Precious Gems


Romi Lane


This is a work of fiction.  The characters, incidents and dialogues are products of the author’s imagination are not to be construed as real.  Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

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The progression of chimes and tones which signified the top of the hour played out, leaving only the hisses and cracks of the smoldering fire to break the anxiety over the issue at hand.

Taking the offered drink, the seated man was proficient enough to wave his hand casually and still sting sharply the naked flesh of the retreating server.  The strike and the short unexpected squeal broke the quiet tension, somehow freeing the grout to speak.

“I have located the property,” his pause to sip from the iced glass was calculated, “as I said I would.”  He was coldly unaffected yet absolutely controlled.

Standing quickly, the woman daringly confronted him, “But how can she make such outlandish promises?”  Angling her two aggressive steps, she turned her affront into a frustrating pacing, “The location is not as relevant as her intent!”

The taller woman stood as well, her graceful lines and elegant carriage concealed well the insatiable hunger which dominated her will.  Allowing the two to banter, she contained her laughter and took the moment to examine a wall hanging; a fine display of artistry which their host owned and was gracious enough to have shown for the meeting.  Appreciating the silky texture, the woman lightly stroked the inner thigh of the display all the way to the finely muscled crease which so perfectly ended the smooth plane.  Toying her fingers across the delicate folds, a grin crossed her face as the labia swelled ever so slightly under her touch.

Not turning her attention away from her manipulation of the artwork, she still managed to talk over the group, “I want this one.”

Chuckling in a cadence of deep baritone, the man turned to her, “Yes, Lady Farrow, indeed many do.”

The displayed girl was inverted and bound tightly with all of her limbs stretched invitingly wide.  Lady Farrow slipped her two middle fingers into her and pulled the girl’s hips forward, “Leah’s threat is real.  We all risk losses if she succeeds.”  A slow grunt mewing began as the Lady increased the pressure on the girl then clipped to a gasp as the woman’s thumb found the sprouting clitoris.  “This will be your price.”  She freed her hand only to return it immediately with a stinging slap to the vulnerable sex.

Standing, the host spread his arms wide, “My dear Lady, I would offer you the world to appease you appetite,” his raised his brows to the slight tilt of his head, “but could I deliver?”

Hands on hips, her eyes bore into him, “How dare you question my abilities!”

Raising but a single finger to fend her off, “You misunderstand me.  I question only the severity of the threat.”

Quickly Lady Farrow regained her composure, “It is simple economics; increased supply and competition is bad for business.”  Stepping toward him, her smile became hypnotic, “Her plan is to compete.  Do not be surprised if the next showing spawns a new Suzerain, unless…” Letting the words hang, she allowed him a glimpse of her Cheshire satisfaction before turning back to the art.

Holding back a laugh at her theatrics, “Let me guess, you have a hired hand in mind?”

“No!”  Spinning back to face the group, “I was not willing to wait for others to succeed…or fail.  I did my own inquiry and have already initiated my plan.”  Swirling the cubes in her glass, “I have effectively concealed a spy among the ranks of her prospects and done so in such a manner that detection will be virtually impossible.”  Satisfied with her announcement, she set her cold glass onto the split of the displayed girl’s legs, balanced it and walked away.


Chapter 1

Their bodies parted just far enough for his hands to slide from her hips to trace the bottom edges of her ribs and meet.  Holding his head tight to maintain the passion of the embrace, her body writhed in encouragement and anticipation, willing his hands higher into her shirt.

Following their undeniable command, a throaty moan purred out as the bottom swell of each breast was gently coddled.  Spreading his thumbs and forefingers to cup under the anxious flesh, he applied enough pressure to coax her body back a step.  The second step was stopped by the bed, sending her slowly to it.  Her grip brought him with her, easing his weight down onto her.

“Oh, yeah…yeah.”  Her words escaped between the labored gasps as she clung to him, bringing him even heavier down onto her.

Fighting her grip, he lowered to kiss her chin then slowly trailed a line to the back of her jaw.

Pulling him lower, prodding to go on, “Now, now, yeah…oh, I’m so ready!”  She lengthened her vowels in her needy drawl.

“Easy there, Cookie,” pecking at her neck, “I want to make you wait.”  A whine of discontent and he felt her wiggle higher in protest.  His hands quickly covered the center of each breast and she stopped.  The silent stillness emphasized the rapid expansion of each small nub as they pushed into his palms, confirming their arousal.

Her hands raced to cover his, “I’m ready now.  Take me…please, take me.”  Reaching aggressively lower, her breathing became a ragged pant.

Stopping her attempt to undress him, he smiled at his own sadistic patience, “Come now, Buttercup…”

“Yes!”  Calling out, catching him in a word play, “I wanna ‘cum now’!”  Her legs spread wide and he fell between them as her hips pushed up to meet him.  A sudden gasp had her mouth freeze in an ‘O’ as her eyes rolled back.

Having firmly gripped the solid tips between his fingers, he finally began to roll them as he whispered, “My little animal cracker, I will make you roar.”  Her hands again fought for his pants and he allowed her fumbling while he spent his time tasting the flavor of her neck, kissing and tonguing the sweat from her excitement, feeding his own hunger for the moment.

Lost in the spice of his appetizer, only the unclasping of his belt and the groping of her hands as they found him brought him back.

Thrilled to be fondling his erection into solidity, she begged, “Oh, you’re so ready, baby, let me have you, please.”  Scurrying under him further, her mouth willing to finish his growth, she had to stop as he had shifted his weight and began to remove her shirt.  Impatient for it to be gone, she lifted her arms above her head for it to be gone, “Oh, yeah, baby, take me.”

“Yes, Cupcake, but I will.”  He brought the garment up over her head then lifted them both further onto the bed, putting her into the position he wanted.  “I will take you,” he stripped the shirt to her wrists only to leave it tangled there.

The small double bed’s headboard was short, almost unnoticed, accented by a post at each corner which rose only inches into view but blossomed into a small orb at the crest of each.  Pulling his knees up to her torso to straddle her, he pinned her while he twisted the cloth and effectively tied her wrists together.  Quickly, without giving her time to react, he looped her bound wrists over the post’s orb and slid her torso down the bed, cinching her arms helplessly above her head.

Resisting only as a token measure, she mewed a whine as he slid down her body, “Baby, baby, oh…”  Gasping stopped her as he clenched a nipple between his lips.  He began to suckle and she cried, “Oh, God, yeah!”

The nipple popped from his mouth.  His smile was devious as their eyes met, “Don’t be too loud, Lollipop, your sisters might hear you.”  He was still high enough to stretch up and kiss her lips while his hands skimmed across her belly and played at the waistline of her shorts, “Then I would have to go and you would be left to fend for yourself.”

“No!”  Her eyes widened, “No,” she repeated quietly.  Whispering, “I’ll be quiet, I will,” panting, “just don’t stop.”  Struggling to move her arms and encourage him lower, she could only moan in frustration as she was more firmly trapped to his pace than she’d thought.  “Baby, don’t stop.  I want you, so bad, right now, don’t stop.”  The whisper was more of a whimper as she again tested her bindings.

Calmly he answered, “I do not intend on stopping.”  The button popped and each tooth of the zipper sent a wave of stimulating vibrations as it was gentled to its base.  Lifting his weight up off of her thighs, he dismounted and brought both of his knees to her right.  Her hips rose in anticipation, needing the shorts to be gone.  Ignoring her unspoken plea, he returned his attention to the bare breasts.

The slight sheen of moisture reflected the timely thrum that each pounding beat of her heart made.  With her arms stretched above, her ribs became pronounced and the slope from her sternum to her belly steepened.  Each breast pulled high, falling slightly outward under its own weight.  Each nipple was a beacon of her desire and lust as they strained the limits of the flesh in a bulging effort, taut and solid for it.

Creasing his face even further, his smile opened as he noticed that during the slight pause, she was very slowly inching her way up, relieving the gentle pressure on her arms in the first stage in an attempt to free her arms from the short post.  Only a little slack would be needed to be unhooked from the few inches of wood.  She saw him watching and stopped, then tried to shift the focus, “I want you to see how wet I am for you, Baby.”  Raising her hips, “I need you.”

“Yes, Honeybun, I know you’re wet for me.”  His fingers circled her belly and her flexed reaction brought her body another inch higher.  With the added slack, her elbows bent to take it up.  His left hand cupped a breast and his right hand probed under the panties to the hairline.

With a squirm and a moan her arms came free to immediately push his hand down into the fine threads of her downy tuft.  Going with the motion, he slid across the pubis and dove into the bath of her sea.

An immediate contraction of ecstasy gripped her.  Immobile and incapable, her body spasmed to the unexpected pleasure, reducing her to no more than a slave to its thrill.  Shockwaves of the euphoria rippled across her, spreading from the epicenter of the glorious sensations and holding her in their fervor.  Her very soul quaked in anticipation of the release that was building, craving the primal fulfillment her body demanded.

Through the pool of her need, he hand slid beyond, traveling down her inner thigh, shorts and panties in tow.  Bending, his lips met the delicate flesh of her belly as it quivered under his touch.  Her legs fought against the cloth binding which held her knees together, finally kicking them low enough to pull her left leg out and granting her the freedom to spread her legs just as wide as she desired.

Catching her breath, settling into position, she purred, “Okay, Baby, I need you now.”  Pushing the top of his head, she raised her hips to meet him.

Kissing through the silken gossamer and over the ridge of her pubis made her gasp, but he detoured and trailed onto an inner thigh before rising off of her.  Gripping her wrists tightly, he held them before her as he added to the twists which made them tight, “I have already put these where I want them once, Sugarplum.”  Kneeling and leaning forward, he rehooked her wrists over the ball and onto the post of the headboard.

Seeing the opportunity within range, she lifted her head and bit gently through his open jeans and onto his erection.

Jumping back had him smile, “Yes, you naughty little succubus, you will have all of me.”  Sliding off of the side of the bed, he circled to the foot and took her right ankle and began to twist the shorts she’d neglected to completely discard.  Pulling the leg to put more tension on the arms, he was sure to tangle the shorts well enough to not allow them beyond the tennis shoe she still wore.

Whimpering as her body was shifted to cross the bed diagonally, “I’ll be good, Baby, I will.”

Tugging the shorts until her body stretched, “I know, Muffin, I know you will.”  The footboard was a miniature of the headboard and the empty leg of the shorts was just able to loop over the footpost to leave her stretched out across the bed.  His hands both stroked the calf, knee and thigh, stopping short of the itching cleft.  He almost laughed out loud as he saw the dawning upon her face of the fact that he no longer held her tight, yet she couldn’t move.  “Yes, you are mine to do with as I please.”  Reaching out, he took a nipple between his thumb and forefinger and began to roll it slowly.

Murmuring, “No, please.”

His eyebrows rose and his fingers pulled away, “You want me to stop?”

In a panic, “NO! No!  Baby, no, you can’t stop!  Please, please don’t stop.”  She bordered on tears as her free leg laid wide and limp, confirming her sincerity, “I have to have you,” and finished it with a sniffle.

His smile softened and her expression joined his, “Do you want me to leave you like this while I take you?”

Nodding aggressively, “Anything, Baby, you know, anything.”  Her smile was almost sincere.

Both hands came down to cover the breasts to her gasp, “Yes, my Siren, I do hear your call.”  Kneading slowly before his grip lowered to cup each, then he progressed further to cross the washboard of her ribs.

Jumping to her left, he caressed her belly while stroking her thigh, only grazing her needy sex for his own enjoyment.  Her free leg swung wide and gyrated, failing to stop him from leaving her center to grab the wild leg and massage the calf and ankle.  He untied her shoe, loosened the laces and flipped the shoe off before sliding the sock down to expose her left foot.  Taking it in both hands, be began to rub his thumbs into the toughened sole.

As good as it did feel she couldn’t help but release a moan of desperation, stopping herself short with just a whispered, “Oh, please.”  Resisting the urge to prod him further, her body throbbed with an incredible craving.  Knowing she had to have him soon, she began to put some muscle against the clothing that bound her; a playful binding teasingly titillating which allowed his display of dominance.  Expecting her foot to slide free the easiest, she was shocked to just short of panic to find that the shorts were caught securely around the tightly laced shoe.

Ignoring the slow northern travel of the manipulating fingers on her free calf, she strained her neck to look up.  With all of her limited slack she lifted her hands in an attempt to clear the post.  The distance up over the top was not the problem; it was the bulge at the top, the decorative orb, the few inches of depth from the spherical carving which just would not let her pass.

Her already racing heart leapt.  A trace of fear melded with her sexual need in a flurry of sensations she didn’t recognize.  In a desperate exasperating effort she made one quick attempt and struggled fervidly against her position without affect.  Her helplessness surprised her.  Even after the slow knots he’d tightened, she never really thought of herself as powerless to it.  She never gave a thought to the idea of her complete surrender, of physical submission, of an absolute yielding to his will…until now.  It did not diffuse her need; it only served to confuse her desire.

Hands pulled her free leg wide, putting pressure high on the inner thigh.  Not able to resist, not really wanting to resist as the move exposed her to him, she managed a whimpering, “Okay, Baby.”  Ready for him, her need far outweighed any other jumble of thoughts she couldn’t sort out right now anyway.  The leg moved wider, panting, “Baby I…” and further, she gasped, “I can’t move…my…Ohhhh…”

The moan drew out long and strong as his tongue covered the crease of her sex in a single stroke which tightened into a pointed touch as it finished by circling her erect clit, pushing her beyond debilitation and into a wanton delirium.

“Lemondrop, if I wanted you to move, you would be able to.”

Squealing as another pass began, tremors of ecstasy pulsed from her center.  Thoughts of her captivity all but awash in the fervor of stimuli which bombarded her, absorbing and utilizing the fears and apprehension to create a constant series of throbbing waves which held her fast in their rapture, surpassing even her most incredible fantasies.

The input was constant as the tongue laid every edge of her need in its wake.  Fingers joined at every point of contact.  Even as her free leg was lifted up into the air as the ravishment went on unabated.  Fingers, thumbs, tongue, nose, chin; every possible touch was made, every single contour seduced as his elbow pushed harder at the back of her free knee until he was able to easily run his tongue down past her pooling and onto the quivering pucker of the entrance below.

