s too bulky for others.”  Looking to Kate, she crinkled her nose, “Could you imagine trying to hit cleavage or an armpit with this?  Or flat between your legs?”  Waving the thought away, shaking her head, “For your first, you need something much more versatile yet it still must raise a solid welt.”

Kate shuddered at how casually the woman talked of it all.  She watched her pick through several longer, thinner paddles before turning back to Kate, “Stand up straight, now get your feet out just beyond shoulder width…a little wider.  Okay.”

Without preamble, the woman pulled up the front of Kate’s skirt, “Flex your legs and pelvis.  Tight now,” gritting her teeth for emphasis, “clench it.”  Her hand came up and gripped Kate by the bulk of her sex firmly, open handed and held on tight, then shifted her hand back and forth.  Dropping the skirt back into place and turning to the rack, she stated with assurance, “Two and three-quarters inch.”  Finding it, “Right here.”  Putting the two and a half back, “I didn’t see you being that broad, you don’t have the walk.”  Looking Kate up and down, “Yoga?”

Nodding absently, her attention was affixed to the item.  She carried it by its eight inch long, wrapped leather handle.  Waving it back and forth, she found it to be thick and heavy yet still flexible enough to bow with each subtle swing.  The pad was the recommended width and fourteen inches long.  Knowing what the ‘recommended width’ was based upon made her shiver, but knowing that this was to be the one that her love would want to use made her wet just holding onto it.  The girl would punish her and then they would be able to see what comes next…or what cums next?  She laughed at her own joke.

The drive to Mandy’s was quick, maybe because she pushed the luxury edition faster than she ever had, but maybe because in spirit she was already there.  Either way, sitting in the small complex’s gravel parking area had her thinking it was suddenly all happening way too quickly.

Her hands worked on auto-pilot, removing a single key from her ring.  The rest of the keys went into her purse, the purse into the trunk and the single key got buried under a tire.

Looking around, it was perfect.  The sun was still an hour from setting and there was not a soul anywhere in sight.  Back into the driver’s seat, she began to undress.

In record time she was completely naked.  Fondling the anklet, the collar of her submission, had her in a bit of a quandary:  she was instructed to bring nothing with her except the paddle, yet she had also been told to keep the collar on her at all times.  It didn’t take long to decide which meant more to her.

Sliding the leather around her wrist, she took up the flat black paddle, got out of the car, shut the door and proudly strode buck naked toward the building.

“Holy Shit!”

“Look at that!”

She didn’t turn, break stride or even blink while the two men races across the street to get a better look.  Getting to the door well ahead of them, she stepped into the foyer and prepared to sprint to the staircase but skidded to avoid a woman and her three children.

“Honey, you just can’t do that!”

Ignoring the woman, she shook the stairwell door and was frustrated by the lock.  It took her only a couple of seconds to compose herself, extend her body to its full height and calmly turn around.  Very calmly she nodded to the woman as she sidestepped her and pushed the button to call the elevator.  Any attempt to try and hide behind the paddle actually made her feel even more exposed, so she tucked it under her arm and stood, repeatedly pushing the button.

The woman shooed her children out the door and the open carriage came within sight.  She knew someone must have called it or it wouldn’t have left the lobby, and, sure enough, two boys, probably just into high school got the best view they’d get for years, and a story they’d be called liars for telling.

The doors opened and the two just stood like deer in headlights.

“Are you boys getting off?”  Standing, holding the door long enough for a thorough visual examination, the boys bolted like rabbits.  Laughing at her double entendre’, she chastened herself for speaking.  She was not supposed to talk ‘from the time you leave the car’.

Without further confrontation she stood at the door.

An entire day of anticipation, an entire day of fear, hours of guessing and second guessing, the answers to all of her questions were just moments away.  She waited, not knocking.  Lowering herself to the floor, she got down to all fours, gripped the paddle in her teeth and kept her eyes down.

A minute passed…and another.  Saliva began to pool around the edges of her grip.  She sucked at it but wouldn’t risk moving to clear it.  The fear of a mistake or misunderstanding nagged at her.  Trying to recall the exact wording of the note got her frustrated as the words kept shifting to fit whatever it was she was thinking it was.

Believing the girl was here, just doing what she had been told finally paid off.


The door opened and Mandy stood in the center.  The woman wanted so badly to look up and try to read the expression upon her face but resisted.

Totally devoid of emotion, the girl spoke, “You are here as instructed.”  Removing the paddle from her mouth, she knew already the woman had properly asked for assistance at the store.  She would have never chosen this among the thousands simply by chance.  Examining the leather, “This will do.  Follow me.”

Several steps into the room she stopped, “Close your eyes and stand up.”  Hearing the door shut, she let the transgression go.  Still in monotone, “Raise your hands above your head and grip the bar…”

The woman looked up while reaching.

“Keep your eyes shut!”

It was the first sign of emotion in the girl’s voice, and it was not pleasant.  Kate grabbed the bar, easily within reach and calmed a shudder of uncertainty.

“You will not let go.”

With her arms bent slightly at a comfortable angle, she had no pressure on her hands and was confident she would not release the bar.

“Spread you legs.”  The girl tapped the inner sides of both thighs, “Further…further.”

Kate quickly reassessed her grip; with her legs spread this far, her torso had lowered until her arms were straight and she was practically hanging from the bar.  She tested going up to her toes, but it only helped a little and she knew she couldn’t do that for very long anyway.  Gripping with purpose, she would not go down without a fight.  Tensing her body, unsure where the blow would land, she prepared for the paddle.

Waiting became arduous.  Her hands quickly became slick.  She stretched her back to adjust her grip and try and take as much pressure off of her hands as she could but the constant effort was becoming exhausting.  A line of sweat trickled down the center of her chest.

It couldn’t have been more than a minute, but her body was already breaking down and giving in.  Her calves cramped, her hands became slippery and she had to reach deep within her for the determination but found it quickly:  Mandy’s love.  She would preserver for Mandy’s love.

The bar moved and she exhaled.  It slowly lowered four of five inches.  Several deep breaths came and she enjoyed the ease at which they came and was given enough time to completely catch her breath.

Something touched her mouth and she flinched but kept her head enough to keep her eyes shut.  Lips then parted her own and she relished the contact, opening her mouth to match.  The invading tongue was warm and passionate.  She fed on the energy it radiated, returning the emotion with all the vigor of her remaining strength.

Hands came to the sides of her head, holding her with the same affection.  Instinctually, Kate almost returned the gesture, but realized in time to keep her command of the bar above her.  She still exuded even more of herself into the kiss before the girl backed away, laughing…actually laughing!

“Oh, Sweetie, you did so good!”  She hugged the body tightly, almost pulling it down.  Still holding it, she kissed the neck, “I knew you loved me.”  Her hands moved to the woman’s sides, just below the armpits, “I just hoped it was enough to take you through this day.”

The girl devoured the left nipple, still sore from the previous night, but Kate never even noticed through the haze of her sudden delirium.  The hands covered the length of her sides, over her hips, around the thighs and through the sex, leaving just a residual reminder of her touch as she broke away to play with the leather collar which had slid up the woman’s arm.

“You remembered.”  One more peck to the lips.  “Thank you.”

Stepping back, “Tasks like these will not be uncommon.  You must always follow them exactly to the letter,” pecking her again on the lips, “like you did this time.”

Mandy continued, “I want you to know that I had a terrible day, making you think you’d failed me.  Sweetie, open your eyes and look at me.”  With eye contact, “Last night was designed for failure.  The test was today.  The test was how you’d react, not how you’d fail.  The test was could you admit to it,” suddenly giggling, “did you have enough belief in us to parade around naked?”  Closing the distance, “And Sweetie, I love you too.”  Another kiss was given.

Bouncing around like a schoolgirl, she took up the paddle, “You’ve survived your punishment:  a day without me.”  Her coy smile turned to a wide eyed excitement, “And now we get to play!”

Using the tip of the paddle she traced an ‘S’ along her torso, “Have you ever been hit by a whip or even a belt?”  The woman shook her head no.  “Well…” scrunching her nose, “it hurts a lot.”  She stroked the flat of it all over the woman’s body while mentioning casually, “You can talk if ya need to, and, of course I’m gonna let ya scream all ya need to,” pushing her tongue to the back of her teeth in wide eyed anticipation, bouncing her eyebrows, “I find it kinda erotic.”

Circling the flat on the right nipple had it grow, “Do ya want me?”

Kate just smiled.

“Do you want me to hit your body with this?”

The woman never broke eye contact while she slowly nodded.

“Speak to me.  Tell me what you want.”  The leather continued to circle over the sturdy tip.

Inhaling deeply, “I want to make you happy.  I want to submit to you.  I feel you, I trust you…I will accept anything you want.”

“Oooo, Sweetie, you’re so sentimental.”  Removing the leather from the bulging nub, she leaned over and took it into her mouth causing a loud moan.  “Yes, I’m gonna make you feel so good.”  Her hand trailed from the right breast across the body as she stepped over the outspread left leg to position herself behind the woman.

“I want you to get used to the leather.”  Lightly she tapped the back and shoulders.  “Feel the flat of the paddle.  It will not feel cold for long.  It will absorb your heat.”  Her taps slowed and stiffened to become light slaps.

“During your breathing exercises, you expelled your tension, pushing it out of your body.”  A single slap to the lower back was sharper, stinging slightly but ringing loudly throughout the small room.  “With this, you will not attempt to purge the pain.  You will keep it and you will use it.”

The outer side of the right thigh was swatted hard enough to make the woman flinch.

“The tingle is at your command.  Just like your breathing, channel it to where you want it.  Your nipple is still full and ready.  It wants to absorb the tingle, the pins, the sting.”

Higher toward the hip the thigh was slapped again.

“It’s just more for you.  The stimulation is at your beckon call.”  Glancing around to the front she saw that the nipple was still rigid but knew that it was probably still strong from her earlier attentions.

“Learn with me as I discover your body.”  She rubbed the flat of the paddle a little higher up the leg and back, onto the outer swell of the woman’s right cheek, “Use this.  Focus it into your left side.  Direct it to your left breast and let it funnel into the nipple.  Walk it through your mind.  Know what you’re going to do with it now.  Don’t let it take you away.”  Putting a little backswing into it, she let the weight of it gain momentum.

The connection was loud and crisp.  The woman let a quick squeal escape as its force surprised her, then twisted and writhed in an attempt to diffuse the sting.

“Use it, Sweetie!”  Encouraging her, “The pins and needles are just stimuli.  You decide what they become.”  Reaching around, she cupped the left breast, “Focus, now, bring it here, right here.”  The paddle slapped the small of the back as she gripped the breast tighter, “Bring it! Bring it to me, Sweetie.”

Coming around the woman, she kept her grip and struck the upper ribs under the arm.  The woman struggled with herself, shifting, squirming, panting and grunting.  The girl’s grip slid to the inside edge of the bulk and squeezed, “Stop squirming!  Calm yourself!  You have to do it!  Stop it!”

The girl’s tone quieted the woman but she did continue to fidget.

Calmer, she commanded, “Stop moving, completely.”  The woman did, “Can you still feel the sting?  Answer me.”

“Yes,” quivering, “I still feel it.”

“Where do you feel it?”

“All…all over, everywhere.”

The hand tightened, “Focus.  Tell me exactly where.”

Kate almost cried, “My butt…the most, and my thigh, and, it’s gone, but my side…”

“Bring it here,” Jostling the breast, “I want to see it grow, Sweetie.  Do it for me.  The pain is yours to command.”  Staring at the nipple, she let the paddle rest on the outer swell of the breast, “I believe in you.”

The little flat spot stirred.  Mandy immediately snapped the paddle across the side of the breast.

Again the woman squirmed and fought back cries with broken grunts.

“Take command!  You’re doin’ it!  Don’t stop!”  She dropped it again loudly, but still without much effort, over the upper chest and slope of the same breast.  “The heat, the fire, like passion, the flames of love themselves, you will climax tonight!  You will orgasm with a force you never knew existed!  Let your body know that passion.  Take that, selfishly, for both of us!”

The stirring became a tiny flex and the skin began to tighten.

Keeping her firm grip on the plump flesh, she landed a firmer strike, centered directly upon the budding node.  Squarely the leather slapped the held breast.

Screaming sharply, Kate jerked her arms down and coddled her injured breast while her legs came together and she bent over protectively.  The scream was just a quick blast, but the keening and sobbing continued as she rocked her torso back and forth, attempting and failing to extinguish the flames.

“Sweetie, come to me.”

She did not hesitate falling into the arms that opened for her.

“Sweetie, you were doin’ it.  I’m so happy.”  Kissing the side of her neck, she held her, “If you hadn’t brought your arms down, I just know you’d a done it.”  Nudging her, “Don’t ‘cha think?”

Taking solace in the girl’s arms, she murmured, “Mmm hmm.”

“You wanna do it…right?”

Again, “Mmm hmm.”

“Sweetie, answer me.  Do you want to continue?”

Shoulders bucking in sobs, “Yes, please…I’m sorry.”  Sniffling, “I really wanna do better.  I just panicked.”  Her next sniffle turned into a deep breath, clearing her head in a couple of ways.  Breaking the contact, she looked the girl in the eyes, “I’m better now.”  Leaning forward, she initiated a light kiss, “Thank you for holding me.”  A smoother breath was taken, “I’m ready, really.  I’ll do better.  I…I want you to…” a small smile broke through, “…to make me climax,” pointing guardedly at the leather paddle, “with that.”

Taking the woman’s hands in her own, “I can help you.  Sweetie, I can make it so you don’t bring your arms down.  Because when I do begin to really swing this paddle, Sweetie, I think you’ll need it.”

Looking to her in awe, “When you begin?”

Mandy backed away laughing, “Look at the mark,” pointing to the breast, “it’s not only not welted, it’s barely even red.”

Looking down at her own body, she saw clearly the three wide stripes which marked the impacts, the last one crossing the nipple at an angle, centering on the nipple but continuing up several inches.  “How can you help?”  Interested, she touched her nipple and sucked air through her teeth.

Taking her hand, the girl bounced with excitement as she pulled her across the small room, “There’s nothin’ sexier than a beautiful woman in cuffs.”  The woman slowed, “Come on, silly, lemme show ya.”

Coming to a closet, the door was opened to display a myriad of leather straps, belts, tethers, harnesses and cuffs, all hanging on the back of the door.  Locating two wide cuffs, Mandy took them down and closed the door while Kate followed it shut, staring in awe at the array of accoutrements.

The selected items were three inch wide lengths of thick sturdy black leather, padded with a heavy cotton liner.  The clasp was a fat, standard belt buckle.  The center of each length had a steel ‘D’ ring sewn into it.  The simplicity of it was somehow menacing.

“Gimme your wrist.”  Giddy, bouncing with anticipation, she almost forgot to remove the promise collar which the woman still donned.  Her hands were deft and seemingly way more in control than the rest of her body.  The cuffs were quickly centered and buckled tightly.

Hooking one finger through both steel rings, she led the woman to a full length standing mirror.  Sliding behind the woman, she pulled her naked back to her, wrapped her arm around the woman’s middle and rose up on her toes to rest her chin on Kate’s shoulder.

“Look at your body.”  The girl traced a finger over the already fading marks, “You are so beautiful.”

Not really hearing it, Kate was mesmerized by her image in the mirror.  Mandy was right, the simple cuffs were incredibly erotic.

The girl’s hands came up the woman’s hips to her ribs, to under her arms.  Lifting the arms, she followed the length of them up as far as she could, “Do ya like ‘em?”

“I would have never thought…” she continued to stare at herself.

Hopping back, the girl brightened even further at a thought, “Let’s do your ankles!”  Without an answer she ran to the closet and returned in just seconds to skid to the floor and affix an identical set of cuffs to her ankles.

Again standing behind her, “Spread your legs a little.”  Her hands stroked both outer thighs, “Sexy, huh?”

Feeling the strength of her heart at the moment, she licked her lips to answer, “God, yes.”

The girl’s hands crossed over the front of the thighs and ran, one after another, under the thighs and up the middle, easily spilling moisture, “Oh, you wanna get goin’.  You want your paddle?”

With a new confidence, “I am ready.”  Putting her hands over the girl’s she guided them again to cross her path, “Oh, yes, I am ready.”

“What do ya want me to do?”

The woman just moaned.

“Sweetie, answer me.  Think about it first.  What do you want me to do?”

Letting the girl’s wrists go, she moaned a throaty laugh, “I don’t know how you do these, but I like ‘em.”  She fondled the leather, pulling at the ring.

Softly yet direct, “What do you want me to do?”

Their eyes met in the mirror.  It took only a moment, “Help me keep my arms up.”  The girl smiled and slowly nodded but didn’t answer.  Kate added, “I want the paddle.”  Shifting her hips and nodding, “I already know where I’ll focus.”

Mandy laughed, “Yes, we can focus there.”

Walking the woman back to standing under the overhead bar, the girl produced a short chain and clicked the end link onto one cuff ring.  Lifting the woman’s arms, she got up on her toes to flip the chain up over the bar and then secured the loose end to the other cuff.

Looking up the arrangement gave Kate a short rush of fear.  She knew what was going to happen, but seeing herself effectively defenseless was disconcerting at best.  Her wrists were only a few inches above her head, still giving her at least some mobility.  She couldn’t resist the urge to at least try and pull free…of course, futilely.

Circling the woman, Mandy’s hands traced lines around her excitedly, “Oh, Sweetie, you look so good like this.”  Stopping short of a full circuit, “Oh!  Wait!  I have an idea.”  Bouncing to the corner, she began to drag the heavy mirror and stand across the room.  Leaving it several feet in front of the woman, she tilted it back a little and turned to her subject, “Whadda ya think?”  Scurrying to get behind her, her hands fondled the suspended body.

The feel of the girl’s hands, the look of her own naked body, the sight of her own helplessness and the anticipation which dripped with fear made an inebriating combination.  She was afraid, afraid of the possibility of failure, afraid of what failure at this point even meant, afraid of the inextinguishable pain that the paddle would inevitably bring, but prepared to be led beyond the boundaries of her experience and anxious to please not only herself, but to also please her new found emotional connection.  Her desire was stronger than her apprehension.  Meeting the girl’s gaze in the mirror, “I think I am ready.”

Her response was to merely kiss the back of the woman’s neck, stand back, raise the paddle and sling it down with real effort.





Chapter 11




The weight of the leather drove her hips forward.  She balanced against her wrists in a moment of shock.  The sound echoed through the room like a gunshot, then was quickly drowned out by the incessant screaming.

Exploding through her was an agony like fire, growing more intense as the moment progressed.  Thrashing and twisting, she could not find escape from its inconceivable relentlessness.  Her solid scream broke to shocked gasps and the waves of intense sensation crashed upon her, bombarding her with an assault of furious synaptic activity, amplified by her inability to respond.

Finally focusing, she caught sight of the girl in the mirror and spun quickly to avoid the contact, but only managed to present her with a different target.  The paddle fell flush to the side of a thigh.

With equal force, the sound again shattered the relative quiet.  The scream was partially contained as the woman focused on avoidance and spun the other way and raised her leg against the eruption which took its side.  The body struggled to go to the fetal position for protection, but she was unable to do anything but continue the turn and face the girl.

With unbelievable speed, the paddle again flew and struck flush across the already pink breast.

Screaming out and again turning away from the danger, a burst of pain radiated out from her bottom.  She must have spun again for a raging eruption blossomed from hip to hip across her lower abdomen.  Her body flexed and spasmed.   The cries were only hyperventilating grunts and pleading whimpers.

Flinching again and crying out as hands took her hips, her body was pulled back to meet another body.

“Don’t let it be just pain.  It’s tearing through you.  It’s everywhere.  Use it.”  Her fingers walked down the crease of each hip to the finely thatched center.

The woman struggled against the contact at first, but quickly quieted, discovering the while stable contact fanned the flames, her own fidgeting fueled them to a rage.

“Where are you focusing?”  Fingernails combed through the thin patch, “What did you tell me you were gonna do?”

Tears streamed down her face but she spoke with an amazing relative calm, “Focus…there.”  The several targeted points continued to throb violently, viciously to the rippling cadence of her own labored heart.

“Spread you legs.”

The movement was slow and inadequate.  Mandy finally twisted the woman to face forward, “Look at your self.  Look up.  Do it!”  Their eyes met again in the mirror, “Look at yourself and spread your legs as wide as you think I want them.”

Watching herself was helpful.  It made her realize that at the first request she hadn’t even moved at all.  Slowly she heel-toed her legs apart.  Using her arms for support, she was able to spread them faster and further, opening them to a comfortably wide stance.

“You still have a lot to work with.”    The fingers worked down along the edges of the woman’s sex.  Gently she pulled at the labia, opening her.  “Bring it in, concentrate the flow, direct it to do what you want.  Let it fuel your desire.”  A single finger was run through the rift and found only enough moisture to barely wet the finger and probably all just sweat.  Soaking it in her mouth, it returned dripping to make a slick up onto and over the clit.

Crying out in need, she bucked into the contact only to have it flee immediately, “You can do it yourself.  You have all you need.”

Shaking with a confused combinations of input, she whimpered, “Please, oh God, Please,” the tears began again.

“Okay, I’ll help you.”  While one hand held back the folds of the woman to expose the tiny clit, the other gripped the welted nipple tightly and spun it.

A shrill shriek of shock and the woman bucked and twisted.  Her legs folded together and she turned away.  As soon as the searing contact was broken, she knew, “I’m sorry!  I’m sorry, I just reacted.”  Quickly she was back into position, “I don’t know…I’m ready.”

Mandy gave an open handed slap across the butt and the woman jumped and spun again, “I…I just…” jumping back into position, she took a couple of deep breaths, “I know…I know…tie ‘em down, do it.  I don’t wanna stop you again.”  Closing her eyes and spreading her legs even further, “Just do it, I know you can…use the cuffs.  I won’t stop you.”

“Look in the mirror.  Look…” the girl was nodding in satisfaction as she walked away, “Real welts.”

Kate risked a look to the mirror then looked down to see it herself.  Oddly, she felt a particular pride in the raised deep crimson flesh.  The two distinct stripes defined her desire.  Turning her hips and crimping a knee gave her a view of the decorated hip.  Quickly she straightened as the girl returned.  One last sniffle and she felt better, even good in her actively throbbing state.

With a click the ankle was chained and moments later she felt it pull.  She watched the girl set the chain over a previously unseen bolt in the floor.  The second chained clicked and was pulled a little harder before setting the link.  Her legs were wide, but being as limber as she knew she was, it was not nearly beyond comfortable.

“I can go a lot wider…if you want.”

Blowing a kiss to her lover, “Any wider would be a waste.”  Bending over, she picked up the paddle.

“Is it better if I’m tighter?”

Mandy smiled, “No, Sweetie, I want you to be able to fidget a little.”  Kissing her mouth, neck and upper chest, then was irresistibly drawn down to the welt upon her nipple.  Pulling it into her mouth, she suckled the tenderness.  She noticed the woman stiffen and groan, but not to a point of protest.  Letting go, she dropped to her knees and ran her tongue along the welt across her lower belly.  The woman twitched, but the girl was too close with her mouth to even dare to stop her now.  Dropping lower, she nuzzled her nose into the tiny tuft.

Whimpering, shivering, Kate sucked in a breath and held it.  She could feel the warm breath fogging her need, “Oh, oh, God, yeah!”  Her hips inched forward.

“Can you draw it here?”

“Yes!  Yes I can!”

Backing away her face, she swung up harshly at the inner thigh.  The screaming and frantic movement was expected and predictably ineffective.  A swift backhand and the other inner thigh crashed like thunder, ignited like lightening.  “Don’t waste it!  Take it with you!”

Pacing the blows, she laid swaths of flesh rising torment up the fronts of both thighs. The woman panicked, thrashing and fighting within the little slack she had.  Mandy pushed hard on the hips to stabilize them and held them firm while she plunged her tongue in the woman and dug at the channel.

“OH GOD!  OH, Oh God!”

“Bring it here!  I wanna see it!  Focus, Sweetie.”  Opening the folds she could see the tiny swell, “Yes, yes Sweetie.”  Giving it one quick lick got the whole body to flex in a single spasm.  “You’re doin’ real good.  Sweetie, you taste wonderful.  She licked it again and stood.

Gripping her face, “Oh, I wanna just eat you all up!”  Kissing the moaning mouth for a short moment, she backed away without pause and hammered the breasts, both with one swing.  Through the struggle which ensued, she took firm the previously unwelted right breast tightly in her hand and laid a direct blow across the nipple.

Struggling and crying, Kate didn’t notice Mandy walk away.  The constant explosions and lasting affects were mentally numbing.  The input was endless but she tried, and even through the haze of the paroxysmal torment, she could feel her own wetness.  She could feel the lasting resonance of her lover’s tongue, the first touch of her tongue, engraved in her mind through the miasma of sensations.

A thin chain circled her waist and was pulled tight.  Still crying, she had stopped her struggles.  Looking to the mirror, she saw the girl behind her, kneeling down.

“This is your reward for passing your test last night and completing your tasks today.”

Kate’s eyes widened as she saw the girl hold up a short fat vibrator.  It buzzed to life and she moaned out as its tip was worked into the moisture and pressured the opening.  It slid back and forth at the entrance before forcing its way in.  Her body locked as she cried out in ecstasy.

After on deep plunge, it was removed, dripping.  The tip found the clit and Kate again voiced her pleasure.  The tip moved away and the entire length of the shaft caressed the tender nub before it was removed.

“Ooohhhh, Yeahhhh,”  Her entire sex snapped in cramps of absolute rapture.

Mandy lined up the paddle and took one solid swing up onto the dripping pouch of the woman’s inflated readiness.  She immediately collapsed, dangling from her arms in a dizzying shock, too traumatic to permit response.

In the crippled state of Kate’s paralysis, Mandy easily worked the shaft half way into her.  A thin chain dangled from its base.  She pulled the chain back behind the woman and she reacted wildly.  Securing the chain to the chain at her waist at the middle of her back, she tightened it link by link until the stiff shaft bent at such an angle that the vibrating tip was driven forcibly against the front wall, just within the burrow.

The woman shook is seizure like impairment, screaming in ravished delight.  The girl stood and began to batter the back of the legs, butt, back and arms.


Kate felt her body draw the intrusion in.  The buzz of the shaft coexisted with the ripples of the all encompassing trauma.  It consumed the furious fires as it found the depths of her arousal.  By the time it retreated, again the ebb and flow of the struggling tide had shifted.  Her sexual excitement edged toward her focus and fed on the ruminating pulses of the trauma she’d been exposed to.

Already bumping against the rhapsody of her fulfillment, she felt the vibrating unit graze the hidden bundle of her G-spot.  The ripples of enchantment ensnared her.  Her body spasmed in preparation of the arrival while her mind floated in the heavenly bliss.  Larger, grander, more intense the bubble or her orgasm grew.  All things in the world paled to the brilliance of the massive flood of pending elation which continued to snowball.

Beyond her control, her body spasmed and convulsed.  The pins and needles, fire and flame, they were all still present, but were no more than a welcome appetizer of stimuli and foreplay.

Then, in one sudden moment, the world of bliss around her ended.  In a seizure of pure agony, she fell limp against her arms and was lost in an abyss of physical rejection.  Explosions of pain, one after another took control.  She could not escape it.

Her mind swam in the void, but the words of the girl swam with her.  An understanding began, more and more of the control that was taken, was control that she relinquished.  Her body was processing so many sensations, powerful sensations, that she had to be stronger than the explosions, stronger than the ecstasy, she had to dominate the rule of her mind and only then could she truly govern her domain.

Clenching her thighs is defiance to the raging inferno that was her body, that was her sex, she was awakened to another pressure which quickly threatened to control her.

The bubble of her orgasm had not burst, but it had deflated.  Now, a force of substantial power was driven into the front wall of her sex.  It shifted once and buzzed ferociously into her hidden bundle, easily displacing the trauma which had just so completely impaired her.

She rocked her hips and twisted her torso the few inches it was allowed and yet the ravishment persisted unabated.  Starbursts of sensations suddenly stung the perfect globe of her elation but were devoured by the new radiance.  It fed on all that approached.  She still felt the pain of the paddle, even flinched at the sudden intensity of each crashing blow, but now welcomed each addition, embraced each impact with the power of her control.

Maybe seconds, maybe hours, but the precipice stood before her.  So elated with her newfound control, she was able to toy with the edge for another few moments…but then fell into its depths.

The sudden plunge into compete fulfillment gripped her in a contraction whose power exploded the bubble she had filled.  She felt it expel from her in a torrent of intensity.  A washing clean of her senses, a ritualistic purification which had her floating, intoxicated into immobility while the carefully founded building was rapturously razed in an indescribable transportation of the physical.





Hands fondled her breasts.  She playfully tried to fend them off.  Again fingers slid about her nipples and tried to roll over.

“Lie still, Sweetie.  This’ll help.”

Opening her eyes, she saw her love, “Kiss me.”

Mandy leaned in and met the woman’s lips.  Kate wrapped her arms around the girl and passionately danced her tongue within.  Allowing the embrace to continue, Mandy returned to fondling the nipples.

Kate had to grab the girl’s hands to stop them, “That was the most incredible thing I have ever experienced.”  The words were slow and her eyes still glazed but she could not doubt the sincerity of them.

Grinning proudly, the girl shooed Kate’s attempt to stop her hands, “You did so good, Sweetie.  Now let me finish this.”

Trying to roll over, she flinched flexed and nearly jumped straight up, “God…damn it!”  Fidgeting to find where she was, “My whole body!  It hurts.  It just…it just tingles all over.”

“Just relax,” pulling the woman back to her, “This’ll help you heal.  It’s a powerful ointment.”

“Oh,” awake enough now to see the girl really wasn’t trying to play, “Sorry.”  Settling to her back, she took several attempts, then decided to just lay there on the pins which seemed to assail her everywhere.  But the tingling reminded her and brought out a smile, “Is it always going to be that good?”

The girl’s hand slipped between Kate’s legs, “Oh, it can be far more intense.”  The words came out casual but she had to laugh at the wide eyed reaction they got.  “In time, Sweetie.  You’re not ready just yet for too much more than that.”  The woman’s hips began to gyrate to her ministrations, but Mandy pulled away, finished, “These welts are shallow and’ll be gone tomorrow.  You will be sore, but the skin should heal pretty quick.”  After a short peck to her lips, she was gone.

Kate swam in the kiss of her lover, letting it linger, tasting it well after she’d broken contact.  Her eyes opened and she looked up to Mandy…way up.  She was standing above her.  “Am I on the floor?”

Extending a hand, “Let’s get you to bed.”

Coming to her feet, she stumbled into Mandy’s arms, “Maybe I gotta have that looked at.”

Mandy just looked at her oddly, not understanding.

Kate answered, “I feel like…” clenching her hips, “…like I’m still climaxing.  My body is just floating.”

Grunting under the weight of the woman, she retorted, “No, it’s not floating, that’s me.  Now stand up!”

Getting her feet under a little better, she sucked in a quick breath, “Everything hurts,” slowly stretching her parts then grinning, “but it feels so good.  Does that make any sense?”

Managing to keep the woman upright, Mandy held her by the waist and turned her to face the large mirror.  Cooing in her ear, “Look at how beautiful you are.”

Touching the cuffs still on her wrists and looking down the reflection of herself, she turned an ankle to get the full view of those cuffs as well, “I feel…desirable…possessable.”

Mandy kissed the back of her neck and walked her to the bedroom and set her on the bed.  Stripping quickly, she joined her, pulling the woman to her, allowing Kate to cuddle up to her, “I love you Sweetie.”

Pecking her lips, “I love you, too.”

Opening her legs slightly let Kate’s top leg fell between them.  The girl then took Kate’s hand, kissed the palm and set it onto the mound of her pubis, pushing the fingers to curl down over her sex.  She left her own hand over Kate’s, holding it still, “Sleep well, my Sweetie.”

The woman was already relaxing into a delirium, “Mmm mmm…Lil’butt.”


Mandy was herself almost asleep when she heard the phone ring.  It was too late and not many people had this number.  Kate stirred at the sound and she tried to soothe her.

After the forth ring, her old machine picked it up.  The beep sounded:

“My little pet, where oh where have you been?”  Slow and sarcastic the woman’s voice continued, “Rumor is, you took off your collar.  You have been a very bad doggie.”  The laugh was deep and menacing, “Lately, I’ve found out so much about you.  I’m just dying to…‘discuss’ things with you.”  The tone became hard, “You will be in contact.”





Chapter 12




“Don’t ignore me, you need to get up.  You’re gonna be late!”  Setting a cup of coffee on the nightstand, “Kate, you gotta wake up.  I brought you coffee.”

The girl’s solemn tone didn’t disturb her as much as hearing her use her name instead of ‘Sweetie’.  Rolling over, “Hey, are you OH-AHhhhh!”

Offering a hand, “Be easy, but ya gotta work it out.”

Kate took the hand and groaned herself into a sitting position.  Looking to Mandy, she smiled but didn’t let go of the girl’s hand, “Tell me about it.”  The girl just twitched her shoulder dismissively and tried to pull away.  Holding firm, “You look like you didn’t get much sleep.”  The girl just stared, “Mandy, I heard the call.  What does it mean?”

Pulling again, she freed her hand, “It means that I have some ‘things’ to deal with, that’s all.”  Wringing her hands as she paced, she added, “I didn’t think she knew how to find me, until the other night.”

Nodding in understanding, “Is she the one who left the note on your door?”  Mandy returned the nod.  Kate struggled to stand which brought the girl over quickly to assist, “My body is so sore.  Maybe I should stay in bed.”

“No, that wouldn’t be good at all.  Ya really aught’a get around a bit, it’ll loosen up.”

Walking, slowly but walking, she paced, “So, you go and deal with ‘things’, why so glum?”

Raising her shoulders and lowering her gaze, “I’m not really sure what’s gonna happen.”  Looking up to her, “I gotta go…prob’ly tonight.”

Cringing at the question, “Do you…‘belong’ to her?”  Stopping her pacing, she continued to stretch.

“My master is gone.”  She was matter of fact, “I don’t belong to anyone, and yes, I took my collar off myself.”  Suddenly agitated, “I am not her pet!  I took it off and I’d do it again!”

Kate stepped to her, arms wide, “Come here,” she fell into the embrace.  Kate winced but didn’t let go, “You did what you thought was right.  You’ll deal with it tonight and tomorrow will be a better day.”

She almost laughed, “Yes, Nana, you’re right.”

Kate just shook her head, “Yeah, that’s what I was thinking too.”  Letting her go, “So, everything is going to be okay, right?”

“I just feel like I’ve been hidin’ things from you and I’m sorry.”

Raising an eyebrow at her, “Did you know that once I dated a man with only three fingers on one hand?”

The girl pushed at her, “Stop it.”

“Well, I just didn’t want to hide it, that’s all.  Hey, did I tell you that I still have my wisdom teeth?”

“Okay, I understand.”  She turned to leave.

Kate called out, “I keep ‘em in a jar.”  The girl finally did break her mood and laugh.  Kate went on, “No, wait, I’ve got it!” Lowering her voice, “You were wrong and must be punished.  I command you to my chamber on the morrow’s eve.”

Out the door, “Now that will be fun.”  Turning back to the woman, “Are you gonna wear clothes today?”

“Oh, shit!”  She then moved too quickly and swore again.

“Go through that end closet, there’s gotta be somethin’ that’ll get ya home.”





Kate made it to the office only a few minutes late, flinching and moaning all the way.  She was frustrated by a memo regarding a meeting the next morning to, “Address the lack of company centered motivation”.  Balling it up, she threw it in the trash, mumbling to herself, “Another early morning.”

Sitting very gently, she took out the anklet-collar.  Spending the hours in real leather cuffs, it now looked tiny, merely symbolic.  Playing with the laces, the thin stitching, she could see how the double loop of material would come together.  Once the stitching was all pulled tight, it would be up to a good knot, but then it would be unremoveable…except to cut it.

Thinking about poor Mandy having to sever a bond like that, she couldn’t imagine ever being able to cut hers off, and she didn’t even yet wear it.  That would be like cutting off her own arm, or more appropriately, cutting out her own heart.  She so badly wanted to ask the girl what had happened, but one small thought of her own collar stopped her.  The girl would say what she was comfortable saying when she comfortable saying it.  So, having no idea what she was to face, she only had wished her good luck before she left…and then hope.


Unable to focus on her work, she became nothing but a hindrance to her workmate.  Knowing that all of the deadlines had either already been met or were off into next week, Mandy cleared it with Mark and left early.

Not being able to just waltz into the senior offices, she penned a quick note and delivered it inter-office like the last one.  It was a simple note, just ‘don’t worry’ and ‘I love you’…but it was important to her to have it said.

At her apartment, she changed into a T-shirt and an old pair of loose shorts, things she could afford to lose.  Digging out her old collar, she contemplated trying to restitch it, but decided that it was too valuable to her to risk losing it today to that woman.  Wanting to settle as many affairs as she could before leaving, she was disappointed and a little disheartened to realize that she had none.  Wandering through the small apartment, not wanting to leave, she finally decided it was punishing enough as it was, she would not delay the inevitable any longer.

