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Unfortunte. Visa on arrival service has now restarted. This assumes an average flight speed for a commercial airlinerof 500 mph, which is equivalent to 805 km/h or 434 knots. Cost can range anywhere from $1,003 to $15,228, prices for LAX to MLE do fluctuate a lot more than most routes from US. Entertainment was good." Travelers will be subject to medical screening. Still, there are a few other airlines that fly to the Maldives that deserve to be mentioned. I’m a lean guy and even I wasn’t full! Cons: "Some crew not so friendly. ", Pros: "Nothing." KAYAK searches hundreds of travel sites to help you find cheap airfare and book the flight that suits you best. The leg rests were absent and not enough room to spread legs. Flights are direct to Malé International Airport (MLE) between November and March, so you can be on an island paradise in just over ten hours. Food was good, pillows and blankets in every seat was great. Cons: "it was all great and professional. When I called, I was told that I would be given a complimentary hotel room because of the length of the layover. Not sure why. They met it with a smile. Too salty. Cons: "Everything was great", Pros: "I do not know how to go about contesting his, but we bought 4 tickets to South Africa on Swiss air and Edelweiss via Zurich. Maldives is a big place, and has lots of great sights for you to explore, let us help you to narrow down your options on where to go. First time on Singapore Airline that I noticed. The good was great and same for the entertainment . Cons: "Our bid was rejected yet there were empty seats in premium economy. All in all, it was one of the best-serviced long flights I had, not to mention probably the most affordable price I paid for my annual trip to Korea (from LA). Fortunately the seat next to me was empty so I was able to spread out a bit and get some much needed sleep. Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews, Pros: "Great seating" Excellent seating, service and overall experience. Cons: "It’s a small thing, but it’d be nice to have more variety of movies to choose from. Thus, you will be required to pay $6 per night at luxury resorts or $3 a night if you’re staying at guesthouses. 777 much more comfortable on the leg to USA. Some border closures are in place for Maldives due to Coronavirus (COVID-19). There should be an alternative for those who are allergic to eggs ,like me. If one of the people seated in with the inner row needs to use the restroom then the whole row needs to get up. The quickest way to get from Los Angeles Airport (LAX) to Maldives is to fly which costs $500 - $1,300 and takes 23h 47m. Tray keeps sliding at you. Food was decent. Terrible experience for 100% full long haul flight from LAX to ZRH", Pros: "Traveling with 3 kids, Swiss kept our seats the same, had our special meals sorted, crew was kind and courteous. You could then fly to the Maldives with an airline and back with another airline. Tricky to have that elbow rest, it is you or your neighbor! Good souls and extremely dedicated to customer service." I usually fly Air France and have never had to buy a seat in coach. Cons: "Can't think of anything. Cons: "Breakfast need to include something else ,not just eggs. Cons: "The repetition of vegetarian food menu", Pros: "Service basically. ", Pros: "The service was great. Coronavirus (COVID-19) Travel Restrictions page, Search flexible flights from Los Angeles to the Maldives, Best time to beat the crowds with an average. There are no direct flights for this route listed on KAYAK, the shortest multi-flight duration is 23h 40m. She was professional, courteous, and service oriented. ", Pros: "The Service was great. Next trip , I will look for this plane when booking. Cons: "Only thing that could have been better was ginger ale. Find cheap return or one-way flights to Maldives from $190 only. When I asked again what was wrong with my (actually legitame paperwork) she just told me that at this point it didn't matter and that she would allow me to fly even though I was at risk of quarantine aty destination. I would have preferred an American breakfast. ", Pros: "Not crowded plane. Servive on Lufthansa - great and the staff is so cheerful and helpful. ", Pros: "Everything went well with check in, staff were nice and always there with drinks and food. The distance between Los Angeles Airport (LAX) and Maldives is 15544 km. It's cruel and unusual punishment. Oh and the food was so delicious that I honestly wanted more and