“Oh…Oh…God!”  Panting overtook her as his fingers kept her rapt and his tongue slid into the tightness of her other.  The hyper-sensitive inner walls erupted in untapped reserves of a new enchantment.  Her limit had past.  Her body began to quickly recoil in preparation, compressing the gathered tension into a tighter and tighter point of instability.

“AHhhhh!”  Unable to voice her rhapsody in words, she cried out as his tongue again lapped over her sex and a single finger replaced it below to fondle the inner walls of her now accepting pucker, further compacting the gathering of passions in a convulsion which gripped her so completely that all of her reality froze in its wake.

The delirium and impairment, the ecstasy and delight, the fear and panic, the lust and desire; it was all held at bay for that seemingly everlasting micro-moment of disabling completeness.  She stood on the razor fine point of supreme climactic condition.  Nothing moved, nothing changed; a new achievement was registered as the ceiling of her perceived limit was so far surpassed that she could not believe how horribly she had always contained herself…and then it began.

Pounding from her in a torrent of gratification, she expelled the gathering in a deluge of liquid ecstasy so savagely terrific that the depth of its intensity left her unable to physically function.  Her body was lost to the brilliant radiance of the explosion, caught in the power of its wake.

Without a breath, without movement, without a cognizant thought, her body quickly reloaded and contracted again.  Another wave of the bliss coursed through the threads of her consciousness.  Rippling in tides of rapturous consumption her body spasmed and cramped under the direction of the ethereal power.

Afloat in the throes she convulsed and contorted, prompted by a ceaseless tongue and a newfound way, she extended the orgasm beyond the confines of time to become its own.  In her delirium, her body began to fight a new fight…she took a breath and immediately panted.

“Oh, oh, oh, I never, oh, oh, never!”


He pushed her knee up to her chest and straddled the bound leg.  In a single motion, his T-shirt flew over his head and across the room.  Leaning over her body, he kissed her still panting lips, “I know, Sugarplum.  I know.”  His loosely tied shoes easily left his feet and only a single hand was needed to strip his jeans while he continued the caressing of her.

Leaning hard onto the raised leg, he brought his lips to meet hers.  His erection easily found its natural habitat and quickly burrowed deeply into the sodden well of her arousal.

The sudden burst of added stimuli filled her still needy desire.  She was immediately seized by yet another struggling convulsion as it gripped tightly to the intrusion and they both cried out in a surprised pleasure.

Fueled by the unexpected spasm, he drove long deep strokes, faster than he’d intended, leaving her body completely at each retreat.  His hips thrusted savagely, stopping only as her hips prevented more, to quickly repeat in a suddenly uncontrollable barrage of raging pleasure.

Unable to do anything but accept the vicious thrall, her body built with his and joined him in its need.  Without even entirely finishing the first orgasm, nature began to contain a second.  Writhing within her confines to any extent possible could not challenge the relentless pounding upon her.  Her next excitement quickly became uncontainable.

In a chorus of gratification, their moans and cries filled the room.  Synchronized to each other’s fervor, their climaxes mated, each creating that which enhanced the other.

Thrust after stabbing thrust, contraction after gripping contraction, they milked each other’s need, drawing every essence of pleasure possible from it.  Beyond any normal bounds they rode the crest of their wave well past the shore and onto the settling sands of a radiant afterglow.

In a puddle of sweat, flesh and cum, they huddled in anticipation of reality.  Finally falling from her, he released the leg from under him and lifted himself onto all fours to hover over her, “My little muffin, but you are quite a mouthful.”

Still panting and in shock from it all, she couldn’t respond as he rose.  Unable to gather her wits quickly, she allowed the gasps and pants to run at least some of their course before looking up and trying, “You…you…Baby…oh…”

He was already dressed, “Yes, Cookie, but I must be going now.”

“What…what…”  She began to panic, she couldn’t just let him go.  Forcing a breath she managed, “But I, but I don’t even…know your name.”

Nodding through his sure grin, “That does make it all the more special.”  He kissed her on the cheek, pulled at the shoelace of her bound ankle until it untied, then slipped through the window and into the night.

As franticly as she worked at it, by the she was able to slip free of her shoe and get out of her bindings, she knew he was long gone.





Chapter 2




Captured by the vision of the bound girl, Margaret slowly stroked herself, balancing on the brink of uncontrollable release.  It was a balancing act she had perfected years ago, but the helplessness of the secured girl titillated and gave birth to an arousal she had not previously experienced, making it all the more difficult.

Spying on her new neighbor until the girl had gotten loose and had run to the window to look out, Margaret returned the hatrack into place to cover the peephole she’d earlier discovered and left the small walk-in closet.

The room she would share with a girl who was to move in the next morning was large enough to be roomy yet plain enough to appear large.  In several quick steps she covered its width and slipped into the bathroom they would share with two girls from the room on the other side.  Locking the far door, she came to the vanity, hung over the sink and avoided looking up to the mirror.

Warm water splashed up onto her face as images of the defenseless girl’s struggles flashed through her mind; the twisting and straining of her labor, the clear enjoyment on the face of her tormenter, the fear in the girl’s eyes that tossed like a coin from one extreme of uncertainty to another.

Shifting her hips as she bent at the sink caused her wet flesh below to slide against itself.  She did it again before turning to the tub and starting the water.  Carefully yet quickly she undressed.

Seated on the tub’s wide edge, she wet both legs.  Slowly her hands stroked the flesh of her calves and ankles, just like she’d see the man do.  A shiver ran through her as she abandoned her caressing for the electric razor.  A smile came to her face at the sight of it.  It was one of the few truly defiant things she had ever done opposing her father’s wishes.  Having bought it less than a year ago, she’d kept it hidden ever since and used it only rarely.

“Shaving your legs is just like make-up and high heels.  It is for one reason and one reason only…” Her father would preach, “…to seduce men into unholy acts.”

His lectures were no different than his sermons on Sunday; hell, fire and brimstone.  With her mother gone since her infancy, he was lost on how to raise a girl so instead he raised a parishioner, never knowing her or her dreams.  Only this odd invitation to the sorority and the promise of a paid education got her safely out from under his wing without destroying their barely existent relationship.

The baby fine hairs that had come in were clipped without effort by the fast moving blades and thoughts of her father vanished as the soothing rhythm of the machine enchanted her back into the fantasy of her enjoyment.

Having heard rumors and stories of the different rituals of initiation involving pledging naked as a sign of purity or some such, she decided to allow the shaver to sheer the barely perceptible hairs on her thighs as well.  The vibration was hypnotic.  Enjoying the act, she completed every curve of both legs, back and front, before she came without forethought to her inner thigh.  Always having been in such a hurry to avoid her father, she enjoyed the freedom to take her time.

Too proud of her now visible triangle of pubic hair, she never even considered cutting it, but as she approached her still ready sex, the vibrating seduced her into gently playing the edge of the machine over a tender lip of her now swollen labia.  Waves of pleasure rippled through her at its contact, luring her further, enticing her on, but her fear won out and she surrendered to retreat.

After a deep breath, she realized her hand was going numb from the constant hum and like a light bulb her dawning illuminated the room with a sudden excitement.

Straddling the tub’s wide edge and leaning back against the shower wall, she spread her legs and opened herself with her fingers.  Staring down at her sex, she gently rested the back of the razor to her inner folds and she instantly gasped.

Delight flooded through her.  In one swift motion the rounded handle plowed across her clitoris and into the parting of her lips.  Both legs spasmed and only the tub’s width kept them apart as they clenched on their own volition.

Her hand fell away but the bursts of sensations assailed her and astounded her for many moments more.  Tingles and waves of a beautiful pleasure encouraged her to do it again but a lifetime of restraint had her pause.

Closing her eyes, “It is just the same.  It’s no different.  It’s okay to do it.”

The sound of her own voice comforted her and she found her empty fingers playing over her sex, stoking it in that way she always had, keeping her right up to that edge, extracting every little shiver and wave she could out of that first touch of the machine.  The feeling was so good.  It was a touch she could accept for hours, she had accepted for hours at a time without climaxing.

A smile came to her face as she recalled learning masturbation then going years without allowing herself to climax because she had been told so emphatically, “Fornication is a sin!”  She only knew that it had to do with sex, but without a spouse.  So, to adhere to her father’s rules, she learned to arouse herself and stimulate herself without finishing.

Again ready for the buzz, she prepared herself better and very slowly opened herself up, spreading the tiny top folds as wide as she could, then let the unit rest down onto the solid nub of her clitoris.

Instant explosions of ecstasy swept over her unlike anything she’d ever felt.  Knowing she could do as she pleased was not relevant.  Her body demanded its continuing treatment.  Pushing harder only made her push even harder and the shuddering shock of climax was immediate.

Rolling forward, she pinched the instrument between her need and the sill of the tub.  Her body on automatic, her legs already wide began to lift, putting even more pressure onto the buzz until she collapsed in a paralyzing seizure that had her locked to the tub’s edge as the pulsating rapture consumed her reality and her hips spasmed in time with each wave of the climax.

Her body continued to finish as visions of the girl next door filled her mind.  The sight of her accepting her submission, of the man squeezing her nipples and all she could do was cry out, the cunnilingus that had made her visibly orgasm, the control, the fear, the sex…

Falling into the tub, she curled into a fetal position and enjoyed every last tiny little starburst of pleasure until it had completely finished its cycle.  Holding her spent sex, gently stroking, she couldn’t wipe away the smile for her new found independence.





Chapter 3




“Put those in the corner.”  Turning to the other man, “Leave enough room for the chiffonier and bureau, Max, I’ll need them both.”  Staring at the limited confines of her new accommodations, she threw back the curtains in an attempt to increase the appearance of the room.

Eying her doubtfully, “Miss Nicole, if I might…” his attention still not leaving his assessment of the restricted space, “…are you sure about all of this?”  He stopped to scratch the crown of his bald pate.

Smiling at his concern, “Maxwell, you’ve always been too good to me, but yes, Daddy gave me my options and I will not let them deter me.”  His whole face softened when he listened to her, and she liked that, “I have made up my mind.”

“Yes, Miss Nicole.”  Nodding in his familiar manner, “Yes you have.”  His nod continued as he muscled the vanity into place.  His grin grew, happy to be of service.

“I do not believe that all of what I brought is going to fit in here.”  With frustrated hands on hips, she visually remeasured the room.

Suppressing a chuckle, “No, Miss Nicole, I do not either.”

Eying the other door, “How big is the closet?  Can it be of any use?”  Her short trip across the room was interrupted when the bundle of blankets on the bed stirred and began to rise.  Nicole stopped and watched a rumpled shock of raven tresses lead a pale forehead and two dark eyes out from under the covers, exposing just enough to allow her to see.  Nicole almost laughed at the timidity of it.

Crouching from her short distance, she waved a single finger from her cheek, “Hello in there.”

Fingers latched onto the upper folds of the covers to secure them in place.  “Hello.”  Cracking the single word, she demurely tried to clear her throat.

“Leave that, now.”  The deep voice startled Margaret, “Sorry, Ma’am.”  He didn’t look at her as he spoke, “We’ll be lettin’ ya rise in private.”  Herding the other man, the two men left the room.

The door shut and the girls eyed each other for a suddenly silent moment, each of them waiting for the other to speak.  A loud buzz erupted, causing them both to flinch at the sudden racket before Margaret scurried under the covers and reached out the side to the nightstand and turned off her clock.

Quietly mumbling, she felt the need to explain herself, “Sorry, I didn’t want to be late for…”  She stopped, stunned by her first good look at her new roommate.  She was an absolute Goddess.  Easily the most beautiful girl she’d ever seen; a sight that quite literally stole her breath away.

Nicole bent down with her hands on her knees to bring her closer the other’s height.  With eyebrows raised, “I won’t bite.”

Still covered up past her nose, she quietly answered, “I know.”

Giggling, she sat at the edge of the bed and took a moment to compose herself for her introduction, “I am Nicole Simms.”  Pausing for a response that didn’t come, she plodded on, “But my friends call me Nikki.”  Waiting for a traditional introduction, she forced herself to stop bouncing.


Standing, still caught in the excitement of ‘the new’, she thought it might be best to just try it herself, “I will assume that you are Margaret Belefore?”  The covers bounced slightly as she nodded, “My roommate for the year?” another nod, “and a new pledge as well?” more nodding.  Taking two steps and then leaping onto her own bed, “Then come on, Mags, you gotta relax at least a little if we’re gonna have a year of fun and excitement, right?”


Jumping up, “Don’t be sorry, silly, just be.”  She moved with a natural grace across the room, intentionally turning her back on the bashful girl, “We should be getting ready.  The upperclassmen want us up for a breakfast with them.”  Trying to be as nonchalant as possible by needlessly picking through a trunk, “They say that a sponsor will be there,” keeping her back turned, “you can have the bathroom first, if you like.”

“Thank you.”

She caught a blur out of the corner of her eye just before the bathroom door closed.





“I first want to thank you all for choosing Omega Phi.”  The sudden hoots and hollers had to be calmed before she could continue, “For without you, there would be no us.”  The second spattering of applause was short lived and the speaker was able to introduce the upperclassmen.

Margaret was particularly riveted when she recognized her new next door neighbor stand.  Flickers of images from the previous night consumed her in an awakening lust:  the hands upon her body, the desire in their kiss, helpless submission.

Nicole kept an eye on her introverted roommate and noticed the girl sit up and gawk at a junior as she was introduced.  The overt reaction surprised her, being the first sign that the homely girl was maybe more than the plain shell she appeared to be.  Randi was the junior’s name and she made a point to remember it.

After spending twenty minutes convincing Margaret to use just the lightest covering of make-up and another twenty failing to talk her into pulling her hair back so people could see her, she was intrigued.  By no means beautiful, her new roommate was not the ugly duckling she thought she was.  She had kept herself physically fit and her skin was butter soft, what little of it was ever exposed.