Having locked her apartment, she hid the single key in the stairwell and headed to the bus stop.


Approaching the property from the south, she wanted to break into a run, but needed to conserve her energy.  The bus system didn’t run this far north or town, but she only had a mile behind her and she could already see the open arch which marked the drive behind the old ranch.

How many times did she cower and submit to her bidding?  How many times did she say, “Yes, Mistress Antoinette,” or “Yes, Mistress Blaylock”?  Every day it was something different and every thing she did was to feed her arousal, her satisfaction, her desires.  She would never concern herself with the petty needs of her pets.

Turning into the drive, she tried to see how it sounded, “Hello Antoinette.”  No, no, “Hello Toni.”…she’d just die!  But why push her already bad luck.

Her feet had taken her all the way to the front door, even though she didn’t recall it.  Wiping her palms on her shorts, she took a deep breath…and knocked.

The door opened immediately and she faced the liveried butler.

“Ah, Miss Amanda, we have been so anxiously anticipating your return.”  Bowing, he swept an ushering arm to show her in, “Welcome back.”

Tentatively she stepped in.

“If you’d like, I can escort you to the Drawing Room.  The mistress is awaiting you there.”  He caught her questioning glare and added, “I was informed of your approach and took the liberty.  Please excuse my impropriety.”

“That’s okay, Carlisle, and thank you, but I know the way.”

He stood back, dumbstruck, she had responded verbally…and called him by name!

Stepping past him, the walk through the manor brought back memories.  None of them were good.  She was surprised by the lack of activity.  Halfway through it and she’d yet to see a single soul.

The Drawing Room was open.  She walked in and saw Antoinette Blaylock in a highback cushioned chair, reading, of all things.

Mandy walked in long determined strides and plopped into the chair opposite causing the mistress to look up, “I got your message.  You wanna talk?”

Grinning at the girl, “You can quit your fucking act.  I can smell your fear.”  Marking her spot, she set the book down.  Still smiling, “Where is my collar?”

Staring her down, “Wrong.  Next question.”

Shaking her head, “Whoever trained you was incompetent and did a disservice to the entire culture.”

Gritting her teeth, “My master was the best at what he did,” pointing, “and you know it!  You’re not worthy to lick his boots!”

“Your…previous master, has proven to be negligent, deceptive and a failure.”  She stood and pointed back, “You will be retrained and collared by me!  And your bitch attitude…”

Mandy stood the face the much bigger woman, “If that’s all you wanted to say, Antoinette, I’ll be going now.”

“No you won’t!  Sit down!”  Only by force of habit, the girl did, “You will submit to me.  You came here, you know by right you are mine to direct and you fucking will!”  She sat quickly, gathering her composure, “You can not resist.”  Her sudden smile was condescending, “I am ultimately confident.”

“At least you can admit that I am not yours.”

Raising a finger, “Not yet, anyway.”

“I will not submit to you.”  The girl tried to remain calm and determined, “I have come here…”

“Dressed like a fucking tramp.”

“…to let you exercise your opportunity to subject me to a trial of cessation…” raising her voice, “…so this will end!”  Looking away defiantly, “I will not submit to you.”  Still standing, she removed her T-shirt in one fluid pull and kicked off her shorts just as quickly.

Legs spread, arms spread, she stood naked, “I am not even yours but I will give you one chance…Antoinette.”

The mistress stood and slapped her sharply across a breast, creating not even a flinch.  The woman huffed, turned and called out, “Cuffs!  Ankles and wrists.  Then take this…this…to the wheel.”

Servants scurried around the girl while the mistress stood smiling, tapping her chin, “You will submit.”


‘The Wheel’ was just as it sounded; a large, upright metal circle.  Along the inner face, at about twelve inch intervals, there were metal eyelets welded into place.  The half-circle eyelets went all the way around except for a break on each side that were each just wide enough to house two small cable reels.  The entire outer edge was smooth which allowed it to rotate freely in the cradle it sat in.

Mandy stood in the wheel and raised her arms.  A cable clip latched onto each.  Looking up, she noticed only one empty eyelet between the two which took her arms.  Knowing her arms would be almost straight up was a bit of a relief.  Most people would prefer their arms to be a bit wider for more comfort.  Fortunately, she was not most people.

The other submissives, whom she knew from her limited time here, cranked the reels and lifted her until her toes left the bottom and her body dangled.

Each ankle was clipped and spread wide, taut but not tight.  A latch pin was pulled and she felt the wheel break free.  Slowly she was spun.  Impatiently she waited.

The several minutes of constant motion was disorienting and by the time the mistress had arrived she was already affected into a state of mild contentment.  She felt like she was floating.  Her vision was fuzzy and her extremities were tingling from the inconsistent blood flow.

The light slaps of leather strands to the center of the split of her legs was arousing.  Every several seconds her sex was delightfully titillated.  She felt her excitement grow.  She let her excitement grow.

The heavy tasseled whip played across her thighs and toyed with her chest and the girl’s reaction became visible.  The Mistress teased for another full rotation before unleashing a powerful blast which took the girl across both breasts, missing nothing.

The thundering crash shattered the serenity of the intoxicating wheel, knocked the air from her and launched the girl into an immediate seizure of unexpected hyper-stimulation.  Before her body could adjust to the wheel having stopped, her chest was again pummeled savagely.

The explosion of sudden change raged through her system.  Without her conscious direction, she channeled the piercing by instinct, funneling it into her suddenly rock-hard clit.  After a quick quarter turn, she was perfectly inverted and still unable to catch her breath.

“Your fucking mouth is gonna always get you in trouble, but this time mine will.”  Opening her subject with her fingers, she took the node of the girl’s arousal between her lips, pulled it tautly in and suckled firmly while stroking her tongue across its tip.

The fire of the whip had yet to diminish even slightly and the practiced manipulations of the mistress’ mouth made a devastating combination.  Only just bordering on cognizant, her body quickly built its peak.  The sensations were transportive, accepting passage would take her too euphoria.  But somewhere she found restraint, but her body resented her for it.

Twenty five oiled leather strips, each a full thirty inches dangled from the solid two-handed hilt.  The flogger was massive enough to be heavy, while each strand moved fast enough to severely welt.  The mistress shook the tassels back and forth, encouraging them to fall evenly into place while she so easily brought the girl in any direction she wished.

Sensing the girl’s approach, but not wanting it to end so easily, she backed off the quivering bud and in one fluid motion swung up over her head and brought the whip down with a savage brutality.  The spread thighs funneled the stray bands so the force of the entire mass battered the middle of the ‘V’, across it and down the ass.

The body convulsed.  The raw pain was incredible, ripping her from the abyss of ecstasy.  She flexed and strained against her bonds as the fire of the welting joined the shock of the impact of the mass.  Although the strike was barbarically malicious, the agony of it was her first opportunity to clear her head from the initial spinning.

She found herself screaming and immediately stopped.  From her pubis to all the way around to the small of her back, she was searing with a tremendous intensity.  Through tightly clenched teeth she managed a defiant, “I will not submit to you.”

The woman’s hand stroked harshly from behind the anus to the clit and back again, “That was just to soften you up a bit, but I fear with your mouth, you may damage yourself, open up.”

Feeling the pressure on her lips, she opened her mouth out of habit and allowed the large ball gag to be forced between her teeth and strapped to her head.  Realizing too late what she had done, she moaned in objection but not vehemently.  She already knew it was pointless.

“It is such a shame,” again she stroked across the welted path, “I do so enjoy your screams.”  Her hand stopped and she looked down at her inverted subject, “What? You don’t believe me?”

Reaching down for a handful of the girl’s hair, the mistress unwrapped her own skirt and tossed it to the floor, baring herself.  Pulling the girl’s hair forward until her neck bent with her chin pinned against her own chest, she scowled, “I can smell her on you.”

Mandy’s eyes widened.

“How long have you been fucking her?”  The subject’s struggles were quelled by a second hand joining the first and pulling up even harder.  Closing her own hips to the subject’s face she added, “Did you eat her pussy?”  Lowering her hips, “Did you taste her cum?”

Struggling, the girl couldn’t stop it as the woman slowly sank to cover her face.

“I do not allow those ‘other’ involvements.  You will forget that cunt.  You will remember only mine.”  Leaning onto the girl, she undulated her hips and ran her over from chin to forehead with her sex and ass, grinding it harshly across her face.  “Do you see how fucking hot your screams make me?”  She pushed hard enough to draw a grunt.

Letting her go to gasp for needed air, she turned to the cable reel cranks and one by one ratcheted each, spreading the girl wider and wider until she panted and released a tiny whine of physical distress.

Her body cried out in agony but she refused to voice it any further.  Even through the gag, she would give this woman no satisfaction.  When the woman was done stretching her and stood back to confront her, Mandy just slowly shook her head ‘no’.

Aggravated, the woman picked up the flogger, returned the blank stare and nodded, ‘yes’, then laid another single devastating blow across the girl’s ‘V’.  The seizure griped the girl and yet in her tightened bindings, it couldn’t move her even the slightest.  Assuming the blow to be merely ineffective, she swung again with an angered force.

Reeling in the fog of a near shut-down, the girl accepted the pain.  No focus, no channel or funnel or duct or conduit.  She would take anything to go free from this place and go back to her sweetie.  This woman would not bring her to orgasm, she would not make her cum.  This woman would fail.  Those thoughts brought her the strength to endure…at least, for now.

Picking through the mass of welts and folds that were her sex, the mistress exposed the hidden bulge.  Stretching the skin back had the girl give an extended grunt which managed to carry through the gag to vibrate the entire body.  It also caused the clit to rise, to stand tall and proud to display it’s current state.  Holding the flesh wide with one hand, Antoinette placed a tiny clamp over it lengthwise so the clip stood straight out.  On this clamp she’d chosen for this, the tiny teeth had not been waxed so the bare metal sank deep into the central nerve bundle.

The girl’s body was quivering in spasms.  The mistress slapped a heavily welted breast and took up the next tool:  a metal ball.  The same size as a baseball, this one had a tether made of electrical wiring.  Without preamble, she forced the ball into the girl’s relaxed sex, settling it just beyond the entrance.  A small wire attached to the clamp on the clit and she was ready.

Pushing at the bulging pubis, “Let the cum flow from your pussy and I’ll know you are mine forever.”

A low hum began from within her, distracting her from the tortuous bite of the clamp.  Her universe shifted, breaking free into instability.  Fighting against the multitude on mental input which assailed her, she found just enough of reality to discover she had begun, again, to rotate.  Recalling how easily she had been earlier disoriented and distracted by the floating sensation, she closed her eyes and drew in the pain of the clamp, the burn of her welts and the ache in her joints as her tightly distended limbs pushed and pulled against the shifting gravity.

As thin and light as the wire on the clamp was, as it fell and changed positions it created a raging pull of agonizing change.  Drinking in the sensation in a self-flagellating attempt to diffuse the arousal her body had been trained to create and did now so badly crave.

Like a mantra she told herself that it will end, she will be strong, it will end and she will return to her Sweetie.  But all that evaporated as a jolt raced through her sex.  Her heart leapt and her clit throbbed wildly to the same exact pulse.  A short cry of pleasure came out muffled but obvious as the jolt slowly dissipated.  Her clamped nub’s pins and pricks of torment lost their malevolent edge.  The suffering and pains of her body were diminished as she relented to the delightful distraction.

A sudden explosion of excruciating stimulation fed the new distraction.  Her back erupted again as the heavy flogger landed.  And then her butt, then her thighs and at the peak of its cruelty, another staggering bolt gripped her middle, pulling all sensation with it to her bound clitoris and pressured G-spot.

The stimulation of the electric shock sent the area into a savage froth of proxic fervor.  Her body knew its training well and build the dam, filling it quickly with paradise, euphoria, utter rapture.  Spilling this construction would be cataclysmically brilliant, indescribably intense.

A single sound carried through the miasma of elation.  A voice, a woman’s voice, “You will never see her again.  You will taste only me.”

Rocked by another spasm, stronger and longer than before, brought on by some unnatural cause, pulled at her feet, daring her to sink into the abyss of her arousal.

Suddenly soft and gentle, “Just release your glory and it will all be over.  Cum on my whip and tell me you are mine.”

But she knew.  She knew why she accepted the pain.  She remembered why she rejected the pleasure.  It was right. It was necessary. It was a deeper desire.  She had to maintain, hold her grip, for her sweetie.  Her head slowly shook ‘no’.

The leather whip was harsh and difficult to deal with, but the electrical contractions were a direct input to her arousal, something she had never dealt with before.  It seized her again and her true desire did something she didn’t expect; she reversed it and focused the ecstasy of the fabricated stimulant and channeled it into more pain.

Her body locked in a seizure, but a seizure of incredibly savage torment.  Bordering on blackout, the torturous assault continued.  She let her body slump into a delirium of acceptance.  She would survive, she would triumph.  Although the words could not be heard, she repeated them regardless, “I will not submit.  I will not submit.”  The unrequited current of pain carried her away.





Chapter 13




“Respond to me, bitch!”  She again lashed an inner thigh, then the arms as they passed.  In a desperate act she stopped the wheel, removed the clip and pulled the damaged gland into her mouth.  Sucking wildly still got no discernable reaction.  Yanking the cable which led into the girl popped the ball free.  Throwing it aside did nothing but shatter a porcelain lamp stand.

Looking down to the inverted girl’s face, meeting her faded gaze, gagged and unable to speak, she merely shook her head for a moment…but the moment soon passed.  With a new smile, she growled, “That was a nice warm-up.”  Louder she added, “And I think by tomorrow you will be a little more fucking obedient!”

Spinning, she thrashed at the torso once more then threw the whip across the room, “You will fucking submit to me!”

An attempt at struggling was pointless, but knowing that in advance didn’t keep her from at least making a show of it as she watched the mistress return with a wide leather collar.  Spun quickly to be upright left her just dazed enough to give the woman a chance to place it.  By the time Mandy thrashed her head to prevent it, the first of the three buckles had already been secured.  She had taken the pain and had not faltered.  She had outlasted the mistress.  She should be free.  This should be over.  The restraints should be coming off, not more going on.  Not knowing just how much more she could really take, a single tear broke free and trailed its way down her cheek.

“Awww, don’t worry, my pet,” wiping the tear away, “I won’t leave you alone.”  Scratching her chin, pantomiming a moment of thought, she snapped her fingers and voiced her conclusion, “I know the perfect companion!  But we should get you ready first.”

Releasing the tension of the locked reels brought such an instant relief that the girl had to stop herself from bursting in its delight.  Still confined and defenseless, she now merely dangled from her wrists.

The woman then produced a four-foot long bar with a small hole in the middle of it and welded rings on either end.  She clipped one ankle to one end, released a little more slack, then clipped the other ankle to the other end.  Double checking the connections and finding them true, she released the cables completely.

Swinging both legs at once, the girl attempted to strike out at the woman.

Laughing, “Oh, that’s just perfect!”  Slapping the legs back down, she got a long, three inch wide piece of pipe and slid it through the center hole of the spreader bar and slid it into a slot in the floor just behind the giant wheel.  The pole was long enough to reach up beyond the small of the girl’s back, effectively locking her legs down.

“Now fucking kick me, bitch!”

Snatching a bottle of oil, she stuffed the long tip up into the girl ass and flooded it with lubricant then did the same with her other entrance.  Tossing it aside, she violently cranked one cable reel, raising the girl until she dangled buy a single arm, just high enough that the fat pipe laid even in height with her openings.  Lowering it a single tooth, then another, the woman smiled as the girl was frozen.

“I am absolutely sure that you do not need me to explain.”

Her subject continued to bow her hips forward as to avoid the impalement.

Sighing, the mistress took hold of the girl’s body from behind, “If you want something done right…”  Centering her subject’s body over the pole, she turned and shifted, pushing and pulling but got no result.  Lowering her another two inches, she tried to impale the girl again, really putting her own weight into it.

Finally frustrated, “Just fucking do it!  You might just as well.”  The girl was shaking her head ‘no’ making Antoinette laugh at the futile gesture, “Okay, but if I do it myself, I get to choose where it goes.”

The girl tried to struggle, but the mistress quickly had three fingers buried deep into her ass.  The girl still shook her head ‘no’, but now it may have been for a different reason.

“You had your chance, but nooo, you had to be a prude, a little tease.”  The pinkie joined the other three and the girl screamed through her gag as the knuckles and thumb all cleared the muscled anus with each pumping stroke the woman made.  The cap on the pipe was still a little larger, but only a little.

Holding the subject tight with her free arm, she yanked her hand away and settled her onto the post just before she punched the release for the cable reel.  Immediately the girl’s body absorbed inches of the wide pipe before her other arm was able to stop her.  Whining and struggling, she managed to pull herself up an inch with the strength of just one arm.

“Keep it up.  I love to watch you struggle.”  Using a single ring, the woman clipped a tether and both wrists to it, giving the girl just a moment of opportunity to use both arms to lift.  Antoinette ran the tether through the loop at the back of the collar and released the other cable spool.  The girl’s sudden fall sounded a shrill shriek as she slid further and further until finally her toes touched the floor, solidly affixing ten full inches of the wide pole into her.

In the subject’s panic, the mistress was able to easily pull the tether tight and clip both of the girl’s wrists to the back of her collar, leaving both of her arms elbow up and out of the way.  Continuing to struggle only brought her lower, driving it deeper until finally her feet sat flat and firmly on the floor, which turned out to be her only solace.

Having never had anything quite this big this deep in her ass did bring plenty of pain, in fact an incredible torrent of pain, but her tears were for a different reason.  She didn’t know how long she could do this.  It just had to end soon but however she tried, she couldn’t see its end.

“If you let yourself relax, you can actually sleep like that.”  Raising a single finger, “Oh yes, I do remember now, you did not wish to be left alone.”

The entire assembly of the wheel was mobile and the woman easily pushed it off to the side.  Coming up close to the girl, she slowly fondled her clit, “I have the perfect companion for you.”  Sliding a single finger into her sex, “Oh, my, but you are a tight little bitch.”  Closing the distance until they were breast to breast, again she stoked the girl’s clit, “I will help you.  I can make you…”

Mandy thrashed her head forward and smashed it into Antoinette’s face.  The woman was thrown back more in shock than by the impact, but she still hit the floor.

“YOU FUCK!”  Holding her face then seeing a spot of blood on her hand, “Oh, you have fucking done it now!  You Fucking Bitch!”  She left the room at just short of a run.

Having nothing else to do, she carefully tested her bindings and found what she knew she would, Mistress Antoinette was no novice.  She didn’t have long to ponder her fate for the mistress came back quickly with a roll of tape and a small box.  The smear of blood remained unattended to.

“I can not fucking believe you.”  She laid the tape and box on a table and held a third object up.  “We begin with this.”  It was a medium sized metal clamp of some odd nature.

Violently pushing the girl’s head to one side, she held it in place with an elbow while she slipped the tool into her mouth, behind the ball.  Turning a small handle, the arms of the clamp got wider and wider until they locked into place on the girl’s molars, top and bottom.  Another turn and the girl cried out a gurgled scream as her jaw was forced even wider then the ball had held it.  With a quick motion the strap was loosened and the ball came free.

Shaking her head couldn’t dislodge the painful wedge, but the woman returned in just seconds, “Do you want me to release it?”  The girl had no choice but to nod, “Then fucking hold still!”

Mandy didn’t like the look in her eye, but liked even less the tool in her jaw…then she saw it coming.  A very long and very wide piece of hollow tubing, designed to look like an erection with straps and buckles to secure it.  She felt it go in her mouth, the woman would now have the leverage to easily push the tube up and crane her neck back, which she did.

Looking up at the ceiling as it slid down her throat, she knew her head was now completely immobile and her sounds were concealed far better than the ball ever could.  The strap locked it into place deep into her throat.  Breathing through it was easy and made a distant hollow sound.  The only solace came when the clamp was released from her jaw.  Even in her awkward position it was a dramatic relief.

“This is for your insolence.”

The girl heard the sound of the wide tape peeling off and the clatter of small metal items, but could put no picture to the sounds.

“And this is because I fucking can!”

Holding the tape in one hand, she pushed thumbtacks through it.  After about twenty pushed through in a small rectangular area, she began a second.

Approaching the girl, “You may hate me.  You may disobey me.”  Angrily, “But you fucking will submit to me!”

Raising the girl’s leg, she affixed the tape and tacks, using extra tape over the toes and up the heel to assure the contraption would not be dislodged.  Releasing the foot brought an immediate flailing as the girl could not lower her foot with any pressure.  Amid the struggle, the mistress quickly did the other foot the same.

Stepping back to enjoy the struggle, she noticed the girl sink every so slowly and could do nothing to stop her own weight from betraying her.

“I have the funnest little pet,” slapping at the girl, “Not you!  You are not my pet!  You are dirt!”  Quickly she digressed, “But this pet of mine you may have met.  I call him Bull and he has been waiting for you.”

The girl felt his presence, but could not in her limited view see him.

“He wants to become better acquainted with you, and if you have no objections, I will introduce him into you.”

She knew him; fourteen inches with a knob like the head of a housecat.  She had also taken him before, but never next to something like the massive tool within her now.  Even with the foreseeable distention she would face, her only thought was to just have him hurry, have him enter her and begin so she would be supported by something other than that single lone pipe.

“He is wearing one of my favorite cock-rings and he will last all night,” eyeing him as well for assured emphasis, then laughing, “And look, it’s still early!”

She heard the slap of a hand against flesh, but felt no contact, then saw the man across the edge of her vision as he approached.  Wasting no time, he struggled with his huge head against her crowded pout.  His pressure actually did give her some relief as she came up enough to relax her inner muscles and allow him at least some access without him having to resort to forcing himself any more than he already was.  Her fear abated and her confidence grew, at least for the moment:  She would not slide any further down the shaft behind her.

“She’s a real pro, Bull, you won’t need to work it in.  There should still be plenty of oil, just go at it.”  The woman closed on the two, “Her little pussy’s just itchin’ to get fucked.”

Having opened the subject, the big man inched himself within.

A slap rang out, “Come on!  I wanna see your big cock split her!”  A second shot got his hips to jerk, “Don’t fucking play!  Just fucking do it!”

The head wasn’t in completely, but it was in place.  She felt his hands on her waist for leverage as he pushed.  She felt him in her, not yet physically, but she felt him.  Not scared, no, he wasn’t scared…apprehensive.  He radiated sorrow.  He would not openly defy his mistress, yet he was no sadist either.

Her scream was no more that a struggled hum, but Antoinette knew the sound well and got suddenly excited, “Yes!  Fuck her!  Fuck her for her resistance!”  She found a crop and whipped his back for encouragement, “Fuck her for her rebellious disobedience!”  The crop fell again and the hips pushed forward and up, “Yes!  Yes!  Fuck that little pussy ‘cause it’s mine!”

She felt her entrance finally collapse under the strain and his grip on her tightened.  He was holding her.  He was thrusting deeper and deeper at the mistress’ pleasure, but he was holding her up.  Through the rippling pain he inflicted, he also offered his strength.  She could feel her body slowly rise, just a little off the pipe.  Testing her new boundaries, she relaxed her legs and found that her feet didn’t touch the floor.  A small consolation, but she knew that he did it on purpose, and even that made her feel at least a little better.

The tears wouldn’t stop, the mewing cry was continuous and the mistress was elated, “Oh!  She just loves it!”  Dropping the crop again, “Fuck her harder!”

Gripping her a little tighter had the flames of her chest reignite over the contact.  His mouth came to her neck, his tighter embrace was used to lift her again just slightly but then he did begin to thrust deeper and stronger.  As unbelievable as it seemed to her, her body actually did open to him and start to acclimate to his massive girth.  I was by no means pleasant, but it wasn’t as bad as it had been, either.  Being able to sense his nature also allowed her to give more of herself over to him.  She didn’t know him, had never talked to him, but now trusted him with he body.

Sensing the man’s tension first, she felt the woman come up on her.

Whispering in her ear, “I know you want to submit to me.  I know your masochistic desires.”  Even closer, “I have the only taste you will ever know.  Let yourself go.  Spill your glorious release and this will all be over.”

Not expecting an answer, she stepped back satisfied she would win, “You two get to know each other a little better.  I do have other affairs to attend to, but I will be back in a little bit.”  The crop landed once again on the man, “You will not stop and you will let me know if she submits.”

“Yes, Mistress Antoinette.”

Smiling at his grunted answer, “Very well then,” throwing crop once more, she left them alone.

The battering thrusts which repetitively forced the breath from her in gasps eased, then slowed.  The strokes were still deep, but now much more gentle.

“I know you understand that I can’t stop.”

His voice was deep, soft and comforting.  She thought of her master and felt better.

“If it’d make it easier, I can shift back some and bring you with me.”

His depth and cadence was erotic and he was very good at what he was doing, but mostly it was his essence.  His spirit reminded her of Kate.  They both hid their true kindness behind strength; his was physical and hers came out in leadership and mental dominance, but they were both kind hearts.

“I have to keep going deep now because if I don’t and she comes back and I thrust like she’ll expect me to…well…” he didn’t need to finish, but he did add cautiously, “Just keep your body ready.”

Falling into his steady rhythm, she had to continue the effort of holding herself back.  She had to endure this without giving that crazy lady any reason at all to think she could keep her.  This would end up as she anticipated; she would be with her Sweetie.  She had to believe that to endure.

The low rumble of his voice vibrated right through her, “If you find I’m not worthy of your climax, I won’t take it personally.”  His voice was deep, his chuckle even deeper.  “You just follow your heart.  It’ll always lead you home.”

Even the rumble of his murmur was soothing, but what he said…and what he’s been doing…the thoughts ran through her mind:  She could lead him.  She’s already been leading him.  He’s so open that he’s actually vulnerable.  She wondered how she could use this but before she could assemble the information he gripped her tighter and got her attention.

“Okay,” in a whisper, “Here we go.”

His pace increased and in three strokes he was again thrusting hammering blows in rapid succession.  Her short gasps returned to make the same odd hollow sound through the tube gag.

“Are you two enjoying yourselves?”

He struggled with, “Yes, Mistress Antoinette.”

“Has she given in, yet?”

“No, Mistress Antoinette.”

Nodding, she stroked his rippling shoulder and arm, “You just go until morning.  I’ll take over then.”

“Yes, Mistress Antoinette.”

Grabbing a handful of Mandy’s hair and pulling, “I’m having your collar stitched as we speak.  You will not survive the night without conceding and if you do, tomorrow I will make you ask that I put it on you.  You will demand that I collar you!”  Laughing, she walked on, “Until morning, Bull.  You just be sure to keep her ready for me,” stopping to look back, “unless you manage to succeed on your own.”

“Yes, Mistress Antoinette.  Good night, Mistress Antoinette.”


An hour must have passed of his slowly timed movements.  She had closed her mind and let the time pass.  Not thinking, not feeling, not connecting with Bull, just allowing the pain to take her away.  She was waiting.  It had to be just right.  With a deep breath, she began.

‘Please help me!  Please help me!’  She poured her pain into the plea.

He slowed almost to a stop.  “Are you okay?”

‘If you let me go…’ she thought the words, but also projected herself in images, ‘I can protect your honor.  Decide what is right.’  Tears filled her eyes without falling, ‘I will not submit!  I will not submit!  Decide what is right!  The struggle to push forth her thoughts was almost as taxing as the encounter itself, but she had to keep trying something.  She could not just give up and hope for tomorrow, then she shifted in his arms.

Supporting her body with one arm, he removed the gag strap with the other hand.  Stopping, he had to ask, “Are you gonna be good?”  All he got was a whimper, but didn’t really expect any more, “All right.  I’m just gonna see what’s the matter.  Be easy.”  As he slid the tube from her throat, his hips stopped completely.

Her head came forward but she couldn’t immediately talk.  Instead, she kissed him on the cheek.  Having swallowed a few times, she tried, “I came here…on my own…rules…cessation…”

“Easy, easy, hold on.”  Putting a finger to her lips to silence her, “Control yourself, breathe easy.  I saw the entire evening.  I know what she’s doing.”

“But it’s wrong!”

“What should I do, let you loose?” he laughed at the thought.

“Yes, you should.  This is against my will.  It’s not masochism, it’s rape.”

“Oh, no,” his whole body slumped, “You had to go there?”

“I came here and gave her a chance.  That wasn’t even my obligation.  She’s not my master and never was, but I still completed my cessation.  This should be over.”

“She would disown me.  I can’t,” shaking his head, “I just can’t.”

“If someone broke in, listen to me!”  Reestablishing his attention, “If someone got in here and tied you up and rescued me…”

Showing her his massive flexed bicep, “Who’s really gonna do that?”

“Hello?  You are a little busy right now.”  Pointing behind him with her chin, “If they took you from behind while you were in me, just about anybody could get a leg up on you.”  Pleading, “I’ll tie you up.”  Thinking quickly, “And I’ll be sure to let her know that someone came for me.”  Waiting while he thought wasn’t happening, “I will tell her.  I swear I will.  I will make contact again and I’ll back up your story.”   This time she did wait.

“Male or female?”

Confused, “What?”

“You said ‘rape’, and you don’t have to say it again.  So we gotta keep our stories straight.  Is your rescuer male or female?”

Excited, she instantly pictured Kate, “Female, just taller than me, but not as big as Antoinette.  A few years older but in great shape…” she went on to describe her as the big man pulled out, the head coming out with an audible ‘pop’ and a short squeal.

Still holding her with one arm, he shifted lower and lifted her off of the post.  He continued to lift, raising her up over his head until the spreader bar cleared the post as well then gently set her down on her back.  He took care with the taped feet, unbuckled the ankles then removed the collar.  Grunting and groaning, Mandy bent to help remove the cuffs.

Shaking his head, he kept his voice low, “I know you’re right, but I’ve just never…”

“It’s okay.  It’s good that you’re loyal.  I know you, Bull, better than you think I do.  You are a good man.”  She moved to touch him and flinched at every attempt.

“We should hurry.  I don’t think she’ll return.  But with her you never can tell.”

While he went to a cabinet for the necessary supplies, she tried to get up, struggled and finally decided to stay on all fours.  He returned with an unmarked jar, no bigger than his fist.

“Do we have time for this?”

“Just lie down on your back.”  Opening the jar, he knelt before her and had no trouble getting her to cooperate.  She couldn’t exactly fight him.  “You’ll never get out of here in your condition.  Spread your legs.”

Two fingers brought a glob of the gel out of the jar, “This is not only the best healing agent I’ve ever seen, but it also has a potent pain killer.  Get ready, it’s cold.”  He swabbed a line from below her ass to up past her clit.

Shivering, “Oh, Jeez!”  Her legs started to close.

“Hold on, you need this.”  With another two fingers worth, “Can you pull your knees back?  I gotta go in.”

She did and the flat of his fingers pushed it into her sex, letting the inner muscles scrape it from his fingers as they left.  A single finger pushed an amount into her ass before he cleaned his fingers on her nipples while she squirmed.

“Take this with you.  We’ve got a bunch but if she sees one open, she’ll wonder why.”

Shifting her hips, “It does feel better.”

“It works fast, and now we better as well.”

“I need something common that you have a lot of.”

Shrugging, “Like a tether?”  He pointed.

Slowly she righted herself and began to work her limbs loose.  They had dozens of different tethers, and all of them on a stand right by the door.  A thin six footer caught her attention and by the time she got back to him she’d made a small lasso.

With him on his side, she looped it around an ankle, pulled it up behind him to wrap it three times around each wrist before linking in the other ankle and cinching the entire assembly with a sturdy knot.

Looking down at him, “You gonna be okay?”

He laughed, “I was gonna ask you the same thing.”

Kneeling next to him without flinching, she pushed him to his back, uncomfortably onto his arms.

“What are you…”

“Just shut up.”  Quickly she unclipped the cockring, ‘I just wanna do something for you.”  Still sufficiently lubricated, she took it with both hands and began to pump.

He moaned without words, moving his hips in time.  She put her lips and tongue to the head and circled its perimeter, unable to get it past her teeth.

The moans turned to grunts, to pants, to an effort to restrain his volume as hours of pumping finally came to fruition.

Never breaking stride with her hands, her mouth centered over the knob and drew the pleasure from him.  In large gulps he came and she drank it all, still pulling from him even after he’d finished.

Finally breathing, “Oh, thank you, oh, very much.”  Drawing the words out, “You’re very good.”

Tossing the ring to the side, “I couldn’t possibly thank you enough.”

“Go, you’ve got to go.”  Rolling to his side, “Take the cream.”

Picking it up, “Tell her it’s over.  Tell her I told you to tell her that it’s over.  I was never hers.  I didn’t need to come her tonight, but I did and I did succeed.  I did complete my cessation.  I did and now it’s over.

“I will.  I will tell her.”

Kissing him on the forehead, she was gone.





Completely naked and north of town was a bad combination, but she wasn’t about to complain.  It was still better than fully clothed and on the south side of town.  She laughed at herself because it was, of course, much, much better than her bleak outlook just an hour ago.

Having passed several ranches, she was finally within the outskirts of housing, well past the bus route.  Kate’s condo was miles closer than her apartment and she aimed for it.

Not knowing what time it was, she could only tell by the lack of activity that it was well into the night.  As she worked her way further into town, she had less and less to hide behind, her feet were sore and it was getting chilly.

A side street took her through a neighborhood and she soon one of the things she needed:  a front porch swing had a blanket draped over it.  After sneaking up and taking it, she pulled a fold of it tightly over her head and held it at her chin and wrapped the rest of it tightly around her body.

Fortunately she walked barefoot quite often, for only the thick skinned soles kept her already sore feet from becoming unusually blistered.  Tired, sore and getting more so, she was ready to give up and curl up on a corner when it came into view.  It was still a mile or more away, but she could clearly see the outline of the dark highrise she was aiming at.  Just seeing it gave her a new strength.

Not until she was in the large drive did it occur to her.  Huffing in frustration, she called out to the building, “You’re not gonna let me in there, are ya?”  Shuffling off to the side, she circled the structure until she was stopped by the massive parking garage.  Not able to think, her body sore and her energy completely gone, she was unable to go on any further.





Chapter 14




The elevator doors began to close and she reacted just in time to stop them before she’d have to take the trip back up.  She could think of nothing but the call that didn’t come, the voice she needed to hear, telling her everything was going to be fine.  Waking from fitfull snippets of sleep, she found herself in the exact same position as when she dozed:  staring at the phone.  Pacing the floors, cleaning the kitchen, arranging her notes, reading a book; nothing worked.  She even baked cookies just so she could clean the kitchen again.  The cookies were terrible.

“She said it would all be okay.”  Chastising herself, “Don’t worry.  Just go to work.”

She had gotten up early to stretch and work her body.  The girl was right, as badly as her body hurt yesterday, it was much better this morning…at least her body was.  She’d stabbed herself in the eye with her mascara brush, burned her eggs and crashed her computer just trying to print her calendar schedule like she did every morning.  After running her pantyhose and spilling her coffee, she decided it was time to go…not according to the clock, but she left anyway.

“It would be just my luck.”  Shaking her head in dejection as she walked her way through the garage, “work will not make this easier.”  Thinking about the coming meeting, she got to her car and opened the door.  Getting in, she muttered, “Those idiots couldn’t AHhhhh!”  She stubbed her toe and almost fell to the ground while jumping out of the car as the blanket in the back moved.

A baggy eyed face poked out, “Mornin’, Sweetie.”

“Oh My God!  You’re Here!”  Suddenly agile, she swept to the back door and ripped it open, leaping at the girl, she smothered her face with kisses.  “I was so worried.  You hadn’t called.  I didn’t know what to think, what to do.”  Kissing her again before she jumped back, pointing at her accusingly, “Why are you here?”

Yawning and stretching, carefully, “You gotta make up your mind, either ya want me here or ya don’t.”

“I’m sorry.”  Reaching in again to hug her got a flinch in response and she backed off, “Are you okay?”

Smiling, still sleepy, “Just a little sore.”  Taking the woman back into an embrace, “Rough night.”

“Okay, Mandy,” their eyes met, “Why are you in my car and not in my bed?”

Opening the blanket to briefly expose her nakedness, smiling, “I don’t think your doorman would’a let me in.”

Seeing just enough, “Oh my God!  Mandy!  You’re hurt!  Let me see you.”  Pulling at the blanket, “Oh, Honey, your breasts.”  Pulling the rest of the blanket open, the girl finally just crawled out, “Your whole body!  No…we need to get you to a hospital.”

Grinning, happy for the concern, “No, Sweetie, I’ve got some good salve,” pulling the jar from the floorboard, “A special cream.  I aught’a go home.  I would’a last night, but it was just too far to walk.”

Looking at her in a queer concern, “You were walking through town, naked?”

“Yeah, weird, huh?” Crinkling her nose.

Putting her hands up in surrender, “I don’t care, whatever, as long as you’re safe now.”  Raising an eyebrow, “You are safe now?  It is…over?”

Nodding, combing her fingers through her hair, “I think so, yeah.”  Grabbing at the woman’s wrist, she checked the time, “You’re early.  Can ya take me home?”  Making a play of coyly batting her eyelashes.