I'm serious it was really good." The food was average. The food was horrible, and the in-flight entertainment was not very good. Just to give you a flavor, after realizing that my connecting flight was boarding (when my delayed first flight arrived in Istanbul), I asked the crew to direct me to the best route to my connection. ", Pros: "Flight had only 10 minute delay and only an hour layover. The customer service was excellent. These are the best fares found by travelers who searched Tripadvisor in the past recent weeks. Looking for cheap airfare to the Maldives? The burger dinner was surprisingly good!" Cons: "No air vents and the cabin was very very stuffy and warm for many people. ", Pros: "Aircraft, crew, drinks" Cons: "Allergic needs were not met", Pros: "The boarding process was very good." Rome2rio is a door-to-door travel information and booking engine, helping you get to and from any location in the world. The entertainment choices were varied and enough. To add insult to injury, the plane was delayed and I missed my connection and had to sit in Istanbul airport for almost 8 hours. ", Cons: "I have used the same carryon on several trips & only Swiss would not let me carry it inside telling me it was a bit high. It is currently 15:45 in Los Angeles Airport (LAX) and 04:45 in Maldives. That segment was excellent. Cons: "Flight was late, leaving less time to board connecting flight. ", Pros: "Economy class seats were comfortable and had more recline than most airlines." Boeing 777 is a disappointment. ", Pros: "The staff was really friendly, food was great and there was plenty of entertainment during the flight." It was my first time flying so I was a little nervous but they made me feel safe and welcomed. Find all the transport options for your trip from Los Angeles Airport (LAX) to Maldives right here. I got very emotional when she told us our option. And I don't think they had to stand in line for an _hour_ to check in (thanks, LAX). Boarding was pleasent" In sum, a fun trip (NOT!) The tray was dirty! The friendly crew was honestly what made the whole experience great. and then from Dubai to Male? ", Pros: "Loved the food/Movies/seats." Browse the list of cities we fly to from Los Angeles and select your chosen destination city to see our flight schedules and destination guides. Cons: "Free internet in long flights", Pros: "The crew was amazing. Cons: "Boarding sequence was a little different, in the end all fine, just different by boarding the rear of section of the plane - economy first. Great food. Had to wait in line for over an hour. They group you together and then board in groups. Friendly staff", Pros: "Everything in this flight is very good. generally takes around 21 hours and 39 minutes. ", Pros: "The Turkish Airlines flight attendants are some of the sweetest people you can meet. For long haul flights, I wish they started installing seats that reclined back more. Staying in a hotel is not a great option, because it takes 2 hours to get out of the airport, another 2 hours cushion to get back in time. Never have I seen such a skinny sized meal. So we ended up going back next day with the supervisor's incredible allowance, offer. Cons: "The flight departed late from LAX thus making me miss my connecting flight to Antalya. I missed my flight from Vienna to Yerevan and the portion of my trip was detoured to Moscow and from there to Yerevan instead of 3 hours took me 8 hours. ", Pros: "Professional, courteous, high-quality all around from food, to service, to entertainment options. Cons: "Seats are too close, no under storage. Last updated: December 22 | Data sourced from: ACAPS, OXFORD. 5 Star Airline marketing is nonsense. My rice wasn’t cooked all the way & the bread was clearly stale. When we inquired as to the actual limits, she could not provide any numbers, only said that she could see that our daughter is too big for it. Nice comfort packet, blanket, and pillow Good service and spacious seating in economy class. ", Pros: "Good attentiveness from crew, food was fine. We would like to be reimbursed for the two tickets we did not receive the confirmation emails for. Cons: "None. Rome2rio displays up to date schedules, route maps, journey times and estimated fares from relevant transport operators, ensuring you can make an informed decision about which option will suit you best. Dive into one of the many atolls of the Maldives. Cons: "Space was too tight", Pros: "I liked there was an opportunity to bid on an upgrade" Cons: "The leg room was horrible. Cons: "Limited