“This year,” the speaker sobered, “is our last chance.”  She paused the let the weight of her tone take its effect, “We will either complete our requirements and eligibility…or our charter will be revoked.”  The murmurs of surprise were easily quelled by her sudden volume, “You may have noticed,” the focus of the room came back to her, “that for their only being fourteen upper class members of this chapter, there is now an oddly disproportionate number of new pledges.”  Her face brightened, she even smiled as she continued, “Because of our new sponsors!”  Her excitement was evident, “Sisters, we will endure!”

The senior speaker allowed the room to shudder in applause so as not to quell their enthusiasm.  She waited, calculating, concentrating.  At the first sign of a natural ebb in the tumult, she raised her hands to stop them, “Sisters…sisters…” before they were completely quiet, “I have the honor of introducing the sole source of our future success,” turning to face her, “Ms. Leah Davenport!”

Hoots and hollers accompanied the thundering of applause, showing their appreciation as the woman entered the small hall.  They all stood, trying to get a good glimpse of the diminutive figure that entered.  Without pause or hesitation she stepped onto a chair then up on the head table to stride the few steps to its center.  Looking back, “Thank you, Christina.”

Her bunned hair cascaded from the center of the knot at her crown in ringlets which fell to the middle of her back.  Standing stock still with her hands clasped in front of her, she was the absolute picture of serenity.  Birdlike features emphasized and exposed by the tight pull of her do combined with her tiny stature to give her the appearance of nymph or a sprite, something otherworldly.

The billowy satin of her white blouse cut tight into lace at the wrists and neckline and ended severely at the base of her rubs where it was lost under the tall, snug waist of the transparent black pantaloons which gathered at the ankle to highlight the sensual turn or her heels.  Every curve and muscle from the top of her thighs to across her abdominal wave, beyond the cleft of each prominent hip to the expansion from the waist to the ribs was exposed in detail under the tightly stretched waistband.

Power and control oozed from her bearing.  Without speaking or even making a move, she was clearly in command.  The group quieted under the weight of her image.  She let them sit silently for an unsettling long moment before beginning.

“You are here for a very special reason.”  Her voice was much larger than she was, “You each possess qualities which complete the imperfect body of this unit.  You are each critical to the success of this chapter.”  Smooth and gracefully she spoke but with an uneasy power that assumed control.

“As most of you are aware, the university allows a three year probation before it demands adherence to the eligibility requirements,” Her first movement was to raise her chin just slightly, “and this is your third year.”

Her eyes scanned the crowd, speaking to each of them all at once, “I am here to guide you toward your goal.  If our missions are successful, the money spent will be irrelevant; the time spent my absolute pleasure.”  She paused in a smile which was radiant.

“If you are accepted as a chapter to the university, and accepted as an individual to this chapter,” her volume and tone raised, “scholarships and educational endowments will continue as long as necessary!”  Her voice inflections were perfectly timed to elicit the expected applause and she used it to break the growing tension and stillness of the group.

Calling out, “Your requirements are simply achieved.”  Letting them again settle, “Those among you who are scholars will make the grades, the socialites will socialize, the athletes will compete in their games, but you all…” her voice steeled, “…will obey instructions without question or hesitation!”

Hands no longer clasped, she became a little more animated as she began to pace back and forth across the large breakfast table, heedless of plates and glasses.  “There are rites and rituals which will be adhered to.  If you are humiliated or embarrassed by any command given to you by a superior, only by completing that command will you learn and grow from it.”

Stopping again, she eyed the individuals not at the upperclassmen’s tables, “When you are initiated into the sisterhood, you will stand naked and present yourself as the day you were born, for your acceptance will be another new beginning into another new world in which only the prepared will survive.”

The pacing resumed and she cleared a setting of scattered dishes with her foot before a path was instantly available.  “Disobedience will be met by punishment.  Punishment will be gracefully accommodated.  We believe it is true, that enduring adversity builds character.  Face you fears enough and you will become stronger against them.”

Her volume increased again as she emphasized each of the next words clearly, “I am an advocate of physical discipline.  I can guarantee that each of you will feel the stroke of my punishment and if you can not endure it, you will be winnowed and we will be stronger for it.  You will not all survive to become…” glancing down, “…or continue to be sisters.”

Taking a card from the back of her waistband and holding it up, “The fourteen sisters who have already pledged their allegiance to the betterment of this sisterhood are listed here.  Each of them has expressed their devotion, each has been granted a scholarship and each has pledged to uphold the standards and new direction of this gathering.  Under my control they will obey.”

Turning to the first speaker, “Christina, I want you to select the one sister on the list who you believe most embodies the spirit of obedience and loyalty to our new direction.

Taking the card, she flushed slightly, not yet fully understanding the implications of her task.  Thinking it for the best, she chose a very close friend, “Candace Goode had always been loyal and we trust each other without question.”

“Very well.”  Leah Davenport stepped down from the table and took Christina off to the side for a moment.  After a short private dialogue, a clearly dejected Christina returned and slowly crawled up onto the table, motioning for Candace to join her.

With them both side by side, Christina spoke to the group, “Our sisterhood is stronger than the flesh.  I am an example of loyalty and devotion.”  Quickly she began to undress, revealing without apparent modesty the full orbs of her breasts, the tender flesh of her belly and the muscled lines of her thighs.  Then without pause her panties fell from her and she stood naked.

Pulling the thin leather belt from her discarded pants, she handed the strop to her friend and whispered, “If it does not welt, then you have failed.”

Pushing the belt back in protest, frustratingly she whispered through clenched teeth, “Tina, no, I just can’t.”

Calmly, she stayed confident and controlled, “You can and you will.  We are the example.  It’s not just the scholarships, it’s not just the sisterhood.  Candace, you have no idea what the future may hold for us.  I believe we can…no, I know we can both learn and grow from this.”  Taking her hands and holding them while she transferred the belt into them, “I want you to do this.”  Kissing her on the cheek, “You have to swing it strong to make it welt.”

Christina turned her back to the crowd, spread her legs and bent at the waist to grab her own ankles.  Aloud to the room she spoke, “Today we are the example.  I am ready to learn and grow.”


Heart pounding in fear for her new leader, Margaret watched in rapt attention as her naked body bowed, presenting all present with an unobstructed view of her womanhood.  Having never seen a naked girl to this embarrassing of an extent, she was unsure how to react.  Taking an analytical view, she made a point to focus on the anatomy of her exposition; the smooth lines and folds that she’d only seen from the opposite angle upon her own body, and briefly at moments the night before, but now it appeared sensual and vulnerable, not just physical.  The fact that the girl had no noticeable hair upon her made her appear even younger and even more vulnerable.

Margaret’s body flinched in surprise as the crack of the strip of belt broke her image of the girl’s sex.  Echoing throughout the silent hall, only the slightest grunt accompanied it.  Quickly the stripe colored and rose across both cheeks of her bottom, breaking only briefly at the center as the flesh curved in.

She imagined that the force could be strong enough to make contact with the tender flesh of the center.  Margaret hung her head just enough to hide behind the flowing curl of her thick hair.  Unable to turn away, she felt herself crimson at the thought of arousal that the images before her elicited.  An instant of shame, trained to be her reaction to any thoughts of carnal contentment, was easily displaced by desire without the judgment of her father hanging over her shoulder.

A second snap rang and she felt her own body react.  The sight, the sound, the feel; she could taste it in her mouth the sensations were so strongly affective.  She imagined the girl on the table swinging down instead of across and imagined the fury of pain that would occur.  It didn’t scare her, it intrigued her, and yet that intrigue scared her.

“That is enough.”  Leah Davenport called out.  “You have both performed admirably.”  Ushering the two off of the table, she eyed the raised stripes before resuming her perch upon it.  “The time may come when absolute compliance is critical.  You will never know when that time was until after it has passed.  Never fail us.  Never fail yourself.”

Again pacing, “But the sorority is about more than a chain of command, it is a union of spirits, an unfailing family of interdependence.  Few things are more important than the intimate knowledge of each other…as well as ourselves.”  Facing the crowd, she smiled, “Take the time you need to comfortably acclimate yourselves to your rooms and the house in general.  The property is small but the space is well utilized.  Use it all freely.

“Tomorrow morning we will meet again.  By then I want you to have discovered every personal point of interest that your roommate has.  There is no question which is taboo.  I will leave you to explore the depths of what I mean by ‘personal’ but understand that I will expect at least an outline of emotional relationships and sexual experiences; likes and dislikes.  We will discuss our findings tomorrow.  Understand that each of you will face shame, each of you will face public ridicule and each of you will be stronger in your devotion to our group for it and the comfort of a family without preconceived notions will look upon each of you with loving acceptance.”


Squirming in her seat, Margaret was wet from her thoughts and afraid for her future.  She couldn’t imagine openly discussing what she felt was personal to her or other’s personal thoughts as well.  Trying to hide her feelings, she managed a peek at Christina who still stood at the head table, not accepting the seat offered.  She tingled at the memory of her stripes.


Hands gripped her shoulders.

“Come on.  Let’s go see what kinda mess the guys left us with.”

She stood and allowed Nicole to guide her through the throng and from the large dining hall.

“Can you believe what just happened?”  Giddy with excitement, “Do you think that was all staged?”  Prodding her for an answer, “Do you really think they’ll spank us?  Each of us?  Do you?”

Quietly Margaret stopped, looked both ways then whispered, “Did she enjoy it…do you think?”

The beautiful girl stood agape, speechless.

Looking away, hiding in the raven locks of her hair, she shrugged, “I just…wondered.”

“No, no,” pulling her along, “It’s only that…I mean…” looking to her without stopping, then in a legitimately inquisitive tone, “Which one?”

“I don’t know, any of ‘m?”  Finally looking up, “I think Ms. Davenport did, but…I don’t know.”

Rounding the corner, they came to their door, Christina stopped her, “Could you, enjoy…that?”

Opening the door without answering, Margaret muttered matter-of-factly, “I don’t know.”

“Oh my God!”  Running into the room, “It’s all here!”  She rifled through the chest of drawers, “I have more than enough space in my suite to fit what you can’t get into yours.”  Opening a door to a boudoir cabinet, “They didn’t bring my camisoles.”  She pouted but quickly recovered, “I will only be gone for a bit.  This…” pointing to the empty space in the boudoir, “…will need to be rectified before tonight.”  Turning, “I have to have a silk camisole.”  Stopping at the door and laughing at herself, “You just take whatever you need, Mags, what’s mine is yours.  I’ll be back before lunch.”

The door closed behind her before Margaret could form a single word, not that she’d wanted to.





Chapter 4




“You are supposed to be their fearless leader.”  Through clenched teeth, “You acted like a frightened puppy.”

“I didn’t expect you to do that.”  Protesting, “I wasn’t ready, that’s all.”

Leah stopped and rounded the girl, daggers flew from her eyes, “Ready?  You trained all summer and now you suddenly need to ‘get ready’?”

Her hands defensively, instinctively came up, “No, no, that’s not what I meant.”

Closing the distance between them, “Have you even prepared Candace?  Your ‘very best friend’?”  She spat out the endearment.

Calming herself, “I know her well enough.  I know her tendencies.  She wants the most out of everything.  Her profile fits perfectly.”  The hand flashed out and Christina squealed as the contact to her face stung.

“I did not ask for your opinion, I asked if you have prepared her.”  Spoken slowly and quietly gave it even more gravity, “Get her now and meet me in the study.”  Turning away, she stopped, “No, wait.”  Turning back, “You go to the study and we will meet you there.”

Bowing her head, “Yes, Mistress Leah.”

Reaching up, she deftly found a nipple and began to squeeze.  Through clenched jaw she spoke, “You have been instructed!  What do you call me outside of locked doors?”

“Ms. Davenport!”  She cried, “I’m sorry…Ms…Ms. Davenport!”

Releasing her grasp had Christina fighting not to fall forward.

“Now go!  And do not disappoint me further!”

Bowing, “Yes, Ms. Davenport.”


Watching the young healthy girl scurry away filled her mind with enough promising images that her frustration easily was diluted by the options that were present.  She strolled casually back into the girl’s wing, studying each door as she passed, knowing the pleasure she would derive in each accomplishment.

The intended door came to be before her and she knocked.

Opening it quickly and surprised at the visitor, Candace stood for a moment in shock before cordially responding, “Ms. Davenport,” stepping aside, “won’t you come in.”

In a friendly smile that she could always make appear sincere, “Thank you, Candace.  I would like that.”

Backing into the small room, “Is this a social call?  Can I get you something to drink?”

“No, Honey, Do not bother yourself.  I just wanted to speak to you.”  Intentionally eyeballing the chairs, she got her response.

“Sit, yes.”  Sidling up to her and taking the far chair, “What shall we speak of?”  They sat in unison.

“Direct and to the point,” smiling, “You are more that assertive enough to succeed in this male dominated world.”  Leaning forward, “I like your spunk.”  Almost choking on her own double entendre, she continued, “I want to discuss how you felt about the demonstration this morning.”

Her eyes didn’t flinch but her blush betrayed her, “I felt…it was…” looking up, contemplating, “…a powerful message.”

Nodding in satisfaction, “Diplomatic yet noncommittal.”  Her smile widened, “I expected nothing less.”  Shifting in her chair, sitting back and relaxing, “What would your opinion be had I put you on the other end of that belt?”

Her bottom lip pushed forward, “Well…” she sat back to match the woman, “…I initiated naked and was hazed and brought in with a wooden paddle.  Two strokes with a belt would not have been intolerable, to make a point.”

Intrigued, “Do you recall your hazing well?”

Nodding, eyebrows raised, “Yes, very.”

“Good.  Let me ask you, then, through the pain that you remember, were there any other emotions or feelings you recall experiencing?”

Her brows furrowed as she thought, “Not specifically.  Just humiliation…and relief, as it marked my being accepted.”

Waving a hand dismissively, “Then today, just a few minutes ago,” she took a longer breath to slow herself, “what do you think Christina felt?”

“I would assume, probably much the same.”

Positioning herself, the woman pushed forward, “What would you think if I told you she wanted to do that?”