“I will not only take you home, but I’ll even tuck you in.”  Covering the girl, she climbed out of the back and got into the driver’s seat, “You stay in bed.  Everything else is going to be fine.”

Knowing that she wouldn’t just lie in bed was not worth the effort of the discussion, but she did say, “Ya know, in your panic you called me ‘Honey’.”

“Did I?”

“I think I like it better than ‘Littlebutt’.”

“Well…we’ll just have to see.”

Driver and passenger both smiled, quietly and simply enjoyed each other’s presence.


“Oh this is awful.”  Kate massaged very gently across the girl’s back, “There’s a couple of spots that are seeping fluid.”

“Clear or pink?”

“It’s all clear, but it doesn’t look good.”

Trying not to flinch, knowing it makes the woman feel even worse about having to touch the damaged areas, “The open spots’ll actually heal faster ‘cause the salve gets down under the skin.”  Scooting, “Do my legs, would’ya?”

Shaking her head, “Why did they do this to you?”

“Not they, just her…and I let her do it.”  She huffed at the thought, “I told her to do it.”

Kate stopped, “That was foolish.”  Thinking she knew the answer, “Was it worth it?”

Grinning to her lover, “I’m now free to be with you.  What’s that worth?”

Holding out both hands in defeat, “Okay, you’re not a fool.”  Glancing to her watch, “Oh…” remembering to try it again, “…’Honey’?”  They both smiled, “I have a meeting at eight.”

“And I’ll be there by nine.”

That stopped her, “No you will not!”

Crinkling her nose at her, “That’s so sweet, but I can’t just sit around here all day.”  Rolling to a sit, she slowly stood, “Before you go, come here.”  Mandy went to her dresser and picked through a small jewelry box, “I want you to wear this today, for me, in celebration of one end and another beginning.”  Showing her, “Would you?”

Kate took the item and examined it, not understanding what it was.  A dozen little pegs, half the size of a toothpick, not sharpened to a point yet not dull were held together in a circle, making a little tube.  Flexing it back and forth, she noticed the little picks were held together by a single band of elastic which ran around its center.  She was able to stretch it to a wide flat starburst looking circle and let it snap back into the same tube but inverted.  Doing it again, she flipped it again and returned it to its original state, “What is it?”

“It’s a crown.”  She stood there bouncing.

“Okay…” eyeing the girl, “One more time?  What is it?”

Not hesitating to open the woman’s blouse, “Lemme show you.”  The front clip bra was open before she could protest, hands pulling at a breast.

“Whoa, there, I have to go to work.”

Excitedly, “Yes, and you’ll wear this, for me.”  Her mouth went to the exposed nipple.

Fighting it, but not hard, “Mandy, please.”  She still didn’t really understand, but wasn’t about to disappoint her lover, not on this morning.

In only a few seconds her nipple stood solid, “Okay, lemme see the crown and I’ll show ya how to wear it.”

Watching carefully, she saw the tube of pins get set over her nipple lengthwise, encapsulating it.

“Hold yer breath.”

The tube was opened wide at the top, forcing the lower ends of the little picks to push in on the base of the nipple.  In just a fraction of a second the tube opened completely and inverted against the flesh of the breast, pinning the nipple from its twelve different directions, pushing the nipple out and up while the crown itself laid flat across the breast in an open starburst, radiating from her now tightly bound bud.

Sucking in air through her teeth, “It…hurts.”

“Well, Sweetie, of course it does.  But look at it.  It’s beautiful and designed to allow just enough circulation so you can wear it all day.”

Guided to the mirror she saw that it indeed was a crown…and it did look pretty good.  “All day?”

“Yes.”  Hands on hips, “And you’ll take it off for nothing.”  Leaning in, she gently suckled the swollen nipple.

The woman moaned and held the girl’s head in place before managing to pull away.

“Super sensitive?”

“Yes, but the pain…All day?”

Folding her arms under her breasts, she tapped one foot, “Get dressed and go to work.”

The bra almost clasped, “Do I have to…wear the bra?”

“No.”  turning her head, “In fact it might be better if you didn’t.”

Quickly she was out of it, blouse buttoned and suit jacket on but opened.  Looking down she saw the nipple standing proudly through the satin blouse.  “Like this?” pointing to the tented nipple, obviously not happy.

Mandy laughed, took her by the face and kissed her, “Oh, Sweetie, I love you so much.”

She couldn’t help but smile and simply shake her head.





“Stability is not progress.  Stability is stagnation!”  The vein pulsed visibly in old man Byer’s forehead.

“But Mr. Corrington, the projections for next quarter’s forecast do not …”

His hand came down onto the conference table like thunder, “Do not throw your conjectured extrapolations of expectations at me.  I want answers for last quarter and solutions for this one.  You can take your ‘projections’ and shove…”

“Okay,” standing quickly, “I think everyone understands the position we take on forecasting.”


Patiently listening to the meaningless banter was bad enough, even for hours at a time, but today she couldn’t hear any of it.  Lost in a struggle with the crown, she couldn’t clearly think about this meeting.  She had so many questions to ask, so much she still didn’t know, but trying to organize her thoughts was proving impossible.  Her constant focus was the crown.

The pain of the pressure, constant unrelenting pressure, was frosted in a glaze of unpreventable arousing contact.  Every move she made took the soft fabric of the blouse across the tender tip.  Each movement sent stimulating shivers through her, in turn, bloating the nipple even further.  Keeping the suit coat buttoned but billowed, she kept it covered to some extent without adding to the pressure.  Sitting impatiently, slumped slightly at the shoulders, she tried to last the meeting without any movement at all, but it was not possible.  Frustrated and unable to vent, she just sat and stewed.

A short scoff of a laugh took her while she recalled the drive it.  After getting so annoyed with all of the bumps and dips in the road, she had finally unbuttoned her blouse and folded it back.  The contact on the tip was gone, but it still bounced freely and painfully but at least without the added contact.  At one point she’d pulled up to a red light while cupping the naked breast with one hand for support and blowing on the crowned nipple in an attempt to quell the throb.  From the corner of her eye she glimpsed a carload of men practically glued to the windows.  A car honked, the light had changed and she turned right just to avoid their stares.  It took her an extra ten minutes to weave her way back to her path to work.

Sitting now, in this meeting which barely concerned her, she tried to reduce the depth of each breath because even the rise and fall of normal breathing was erotically pleasing but also painfully throbbing.  There was just no way to escape the combination.  At one moment the pain would peak and she’d break out into a cold sweat, the very next moment a tickle would take her and moisture would gather between her legs.  It was a disconcerting annoyance, a distress and uneasiness which created a discord within her, a dissonance to the harmony that was normally her.  The imbalance was only just slight yet so powerful and as time passed the pressure slowly built, a pressure which would have to be released.

Shaking in expectations which would not be fulfilled, not soon anyway, she felt herself come to an edge.  Looking around, taking in again the meeting, the members of the board, the partners, she heard them talking…talking nonsense.

“…can’t even count on our employees!  There’s no loyalty anymore!  No respect given!”

The simmer came quickly to a rolling boil.  Kate’s chair flew as she jumped up, “Don’t you dare!”  Pointing to all of them, “Don’t you dare talk about loyalty!  They come here every day and support youThey find the jobs.  They do the mocks.  They plan, create, build and run this company!  They get up in the morning and come here!  Why?  That’s your job.”

Her rant edged on being out of control, except for the facts, “If they drove to McConnell’s Con or Worldwide they’d do the same thing every day they do now.  What’s the difference to them?”

“Miss Montgomery, please, we don’t need this.”

Without missing a beat, “And they don’t need you!  You need them!”  Not relenting a single octave or decibel, “They don’t plot against you!  They don’t talk of union!  They don’t even care enough about this company to do that!  This company would function tomorrow just the same without every single soul in this room and there is not another room like that anywhere in the entire building!”

Needing to get out of this room, she stomped to the door but stopped for one last word, “A wise man once told me that you cannot give respect, just as you cannot command it.  Respect is something which must be shared.”

The door slammed and old man Byer shook his head, confused, “I used to say that.”


Storming into her office just long enough to grab her bag, she blew past her secretary without even a first glace, she was going to an early lunch.  Screw the messages, screw the minutes, she had to go.

Quickly passing the big glass double doors leading into the pit, she noticed some sort of disturbance and doubled her pace.  She was in no mood for anything and right now just needed to leave, besides, the pit hadn’t been her responsibility for a while now.  Sara was more than able to handle…

“Shit!” stopping to try and organize her thoughts.  Sara was gone and the pit was her responsibility.

Pacing back, jaws clenched, hands fisted, she took the couple of stairs and followed the tumult back.  Her heart began to race as the crowd led her back toward bookkeeping.  Her anger was shadowed by a rising fear.  The combinations of forceful emotions had people unconsciously turning to see her coming and throng stepped back and opened a path which allowed her through where others couldn’t.

In just a few seconds she had accelerated into a run and needed only seconds more to turn that last corner to see Mandy at her desk holding her arm and a tall gorgeous blonde standing over her.  She had to mentally pause as the woman was dressed in a very expensive cut suit with her hair pulled back into a perfectly severe braid; she was most certainly executive class…almost.

“…ever fucking fuck with me, you little bitch.  I fucking tell you to fucking stay; you fucking stay!”  Her voice was not loud, but unbelievably confident.

Kate never broke stride.  She knew.  This was the woman who had hurt Mandy.  This was the cause of her pain.  Catching the woman by surprise, she put a forearm across her shoulder and pushed her into and folded her over the desk she was next to.  Paperwork flew as Kate’s forearm slid up to her throat.

Gritting her teeth, pushing harder on the vulnerable neck, Kate growled, “What gives you the right?”  Digging in even harder got the woman struggling but Kate was not deterred, “You think you can do this to my…”

Something in her mind clicked and she paused, thought it out quickly and finished the thought with something a little more politically correct, “…employee?”

Pulling back just enough to push the bigger woman, “This is over.  Do you understand me?”

Hands grabbed at Kate and she turned and almost swung at the offender before she saw the familiar uniform of the building security and caught herself.

“Miss Montgomery, we’ll take it from here.”  The security guard looked to Mandy, “Would you like to file charges with the police?”

“No, please, no police.”  Standing, she hugged Kate…in front of everybody.

Kate just calmed herself, smoothed the girl’s hair like soothing a child and spoke over Mandy’s shoulder, “Do a standard Disturbance Report.  If she cooperates, then no,” shaking her head, “no police.”

The captive woman pulled indignantly out of the guard’s grip, straightened her suit and looked to Mandy, smiled and calmly stated, “Now, it is done.”  Leading the two guards out, they appeared more like escorts behind the exotic beauty of their liege.

Whispering, “It’s okay,” she tried to peel the girl from her arms without kissing.  “Are you all right?”  Managing to break away at least a little, she turned and addressed the still gathered crowd, “Okay, everybody, we’ve got twenty minutes until lunch.  Let’s do what we can to finish the morning.”

Mark was on the floor picking through his scattered work.  Seeing him, Kate had to say something, “Mark, I am so sorry.”

“No, really,” waving her away, “I know people who pay big money to see stuff like that.”  He looked up, smiling, “There’s nothing like a good cat fight.”  Raising a single finger, “And you may not have noticed, but she was absolutely gorgeous.”  Nodding in agreement with himself, he quickly added, “And you, of course, you were awesome!”  His smile softened into a more serious look, “It’s just too bad about Amanda’s arm.  I hope she’s okay.”  Handing the woman a small tool, “Careful, it’s still hot.”

Taking the little iron, she immediately lost interest in Mark’s comments, “Are you hurt?”  Holding the girl out at arms length, “Honey, are you hurt?”

Leaning back in, she whispered, “You called me ‘Honey’ again.”

Frustrated, “Mandy, are you hurt?”

Pouting out her bottom lip, “She just got me a little on the arm,” holding it out to show her.

Seeing the burn, she turned and paced off, keeping the girl in tow, “Ice.  You need ice on that right away.”

Mandy flinched and cramped her hips at the sudden movement.

Slowing, “Oh, Shit!” Furtively searching to see who heard, “Sorry, I forgot.”  Slowing to a manageable pace, she glanced down to the girl’s waist, “How is…that?”

Grinning at her concern, “I’m gonna be okay.”

“Can I assume that was her?”

“Oh, yeah.  That’s her, ‘Mistress Antoinette’.  She’s just as ugly as she is attractive.”  Giving the woman a wry smile, “How are you…” bouncing her eyebrows, “…coping?”

Kate had to chuckle, “Well, I just finished telling off the entire corporate board before coming in here and tackling a woman to hold her down by her throat.  So, it’s a pretty normal day.  Other than that I’m just pissed off and frustrated.”

People stopped to stare at the pair as they crossed the pit in such a jovial mood after the scene that had just happened.  Neither noticed.

“What’re they gonna do with her?”

“Nothing, probably.”  Kate helped her up the steps, “We could make it a lot worse for her if we let them know there was a weapon.”

“No,” the girl was suddenly serious, “that would not make it any better.”

“So what is up with her?  Has this ended?  She said it was over.”

“No, she said it was done.”

“What ever, has it come to an end?”

“Id’a thought there’s nothin’ to end.  But I just don’t know any more.”  Putting a hand to the woman’s arm to stop her, “Yeah, I know, we’ll talk.”  Pushing her tongue to the back of her teeth, “Take me to lunch?”

Pointing to her own throbbing breast, “Can I take this infernal thing off?”

The girl’s bottom lip came out as her brows furrowed.

Both hands up, “Okay, okay, I won’t ask again.”  Now thinking of it again had her shifting her jacket and blouse back and forth to find that one comfortable spot which did not exist.


The hadn’t yet slid into the opposite sides of the booth in the corner cafeteria, but Kate had held out for the entire trip here, “Tell me everything, from the beginning.  Mandy, I need to know.”  Without looking, she pushed the glass of ice water up against the small rising blister on the girl’s arm.

Sinking into the booth, she played solemnly with the glass, “Whadda ya wanna know?”

“Well…” not knowing where to begin, finally she decided to start with, “She is not your master?”

All she got was a shake of the head, no.  “But she thinks she is?”  Getting a nod led her to the obvious, “Okay, why?”

“Well,” tilting her head, “I was sorta borrowed to her,” crinkling her nose at the thought.

Both hands went up, “Just hold on.”

Not waiting, “In the community there’s rules ya gotta follow.”

“What community?”  Unconsciously she shifted her jacket and blouse.

The community.”  Like that answered everything, yet she continued, “When you’re lent out to another, ya gotta become theirs until you’re given back.”

An understanding to some degree occurred, “And you have not been given back.”

Still without eye contact, she shook her head, “Ugh uhh.”

“So you are…sort of hers?”

Sitting up quickly, she gazed directly at her date, “No I am not!  Not even a little!  And last night proved it!  I completed the cessation and then even more than that!  I will not submit to her!  She did not collar me.  I am not hers!”

Quickly reaching out and taking her hand, “Mandy.”  Trying to quiet the girl, “Honey?”  Rubbing the hand had no effect, it wasn’t as easy as it appeared, “I am just trying to understand.”  Just gripping the hand tighter, “I won’t let anyone take you from me.”  Deciding to move on, “Now, what happened today?”

Staring back at the burn, calmer now, “I dunno, she’s just crazy or somethin’.”

“So where is this master who so casually ‘lends’ you out?”  Without realizing it, she was shaking her head in obvious disgust.

“It’s not like that.”  Exasperated at the woman’s lack of understanding, “I was kept.  He’d go out of town and we’d all have to go somewhere.”  Shrugging her shoulders, “I’d been over to Antoinette’s a couple of times.”

Again the hands came up, “Hold on,” her head slowly swiveled, “You were ‘kept’?”

Exhaling sharply, “Okay.”  She stared at her own fingers as she played with them, one more deep breath and her thoughts organized, “I was introduced a few years ago.  I trained with a woman named Angela.  She sponsored me into the community.  At an open auction I was bought by my Master Samuel.  Ten days later I submitted to him and asked him to collar me.  I joined the others he keeps…” a short proud smile came through as she looked up, “…but I am his favorite.  He paid for the apartment so we’d have a place to be alone and did the work to soundproof it and put in all the…‘additions’.”  Her chin again rose just a touch more and the slightest of smiles graced her face, “He keeps special whips, just for me.”

“So where is he now?”

Slowly her head shook as the short lived energy of the reminisce faded, “I don’t know.”  Her attention again diverted to her hands, “It’ll be seven weeks this Friday.  He’d never been gone longer than a couple of days.”  Shrugging her shoulders, “After two weeks of ‘Mistress Antoinette’ I had to go.”  Shaking her head at the memory, “I got to the apartment where I had some clothes and tried looking for him.”  Shoulders slumping under the weight of her words, “But I didn’t know where to look or who to call.  I don’t even know how to get a hold of Angela anymore.  So…I went out and got a job.  It’d been years since I worked, I was just a kid.”  Smiling at the woman, “I kinda like it.”

“Yeah,” Kate shared the sentiment, “I kinda like it too.”

With so much to digest, so many new things to consider and the girl’s very odd predicament, it was still hard not to look at how she would now fit into this scenario.  Not trying to bypass the girl’s burden, she just had to ask, “So, are you planning on sponsoring me into this community?”

Taking the woman’s hands, she almost giggled, “No way, Sweetie!  You’re all mine!”

Laughing, “Yeah, I love you too.”  Suddenly she froze and quickly looked around.  Satisfied her outburst wasn’t overheard, she asked somewhat facetiously, “So, you’re not going to ‘keep’ me?”

“I will collar you.  I will dominate you.  But you’re gonna have to keep me, Miss Junior Partner.”

“We’ll see about that.”  Still trying to process it all, “So…what happens now?”

Pushing her tongue to the back of her teeth, the girl crept further across the table to whisper, “We go to your condo and I’ll show you this thing I can do with my tongue.”

Holding back the grin, “You just be patient.”

“Hey,” suddenly pouting, “I went through a very traumatic morning and need the time to regroup.”

“Yeah, well I have reports to file and should probably see to what kind of damage I did this morning in the meeting.”

Looking to the crowned breast, “Is it still bothering you a lot?”

Her eyebrows rose, “No, actually, not so much at all anymore.  I can still definitely feel it, I think it’s just numb or something.”  Casually pulling her jacket back, she tested it with a slight nudge of her finger and suddenly flinched, “Not numb,” sucking air through her teeth, “God!  I think I just reactivated it or something.”

Shifting in her seat, she adjusted her jacket and then her blouse and then shifted again, “Damn it, everything I do just makes it worse!”  Ignoring the girl’s giggle, she tried to just push on, “So,” taking a breath, “She is done?  I mean, she did say that it’s done.”

Mandy poked at the bubbled blister on her arm, “It might be some kind of brand.  It does sorta look like an ‘A’.”

“Why would she…no, she can’t.”

Trying to calm the woman, “I don’t know.  It might just be ‘cause she’s still pissed I got away last night.  She did try and keep me.”

“Then maybe it would be best if you went to my place and just stayed out of sight for a while.”  She took the girl’s hand.

Squeezing, “No, please, I really like being out.”

“Honey, I’m not making you do anything.”  Pausing, “Hey, aren’t you supposed to be the dominant?”

“Yes.”  Her chin came up and a grin was unable to remain hidden, “We will finish the workday and go to your condo and see just how quickly you’ve healed and then I will decide from there just how to administer your next lesson.”  Pausing just long enough for effect, she added, “Any questions?”

“No, Mistress Amanda.”  Kate found a certain appeal to not being responsible for making any decisions.





Chapter 15




Relief flooded through her when the doorman finally called to announce that she had a visitor.  She didn’t like the idea of being apart, but also knew that coming and going from the office together would be a bad idea:  No ‘company ink’, pen or not.

The fact that Mandy was to stop at her apartment was even more disturbing because neither of them knew whether Antoinette was really done with her, and both of them knew that because of the note they’d found, the apartment might not be the safest place, but she did say that she was getting a couple of changes of clothes.  In the office and here in the condo she knew they were both safe.

Standing in her open doorway, she watched the elevator open and ran to help Mandy with her two bags, relieved at the sight of the girl, “Did you eat yet?”

Bumping into her, Mandy looked up with a devious smile, “No, but I’m ready to.”  Adding, “Are you?”

Trying very hard to ignore the double entendre’, she kissed the girl quickly and whisked away the larger suit case to the bedroom.  Before she could set it down, she sensed the girl’s presence.  Turning to face her, without words the girl took the woman into a loving embrace, kissing deeply the soul of her passion.  The contact lingered, the tongues fed each other’s emotional fulfillment, quickly blossoming into a fervor of sexual arousal.

Mandy broke away first, “You worried about me.  Thank you.”

Their foreheads touched, “I do worry about you, but you’re worth it.  You’ve filled a spot in my heart I never even knew was empty.”  Shaking her head, “I find it hard to believe that I use to think that I was happy.”

Mandy initiated another kiss, lips and tongues craved.  Pulling the woman tight to her, she could feel the crown even through the layers.  She whispered, “Take off your clothes.”

Without comment, the jacked flew and the blouse buttons came out seemingly on their own volition.  She glowed, happy to be rid of them.  Her bare breasts were wonderfully intoxicating and Mandy had to lean back and hold onto the dresser to prevent herself from attacking.

The skirt unzipped and she shimmied out of it.  Casually as she could, she hung the skirt on hanger clips and put it away.  The girl watched it rapt desire as the woman so gracefully moved about.  She eyed her hips, the non-deliberate swing, the slight stretch to hang the garment, she wanted to see more.  “Have you ever worn a G-string or a thong?”

Turning around, the woman had he bottom lip in her teeth, “I don’t think I’d like the…” cantering her hips, she ran a finger under the bottom rear seam of her panties.

Laughing and clapping her hands, “You’re just so cute, sometimes.”

Hands on hips, the woman retorted, “Only sometimes?”

Bouncing the first step, then slowing as not to flinch, Mandy walked to her and slid a finger just inside the waist band.  Gently lowering herself, she brought the panties with her.  Before Kate could step out of them, the girl’s arms circled the hips and her lips pressed into the lightly tufted ‘V’.  “Tomorrow you will replace all of your panties with thongs.”  Hugging her cheek to the woman’s hips, “So I can see just how cute your ‘little butt’ is.”

Stroking the girl’s hair, she had no compulsion at all to deny her.  “Any particular preference?”

“Get whatever you like, as long as it’s at the most a thong.”  She gently tugged at the hairs, “Get at least one pouch sling, we’ll trim this to fit it tomorrow.”

Lifting the girl to her level and stepping out of the panties, “What’s a pouch sling?”

“Exactly what it sounds like, just a little sling for your pouch to sit in.  Beyond that, it’s just string.”  Her attention was drawn to the woman’s breast and crown.  With her hand flat on the woman’s ribs, she lifted the breast just a little and prodded the bound nipple with her other hand.

Hands flew to the girl’s, stopping her, “What are you doing?”

“Looking for marks.  Turn around.”  The girl closely examined the flesh on the woman’s bottom, back and thighs, then up her back.

“So…what do you see?”

“Nothing unexpected.”  Waving a hand casually, “You do heal pretty quick, but then again I didn’t really hit ya all that hard, either.”

Coughing at the words, “Excuse me, but I beg to differ.  Don’t forget, I was there too and I remember quite vividly how…”

“Take my clothes off.”  She smiled with her arms out wide.

Kate couldn’t continue.  She found that very recently she could be so easily distracted.

The girl had a penchant toward T-shirts and cotton sweat shorts; easy on, easy off and comfortable to wear.  Kate made a mental note to buy more of both.

Taking the shirt up and over her head, she stared in dreaded awe, “Oh, Honey!  Stay right here and I’ll get something for this.”  Not wanting to look, she found herself not looking away as the breasts were shaded in faded blacks and purples, around the nipples being the worst.  All across her torso were horrible signs of the previous evening.

Mandy followed her out, but went to her shoulder bag and got out the jar of salve from that evening.

Returning to the girl with an entire first aid kit, “Lie down on the bed.  You should have had these covered all day.  I didn’t realize they were this bad.”  Sitting next to the girl, she set the kit aside and took the salve, “Thank you, now just relax.”  Taking the girl’s arm, “If we don’t start here, we might not make it back for a while.”  Dabbing a small amount of the ointment onto the burn, she placed a square bandage over it.  The burn was only an inch long and just half as wide but very deep.  “You can’t let that get infected.”

Chin down and bottom lip out, she muttered, “Yes, Ma’am.”

Kate laughed but tried not to, “Stop it, I’m serious!”  Under the pretense of going through her first aid kit, she just had to look away, “It’s a bad burn.  That’s all I’m trying to say.”

“What about these, Doctor?”  Cupping her own breasts, “Are they gonna make it?”

Turning back to see her, “No,” Kate lightly covered each with a palm, “I think we’ll have to put ‘em down…for their own good.”

Mandy’s hands went to her cheeks, “Do they have a next of kin?”

“Mandy?”  Her smile faded, “These are serious wounds.”  Fingering some salve, “I hope the skin isn’t damaged permanently.”  Going right to the nipples, she lightly covered them.

“Oooo, Yeahhh.  That’s sooo good.”  They stiffened immediately to become erect.  “Don’t worry, Sweetie, I’ve gotten off on far worse.  They’ll heal just fine.”  Her speech became slowed and slightly slurred, “But ya gotta do that for hours at a time or they’ll never ever get any better.”

“Yes, Mistress Amanda.”

Smiling, “Yeah, that’s right.  Ya know, the first time I whip you this bad, you’re gonna thank me when it’s over.”

The hands stopped, “Is that a joke?”

“Awe, come on, Sweetie, you know I’d never take you beyond what you’re ready for.”  The pause was uncomfortable, she figured she’d hit her below the belt, “You do trust me, right?”

The words slumped her, “Well yes, yes I do trust you…but…”

“No ‘buts’.”  Taking the woman’s wrists, “Think about how far you’ve come in just a few days.  I will guide you and teach you.  I can feel you, Sweetie.  I know where you are and I can only ever take you higher and further if you let me.”  Setting the hands back onto her chest, “Trust me, accept and don’t hesitate to obey.  Sweetie, you will learn and someday soon I will tend to your body in a similar condition and even the next day you’ll still be glowing from its fire.”

Kate leaned over and kissed her on the lips, “I am sorry.  I do trust you, entirely.  You will take me and I will let you.  I do already know that.”  Kissing her again, “It’s all a part of my love; A love which will take me past my fears.”

“You’re so sweet.”  Laying back, she stretched her arms and legs out, “Do what you must, Doctor, for I have an urgent matter with a whip to attend to.”  Looking up to the woman, “Have you ever been spanked…everywhere?” eyebrows bouncing.

Biting back the remains of her uncomfortable thoughts, she tried to process the meaning of the word ‘everywhere’ and decided to respond as neutrally as she could, “My answer to that could be different if you asked me again at some point in the future.”  Getting her hands up under the girl’s waist, she fingered the waistband and prodded the girl, “Up, up.”  The butt came up off of the bed and Kate slid the shorts over the curve of her hips and slowed as she saw again the battered hips, bottom and legs.  “Oh, Honey, I’m so sorry if it hurts.”

Expelling a quick ‘pfft’, she added, “You’d never make it as a sadist.”  Pumping her legs to free them, “But it is getting’ me hot.”  Opening herself to a spread eagle pose, “I’m ready for your healing touch.”

Kate carefully conserved the salve by tracing lines of it only across the raised and damaged streaks.  The inner thighs were bad, the center of the back was worse, but the front of the hips, right where the bone comes to a crest was the worst.  The entire ridge on both sides was bruised dark purple and the skin marred into ripples.

Careful not to upset the healing already in progress, “It didn’t look this bad this morning.”

“It sometimes takes a while for the bruise to come to the surface, but that doesn’t feel like the worst of it.”

Kate lightly kissed the cleft of the hip, “Show me, I’ll kiss it and make it all better.”

The girl smiled, took a deep breath and spoke slowly, “Yeah…that would be nice.”  Her knees came up until her feet were flat on the bed and then gradually they fell open.  Her smile was kind and understanding, “Just do what you can, what you want to do.  There’s no pressure, we only have until forever.”

Kissing the girl’s inner thigh, mid-way up, “Thank you.”  Her head rested on the thigh and she looked up to the damaged folds.  The beautiful, delicate, arousing curves which stood sentry over the girl’s need.  A single finger painted a gently line of moisture from the hairline, through the short fine fur and followed the seam, grazing both sides.  Her hand spun without stopping to finish the trip by slowly circling into the pucker of the anus.

Lifting her head, Kate pushed both knees up to the girl’s chest, “Bring your arms to me.”  they came around, “No, inside your knees.”  The girl complied.  “Now push your elbows out, reach around your calves and grab the bottoms of your feet.”

The simple pressure on her feet easily kept her knees down next to her shoulders.  The girl found that with her arms on the inside of her thighs, it assured her legs would remain spread, “This is good.  You might not be as new as I thought.”

Chuckling, the woman told her, “How many years of Yoga and I finally find a purpose.”  Scooting up behind the girl while sitting on her own feet, she was able to spread her own knees and shimmy up under her and rest the girl’s raised hips into her lap.  Mandy liked this and rolled herself back even further onto her shoulders and Kate again scooted forward, bringing the girl’s hips to rest all the higher.

Kate’s hands fell naturally to the buttocks, the fingers lining up along the shallow to each side of her intended target.

The light was good enough, the view impeccable.  She saw excitement and stimulation.  She saw beauty…perfection.  She found her head lulling, falling toward the essence of her lover.  Her tongue came out and touched the seam.  It felt right.  Very slowly, testing her bounds, she drew her tongue to the top, held it over what felt like it must surely house the clitoris…and pulled away.  Moving her fingers, she kissed the outside edge of the labia.

Confidently, “I’m gonna make you cum.”

“Yes,” panting, “Yes you are.”

Starting from the same spot, she worked up some moisture, dropped her tongue to the fleshy swell and traveled down.  Feeling the seam part just before she got to its base, she followed beyond.  The girl purred a long moan as the moist projection crossed firmly over the lower pucker.

Backing away enough to look carefully, she noticed damage along the inner edges of the folds within the anus.  Gently she fingered the depression, working some of the soothing cream into the surface lines.  The purr was continuous.  The hips began to roll.

Leaving the finger to linger, she moved her other hand to straddle the swelling pouch.  She gentled the flesh, patiently exposing a thin slip of moist pink.  It beckoned a siren’s song of need and desire which played out as the moan of the girl’s primal craving.

Drawn to a point she couldn’t miss, her tongue tasted the open furrow.  The tender flesh pulled her in, she could not resist.  The hips rose even further, encouraging more.  A puddle rose to meet her, to greet her and to prove its anticipation and preparations were complete.

The girl’s sounds became a whine, then a savage moan as Kate plowed deeply through the pond of her hunger.

“Oh, Oh yes, yes!”

Pulling through the valley and across the solid node above, she slowed enough to make the girl shudder with spasms of lust and carnal hunger.  The need became contagious and the woman began to lap hungrily into the once avoided furrow.  Diving in deeper, stroking stronger, longer, feeling the girl’s euphoria, she fed from it.

A steady stream of pants and gasps filled the moments without those final cries of rapture so Kate eventually worked back to the throbbing stem and dragged her tongue across it.  The girl’s body shook and Kate’s had to join it.  Her own hips snapped, her own desire throbbed but she would not be deterred in this.

The erect clitoris was pulled easily between her lips.  Under the first tug of vacuum, the girl’s body clenched and froze in a flex which consumed her.

Feeling the pulse of the little bud, she began to suckle at it and the girl moaned out wildly at the change and fought her own arms for release.  Slipping one hand under her chin, the woman slid three fingers into the girl and pushed up at the inner spot, provoking further commotion as the hips in her control bucked wildly at the affecting manipulations.

Battling to keep her place, she almost gave into the struggle but then Mandy’s legs sprung straight up into the air and locked onto her head.

Through writhing and bucking, she didn’t relent…and neither did Kate.

Her hand was bent back and stuck, but right where she wanted it to keep the heavy pressure on the girl’s front wall.  Keeping long steady draws on the bundle in her mouth had the girl’s body clench sharply at the fingers as it began to spill over them.

The cries of rapturous glory ended in an explosive gasp as the first contraction ended.  Kate stayed steadfast in her duty an immediately felt a second seizure grip the girl in a contorting paroxysm.  The whole of her head, held captive by the enthrallment, the intensity, the ferocity of the impairment.  Air, grunts and unintelligible bursts of words all served to encourage the woman on.  Unable to gasp a solid lungful of air herself, she pushed on into the haze of her own desire to fulfill while another spasm took the girl.  Feeling it all through the conduit she’d created with the girl’s quivering bud, she was able to experience it with her, in her, for her.

“Oh, oh…Oh, sweet…yeah!  Oh!  Oh!”  Regaining some semblance of control over her body, she was still taken by involuntary bucks and jumps, but she was able to spread her knees and release Kate’s head.

Slowing, but not stopping, Kate ran a lazy tongue over and through the furrow, avoiding the finished clit.  She also eased a finger she found buried in the girl’s ass slowly out.

“Ooohhhh, Yeahhhh,”  Rolling her hips, completely under her own control, “Are you sure you never done that before?”

Breaking away and leaning back, she allowed the girl to lay her hips and legs back down but stayed between them.  “Yeah, God,” panting herself, “It was pretty good from this end too.”  Leaning over, she kissed the front joint of a hip.

The girl’s legs settled and she moaned a little differently, “That hurt.”

Pulling her hands back, “Oh, Honey, I’m so sorry.  I just totally forgot.  Are you okay?”

“No, I hurt like crazy.”  Eyeballing her, “Ya wanna do it again?” eyebrows bouncing.

“Little butt.”  Pushing herself off the bottom of the bed, she circled back around to the girl.

“No.  I’m your ‘Honey’.”  With her nose haughtily in the air, “We’ve dispensed with, ‘Littlebutt’.”  She suddenly clenched in a delayed spasm.

“Maybe not Littlebutt, but you are still a little butt.”  She went to kiss the girl who proved to be quicker and latched her mouth onto the crowned nipple.

“Oh, Shit!”  Holding the girl’s head in place, not risking any further movement, “I…God…had…forgot.”

Releasing the nub, “I hadn’t.”  Cuddling onto the woman, she wet a finger and traced a circle around the crown, “Do ya think it’s ready?”  Pinching her hips tightly, her knees came up.

Worried, “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, yeah.”  Catching her breath, “I’m still cumming.”  Another breath, “You are good.”

Blushing, “Yes, well…” remembering, “Do I think it’s ready for what?”

Ignoring the woman, “On Monday, did ya enjoy your new paddle?”  Rubbing herself into another shiver.

Hesitantly, “Well…yes I did.”

“Yeah,” grinning, “Me too.”  Hiking her leg up, she rested the calf across the woman’s mound and wedged her legs apart, “I know I’ve seen you in a belt.”  Continuing with the tiny circles around the crown, “Go choose a belt.  No, choose two belts and bring them to me.”  Lifting her leg to release the woman, she pushed, “Go, now, go get ‘em.”

Rolling over, “Okay, hold on, I’m going.”  Holding her breast, she scooted to the closet.  “Anything in particular?”

Waving a hand, “Your choice, any two.”  Shifting off the bed, she came up behind her.

Holding up a wide leather belt with a metal tip tongue, “That’s a no.”  Setting it back, she pulled loose a three inch wide, soft cotton belt.  Smiling, “How ‘bout this one?”

Mandy snatched it, smiling as well, “Okay.  One more.”

Surprised, “Really?”  Kate then went to what she thought the girl really wanted and picked out a one-inch wide, thin whippy belt, “Is this okay?”

Walking away with the one, “I said it was your choice,” turning, “is that the other one you choose?”

“I think it’ll do the job better than that,” pointing to the cotton belt.

“Yes?”  Taking the second choice, “and what do you propose I do with it?”

“Well,” confused, “I thought you’d probably…I guess, spank me with it?”

“Is that what you want me to do with it?”  She began to roll up the buckled end.

“That’s not fair.”

“Why not?”  The girl paced, “Do you know what you want?”  Their eyes met, “Then tell me…Sweetie, just say it.”

With her hands on her hips, “Will you spank me with the belt?”

The girl’s eyebrows rose, “…please?”

In a bit of a huff, “Will you please hit me with the belt?”

Sitting on the bed, “I don’t know if you’re really ready for that,” tapping her chin with a finger.

“Come on, Mandy.  I took the paddle, I can surely take that belt.”

“And did the paddle feel good?  Or did it ‘hurt like hell’, I believe you said?”

“Well it hurt and it felt good.”


“Because…”  She thought about it, then just shrugged her shoulders, “Because the moment was right.”

“And what made the moment right?”  Kate huffed and Mandy stood, “I’m not tryin’ to frustrate you.  I really do want you to think about it, know why, understand how and be able to do it again.”  Taking the woman’s hands, she kissed her mouth, “What did you learn on Monday?”

Nodding up and down, understanding at least to some degree, “That all sorts of different types of stimulation can enhance a sexual climax.”