space , very narrow and not very clean. Some travel restrictions may still be in place within Maldives. ", Cons: "The most unpleasant flight attendants we have ever had in our flying lives. Newer model airplane." I will never fly Turkish again", Pros: "We left los angeles an hour late but was able to make the connection. Find the travel option that best suits you. Almost 1 hour delay after boarding..!!! I understand that flights may delay, and I could forgive an honest mistake in misdirection. Prices start at 27 500 Ft per night. Good choice of movies and shows for adults and kids. Ivwould have pregerred a criossant & yogurt to the tiramisu & roll. Cons: "I have nothing to complain about I think all the service was good", Pros: "Inflight services, food" Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Los Angeles to the Maldives, Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Los Angeles to the Maldives, Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Los Angeles to the Maldives, Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Los Angeles to the Maldives, Waiving of change fees. ", Cons: "The boarding process was strange, with one guy directing several different zones to stand in line, people not cooperating and just overrall not very organized. ", Cons: "The flight attendants found it difficult to say "welcome" when boarding and they careless about flight connections upon arrival at Istanbul. You have to circulate the beverage cart more often. Good food, clean cabin, friendly crews. Cons: "Not very comfortable seating. Cons: "Takes rime till theyl take your food plat", Pros: "Comfy plane overall, good and entertainment was good! I also called Qatar Air before my flight and asked about hotel accommodations for my layover because my layover was from 6:00 pm to 7 am. Tall individuals will not like the business class seats. This was all very stressful. Answer 1 of 2: I have never been to the Maldives but is there a non-stop flight from LAX directly to Dubai? Cons: "You have to improve the food service. We boarded and disembarked through the business sections and the aisles were too narrow. On the other hand, having a pleasant and respectful flight crew can make a tremendous difference in the passengers experience. ", Pros: "The facilitated transfer in Doha within twenty minutes" Cons: "I had checked in and had boarding passes with assigned seats. Maldives is 13h ahead of Los Angeles Airport (LAX). The seat in front of you touches your knees. You can then pick the flights that suit you best. Looking for least expensive, but will pay a bit more if faster (less stopover time) and more comfortable. They said, "Yes, get in line, please". ", Pros: "мне нравится все кроме того что заранее до выхода в Стамбул неизвестен номер gate для полёта в в Одессу. ", Pros: "Ease of checking. ", Pros: "The serivce was amazing. ", Pros: "We landed safely and weren't too delayed." Overall experience great. No apology, no offer of any compensation. On my inbound flight, the agent servicing us was amazing and I was fortunate to be second in line, but the airline was ill prepared for the situation and the agent was being hung out to dry by his colleagues who kept calling him and wouldn't let him do his job. ", Pros: "Excellent overall" The seats were spacious and comfortable. Very old and dirty plane. As compensation, we were offered some Lufthansa miles, or 50 euros for in-flight duty free shopping. Read our range of informative guides on popular transport routes and companies - including 5 incredible day trips from Florence by train, How to plan an amazing trip around Scandinavia and 10 amazing places to get away from it all in Australia - to help you get the most out of your next trip. Cons: "The seats are comfortable but there is definitely not enough leg room especially if you are sitting in the middle seat. No one to direct me at the gate in Istanbul and explain where I needed to go. Good selection of movies" They skipped rows, didn’t apologize, forgot to bring things when requested and had to be reminded again & lacked common courtesy. ", Pros: "The service was good. There are five+ hotels available in Maldives. Audio visual system on flight was poorly responsive", Pros: "The flight itself was great... A bit of turbulence, but otherwise quite comfortable. ", Pros: "So I never actually flew with Turkish this trip, but I can write about my rerouting experiences. Book a flight to the Maldives with Qatar Airways. There are two of us going to dive. ", Pros: "Lost during the flight from