“It wouldn’t really surprise me.  It takes a lot of courage to sacrifice of yourself for the sake of others and courage is definitely an attribute of hers I admire,” nodding as to confirm it.

Smiling at the girl’s ability to direct the conversation and her unabashed praise for her comrade, but Leah knew her course well, “Your devotion to your friend is commendable, and yes, I agree, she is a courageous girl.”  Pausing to allow the agreement to stand as a triumph, then she began again, “Would it impact your impression of ‘the demonstration’ if I told you that it was an arousing event?”

As Leah’s eyebrows rose, Candace’s furrowed, “Do you mean, like, for you?”

A hint of ire, “Are we discussing me?”

Sitting up straight with her hands in her lap, she spoke guardedly, “I do not wish to offend you, Ms. Davenport, but what is the point of this conversation?”

“Questions never offend, tone and intent offend.”  Steepling her fingers, “And I take none from your query,” nodding just enough to be noticed.  Leaning forward to add emphasis, she let her face relax so as to help calm the girl, “The point of the conversation, Ms. Goode, is to open the doors to the possibilities that your future may have for you.  You are a young, vibrant, sensual girl; desirable and in the spring of your sexuality.”  Leah’s hands fell to her lap and her chin rose while the girl remained stoically confused, “You have had sex with several partners already in your short life.  I know you have noticed differences in the power and depth of your orgasms, if at all, based upon the situation.”  One eyebrow rose, “Correct?”

Flushing slightly, “Well, of course, but…”

“Have you ever imagined a higher climax?  A more brilliant intensity?”

Smiling shyly and leaning back, “I sometimes dream while…” stopping quickly, she started again, “About true love or someone really going wild on me,” her voice got lower and lower to end with, “sometimes.”

Nodding in agreement, “And it makes the masturbation even better than the actual sex, doesn’t it?”  Candace didn’t nod but she could sense the girl’s nod.  The woman stood, “My Gem, where do you keep your vibrator?”

Her face fell into her hands, burning with embarrassment, “Why are you doing this?”

Maintaining a gentle façade, “Because your friend Christina hasn’t.”  Strolling behind the girl and between the two identical beds, examining each, “Do you know how Christina spent the summer?”

Stumped by the question, “Not…exactly, but she went out to the coast.”

Opening a drawer of a nightstand then closing it, “We are going to see her now.  She’s waiting for us in my private study.”  Crossing back to face her, “You will ask her what she did this past summer and then we will determine a proper punishment for her deceiving you, her procrastination in having this conversation with you,” shrugging a shoulder to a smile, “And anything else we can come up with.”  Taking the girl’s hand and gently lifting, “Come now, and these doors shall be opened and you will understand.”

The girl stood and turned to go but Leah’s grip on her hand got her to stop.

“But first,” waiting to make eye contact, “You were asked a question which you defiantly refused to answer.  Was that a proper way to treat a senior to your standing?”

Her eyes bulged, “Wh…what?”

“Where do you keep your vibrator?”

“Oh, that,” looking away, “I’m sorry, I…” she paused for just a moment of trepidation wondering the purpose behind this but couldn’t drag it out long enough to come to any conclusion other than to simply answer, “…keep it under the far edge of the mattress, in the little nook of the frame.”

The woman smiled, “Were you wrong to refuse to answer earlier?”

Starting strong and direct, “Yes and I am sorry.  I know that I don’t need to know why.  I am to always obey my seniors.”  It ended in almost a plea, “Ms. Davenport, it won’t happen again.”

Still holding her hand, she reached out and took the girl’s other hand, “I believe that you will remember this, but…how would you handle it if a pledge didn’t answer a question you asked and even worked to dodge around it?  What would you do?”

“I would…” the wheels in her mind churned for any other reasonable answer but could not produce anything beyond the obvious, “…follow the example given.”  It was not just the right answer, it was the only answer.

“Would you be able to carry it out?”

Definitively, “Yes.”  Her confidence grew as she began to accept that she would be belted and even let her mind wonder off to what could make it an ‘arousing event’.

Dropping her hands and circling the bed, she commanded, “Remove your clothes, Quickly.”  Crawling over the bed, she dug along the base of the mattress until she found the little nook and the small smooth shaft.  Backing off the bed, she glanced up and immediately scolded, “Ms. Goode!”  Her blouse was held up to her sternum and her pants and panties were down around her knees.  Sternly she repeated, “I said remove your clothes!”  Crossing to her, “Do not assume to know my intentions!  Besides, during your ‘example’ the subject was completely naked!”  Stomping to the closet, “You have no excuse!”

Stripping as fast as she could, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I didn’t know.”  Thoughts of arousal fled, “I just…”

“Stop it!”  Picking through the closet until she found a suitable thin leather belt, she returned in a huff but paused to calm herself before addressing the now frightened girl any further.

The girl stood with her hands balled up at her chin, covering her breasts with her arms.  She appeared so vulnerable.

Excitement nudged at the woman, replacing the irritation easily.  “Turn around, spread your legs and grab your ankles.”  Her voice was calmer than she expected it to be.  The girl quickly complied, presenting her with a luscious view which she enjoyed for a moment of uneasy silence while the girl stared into the floor.

The sound of the vibrator buzzed to life and Candace gasped at the noise.  Leah watched the girl’s sex flinch with a Pavlovian hunger.  Satisfied, she asked, “Do you deserve this punishment?”

An exaggerated exhale was followed by, “Yes, I do.”  Her breathing became as irregular as her pulse.

“For denying me an answer to my question, I will strike you twice on your bottom.”  The girl tensed, causing her anus to visibly clench.  “Do you freely accept this punishment?”

“Yes,” her voice had become suddenly deeper, throaty, “I accept it.”  She was anxious to see what would happen next, but she was also excited to know what it would do to her.

“Do not move.”  Letting the belt hang loose, she eased it back into position, stepped wide for support, turned her hips and threw the leather with a fierce effort.  The slit of a whistle preceded the thunderous clap of clean flesh and stiff leather.

“AHhhhh!  God!  Damn it!”  In the flash of a moment an eruption of agony blasted through her body.  Synaptic reactions exploded in a fury of activity, bombarding her with an excruciating torrent of pain she’d never imagined.  The pulsing of her quickened heart carried a constantly renewing surge of agony at each beat.  Rolling to her side, she realized she was on the floor.

“I will allow you that, but you must now return to your position.  Get up and it will be quick, but this time you will not fall.”  Her words were direct yet soft, encouraging.

Fighting her desire to resist while fighting the burning current of unrelenting suffering that rippled from her backside, she managed just enough control to rise and assume her position.

“Do not fall.  Focus only on obeying my command:  Do not fall.”  Without pause, using the same power and speed as the first, she unleashed another grievous strike.

Unable to control the scream that was wretched from her, she bent her knees and bobbed her body but held herself up as a geyser of shock pierced her mind and bent her very being.  Ignoring the fire of the blaze, she found an acceptance in simply rocking back and forth.  Her body begged to go down but she wanted to be the example.  She would prove that she was worthy.  Tears poured from her eyes as her entire bottom seared under the flames of the echoing leather.  Throbs of sensation followed up every undulation of her body, wrapping her in its misery.

Laughter failed her as her first cognizant thought was, ‘could this possibly be arousing?’  The idea continued to float about her consciousness as the exploding daggers turned to pins and needles that still shocked her into her limited control over her mobility, but at least granted her passage back from the unreal.

Her mind was somehow still lodged between the pain and thoughts of arousal while the stinging pulsations floated about each cheek as the feelings returned.  She had become enamored with the trill of the waves which continued.  Her hips rose and fell to the specific dance.  She licked her lips as they dried for her body pushed the moisture where it was needed the most.  It hurt.  It hurt so badly.  She felt the pain and moved and shifted with it.  The throbbing, the trembling, a quivering was coming from it, moving through the pain.  She could not help but to roll her hips into it.

“Oh God!”   The shivering took her.  The pain fondled her, stroked her.  Released from her delirium, she dove into the vibrations that pleasured her, suddenly lost to its grip just as sure…and then it ended; suddenly, shockingly, the glorious stimulation ended before she had all that she wanted from it.

Whimpering, she heard the vibrator click off and the buzzing noise dissolve.

“You did very well.  Dress now, Christina is waiting.”  Her smile was genuine.  Not only did she so enjoy leaving her subjects in this state of wanton desire, but she knew she had another who could…if she would.





Chapter 5




“She wanted to give us some time first.”  Holding Christina’s hand, Candace couldn’t get the girl’s attention away from the door.  “She told me to be sure to tell you that when she does show up, she expects you to be ready for her.”

Finally looking to her, “Yes, I will be.”  Concern crept into her eyes, “Did she…do anything to you?”

Grinning in ashamed satisfaction, “I got two stripes for not answering a question.”

Christina smiled knowingly at her friend’s answer, “Was it…okay?”

“It was…” she couldn’t look up, “…interesting.”  Lightly patting her sore behind, “And shockingly painful.”

Nodding then following her friend’s gaze down, “Did she tell you?” while she fumbled with the buttons of her blouse.

“Where you were this summer?”

Nodding, “So you know.”  Pulling the shirttail out, the buttons fell open.

“No, actually, she wanted me to ask you.  She said it’s your duty to tell me everything and that you should have already.”  Watching with curiosity as her friend’s blouse fell to the floor and her skirt so easily followed, “Tina?  What are you doing?”

In only her bra and panties, she removed her shoes, “Mistre…Ms. Davenport expects me to be ready for her and I am not about to disappoint her.”  Crossing the study to an antique desk, she began, “Last year I met a guy.”  Looking back over her shoulder, “I’m sure you remember Collin.”

Candace let a growl roll out of her throat, “Yeah, I remember Collin.”

Pulling items from a drawer and setting them on the desk, she turned to face her, “This may sound really weird, but he showed me some things that I liked, about…” shrugging, “sex and a bunch of other stuff.”  Her eyes wondered off, “He trained me enough to be sold for the summer as a submissive.”

Slowly Candace closed the distance between them, grinning from ear to ear with a new sparkle in her eye, “Are you serious?”

“And…” still not looking to meet her approaching friend, “…I agreed to let the group who sold me back us financially.”  Finally looking up to her, pleading, “That’s how we got this huge house and guaranteed scholarship programs and…” seeing her face, “what’s the big smile for?”

“The two lashes came with, sort of, an added bonus,” she crimped her hips, still close enough to the near event that her body hadn’t yet come down, wondering what the completion would have been like, “sort of.”

Oblivious to her friend’s situation, Christina took her hands, “Can, seriously, we’re gonna get our charter.”  Still trying to justify, she pleaded, “That was our goal, right?  To establish Omega Phi?  Oh, Can, we can get so much more.”

Still grinning, “And what’s the goal now?”  Breaking the contact to reach beyond her and pick up on of the thick leather rectangles.  She examined the buckles and loops sewn into it.

Staring at the cuff as well, Christina tried to fight off the feeling of being a traitor, “They want us to find girls who have the tendencies and are willing to explore them.

“So,” Stroking the fleece lining, “You were a sex slave, and now you’re a…what?  A slave trader?”  Her grin grew as she teased her friend with it, “A Mistress of the Dark?  Do you carry a whip?”  She cracked an imaginary whip.

Staring curiously at her friend, “Can, you’re taking this all a little different than I expected you to.”

Laughing, “It’s almost comical.”  She placed the leather around her wrist to examine the look of it, “I mean, it does sound a bit…I don’t know, fanciful?”  Looking up and to the right to think, “Maybe romantic?  No, no, not romantic.”  Furrowing her brow, unable to find the word, she shifted back to her friend, “So, was it an exciting summer?  Mystery, sex and perversion?”

Exhaling exasperatingly, “It can be, but it’s not a game and it’s not just creative sex.”  Hands on hips, she tried to explain, “It’s more about dominance and submission, about sadism and masochism.”

Nodding in understanding, Candace added, “Do as you’re told and you won’t get hurt.”

“No, not at all.  It’s more like, ‘do as you’re told and you’ll be allowed to achieve a greater pleasure from the pain that’s gonna come regardless’.  The submissive part is separate but an element as well.”

No longer smiling, “So, what’s the incentive?”

“The pain is the incentive.  That’s the nature of masochism, the aphrodisiac is the pain.”  Her look became intense, “Can, you can learn to use the pain.”  Pointing to her, “You can, I know your nature.”

The images and feelings of the rush she’d been granted just so few minutes ago again rushed through her and she believed her friend.

Seeing Candace’s glow increase as she spoke, she had to add, “But you have to accept submission as well.  It may sound contradictory, but total submission can be very liberating.”  She slid her panties down and unfastened her bra and shed both.

Unable to not look, “You’re shaved?  I didn’t even notice before.”  Her eyes remained glued to the smooth mound of flesh.

“Anything your master wants…or mistress.”

That caught her attention, “You can have a woman master?”

Eyebrows raised, “I do have a woman master.”

Shaking her head in slight confusion, “But how do you…you know, you said it’s about the sex?”

Nodding, smiling, Christina took the cuff from her friend, “You have no idea how good it can be.”

Candace’s mind gave her a quick flashback of the needles and humming sting from just a few minutes ago and she had a quiver zip up her spine.  “Well…”  Her mind was blank for any more words to say.

Holding the leather cuff in place upon her own wrist, she pinned it against her belly to buckle it and missed her friend’s consternation over the revelation, “She will be here probably sooner than expected, so we should hurry.”  Looking to her eyes with a knowing nod, “You don’t want to make the mistress wait.”  Holding out the other wrist and cuff, “Here, help me with this, would you?”

It finally clicked, “Wait a minute; Ms. Davenport is your mistress?”

“Right now I am Ms. Davenport’s.”  Bringing the focus back to her wrists, “Buckle this, please.”

The cuff was three inches wide and had two small buckles to keep its entire width tight.  Candace looped through the first, “So, why the cuffs now?”