“So, if I just started beating you with this belt, would you like it?”

Clenching her hips, grinning, “Right now, from you, probably.”  Seeing the girl didn’t share her playful mood, “Probably not.”

Ignoring the woman’s humor, “And where does your sexual arousal usually begin?  And what do you want me to do?  I want you to tell me.”

Tentatively, “Spank my butt, then my legs, then probably by breasts, then, I guess…” pointing down.

“So,” she picked up the belt, “Put your hand on the bed and stick our your butt.”

“Just like that?”

“It’s up to you what ya do with it.”

“I mean, can you…” she twisted a hand around her wrist.

Shaking her head no, “You’ll be fine.  Besides, you may’ve noticed, but you don’t have any suspension equipment here.”

“I don’t know if I can…”

“I believe in you, Sweetie.  Just do it.”

Kate put her hands on the bed, spread her legs a little and rolled her hips up, pushing her butt out, “Okay.”


Grinning, “Okay, Mistress Amanda.”

The girl just put her hands to her hips and stared.

“Okay, okay, I’ll stop.  Would you please go ahead and spank me with the belt already?”


“Well, I mean, easy at first.”


Now it was Kate’s turn to get frustrated again, “Because it just…it’s,” stopping to think, “Because I’m not yet really in the ‘mood’ yet.”

“Very good.  Now stay still.”  Mandy lightly slapped twelve inches of the belt across the bare bottom several times, increasing the intensity of each until the belt made an actual slapping sound.  Seeing the woman tense just a touch at the last, she lightly stroked the woman’s pouty lips until she calmed, “Okay?”

Relaxing, “A little harder, please.”

Unrolling about eighteen inches of the leather, she began to slap the butt just harder than she had.  From different angles she covered all of the curves without changing intensity before pausing to again stroke the woman, this time just into her folds.

“Yeah, please, I’m ready.  A little harder.”

The next strike made her jump.

Quickly she answered the unasked, “I’m ready, go ahead.  Do it again.”

The next few were a little more harsh, stinging in earnest as they landed but she stayed rock solid as they fell.  Each felt like pain, but each also created a tiny burst of tingling sensation which covered the area with a blanket of stimuli, activating her readiness even further.

“Harder than that!”  Panting, “I really want it!”

The next shot was a crack that echoed through the room.  A bolt of pain shot through her and made her body shake, but she stood it without any further reaction until the fingers found their way through her middle.  Bending her knees and dipping her hips, she immediately straightened.

“No, please, don’t stop.”

Asking, “The belt or my hand?”

Without pause, “The belt!  The belt, please.”  It took a second for her to realize how quickly she craved it.  “Go ahead, try it harder.  I’m ready.”

Unrolling another couple of inches, she swung it with an effort.  The strike sounded and the woman sent a short cry to join it.  “I won’t, I won’t, I’m sorry, I won’t cry out.”  Feeling the heat from within her come to a boil, “Don’t stop, just do it harder.  I wanna try it harder.”

Without changing the timing or pace, Mandy slid out more of the belt and with a real force brought it down across the woman’s bottom.  The cry was stifled to just a throaty grunt and Mandy swung again and again, changing only the point of contact.

The fire of the pain engulfed her, erupted from within her.  Aided by the occasional swab from the girl’s fingers, the moisture of her readiness flowed.  The strikes inched down to her legs and she had to flex and strain against the desire to defend herself while also relishing the furious rage which threatened to overcome her.

The pain was become incredible, dazzling, brilliant.  She couldn’t move.  She didn’t want to move, but her body betrayed her and gave in.  On the next massive strike, she collapsed to the floor.

Holding her, wiping away the woman’s tears, “Oh, Sweetie, you’re doin’ so good.”  The woman started to roll over but the girl stopped her, “No, no, Sweetie, it’s welted right now.  You can’t sit on it yet, it could mar the skin.”

Panting, reaching for her bottom, “I can’t, I can’t…it’s so…oh, oh it hurts.”  Staying on all fours, she continued to reach for it.

“What do you do with it?”  Mandy slipped her hand between the welted cheeks and soothed the quivering lips, “Answer me, think, what’a ya do with the pain?”

Suddenly appeased by the girl’s touch, “I…do what I want…with it.”  Her hips rose and fell in time with the fingers stroke.

“Come on, Sweetie, be more specific, what do you want to do with it?”  Her touch became lighter.

“Make it…become…enhance…for higher…”  Crying out, “Oh, please, God!  Make me cum!  I’ll use it.  I swear to God I will!”

“So,” her hand stopped to the sound of a whimper, “Are you done with the belt?”

Looking back at her, trying to read her face and finding it impossible, the woman came up onto her knees and desperately answered, “No, I can’t be done.  Not yet.  I’m so ready right now.  Please.  Please.  I’m ready.”

“Yes, I know.”  Holding up three wet fingers, “What did you say would be after your butt and legs?”  Knowing the answer, she demanded the answer to come from the woman.  “What’s next?”

“Will you…start slow again?”  Moving her hips because her sex demanded it just further agitated her searing bottom.

“Is that what you want?”

“What about the…” Finding it hard to finish a sentence without gasping, “…the crown?”

Mandy’s eyebrows rose, “What about it?”

“I…just…didn’t want you to forget about it.”

“Do you want to stay on your knees or stand?”

“I’ll, ahhh…” getting up slowly, “can I…kiss you first?”

“Do you want to kiss me first?”

Kate practically bounced in frustration, “Stop doing that!”  Taking the girl’s face in her hands, she dove in.  Greedily she consumed the emotions returned.  The girl permitted the rapturous contact for as long as the woman required it.  After the fervor diminished to a mere delirium, the woman broke away, panting but more confident, “I trust you and I want what you can do.”

“I love you too.”  Stepping back, the girl smiled, “This is usually done with the fingers locked together behind your neck.”

The woman stood staring in confusion.

Mandy showed her the position, “Elbows high, chest out…but I want you to guide me through it.”  Lowering her arms, “I’ll be yours to control.  Just tell me.”

“No, no, I want you to tell me.”  Suddenly desperate, “You have to help me.”

“I will help.”  Mandy pecked her again on the lips then tapped her arms, “elbows up.”

“I want to do this.”  Clasping her fingers behind her neck, “I have to do this.”

“You don’t have to convince me.”  Pushing the woman’s elbows a little higher, “Spread your legs a little for stability.  And now spread your elbows so they’re out of the way.”

Mandy stood for just a moment to take in the vision of this woman, so beautiful, so ready and maybe best, so willing.  Without warning she plowed two fingers through the sodden fissure and got the woman’s knees to buckle.

“Oh, God!” her whole body shook.

“Stand up.” Waiting to get the woman again into position, “You will be able to command what I do, but I do still require that you stand and limit your reactions.  Whether it’s pain or pleasure, you must learn to control yourself.”  With her fingers still wet she lightly stroked the bound nipple.  The woman again shook but managed to maintain at least some semblance of her position.

Bouncing the bulk of the uncrowned breast in her hand, she found a good balance point and took it firmly but not harshly into her grip, “How shall I begin?”

Relieved that the girl left the supersensitive bound breast was enough to produce a relaxing exhale, but not knowing what was really to come combined with the already dizzying height she was at sexually left her with a lack of equilibrium and a pounding from within which activated and aggravated every lingering point of pain and every focused point of pleasure.  Confused, driven, and anxious, she only knew that she was ready for the final stages.  Her body was prepared to burst into an ecstatic release which she had to have, but beyond the unknown lies fear.

She had to take another deep inhale, “Easy at first.”  Her words came out slow but sure, “I am ready.”

Very lightly the girl took six inches of the belt and toyed with the breast, waiting for a reaction that came quickly.

The woman just smiled at her feeble attempt, “Okay, a little harder than that.”

“Good.  I want you to tell me what you want.”

The next lash was enough to slap.

Gaining confidence as her ready body absorbed the stimuli, “Do it again.”  She got the same light slap.  “No, go ahead and do it harder.”  The next slap was startling and her body fed off of it hungrily, but was not yet really painful.  “It still doesn’t really hurt.  Do it harder.”

Allowing another few inches of belt its freedom, she snapped the leather in a potent crack.  The squeal was short and the flinch minimal.  Acceptably satisfied, she added, “That’s very good.”

“Yeah, well…” she had to pause as the pins and needles of the contact still raced across her chest.  The input was painful, but she was aware enough of its other effects to make it curious.  “Oooo-kay, that hurt…not a whole lot, but it hurt.”  One more clearing breath, then, “Okay, do it again.”

The swing was powerful and took the exact same spot on the outer curve.

Grunting through it, “Somewhere else, move it around.  I can do this, just keep moving.  I got that first sting thing down.  You can swing harder.

Kate watched the girl loosen a full foot and a half of the leather and the glistening of sweat which covered her quickly began to fall in rivulets.  The belt whistled as it flew.  She clenched her teeth.

The blast exploded, bursting from its center point of impact to quickly affect the whole of her body.  The contact was enough to cause her to step back to catch her balance, but in the movement she became more aware of how the radiance of the pain tickled and teased her ready sex.

Barely able to mouth the words, she groaned out, “Do it again.”

The top side of the breast ignited into a dazzling crimson, “Again!”

Covering directly over the erect nipple, the belt’s contact was solid and intense.  The woman folded and almost collapsed before Mandy caught her.

Not really understanding at first what had happened, she found herself in comforting arms but only wanted to explode.  Her entire body throbbed with a pulse that radiated sex.  She couldn’t take more, but had to have it.

“It’s okay.  I got ya.”  She tried to bring her up but the woman resisted, “It’s all right, come on now, up, up.”  Finally standing, Mandy kissed her deeply while returning the woman’s hands to the back of her neck.

The woman nodded, “Yeah, yeah,” and took her spot.

Ignoring what the woman may have intended, Mandy picked up the cloth belt, “Do you want me to use this now?”

Not wanting another shocking blast from the leather, she still felt a desire to feel it again, to experience more of the new and different way and was struck by a conflict.  With the not yet ending bite of the belt and the furious desire of her need, she was not able to think coherently and just answered, “Yes, I’m ready,” but looked to the wide soft cotton belt as some kind of a joke.

“Okay…turn around and face the bed and bend over, hands on its edge, like when I did your butt.”

Still looking at the soft belt in confusion, “What?”

“Following instructions will be your biggest hurdle.”  She pointed to the bed.

In a bit of a huff, Kate complied and watched as Mandy stretched the wide belt under the dangling breasts, lined it up centered on the nipples and brought both ends up and around to her back.  Holding the two ends with one hand, she used the other to nudge the breasts closer together and assure that they were centered.  Under even the slight pressure of the belt, they stayed where she put them.  The tongue of the belt went through the buckle and Kate began a mewing cry.

“Relax, Sweetie, you’re scaring yourself with the unknown.”

Gasping, “But…it hurts…already.”

“No, Sweetie, it doesn’t hurt yet.”  She began to tighten the belt, “What are you gonna do when it really does begin to hurt?”

She pulled a vicious snort and they both broke out laughing.  Vacillating between the laugh and the cry, she managed a mangled, “Stop it.  Not funny.”  Sniffling again, but a little more lady like, “It’s gonna hurt and I’m gonna focus,” looking up to her, “are you gonna make me enjoy it?”

The belt suddenly pulled tight and she cried out as her freshly welted nipple and the very sore crowned nipple both collapsed into the breasts.  Another cinch and the breasts themselves flattened, forcing flesh to bulge from both above and below the belt.  One more small tug and the pin fell into place.

The belt was secured and Mandy found herself having to wrestle the woman’s arms away from her breasts and back to the bed.  “Stay in place!”  Slapping at the welted bottom, “Put your arms down!”

Tears fell and through the sobbing, “But I…but I…”  She wanted it to end, she wanted it to last forever.  Struggling with her own reactions and limitations, the woman tried to focus and got her hands back to the bed and was immediately rewarded.  Her body convulsed in readiness as fingers slid into her.  Instantly her hips rose and cantered, allowing a better access.  Wave after wave of a glorious pleasure took her through all of the pains and worries.

Mandy pulled moisture up onto the pucker of the woman’s other entrance and began to massage its center as it twitched and flinched, “Relax, I’m just playin.  Try ‘n enjoy it.”  It may have been the words, but soon the woman moaned and rolled her hips to the pace of the finger.

“Now stand up and let’s take a look.”

Slowly she rose, expecting the shift she’d always gotten from them when she moved, but was relieved to find no motion at all in them.  Guided to a mirror, she used the momentary respite to rub her thighs together and get just a little bit more from it all.  She then looked at herself and her bound chest.  “They’re…” touching at the bulging edges and grimacing, “…high.”

“That’s why we do that bent over.  This is where they’d be without gravity.  It’s more natural and you won’t slip out.”

“It’s…very painful on the nipples,” her breathing was a bit ragged, “but not the breasts.”

Excitedly the girl grabbed Kate’s arm, “Well we could get some nails.  No!  Hot coals?”

Pushing the girl, “Stop it.”

Coming back, she took the woman to the bed, “Your choice:  on your back or on your front.”  Pointing, “Which is it?”

Sitting to the bed, the woman leapt up, “God Damn It!”

“Don’t rub it!”  Holding her arms, “On your face then,” pushing her to lie on her face, clapping, “Chop, chop!”

Crawling up onto the bed, she kept her elbows under her even after she was centered.  Mandy crossed her arms and just looked at her.  Kate huffed, “All right, all right.”  She slowly spread her arms wide, wincing and whining until she was flat on her chest.  The extra pressure did add pain, but nothing sharp or traumatic enough that she didn’t think she could endure it.

“Spread your legs wide.” And they were.  “Why am I not surprised you did that plenty fast enough?  Now pull your knees up under you…keep ‘em wide, just raise your hips.”  The slope of the small of the back was a severe arc, even more dramatic than others she’d seen like this.  It further emphasized the already rounded cheeks.  It was an impressive sight.  “You never cease to amaze me.”

Mandy jumped up onto the bed and straddled above the middle of the woman’s back on her knees.  One hand slid under the belly to find the split, the other came in from over the top.  When they met, Kate’s hips rocked into them as they played, “Oh, Sweetie, I just love your body, the way it moves.”

With her left hand from underneath sliding up to the clit, the right took the thin leather belt and slapped over the curve, letting the tongue tip the exposed vulva, not real hard, but not playing either.

“Push it out more.  Lemme see it.”  The belt came down sharply.  A thin strip through the center stung both lips upon impact.  The woman flinched and cried out, but the single finger maintaining contact with the throbbing clit kept her as well as any bondage could.  She was tied to the position with tethers of need, desire and fulfillment.

The raging torment in her chest was greedy, swallowing so much of the glory but returning a constant barrage of extremely intense sensation for her to use as she could.

Bouncing periodically on her back exploded fragments of the stimulation to also radiate all throughout her in blasts which all returned back to the flood of overwhelming arousal which followed each attack upon her sex…but not the finger.  The finger on her clit only kept her going, it was the sudden bursts from the belt which took her over the edge.

“Again, please!”  She heard herself say it.  Explosions, uncontrollable spasms wracked her senses.  “Again!”  The belt snapped onto her wet sex: Suffering, Rhapsody.  “Again!”  Agony, euphoria, “Oh, Again!”  Torment, rapture.  “YES! YES!”

Rising above the physical, she embraced the ethereal paradise of carnal nirvana.  Higher and higher she was driven by the belt, the nipples, the ass and it all encapsulated under the persistent finger.  The pressure peaked.

The convulsions of her body simply added, but the first release was colossal, immense beyond anything imaginable.  The purge seized her in its clutches and she gave herself to it.  The heavens themselves opened to paradise, enchantment, utopia, elation…love.

She emptied, again and again…love.

Much later…it seemed, when she did come back to within her senses and within her body, she found she was smiling and couldn’t seem to stop.  “Love.”  The word came out clearly.  Lips came to her cheek, emotions flooded through the contact.  She heard that one word repeated back to her.

All other words failed her.





Chapter 16




The ‘Luxury Edition’ felt like a lumber truck.  Every little bump and rut was amplified.  Each turn threw her back and forth.  The entire day she’d spent standing.  She thanked her stars there were no meetings to have sat through.  She’d even eaten lunch standing.

Her battered vulva was tender to the touch, but tolerable if she ignored it.  Resilient as her nipples were, they only hurt under pressure.  After the belt had been released and the crown was allowed to be removed, she’d needed a long steady massage to pacify the intense pain that came from the sudden surge of blood, which, of course, Mandy was more than happy to provide.

Recalling the return body rub she’d given, then again this morning as she’d administered the healing lotion to Kate’s body, she was reminded as to how she’d gotten thoroughly aroused and persistently amorous.  Unfortunately, that condition was how she’d left the house and how she’d spent the entire day.

The arousal only grew as the day passed.  She had constant flashes of Mandy’s body, the memory of her taste, the sounds that only passion driven lust could create.  The feel of her tongue upon, then within the folds of her sex, the soft tender responsive flex of the clit as the climax arrested the girl; she couldn’t get any of it out of her mind and didn’t really care to.

She was so relieved by the fact that she actually did it, that she didn’t fully appreciate her own fulfillment and enjoyment of the act until today.  And now she thought only of returning to the passionate embrace and accepting legs of her lover.

Bouncing over a pothole, she practically leapt from the seat.  To no one she mumbled, “All’s well except…”  She tried to drive up on her thighs, leaning forward, against her back with her butt up.  After only seconds, she tired and then tried shifting from side to side.  By the time she’d figured out that there was no good way, the building was in sight.

Her doorman’s obsequious demeanor reminded her how uncharacteristically the board members treated her as she tried to, but never could completely apologize for her outburst yesterday.  Maybe it was a good thing.  They needed a good swift kick in the butt every now and again.  She still had to grin at the memory of their faces; wide eyed, slack jawed and slumped in disbelief as she ranted through her tirade.

As the elevator rose, so did her excitement.  Mandy was there, the doorman told her so much.  The pent-up sexual tension would soon find release.  Wiping the palms of her hands on her slacks, she stepped off the lift and felt the lips of her labia slide against each other for the moisture which had gathered.  She nearly ran down the hallway.

Mandy popped up off the couch, “Sweetie!  I’ve been so excited waiting for you.”  Throwing herself at the woman, smothering her in a kiss which almost took her off her feet before backing enough to bounce, “Off with the pants!  Off with the pants!  I wanna see!” clapping her hands and she continued to bounce.

Undressing, “Mostly it’s just my butt that’s uncomfortable.”  Touching her pubis, “Everything else is at least okay.”

“Yeah, ya get use to it.”  Waving the thought away, “After every day of it, ya don’t even notice it anymore.”  Her hands tried to help the undressing.

That stopped the woman, “Every day?”  Getting the girl’s attention by stopping her hands, “I don’t think I could go every day like this.”

Pouting more at the fact that she was deterred in her assistance, she addressed the concern stoically, “You can and you will.  It’s not gonna kill ya.”  Not hiding a grin, “Just do it for me ‘cause I like it so much.”  Not quite yet bouncing, her grin turned to a big smile, “Now strip and lemme see.”  A very slight bounce returned.

With her slacks down to her knees, Mandy stopped her, “Hey!”  She spun the woman around and lifted the tail of her shirt, “You’re supposed to be in a G-string!”  Her bottom lip came back out, “At least a thong.”

“Oh, yeah, well, I had a rough day.”  Peeling back her panties, she stretched her torso around to look at her own butt, “Did you want to see my damaged derriere?”

Shoulders slumped, “No…well, I mean yes, but I really wanted to see you in a G-string.  I’ve been thinking about it all day.”  In a full on pout, “You were supposed to replace your panties.”

“I’m sorry, Honey, I just forgot.”

Suddenly smiling, “We will go get them together.”  Stepping up to peck her on the lips, “I will punish you tomorrow.”

Barely catching the punishment part, “So, when you said every day, you meant the G-string?”

Looking at her oddly, wondering, “Yeah…”

Clearly relieved, “I thought you meant every day I’d spend with my butt welted.”  Shaking her head in acceptance, “Sure, Honey, I’ll wear whatever you want me to.”

“Good, ‘cause it’ll still be a bit before ya can handle bein’ welted on the same spot too often, but we’ll get there soon enough.”  Taking her hands, ignoring her double-take, “Turn around, lemme see before we go.”

Mandy did the honors of lowering the panties herself.  “Oh, yes!  That is just beautiful!”  spinning her back to face her, “That should be on display.”  Looking Kate up and down, she got a devilish grin, “You go change into something a little…” waving her hand, “…’easier’, and we’ll go.”





Never mind a chance to go shop, she also thought it would be a nice diversion from the bedroom, not that she was ready yet to divert, but she thought the idea was a good one…until she got to her car and remembered the ordeal it was to drive.

Mandy offered to drive, but she’d always believed there was a reason some people didn’t own a car.  So, she endured the struggle and made it to the Metro Mall without too much of an issue.

Walking hand in hand drew some stares, but it felt too natural, too good not to do it.  They had to spend all day just a hundred yards from each other without even being able to see each other, so she wasn’t willing to surrender any other available time together.

They passed a large store window and Mandy stopped to see through the glare at some shoes but Kate was mesmerized by what was reflecting back at her.  They were both attractive, without being conceited she already knew that, but something about the sight of two of them together, hand in hand, emotionally connected, made them stunning.

“Are you okay?”  The girl had her hair again into a topknot which bobbed at her every word.

Kate pointed to the window, “You see those two?  Together they are just radiant.”

Stepping up to the window, she shaded her view to see better inside, “Who’s that?”

Pulling her back several feet, pointing again, “Them.”

Nudging the woman, “Oh, Sweetie, you’re such a silly.”  Waving off their radiance as if they were any other couple, she pointed to the big Hollywood star, “Our destination!”  Suddenly excited, dragging Kate, she practically skipped to the store.  “I’ve never been in here before.”

“I’ve always gone to Victoria’s.”  Walking through the wide entry, they were suddenly compelled to whisper, “So, I’ve never been in here either.”  The mannequin’s near the entry were bold, further in they brought crimson to Kate’s cheeks.  “I thought it was just lingerie.”

With widened eyes, “Yeah, me too.”

“How may I help you lovely young ladies this evening?”

Both surprised to hear a man’s voice, Mandy recovered first, “We’re gonna change her entire collection to G-string and thong.  Can you show us about?”

His eyes widened:  dollar signs.  Bringing his hands together in a very feminine manner, he pursed lips and shook the bangs off of his forehead, “You are sooo lucky I’m on tonight.”  Turning with a flourish, “I have been saving a few things for just such an occasion.”  Over his shoulder, “Follow Andre’ and find what you seek.”

The two looked to each other, neither being able to conceal their grin, and followed him in silence.

“You just couldn’t be more that a four,” eyeing her, “but you do have such a curvy caboose…” tapping his chin with a single finger while he thought about it, then deciding, “We’ll try a four.”  Picking through boxes, he asked Kate, “Do you have a favorite style?”

Mandy answered, “We’d like to look at several types.  We’ll decide as we go.”

The light clicked on, he clenched his hands to the center of his chest, “You two are…” pointing from one to the other, back and forth, “…together.”  His hands went to Kate’s forearm, “You two are just adorable!”  Back to Mandy, “How about these; the band is too heavy to be overly sexy but they have a sturdy pouch and will hold up well for the exerciser.”  Waving a limp wrist to Kate, “You obviously work out,” cantering his head to one side, “I just thought we might just as well begin here.”

Kate nodded but shrugged her shoulders at Mandy.

The girl nodded, “Yes.  The backstrap ‘V’s up high.  It should highlight well.”

“I agree, yes, oh I do agree.”

Mandy took them from Andre’ and dangled them in front of Kate.  Kate smiled, “Yes, they should be fine.”

“We need to make sure.”  Putting them in Kate’s hands, she took the woman’s shirt tail and pulled it up to her ribs and tied it off.  Back to Andre’, “Do you have a ‘little room’?”

“It is…a little small for two…”

“That’s okay, you can show me more while she gets into ‘em.”  Grinning at him, “Then we’ll all see how they fit.”

“Well…”  He was a deer in headlights, “I…Don’t…”

Kate took the girl’s arm and pulled her away to the side, “Mandy, come on, you can’t be serious.”

“If you would’a just done it yourself…”  Eyebrows raised, she let it hang.  “Besides, It’ll pro’bly be worse for him.”  Kate smiled and they both giggled.

Suddenly stopping the girl with what she thought was a good point, “But you said that you wouldn’t punish me until tomorrow night.”

Taking the woman’s arm and leading her back to the salesman, “And I will, Sweetie.  Trust me, I will.”  To Andre’, “Would you please show her the way.”


The back area of the store was open, yet concealed from the mall entrance.  Kate came out, knees pinched and her hands in front, but for the thong, naked from the ribs down.

Mandy shooed her hands away, “It looks functional.  Spread your legs.  Stand up straight.”  It all came out as commands and were both followed without hesitation.  The girl cupped the whole of the woman’s ‘V’.  Turning to Andre’, “It’s firm, well supported.” He gave no reaction so she added, “Feel it, you’ll see.”

Backing away, “Ma’am, I am sorry, but I don’t think…”

To Kate she commanded, “Stay.”  Then to Andre’, “It’s product knowledge, practical application, how could any real sales man resist a change to learn his line better?”  Taking his hand, she pulled him forward, “Just touch it, you’ll see.”  Before he could react enough to stop her, she cradled his hand and had him open handedly fondling the woman’s sex.  “Nice and firm.  That’s gonna be real good for aerobics and yoga and stuff.”  Slipping away, she left him there holding the woman.

After a full second, he realized and pulled it away quickly, “I…am…sorry,” holding his hand like it had been burned.

“Sweetie, turn around.”  Looking to Andre’, “This is so exciting!”

“Oh My!  Oh My! Oh My Goodness!”  Stammering, his hands clenched at his chest.

Both women looked to Kate’s bottom, stripped in perfect lines of yesterday’s welts with the hints of bruising.  Mandy reached in and stroked the unbroken skin, “Isn’t it beautiful?”  Standing proudly, “That’s my work.”

He was slowly inching back.

“I like ‘em.  I think a half a dozen, assorted colors.”

Stopping suddenly, his eyebrows raised just a touch.

“Should we try a G-string for more formal events?”

He was stuck, not able to process it all, “There…it…but…”

Snapping her fingers, Mandy was enjoying the game, “Stay with me, Andre’.  Get me something cut to follow the hip up and over but deep in the front, real deep.”

Basically useless, Mandy led Andre’, selected a pattern she liked and sent Kate away to model it.  “Do you have more than just these?”  She jostled him, “Hello?”

Pointing, he came to.  Slowly, but he was back, “Cotton,” to the next, “Satin,” he looked to the girl questioning, “lycra?”

“No, no lycra.”  She thought, “Well, maybe, but I doubt it.”

His eyes widened, “Lace?”  He began walking, “Completely done in lace?”

“Oh, yes!”  Bounding to follow him, “That’d be great!”

In just a single minute, he was back and joyously picking out lace patterns as Kate strolled out.

“Yes!  That is so you!”  Mandy played with the tiny triangle, “Sweetie, ya got it all pulled up.”  Tugging the back sent the front seam plunging.

“Yeah,” Kate fidgeted, “It’s real uncomfortable.”

“Well hold still, now spread ‘em a little.”  Pulling the side strings up over the top of the hips, then sliding the whole unit even further back, she picked at the tiny pouch, ‘You gotta make sure you’re covered.”

“But now I’ve got hair sticking out all over the place.”

Waving it off, “Don’t worry about all that.  Now stand up straight.”  She did.  “Don’t look down.  Does it feel better?”

“Well…yes, it does.”

“Take a few steps, walk around.  Try and get a feet for ‘em.”  Back to the again petrified man, “Whatta ya think?”  Without an answer, “Sweetie, turn around.”

“Oh shit!”

They all turned to the sound.

“Damn it, she’s Hot!”

A man stepped in and Kate scurried away.

“I’m sorry.  Is the store closed?”

“No.”  Mandy chirped, “You’re fine.  Why, is there a problem?”

“It’s just,” pointing to the direction Kate went, “It’s just…what did she have on her butt?”

“Oh that?”  Waving it away casually, “Those are just welts and bruises from where I whipped her.”  Eyes wide, she added, “She’s got ‘em on her breasts too.  Ya wanna see?”

The man backed away, around an isle and out of sight.  They could hear his footsteps as he ran.  Mandy laughed and Andre’ was mortified.

Kate tried on a few more different styles and except for not liking how much hair they revealed, she came to like some of the styles.  After terrorizing another couple potential customers, they completed their selections and made Andre’ a happy man by the bill’s total.


Driving was still terrible, but the more she walked around in the tiny garments, the more they seemed to fall into place instead of just falling into places.  It was an odd sensation to have her pants slide and move against her bars skin, but it wasn’t bad, just different.

Each step that brought them closer to the condo door inflated their excitement.  In the hall, as Kate worked the key into the lock, Mandy was already undressing her.

“Honey, be patient.”  She got it open.

Mandy pushed her through, still pulling at her cloths, “I just can’t wait to see you all trimmed up.”  On her toes, holding the woman’s face, she kissed her, “I’m gonna make you fit your new undies just perfect.”  Finishing stripping the woman, she had her own clothes of unbelievably quick.

Taking the woman, she pushed their naked bodies together and held her, letting her hands travel the waist and hips as she held the woman’s mouth enthralled with a kiss that defined passion and affection.

Holding their hips together tightly, on her toes Mandy backed her upper body away until their nipples just touched.  Playing with that for just a short moment was all they needed for all four to become solidly erect, which only added to the sensitivity and to the appeal of the moment.

“Oh, Mandy, you feel so good.”  Kate drifted in her gluttony, allowing the contact, allowing anything.

Mandy kissed her again and stepped back, the woman almost fell into her, “Sweetie, come with me.”  She took her hand.

“Yes!”  The woman played, grabbing at the girl’s sex, “I just love it when I cum with you.”

“Ohhh, you’re so sweet.”  Shooing her hand away, she led the woman into the master bath.  “I want you to lay down on your back on the edge of the tub, pull your feet back under you and relax.”  Taking two towels, folding them lengthwise twice, she lined the wide tub’s ledge with them.  “Get comfy, I’ll be right back.”

Kate straddled the tub and slowly sat but couldn’t put pressure on her still tender bottom without flinching.  Trying something different, she bent over back and to the side, got one hand on the floor and settled her back to the towels.  Keeping her butt up, she gently lowered and was able to handle the fading sear.

Relaxing onto the three inch wide edge, she took the next step and pulled her feet back under her butt.  Reaching down, she took an ankle in each hand and pulled her feet back even further.  In one fluid motion her knees parted more and fell lower while her entire mound was pushed higher until it stood proudly, higher than her hips, higher than her thighs or belly.  She felt vulnerable.  She felt sexy.

Letting a calm fall over her, she inhaled clean energy, exhaled tension and strain.  Her eyes rolled up and she caught a glimpse of Mandy in the doorway, watching.  Breaking a grin, “Like this?”

“Oh, Sweetie, I don’t think anyone’s ever done it as good as that.”  She stepped in, “You have such a body.”  A hand traced over the chest to pinch a nipple, “Still a little sore?”

“Just a little.”  Not wanting her to stop, she added, “But not bad.”

The hand continued over the elevated hip bone and pulled playfully at the tangle.  Pulling harder without reaction, she asked, “Do you like it when I pull your hair?”

“I like everything you do.”  Hearing the sudden buzz of small electronics, she moaned loudly and pushed into the pulsing that touched her, muttering, “Oh, God.  Oh, God!”

“Don’t tense up.  Easy now, stay relaxed.”  Mandy took the trimmer and slowly mowed.  The contact clearly fed the woman’s insatiable thirst for the girl’s touch.  From different angles and directions, she sheared the mound until only a perfectly even fuzz, just longer than stubble, covered it.  As she worked, it was impossible not to notice the swelling of the lips she intentionally avoided until now.

With the side of the trim guard she lightly traced the center crease.  The woman tensed at the first contact and whined as she failed to be able to push into it.  The vibration drew out the moisture as a single drop trailed down into the pucker below.

A finger and thumb opened the already wide lips of the inner labia minor, exposing the tiny erection.  A single tine of the guard comb made a subtle contact and the woman cried out, “Oh God!”  Flexing, “Oh, please!”

“Hold your feet.  Don’t let go.”  Gripping the woman the best she could, she paced delicate, barely perceptible laps around the stiffened clit.

Flinching and whimpering, the woman consternated fervently at the maddeningly soft touch.  Struggling in vain to push her hips higher, she heard the sound of the buzz end and her entire body deflated, pleading, “No, please, you have to…”

Patting the cropped mound, “You just relax, Sweetie.”  Standing, she took the removable shower head off of its perch and knelt back down.  She kept the nozzle pointed into the tub while she started the water.

“I’m gonna clean you up ‘cause ya got hair just about everywhere.  Then we’ll shape this thing down to something nice.”  Finding the water temperature adequate, she rinsed the woman’s lower torso, sluicing away hair and water with her hand, over and beyond the woman’s raised middle.


“Now, Sweetie, not just yet.”  Without the assistance of her hand, she allowed the water to continue over her, “It’s gonna have to be pretty small, ‘cause of what we got ya, but did ya want a little triangle or a little strip?”  Without an intelligible response, she continued, “Or I could make a circle or one I like is a crescent, but whatever I do, you gotta keep shavin’ it for at least a bit until the skin heals and strengthens.  So…” pointing the warm water right into the woman, “…what’s your choice?”

“Ohhh, I just…Ohhh…yeah…yeah…”

Nodding mostly to herself, “Lemme see what I can come up with.”  Setting the nozzle in the tub brought a disappointing whimper.  Ignoring it, she lathered up a cream she’d brought and covered the pertinent area.  Kate continued to flex and shift, still trying to bring the contact lower, but her hands never left her ankles.

Rinsing her hands, the girl held up a razor for Kate to see, “You’re gonna have to be real still.  Breath in, do it, now relax with it.  Sweetie, you’ve gotten yourself too worked up.  Do your breathing, relax and stay still.”

Carefully she shaped up the edges and pulled the skin back and forth to get the strays at the base.  Taking her time dropping the top, then tightening the sides some more, she worked diligently and methodically.  Covering each area from several different directions, she did finally come to an end with the blade.  The quick rinse was finished by a fondling of a nipple.

“You know…” one hand trailed across her belly, “your body has a certain ability to bend and flex in all the right ways.”  The woman purred as the hand rose onto a hip then closed on the newly shaved area, “I don’t think you’ll have any problems with any more hair sticking out.”

The other hand slid under the small of her back and the girl prodded the woman to rise, “Don’t touch,” she chided, “I want you to see it first in the mirror.”  Leading her, dripping wet, they exited the bath and came to the big closet door and a full mirror.

Kate’s mouth hung open.  She stared at her reflection and gingerly her hands moved to feel it.  “It’s completely bald.”

The girl was simply giddy, “Isn’t it just beautiful?”

“Yes.”  She astounded herself with the answer, “It’s surprisingly…erotic.”  She continued to stroke the bare skin.  Pulled by an unseen force, her fingers slid further and further south with each pass.

Standing behind her, Mandy hugged her around the waist and cuddled up behind her.  Stopping the woman’s hands, she took them into her own and interlocked the fingers.  Holding her tightly, she just gazed.  The moments passed.  The girl took a deep breath, “My Master kept me shaved for a while.”

Kate’s arousal waned slightly under the girl’s reminiscence.  Gripping her hands tighter, “I know you miss him, Honey.”  She just nodded, “You must have loved him very much.”

Hugging her even fuller, pulling their naked bodies together even closer, “Not like you, Sweetie.”  Kissing the side of her neck, “I loved him like…like…like a Master.”  She shrugged.

“You think of him often.”

“I worry ‘bout what might’a happened.”  Snuggling to the woman’s neck, “He’d a never just left us.”

“You think something bad happened.”  It was not a question.

“I just wish I knew.  He’s a very special person.”

“I have an idea.”  Kate’s hands moved behind her and between them.  Finding it, she tugged at the girl’s tuft.  “In honor of your Master Samuel, I will shave you.”

Whispering in her ear, “You’re so sweet.  Just remember, do it once and it’s your job for a while.”

“We’ll have to share our responsibilities.”

Mandy grinned in agreement while again stoking the barren shin of Kate’s mound, “I think it’d be special.”  Taking the woman’s hand, she led her back to the bathroom and eased herself down to the same position Kate had earlier maintained.  Grabbing her own ankles, she pulled and her knees dropped and her center rose.  Excitement crept up on her, she had to take a deep breath, “Now you be careful.”

“Don’t you worry one bit.”  The buzz of the trimmer sounded, “I will be as cautious and meticulous…”  The vibration very lightly played at the base of the hairline, “…and patient as I need to be.”

Smiling, the girl simply moaned her consent.





Chapter 17




Kate did take her time, trying to match all the machinations the girl had performed upon her, flirting and teasing all the while.  As the final pull of the blade crossed the flesh, she rinsed the area with a new appreciation for the girl’s body.  Her fingers ran over the corded muscles which connected the lower abdomen with the inner thighs and created the center ridge of her lower torso.