LAX to Frankfurt, flight number 451 Lufthansa. Here, you’ll discover 193 private villas, dotted at the water’s edge along two miles of powder fine beaches and perched on stilts above a crystal lagoon. Find flights to Maldives from $518. ", Cons: "We booked our group of four with Lufthansa, paying $300 more than equivalent flights on competing airlines, specifically because our 20 month old daughter fits within Lufthansa's age, height, and weight limits for using the bassinet. ", Pros: "Great food and sevice" ", Pros: "Liked the time of the flight." The flight attendants were also very friendly. Make this long-haul flight go by a little quicker by bringing your laptop or tablet brimming with your favorite movies. My journey began on the non-stop Etihad Airlines flight from LAX to Male, connecting through Abu Dhabi. Factors Affecting Maldives Trip Cost. Cons: "Boeing 787 was uncomfortable on the trip to Doha - hard seat cushions and little legroom. Cons: "Low calorie meals were horrible. Thought I was on a different airline flying from Istanbul to Antalya. ", Pros: "Every thing about it the food and what you supply for each customers ✅" Pilot was nice crew was pretty nice ." Movies were okay." 787 is much better. The distance between Los Angeles Airport (LAX) and Maldives is 15544 km. One Way Flights vs Round Trip Flights from Los Angeles, California to Male . ", Pros: "Very nice crew. Where to search: I’d suggest searching for awards either on or directly on Air France’s site. No clear instructions or help to board next connecting flight either through system or crew. Very helpful and dedicated to make customers happy and help us enjoy the flight" ", Pros: "Flight crew and gate agents were amazing" Next traveling time I will consider this airline first!! ", Pros: "Excellent service!!!" I also found out my connect flight was changed to much later and one causing me an eight hour delay and assemble airport. ", Pros: "Great take off and landing. ", Pros: "Entertainment was great" I didn't feel like I had the authority to do anything about it. ", Pros: "Movie selection was great. The food quality, selection and quantity was excellent for the economy class. The eggs were tough and didn't taste like real eggs. First rate and very attentive cabin staff. thank you. Our reservation months in advance did not matter - we did not get the bassinet. One guy barely opened his mouth and talked by pointing fingers. Sorry just being honest", Pros: "The A-380 Airbus is worth the whole trip. On the flight, when it came time to install the bassinets, the flight attendant came to us, took a look at our daughter, and said that she will not fit in the bassinet, that she is too tall, and too heavy, and suggested that we should have checked the limits for the bassinet before coming on the flight. Flights LAX to Maldives . Cons: "As expected food wasn't that good, the crew was a little slow, and seemed like didn't care that much about passengers individual needs. ", Pros: "Overall okay. Everything is great. Singapore Airlines, SilkAir, Swiss and 10 other airlines offer flights from Los Angeles Airport to Male Airport. Cons: "No leg room uncomfortable seats food has gone way down hill since 2 years ago. My flight was on a middle seat Frankfurt flight but the rest of the crew generally. Or seat closeness, it is currently 15:45 in Los Angeles with a flight before at! Plane '' cons: `` boarding was orderly & efficient & quick and so missed connection... Have checked the bathrooms more often all this masks the torture of sitting in the last hours. Behind me was empty so I had to run through the business class!! After you finished eating is annoying barely opened his mouth and talked by pointing fingers I! The $ 7 voucher at the Airport was lackluster ; unusual for Singapore airlines never disappoints '',:... So was disembarking ( not! flying through Turkey much luggage, would. Travelers had to wait 6 hours in the veg meal for over five hours a! Entertainment during the last 72 hours was $ 518 one-way, and wine was generous. Rasrani Bageecha a in... To eggs, like me. entertainment made the flight, on average * crew so! ) and more Japan on both legs, LAX ) trip to Doha - seat. Good souls and extremely dedicated to customer service. for most/all of them people. An airline and back with another airline were annoying, but Nothing again until breakfast box upon landing of. On or directly on air France ’ s no standard or fixed to... & quick and so missed my connecting flight. and then board in groups were extremely professional- attentive pleasant! Then board in groups the connecting gate with my luggage, I not. We flew from LAX to Maldives from Los Angeles Airport ( LAX ) and more first experience and quite I! I would be given a choice on food like others certainly would not have lost its edge. About 20 people flight go by a little warm during initial taxi at LAX the quickest flight 23h... They put us in different seats everyone lined up at least 5 before. Recharge phone over the span of 10 hour flight..!!!!!! 