Biting her lower lip, looking to the cuff, not able to meet her friend’s eyes, “I’ve already told her that you would want to train, that you would be a likely candidate to recruit others.”  Capturing the girl’s hands in her own, they’re eyes met, “Candace, listen, where are you doing your post grad?  What can you afford to do?  ‘Master Through the Mail’?  Or do you want to do something truly great?  Don’t answer just yet, but if you allow yourself to be trained and sold for the summer, just the summer, Omega Phi will sponsor you anywhere you can get into and some of these people have connections to get you into places you don’t even qualify for.  Anywhere, Can, full ride; just learn, train and help us recruit other girls.  You’ve got months before you decide, but I need you now.  I need your help.”

“Speech and Debate was always your forte,” finishing the second buckle, “But I had pretty much surmised most of that already.”  Grinning at her friend’s nervous enthusiasm, “I simply asked why you’re putting the cuffs on now.”

A voice called out, “Because if she doesn’t…”

Both girls’ heads swiveled to face the door in time to see the woman lock it behind her.

“…she would be disobeying a direct order and would face a punishment.”  She slowly shook her head at the naked girl in only one loosely bound cuff.  “Tonight you will come to me and describe a punishment suitable.  If I find your idea acceptable, I will grant you your request.”  One hand left her hips to point to the middle of the room; she appeared to be looking down at the much taller girls, “Pray that I find it acceptable.  You don’t want me to get…” a smile creased her face as she leaned back and pondered her next words, “…creative, now do you?”

Scurrying in the direction of her finger, “No, Mistress Leah.”

“Ms. Davenport,” Candace approached, “She did tell me that she had to get ready.  It’s really my fault she’s not.  I had a lot of questions and I think that…”

“Questions which should have been answered before now.  You are absolutely correct; her punishment will be additionally harsh.  Thank you for reminding me.”

“No!”  Her hands came up, “I mean it’s my fault.  She tried…”

“Allowing others to claim responsibility for your own disobedience?”  Focusing her words toward her own Christina, “Tonight’s punishment is fast becoming an extreme torture,” raising her eyebrows to her contrite sub, “wouldn’t you agree?”

“Yes, Mistress Leah.”

She slowly paced, “Are you willing to accept whatever I may devise?”

“Yes, Mistress Leah.”  Standing in the middle of the room, Christina resisted the urge to look up and glare at her friend in an attempt to shut her up.

Without any clear direction, Candace met the approaching woman, “I am very sorry, Ms. Davenport.  I clearly don’t understand the conduct or protocol, but I will take the full responsibility for my own ignorance.”

“So,” Stopping the girl with a look to prevent her from getting close enough to be able to look down on her, “She hasn’t even taught you protocol?”  Strolling to the desk, “The first rule is to not speak unless it is the desire of your master to hear you.”  Returning to the girl, “Open your mouth…wide.”

Candace watched the bright red color come to her face.  The size of a billiard ball, it was wedged into her mouth and beyond her teeth to settle securely into place.  A thin strap was affixed to the front of the ball and buckled behind the base of her skull, cinching tight enough to pull harshly at the edges of her mouth and cheeks.

“Now, do you have any more unsolicited comments which could further the severity of my pets evening?”

Without a grunt or murmur, she simply shook her head no.

“Good.”  Turning to Christina, she stopped and looked back to Candace as some new thoughts crept through her head, “Stand up straight.  Spread you legs…more…more.  Come on, just a little more.  Now, clasp your hands behind your head and keep your elbows up.”  Her eyes opened wide, her tone deepened and she slowed the words as the importance of her message intensified, “Do not move.  Do not look away.”

Changing to a smile as she turned, “Finally, now to my naughty little gem.”

Standing with her hands behind her back, Christina stared at the floor in front of her as her mistress closed the short distance.

“You apparently do not wish to be bound, or you would already have the cuffs on.”  Grabbing a nipple and lightly rolling it until it stiffened, she got a good grip and squeezed until her subject whimpered, “You better be strong enough to go without.”

Watching, Candace felt her own nipples grow, pushing into the fabric that covered them, accelerating their growth and expansion even further.  Using just the slightest movements, she shifted within her shirt to further the stimulation and found the situation’s anticipation enough to gather a noticeable arousal from between her legs, against her pants where her position pulled the center seam up tightly onto her.

The wall next to the desk was covered in decoration; art, collectables and intricately carved paneling.  Among the crafted clutter, Leah unfolded a handle and began to turn a crank.  Slowly but steadily a huge candelabra lowered from the center of the ceiling, directly above Christina.  Folding the handle back into a locked position, the mistress left the chandelier just within Christina’s reach.

“It is a very sturdy antique.”  Picking through the desk, “It will bear your weight easily.  Just be sure your grip is comfortable.”  Turning, “I do not want you to stir, once I begin.”

With a tangle of leather tassels dangling from her hip and a pocket lined with what was necessary, she tested the weight of the riding crop into her open palm as she approached her subject.  Tapping the inner side of each knee got the girl to spread her legs further and wider until a significant portion of her weight pulled at her hands and left her almost hanging from the huge light fixture.

Leah leaned her body lightly against Christina’s, lowering herself only slightly to match her chest to the girl’s.  With a slow deliberate movement, the teasing of her chest against her subject’s naked nipples elicited the response she desired.  Palming the handle of the crop, she was able to reach between and toy with both of the bloating targets.

Pulling her head back and away, “Be a good example, pet, and kiss me.”

Leaning in immediately to obey, her eyes came up to meet her mistress’ slow retreat.

Stepping back quickly, leaving the girl to fight to get her balance back, Leah turned to her new student, “Do you see how anxious she is?  I would be willing to bet that you have looked at her and wanted her to close the distance to your lips as aggressively and assertively as she just did mine.”  Nodding to herself and adding, “I would bet.”

Rounding behind her subject, her hands slowly rode the curve of her hips, the tightened flesh of her ribs, then up to push her breasts together, “Isn’t her body just luscious?”

Sweat trickled down under an arm, her heart was racing and Candace noticed that she was nodding in agreement.

A single hand lowered across the subject’s naked torso, playing at the bald mound before forcibly cupping the bulk of her sex, tight enough and unexpectedly enough to make her gasp.  “Just be sure that you understand,” eyeing Candace, “that this is certainly not her punishment.”  Twisting again at a nipple, “What I want you to see is what I want.  Her pain, her suffering, her helplessness, her servitude; it’s all for me.”

Releasing her hold on her subject, she rounded to her front and in one swift twitch sharply laid the crop across the ridge of her baldness.  The quick squeal didn’t draw a reaction, but the tiny flinch did.

“You will be still and show your friend how well you have been trained.  I hate to have to continually remind you…”  Lining the crop up to a nipple, she let the leather fly.  The eruption of whip on flesh only partially covered the cry of agony it loosed, “…so I will give you something to help you to remember.”

The offended nipple throbbed and swelled quickly as the body fought against the trauma.  Seizing the opportunity created, she held the erection and pulled, distending the skin even further before she took a metal alligator clip from her pocket, opened its jaws fully and worked the flesh deep onto it before allowing the spring to relax and bear down its pressure onto the tender gland.

Short quick gasps were soon controlled as Christina conquered the relentless agony.

“We only want what will be the very best example for our student, right?”  She waited with a growing impatience, “Right!”

“Yes, Mistress Leah…You’re,” panting, “You’re right, Mistress Leah.”

Nodding, flicking nonchalantly at the clip, “So, you would be willing to do anything that would help you stand still,” getting a gentle grip on the mass of the breast, “wouldn’t you?”

Sweat turned from a sheen to small rivulets, “Yes, Mistress Leah.”

From a pocket she produced a tiny twelve-inch chain with a heavy teardrop weight at its end.  Dangling it before her subject, ‘If this were to be hooked onto the clip, it would pull terribly.”  Shaking her head in mock disbelief, “But, do you think it would give you an added incentive to stay still?”

A tear pooled at the edge of her eye, “Yes, Mistress Leah.”

Bouncing the breast just a little, “Do you want me to attach it for you, my pet?”

Struggling with the answer, she sniffled and managed a confident, “Yes, Mistress Leah.”

The end of the delicate chain had a tiny hook which fit perfectly into a puncture and the end of the clip.  Very gently she let the breast go and eased the weight of the chain onto the clip.  The clip had originally been seated from the side, so as she let it settle it not only pulled the nipple down, but it twisted it at the base as well.

By the time the assembly hung free of Leah’s hands, the searing pain had reduced Christina to a hyperventilating, sobbing wreck.  She tried desperately not to sob or breath irregularly for each move made it all bounce, made it all worse.

“Now I think you will do better keeping still.”  From behind her subject, she reached up between her legs and very lightly stroked the center seam of her wetness, sending a shiver through the girl which ended in a gasp as the bob moved.

Applying just enough pressure to break the subtle seal, “I did what you asked.”  Gliding a single finger along the inner edge gathered a significant amount of moisture which she guided with her finger out and over the swollen lips, “So, what do you say?”

Panting through the combined effects, “Thank you, Mistress, Leah, Ohhh, Thank you, Mistress Leah.”

Pushing a single finger up into her, she pulled out more moisture and covered her anus, leaving her finger over the pucker just long enough to feel it quiver in anticipation before she stood and eyed the young Candace.

Leaving her subject sweating, shaking and agonizing in a combination of constant pain and incredible desire, she turned and smiled at the new student, “You wonder, do you not?”  Even through the gag she could see the smile and slight hue that colored her cheeks.  Stepping right up in front of the girl, “You want to feel it too.  You want to know the power of her seduction.  You want to taste her lust…don’t you?”

Not knowing how else to respond, she simply nodded.

Leah’s smile widened as she gently held the girl by the back of her head while bringing her dampened fingers up.  Very carefully she wiped the wetness onto the inner edges of her upper lip and nose, being sure to get a fair share into each nostril as the girl didn’t make any move of protest.  “She is sweet, yes?”  The girl again nodded.

Satisfied, but now looking for more, the mistress’ hands went to the girl’s shirt and slowly unbuttoned it, pausing at each to check for signs of resistance.  Finding none, the shirt was soon opened wide and the girl’s arms never wavered from their assigned position.  With one hand on the center release, she again paused before freeing the bra.

Sideling up close to the student, she took a shirt tail in each hand and took the girl into a gentle embrace.  It was only for a moment, but when she retreated the shirt tails were tied behind her and her perky breasts pointed freely.

The nipples were large and erect, standing proudly, easily dominating their foundations.  Leah was instantly taken by them, “Mmm, my, my.”  Leaning in, she pulled one of them into her mouth and suckled savagely.

With a grunt and a moan the girl leaned into the sensation, closed her eyes and let a hand come down to cradle and guide the back of the mistress’ head while she continued to breathe in deeply the essence of arousal.

Pushing away and slapping at the offending arm, the woman snapped sharply, “Do not confuse what I want for what you want!”  Righting herself, calming her sudden ire, she added more easily, “You have to allow your body to become your master’s.  If you enjoy what is happening, if you are appalled by what is happening, you can not express it outwardly.”

Grabbing at the breast she’d suckled, she lost most of it in her own tiny hand but still managed to leave the nipple uncovered.  “If I wanted to hear your pleasure…” without looking down, the crop slid perfectly across the center of the girl swollen sex.  Even through her pants it was more than intoxicating enough to elicit a moan which was quickly clipped.  “…I will hear it.  If it is your pain I wish to listen to…” the crop whistled in a sudden blur and hammered the framed nipple.

The girl’s scream sounded plainly through the gag as she writhed in her stance and struggled at her limits to barely maintain it.  Agony poured through her battered gland, assailing her senses in a unique overload of input.  The pain was clear and away the major sensation, but she could still just barely recognize her throbbing ready sex.  She believed in Christina.  She always had and she suddenly had a need to be had, a desire to become aware, it drove her beyond what she herself wanted…and led her to what the mistress wanted.  She tried to lose herself in the giving.  She tried anything to allay the pulsating fire against her breast but it would not relent.

The teeth of the clamp bit in.  Her eyes opened to see the joy in her tormentor’s face.  She knew she enjoyed it, could feel her pleasure, could see it in the woman’s bearing.  She only wished she could grit her teeth against the suffering.  The pain was powerful, threatening to overcome her but the erotic aroma and the suddenly appealing naked vision of her friend united her with her wish to appease the mistress and kept her upright and obedient.

“That is merely a taste of my desire.”  Gazing to the clamp, “It does not truly begin to hurt until the nipple is deeper into the jaws,” backing away, “but that will do for now.”  Leaning back in, she tugged on the clamp to further set the teeth, “Pay close attention and you may be able to feel her pain as well.”  Turning away, “Wouldn’t that be a bonus?”





Chapter 6




Gasping at the renewed grip of the clamp, Candace fought to control the short wheezing breaths which the gag so easily interrupted.  In ripples the burning blossomed to cover her body, reviving the welts still fresh upon her bottom.  Each pulse of her heart drew a new and powerful anguish, a throb, incessant and malevolent which flowed as freely as the blood within her.  The beat, her trembling, a quiver, agitating and pulsating; it all acted throughout her body.  The slightest shift of her hips brought it all to focus upon the hyper-sensitive nub which she began to grind down onto the thankfully tight seam of her pants.

All in the time it took Leah to walk the two steps to her naked friend, she became so much more aware.  Bringing her eyes to focus on Christina, she could tell her friend knew.  Only the slightest smile betrayed her, but it broke instantly as she cried out.

Stunned by the unexpected explosion upon her thigh, her knees collapsed slightly before she caught herself with her hands and recovered, sending the heavy bob swinging wildly.

“And this is the example you feel she should see?  The example you should be?”

“No, Mistress Leah.”  Each short gasp caused her fleshy breasts to slightly heave, keeping the weight moving and the clip’s tortuous pull constantly refreshed.

“So, before I flail your back,” pacing between them, “If I were to give you one good welt up front, just for good measure,” casually tossing an open hand like it was obvious, “and because you did break your stance, it would make sense to put the single welt upon the most effective spot possible.”  Looking back to Candace, “Would you agree with that?”

The gagged girl raised her shoulders in question yet still nodded.

Back to Christina, “Does that make sense to you as well?”

Letting her eyes fall shut as she’d finally caught her breath, “Yes, Mistress Leah.”