Without hair, it shone.  Pushed up as it was gave it a regal bearing and set it apart from the rest of her body.  Stroking the polished gloss of the mound and feeling down to the cleft on each side was possibly the most sensual thing she had ever experienced.

The water came out warm, she made it hot.  Not scalding, but noticeably hotter than it had been.  With a measured pace she sprayed from the belly, through the ridge, over the pubis, onto the labia minor and clit, onto the major and finally directed it at the well exposed anus.  Kate gently parted the lips for the return trip when Mandy had to stop her.

“I love water sports, I really do, but Sweetie, you’re gonna have to wait.”

Forgetting she was still healing from her tryst with Antoinette, “I am so sorry.  I don’t know how I could have forgotten.  You’re just moving around so well.  I’m sorry, Honey, I just didn’t think.”  The girl’s body was still covered it marks, but they somehow became almost natural to see.

“If ya wanna go in so bad…” teasingly widening her eyes, “…go get the jar on the dresser and I’ll let you ‘administer’ the remedy.”

Shooting to her feet, Kate scurried out without a word.  Grabbing a towel, Mandy was right behind her.  The girl leapt onto the bed.  Coming to a rest on her back, she beckoned the woman with open arms and open legs, “Come here, Sweetie.”

Leaning over the side of the bed to kiss her, Kate easily fell into the embrace and joined her on the bed.  Mandy broke the kiss off short and pushed her away, chiding her, “You have a job to do.”

Grinning, “Yes, Mistress Amanda.”

Mandy grinned too, she kind of liked the sound of that…or maybe it was just when her Sweetie said it, but when the woman returned with the jar and tried to crawl lower, Mandy was taken by a sudden urge.

Spinning just enough, the girl hooked one of the woman’s thighs and pulled it back to her and set the woman straddling her torso, facing back.

Surprised at the sudden action, “Feeling a bit randy?”

In answer, the girl quickly lifted her legs and scissored them around the woman’s torso and pulled her down, forcing her to bend at the waist to face the newly shorn work she’d done.  Suddenly locked into each other, Kate didn’t fight against the position for the fingers which played at her both of her hollows.  Testing the set-up, she lowered her hips and was taken by a single lash of a tongue which began at her clit and ended with it burrowed deep within her ass.  She squirmed at the unusual feeling but couldn’t bring herself to pull away.

As the woman’s elbows pushed against the back of the girl’s thighs, both hands fell naturally to rest with the fingertips resting just at the girl’s center.  The first two fingers of both hands circled; the index fingers at the vulva, the middle fingers at the anus.  Her mouth very naturally peeled open the tender folds and carefully suckled the ready clit.  Both moaned and the union of those vibrations caused it to last even longer.

Not happy about having to release her mouth from the woman, Mandy needed to instruct her, “Easy, now, only go in to place the cream…” calming her panting, “Get it deep…just be easy.”

Kate let the nub slip from her lips, “Both?” wiggling her fingers at the two entries.

“Yeah,” pouting, “they’re both pretty well tore up.”  She knew Kate wanted to try more…and, well, she wanted to let her.

The woman pushed the girl’s legs down even tighter to her sides, causing her entire sex to lift up even higher.  She kissed the labia and gently trailed a line of kisses beyond.  “Don’t worry, I will be careful.”  Her left hand opened the folds and the first two fingers of her right hand placed a large glob onto the muscled entry.

Jumping and squirming, “Whoa!  Jeez!  That is cold!”

Teasing, “Just be still and relax.  Breathe in…”

Mandy’s arms pulled the waist to her and she locked onto the woman’s clit, ending the mocking into a sudden hum which rose as the suction did.

“Oh!  Oh yeah!  Oh Honey!”  She gathered just enough composure to return the favor.

They held each other in passionate thrall, gripped in the fervor of each other’s charity.  Kate held on to just enough to realize she was pulling the Girl’s damaged sex open.  With an available finger she gathered and plowed the mass of unguent into the girl.  The girl flinched and reacted but Kate was able to push most of it deep into her without relenting with her mouth.

Knocking the jar over, she was able to finger a second glob before it rolled away.  Oily as it was, her other hand played with the anus until it opened enough.  Sucking harder and pulling the bud within her lips diverted the girl’s attention sufficiently.  The cold bubble hit the flesh and two fingers pushed it in while the girl went wild with protest over its temperature.

Letting her own weight settle onto the girl, she was able to hold her down for the few seconds until the gel warmed.  She was able to gently stroke the salve into the anal walls while maintaining her grip on the bundle in her lips.  It wasn’t but a moment before Mandy pulled Kate’s hips back again down to her own mouth as well.

The two savaged each other’s bodies as the passion intensified, bucking and contorting against the pull of each other.  In a massive seizure that gripped them both, they cried out a hum, each unwilling to let go of the other while they swam in each others delight.

The offering of each others gift only fed their combined lust when they both froze in the grip of the first contraction of their mutual orgasm.





Fading in and out of dreams, she could still feel the girl either cuddled up next to her in this world or buried deeply within her in a never ending contortion of rapture in some equally exotic dream state.  Everything the girl offered her was amazing, different, intense.

Kate’s legs spread to encourage more contact as the haze of the last dream dissipated.  She could smell the girl’s flesh and still taste her flavor.  Licking her lips brought a smile to her face.  She kept her eyes closed as to prevent the lingering sensations between her legs from fading.

Spreading her legs wide, her heart raced at the thought of the girl below her in the Sixty-Nine they had shared.  Raising her hips to the girl’s hunger, drawing the same in return, she moaned as her clit was massaged.  Moving her arms to find the girl, she opened her eyes to the waxing sun of the morning’s dawn and pushed her hips against the stimulation.

Clearing her throat, “Ooohhhh yeahhhh.  A morning quickie?”

Mandy removed her finger to lap at the exaggerated nub, “Did ya enjoy last night?”

Laying back, “Oh, Honey, yes, very much.”

Slowly circling her finger, “I want you to think about it all day.”  Licking again elicited the expected response.  “Today is punishment day.”

Rolling her hips in time, “Yeah…I love it.”

“You will not orgasm today.”

Kate almost laughed, “Starting when?”  Fingers held her open and the manipulations on her clit continued.  She couldn’t restrain the moan of glory, “You’re gonna make me cum.”

“And you’re gonna stop it.”  The clitoris was as big as it was going to get.  “All day long you will not touch yourself.  You will not climax.”  The girl made the quick motion and the deed was done.

Shooting straight up and barking out in pain, the woman fought to get to her clit and the source of it all but was fended off by the girl, “Wha…What is it!”  Panting and suddenly pouring out in sweat.

“If you’ll be easy, I’ll show you.”  Helping her up, she made sure of her intentions, “I thought your new gloss looked so good that we’d accessorize.”

Walking gingerly, she saw it in the mirror, “Another crown?”  It pulled her bloated clit well out beyond its protective sheath.

“It’s even more beautiful that the other one,” Mandy crooned romantically.

Kate couldn’t help but look at her own smooth mound in the mirror, then to Mandy’s matching baldness.  “I like ‘em.”

Playfully slapping her butt, “Go take a shower.”

The woman left and she stayed to watch the naked butt hobble off.


Limping into the shower, she became frustrated to no end at the constant flow of runoff managed its way, no matter how she stood, to trickle over the bound protuberance.

Agitated and aroused made for a bad combination as she ‘applied’ the salve to Mandy’s healing canals.  She rebandaged the small burn on her arm and picked out the worst of the lines on her back to cover with the liniment.

“I want you to wear a silky ‘G’; the blue one that dips so low.”  Bouncing her eyebrows, “I wanna see it with your new trim.”

Pointing to the girl, “Just don’t get too excited, I do have to leave early.”  Glancing down, the crown still held her fully exposed yet she stepped with a growing ease.  The blue silk G-string dangled from her finger, “It doesn’t look like much.”

Lying on her belly on the bed with her chin propped up in her palm, she shook her head, “It’s not much.”

Opening her eyes wide, she shook the tiny piece, “Forty-five dollars!”

The girl just laughed and watched.

Kate stepped into them, pulled them into place then picked at the tiny pouch until it settled properly and stood for display and flinched, then flinched again, “Oh, no!”  Pulling the front away, “It’s gonna be just like the nipple, isn’t it?”

“No, no, Sweetie,” kicking her feet excitedly, “It’s so much worse.  Now get dressed, I wanna watch.”

Every breath she took rubbed the button.  Her heart never rested.





Chapter 18




“Miss Montgomery,” his voice always sounded patronizing, “all of your reports have been thorough and comprehensive.  We all…” waving his arm, displaying the board, “…are all convinced of their veracity.”  The group nodded en masse, “So the question now becomes:  why do we lose productivity?

“Our stockholders want dividends, sure,” his voice slowly hardened, “but they want value.  Our stock has slowly slipped for too long.  It’s all about productivity!  We get eighty percent of the results with a hundred and twenty percent of the staff of Global!”  His anger surfaced, “It is still the same issue!”  His heavy hand pounded onto the large table, “I need answers!”

Having found a good spot while sitting, where nothing pushed her slippery underwear against the bundle, she was not happy to have all the faces staring, waiting for her to stand and address the question.

Rising slowly enough to be cautious, yet just fast enough to still show her servitude, she smoothed out her dress and began, “Mr. Byer, and the board, it is the same question.  It is also the same answer.”  Huffing, “You compare one hundred and twenty percent of the workforce of Global, but what are the comparative salary statistics?  Benefit programs?”  She began to roll, “Honors, bonus and incentive structures?”  Her consternation with this situation was quickly being amplified by her incessant motion, “Why does Global have forty percent better retention?  What’s their average tenure!”

“Miss Montgomery, Please!  We offer fair…”

“Then offer more than fair!”

“We pay our people…”

“The very least you believe you can!”  Her heart was a mixed bag of emotions, excitement and anger.

Mr. Byer stood, “I want answers!”

Pointing to him, she didn’t cool, “You worry about stock value because you package our stock into salaries; ours sure, but mostly yours!”

Defensively, “So does every other…”

“Split our stock options in half.  Put the money into incentive based bonuses.  You get everything you want!”  One hand went to the table, the other to her tummy.

The vein in his forehead bulged out menacingly, “Half our stock Benefit?  Please!”

“Do the math!”  She wanted to call him stupid, “Half the stock at twice the value?  Plus the value of all the stock you already own?  People work for money.  Give it to them!”  Sweat poured from her, she was flushed and obviously bothered, but she didn’t slow, “You will not get your productivity without sacrifice!  Why not sacrifice what will eventually be your boon?”

Slightly hunched over, holding her middle, she walked to the door, “Gentlemen, you will have to excuse me.”

Before the door shut, she was able to hear the room erupt into a cacophony.





My apartment


That’s all the note said.  Stripping in moments, she started the shower.  She didn’t want to have to endure another shower with the crown on, but she had just spent all day in a heavy sweat.  She had to do it.  Even a quick one was better than being sticky.

Donning a clean, and comfortably loose, shirt and shorts, she found herself again pushing the limits of her car.

After an entire blur of a day, she stood at its apex, finally about to realize her desire.  Quickly running her hands into her shorts to adjust the G-string, she felt prepared.  Standing outside the door she’d been commanded to, she took one more deep breath and then knocked.

A moment passed, she went to knock again but it was thrown open and Mandy greeted her completely naked except for cuffs on her wrists and ankles.  She had only time enough to notice that before she was taken in by a needy embrace.  Kate fell into the kiss and held the girl in the open doorway.

“Oh God, you feel so good.”

Mandy pushed her away and bounced, “Strip!  Right now!”  The woman’s shirt was off before the girl could pull her through the door and shut it.  “I have something special for you.”  Kate finished undressing while Mandy cuffed her ankles.

“I’m so excited, I can’t wait any longer!”  The woman was literally shaking while her wrists were each cuffed.

Pulling her to the big mirror, the girl’s hands were all over her body.  “You’re bald,” she stroked it.  “You’re crowned,” a light touch, “And cuffed.”  Hugging her from behind, “Oh, my Sweetie, you’re perfect.”

Forcing herself to resist, she allowed the affection.  She may have been impatient, but she was tolerant.  “I am…very excited.”  Trying to sound calm, “You are cuffed too?”

“I’m gonna help you.  I’m gonna finish your day of abstinence with you.”  Kissing the woman’s neck as a low whine began.

Feeling her entire body throb, “Please, please, I’ve been good all day.”  Kate took the girl’s hands and tried to push them south.

“It’s only a few hours ‘til midnight.”  She stroked the hollows to either side of the baldness.  “Then I will make you cum with just your paddle.”  Very lightly touching the clit, “Right here.”

Holding back hyper-ventilation, “But it’s only Six O’clock!”

“Then we should begin you lesson.  Today it’s gonna be about patience.”  Pulling the woman away from the mirror, “We will share each others pain.”  Holding her hand, “I will lend you my strength,” kissing her quickly, “and my love, and you will learn.”

Centering the woman under a ceiling eyebolt which was just within reach on a low beam, “I’m gonna remove the crown now.”

The air rushed from her, “Oh, thank you.  Yes, thank you.”

Consoling the woman, “No, Sweetie, I’m gonna replace it with a clip.  It’s not gonna be nearly as gentle.”

On the verge of tears, “But why?”

“Sweetie, because I love you.  I may be a masochist, but I’m also a sadist.”  Kissing her, “and I think you’ll find that in the end it’ll be worth it.  It’ll all be justified.”  She kissed away the single tear, the girl smiled, “You’ll feel better once we’re up.  The temptation will be gone.”  Getting excited for what she knew was coming, “But the need will thrive as the pressure grows.”  Kissing her mouth, she broke away to bounce to the closet.

Two, four foot metal poles were brought out; each hinged in the middle so they folded completely, each end with a small eyelet loop.  Mandy was just tall enough to attach the center hinge of one to the eyebolt above.

“Gimme your hands.”  Each was clipped to the collapsed bar’s end which left her hands at about eye level and together.  Hanging there already gave her a sense of helplessness which, surprisingly, did relieve the desire to do something about her condition.

Pointing into a small digital clock built into the metal, “It’s an alarm clock and it’s set to go off at exactly midnight.  When it does, the hinge will collapse and we will begin our weekend.”  Hugging the woman’s body to hers, she pushed her pelvis forward and made contact, bumping bald spots.  “Do you like feeling every move, every touch?”

The woman managed a smile, “Yes, I do like it.”

Bumping again, “Same here.”  Sliding down the woman until she was on her knees, she left the second spreader bar hinged and connected one end to each of the woman’s ankles.  “This one just locks open.  It’s what gives us tension.”  Waving a hand, “You’ll see.”

Feeling up the woman’s legs until she reached her intended target, “You’re gonna have to be real good for me.  This is gonna hurt.”  Picking under the edge of the small crown, she plucked at it and it sprang free.

Growling and yelping, the woman then whined the few moments it took for the blood flow to normalize, but didn’t flinch.  Once over, the pulse took her, “Oh, that’s so good!”  The girl added to the sensation by licking through the rift twice before ending up over the clit and onto the baldness, leaving her fingers to open her up.

“Hold on, Sweetie.”  Searching to the very base of the tiny bundle she opened the scissor clip, set it into place and let it slowly close.

“OH MY GOD!”  Her entire body shivered.

“That’s so good, Sweetie.  You’re so good.”  Again her tongue just tickled the tip of the bloating bundle of nerves and the mewing slowed to an adjusted moan.

Sitting to the floor, Mandy spread her own legs, brought herself erect and clipped herself similarly.  The pain was still just as intense as ever.  She had learned over time to accept it, divert it or use it, but she still got up with very slow, careful movements.

Placing her feet just inside of Kate’s, she bent over and used the same links to clasp her ankles to the folded bar.  Holding the woman for support as she rose, “It’ll be just fine.”  Sidling up to her really close, rubbing their bald mounds together, pushing hers into the woman’s, she slipped a hand down under and secured the ends of the two clit clamps together, keeping the two bodies firmly in contact.

Kate began to shake, “Oh, God!  Don’t move!  Stop moving!”

“It’s okay, sweetie, just relax.”  Holding the woman’s head, she kissed her, “Do your breathing.  It’s okay.”

“How…how…how long?  Like this?”

“No, Sweetie, I’m not done.”  Both hands came to the woman’s chest and began to roll the nipples, taking turns to rub her own as well.  Very soon all four were sufficiently stiffened.  The woman was relaxing.  She even moaned a short hum of pleasure.  “This is good, yeah?”

“You hands…” the words were an effort, “…are always…good.”

“You’re so sweet, but my hands are gonna be up there with yours.”  Pulling a small clamp from the edge of her cuff, “So I’m gonna help us stay connected.”  In one grueling squeeze, the woman’s left nipple and the girl’s right were settled nest to each other and clamped together.  The woman was shocked stiff.  Mandy took advantage of the moment and the other set were clenched tight as well, leaving all three major nerve centers linked between the two.  “This will bring us closer, together as one.”

With the overhead bar’s hinge released, Mandy easily secured her wrists with Kate’s.

“Okay, now…here we go.”

Mandy began to lift and spread her arms, raising them up above her head.  “Follow me, Sweetie, out wide, together.”  They had to stretch wider and higher to get the bar to lock straight, but once it did, the hinge above their heads would not release until midnight.

Walking her feet out, she nudged the woman’s to go wider, “Help me here, we are not moving for a few hours.  The last thing I want to do is damage you.”  Kissing her, “Sweetie, we get this last thing done and we can relax and fed from each other’s emotion.”  The woman’s eyes opened, “Yes, we can completely fall into each other’s stimulation.  I will teach you, you will feel me the whole time.”  One more kiss, “Heel-toe, spread ‘em real slow and I’ll follow you.”

The legs began to spread at a slow but steady pace, neither of them pulled at the other, but the woman finally had to stop, “I can’t go…any further.  This is it,” shaking her head.

“Pull with your arms to finish it.  Listen, Sweetie, we just have to do this together.  We’re gonna go up off of our feet, but it’s okay.  Support yourself.”  The woman’s arms weren’t tensing or flexing.  “Look at me, Sweetie, Hey!”  Kate’s eyes focused, Mandy commanded, “Do as I say!  Use your arms.  On the count of three we are going to pick ourselves up and spread out legs.  The bar will latch open and then we will be done.  Can you do that?”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I will,” her eyes cleared, “I understand:  lift, spread, lower, done.”

Shocked by such a coherent answer, all she could do is count, “Okay.  One…two…three!”

Watching the woman’s arms carefully, they needed to be on the same page here, she saw them flex and she picked up her own body just an inch and quickly spread her legs as wide as she could.  The hinge fell easily into place and she tried to let herself down but couldn’t, “Go down, right now, relax.”  Trying to keep her voice even, “Lower with me, I can’t hold myself up too much longer.”  Feeling the woman begin to ease down, she still didn’t exhale until her toes touched the floor.  Their heels didn’t make it, but at least they were done.  Relaxed and hanging almost entirely by their wrists with just their toes touching the floor, both together with arms and legs spread wide, they slowly fell into each other.

Whispering, “Isn’t this nice?”

The woman gasped a laugh but cut it off instantly as it made her bounce, “I can…feel…your…” turning her head, “…where I…shaved you.”

“Yeah, I know,” smiling at her continued modesty, “Are you okay?”

“I feel…confident…that you’ll be with me all night.  Other than that…I’d be in real…bad shape.”

“You’re so sweet.”

Their kisses were long and leisurely.  They had time to explore each other’s mouths, each other’s bodies, their excitement, their suffering, their very souls.

It seemed like hours since they’d spoken, yet they never stopped communicating.  Each twitch and flex meant something.  Each shift and moan was a testament to their strength.  Each rub and pull a communion of their love.  Their bond was stronger that the leather and metal which held them and it was getting stronger as the unreleasable sexual tension fostered new feelings and emotions which ran through their physical connections, back and forth, allowing them both to truly see the other.  It was beautiful.  It was unstoppable.  It became their baptism by fire into the spirit of each other.  They both learned, confirmed and grew.


Time did not exist, only each other and the utterly unrelenting world around them.  The silence and consistency formed a cone around them, a protective cone which was shattered as the door clicked, then slowly opened.





Chapter 19




Kate felt her eyes water.  She could feel Mandy’s fear; the anguish in her heart, a dread, a panic for their future.  Tears fell freely, she had never known such pain.

Hearing the footsteps, she didn’t have to catch the image in the mirror to know who caused the disruption.  Flinching as a frigid hand of disdain groped beneath her, she tried to absorb Mandy’s pain and make it all unreal.  She ignored the ineffectual fingers.

Pushing up against the woman’s back, “Do you honestly think you can replace me?”  Laughing, “I just knew you’d come back here.”

Kate remained surprisingly calm, “I don’t need to replace you,” the though of it made the woman huff in disgust, “I wouldn’t want to replace you.”

Pulling the woman’s hair, bending her head back, “And you think you can harness her energy?  Feed from the pool or her?  Let her fuck your mind?”  In a blink she wielded a riding crop and lashed the woman across a thigh.  “Well, you fucked up, bitch, because I am…”

She stopped.  The woman’s struggled cries gave her pause.  From just a simple crop?  Examining the two for a moment, she burst out into laughter and clapped her hands.  “Oh does this just not just take the cake!”  Speaking across the woman’s shoulder to Mandy, “She’s not trying to bond you.  You’re trying to bond her!”  Her laughter again rose.  Spreading her arms to the confines of the small apartment, mocking her, “Is this your ‘chamber’?”

Not able to hold her tongue during any more of the attack against her love, Kate spoke through tightly clenched teeth, “I may be a bitch,” it came out venomously cold, “but I am a very goal oriented bitch.”  Turning to anger, “Do not make me focus on you!”  The crop hit her again, this time without effect, “You don’t have what it takes to keep us apart!”

Antoinette lightly bumped the woman’s hips, jarring the clips with a fury she couldn’t ignore.  Her mouth opened wide in shocking pain and gasped as a large ball was forced in, muting her scream.  Pushing and thrashing would not free it.  The tightening of the simple harness around her head pulled it deeper into her mouth, the strap pulling and pinching both cheeks back as it was buckled.

Again with a handful of the woman’s hair, “You are in no position to make threats or demands.”  Still holding the hair tight, she whipped the thigh again, raising a second perfect welt right next to the first.  Almost pleasantly she asked, “How long do you think it will be before someone notices that you have gone missing?”  Laughing again, she went to the closet like she lived here and quickly found what she already knew was there.

“Don’t worry, Sweetie.”  Using her teeth, she pulled at the edges of the gag’s harness to allow the skin to unpinch.  It was all she could do.  Whispering, “Remember, midnight.  You’ll be fine.  Do not panic.”  Kissing the woman’s tears, “I love you, Sweetie.”

Opening her mouth, Mandy allowed her own gag to be pushed into place.  Antoinette buckled it and began to string a long cable.  Clipping one end to the girl’s left ankle cuff, she threaded the other end through the ring on the girl’s right ankle, then through the right wrist, the left wrist, then through the ring where she started.  There was still a few feet of extra cable, just enough to spool onto a pulley she’d hooked onto the next eyebolt in the low beam.

Cranking up the slack in the reel, “Once I get you home, you’ll never be neglected again.”  As the cable tightened, she carefully released a wrist from its original binding and took up that new slack, being careful not to disrupt the other woman’s binding.

“I will beat your little pussy every single day.”  The crank made two full revolutions, bringing the girl’s hand to behind her head, almost in line with the other still bound wrist and opposite ankle.  “And I will bring you pain like you could never fucking imagine.  You will cum on my leather.”  Nodding to herself, “You will learn to cum on my command.”

The second wrist was freed and enough slack taken in so she couldn’t reach the other woman’s bindings.  Both ankles were released and the woman cranked.  The feet came together and both arms were pulled back over her head as the cuffs were all being collected to one spot, but she couldn’t move her torso as she was still attached to Kate.  They both whined and tried to hum their apologies to each other, but the woman’s laughter drowned them out.

“You know, I just hate to tear you two apart…”  Slowly she added pressure to the cable, almost giddy with the reactions.  The hands were as far back as she could get them and her feet up on her toes, so the little added pressure began to pull the girl sideways.  Both squealed like puppies.

In a huff, the woman stopped, “Oh, I guess you wouldn’t do me any fucking good without a clit.”

Releasing Mandy’s clit clamp, she let it dangle from the other.  “I suppose you’ll want nipples, too.”  The last two clamps were harshly ripped away and the girl stumbled to the side and got just a little slack.

Antoinette, however, stayed with the other woman.  “You did seem to be enjoying these.”  Gripping a nipple and pulling hard enough to get a good scream, she latched the clamp up around the areola.  Doing the other the same, she left the woman in a contortion of agony as she writhed within the boundaries of her bindings.

“But you,” turning to her prize, “we need to…” she stopped, staring at her body.  “You fucking little cunt!”  Back to the woman, “You fucking shaved her!  You fucking fuck!”  The crop flew and struck the woman’s own shaved mound.  Strike after vicious strike the whip fell onto the woman’s baldness.  “You don’t fucking shave another’s!  You just fucking don’t!  She is mine!  You fuck!”

Done with the heavily welted pubis, her eyes quickly scanned the room and locked onto a key ring with at least a dozen different keys and several heavy rings.  Testing it for heft, satisfied, she hung them from the loose clip and smiled as the assembly distended the woman’s clit.

The added weight made little difference as her body was already beyond what she could process.  Only her concern for her Honey kept her conscious.  Even the words the woman spoke were dissembled.  Through the puddles of many continuous tears, she watched her love’s arms stretch down over her head, bowing her back to a point of almost deformity before her feet finally left the floor.  Her body hung face down in a perfect circle, dangling from the one single point that all four cuffs had collected to.

Kate’s attention shifted to the focus of her new need.  The woman so casually hooked all four of the girl’s cuffs into a single link and lowered the body like she was doing the laundry or some benign household chore.  With the girl on the floor, she removed the cable and let the girl roll to her side.

Approaching Kate, the word she spoke began to clarify, “I noticed this earlier and almost forgot.”  She toyed with the buttons of the small clock on the hinge.  “I think your timer might be broken.”  Shrugging, she grabbed both breasts very tightly and closed on her face, “Just be thankful I don’t have a little more time to deal with you.  You’d be fucking amazed at what a couple of jalapenos and a shallow plug would do for your little bitch attitude.”

She did not even flinch as the mistress literally threw her breasts down and walked away.  That was a pain that no longer mattered.  Her love, arched back into a circle, was cantered upright.  The woman so casually slipped her head through, hooking the girl’s hands and feet over her shoulder and stood.  Like a piece of luggage she was so easily moved.

The lover’s eyes met and locked.  Kate didn’t cry.  She stayed strong for her love.  She gave a nod of assurance before the large shawl covered the girl, effectively hiding her.  No one looking would ever guess at the beautiful sight of the woman that she was kidnapping someone.

Having already forgotten about the woman, Kate watched Antoinette turn out the lights and close the door without a glance or another word.





Chapter 20




The darkness, the silence…alone…afraid.  No, not afraid.  She couldn’t do anything if she was caught up in the fear.  Pain?  No, no pain either.  Only the pain of her absence.

Running through the evening in her mind, trying to remember something that could help, something that could get her out of this but she kept coming up with nothing.  Her position was unbelievable, her pains slowly began to return.

Focusing on her love, her Honey, she recalled their first night together.  The power of their connection…the connection, that’s what Antoinette wants, that’s what she was talking about.  She targeted Mandy…but how could she have known?

Each of her tortuous afflictions were persistently returning to their agonizing ways.  Gritting her teeth against the ball, she thought there just had to be a way out of this!  Her stress fed her nightmarish torments.  The slit of streetlight pierced the window.  Staring out at the night, the thought made her cry:  she would be missed by no one until Monday…Monday!

So quickly it all rushed her, overtook her; the pain, the loss, distress, sorrow, grief, helplessness, “do I die here?  NO!”  She spun her widespread legs and twisted her upper body, flailing at her bindings, jarring herself achingly out of the vortex that continually threatened to pull her in.

The harried movement had the keys bouncing wildly from her clit.  Breathing in as deeply as her crying would allow, she reprimanded herself, “Hear her voice!  Do it like she said to!”  Managing one good inhale, “Okay, for you, for you.”  Opening her eyes, she searched out the window again, into the world, “For our love.”  She tried to speak aloud, “Please guide me, my Littlebutt.”  Managing a short laugh at the thought of it, something made her stop.  Something was different.  Something had changed.  She had to fight to place it, but somehow the window had moved.

Shaking her head clear, she knew the window couldn’t have moved.  Trying hard to focus on looking out the window, it wouldn’t leave her.  It had been right in front of her, directly in her line of vision.  She was sure of it.  Turning her head slightly to the left, she again looked out the slit, into the night.

Bouncing on her toes, she tried to straighten herself, to be where she was to look out the window without turning, even if it was just a little bit but the assembly kept returning her to this new spot, off center.  Knowing she bordered on being obsessive-compulsive didn’t change the fact that she still wanted things a certain way, and she wanted to be lined up with window.

Craning her neck, she looked up at the metal linkage that held her and caught reflections of the moonlight off the polished steel.  A solid burnished link held the welded ring in the bar with certainty to the closed metal loop that was screwed deeply into the heavy beam.  She would apparently not be able to straighten herself without holding herself up to relieve at least some of the pressure from the single link.  She didn’t have that kind of energy.  To look out the window, she would just have to glance to her left.

Frustrated for again another reason, she had to get beyond it.  Even if she did manage to get out of this, what would she do?  How would she find her?  The agony was constant, but she found she could control at least a little bit how it affected her.  Not letting it take her away, she went through all that she knew; a large property, Mandy said north of here, she walked to the condo in a couple of hours.  At four miles an hour, not more than that, maybe…twelve miles?  She hung her head, “God damn it!  That could be anywhere.”

Thinking on it more; she bussed out there, didn’t she say she’d bussed out there?  Is it along a bus route?  She was losing hope.  She couldn’t do this.  She wouldn’t find her.  The thought returned that she was going to die up here.

Sobbing cries racked her body into shudders, bouncing the keys.  The panting and straining came back as the pains waxed.  Fighting against it, she told herself she could do this.  She had to tell herself she could do this, but there was nothing but to hang here.  Nothing but to hang here and let her loss, her confinement, her pain, she could only let it collapse upon her.

Through many minutes of tears, she had let her physical distress occupy her mind, somewhat freeing her from the more devastating pain of the emotional loss and her inability to act upon it.

The minutes passed, the tears dried and the physical pain ebbed.  The words were not understandable, but she needed at least the sound of her own muffled voice, “That bitch had the audacity to burn her, to brand my Mandy.  That’s right!  She’s mine!”  Humming the words as loudly as she could, “…Came to my office, my employees, disrupted my day…”  A light clicked on which stopped her:  security.  The office building’s security!

“Oh God.  Oh God.”  She had to control her excitement, but tried to holler out, “I will find her!  Oh God I’m gonna find her!”  Her heart raced and every part of her body throbbed with the added pressure.

She thought to call the police.  They’ll go out there and raid the house and put that…no, no police.  That’s what she said, never involve them in ‘community’ business.  But is this too far?  Can it be justified?  No, no, she said no cops.

A new confidence fell upon her, “I will do this myself.  I will get your address and I will steal her back!  Ohhh, this bitch is gonna burn!”

Looking up, left, right, “I’m so screwed!”  Looking out the window, she found it hard to maintain her excitement.  She could really do nothing but hang here.

Calling again to her love, “Please lend me your help.  You know so much more about this.  What can I do?  What should I do?  I’m just so screwed!  I need to get…well, unscrewed.”  She had to laugh at herself.  She could do nothing now, but she could cling to the hope.  When she did get down, she had a place to start.  “I will come for you!”  Delirious, she laughed at her double entandre’.

The slit of light at the window again drew her attention.  The longer she hung here, the longer that maniac had with Mandy.  She had to act.  She had to be able to do something, anything!

But not without first fixing this confounded window thing!

It bothered her that it bothered her, and that bothered her.

Looking up again, her eyes were a little bit better adjusted to the lack of light and she saw a little clearer the beam above her; a fat swath of dark against the higher white ceiling.  She had moved and was no longer aligned with the beam.

A small relief was a huge victory.  Taking her time to better analyze the linkage, there was only one possibility:  the eyebolt screw.  In her earlier flailing, she must have turned it.

Ready to accept the horrible consequences, she gently rotated her legs as far to the right as she could, shifting her hips and torso to follow.  Taking a breath, releasing it, then in one massive burst she propelled her feet, twisted her body and unspun herself as quickly as she could.

Her body caught at the far side and everything else was thrown wildly, most noticeably the keys.  The trauma struck her like a truck.  Only the gag kept air within her as the scream fought for release.  Her entire being fought for release.  The pain was uncontainable and yet she kept just enough presence of mind to open her eyes and check the window.

“Ahhh!”  The new scream was no fault of the keys, the loss or any of the other obvious afflictions.  She had gone too far and now the window was just to her right.

Throbbing and pulsing like she would’ve never been able to imagine, she could only berate herself for putting too much effort into her twist.  But she would not fix it.  The price was just too high.  She would be okay.  She did not have to be perfectly straight.  She would not attempt another try at righting herself.  Unless…

She wondered at just how long that screw was.  Was it possible to actually unscrew it far enough to lower her body down and let her feet set firmly on the floor?  It would take a huge pressure off of her arms if she could get down off of her toes.  But how much relief would it bring?  Would it be worth the cost?  Looking up again, she did a little memory searching and came up with what she was trying to find:  “Righty tighty, lefty loosey.”

With the goal of lowering her feet and the chance to accomplish it, she focused and double checked her logic.  If she winds up to her left and unspins to her right, the eyebolt will unscrew.  Chuckling at herself as she remembered her earlier request; she really did need to get ‘unscrewed’…unscrewed?

A sudden burst of energy took her.  She was going to get herself free!

Tiptoeing quickly to the left, she unleashed a massive torque to the right, and another, and another.  The keys flew but the pain was suddenly secondary.  She thrashed again and again.  She was turning.  Having made it an entire revolution, the screw loosened and she became able to get a full half turn on each effort.

Able now to turn the bolt by just stepping her way around it, her excitement grew.  It would not be long.  She could feel her hands around the throat of that woman.  And then she fell.

Taken by surprise, the fall sent her forward but with one quick hop she got her feet under her and slowly sank regardless to her butt.  The keys hit the floor and the pressure was suddenly gone.  It was the single greatest relief she could ever recall.

She tried the left, then the right, but the bar was too long to allow her to get even close to the clit clamp.  Having to start somewhere, she stretched forward and fumbled with the clasps to her ankles.  The clasps were easily released with two hands, but virtually impossible with just one.

“Just stay calm.”  Taking a breath, “Think.”.  Looking at the ankle, the bar, the clasp, the cuff; she smiled.  Even with the gag still firmly in place, it was a smile.  Stretching over again, she ignored the clasp and very simply unbuckled the cuff itself.  After the second was released, she moaned in pleasure, closed her legs and brought her knees up.  It felt so good to be free; at least partially.

Her wrists were a different story.  She needed to be resourceful, creative, ingenious…and she had to hurry.  Working herself to her knees, she had to pause.  Wounded and still being tortured had her slow to a stop.  Several deep breaths were required to get her to relax, but she had to admit that she was getting better at it.

Dragging the keys along with her, she very slowly rose.  The six steps to the kitchen were the longest she’d ever taken.  The pain was unvarying and assailed her from the heavy keys, her breasts which shook at every small jolt and the blistered mound that seared in a constant fire.

Looking around the kitchen she saw nothing that might help.  A cup hanger over the sink had two empty pegs.  She thought she might be able to loosen the tongue of the cuffs on it, but she needed something more.

Stepping forward, she cramped to the pain, tripped over her own feet and fell toward the sink.  Raising her to block the fall, which would have been totally ineffective, the center of the bar hit the edge of the counter and just like that the hinge collapsed, sending her sprawling to the floor.

In pain yet relieved, her hands spent no time messing with the cuffs and dove right to the clip.  Removing it sent a rush of blood through it and had her writhing on the cold linoleum floor.  Her body poured sweat and was suddenly so very cold.  She had only enough sense to release the clips from her nipples while she was still enthralled with the pain of the other.

The cuffs at her wrists gave her no challenge or did the gag and she laid cuddled into the fetal position, enjoying her freedom, enjoying the cold below her but she knew she had no time to gloat in her accomplishments.  She had to act.

Crawling to the small phone stand, she conveniently found a pencil and a small pad.  Taking them all to the floor with her, she made the call.

“Thank you for calling Tyler and Byer Architecture and Design.  If you know the extension of the party…”  Kate pressed the zero twice.

“Front desk security.”

“Hi,” suddenly surprised at the effort it required, “this is Catherine Montgomery…”

“Hey Kate, it’s Mike.”

“Oh, good, good, Mike…what is it, overtime?”

“Don’t tell anyone, but I bumped myself to the top of the emergency list.”  Laughing, “Gotta pay for that Sportster some how.  Kate?  It’s the middle of the damn night.  Is everything okay?”