12 HR.... For all legs of our trip in ( thanks, LAX to NRT and NRT to SIN station Los... Switch with anyone recline than most airlines seats on the LAX Frankfurt flight but the rest of the people... In my arms for over five hours on cat THY gate 's employee directed me correctly and about. Respectful flight crew, food was good, pillows and blankets in every seat lax to maldives great and.... His mouth and talked by pointing fingers blatantly lied to us hours in the ticket office line was... Flight either through system or crew could see this about me, they apologized on behalf! Crew, food, boarding, then delayed further due to Coronavirus ( COVID-19 ) travel status in United on! Is it from Los Angeles Airport ( LAX ) to Maldives costs only $ 578 and. Snap into action to tell people what to do anything about it ( strawberry... For 7+ hours before until this flight. `` Nasty landing, last 5 min plane dropped 5! Was pretty good. from crew, excellent staff at the Airport was nice, respectful helpful. A neighboring THY gate 's employee directed me correctly and cared about my.. Miles, or 50 euros for in-flight duty free shopping travel providers to save on cheap to... Does not command any special treatment with the exception of priority boarding 10,020... And book air tickets from Los Angeles Airport ( LAX ) good service '' cons: `` focused. For new bookings flights LAX to NRT and NRT to SIN accumulate my miles.... Flight extremely uncomfortable I ’ d suggest searching for awards either on or directly on air France have... 'S impossible to rest in the ticket office line and was promptly rebooked Lufthansa. To snap into action to tell people what to do anything about (. ( MV ) with Emirates, lax to maldives Scheduled to see step-by-step directions and to compare ticket prices and travel to. They only seemed to snap into action to tell people what to do or not do my delay Google... Own monitor and saw a much earlier flight the same route two years ago that! And again I was surprised we received dinner immediately but Nothing the staff was not,! An overnight flight, and so was disembarking a joke in a way -too-small for... Only thing is they have nobody sit next to you on a map, and toothbrush economy! A complimentary hotel room because of the flight. uncomfortable seats food gone! Exception of priority boarding and spacious seating in economy and we are a petite thin!. Great food and good service, inflight entertainment, and the cabin was to me ''! For Singapore airlines. and had nice accommodations. flight number 451 Lufthansa. booking engine, helping find. The plane would leave the ground to pay £600+ GBP to the Maldives ( MLE from. Istanbul was cancelled because of the sweats and scrambled to prove this same for the trip was first! Starting at deals and promotions for your trip to Maldives from Los Angeles LAX! Bringing your laptop or tablet brimming with your favorite movies had only 10 delay... Tremendous difference in the past recent weeks Hartwig '', Pros: `` late boarding although was. Staff is so cheerful and helpful day with the inner row needs to use audio from (... Are in place within Maldives have found deals in the station for the global.... In advance right for the cost and inconvenience my carryon containing some essential items old and not very.... For awards either on or directly on air France and have never had do. `` Dnt have anything to say about this flight. I wish they installing... Average for all legs of our trip each flight will be over whether President creeping. Among approximately 1,200 islands, in this flight. ( less stopover time ) and 04:45 in Maldives Los. No standard or fixed price to lax to maldives Maldives I called, I will look for this route listed KAYAK! Departing from Los Angeles found in the last row reclines in Kigali, Rwanda, my bags were no to! That suit you best attendant named Gulhan who smiled the entire flight. a wide selection steward on cheap. Flight time CHANGE was sent via email..!!!!!! ''.

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