Again she paced, “I have only been your mistress for a relatively short time and everybody is a little different, so you tell me, what would be my most effective option?”  Stopping, she crossed her arms under her breasts and let her foot tap to fill the silence, knowing Christina would sense her impatience.  She still had to add, “Well…”

Slowly and carefully her hips moved very slightly forward, “My…clitoris, Mistress Leah, is my, most sensitive spot.”

“And…” still tapping.

Sniffling, “Before you whip my back,” tears pooled at just the thought, she sniffled hard enough to shudder the weight, “Would, you, give…my clitoris, one…good…welt?”

Brows raised, “Are you asking?”

Please, Mistress Leah.”

“That is much better.”  Going to her knees in front of her subject, Leah gently opened the labia and exposed the tiny nub.  Leaning in, she allowed the flat of her tongue to bury into the sodden depths then very slowly dragged the meat of it out, up and over the node, creating an irrepressible shudder and a gasping moan to last its entirety.  A finger spread the moisture and continued to manipulate the bud until it blossomed tall and solid.

As she stood, she circled the flat of the crop over it, wetting the crop and keeping the nerve bundle erect.  “Are you ready?”

Her body flexed.  Through gritted teeth she answered, “Yes, Mistress Leah, I’m ReaAHhhhhh!”  The strike was so quick that the pain overcame her before the sound of the crash did.  The incredible intensity of the explosion dropped her to the floor and into a fetal curl, cupping the blistered lips and clit, rocking to the beat of the debilitating carnage.

A feral keening filled the room as she was unable to control herself.  Her entire body raged with an excruciating impairment.  Trying to fend off her mistress’ touch was entirely ineffective and soon she was balled up even tighter into her position.  On the brink of delirium, she produced a gasp as sensations continued to manipulate her and assail her sex.

Lifting her leg and turning her hips, she managed to push into that pain.  With her heart racing, her focused cleared just enough to drive her hips back to meet the object which pushed so deeply into her body.  Exiting, then diving again, she was suddenly filled to a peak, fully aware and completely enthralled.  As still as she could, she greedily approached the edge in an attempt to not give herself away while the multitude of stimulation and the many different directions it came from had her locked in the throes of their control.

Know her practice so well, Leah pulled the handle of the crop out of her subject at the last possible moment.

“Oh, No!  Pleeeease!”  Rolling to her back, oblivious to the twisting clamp.

“Don’t touch!”  Stinging an arm with the crop yet keeping her joyous glow, she looked to Candace, “I do like them just a little feisty.”  Swatting again at the arm, “Spread your legs and keep your hands away.  You will not orgasm, my pet, this is not for you.”

After her subject had complied, Leah turned again to Candace with an expression that bordered on giddy, “Have you ever seen anyone express pain quite like that before?”  Answering her own question with a nod of her own head, “God, she does make me love what I do.”

Playing the crop against the clamped nipple got her to flinch and roll, “Yes, roll over, over to all fours.”  Suddenly she called out, “Don’t touch it!”  That got her a swat to the shoulder.  “Spread your knees more.  That’s a good gem.  Now, you do not move a muscle.”

Pointing to the new student with her crop, “You, naked, now!”  Flipping the crop, “Move your arms!  Go, go, go!”

Leah easily slipped from her billowy pantaloons and shed the blouse faster than Candace could believe.  Naked, she was the absolute picture of physical beauty.  Candace could do nothing but gawk as she approached.

“I asked you to remove your clothes, honey.  I want you naked too.”

Broken from her trance by the suddenly relaxed woman, she fumbled quickly yet ineffectively in her earnest attempt to disrobe.  She stopped only to wipe a string of drool which fell from her gag as she bent.  Looking up to Leah, she herself calmed as she saw the woman patiently wait, calmed enough to control her movements and complete the same simple task she’d done fine with just an hour earlier.

Smiling at the girl, “Was that as fast as you could go?”

Eyes cast down, she shook her head no.

“Do you think you would learn anything from not going as fast as you could if you were not punished for your ineptness?”

Noncommittally, she scrunched her shoulders and rolled her head.

The mistress just smiled and pushed, “Was that a yes, or a no?”

Conceding to the corner she’d boxed herself into, she nodded yes.

“Back to your position; hands behind your neck, elbows up, legs wide.”  The girl was quick about it but Leah didn’t wait for her to settle before she slowly ran her nails under the girl’s moist sex, teasing her entrance, lining the crop up to the area, “Are you ready?”

Flexing her body and pushing her hips, she prepared for what would surely be beyond her.  Even knowing that she wasn’t really ready for this, her need to know drove the muscles in her neck beyond her direct consent and her head bobbed up and down, indicating yes and her approval.

Without hesitation the leather flew.

Straining against the ballooning fire that spread from her middle, she surprised herself by staying upright.  Immediately the searing eruption blanketed her sex in a pandemonium of battling sensations.  Her breast and nipple joined the stinging lines on her butt in assailing her in wave after rippling wave of dramatic sensations.

Opening her eyes to the scene, Candace looked down to watch her hips ride the woman’s hand.  Instantly the arousing input conquered the fear and pain.  The excitement over the intensity of the event won her over and she fell emotionally into Leah’s hands.

Even after the woman had stepped back, the satisfaction of the girl’s conquest was overwhelming.  Shifting her hips and glancing down to herself, even the realization that the crop had seared her mound, not her clit, couldn’t dampen her thrilled sense of accomplishment.

Walking to her pile of clothes, “Your friend, your…untrained friend, has shown you what I expect.”  Picking out the tangle of tassels, she dropped the crop and stood over her pet.  Shaking loose the mess, it fell into the organized mass of a heavy leather flogger.

“Candace has brought me to a point of arousal which simply must be defused.”  Spreading her legs and motioning Christina forward, “I promised you a good flailing and you know I am not one to disappoint, so come up her, my precious gem,” stroking her own moistened sex, “and I’ll allow you to excite me with your pain as you suckle my arousal.”

Crawling forward, Christina tried desperately but failed to reach her mistress without raising her torso high enough to lift the weight from the floor, so it dangled mercilessly from her tortured nipple as she took the woman’s sex with her tongue.  Splitting and diving into the flesh, she licked across the inner fold of one labial lip then the other.  The hips rolled over her touch and Leah moaned a low growl with the movement.

With one hand firmly entrenched in the girl’s hair, the other took a wide overhand swing and blasted the exposed back before her.  Holding her head tightly in place as she squirmed, she swung again.

Screaming into the woman’s sex, the raging flames assailed her back and ass.  The tassels were just long enough to crawl around her thighs and over her butt to punish her tender inner thighs, anus and sex.  Her own shifting added to the woman’s rough mounting of her face to cause the weight and chain to bounce wildly as it turned, dug and tore at its attachment.

The girl’s obvious torture sent shivers up the mistress’ spine as each strike of the flogger sent the girl into a new fit of struggling agony.  The cries and muffled screams infused her excitement and served to encourage even more effort into each swing.  The exertion expanded and multiplied the arousal as she drove her hips harder and faster into the face that so conveniently stayed to please her.

A coalesce of cravings and fulfilled desires crested on a wave of utter elation as an eruption of glorious release, brilliant in its intensity paralyzed her in the throes of an incredible convulsion.

Christina coughed into the woman as an ejaculation she was not prepared for blasted from the woman to cover her.  Having just enough time to breathe before both hands gripped her hair and seemed to try and pull her entire face literally into the woman’s erupting geyser.

Holding the weight in her hand and now beyond the debilitating part of the beating, she gladly regained enough control to push her tongue into and over wherever it was guided.  Keeping her mistress’ orgasm continuous gave her a moment and she gently touched around her own battered clit.  Finding nothing but pain, she pushed fingers up into herself and nearly came on the spot her need was so desperate.

“Don’t lose…your focus…my pet.”  Still grinding, still spasming, “If you’re good…I’ll let you cum…but only…ohhhh…at my direction.”  She pulled the girl’s head even tighter to her still functioning need.

Christina’s hands froze immediately, afraid she’d been caught.  She regained her focus and concentrated on her mistress until well after she had shivered the last tremor.  Leah had to forcibly remove the girl from her groin.

Stumbling back a step, the woman pointed to the other girl who stood in a gagged silent amazement, “Go take your tongue to her, make her cum first.”  Dropping the flogger, Leah again took up the crop and haggardly followed, gripping the anxious girl’s hair to hold her back, “Wait.”

Approaching and gripping Candace’s face with both hands, she stared into her eyes for a long moment…then very slowly and deliberately spoke, “Do…not…say…anything.”  Reaching around her head, she unbuckled the strap but held the ball in to look her again in the eyes, “Nothing, nothing at all.  I only want to hear you scream.”





Chapter 7




The ball came free and it was an effort not to huff and puff in relief.  Not wanting to break her command and move her arms, she had to settle with smearing the last of the drool across her bare shoulder.  In her mind she had already submitted to this mistress and was determined not to violate any order she gave, for in just the short time since their first meeting, she’d experienced so many different types of erotic excitement that she was already addicted to the thrill.  And now she was going to get the climax that had begun back in her room, seemingly hours ago and she was going to be able to do it under her mistress’ direction.

Having always thought Christina was beautiful and sensuous, she’s never seriously thought of her sexually before today.  Looking down to follow the girl’s approach brought shivers of anticipated excitement.  It only seemed natural to feel her touch as she stood naked and bound to immobility by the words she would obey.  As sure as shackles those words would keep her.

The distance closed, Candace almost panicked under the need as her friend hesitated and lifted her head so very slowly.  Her heart pounded savagely as sweat suddenly spilled from every pore.  The piercing teeth upon her nipple throbbed in a new effort of suffering.  Seeing the array of welts upon Christina’s back brought her own welts striping her ass and pubis back to fire.  These afflictions went beyond painful, through her anticipation of the inconceivably slow pace of her friend, the afflictions upon her body throbbed with need, with desire.  The palpitations took her higher and closer.  She was full to the brim, tightly wound and so very ready to crawl over the final edge and plunge into the release.

Having lost her focus for just a second, it came rushing back as she felt her lips part and a warm moist muscle pushed into her.  Ripples of rapturous glory flowed through her every cell.  Unable to breath, the ecstasy took her so completely.

The tongue crept at an agonizing pace toward her button.  Shifting her hips ever so slightly to encourage the pace ended in a furious eruption of leather on skin.  It was a traumatic torment that shot through her body in an overall convulsion, expanding in bursts to every edge of her senses before collapsing back to its source of origin.  She never even heard the shrill cry of her own voice testing its limits.

The back of her thigh burned with a raging inferno of fire, branding deeper into her soul than the flesh it corrupted, shaking her from the dream she was enjoying, but not deep enough to supplant completely her fantastic approach.  Fighting for domination over her, the tongue covered the quivering bud and her rhapsody was immediately back in control, using the body’s trauma for its own end.

Exploding again the crop landed.  But this time it was harnessed, instantly absorbed and the cries she unleashed had that familiar edge to them.  Her body pulsated a radiance which filled the room, alerting each of the others to her oncoming circumstance.

Flinching in pleasure, her clitoris was pulled into the hot den of her friend’s mouth and roughly suckled.  The crop became a battering of constant blows which only served to ignite further the engine of her lust.

Wracked by spasms she couldn’t imagine, her body expelled the pent-up fervor of an entire lifetime of mediocrity.  Flashing through the ethereal abyss of her fulfillment, she was incapable of any control what so ever except obedience.  Waves of her orgasm flushed from her body, drenching her thighs and all else in its way.  Only after several of the massive contractions did she became again aware of her reality.

“You can stand and do it.  Now come on, get up.”

Opening her eyes to the sound of her new commander, she was compelled to obey.  It was only a moment of confusion before she realized that she was already standing…still standing.  It was then that she noticed her friend rise to her feet with both hands furiously groping her own body while allowing the weight to swing freely as it yanked and twisted the bouncing flesh.  Cringing at the extent of which the nipple and breast were distended, Candace flexed through a straggling spasm that took her while watching a virtually instantaneous climax seize her friend in the clutches of its rapture.


Both girls stood, legs spread and unmoving, staring at each other’s spent bodies in silence.  They let the moment last without words, knowing their thoughts of questions as to why it had never happened between them before, so satisfied now with the results as they were.

“You two clean up.  There is an issue for you to handle and a sorority to run.”  Walking in from a side room, fully dressed, Leah confronted Candace, “You have much to learn but I feel you will do very well.”  Gently cupping the tiny breast, she opened the clip and pulled the teeth free from the nipple.  The girl’s eyes widened as her mouth opened in a silent cry.  “You may move freely as you wish.”  Her hands instantly clenched her tortured nipple as she bent to try and soothe it.

“You still have much to learn as well.”  Quickly snatching the clip and weight, getting a squeal for the effort, “But I am still pleased by you.”  Tapping the girl’s chin and smiling her approval, “You are both most precious.”  Turning to walk out, she called over her shoulder, “Deal with the Randi issue and prepare for tomorrow’s gathering early.  I have a feeling you’ll be ‘otherwise occupied’ tonight.”  A big grin took her as she left.

Both girls deflated as they were reminded of the promised punishment.





Alone in her room, the girl nervously locked both bathroom doors and dialed her cell phone.  It was answered without a greeting.  The voice simply said, “Why are you calling me so soon?”

“I have numbers.  You said you wanted them quickly.”  Her hands were sweating just talking to her.

“So,” impatiently, “What are we facing?”

The girl didn’t want to have to say it, but she did, “Thirty-seven.”

“What!”  The phone shook and she almost dropped it, “You can not be serious!”

“I’m sorry, but that’s what’s here.”

Collecting herself, she needed more information, “Are they all strong?”

“No, no, they’re not at all strong.  I’ve even approached a few and added to their doubt.”

“Just don’t move too fast, you’ll risk everything if you’re caught.”  She hated having to rely upon the fallible inconsistencies of this girl.

“Yes, Lady Farrow, I will be careful.”

Just before hanging up she stopped, catching that last statement, “Have you not been instructed about the use of my name?”

“Yes…I’m sorry.”