“Well,” she spent a moment trying to find a suitable explanation and quickly decided that any small part of the truth would sound too unreal, too extreme, so she just pushed forward without declaring a reason, “On Wednesday of this week a woman named Antoinette came into the office and caused a disturbance.  A report should have been filed.  You will have a copy of it in the database.”  A breath, calm, relaxed, she continued, “Would you pull that up for me, please.  I need her address.”

“And this can’t wait?”  He laughed, needling her.

Not accepting his humor, she stayed stoic, “Mike, please, I am in a hurry.”

The need in her voice caught him, “Are you okay?”

After a deep breath, “Mike, I just don’t know.”  She could hear the click of the keyboard.

“Roseanne Blaylock.  You said you wanted her address?”





Now just minutes from her condo, she knew she had to make the call.  She could barely walk.  After several rings it was answered, dropped, picked up then a groggy, “Who’s this?”

“Susan, I’m so sorry.  It’s Kate.  Susan, I need your help with something.”  She was on the verge of tears.

The sound of her friend in distress woke her up quickly, “Anything, Katie.  What is it?”

“I’m…I’m…kinda hurt,” adding quickly, “but I gotta do something and I need to…and I just can’t like I am.  I need some pain killers, but I can’t get sleepy.  I have to do this tonight.”

“Katie, what’s hurt?  What did you do?”

“It’s…kinda complicated.”  The tears finally came.

“Come over.  Right now.”

“I’m in my car.  I can see the building.  Just a couple of minutes, thanks.”  She disconnected.

Holding the piece of paper with the address on it tightly in one hand, she began to shake.  Her heart was pounding, palms sweating, she was going to do something to directly affect her own destiny.  The tears didn’t dry, but were swept away by the flood that came behind them.

Parking the car and walking to the elevator was difficult, but she deflected the pain, just like Mandy had taught her, to the growing excitement of the moment.  In the elevator she dried her face with her T-shirt and combed her hair with her fingers.  The twenty four hours of anticipation was catching up with her.  She couldn’t stop the sweat.

The door opened before she got there and her neighbor herded her in.  Noticing the limp, “Is it your leg?”

“It’s…”  Kate laughed, “Susan, you just would not believe the week I’ve had.”  She crimped her hips.

“Well, you just sit down and tell me about it.”  Walking away, “The coffee is already made.”  Glancing back, “I assume you want some?”

Following her friend, “The coffee does sound good, but really, I am in a bit of a hurry.”  She adjusted the shorts just to touch herself.

Everything was ready, she just poured.  Handing over a cup, “Show me what happened and I’ll do what I can.”  Reading the woman’s arousal as pain and confusion, “Katie, are you in some kind of trouble?”

Trying a sip, it was too hot to drink fast.  She added a shot of cold tap water, “Not me.  It’s my…I have a…friend.  It’s all very complicated, but this friend could get hurt and I may be the only one who can prevent it.”

Sipping the coffee, smiling, “Well, I hope your ‘friend’ turns out to be okay,” still with the Cheshire grin.

Exasperated, she set the cup down and just glared at her neighbor, “What?”  Prodding, “What is it?”

“Oh, Katie, it’s obvious you’re in love, and I didn’t even know you were dating anybody.”  She was excited, “So…what’s he like?”

Shaking her head, “Just, not right now.  It’s complicated, but I have to hurry.”  Huddling over the cup, “But I do need the coffee.”  Still sweating, she continued to funnel the non-stop pain into her sexual desires.  She could feel her stiffness.

Both hands up, laughing, “Okay, okay, no questions, but I do need to know where you’re hurt.”

Joining the woman’s jovial mood, she harrumphed, “Everywhere.”

Setting down her cup and approaching, “Show me.”

Stepping back, “It’s…weird.”  A shiver traveled her entirety.  Reminding her, “No questions?”

“Regardless of how good of friends we are, I am a doctor first.  I see naked body parts every day.  Nothing you can show me will shock me.”

Relenting, “Okay,” the shirt came off, “We can start here.”

The first thing that caught her attention were the fully bloated nipples, stiff and rigid.  “Oh, my.”  Looking closer, seeing nothing else, the tiny puncture marks from the teeth of the clamps on the shaft of the nipple and on the areolas.  “Okay, I’ll get…” one step back and she noticed the old marks of the paddle on her breasts and belly.  “What are…” she stopped, hands up, “No questions.”

Back in just seconds, she carried a large, fold out medicine box.  She took her position, “However you got these marks, you need to let them heal.”

Nodding, “I know, I know, but right now…”

“Yes.”  She interrupted, “You want to kill the pain.”  Uncapping a small tube, “Hold still.”  She gently applied a liquid.  “This is basically a local anesthetic.”  A Q-tip swabbed around the first nipple.

Kate had to grab at the counter behind her as sensations of pleasure and arousal streamed through her.  Trying to breath slowly and contain her heart rate…and failing, she gave into the titillation and moaned, “Ooohhh, I’m okay.”

Going to the second, Susan began having fun with Kate’s reactions; swabbing in circles around then polishing the tip, “Katie?” giggling, “Are you sure it’s pain that you’re in?”


“Let me guess:  Complicated?”  She got the oil to absorb into the needy areas.

Wanting to explain at least some part, “It’s like a trick.  You make the sensations whatever you want them to be.”  Eyes closed, she leaned back against the counter, “Pain can enhance a sexual experience, if you can do it.”  She felt the moisture puddle within her.

Susan stopped, “You mean like masochism?”

Opening her eyes as Susan finished, “Yeah, like that.”

“Oh, God, I’m afraid to ask, but I know this is not what was making you limp.”  Stepping back, “How much worse is it?” pointing lower with her eyes.

“It’s enough to either knock me over or keep me very, very aroused, and right now I can not afford to be knocked over.”

Bouncing a finger at her, “Drop your drawers.”  She did and the doctor flinched, “Oh, Katie!”

Kate looked down to her bald mound and was surprised that it didn’t actually look worse.

“This needs to be covered.”

“That’s not the worst of it.”  She very gently opened herself, “My clitoris…it’s just killing me.”

Susan went to her knees and got a new Q-tip.  Dripping the liquid onto the marred mound, she guided the run off onto the damaged clit, causing a flinch, “Hold still, this needs to be done.”

Legs spread slightly, hips cantered forward, hands firmly on the counter; she had to lean back over it.  The liquid instantly soothed the mound.  She fought not to react, but when the cotton tip swabbed the clit, her body instantly submitted and sped heedlessly toward its fulfillment.

All the pains combined to give the approach a deeper energy, a brilliant power, an undeniable call, drawing her in.  She focused, “For Mandy.”  It began to take her.  She tried to push it back into the pain, allowing it to hurt, pouring her pleasure back into the damage.  Fortunately, most of it was already becoming numb.

Unable to avoid observing the spasms of the contracting clitoris, Susan pretended not to notice and just continued, but with just a little added care to swab the damaged stem until she knew the woman was completely numb.  “Does that feel better?”  She wanted to take the words back just as soon as she’d said them.  Not waiting for an answer, “I’ll soak the gauze with the same and tape it into place.  The effect will last longer the longer you keep it on.”

“You don’t know how much better that feels,” now Kate was the one who tried to bite back the words, “I mean, it’s just a lot less pain.  You don’t know how much I appreciate this.”  In a gulp she finished her coffee.

“I don’t like to run out so quickly, but I hate to think of my Mandy in the hands of that crazy woman.”  Pulling up her shorts, she reached for her shirt.

“Your ‘Mandy’?”  Her head spun with new thoughts but she wouldn’t pass any judgments on her friend and her concern focused on the more important issue, “Is she being held against her will?  Is this a kidnapping?  Is it really dangerous?”  Stopping the woman, “Katie, should we call the police?”

“No!  No, no, not the police.  It’s like some kind of unwritten law.”

“There are written laws about this?”

Kate opened her mouth and then shut it without speaking.

“Do you need any kind of help?”

“That’s very kind, Susan, and yes, I really don’t know what I’m doing.”  Chuckling half heartedly, “but it’s something I have to do.  This nonsense has to end.”  Finished dressing, she hugged her friend without so much as a flinch, “I can’t thank you enough for your help.”  Stretching, testing her new limits, she was satisfied.  “I have to go.”

Hugging her again, “Listen to me, you call me in the morning.  Do you understand?  I am serious, call me in the morning.”

Nodding, “I will.  I won’t forget.”





Chapter 21




Taking the stairs the two floors to her own, she felt good, or, at least better.  The inner pressure was mostly released and the outer pain mostly controlled.  Getting into her condo, she became an immediate flurry of activity.

Stripping down as she flew to her bedroom, she got into one of her new sports thongs and a tight sports bra.  She covered her bottom half in black spandex exercise pants, black socks and unable to find any black sneakers, she wore her favorite black dance shoes: light, flexible and most of all comfortable.  A dark warm-up jacket covered her torso and with practiced moves, her hair was confined to a single tight braid.

A pen light was slipped into her cleavage, a flashlight in her pocket.  Digging through an old boyfriend’s box of stuff she found the lock-pick set he’d tried to teach her how to use.  It went into the jacket pockets with a small tube of mace, her cell phone, utility knife and a small roll of electrical tape.

She needed more but didn’t know what, not really knowing why she was bringing most of what she had already.

With one last look at the map, she knew exactly where she was heading and she needed to go.  Time was valuable.  Mandy needed her and she would not let her down.  She swallowed four aspirin, just in case.

Stopping for only a quick bite at a drive through to cut the edge off of her nerves and because she realized she was hungry, she was then soon parked just up the road from the entrance to the property.  She’d already made a U-turn, so she faced south, back toward town, the direction she hoped to be traveling very shortly.  Craning her neck, she looked over the area of ranches behind her and to her east.

Having brought only two keys, she put her condo key under the floor mat and the car key went under the front tire.  One last check of her belongings and a moment to breathe, she steeled herself and took off at a trot across the street.

Hopping through a side ditch, she traveled east along the southern border of the old ranch.  The cover wasn’t thick so the trek was easy, but it left her exposed most of the way.  Not until she was off of the road a hundred yards or so did the clearing end.  The trees were old and the foliage thick.  Only a few small animal trails broke the solid underbrush.  Her pace had to slow to a casual walk.  She couldn’t afford a single misstep.  She was Mandy’s only hope and care right now was more important.

The small trail she followed took her to three pieces of barbed wire, then snaked on beyond them.  Testing each of the three, she found them to be tight and sturdy.

“Okay, time to get dirty.”

The animal trail caused a slight depression where it went under the bottom wire making it a good twelve inches of clearance.  Clearing away a larger area, she got to her back, put her hands on two clear spots of the wire and shimmied under it.  Half way in she had to release the wire and pull with her arms but made it with room to spare.

Dusting her back off, she checked her pockets and found that all was in order so she took off toward the halo of light which was the house of her intent.  Closing to within a couple of hundred yards, she caught glimpses of it through the trees.  It was larger than she’d anticipated.  In fact, it was huge.

The small path she’d crept along opened to a larger one then spilled onto a well used footpath.  Walking slowly yet paced, she followed the path even though it meandered to the east, beyond the house.

Stopping for a moment, she took out the flashlight and took a close look at the trail to find no footprints.  There were rabbit and plenty of large bird tracks, but no recent footprints.  Hating to do it, she looked back to her own and found them to be glaringly out of place, neon in the darkness.  The flashlight blinked out and she again was on the move, faster than before, keyed in on her destination.

To her left a pile of leaves rustled and she froze.  The ground beneath her shifted and she pranced to avoid the movement of what she guessed was a small animal.  Backing up, the sound of large branches erupted, smashing the relative quiet of the night.  Before she could react, something grabbed her leg and pulled.  Flailing her arms and releasing a shrill screech, she went down hard and then was thrown quickly up into the air to crash through the leaves and twigs of the upper branches of trees.  Reaching an apex, she then fell from an astounding height but was caught by her leg before impacting on to the ground and thrown back up, but not nearly as hard.

After bouncing several times she finally came close to a rest and found herself swinging by her left leg at least twenty feet from the ground.  Looking up, she saw the bound tops of two trees as they arced toward the pull of the rope which suspended her.

Puffing her annoyance, “This is a stupid trap!”

Frustrated more at her loss of dignity after screaming like a child than she was about her confinement, she picked through her pockets for her knife, “Shit!”  Hanging upside down, dangling like an acrobat, her pockets were empty.  She felt like a fool.

Having spent summers on her uncle’s farm, she’d learned her share about rope traps, knots, hay lofts and heights.  She knew she could get out of this.

Swinging her body from one side to another, she added to her speed at each passing until she was soon a giant bob.  The pendulum arc she took became wide, huge as she tried to grab branches on both sides of the swing but couldn’t.  The trap was better than she’d thought.  By using two tree tops instead of one outstretched limb, she was kept from getting to either trunk.

Not deterred, “Back from the farm, off to gymnastics.”

Bending up at the waist, she grabbed her knee, then calf, ankle, foot and finally got a good hold of the rope.  Walking her hands up the rope, she was soon climbing.  Once she was high enough to have a couple of feet of slack, she wrapped her free right leg around the rope and held on with her right hand.  Testing them for grip, she pulled her left leg up and loosened the lasso style loop from her ankle and let the rope fall free.

Deciding against the long fall, she climbed up to the cross rope an walked it hand over hand to the relative safety of a tree trunk, more easily descending from there.

Sitting on the ground, rubbing at the ligature marks on her ankle, she was thankful she didn’t have to stay up there any longer and was somehow reminded of the thick padded leather cuffs she’d donned now a couple of times.  Nodding to herself, “Beats the hell out of rope.”

Standing and finding herself fit, she searched the ground for a reflection.  Back down to her knees, she searched with her hands in a wider and wider arc around where she’d been thrown upside down.  It only took moments to realize the futility of her search; she’d been thrown violently and so had all of her things.  Trying for just a moment, she retraced where she’d been standing and based upon the direction she had traveled and approximately the distance she’d gone before the rope pulled her back and the number of times and distance she’d bounced, her gear should be…anywhere.

Giving up, she pushed on, only looking to the ground a couple of times a second to search further but before she found any of her things, she found herself facing the eastern face of the main building.

Following the main path as it continued to widen, she kept just off of it, skirting the brush next to it until she was to the opening of the clearing which gave her a good look at the back porch.  Slightly elevated, it ran the entire width of the three story building.

The night was mild and several lower level windows stood visibly cracked.  At the tree line she crept from end to end, viewing along both sides and getting a good feel for the porch.  Two separate sets of double doors opened onto it and three stoop stairways led from it:  one off each end and a wide center way, all spilt down to the yard.  Each case had only four steps and a large bay window centered between the two doorways and two crank style casement windows stood between the edges of the building and the door on both sides.

Shifting slightly in the breeze, the two whicker divan swings creaked and groaned as their chains constantly adjusted for the shift.  Through the windows she saw nothing.  Around the northern side she could see old barns and outbuildings beyond a large turn-through which held a couple of cars.  The place appeared completely devoid of human activity.

Her thorough investigation and careful examination gave her a full understanding of the building and site she was to besiege.  She processed the information based upon her experience and determined…nothing.  She was at a total loss; scared, lost, hurt and had absolutely not idea what she was doing.  Forming a ‘plan’ would be like her designing a new propulsion system the Saturn V.  Hanging her head, she felt this was doomed for failure.  The only question was to what extent this failure would be.

“No!”  Gritting her teeth, “I will do this!  I can not fail!  I am not a quitter, I am a fighter!”  She pumped her fist at the last for emphasis.

The pep talk helped her feel good for at least a few seconds, then her bravado collapsed as memories of the one and only fist fight she’d ever been in flashed through her mind; she had been thirteen and lost badly, finishing her eighth grade in fear and sacrificing her minimal social life to hide herself in studies of the business world.

“But now I have a purpose…and desire.”  Feeling better, she repeated, “I will do this.”

From out behind a tree she stormed the house, shot up the stairs and went for an open window.  The several inches it hung open was more than enough for her to reach through and find a sturdy screen, in fact, an unusually sturdy screen.  Pushing and poking, lifting and shifting, she was unable to get it to budge.

Cupping her hands to the upper, solid pane of the window, she appraised the room within:  Dark.  Wedging her face up even closer, she figured there could be a person on the other side of the glass looking back and laughing.  All they would have to be is a foot or so back and they would be totally lost to the darkness.  Glancing down, she noticed the hand crank for the window was on the top of the hinged pane which opened swinging out from the bottom.  Even if she could get through the screen, she wouldn’t be able to reach the crank.

Trying to look into the other window bore similar results.  It wasn’t open but a couple of inches.

Back across to the big bay window, enough light filtered in to display an open room, probably large, maybe a big dining hall or reception room.  She couldn’t see in deep enough to tell but it didn’t matter.  The bay window was built around a nitch which housed a love seat she could discern but none of the panes looked to have been designed to open.

Each door was windowed as well, giving light to only a few feet of hallway which obviously continued on further.  Stepping back from the door, frustrated and again unsure of her direction, she spent a moment leaning on the door handle for support as she contemplated her next option.  Feeling the long handle shift, the latch clicked and the door swung slowly open.

Pulling her hand back like it had been bitten, she barely suppressed a scream.  It had been unlocked.  Circling wide around it as if it had some mystic power and had opened on its own volition, she slipped through the entirety of it and into the darkness.  Returning to the open door after only three short steps, she eased it quietly shut, “Mom would be proud.

Passing periodic doors on either side in almost complete darkness, she was relieved to see a faint glow of illumination from down the hall.  Continuing toward it, she paused as the hall opened into an enormous and elaborate reception area.

The hall she was in entered into the room from under an arching staircase.  The light from what appeared to be a foyer at the front was enough to light an identical staircase on the opposite side, arcing the other way over the mouth of another hallway.  She deduced it led to the other back door.

The light was comforting, but also dangerous.  Keeping to the shadows, she slid along the walls and doorways, staying out of the open spaces, creeping her way forward.  Halfway through the spacious parlor she stopped and flattened herself to the wall and thought.  “This is stupid.  I need a plan.  I need to open some doors.  I could’ve passed her already.”  Deep breath, “Bold!”  Furrowing her brow, she exhaled, “Be bold, find my Mandy and go!”

Stepping away from the wall, she audaciously strode, a full proud strut, quickly yet carefully toward the lit foyer.  She would get the lay of the land first, start at the front and look for stairs that went down because that’s where they always kept people hidden away.  She stopped, “Isn’t it?”

The distant sound of the woman’s laughter put her back to the wall, hiding her behind the crook of a shallow bookcase which really did nothing to hide her at all.  Panicked, frantic, she was desperate to hear over the sudden pounding from within her.

The silence was too expansive, she had no point of reference, it encompassed everything…then it came again: laughter, words, laughter.  It echoed through the area, confusing the direction of its source.  It got louder, the words were clear, chastising yet light humored.  The thundering within her threatened to burst out…and then she saw her.

Antoinette, or Roseanne, stepped through a door that opened upstairs and stood on the balcony looking back into the room, “Oh just come on!”  Laughing again, she pulled a leash.

Gasping, Kate watched, anticipating her lover but was shocked to see a man, a very large man, stoop to fill the doorway completely.  He was a muscle bound giant, but her surprise was mostly for what the leash was attached to and what led him out and down the isle of the balcony toward the staircase.

The mistress led the way, but the light from the open door was enough to make Kate blink until her eyes adjusted to it.

“Oh, please,” her voice was condescending and acidic, “quit your fucking complaining.”  A riding crop flew and the sharp distinctive slap echoed resoundingly.

He hadn’t said a thing until, “Yes, Mistress Antoinette.”  His steps were very short and quick.

At the top of the stairs they stopped and she looked up to him, “Do you think you deserve this?”

In the same baritone, “Yes, Mistress Antoinette.”

“Should I be lenient?”

“No, Mistress Antoinette.”

Starting down the stairs, Kate watched her yank the leash and watched him flinch and groan as it pulled on the collar around the base of his huge shaft and balls.  He quickly tip-toed down the steps and as they rounded the arc of the staircase, Kate saw why his steps were short and why he was stooped over:  a thin strap ran from the cockring to each ankle, just short enough to prevent extension.

“You’re lucky she’s back down where she belongs or I wouldn’t be so understanding.”  She yanked the leash.

“Yes, Mistress Antoinette.”  He hobbled faster, using the banister for support.

Stone still she stood, petrified by her predicament, hoping that her dark colors melted her into the shadows.  Sweat drained from her pores steady enough to soak her entirely.  Too paralyzed to wipe it away, the salty rill ran over her brow and into her eyes, blurring her vision and burning, but she couldn’t even afford to blink as the outrageous sight before her played out.

Fortunate for the pause in dialogue, she almost missed the clue.  A frantic review brought it to light, ‘down’, she’d said, ‘down where she belongs’.  Almost audibly, “I was right!”  Actually excited about her deduction, the giant man’s actions brought her back.

“…so prepare yourself to fucking please me, you big cock.”  She grabbed it, not able to get her hand but halfway around it, but she still squeezed.  “Be ready,” Releasing him and turning to go, calling out behind her, “like you know how I want you.”

Kate almost gasped when the cove Antoinette entered lit up, casting an additional glow to the area.

“Yes, Mistress Antoinette.”

The man was huge and could easily overpower her, yet she watched in awe as he lifted his body up onto the banister and inched his way up onto the newel post.  Several inches above the railing, the thin post was topped by an egg-shaped oval as big as a baseball.

Carefully straddling the top, Kate gasped as her lowered himself around it to slowly descend until he came to rest on the banister, his monstrous erection now the newel, taller and wider than the original.

“Fuck!  I should just keep you there!”  Entering with a cup in one hand and a peeled banana in the other, she bumped a switch with her elbow and rows of artwork suddenly glowed with ambient rays.

Barely containing the urge to just flee, Kate’s eyes widened even further as just two feet from where she stood had a painting which had lit.  She knew she was now visible and maintaining her motionlessness and hoping were her best options.  Then she would find stairs and go down, but now she couldn’t help but just watch.

“I could frame you just like that!  Like a fucking piece of art!”  Finishing the fruit, the woman stood with her back to him.  His strength easily picked her up by the waist and set her atop his knob.  Using just one hand to adjust his girth, she soon was able to accept his head, and then a little more.  The act was tented by the short skirt she wore, but the enormous mass of the man left little to the imagination as she made it to his lap.

Still with the cup in hand, she took a sip, “Keep it slow, I don’t wanna spill.”

“Yes, Mistress Antoinette.”

During a slow down stroke she leaned over and retrieved the leash, tugging, “Is this good for you?”

“No, Mistress Antoinette.”

Shifting the leash to her drink hand, she took the riding crop from her belt, “Do you wanna cum?” drawing each word out, like talking to a child.

“Yes, Mistress Antoinette.”  He guided her up high enough and she swatted his gathered, collared balls.  Flinching, he grunted, “Thank you, Mistress Antoinette.”  He lowered her.

With the same condescending tone, “Are you ever going to fail me again?”

Swatting just as he answered mangled the response.  She yanked the leash and he spoke though clenched teeth, “No, Mistress Antoinette.”

Swilling the remains of her cup, it was allowed to fall, “Okay, now fuck me!”

Kate was awed by the display of his big arms lifting and driving her onto him over and over.  Soon he had her leaving him completely to fall fast enough to let her skirt fly up as she took him buried to the very bottom of his thickness.  The mistress cried out and her body shook as the battering was relentless.  Both of her hands worked furiously under her skirt to further her delight in the amusement as the incredible scene played out.  Kate was stunned still.

Even in her Shock, as scared and tense as she was, she couldn’t help her own arousal.  Watching the woman work herself had Kate’s own hands shift to herself and stopped only when the contact threatened to reignite the clouded agony.  She could feel her moisture gather and pool as the woman was gripped by the obvious cramps and contractions of an intense climax.  The big man knew it too and maintained the staggering pace throughout her screams of glory.  Not until she signaled him to did he finally slow.

Her first controlled move was to again slap his balls, “Is that all the cum you can get from me?”  Another slap with the crop, “Put me down.”

“Yes, Mistress Antoinette.”  Lifting her, she squealed as his head pulled out from her as he leaned as far as he could to set her to the floor.

Staggering but staying upright, “If you do a good job, you can cum.”  Dropping the leash, she took a few slow deliberate steps to reset her hips, “Don’t just sit up there like some bitch!”  Walking toward Kate, she called over her shoulder, “Go down there and fuck that cunt on the wall for your dinner.  Batter that bitch and if you make her cum you can wake me an I’ll see about letting you as well, otherwise…” she turned, “you’ll just have to see how generous I feel tomorrow.”


Hugging the bookcase, trying to will herself behind it, Kate’s panic reached a new depth.  As big as the room was and as many possible directions the mistress could’ve gone, it was just her luck that the woman aimed directly at her.  Close enough now, had she been tuned to it she would have smelled the powerful fear that poured from Kate’s energy.

Stopping just feet in front of her, the mistress had turned for that last comment to the man then aimed for a door just to the other side of the small case and, fortunately, had become distracted by a hip that didn’t reset quite right.

Watching in absolute terror, the mistress walked a step, stretched the hip again then carefully passed, focused on the door ahead.  Completely baffled as to how she was missed, she glanced down at herself and her flat black clothing and realized that the dim light was exactly that…dim.  Coming from the utter blackness of the hallway, the scant light seemed like a spotlight.  But now, with her eyes adjusted to it, she saw how well she did fade in and allowed herself to finally slowly exhale.  Thankful for the outrageous episode she’d watched, it also gave her cause to worry.

This man would lead her to Mandy.  She no longer had to guess.  The single hardest part was solved, but he was going to put that huge thing in her?  And batter her with it?  She couldn’t just let that happen.

Thinking, waiting for the man to dislodge himself from his impalement, which he was struggling to accomplish, she remembered putting her entire hand and fort of her forearm into the girl…to her delight!

Staring again at the girth of his rigid member, she though that maybe she really could take it, maybe even like it?  No, she was too emotionally motivated to allow herself to enjoy some run of the mill sex.  Still watching, transfixed on the man’s erection, “okay, maybe not run of the mill, but still.”

He rolled back onto the banister and gently settled his feet to the floor.  Waiting for him to make his move, to show her the way, she lifted a leg to stretch the knee and felt a glimmer of the pain she’d lost hours ago.  Convincing herself in would be alright, that it was almost over, that she would get Mandy and they would leave…and…then…

Why was the big man moving up the stairs?

“No, no, she’s not up, she’s down!  Damn it!  Go down!”  She almost said it aloud.  Now what, follow him up or await his return?  Follow?  Wait?  Follow?  Damn it!  He got to the top of the stairs and slowly, almost casually walked through the door they’d come from earlier, leaving it open behind him.

Crouching, she readied herself and as soon as he had left her sight, she sprang forward, flinched, held herself and quickly but carefully crossed the huge parlor.  At the base of the staircase she took a moment to check behind her, then up to the open door…nothing.  The soft leather dance shoes made almost no noise at all as she eased herself up the flight.

Outside the lit room, back to the wall, heart rate in check, resolve committed, she peeked in just in time to see a wall shift and move just before becoming a normal part of the room.  A quick scan showed the rest of the room to be a normal looking sitting room and a small library…with no big man.

“He’s through here.”  Approaching the wall panel, “and so is Mandy.”

Standing with her back to the panel, she tried to sense the girl, to feel her, to tell her she  was coming, that it would be alright soon.  Thinking, waiting, she wondered, now that she knew where to look, did she want to confront that hulk of a man, or should she first subdue the woman?  She visualized herself attacking the woman in the office building, knocking her so easily to the desk, but she’d blindsided her and the woman didn’t really fight back at all.  Would she get another chance that opportune?

The woman was going to sleep.  Kate remembered she said she was going to sleep.  Targets don’t get any easier than that!  But…if she was going to sleep, did she really need to subdue the woman?  She didn’t plan on lingering around afterward.  “Stop making excuses, just face the big man, get Mandy and leave!”

Gently pushing the panel gained her no results, “Wait, a weapon.”  Searching the room found her nothing.  She gazed at the drapes and looked more carefully at the corded ties that held them so stylishly open.  Rope, a lasso.  One of the tie cords came free easily enough.  It unfolded and untied into a six foot length of sturdy braided cotton.

A small, tightly knotted loop was folded in upon itself to create an acceptable lariat.  She untied and took the other as well, looping it into a small easily carried roll.

Back to the panel, she searched with a renewed energy and found a piece of a frame that wasn’t stable.  Pushing it aside got her a faint ‘click’ and the panel was able to be slid back.  Slipping through, she saw the obvious latch from this side and pushed it back into place.

The tiny area was just a landing.  Stairs went up and stairs went down.  Following the directions, she lightly paced down.  Ready, or at least as ready as she was going to get, she covered the first ten steps one slow pace at a time.

The next landing turned the stairs back and she had to follow several switchbacks and a couple of other panel backs before she saw a different light below her.  Not a landing, she had reached the bottom and it seemed to open to a larger room.  Trying to get a better view, she crouched on the steps, bent over and froze.  The man’s voice, but it was soft and melodious.  He chuckled a deep low rumbling at something he’d said.

Down one more step and she saw a suspended leg.  Peeking further, she saw more of the body.  Head, hands and feet were all pulled back harshly toward the wall with something pushing the base of the torso out.  It was a contortion that grossly misshaped the body yet she knew.  Unable to see the girl’s face, she could feel her presence.  She could feel her love.  It was then that she saw him.





Chapter 22




“…At least you can consider yourself special.  You’re all she talks about.”  Approaching the girl, “So, here we go again, Darlin’.”  His hands went to her hips.

Mandy whined and shimmied her body in protest.  Kate almost cried, she could feel the girl’s pain.  The man was big, bigger than any man she had ever seen, but she had surprise on her side; just like when she’d tackled the mistress, but this required a little more thought, a plan.

“Relax, now.  You know I won’t openly defy her command, so I have to do this.”  His head was so big that he had to open her with both hands just to get himself started.  “I’ll be as easy as I can make it.”  Calmly, almost seductively he talked to her as he began the struggled process of entering her.

Kate couldn’t handle the muffled cries, she had to act.

Step by step she descended.  Shaking with fear so strongly that she almost couldn’t manipulate the rope, but she did manage to tie the first length to the end of the second.  She would go for the neck.  Or should she try and pin the arms to the torso?  No, the neck.  He would fight and she would have to stay clear of him, so no, the neck wouldn’t work.  Looking up, left, right, all she saw was fixed hooks, eyelets and pulleys; nothing she could benefit from.

Several steps behind him now, he kept getting bigger the closer she got.  She started to doubt that she could even get the rope up over his head.  He was too tall!  Panic again threatened her and she almost dropped the rope.

Mandy cried out and it was a dagger to her heart.  The man was too focused to notice her.  She had her advantage but she couldn’t reach him!  She had to act, and soon.

Something drew her vision down his body.  He’d reset his legs to be a little wider, making him a little lower, but that wasn’t what caught her attention.  It was the leash that dangled between them.  She had him.

The lasso was laid behind him on the floor with the second length still in her hand.  In one burst of gutsy motion, she reached through, took the leash and pulled him back.

“Ahhhh!”  He followed without hesitation.  The second step put both of his feet within the circle.  Jerking the cord captured both ankles and he collapsed in a massive crash.

“What the hell?”

Like a mouse in a corner she attacked and landed on his back, pulling furiously on the rope got his knees bent and his ankles to his butt.  One quick twist got it around his neck and she stood back, straddling his knees, keeping pressure on both the rope and the leash.  He didn’t contend his position.

So excited with her victory, Kate didn’t know what to do with her conquest.  “Just stay right there!”  She felt a passionate elation from the girl at the sound of her voice, “I love you too, Honey.”  He shifted and it didn’t take too much added pressure to stop him.

“Okay, you stay calm or I swear to God I’ll rip that massive thing right from your body!” pulling harder with every word.

His hands went behind his back, “I believe you.  I believe you.  I swear, I won’t fight it.”  His voice was strained from the rope.

Holding firm to the leash, no too keen on the idea of killing him with the rope, she unwrapped his neck and tied his ankles and both wrists together, cinching it with a square knot.

Rolling to his side, he looked up to her and smiled, “Ahh, so the ‘other woman’ appears.”

Not wanting to hear it, she took a step back.  He was actually quite handsome, his smile friendly.  Toeing him in a half hearted kick, “You just keep quiet.”  Seeing the tight binding of his cockring and collar, then the added strain of her own knots, she was compelled to ask, “Is it too tight?”

“No Ma’am,” he almost laughed, “Now that you’ve released my neck, I think I am going to make it.”

A little confused, “You didn’t fight me at all, did you?”

Chuckling, “If you had testicles, you would understand.”

“You just stay put and you’ll get to keep yours.”  Turning her attention to her bound friend, she didn’t catch the last, ‘Yes, Ma’am’.

She was in obvious physical distress yet still happiness and joy flowed from her.  Not able to reach her face, Kate kissed her nipple, “I’m getting you out of this.”  Running to a small trash can, she dumped it, turned it over and stepped up onto it to examine the girl’s situation.

Her collar was metal, solid, no hinge or bracket, no clasp or buckle.  A slight weld mark ran up one side, visible only upon close inspection.  A ball gag and a blinder were worked together into a mail mesh that circled her head.  The single loop on the back of the collar was locked, padlocked, to an iron bar that stuck straight out from the wall.  The steel mesh looped under the bar, placed obviously before the lock was secured.

“Okay, Honey,” she kissed her face through the mesh, “I have to find a key.  Try and stay calm.”  Kissing her again, “I’ll see if I can loosen the rest of you up.”

Metal fetters connected the wrists and pulled them back tightly, the solid set of links crossing over the iron bar as well, pulling them straight behind her.

Beginning to really worry, she kissed and hugged the body, “Oh, I’m so sorry, Honey, but they got you real good.”

A second bar extended from the wall, lower that the first but extending further.  This is the bar she’d thought originally that Mandy had sat on, but upon further examination, she found an object of some size welded to the end and sticking up, obviously buried fully within the girl.

Kissing the girl’s torso and legs, she began to cry.  Each leg was pulled back and shackled to a chain set into the wall, keeping her legs wide and putting pressure on her hips, pushing her center ridge out, highlighting her polished mound.  She kissed and kissed the mound, not knowing how else to console her.

“It’s all done with locks.”  Her tears ran harder as she said it aloud.  Sliding lower, she gently touched her tongue into the girl, sliding through the lube already there.  “I have to find keys, or get tools.”  The tongue came up over the clit, eliciting a moan of pure passion which delighted Kate to hear.  “We’ll find a way.”

“The fetters are ancient,” the man said in his low rumble, “All of the locks and keys are the same.  But the padlock has just one key I know of, and it’s hers.”

Turning back to him, “So, what?  Are you trying to help us?”

“Oh, no,” He smiled, “I’m just pointing out the obvious.”  Like a mantra, he recited, “It would be against my commitment to openly defy my Mistress Antoinette.”

Waving it off with one hand, “Right, right, so…” looking around, “where oh where.”  She saw it.  Across the room, under the stairs was a large peg board with numerous metal shackles.  Quickly to it, she began picking through the mess, looking in each key hole and low and behold…she found a key.

Sprinting back, she released each ankle, kissing the legs and rubbing out the marks as she eased each to a more comfortable dangle.  With one wrist free, the fetter flew over the bar as the other pulled it down and both arms were free.

Rubbing the wrists, kissing the body, she laid her lips under the girl’s chin, just over the collar, “I can’t do the gag, Honey, I’m so sorry.”  Mandy’s hands found Kate’s head and stroked it, humming affectionately.  The woman lowered to a breast and suckled a nipple, the hands combed into her hair.  Down to the ribs, the belly and the hands guided her down to where her legs could wrap around her.

Flexing and pulling, the girl took full advantage of her partial freedom, quickly abusing her lover’s face in a need that claimed her quickly.  Groaning, churning, exposing her emotional necessity, she rose immediately into a rapturous demand, seducing the chemical bond between them and crying out in ecstasy as the woman’s love and desire sated and quenched her thirst.

Hands clenched onto her breasts, furthering the transference of passion, fueling the flames of her sudden excitement.  Lips clamped and pulled on her button as cries filled the basement.  Even through the gag, the climax was heard proudly, intensely.

Fighting through the flood that poured over her, Kate held steadfast to the girl, drawing out every possible vestige of the thrilling act of desperation.  Each contraction she felt from her brought them closer and closer to the end of the momentary reprieve.

Helplessness replaced every spilt drop of paradise.  Futility in the face of such pleasure, truly heaven, brought a wave of tears that flowed, washing through the moisture already present.

Mandy was done.  Kate knew she was done, yet she clung to the clit, clung to the taste and memory of the moment.  She knew she had to leave her.  She had to get the key, even the lock picks she lost would be ineffective in this newer styled, more intricate lock.  It had to be the key.  One final lap through the honey, one more trip across the button and she gathered her strength and broke free as the girl released her from the clamp of her legs.

“That was very nice.”  The man’s voice made her look, “I consider myself to be truly privileged.”  He was serious.

Standing over him, drying her tears, “Do I need to tie you any further?”  Still angry, she couldn’t accept his words as kind.

Ignoring the question, ‘That lock is tempered steel,” shaking his head, “None of the tools in the shed would cut through it, but…”  Shifting again, “I believe that I will take a nap.”  Scooting a few feet, he rested his head on a coil of hose.

Staring at him for a second, trying to figure him out, then it hit her.  Suddenly energetic, “Right!  I get it!”  Up again onto the trash can, she re-examined the set up.  The ring of the collar looked to be the same type of burnished steel, but the bar that held the collar was iron, raw iron, she knew what it looked like.  It was virtually unbendable, but hard enough to be brittle enough to be easily cut through…well, easy enough anyway.

Before dropping, she kissed the area of her honey’s mouth, “I love you.  Be patient.”  Hands caressed her head, “This is almost over.”

Darting across the room and flying up the stairs, adrenaline camouflaged the returning pains.  The panel opened and she decided on speed over stealth, hoping that the mistress really did go to sleep.  She ran through the house, quietly yet openly.


The long slow trip in took only seconds at a sprint.  Out the back door, she skittered around the main house and stopped:  two barns, a stable, henhouse, tractor shed and a silo housing – minus the silo.  All of them appeared unused in their original intent, any of them could be a tool shed.

The closest of the outbuildings appeared to be a garage.  She was in the door before she realized she was moving.  Inside were, indeed, cars:  A brand new sedan, three year old SUV and an older pick-up truck.  Other than a couple of old bikes and an ancient snowshovel, the building was surprisingly barren.  It didn’t take but a moment to determine, even it the poor light, that there were no tools here.

Noticing a back door, she took it.  A short warn path led to the old silo housing which was set back behind the others.  A tool shed should be accessible from the garage, she thought that this could be good.

Noisily creaking open, the door did move easily.  The darkness was thick as she eased her way in and waited for her eyes to adjust.  She felt the thick dust and fallen grains which had decomposed into empty husks and shell fragments stir from their piles as she stepped.  Groping with her hands, she followed a wall several feet until bales of hay forced her off the wall.

Making out the outline of the far window, her eyes had about adjusted and she gained confidence only to stumble and fall over a loose bail, “Shit!”  The landing was soft yet it still frustrated her.  As she began to rise, she paused to a faint sound, a noise, the distant timbre of a man’s voice.  Her knees beat a hollow thrum on the boards of the floor as she scurried to get behind the bales.

Waiting for it, she again heard movement:  Outside?  The roof?  The old silo pillars?  No, it sounded…different.  Slowly she pulled at the hay, digging a hole to the floor as she attempted to cover herself.

Maintaining an almost constant state of fear had begun to make her a little numb to it.  Still she broke into a sweat, still her heart pounded, yet it didn’t grip her like it had in the parlor or in the basement.  She had found Mandy.  Her direction was clear.  There was no point of no return, there was no return at all, there was only forward.  Her hands balled into fists of will, strength, devotion.

Brazenly she stood.  Surprised, her right hand had clenched around a smooth round object, something she must have picked up in the hay.  Holding it up in the darkness, letting the collected hay fall away, it gave off a reflection.  It didn’t belong here.  The sound came again and she fled, running from the building.

Into the relative glow of the night, she focused on the barn next to the garage and continued at a full run.  The door gave in to her immediate pressure and she quickly followed, hiding herself behind it.

Taking only a moment to calm herself, she eased the door open, peeked outside an scanned the area behind her; no movement, no sounds, no people, no threats.  She hadn’t been seen.  She still wasn’t even sure if there was anybody to see her.

Turning her attention to the barn, the fetid smell hit her.  The old building was certainly not in use and was in a rotting state of disrepair.  She didn’t need to go in any further.

The small metal tube was still in her hand.  It seemed to fit the hand just perfect.  Her thumb came to rest on its top in a very natural position.  Holding it up, she gave it a try and pulled with her thumb.  It lit on the very first try.

“Yes!  Yes!”  Dousing it, she got excited.  She had a source of light!

Holding it like a talisman against the forces of evil, she darted across the drive and slipped into the other barn.  It took only one breath to realize that she had found the tool shed.  The smell of fresh oil and clean grease, the soundless swing of the door, the new style skylights and the sparkled reflections of so many clean metal objects lining the walls gave her heart a lift.

Raising the lighter, it again ignited on the first try.  Not being able to see beyond it, she caught its reflection enough to realize that it was a gold lighter with some sort of design on it.  Not a lighter she would have thought to have found in an old barn, but she was terribly grateful for it.

Holding it out to the side, she was able to see the rows of tools beyond.  Layers upon layers on the wall, tool boxes and roll-aways, gear and equipment wherever the workbenches didn’t occupy, the room was packed; organized, but full.

Past the screwdrivers, open-end box-ends, sockets and pliers, past the hammers, claws, wedges and crowbars, she saw the saws; wood saws, bow saws, box saws, meter saws, tree saws and yes…hack saws!

Dousing the lighter as the heat became too much, she took a step toward the wall and jumped as something landed on her shoulders.  A short scream and she tried to shoo the intruder but it very quickly closed around her neck.  Both hands grabbed at it, trying to pry it loose.  She spun and flailed out but found no one.  Stumbling forward, she gagged as the rope around her neck held her back, held her up, she couldn’t move.  Fighting to loosen its grip only made it tighter, bit by bit, until it brought her to her toes.  Balancing precariously, she no longer fought against it, she only fought for air.





Chapter 23




Light blinded her, displacing the darkness with its urgency.  Holding the loop with both hands and pushing furiously with her toes, she was just able to relieve enough pressure to allow air and blood to flow past.

The intensity of the bite that savaged the back of her thigh was enough to make her jump, leaving her swinging in her dangle until her toes again found purchase.  A second vicious bite claimed a cheek of her butt, spinning her to face the assailant.

Smiling, bouncing the crop in her hand, Antoinette swung again at a thigh, causing little reaction.  “So, you got lucky and someone let you go.”  Lining the crop up with a breast, “and you decided to come to me by your own free will,” she cocked back and swung, but a fast moving elbow deflected the shot, “to submit yourself to my will.”  She swung again quicker and scored through the jacket onto the target.

“You will be very pleased with your decision.”  Crouching to the ground, she began to cuff Kate’s ankles, “I know you were in the silo,” standing in front of her struggles, “tell me what you found.”  Each wrist was cuffed just as quickly and just as silently.

With no patients for games, “Tell me what you fucking saw!”  Yanking on a cable threw one of Kate’s legs up into the air.  A second cable was pulled and the other leg jumped out from under her but in a different direction.  Both were tightened, spreading her wide.

Kate mewed and whined as she dangled.  With a handful of hair, she pulled back her subject’s head far enough to look her in the eye, “Both hands,” the crop tapped one, “you’ve got both hands under the rope.”  Shaking her head, “You will not get my sympathy and you will not fool me.”  Stepping back, “You could hang for days like that and not fucking choke to death.”  The crop fired at the arms.

Gasping, “I…just…want…Mandy.”  Tears again fell as she gave voice to the sentiment.

“Isn’t that just so cute!”  She clipped a cable to one wrist and pulled it hard enough to break it free.  A water pipe ran overhead yet low.  Every several feet a fire valve stuck up off of the sturdy pipe.  The cables for each leg ran around two different valves, one to each side of her then looped down to a cleat in the floor.  Her wrist was pulled wide also, its tether around the same valve as her ankle on that side.

With a final tug, the fingers of the remaining hand were wrenched free and that arm was also brought out wide.  Panic overwhelmed her as she choked.  The struggle was short but terrifying until she was finally allowed to swallow the needed air.  Her arms were pulled as wide as her legs and the seriousness of her situation became her new concern.

Shifting, testing her bounds, she found nothing good.  Hanging from her arms and legs left her torso parallel to the floor and with her limbs as wide as they were, she could only shift slightly.  She was as vulnerable as she could ever imagine to be and the mistress knew it.

“Now tell me…”

Lifting her head, she saw the woman behind her waving a large pair of yard sheers.

Snipping the air, “What did you fucking find in the fucking silo?”  The hanging woman’s torso was at about waist height and Antoinette bounced her hips against the back of Kate’s as she contemplated the answer.

“Nothing, I was looking for the tool shed.”  She had to stay in control of herself.

Eyebrows raised, “Out behind the garage?  I don’t fucking think so.”  Sliding one end of the sheers into the waistband of the stretch pants, she made a line of cuts from the bellybutton down to around the crotch and up to the back waistband.  The pants parted, retracting from and further exposing her vulnerability, now only hidden behind the thin thong.

“Why did you go to the silo?”  Before an answer could be made, she was slitting up a leg.

“I went to several of the buildings.  I needed a hacksaw.  That’s it.”  She was calm.  The words came out clear, even though she did stop to quickly sniffle once.

The second leg was being exposed without issue.  “I am going to very happily beat your pussy until you cum.  That will serve as your submission to me.”

Whining without intending to, “That’s not fair.”  Sniffling, fighting back tears, staying calm, “I don’t want you.”

“Then why did you fucking come to me?”  The crop stung the inside of a knee severely before she could answer.  The short scream served as her answer while the single burn was as painful as anything she’d ever felt.

Reaching in and grabbing at a breast and squeezing to get her attention back, “Before we can go on any further, you will first learn to answer the fucking questions that I ask.”  The pad of the crop bounced against her thinly veiled vulva, “you will tell me what I want to know.”  Lowering herself, she took a careful aim.

“Yes!”  Frantic, “Anything, yes!”

The leather whistled and erupted, snapping loudly through the pouch of the thong, locking the woman in a seizure of incredible intensity.  Her scream was full throated and rang out steadily as the damage throbbed waves of utter misery throughout her, collapsing her into a state of shocked delirium, oblivious to reality.

“You did say ‘anything’, didn’t you?”  Cutting off the thong and ripping the bandage away, she spent a moment licking the new wound.  It welted quickly.  Distending that welt, she opened her subject and trailed the flat of her tongue through the silky folds without reaction.  She liked it and took another pass, diving deeply as she did.  The very minor response that did occur was slight but undeniable.  A third pass and the woman’s body shivered as a moan escaped, “Nice, isn’t it?”

Stammering, “A…A…Light…” the intense throb didn’t wane.  She couldn’t stop shaking as the mixture of sensations fused into something deeper.  She tried again to focus, “…Lighter.”

Cutting away the jacket, “What are you babbling about, my pet?”

Unable to completely catch her breath, she trudged forward, “An…swer.  Question…Silo.”  Stopping and forcing a deep breath, her bra fell away and the woman pulled on her nipples, wrapping her in another contorted seizure that forced a squeal to continue until the woman stopped.

“You are fun!”  Walking away to a cabinet, “What to do, what to do?”  Taking up a roll of string, she returned to Kate’s head and gripped the bulk of a breast with both hands.  “I will leave the nipples so we can play.  You will cum to my whip.”  She began to wrap the string around the base of the bulk of a breast, not tightly but securely.

Whimpering, “But I…I answered you.  I did!”

“Shut your fucking mouth.”  Pinching the nipple until she cried, “You keep whining and you’ll ruin it for me.”  Letting go, she went back to wrapping, over and over, lining the string against itself on the inside, gradually pulling in skin from the outside while pushing out breast on the inside of the loop.

“Now, ‘a lighter’ is an answer to what?”

Sniffling and forcing herself to speak clearly, “You asked what I found in the silo house.  It was a lighter, buried in the hay.  I drop, oh, oh, dropped it, ow, oh, ow.”  The string was taking its toll.  As blood was caught within the breast, it was not able to leave, bloating it even further.

“Obeying me,” done, she cut the string.  A knot was not needed, “Is mandatory.”  She turned back to the tools.

Tears welled as fear, panic and worry added their weight to the pain, “Please don’t hurt me.”

“Would you like to cum?”

Shaking her head vehemently, “No.”

“Bullshit!”  Coming back, she set a can behind her subject, “You will cum and I will help you.”  Squatting down, she pushed a small smooth object into her subject’s ass.

Flinching and fighting, the finger still pushed it in deep, “No, please don’t.”

Pulling her finger free, she took the whip from her belt and hovered over the woman, “Rule number two:  Never tell me ‘no’.”  The crop streaked through the air and blasted the bound breast, just clipping the areola.  The scream erupted as the woman gasped and thrashed.  The mistress ignored the commotion and used the moment to feed more of the marble sized bearings into her subject’s ass, causing struggles and flinches, but not nearly as bad with the woman occupied with other things.

The screams did turn to sobs, the thrashing into flinches and twitches as twelve, fifteen, eighteen of the little metal balls made their way into her, forcing her insides to expand around them.  A thin eight inch long metal rod was used to plunge the oiled balls deeper.

“This will help you focus while I fucking beat you.”  A whine sounded, “What’s that?  You say you have room for more?”  Another ten were wedged in one at a time.  She held her hand in place so none could slip out while she fed it until she could see the bulge in her subject’s abdomen.  The rod was then reinserted and bullied its way deep.  The end of the rod flanged and the mistress wedged it in beyond the anus so it could not be pushed free.  “You’re going to fucking love this.  It’s simply magnetic!”

Kate kept her head up and watched the woman plug a wire into the wall’s outlet.  Her eyes flew open, “OH MY GOD!”

Laughing, “Yes, Yes, it does do that something special, doesn’t it?”

All of the little balls began to shift and move, driven by the magnetized rod.  As the point of magnetism traveled up and down the rod, the balls battled each other for a continually changing position, shaking and vibrating as they fought.  Each metal ball massaged and toyed with the painfully distended inner walls of her rectum.  As tightly packed as they were, the pressure on each point was tremendous, but it was also absurdly erotic and immediately intoxicating.  Her ragged breathing continued, but her tears dried.  The pain was enthralling, the movement within her intoxicating.

With a satisfied smile, “Now would you like to cum?”  Hovering over her subject, she bounced her hips against her bottom, causing her to slowly swing out and return to be bounced again.  Even the mindless action of the ‘dry hump’ added to the sensations.

“But I…” Watching the crop bounce lightly onto her raised nipple, not wanting to think of what was bound to come next, “I have to wait.”  Eyes closed, she spoke as much to herself as she did to the mistress, “I have to.”

Waiting for the crop to land was almost as bad as the fierce contact itself.  Her head lulled back, anticipating agony, but the pause only allowed the anal stimulation to take her further up the hill of fulfillment.  Finally, her focus left the breast completely.  She could not resist the pull of the activity within her; all of it so smooth, so unscripted, so frantic.  Getting lost in the stimulation she relaxed within her bindings and that is when the crop landed.

The suddenness of it was as debilitating as the flash of raging anguish.  Her body floated immediately in the throes of it, totally unresponsive.  She felt herself pour her external affliction into the constant internal stimulation.  She was controlling it, using the sensations as she wished and with it, she felt the approaching.

An impact exploded upon her other nipple.  The shocking malaise was a brilliant burst of radiance poured into her effort.  She shifted her body and moaned at the additional sensations it brought.  She was in control, doing it herself.  Mandy had taught her well as the lessons were now tested and it was euphoric.  Her body craved and she delivered.

New starbursts of neural stimuli assailed her capacity as a leg was thoroughly thrashed.  Washed in the rhapsody, the response her body demanded loomed ever closer…but she had to wait, she had to.  Crying out and flexing against the bindings, the movement only managed to enhance the need even further.  She focused and fought.

Reining herself in at least a little, she flipped it like a switch and began to cry.  The torture may have been too much, the pain may have been beyond her, but it was her own decision, her own control, she had to simply take it.  She had to dive into the molten pool of her own suffering.  The other option was unacceptable.  Memories and thoughts swirled and melded together to create confusion, but through it all she kept some semblance of her focus:  She would not submit to this woman.  Even if it was a game that she wasn’t even playing, she refused to lose.

Not able to take the pain, not able to take the pleasure, she danced the fine line, balancing back and forth, accepting what she could of each.  The whip continued to land, the bearings within her continued their dance, crawling over and around each other as each reacted differently to the constantly changing charge.  The effort required to stay on the fence was tremendous.  It was draining, exhausting, but she would maintain.  This was for nobody but Mandy.  A violation of her commitment, her love, was as strong of a purpose as she needed.  She would endure.

The resolve she had worked so hard to amass collapsed in just one split moment.

Crying out in response, thrusting into the sensation, her body convulsed and sought the release it deserved.  Tipping her head forward to see what could possibly create this within her, she saw the mistress as she suckled at her clit, literally drawing the climax from her.

In a last ditch effort she embraced the pain, drew in the torment and pushed her pleasure into it.  Attempting to enhance the throttling anguish, she debilitated herself into a contortion of agony…but it was too late.

Antoinette knew and she pulled away and her crop lit the bulging clit.  The sudden change only amplified the strength of the seizure, locking her into a binding of ecstasy, exploding the excitement of the rapture throughout her entirety.  Every fiber or her existence suddenly surged with the consuming delight of her eruption as her body expelled the flood in a torrent of wanton achievement.

Submissive to the control it had, she conceded to it and welcomed the fire of the next strike of the crop.  Her lips parted, the erection exposed, severe blows were not needed.  The damage had already been done.  The crop rose and fell to the natural timing of the optimum climax which was delivered and completed.





Chapter 23




The depth of the release did finally ebb, but the continuing movement within her kept her rapt to the fading thrall.  Even small movements of her pelvis kept the spasms coming, extending the eruption into ongoing aftershocks.  The whipping had stopped and her legs began to move from the wide spread they’d been kept in, totally changing the angle and pressure that manipulated and titillated her solidly packed cavity, renewing some of the spent sensations, inciting a new wave of moans and cries.

“That was fun, but you are done.”  Yanking at the rod, she popped the flange and rod free to instantly spill the metal balls back into the can she held.

“OH GOD!  OH MY GOD!”  The sudden release was again orgasmic.

“No, my pet, I am not God,” setting the can down, “But that would be acceptable.”  Attaching new cables to the wrists, Kate noticed again that her legs were no longer spread wide.  “Now that you are my pet, you belong inside.”

Too exhausted to form a protest, she did not stop the woman from the seemingly simple manipulations she made to her body.  Still hanging from her ankles, both arms were pulled forward, lifting her torso until her arms came out from between her legs, tight enough to cinch her ribs to her thighs.  Standing behind the woman and pushing, torso to torso, the mistress bent each arm at the elbow and connected the wrists to each other around the shins with a short, three link length of chain.

A huge fish hook looking curl of metal which hung from the top of a wheeled stand was brought in next to her.  A three link length, identical to the one connecting the wrists to each other, bridged the ankles over the hook before the other cables were unclipped and tossed away.

Testing the confines of her new position, she was amazed at how easily the mistress had gotten her from one binding to the next without an opportunity to really challenge it.  Now she no longer was attached to the pipe, but dangled from a single hook by her ankles with her body folded up and her arms locking her into place.

Relaxing her body in a huff of frustration, her wrists slid a couple of inches down, actually up her shins, burning as the chain skidded.  With her elbows out beyond the inner knees and her torso basically upright, even though her ankles were only inches apart, her knees were kept wide enough to make her even more vulnerable than before.

“You’ve obviously been inside already,” adding small locks to the cuffs, “so you just hang out here…” patting the bulging vulva, “…while I go and make sure you didn’t fuck anything up.”  Responding to Kate’s look of confusion, “The alarm always brings me out here first.”  Slapping the defenseless sex, eliciting a squeal, she smiled as she walked out, laughing at the sound of two more of the metal bearings bouncing off of the floor, having fallen free.

One by one each pain, each ache, burn and welt returned to her consciousness, centering on the beaten breast, still starving for circulation.  But the physical pains evaporated as the realization of what she’d done collapsed upon her.  Tears fell as the failure set in.  Sobs escaped in slow bursts of disappointment and despair.  Not even considering her own confinement, her tears were for Mandy:  Locked in a steel collar, hung and impaled on God only knows what, but alone.  She left her in her pain, left her.

Fighting back the tears, swallowing her fear, breathing deeply, “I will not…” gritting tightly, “…fail you again!”

Pulling furiously with her elbows against her inner thighs, her torso rose, folding further into contortion and again reigniting the tremors of agony.  Shifting back and forth against the powerful grip of the pain, a memory stirred.

Holding her position, she again looked up; the hook, her ankles, the small chain between them, her wrists, the chain across her shins…across her shin…the open hook.

In high school, during stretching exercises as a cheerleader and in gymnastics, she would, on occasion as a novelty, more of a gag, she would hook her knees behind her shoulders.  Having not done it in years, she thought that maybe her yoga practice would have kept her limber enough because the position was all too similar.

Again with a goal, she shifted back and forth with vigor, working her shoulders further through her knees, heedless of the strain on her muscles and tendons.  She pushed and pulled and flexed and strained until she felt the limits of her energy begin to wane before the limits of her flexibility were at an end.  Simply holding the extended position was not difficult so she took a moment to re-gather her strength.

Not knowing how much time she had, she pushed on with only a very short rest.

Examining her position one last time, working out the logistics of it, she spent the last of her effort with confidence.  In one quick motion her bent elbows straightened and she caught her toes with her fingers, but she needed a little more.

Pushing with her legs, holding tight with her fingers, her hips slid down.  Grunting in the effort, exhausted and hurt, she cried out and rolled her hips, tilted her pelvis and, only for the sweat that poured from her, slid each knee back to lock them solidly behind her shoulders while lifting her torso by inches and allowing her to relax without losing the advantage she’d gained.  The sudden lack of pressure wedged another lost bearing up to the inner side of her anus.

A simple toss and the wrist chain was over and onto the hook, beyond the other.

Inspired by her success, fueled by another burst of adrenalin, she pulled her body up with her arms.  She had the strength and ability and she knew it.  Her body rose at the slow controlled pace of an Olympian.  Ankles clearing the hook, she rolled her hips and tilted her body the few inches needed to clear the hook before lowering her body, relaxing her hips, bending her knees and pulling them through to finally and thankfully hang straight by her wrists.

Her feet touched ground and her wrists cleared the hook just before she fell to the floor and found herself rolled into a fetal position.  Finally free of the suspension, curled into a safe ball, she allowed the cold of the floor to soothe her battered body, moving only to unwind the wrapped breast.  Gasping and moaning in relief and yet a sudden surge of pain as the circulation returned, she lied still and cried at her victory.


Slowly rocking her body, she knew she had to act.  In the delirium of her pain and exertion, she could only roll slowly across the floor.  With no direction or clear focus, she wasn’t surprised to find herself slipping on her shoes; after all, they were her favorite.  What bothered her was the chains.  She had to stop and think, “The chains have to go…they are so…chains?” her mind clicked, “Mandy!”  She’d almost forgotten, “Antoinette!”  She would be returning soon.  She had to hurry.

Fumbling with the cuffs, she quickly gave up.  The locks were small, but they were locks.  Her vision traveled up…hundreds upon thousands of tools!  With the lights now shining brightly, she could easily find bolt cutters.

Struggling to move at all, she collected her strength and rose from all fours to one knee and went quickly back to all fours.  The damage to her pubis, clit and labia was paralyzing.  The tears that fell were for her lack of ability, not the pain.  Her inability to move was a statement, a statement about her love, a statement she found unconscionable, unacceptable.

Steeling herself, her eyes landed on the discarded bandage, gauze and tape.  Crawling to it, she became thankful for the impeccable upkeep of the building for it was still clean.  Touching a finger to it she found moisture.  Setting it back in place, but lower, she was not surprised to have the tape stick.

Long before any anesthetic effect could take place, just the knowledge of its existence was enough of a placebo to give her the ability to stand and inch her way to the workbench.

With both hands she took the cutters and easily broke the link between her ankles.  It took a moment more, but soon enough she’d wedged the handle under an arm and brought enough pressure to bear to snap the short chain across her wrists as well.


Fear coursed through her, clouding the impairment of her injuries.  It had been building, growing, almost consuming her as she made her way across the barnyard and through the house.  But now, hearing her voice and knowing she was down there, it was anxiousness and not fear that drove her.

On the last landing, she achingly crouched and set the hacksaw on the floor to free both hands for the rope.  It was the same rope she herself had hung from, a rope with the same weight and thickness she had used every summer for years of her youth.  It felt good in her hands, comfortable.  Its familiarity gave her confidence, a confidence she needed to assist the love that pushed her forward.  There was no failure, no acceptable losses.  Mandy was her future, her destiny.

The first step had her grit her teeth, but this was the last of four sets of ten steps she’d have to manage.  She knew already what to expect from her body and stoically took the next step.

She had lasso in hand and ready.  Unable to bring the  crow bar, axe handle or eighteen inch box wrench she’d looked at because even as angry as she was, she didn’t think she could crack someone’s skull, she felt good with her decision.  This was no calf she was roping, but she figured the principles were the same.

The next step was taken as silently as the last.  She was almost to a point where she could bend over and see into the basement.  Beginning the next step, she stopped…

“Come on down, my pet.  No need to be shy now, come on.”  The mistress stepped into view, “I did tell you to wait for me, but I can understand you being a little anxious.”  Slapping the crop into her hand, shaking her head, “I’ve just yet to see a single trace of who’s been helping you.”  Tapping her chin with the leather in thought, “I had guessed that you may have gotten out of the tree snare without assistance, but it makes sense that whoever let you down at the apartment wouldn’t have just gone away.  And now, you’re free of my mobile?”  Glaring at her, “You will fucking send them down as well!”

Kate had heard enough, “Did you ever stop to consider that maybe, just maybe, you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about?”  The lasso began to circle.

“Oh, dear pet, stop this nonsense and come down here.”  Shaking her head in disgust, “Your punishment will be just.”

The words came out slow and deliberate, “I am not your pet.  You have…”

Suddenly shouting, “You came here willingly and came to my whip!  By all rights you are mine!”  A loop of bullwhip snapped from her belt and uncoiled.  A single crack exploded in the air.

Slowly and quietly, “I just came for Mandy.”

“Wrong!”  Laughing, “You just came for me!”  Waving the crop with her left hand, “I can still smell you on it.”  The bullwhip flashed out from her right.  Hindered by the whirling rope, it still bit deep enough into the bare thigh to bring Kate tumbling down the last few steps in shock.

Controlling the roll as best as she could, at one full head over heels revolution she pushed off of the bottom step and aimed for the center of mass.  Her inertia carried her too low and she barreled into the woman’s knees, toppling her to the floor.

Thrashing with her crop, “You Fucking Bitch!”  She didn’t have enough room to wield the bullwhip.

Kate continued to push with her legs until the mistress rolled to her stomach.  In the moment it took to unfurl the lasso, Antoinette came up to her knees, but before she could turn around, the rope came over her head and shoulders, pinning her elbows to her sides just before she landed back on her stomach.

Cinching the main loop, Kate hooked an ankle and pulled it up tight to the butt before hooking the second and knotting it the same.  The mistress continued to struggle, but soon both hands joined the feet and she was effectively hog-tied.

Standing over her, resisting the urge to kick her in the kidney, she had to bash her somehow so she resorted to her strength, her words, “What’s a matter?  Never had a real struggle?  You play in your world and think that it’s real.”  Backing away, “I’ve found what’s real.  I am fighting for what’s real!” turning to Mandy, “and you won’t stop me.”

The girl was back to the way she’d been before.  Again releasing her arms and legs with a found key in the mass of shackles, she marched back to Antoinette.  Rolling her back and forth, not caring for her comfort or safety, she dug through her pockets.  Without results, she checked the thin chain around her neck and found it stuffed into her cleavage…a single small key.

“Go ahead, let her down.  She’ll have to explain it to you; why you two can’t go together.”  Smiling in satisfaction, “There are things at play here fucking bigger than you!”  Chuckling, “You will never fucking win!”

Taking the key, she slapped the woman’s face.  She didn’t deserve words.

The lock came free and for the first time in hours Mandy’s head was allowed forward.  Standing on the trash can, Kate took the mask and gag and threw them across the room.  holding the girl, she let their bodies meet in a mutual hug and supported her while they embraced.

Mandy only managed one word, “Sweetie.”

“I love you.  I love you so much.”  Tears ran down the woman’s face as she held the girl’s embrace.  “We will leave here.  We will leave together.”  Breaking the embrace to look at the girl and her sad eyes, “There’s nothing to keep us apart, right?”

Mandy smiled a tired and battered smile, but a smile none the less, “I do have…” the words came slowly, “…‘things’ to deal with.  There are…people who I…answer to.”

Shaking her head, “No, no one.  Honey, it’s just us now.”

Barely over a whisper, the girl went on, “It’s already begun…you and I…will be together.”

Kissing the girl, she turned and jumped from the shallow height of the trash can in utter confidence, almost collapsing when she hit, yet she still strode proudly to the hog-tied woman, “It’s already begun, bitch!”  It took all of her remaining strength to not kick her.

Throwing a long tether over an overhead post above the girl, Kate tied the ends into a large loop.  Giving it to the girl for support, she stacked up crates for both the girl and herself and they worked together to get her body to rise and expose the absurdly brutal size of the post which had kept her immobile for so long.

Finally rising high enough to break free of it, Mandy exhaled, shuddered and almost fell.  Kate held firm, keeping her upright, allowing her enough mobility to slowly step down the crates until she stood toe to toe with her lover.  The two traumatized bodies fell into each other, supported each other, drank in each other’s elation.

Falling deeper and deeper, they both risked delirium they could not afford.  Fortunately they were rousted from it.

“You will never be allowed to keep her.  My God!  You’re just a fucking slave!”

“Not a slave,” Mandy fought back, “A submissive.  My master would never call me a slave,” clinging to Kate.

Smugly, “But what would the community call you?  A Mistress?”  She laughed at the folly of it.

Trying to get the girl to stand on her own, “Honey, we need to go.  I can’t stay here.”

Ignoring the woman’s plea, Mandy had to finish with the mistress first, “I have already made contacts.”  The condescending attitude fueled her.  Stepping free of Kate’s assistance, she approached the woman, “They know what’s going on…”

“They may fucking think they know!”

“…and no decision has been made.  I have completed the cessation.  Even if we have to be on our own, you won’t stop me.”

Kate prodded her, “Let’s go, Honey, come on.”

The mistress spat, “Even if I produce a signature of acquisition from your ‘master’?”

Her eyes flared, “He would never!  You Liar!”

Laughing at her, “Follow your friend.  She’s right; you’d better go now before the truth of your Master Samuel stops you.”

Stepping up to kick her, Kate pulled her away, “Not now!  Mandy!”  Herding her toward the stairs, “Please, Honey, please!”  Getting her to move, they had to avoid the still bound Bull who shared a nod with Kate as they passed.

Frustrated an angry, Mandy finally did let the woman coax her up the stairs.  Still ranting and raving at the ‘crazy’ mistress, she became a little annoyed at her lover’s persistence.  Kate didn’t care, as long as she kept moving.

At the top landing and through the panel door, Mandy stopped her, “She’s tied up, Sweetie, and you did a real good job with it too.  She’s not gonna get us.  You don’t have to be in such a big hurry to leave.”

“Come on.”  Taking the girl’s hand, she cradled the small jar with the other, “We’re not leaving.”





Chapter 24




Having found the dressing room earlier, Kate led her to it, “I found this jar downstairs, would it be the same stuff?”

“Oh, thank you.”  Throwing the cover to the side, she piled two fingers into it, squatted slightly and applied a large glob, “Yeah, that’ll be good.”

Kate began with her own body as well; quickly, sloppily, but thankfully soothingly.  “Look in the closets.  We should be dressed.  It’s a little cool outside.”  She continued with the balm, covering the open split on her thigh from the bull whip.

The girl smiled at something apparently funny and Kate had to ask, “What?”

“I was gonna tell ya,” pointing down, “nice shoes.”  Tossing Kate a sweater and a pair of flannel chinos, “You got a look of someone on a mission.”  Pulling he own selection on; a matching warm-up suit, “tell me what’cha thinking.”

Glancing to the girl’s coordinated look, then down to her own terribly mismatched garb, “how come…”

“Were in a hurry, right?”

“Yeah, I guess,” situating the clothes around her still locked cuffs.

The girl suddenly froze, “Do you have your car?  I mean, we’re not gonna walk, not again.”  She pleaded.

“No, no.”  Her mind occupied elsewhere, “It’s just a thought, but…” she bolted from the room, “just follow me.”

Both women loosened up quickly as the salve went to work.  Kate led them through the house and out into the waxing light of dawn, “Do you know that she targeted you?  She actually set out to acquire you?”

Shrugging, “Well…yeah.  I mean, I always kinda knew she wanted me for her own.”

“No, Honey, I mean from the start,” Kate took her through the garage, “from when your master was still here.”  Leading her out the back and toward the old silo housing, “I don’t know, but have you ever considered Antoinette was behind your Master Samuel’s disappearance?”

The girl stopped, “Just to get to me?  Why?”

Tugging her along into the silo, “Because of your abilities, your psychic connection to your partner,” quickly she added, “It’s not why I love you, Honey, but it’s probably got something to do with how I got here, why I gave it the opportunity to become love.  You have to admit, it’s all happened pretty quickly.”

The girl nodded, lost in the implications of the words.

“Did Samuel smoke?”

Mandy refocused on Kate with curiosity, “Sometimes, why?”

“Does he have a small round gold lighter?”

Her eyes widened, “Why, what are you saying?”

“Did it have a unique little emblem on the side?”

“Okay,” gripping the woman’s arms, “where’s this going?” excited yet frightened for the answer.

Kate stomped her foot on the floor.  It made the same hollow sound as it had earlier.  Mandy began to question but she hushed her, “Listen.”  After a moment of nothing, she stomped again.

“Oh My God!  You Think He’s Here?  Is He Okay?  Is He Trapped?  Oh My God!  How Do We Get To Him?  We Have To Help Him!”  Bouncing, “Sweetie, Sweetie, we have to help him!”  Hugging the woman, “Oh, God!  This is so unbelievable!”

“Mandy!”  Holding the girl at arm’s length, “Mandy!  Please!  Honey, I don’t know any of this.”  Waiting for her to calm down, “Please, understand, I’m just guessing.”

In the short silence that followed, they both flinched as they heard movement.  Waiting another moment, Kate put her finger to her mouth for silence as they could discern garbled noises, the faint vibrations of a deep voice, more movement.

Whispering, “How do we get down there?”

“I don’t know.  This is as far as I got.”

The girl started to walk away, intent on finding a way down when she stopped, concerned, “Sweetie, what’s a matter?”

With all of the turbulent emotional swings, she couldn’t stop her eyes from welling, “If…if it is, ya know, him,” sniffling, “What happens to us?”  A tear fell, “Will I ever wear your collar?”

Stepping in, she hugged the woman, kissed her deeply then just holding her before answering, “He is a very good man with a giant heart, but it will be up to him.  If he is here, then I’m still his.”

Kate broke the contact and looked at her lover, unable to stop the tears.  Nodding, “I knew that.  I did, I just…”  She had to take a deep breath and start somewhere else, “Lets’ find a way down.”


Leading them to the auger housing – minus auger, Kate called upon memories of things she never had a need to pay attention to.  But finding a way down did not turn out to be the same as finding the way down.  After helping Mandy back up out of the port, “Honey, I am so sorry.  I really thought that was it.”

“We’ll find it.”  She smiled, “He’s right below us.  I can feel him,” pointing down.

Joining the girl in the smile, she looked into her eyes, then down to the floor.  The light that filtered through was more than enough.  Remembering the smell of the fresh straw she’d hidden under and found the lighter under, she began picking through the bales.

“What is it?”

“Why is this hay fresh?”  Kicking the scattered mess into piles, she cleared areas of the floor, “Help me, this may be it.”

In only a few frantic moments the trap door was exposed.  A thin cord lifted a set of planks, opening to the top of a staircase.

“We need light,” Kate announced.

Without a pause, Mandy ran down the steps calling out into the darkness, “Master!  Master!”

Kate ran back to the silo door and tried two switches she hadn’t seen earlier and light filled the outbuilding and also poured from the depths.  Running to catch her, “Mandy!  Honey?”  She flew down the stairs, “Be careful, she likes traps.”

Bouncing like a school girl before prom, “Oh, Sweetie!  He’s in here, just through this door.”  Turning and hugging the woman as she came down, “It’s him.  It’s really him!”  Kissing her lover, “Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you.  It’s really him!”

“Mandy,” holding her back, “I want to hurry now.  This is too much.  We need to get him and go.”

“Yes, yes, yes.  Okay,” to the door, “How do we get in?”

The door was a solid stud, iron banded door.  Ancient yet still very, very sturdy.  Kate examined it while Mandy prodded her, excited, “Can ya get it open?  How do we do it?  Is it locked?  Is it a good lock?  Sweetie, what do we do?”

“First…” holding the girl’s hands, “…you have to calm down.”  The girl stopped bouncing but continued to shiver in excitement.  “We need some tools,” pointing up, “we’ll try the hinges first.”  Backing up the stairs, tugging the girl, “The front barn is full of what we need.  Honey, we’ll come right back.”

Stopping in protest, “He’s hurt.  He needs me.”  Her lower lip quivered, “He needs me, I can’t just leave him.”

Not wanting to fight her, she let her go, “Don’t touch anything.  Remember, traps.”  The girl nodded, “I’ll be quick.”  Wanting to say more, she spun and ignored the pains which did still assail her, although dampened, and hustled up the stairs, fighting back the tears that lately so easily fell.