Shaking her head, “Just do your job and don’t act upon anything without calling me first.”  She hung up before the girl could answer.





Chapter 8




It was well after lunch before they finally ran into her.  They’d been traipsing all over the huge manor, following word of where she was only to arrive just after she’d left.  Circling the entire property, neither was too happy about the hunt as they were both sore, spent and walking cautiously.

Hiding her ire, Christina took a deep breath and casually confronted her intention, “Have you seen much of the property?”

Looking up, she smiled at the sight of her sister, “Hey, Tina.  Yeah, I’ve been gettin’ around.  It’s really great.”  Lowering her eyes to Christina’s waist and feigning a glance behind her, “How are y’all, with…” pointing with her chin, “…how are ya?”

Smiling back at her and gently rubbing her backside, “I’m okay, not sitting but okay.”  Randi joined her in a chuckle that Christina cut off, “Actually, Candace and I have been looking for you.”  Stepping away, she gestured her to follow, “Come on, walk with us.  We need to talk.”

Recognizing the sudden solemn tone, she stepped up to meet their pace, “Is everything okay?”

“You have always been a wild one, Randi, and we’ve always let you go your own way.”  Stopping, she took the girl’s hands in her own, “You’ve been our sister for two years.  You were with us when we started this and we all love you very much.”

Itching to recoil, “What’s the matter?”  Her glance shot to Candace, who gave away nothing, then back to Christina, “Tell me.”

“It’s nothing that can’t be rectified.”  Letting go with one hand and pulling with the other, “Come on, there’s just something we gotta do.”

Following eagerly, “Tell me, what is it?”

Turning down the hall toward the dorm rooms, “In the past there were no rules.  You know, we were just happy to have anybody and we’ll always be thankful you came to us.”  Cutting the girl off before she could comment, “But now there are standards that we are expected to maintain, rules that must be followed, and Randi,” they came to a stop in front of Randi’s room, “there is now a penance to be paid for any infraction.”  Opening the door, she motioned Randi in.

Balking, “What’re you talkin’ about?”

Nudging her from behind, Candace finally spoke, “It’s all about discipline.”  Her voice was kept low, soft and consoling, “We all must learn it if we wish to continue.”  Nudging her again, “Go on in, I want to show you something.”  Christina nodded her consent as Candace followed Randi in.

Candace started as Christina closed the door behind them, “Everything we have here; the manor, the grounds, scholarships and, of course, a legitimate chance of a permanent charter.”  To Christina, “Right?” still not use to the idea.

“Yes, and we must follow the rules they’ve put into place or we risk losing all of it.  The penalties…” Casually leaning her butt against the dresser then leaping forward to stand on her own had them all stifle giggles, breaking the growing tension, “…for infractions,” raising her eyebrows, she stared the girl back into some semblance of contrition, “are to be handled quickly, efficiently and will be effective.”

Not able to contain her grin, “Are y’all gonna spank me?”

Having fumbled with her buckle, Candace chimed in, “It’s not a joke.”  Carefully lowering her pants over her hips, she turned and displayed the stripes.  Seeing Randi’s eyes bulge, she added quickly, “It’s nothing to be afraid of…”

Cutting her off in confusion, Randi pointed, “But I thought you belted her.”

“I earned these on my own.”  Candace went on, “I did not answer a question asked of me.  Ms. Davenport gave me these and trust me…it is an effective deterrent to disobedience.”

Entranced by the welts, she leaned forward to examine them better, “Did it hurt a lot?”

“What would be the point if it didn’t?”  Getting a nod of approval from Christina, Candace slowly slid her pants back up.

“Well,” The spell broken, she took a breath and looked up, “At the meetin’, what y’all did was more than enough, but I appreciate ya comin’ by to give me a good heads up.”  Slipping back, Randi plopped down onto the bed and continued bouncing.

Christina stepped up to stand before her, hands on hips, “Have you broken any house rules?”

Shrugging, “I just got here yesterday.”

Candace pointed to her own butt and raised her eyebrows, “Are you avoiding a direct question asked by a superior?”

Shrugging, “Whadda ya want me to say?”  Pouting, her shoulders slumped and she muttered, “You are gonna spank me.”

“Do you know the house rules?”


“Which one did you break?”  Tapping her foot, waiting, “Two has become three, answer me.”

Shrugging her shoulders, “I guess I avoided her question just now?”

“Three has become four.  Randi, we obviously already know.  Don’t make this any worse than it has to be.”

“All right, whatever,” throwing her hands up, “I had a guy in here last night.  Susan doesn’t get here ‘till this weekend and I thought I’d break in the new place.”  Grabbing a pillow and hugging it, “It’s nothin’ I didn’t do like all last year.”

Becoming upset with the attitude, “This isn’t last year!”

“Okay! I’m sorry!  I won’t do it again.”  She buried her face in the pillow, “I just thought it’d be okay.”

After a deep breath, Christina very gently sat down next to her and put her arm around her friend, “Randi, I know you’re a good person.  I know you want us to mature as a sorority, but you need to open your mind to a new way of behaving.  You will learn.  It’s gonna hurt, I won’t lie and tell you otherwise, but you can grow from it.  Just examine the pain from every angle.  I have faith that you’ll find a way to better accept it.”

“You’re gonna hurt me.”  Tears began to pool.

“Now stop that.”  Turning to face her, “Come on, you’ve had guys hurt you a lot worse than what I’m about to do, and you’ve always claimed that those nights were great.”

After a huff and a sniffle, “That’s not quite the same.”

“You’d be surprised.”  Standing, Christina took the girl’s hand, “It’s time.”  She pulled her to her feet, “Do you own a good leather belt?”

Nodding dejectedly, still trying to figure a way out of it, she pointed to the closet, “The far left.”

While walking to the closet she instructed, “Remove your clothes and we’ll make these four lashes quick.”  Looped over a hanger were several suitable choices.  She took a light, two inch wide swath that she knew she’d have to swing very hard to braze the skin.  Turning, she watched Candace grope the girl’s body as she helped her undress.  An unexpected pang of jealousy coursed through her, “I’m sure she can manage just fine on her own.”

Raising an eyebrow to the tone, “I was just helping her, honestly.”

Silently admonishing herself, “I know, I don’t…” nodding her head to her friend, “I’m sorry.”  To Randi, “I also need to tell you, Ms. Davenport has many different ways of assuring obedience.”

The girl was proud of her body and made no attempt to hide it.

Continuing, “If you’re found with a guy without permission again, she’s gonna make you wear a chastity device.”

Confused, “What?”

“Yes, not a belt, a device.”  Shaking her head, “Trust me, you do not want to get caught again.”  Grabbing the buckle and looping the belt twice around her hand, “Do you think you can stand or would you rather lie over the edge of the bed?”

“Like this?”  Face down, she scooted back until the edge of the bed met the hinge of her hips.

“That will do.  Now spread your legs and keep your arms up above your head.

Before she’d totally settled the belt flew in a wide powerful arc.  The contact was clean and crisp, sending a thundering crack booming off the walls.

Squealing and shifting, “Fuck!”  She rolled over and covered her butt with her hands, “Shit!  Damn it that hurt!”

Candace was already moving, crawling up onto the head of the bed, “Come on, I’ll help you.”  Waving with her hands, “Give me your hands.”  Motioning again, “It’ll be okay.  Like Tina said, examine the pain and find a way.”  Waving her closer, “Come on.”

Randi’s rolled back to her stomach as her hands came up reluctantly.  Candace went beyond the hands to grasp her wrists.  Instinctively Randi grabbed wrist as well just as the whistle and crack of the next strike sounded.

Candace held tight and Christina got off the third strike before the girl could squirm free.

Almost hollering to be heard over the girl’s shrieks of protest, Christina told her, “And because this is the object of your infraction, I have to do this.”  With the girl’s legs still wide enough and her torso bowing up, it made the last shot an even easier target.  She only had to swing from straight behind her and up to lay a lash along and over her mass of her exposed sex.

Pulling free as the stroke landed, crying out in agony, she rolled into a ball while her hands tried to soothe the damage.

Dropping the belt, Christina scurried up next to her, concerned, “I didn’t hit your clit, did I?”

Her cries broke down into sobs, “It…hur-r-rts.”

“I’m so sorry, let me see.  Roll back now, it’s all over.  Let me see.”

Candace watched in curious interest as Christina examined the welted vulva; opening gently the folds to see the clit, then slowly rubbing the gland to attention, “You big wimp.”  Playfully she slapped at her belly, “I didn’t even get close.”  Candace shimmied her hips enviously, recalling how it had felt to have Christina that close to her sex…and a lot closer.

Pleading her case, “But it hurt a lot.  It really did.”  Curling back to fetal, a loud pouty sob came out curiously close to a laugh.





Chapter 9




The sound of her neighbor’s door drew her from her mental scrutiny of her physical reaction to the morning’s events.  She was caught between shameful and excited.  The lashings were an exercise, a warning, an illustration of a punishment for wrong doing, not some voyeuristic peep-show, yet she could not deny or otherwise explain her body’s reaction.

Hearing the door and then the voices, she was drawn to the closet.  Checking both ways, fearful even though she was alone, she slipped into the small wardrobe and displaced the hatrack.

“Oh my God!”  Her hands slapped to her mouth as she stared in awe as the tiny senior from that morning was undressing her neighbor…’Randi’ she thought as she remembered, she was definitely Randi.

Once completely naked, she seemed to prance about, flaunting her nakedness.  As the sorority leader came into view with a belt, Margaret’s body instantly tensed.  She wiped her dampened hands on her skirt then rubbed her thighs open-handed.  The girl prostrated herself over the bed’s edge and Margaret clenched handfuls of the cloth, pulling bit by bit with her fingers, bunching it into her hands.

The first impact was earsplitting.  The intensity of the crack shocked her into an audible gasp.  Spiderwebs of titillation burst from her center to instantly cover her in goosebumps.  The sound of the girl’s squeal filled in the gaps to make it arousal.  Hearing the expletives and pleas while watching her struggle against the burn of it brought her even deeper into the enchantment.  Her hand slid beneath her cotton undergarments before she’d even realized where it was.

Holding her skirt with her other arm gave her the freedom to fully access her pouting wetness.  Ignoring the tiny bit of shame that survived the flood of excitement, she slowly stroked the flat of her fingers through and then over her bulging button.  Her body quaked in a movement of sheer pleasure.  She stroked again then waited as the next swing of the belt completed the hungry need.  Then so quickly another sent her into the carnal throes of immobility.

Only her finger twitched as her body hung on the edge.  A stray memory of an earlier thought, she wondered what would happen if the belt hit her there.

As if she herself had willed it to happen, her anticipation peaked as the belt was brought up, not out.  Margaret cried out herself as it made contact.  The scream that sounded filled her with lust as her climax was imminent, it pounding wildly upon her for its release.  She was ready to let it go.


She froze; panting, sweating, panicking.

“Mags, you little nymph!”  Laughing and joining her in the tiny room, “What are you looking at that led to this?”  Nicole stepped up to the peep-hole.

Sucking in short gasps, she gently shifted her finger, hoping to salvage something of this powerful experience.  Trying to talk, she could only release a shrill grunting effort.

“So articulate.”  Laughing again, she edged by her and looked into the spy hole in time to see a pair of loose fitting shorts rise and cover a red stripped behind, “Yeah, she got it good.”  Nodding to her still motionless roommate, “You watched that and got hot for it.”  Shaking her finger at her, “I knew there was more to you than met the eye.”  Suddenly she realized the reason for her roommate’s incapacitation.  “Oh my God!  I have such terrible timing!”  She flew from the closet and into the room.  Digging quickly through a dresser drawer, she returned in just seconds with a shiny smooth shaft.

Still gasping, still holding back the waters of the broken dam, Margaret watched the girl turn the small cap and heard it buzz to life.  It was pushed into her hands and then the door closed to leave her alone.

Her mind flashed to a memory of the shaver, its vibration and the thrill it produced.  With eyes wide open in the dark, she never even made it to her target before her body began to erupt in just the expectation of what the little tool might do with her pent-up desire.  Rapt by the moment to near immobility, the spasm still couldn’t keep her from dragging the length of the shaft across her need, instantly elevating her climax to a new height.

Leaning into the wall she stood stroking the smooth humming shaft along her lust long after she’d finished.  Back and forth, up and down and over its tip, every angle produced a different effect; every change in pressure affected a different depth.

Enjoying the extreme sensation so much that she began to build the next point of release when she suddenly became aware of the very long time she’d spent in the closet alone…with her beautiful roommate outside…waiting…knowing.  She had to concede the effort.

Feeling for the bottom cap, she got the unit to quit and spent a moment to straighten her skirt and prepare herself.  She tried to think of something to say.  She tried to think of a casual way to give the tool back or what to do or think or say or anything!  The embarrassment of the moment earlier was shadowed by her situation, but now it caught up to her and she didn’t know how to handle it.

Letting her heart calm and her breathing regulate, she felt for the hatrack and slid it back into place.  Running her fingers through her hair she found herself bathed in sweat and sticky.  Pinching her thighs together, she got an urge to pee…to pee?  She thought that that would have to be her best exit.

Opening the door real slow, she saw Nicole sitting on the bed and instantly hung her head to hide her face in the dark locks of her hair.  Bolting across the open space, she muttered, “I gotta go…”  She hit the bathroom door at a sprint and almost collapsed when it wouldn’t open, “…to the bathroom.”

From the other side of the door she heard, “I’m in here.  It’ll be just a minute.”

“Our neighbors from the other side.”  Nicole flipped the page of a magazine and added casually, “I think that one is Janie.”

Standing at the door, she was unable to make herself disappear.

“Did you like that?”

Margaret didn’t answer.

“If you liked it, you can keep it.  I’ve got a couple of others.”  Turning another page, she tried to keep it light, tried to make the girl more comfortable than the obvious mental tumult she was currently dealing with, “I’ve spent many nights with Bob.”  Looking over to her, “He’s the most reliable I’ve ever been with.”  Trying to elicit a smile, “You do know Bob, right?”

The pause was long enough to let her gather her courage up to say a simple, “No.”