The sun was on the horizon yet the normal barnyard sounds were absent.  The quiet was disturbing.  She pushed it to the back of her mind as she ran across to the tool shed barn.  All of what she remembered was still in place.  Taking up a large and small flathead screwdriver, a hammer, large pry bar and the bolt cutters, she left.

Only slightly awkward from the cumbersome cutters, she was still quick in getting back.  Entering the old housing, she could hear Mandy’s voice.

“…then you’ll get out, Master, then everything’ll be great again.  So just don’t worry, it’s all almost over.”

That thought hit a nerve, “It’s all almost over.”  Tears fought their way out, but she held them back.  Until these last few days, she hadn’t cried in years.  But hearing the girl she loved being as happy as she’d ever heard her, who was she to deny her that, even just to wish to deny her that?  With a smile only half painted on, she descended the stairs.

“Oh, Sweetie!”  Mandy jumped the couple of steps to her and took the heavy bolt cutters, lightening her load.  To the door she called out, “Master, we’re gonna get you out’a there!”  Swinging the cutters like an axe, she brought them down on the door handle.

“Mandy!  No!”  Stopping her from a second swing just in time to turn to the sound of the door at the top of the stairs slamming shut.  They both ran up the stairs and began to push at the hinged square of flooring above them, pounding and yelling to no end.  Kate stopped and got the girl to pause, she muttered, “Who would’ve thought, a trap on a trap door.”

Frantic, Mandy continued at the door, “We have to get out!  We have to!”

Holding her back, “Honey, calm down.”  The girl wouldn’t stop, “Mandy!  Stop it!  Honey, we’ve got a pry bar and a good hammer.  Look at those boards around the hatch, they’re old and dry-rotted.”  Leaning over, she wedged the claw into a seam to show the girl and with just a little pressure the floorboard splintered.  “This old shack isn’t holding anybody in.”  Stopping just a moment to look her in the eyes to make sure the girl had calmed, she turned and stepped down without again voicing her own fear and went to the heavy door.

Picking at the middle of the three hinges with the screwdriver, she cleared away an area of rust and debris from the top and settled the flat under the head of the hinge pin.  Tapping at first, she quickly gave in to her impatience and swung the hammer with force.

“That’s it!  Give it all ya got!”  Bouncing with a big grin, the girl encouraged her.

Looking at the girl, Kate thought what would the world do with the vigor of youth, but couldn’t voice the folly.  She wasn’t in any shape for humor.  “I hit it hard and it didn’t budge.”

The girl was too wound up to be deflated by that simple failure, “It’ll go.  I just know it.  Do it again.”

Exhaling a grumpy harrumph, “Mandy, it’s not…” instead of arguing, she would just show her.  Setting the tool again, she hit it hard and it actually shifted a quarter of an inch.  Her eyes widened.

The girl’s shoulders finally lost their lilt, accepting this as a failure, “Is there any other way in?”

Now able to seat the screwdriver better, she hit it again…then again.  Now herself excited for her success, “No, Honey!  This is working!”  Two more solid shots and it jumped free and fell to the floor.

With Mandy behind her like a cheerleader, she aggressively attacked the other two, easily unseating them as well.  The big door still didn’t budge, but a few minutes with the pry bar had it shifting off of its hinges.

“Stand back, it’s about to fall.”  Herding Mandy back to the steps and up the first two, she got a good bite behind the door and heaved, sliding the big door off of the hinges.  It stayed upright, still connected at the latch and lock, but shifted open a full inch.  Kate set the tools on the steps, out of the way.

“Okay, Honey, you have to help me.”  Making room for her in the tiny stair well, “Let’s just open it enough to get through.  I don’t want it to fall over, with our luck it would land on one of us and neither of us is strong enough to lift it off the other.  So…easy, we’ll just slide it a little,” pointing low in the open inch, “you grip it here, and remember…”

“’Easy’; I know, I know, let’s do this!”

It was impossible not to smile at her enthusiasm, “Okay,” with the hands above the girl’s, “let’s go.”

Slowly they increased their pressure until it did slide, and again.  Three inches…five…eight inches, then a loud ‘Pop, Pop, Pop’, the violent snap of wood.  Yanking the girl back, it stopped.  Without pause she threw Mandy like a rag doll up the stairs, pointing to her for emphasis, “Stay there!”

No longer trying to open the door, even if backwards, she now thought it best to just bring the big door down.

Mandy pleaded, “Oh, please, please be careful.”

With an open palm toward her, halting her imminent return, “Just stay up there.”  Standing in the thin space between the edge of the door and the wall behind her, she put her hand to the cantered door.  Looking back up to the girl, the silent glare backed her up a step.  The harsh glare softened as she remembered what’s behind this door and what she might lose because of it.  Taking in a deep breath she knew that whatever the results, this did have to happen.

An amazingly slight tug restarted the pops and cracking.  The door fell uneven, crashing into the wall with its top corner, swung back and tipped up, landing on its edge then bounced finally to the floor in a devastatingly violent series of ear shattering bangs, crashes and shrieks of bending steel.  A cloud of thick dust was thrown up, filling the small area followed immediately by the girl’s screams.

Flying down the steps, she blindly waved her way through the haze, “Sweetie?  Oh, please, Sweetie!”  Crawling over the downed door, she cried out again when she found it to be sitting unevenly.  Scurrying quickly through the doorway, she demanded, “Catherine Montgomery, you answer me this instant!”

A coughing came from back in the stairs, not wanting to go in over the door and risk crushing her further, she stood at its foot, “Don’t you dare…” the silhouette stopped her.  Jumping over the timber she rushed into her arms.  The girl cried, “Don’t do that!”

Still coughing, she held the girl, comforted by her love and energy.  When she did finally clear her throat enough to speak, she couldn’t.  She stared at, eye to eye, over the girl’s shoulder, a man bound to a wall, a man she new would change her world.

Breaking the lock Mandy had on her, knowing the girl should have some time alone with her master, she conjured up the resolve to encourage it, “Honey, I need…” coughing and again clearing her throat, “I’m fine, I’m okay, it’s just dust and dirt.”

Pouty, almost mad, “You had me so scared!”  She jumped into another hug that Kate fended off.

“Mandy, I’m okay.”  Trying to hold her at arms length, “We need to go.”  Shaking the girl, “Honey, please, listen, I can get a hole made in those floorboards, but it’ll take a few minutes.”  Still holding her by the arms, “Your master needs your help.”  Mandy’s eyes opened wide, “Spend this time helping him.”

Pulling the girl over the door that had come to rest against the bottom step, Kate grabbed the bolt cutters, put them in the girl’s hands and pointed her through the door only to watch her drop the cutters as soon as she saw him.  Not wanting to invade their reunion, she took up the pry bar and climbed the steps, getting to thankfully clearer air as she climbed.





Chapter 25




Tears burst from her as she fell to her knees before him, “Oh Master!  Please, please forgive me.”  Crawling forward, she kissed his feet, “I am so, so sorry, Master.”  Burying her face, not able to look up at him, she continued through her tears and sobs because she had to, “I took it off because I felt that I had to.  Please believe me.  It is still my most cherished possession.  I always keep it safe.”  Hugging his ankles, still pleading, “I didn’t cut it,” sniffling, “I wouldn’t do that.  I unlaced it very, very carefully.”

Slowly rising up his legs, “I never gave up faith, but I had to get away.  Master, please understand, I will always accept your commands, but after a month with her hate, I just had to get away.”

Not yet able to bring herself to look up at him, she hugged his thighs and continued up, “I’m staying at the apartment you got for us.”  Cracking a proud smile, “I got a job.  I’ve been going to work every day.  Master, last week I paid the bills!”

Getting to his balls, she gently kissed them, noticing the ring.  Her hands came to his erection, “Oh no!  Master, you’re not well!”  His erection was purple and throbbing, too long bound without release.  Slowly and carefully she took him into her mouth.  Rising to her feet and bending at the hips to take him deep, she let it find its way down her throat and back out.  Bobbing several times to assure his readiness, she gently unclipped the ring.

Immediately the garbled pleas and grunts erupted, confirming to her he was gagged.  She’d hoped that his silence wasn’t just an effect.  His hips shifted, jabbing his member deep enough into her to feel her nose in his hair.

Holding onto his hips, she rode with his bucking and thrusting, turning each small movement into a full stroke until he froze at full depth.  Keeping him deep but remaining active with her tongue and hands, the stream was powerful enough to shock her as it glazed the recesses of her throat.

Knowing his exact desire, she moved with him, for him, milking each jet from him as he fell limp against the wall, letting her enjoy the act of his satisfaction and contentment in his desperate time of need.


Happily unable to hear the conversation, Kate went loudly to work.  Still in a hurry an ready to leave this awful place, the wood above her splintered and broke.  Trying hard at the difficult task of focusing solely on the job at hand, she found the eroded planks did not include the trap door or its framework, leaving only several inches on either side to work with.  It didn’t concern her too badly, as quickly as she was breaking boards away, she could circle three sides of the portal with inches of destroyed planks, then simply push or pull the entire frame out of place.

Clearing one side completely, she reached through the hole and searched the top of the door, trying to find what had blocked it and was surprised to find nothing above the door.  Thinking it a little odd, she tried the door and it opened without resistance.

Not really caring why, she swung it over and was instantly met by fresh air.  She took a moment to finally be able to clear her eyes and throat.  Taking two steps up, she got her first good deep breath but gasped and dropped the bar as she fought the rope that tightened around her neck.  Quickly she was lifted out of the well and left dancing on the tips of her toes.

Venomously she whispered, “You’re not the only one who has people looking out.”  She clipped both of Kate’s wrists to a tether.  Unmoving at her neck, it was quite simple.  “You thought you’d fucking won?”  The still locked ankle cuffs took a tether as well.  “All you’ve done is seal your fate, all your fates, they are now mine to control.”

Leaving her dangling by her neck, unable to call out, just able to breathe, Antoinette took up a long pole and began into the stairwell.


Master Samuel’s sudden grunts and struggles seemed odd to Mandy, but she couldn’t figure out what he wanted.  Having finally finished him, she felt his fear and rose to face him, to ungag him.  She worked the buckles quickly as his anxiety rose.

Just as the ball came free from his mouth, the hook at the end of the pole caught the loop on the back of Mandy’s metal collar.  She spun and almost broke her neck as the collar didn’t go with her.  No matter how much she fought and struggled, her predicament was impossible.

“Such a sweet reunion.”  Dragging the girl back, the bar was affixed to the wall, keeping the girl at bay.  Rounding to her front, “You have busy, haven’t you?”  Looking to Samuel’s flaccidness.

His voice was horribly labored, but the power and command remained, “You have no conflict with her.  You know she is no more than a pawn in all of this.”

“Still with your denial,” shaking her head.  Pointing to him with a sudden anger, “You are the pawn in all of this!  Fucking dispensable!”  Looking to the girl, smiling an evil knowing smile, then back to Samuel, “She not only betrayed your orders by betraying me, not only betrayed her commitment to you in the worst possible way by removing her collar like it was nothing…” tapping the bottom of the man’s chin with her crop, “…but she let herself fall in love with someone else,” again to anger, “some fucking nobody!”

Mandy just stood with her head bowed and cried.

Standing with her arms crossed, Antoinette put the crop to her own chin in contemplation, “I wonder if she’s still alive?”  Mandy’s eyes rose, without moving her head their eyes made contact, “Do you want to meet your pet’s new lover?”  Back to him, waving a hand casually, “She’s just hanging around upstairs.”  Nodding to herself, “She seems to like rope tricks.  Maybe I’ll drag her down here and show you a rope trick.”  Clapping her hands in sudden mock excitement, “I know one we can all be involved in.  One where we can give your slave the control over what happens.”  Stepping out, she called back, “Don’t go anywhere.”

They both watched her leave and Mandy broke in first, “Oh, Master, I’m so sorry.  I didn’t mean for it to happen.  I just got caught up in dressing and going out every day and work and, Oh!  You’d never believe it, Master!  I went to Las Vegas and watched a wedding and they had…”

“My pet,” the two simple words stopped her, “Is it love?”

Eyes back down, “Yes, Master.”

“Does she return the feelings?”

Tear fell, “Yes, Master.”

Still calm and composed, he asked, “Has she offered to collar you?”

Looking up, surprised, “Master, I don’t think you understand.”

“What, my pet, what do I need to understand?”  Frustrated more that angry, he paused before asking, “Who’s collar will you wear?”

“Oh, no, Master, no, I’ll never wear another’s collar!  Please, please, please re-lace your collar on me.”  Sobbing through it, the tear flowed, “I will never wear another.”

Acerbic and malevolent, the woman interrupted as she entered, “You already wear a fucking collar and will need no other.”  Backing her way in, she had Kate in tow, still clutching her neck, “That metal ring has no seam,” beaming at the girl, “It is endless.”  Laughing, she dumped the woman to the floor in a seated position and collapsed onto her now naked back.

Situated with her feet together and her knees wide, the mistress forced the woman’s back lower until her chest touched her feet.  Taking a tether from each ankle, she crossed them over the woman’s back and through the opposite cuff rings and then again across and back.  Putting all of her weight into it, she got the woman’s back to lower a little more, took out the slack, then put effort into just one more time before tying the tethers off between the shoulder blades, leaving her feet actually up next to her own chest.

Selecting one of the many hooks in the ceiling, a single rope took both of the woman’s wrists up above her head.  She was lifted several inches off of the floor to dangle by her arms before the noose was released from her neck, leaving her slowly swinging and dangerously exposed.  Both her breasts and her sex hung naked and utterly defenseless.

From the absent door, Antoinette stared at her work; Samuel on the wall to her right, the ‘other woman’ to her left with plenty of room behind her and Mandy between them, free to move in the semi-circle the bar permitted, yet unable to reach either of the other two.

Pointing to the girl, “You will undress before I return.  I have ‘things’ to get.  I’m sure you three can come up with something to talk about to keep yourselves occupied.”


The mistress left and the silence only lasted until he was sure she was gone.  Staring at the woman’s folded position, he started cordially, “Are you okay?  You look absurdly awkward.”

“No, this is fine.  But thank you…” after a flicker of eye contact with Mandy she added, “…Master Samuel.”

His chuckle was deep and warm, “You may call me Samuel.  I do not know you, and you appear not to know our formalities, but you may call me simply, Samuel.”  He smiled and bowed his head.

“I thank you for your courtesy, but I think that would be…difficult.  You see, a collar has been made and offered,” his eyes flashed to Mandy, burning into her but Kate continued desperately, “Please, Master Samuel, I love her very much, but I want your permission, I need your permission before this goes any further.  Sir, I do love her, I do love her so very much.”  Her eyes puddle but she didn’t let go.

Finally angered, “I do not know who would train such a thing!  Where has protocol gone?  First Antoinette, now you!”

Tears at last did fall, and fell in streams down her face and body, but she had to proceed through them, “I didn’t mean to upset you.  I know how strongly she feels for you.  I just didn’t know how it would all work.  I know nothing of these things, I only know that I’ve thought of nothing but the feel of her collar on me, I’ve wanted it ever since the first day she gave it too me, but I understand…” catching her breath and regrouping her thoughts, “…I understand my ignorance to all this is great.”  Stopping to sniffle, “Master Samuel, I am sorry if I have offended you by…”  Having been watching him, she was stopped to see his gaping mouth turn to a grin then a laugh.  The mirth caused her own face to grin, even through the confusion.

Through his laughter, “Oh, my dear child, please excuse my ignorance to the situation.”  Looking to his right, “My pet?”

Meekly, “Yes, Master?”

“You just sat there and listened to all of this without saying anything?”

Lifting her chin just a hair, “You never asked me to speak.”  Letting it sit for a moment, “Besides, it was kinda fun to watch.”

Simply nodding at her folly in their precarious situation, he directed her, “Well, with all that said, you should undress.  We are in no position to anger her any further.”  The girl acted quickly while he returned to the dangling other, “Do you know just how special she is?”

“Enough of the fucking smalltalk!”  Antoinette strutted in and struck Kate across the abdomen with her crop and quite easily slid a gag into her gaping mouth.  Avoiding Mandy’s reach, she circled to Samuel, holding the ball to his closed mouth, “Come now, let’s be congenial.”

Clenching his jaw, “Where does this end?”

Hands on hips, head nodding toward Mandy, “Open your mouth or I will beat her silly.”

“Don’t threaten me.”

Her smile was pure evil, “No?”  Reaching down, she took him into her firm grip, “Just fucking cooperate!”  He grimaced as her grip tightened.  Closing on him, she whispered, “They’ll both bleed for you.  Just do it.”

It only took a moment more of contemplation, “This will end and you will be held accountable.”  With that said, he allowed the gag to be placed.

Satisfied with her small show of domination, she stepped back smiling, “We are gonna play a little game of tug-of-war.”  Dropping a roll of string in front of Mandy, “And you get to be the rope.”

Stepping back to Samuel, she tied a small loop into the end of the string.  Where he and Mandy could see it, she pulled a portion of the string back through the loop and displayed to them how it tightened smaller as it was pulled.  The loop was fitted over his balls, cinching at the top of his scrotum.  As she approached Mandy’s leg, she held the string taut and watched her, “Behave.”  The single word was drawn out and the girl obeyed and let the string circle her ankle and be tied without slack.

“Now, for you.”  She crouched to Kate, stroking the tightly strained muscles of her inner thighs then patting the bulk of her vulva which hung below her.  “Should we let you play the game with your cunt?”  Wielding the crop she attacked the target in one swift fluid motion.

Turning to Mandy as the woman screamed wildly into her gag, “That’s why she’s got a gag, but don’t get me wrong, I do like a screamer.”  Her attention back to the woman, she attacked below again before grabbing a breast and pinching a nipple, waiting for her to calm.

“There will be three possible outcomes;” gently tapping the nipple, “the string could break,” shaking her head, “but I don’t see that happening,” slapping the nipple harder, “the good Master Samuel could get castrated,” gripping the breast violently, “or…” hammering it with the crop, “your fucking nipple will be ripped off.”

The gland swelled to the damage and attention, but she suckled it into absolute solidity before tying its base tightly, causing the majority of the nipple to bulge out over the knot.  After tying it to Mandy’s other ankle, she stood.

To the girl, “No, my toy, I haven’t forgotten you.  I want you to play in this game too, but I figured you for the type who likes to play hardball.”  Stepping out of the room for a moment, she called out, “So for you…” returning with two baseball bats, “…Louisville Sluggers.”  Shrugging her shoulders, “It’s the best I could do on short notice.”  Smiling to her, “You be sure to tell me if they’re splintered anywhere.”

Mandy’s eyes widened and Antoinette guffawed, “Please, I’ve seen you take more, I’d give you more but I’m a little anxious to play right now.”  Getting behind the girl, assured she wouldn’t turn for the tiny strings to her ankles, “I know you’re still greased up from that salve you stole from me.  Let’s just hope you used enough.”

Setting both bat handles to the ground out wide, she nuzzled the meat ends from behind and in front into place before slowly sliding the handles bit by bit together, “Don’t think you can just balance on top of them.”  Whipping the girl’s back, “Use your fucking hands.  You’re not fucking stupid, put ‘em in!”  The girl hesitated and the mistress pulled just slightly on her ankles and both the others cried out in pain.

Bending and shifting while inching her legs apart, she managed to start both.   The mistress pulled the handles without care until they touched below her and she quickly fell the first few inches onto them.

“And now the fun begins.”  Forcing the girl’s legs even wider had her slide the next couple of inches, locking her into place as the collar bar kept her from falling forward or back while she balanced back and forth on her wide spread feet.

Pulling at her left leg, the mistress took out all of the slack and retied it.  Her right leg was pulled wide and retied to leave her teetering on her toes.  It didn’t take but a moment for her body to give in to the pressure of her own weight and slide down again until her feet could plant more firmly.

Examining her work, Antoinette shook her finger at Mandy, “I liked you better up on your toes, but this time you’re gonna do it yourself.”  Adding, “This is where the game really begins.”

Behind the suspended Kate, she hooked the end of another tether to the woman’s hands and ran it back to the wall back behind her, then slowly pulled her back.

Kate whined, Mandy shifted, Samuel stifled a grunt and Antoinette clapped her hands and laughed, “Oh, Yes!  This will be fun!”  Tightening the rope even further, pulling the woman back more, she tied it off to the combined sounds of their reactions.  Watching the quickly spreading legs of Mandy, she was not satisfied and pulled the woman back just a little further.  The girl’s legs finally spread far enough to her very deeply onto the bats, but more importantly up on the very tips of her toes, assuring the pressure of her body weight would be where she intended it to be.

“Now,” whipping Kate as she passed, “Now it is time to decide.”  Staring the girl down, “You choose.”  She wanted to remain angered, but she had to smile a satisfied grin of content accomplishment, “Either his balls, her tit, or a broken string.  If I finish here and your legs are still spread…” her smile widened as she again went to the stairwell, “…they both go.  It’s your choice.”  Cooing the girl, “Isn’t it them you wanted to decide between?  Here’s your chance.”

Taking up a heavy whip, she shook out the mass to untangle the individual thirty-inch tassels.

The girl finally cried out, “I can’t do this!  It’s too much!  I can’t stop it!”

“No, you can’t stop it, but you have no choice about doing it.”  She shrugged her shoulders and turned.

Holding the heavy flogger up to Kate, “Have you ever been hit by a real whip?”  Framing an area including the backs of both thighs and across the abdomen, “I want you to understand what that little slut over there will be experiencing.”  Winding up to swing, the woman’s body rose in tense preparation, stopping the woman with a laugh, “Do you really want to do that?”

The woman relaxed as the mistress did.

“You will get hit.  My swing will be true.”  Her eyebrows closed as she talked down to the woman, “If you really want to lift your little pussy up into the action, then I guess I shouldn’t stop you.”

With only enough time to process the logistics of what she’d almost done, the whip was cocking back and she closed her eyes to it, letting it happen when it would.

The mistress gave no quarter as the swing was barbaric.  It landed and thundered an echo and produced a scream that even the gag couldn’t dampen.  The impact sent her swinging wildly as the strings pulled and tugged harder than Mandy thought the small piece of flesh would allow but the best she could do was lift that foot as far as it would go and wait for her body to stop bouncing about.

Screaming at the mistress, “Don’t!  Please!  She doesn’t know enough!  Please!”

“Quit bitching.”  She kicked at Mandy’s leg, “She was only gonna get one anyway.”  Hollering back to Kate, “Would you shut the fuck up!”  From screams to mewing and whining, the sniveling aggravated her even more, “Stop!  Fuck!”  Plucking at the string only made it worse, “All right!  Enough!”  Heading to behind the woman, she let the whip fall and snap onto the bulging sex.  “If you’re not going to be fucking quiet, we’ll give you a reason to fucking squeal.”

Deeply impaled onto the bats, Mandy kept herself flexed to prevent falling further.  On her toes, legs spread wide, she found a new burden to overcome; her bindings didn’t keep her legs wide, she had to do that herself.  The muscles in her thighs and hips were quickly becoming exhausted, but the alternative was unacceptable.

Watching the woman circle her sweetie and go to the wall, she knew what was coming.  To prepare, she let herself sink just a bit more, then gripped, lifted and shifted the bat handles toward the woman.  Just as she finished the move, Kate’s body shifted way back, further than she’d expected, bringing her toes up off of the floor and yet still dramatically increasing the distention of the woman’s nipple.

Slapping her as she passed, “Now you can fucking squeal!”

Mandy jumped when she kicked the bat handles toward Kate, evening her between the two and bringing both feet up off of the floor.  The burn in her hips amplified quickly.  Without even the little bit of support her toes on the floor gave, she began to pull too hard on both her master and her lover.

Looking to her master, he was a picture of calm.  Tears ran down her cheeks and she mouthed the words, ‘I’m so sorry.’  His slow nod and peaceful bearing was comforting.  Even through his gag she could see his smile for her.

Kate was another story.  Her anguish was all too obvious.  The woman was on the edge of mental collapse.  Their eyes bore into each other.  Mandy could feel her more than hear her pain.  She mouthed, ‘I love you.’  The words seemed so hollow.

Forcing the words through the gag, she hollered out, “Ahh Roe Roo Ooo!”

Tears flooded both as the power of the whip violently hammered the girl’s back, throwing forward, stopped only by the metal collar that threatened to choke her.  The eruption was massive, malevolent pain, not pain with any greater purpose, but just cruel primitive torment.

The pointless torture infused her with the strength of anger.  She would not let this woman win!  She would not hurt either her master or her lover!  Her fury would prevail!

The second strike flashed through her like lightning, ringing her ears and echoing through her body.  The echo was deep, resonant, rumbling.  Like a voice it filled her.  It didn’t fade.  Her eyes opened.  The rumble was real.  She had just enough control to focus on the huge man in the doorway.

“…And this can not go on.”  He was dressed.  Bending over, he placed the remains of his collar on the floor.

“God Damn It, BULL!” coming around to face him.

“No, my name is Timothy.  You will no longer call me anything else.  You will call me Timothy.”  He was a placid lake of serenity.

The whip rose to a ready position, “On Your Fucking Knees!”

She swung and he easily met the whip and tangled his arm into it, chuckling, “That is why I submitted to you; you are the only one I ever met who did not fear me for my size.”  His smile faded, “Unfortunately for you, that will also be your downfall.”  Ripping the whip from her grasp, he threw it into the far corner.  She attacked him without effect.

Assessing the situation, he took the bolt cutters and clipped the string to Kate, “My apologies, my Lady,” tossing Antoinette aside.

“You can’t fucking do this!”  She rushed him and after two totally unproductive punches, she fled through the doorway and debris and flew up the steps.

Clipping the other string brought an exhale of relief.  Timothy gave the man a short bow, “And as well to…” his eyes nearly bulged from his head, “Master Samuel!  You’re Back!  Sir, how did you…why are…Oh no!  Sir!”  As quickly as he could, he ungagged him.  The bolt cutters easily chewed through the fetters behind the great strength that drove them.  Unbuttoning his shirt, he put the master into it and began to button it up, “Sir, if there is anything…are you okay?”

Shirt tenting past his knees, “Yes, Bul…Timothy, thanks to you.”  Pointing, “The girls?”

The big man’s strength was needed for Mandy, so Samuel went to Kate.  Kneeling behind her, “Try and relax, this knot should only take a moment.”  Talking to keep her occupied, “I would have lowered you first, but that would have had you landing awkwardly at best.”  Having problems with the knot, he unharnessed the gag.

Spitting it out, “Thank you, Master Samuel.”

Chuckling, “So formal?”  The knot came free and he released the tension slowly, easing her knees forward and down.  Holding her from behind, “Standing would be best for circulation, my dear.”  Steadying her, “Easy now.”

They both stood, working out the soreness and stiffness and turned just as Timothy set Mandy to her feet.  Each took two steps, arms opening to the girl.  They saw each other peripherally and both stopped, yielding to the other.

Kate ushered him forward, “You are her first, Master Samuel.”

He took the woman’s hand, “But you shall join me,” pulling Kate under his arm as they both took Mandy into an embrace, feeding off of each other’s emotions.

Not lasting, the moment broke to sounds filtering down from the stairwell of protests and anger.  Antoinette’s voice was the loudest and most distinct as she argued with several people.

“I had to call them, Master Samuel.”  Timothy stepped up, Dressing Mandy in the discarded clothes she had wore earlier, “Sir, if I would have only known, the decision to call would have been made so much sooner and more easily, but community representatives are here, Master Samuel.”

“You are a fine man.”

As Samuel ushered the girl’s to the door, Timothy dashed out ahead of them and scavenged as much of Kate’s clothes as he could and helped her into them.  “Are these yours as well, my Lady?”

Kate’s smile got brighter, “My favorite shoes!”  Looking up the stairwell, she saw Antoinette in the grip of two finely tailored men.  Mustering the end of her strength in a surge of adrenalin, she charged up the stares and without pause balled up her fist and punched her captor right square in the mouth.

“Please!  Miss!”  The two men shifted to protect Antoinette without releasing her, “You can not do that!”

Holding her suddenly throbbing hand, “Well…I just did.”





Chapter 26






Cuffing her own ankles, she was so excited she could barely get them tight.  The weeks she’d waited seem now like an illusion, an unending dream of patience and anticipation that she now awoke from.  Her sudden lack of dexterity was frustrating, but not enough to even budge her from the perch of elation she’d risen to.  In fact, she laughed at her ineptness, using the reverie to calm herself enough to complete the task properly.

Looking about the small apartment in the time she had while Mandy and Samuel Made their own preparations, she reminisced over the many scenes that had occurred here; so many memories.  Even when Antoinette took her love from her, the fear and loneliness, it had all led to this one single point.  It was all worth it.  There was also a subtle satisfaction in knowing that Antoinette would have to endure a training or face exile, but, fortunately, her fate held no impact on the futures of those that mattered to her.

“A splash of lemonade, my Lady?”

Looking up to the big man, “Thank you, Timothy, that would be wonderful.”  The glass only held a couple of ounces and she literally only wet her lips with it.  Having Timothy around was nice.  After collecting his other two female submissives, Master Samuel brought Timothy in.  The two girls were just enamored with him, keeping him as busy as he could possibly desire to be.  It was too soon for the master to offer him a collar, but they could all see it coming.

Without preamble, Mr. Corrington and Mr. Byer convinced the board to offer Kate a full partnership, afraid that after two days of sick leave that she might be leaving for some unknown better offer and could take most of the staff with her.  Master Samuel allowed Mandy to keep her job as well, at least for the time being, since she did seem to enjoy it so.

The metal collar had been more difficult to remove than originally anticipated.  It turned out that the seam was a tongue in groove, tacked along its length then covered entirely in thin aluminum strips to cover the location of the seam.  It was a delicate, painstaking process to torch cut through it without burning Mandy, but, of course, Samuel knows only the best and the job was completed without incident.  The decision had been made to let the brand on her arm completely heal before acting upon it…but it would be either removed or covered.

Work was also done to Kate’s condo, although “arrangements” had not been decided upon, subtle soundproofing and several strategically placed “plants” had been hung.  Over time Kate would acquire a full compliment of devices, tools, tethers, chains, leather, spools and bars.  Each explored entirely until its every possible use was tried and perfected.

The community representatives welcomed Kate into their circle, with Samuel’s support and influence, while condemning Antoinette to a full year of re-training, traditionally far more demanding that any initial training.  She then must submit herself to auction and serve another full year as a submissive herself.  Only then would she be evaluated to determine her possible future.

“Are we ready?” the master asked, standing.  They all nodded, excited, “Ladies, if you would, please.”

“Certainly, Master Samuel.”  Kate’s friend Susan, the neighbor who’d helped her and the Newlywed Sara both stepped forward.

But it was Mandy who addressed them, “Have you both discussed this decision with the charge?”

In unison, “We have.”

“Do you find her purpose to be true and her mind to be sound?”

Together, “We do.”

“Do you or any other hold sway over her decision?”

Again, “Only you.”

Mandy continued, “And how will she be presented?”

The two did not so much as flinch as they carefully, piece by piece, undressed Kate until she was naked except for the four cuffs.  They each kissed her cheek.  With one on each arm, she was presented.

“Thank you.”  Mandy’s eyes pooled, “You don’t know how much I thank you.”

The master stepped up, “Timothy, if you would, please.”

Happy and proud to be involved, “Yes, Master Samuel.”  Standing behind Kate, his left hand went to her right side, his right hand under it to her left side.  Easily he lifted and turned her over, holding her inverted while Mandy and Samuel each clipped an ankle cuff wide on a crossbar.

Samuel nodded, “Thank you, Timothy.”

The big man bowed slightly and stepped aside to attend to Kate.

Mandy had stripped, Samuel looked to her.  She was brilliant, radiating the strength and zeal he loved her for.  They nodded to each other.

The double loop of leather and its apparent mess of stitching slipped over Kate’s foot and heel.  Timothy held the woman’s leg uncuffed while the collar was placed over the ankle.

A shiver took Mandy, strong enough to make her reset her stance, covered the whole of her as the band of leather she’d had for so long was placed over her head and returned to its rightful place, around her neck, where it belonged.  Trying with all of her might, she focused on pulling through the leather stitching on the ankle collar, not to get it tight, just to pull out the slack.  Yes, Kate was hers.  Her master allowed her to possess this submissive of her own…no, not just a submissive, a lover.

The leather closed around her own throat as she worked, stitch by stitch, to cinch Kate’s.  Her body rose and fell to the erotic intoxication of the leather, of her master, of her lover.  Clinging to the suspended leg for support, she felt the erection of her nipple graze the flesh of Kate’s thigh.  Alerted to its condition, she brushed it constantly as she worked.

Stopping for a moment, she hugged tight to the leg and let her hand wonder to the silky smooth sheen of the woman’s naked mound…which she’d shaved herself just hours ago.  With the caring hands of her master at her neck and his body touching hers, it only served to further the excitement of the moment.

Anxious, craving, wanton, the girl ignored the sensations and dove back into her work, cinching tight now each lace.  Working quickly around, yet still with care for she knew this would be a timeless tribute to their love, it deserved no less than perfection.  Her hunger fed the expedience, her love fueled the care and she finished just as she felt her master finish his work.

To signify the triangular relationship the three would have, both Samuel and Mandy tied the only knot into the ankle collar together.  Then, lowering her to level, Samuel and Kate shared in the tying of Master Samuel’s work.  The three’s fate was sealed as one.  Silently they continued.

With Kate’s first paddle, Mandy rounded the woman, lined up her butt and loosed a tremendous blow, locking the woman in a spasm of passionate acceptance.  The back of each thigh was also welted before the woman regained any form of muscle control.  The fervor of the infliction and the vigor of the terrific impacts only magnified the euphoria the woman was already experiencing.

Back to the front, only one more strike was to be made.  The woman knew it was coming but kept her body relaxed so she could fully accept it.  Trusting, loving, accepting, the flames which still burned behind her only served to feed her need.  A deep breath and a shiver as Mandy kissed her sex; lightly, affectionately.  Closing her eyes to the peace of their emotions, she waited through the sensations, thoughts and feelings until all was prepared.  Without volunteering, her mouth whispered, “Yes, please.”

Brilliance, stars, electricity, it all radiated from her clitoris, vulva and ass as the collision tore a terrific toll on the flesh.  Contorted in a fit of the paroxysm, the woman broke free to snatch the girl up by the waist and cling to her, burying her face in the crook of the girl’s thighs, squeezing with her arms as the tremors of debilitating agony surged through the very fibers of her being.  The tortuous energy was absurdly savage, incapacitating all but the love.  Gripping tighter to the waist as she was able, she felt only rapture, enchantment, the heavenly bliss of her connection with the girl.

Having his pet in a ready position, he seized the moment and muscled his own leather squarely onto the framed ass.  The girl jumped but was held securely by her own charge while he welted each thigh.  Cozying up to the girl’s flaming backside, he took her hands in his and laid them around and onto the back of Kate’s head.

With the two solid fistfuls of hair, Mandy pried her own head back just long enough to feel the concussion of her master’s leather upon her.  The incredible sensation crawled into her, through her.  She clung to the suspended woman in a mutual act of support.

Spreading her legs a little further, Mandy lowered herself to the optimum height.  Her mouth collapsed onto the spread feast of her Sweetie.  Her tongue glazed the solid welt before she explored the inner vastness.  Her own self was opened and her moan vibrated against the woman’s as she was suckled to a frenzy through the burning of the damage.

Focusing on her lover’s sweetness, the manipulations of her buttocks didn’t register until her master began to enter her ass.  Shifting and relaxing to accommodate, she soon felt the glory of him slide into her, activating every urge and lusting need of her ravishment.  Burying her nose into the woman, she stayed latched to the bulge of her clit while her hands began to part her ass, filling her with the same sensations of her own.

Kate flexed into the intrusion, not yet fully use to things in her ass, but acceptant, very acceptant.  Her arms left the girl’s waist and found their way to the girl’s cleft and felt the man’s thrusts from with her.  Keeping one hand deep into her, the other gripped the dangling testicles and followed their motion.  She even got brazen enough to point a finger and tease his ass as her own was worked.

With the added zeal of her own approach, the girl fed hungrily on the pool before her.  Stabbing and driving her own tools, she quivered in a rush of her own oncoming; perfect as the invaded cavities she explored began to clamp down on her fingers.

Filled from behind, suckled from the front, sex in her face, yet none of it was as fulfilling as the pure raw emotion that was transmitted throughout the spirits of her lovers.

A single thrust buried deep within her, filling her with the warmth of its delivery.  A fountain erupted right in front of her, expelling the product of its ecstasy and Mandy had no choice but to surrender to her own tremors which build to a quaking which led her away into the abyss of her nirvana.


Watching the three, Timothy knew what he’d never known, found what he’d never really knew existed.  He would stay here, he would learn from them.  He had a goal, he had a master, and yet he was finally free.


Mandy swam in the ethereal of a now confirmed future and a love she’d always dreamed to have.  The intoxication would never fade, it was not possible to come down.  She was all, she was everything, she was her Sweeties partner, lover and master.