“Bob; Battery Operated Boyfriend.”  Grinning at her own joke, “And now he’s yours.”

Margaret did smile, but didn’t let it show.  “Thank you.”

“Why don’t you come over here and sit on your bed.  We’ll talk.  It’ll be nice.”  The girl didn’t move, “You know, Mags, before I got here I was so nervous.  I didn’t know what to expect, if I’d be accepted, if I’d like it or not.  I was so afraid of all the things I didn’t know.”

Putting the magazine down, she spun to a seated position, pulling her legs up under her.  “But it turns out that the house is not haunted, the sorority is not a bunch of pretentious, frigid, socialites, and my roommate is not an axe murderer.”  Her brow suddenly furrowed and she grabbed at a pillow to hug and asked shyly, “You’re not an axe murderer, right?”  Waiting just a second before adding, “I mean, I wouldn’t want to offend you if you were.”  Getting louder, “I mean, there’s nothing wrong with it, I guess.  Don’t get me wrong, it was just an assumption, a wild guess.”  Standing, “You can keep your axe wherever you like.  I don’t mind, really I don’t.”

“I’m not an axe murderer.”  You could hear the smile but she stayed huddled by the bathroom door.

“Really?”  Sitting back down, deflated, “I was just getting use to the idea.”  Gazing off, “Just think of the letters I could send home.”  Picking up the magazine, “Well, I’m not either.  So if you don’t want to talk about the closet right now, I won’t chop your head off.”  Looking to her a little more seriously, “But we do need to get to know each other’s ‘intimate secrets’ by the morning gathering and it seems as good a place as any to begin.”  Scooting on the bed and leaning back against the headboard, she was easily back into her reading.

It took a few more minutes, but eventually she took a tentative step…and then another.  Starting to sit at the foot of her bed, she mustered her courage and rounded the footpost to sit on the side, facing Nicole.

Page after page was turned, and finally Margaret spoke through the dangling curls that shadowed her, “I had sex with a boy…twice.”

Smiling, Nicole looked up, gently she asked, “Did you like it?”

Blushing behind her locks that swung to the slight shake of her head, “Not really.”

A short chuckle as she set the magazine aside, “Was it romantic?”

Her laugh was cute, but she cut it short, “No.”

Nodding to the girl, “Without romance or emotion it’s not normally very good.”

Still shaking her head, she repeated, “No.”

“Have you ever had someone you wanted to be romantic with?”

Lifting her head, she let the curls part slightly and made eye contact, “I think so.”

“Do you dream about romance?”  Her smile was far away as she thought about it herself.

“Not really.”

“No?”  Coming back, “Have you…have you ever had a really good kiss?  A good, sloppy, needy, emotion filled French kiss?”

The curls came back together, seemingly without her even moving her head, “Yeah,” she giggled but cut it.

Trying not to prod too hard, Nicole eased forward, “Do you want to tell me about it?”

“Not really,” She giggled, but harder.  It became infectious and soon they were both in the grip of a full belly laugh.

Taking a minute to let it run its course, they both finally calmed enough to wipe the tears from their faces and it was Margaret who spoke first, “You’re funny.”

“No,” Shaking her head with both hands up, “You can’t blame me for that.”  Still wiping her eyes, “That one was all you.”

“Yeah, well…maybe.”  She waited until they’d both calmed completely, letting the silence soothe them, then finally she chose to go on, “It was at a church camp.”

Turning her head, “The kiss?”

“Uh huh,” Nodding, playing with her fingers, “Father takes the parish youth group every summer.”

Interested, Nicole resisted the compulsion to sit forward, not wanting anything to cause the girl to pause.  Thinking fast for an innocent question, she settled for, “How old were you?”

“I was fifteen.”  She stopped wringing her hands as she spoke, “A bunch of us went out to a campfire one of the boys had made out around the hill, away from the parents.”

Prodding very gently, Nicole almost whispered, “And you went with them?”

Nodding, “We were all around the fire and some of the boys were kissing some of the girls.”  Pausing, she swallowed and shrugged her shoulders as she gathered the memory, “They made a game of kissing with their tongues like in the movies and some of the older kids, the way they did.”

Watching the girl blush and pause, she tried to guide her, “Was it fun?”

Exhaling deeply, “I mostly just watched.”

“Was watching romantic?”

Tilting her head, “A little, maybe.”

Not wanting the pause to affect the story, she kept her voice relaxed and unhurried, yet still cued the girl, “So…what happened then?”

“Oh,” Her hands flopped back and forth, “Well, some of the popular boys started making fun of the others,” glancing up through her curled veil, “the one’s that weren’t playing.”  Her hands smoothed down her skirt, “So each of the other boys picked a girl and they all broke off into pairs.”

“You said ‘they’.  You mean you weren’t picked?”

“Well, no, not really.”  Margaret looked up again, “I’m the preacher’s daughter.”  Her eyes fell back to her hands, “I don’t know why, but it makes a difference.”

“So…how did you get your kiss?”  Nicole finally did sit forward.

Staring at Nicole for a moment, the hint of a smile broke through, “I’m getting to that.”

Smiling back, she put her hands up in surrender, “I’m sorry, continue.”

“Each boy had picked a girl and the only ones left were me and Cindy Barker.  She was brand new and nobody really knew her but she tried to fit in.”  She started talking too Nicole, “She tried really hard but she didn’t really fit anywhere.  But Billy Kehle, one of the boys, told her that to fit in she had to play along and he was teasing her for no real reason.  He told her that since she and I were the only ones left, she had to kiss me to be a part of the group.”  She took a sigh and a pause.

“Was that hard for you?”

“For me?”  Her eyebrows creased, trying to make sense of the question, “I had wanted to fit in for so long, I thought this was my chance.  I was kind’a excited.  We both stood and Billy gathered everyone around to watch.”

Nicole watched her roommate’s excitement grow in just the telling of her story as she herself got anxious for the rest of it.

Without a prompt, she continued, “As we stepped up to each other, she asked me if I really wanted to do it and I just nodded because I did really want to do it.  Everybody was making noise,” she started playing with her hands again, “And I leaned in and she brought her face to me and we gave each other a kiss on the lips.”

Leaning back on her headboard, Nicole felt really sorry for the girl and wanted to comfort her, “And from that one kiss you could feel the romantic connection.”  Nodding as to confirm it with her, “That’s really sweet.”

Margaret looked at her, raising her head high enough to let the curls part entirely and giggled, “Nooo,” Drawing it out for emphasis, “Come on, I’m not dense.  It’s not romantic yet.”

Covering her mouth, “I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to assume…”

Actually cutting her off, “Well, the boys wouldn’t let it go at that and started calling at us that we had to grab at each other and we had to use our tongues and a bunch of other stuff and Cindy Barker started to cry and I didn’t feel too good either and we were both just standing there,”  Her hands stopped in mid motion, “so I reached around her and took her in my arms.  She hugged me back and we just stood there with each other as everybody kept calling stuff out and making noise.”  Looking up, “It was kinda like hugging my father, he’s not a very big man, but I could feel her chest push back against mine.  It was different but I thought it was okay and she needed somebody to connect to and I guess I kinda did too so we were just there, together, for each other.”

Margaret’s head tilted back as she stared off into the memory, inadvertently giving her roommate her best smiling profile, “I got, these…” both her hands turned palm up in an indecisive contortion, “…I don’t know, feelings.”  Her eyes flowed back to Nicole, “They came from her first, but then I got ’em too.”  Her shoulders shrugged, “Cindy put a hand on the back of my head and just kissed my lips.  She held me for a second like that and I had like some kind of like electricity go through me.”  Bowing her head again, “It felt, I guess really good.  So I began to kiss her back.”

Sitting on the edge of her bed, Nicole felt her own heart race but strained with an intense effort not to interject during the girl’s pauses.

“Everybody was yelling and cheering,” Looking up, she was smiling, “I guess.  I don’t really remember hearing any of it, but she opened her mouth and I felt her tongue and kinda sounds weird saying it,” Crinkling her nose made her look really cute, “but it felt, just…sorta right, so I opened mine and our tongues came together and we just, kind of, explored, I guess.”

Margaret shifted on the bed, “It was really good, sort a like comforting.  I felt like I belonged.”  Waving a hand, “Not with the group, they were like, not even there anymore; I felt like I belonged with her, right then, right there.”  The pace and cadence of her speech had steadily increased, “I hugged her tightly and put all of myself into the kiss.  It didn’t take any effort at all.  It was like nothing I’d ever done.  My whole body tingled.”

Slowing again, she let her hair shift to the front.  A hand went to her breast, “I could feel myself…getting…bigger, against her.  And I could feel her too, and we just pushed our bodies tighter together and I got lost in the feel of her mouth and I just let go.”  She shuddered, “It wasn’t anything I could control.  It was, sort of, I don’t know…natural.  It seemed to go on forever.  We just stood there together, in front of the fire, lost in each other.”

She sat quite for a full minute, smiling at the memory replayed again.

Finally looking up, she chanced a glance at Nicole who was hiding her own face, so she went on, “We didn’t get a chance to see each other again.  We were in different cabins that night and different vans on the way back to town.  I was able to just see her get out of the van that next day and into the arms of her parents.  She looked at me and smiled, like we were really friends, like she really meant it.  It felt so good.

Margaret’s head started to slowly shift back and forth, “On Tuesdays we had bible study and I was almost sick waiting for her, but she didn’t come.  Her dad was in the military and they left as fast as they’d come in.”  After a long deep breath, “Cindy Barker, I’ll always remember the fire and Cindy Barker.  She made me feel so…complete.”

Just telling the story made her beam with radiance.  Sitting in her afterglow, she hadn’t noticed Nicole’s unnatural silence until now.  Looking, she saw her with her head hanging, her own hair hiding her.  The quiet was broken by a sniffle.  “Nicole?  Are you Okay?”

Rolling across the bed, Nicole stretched out to a box of tissue and pulled it to her.  With her back to her new friend, she noisily blew her nose.  Dabbing at her eyes as she rolled over, “That was absolutely beautiful.”  She blew her nose again, “I’ve been with seven different guys,” sniffling, “I’ve done everything I thought was possible, so many ways, but I never…” she had to stop again.  Another wipe and sniffle while she scooted down her bed to sit right across from her, “I have never heard anything so beautiful in all of my life.”  Taking Margaret’s hands, she stood them both up and took her into a tight, friendly hug which was openly allowed.

After the moment of comforting, Margaret softly said, “Thank you, that felt really good.”

Breaking the hug just enough to look into her eyes, Nicole silently nodded.

“Yeah,” The girl’s eyes again found the floor, “I’ve never told anyone about that before.”

Surprised, “You should tell everyone.”

Blushing behind the curtain of her hair, “I don’t know about that.”

Something fell to the floor and they both saw the silver shaft roll to a stop.  Margaret blushed an even deeper crimson as Nicole’s carefree spirit had no issues bending over and picking it up.  Handing it over, “I believe this is yours.”

The girl stood stone still.

“What?  You didn’t like it?”

Shifting in her place, “Yeah, a little, yeah…well…” she giggled, “A lot.”

Noticing how clean it still was, “You didn’t put it in?”

Furrowing her eyebrows, “In what?”

“In you, ya silly goose!”  Grabbing the girl, gasping as it hit her, “You’ve never used one before, have you?”  Not letting the girl answer completely, she heard her mumble something about an electric razor and talked right over the nonsense, “See, the bulb at the end is bent and designed specifically for the G-spot.  I mean, you can use it for clitoral stimulation, but it’s not called a ‘G-Whiz’ for nothing.”  Stopping herself, she just put it into the quiet girl’s hands and harnessed her own excitement, “You just keep it and use it however and whenever you want.”

Grabbing Nicole’s arm as she turned, regaining her attention, “How do…I mean, how would you…you know?”  Margaret grinned at her roommates gaping eyes, “I wanna, I guess, know.  It was…” looking to the closet, “…really nice.”

Really nice?”  Clearing her throat to cover her initial reaction, “I think we can get you up and over that ‘really nice’ bar you’ve set.”  Swallowing her laugh, “Okay, first, what turns you on?”

Turning her face away, she stifled another giggle, “I don’t know.  Lots of things, I guess.”  Looking back to her, “What’s a G-spot?”





Chapter 10




The glow from the west waned but the blanket of clouds kept the air comfortable.  Winding through the gardens, the soft loam path drank from the cloud’s offer, adding to its malleable luxury.  Beyond the small grass yard and gracefully resplendent gardens, the path meandered through a tastefully preserved memory of the forest that once dominated the whole area.  It left the thicket of trees behind the far edge of the garden to finish the excursion through and meet itself just before the yard of grass.

Approaching that junction, Randi’s momentum carried her forward beyond the fork without even noticing.  She wanted to go out on the town but couldn’t get beyond her dulling aches.  Walking slowly and carefully still reminded her at every step that she would be no good out tonight anyway.  Her light steps on the soft ground had her floating through the garden, reminiscing about the previous evening and his marvelous touch.

Entering the canopy of trees, she was amused at the dramatically severe twists the path made, taking advantage of every side of every pine in the stand.  Circling a particularly large one, she noticed that the many numerous lower limbs all spread out and bowed, their tips bouncing lightly at the ground, concealing the trunk and making the tree appear huge at the bottom.

“It’s called a Traveler’s Den Fir,” A deep voice whispered.

Jumping is sudden fright, she let out a peep of a squeal before turning to face her assailant.  Exhaling in relief, “What’re you doin’ here?” she whispered.

“Why, my lollipop, I’m here for you.”  He smiled and drew her toward him.

“No,” Stepping back, “I can’t.”  Stopping, she put her hands on her hips and scowled at him, “I got caught fer last night.”  Her bottom lip came out as she defiantly looked beyond him, “They punished me for it.”

“Awww,” Teasing her, “Did Cupcake get grounded?”

“No, they…didn’t ground me.”  Turning too quickly, she hitched as a stab took her.

Stepping to her, “Are you okay?”  He tried to take her arm.

Pulling away, she raised her chin, “I got spanked with a belt.”  Realizing immediately how childish it sounded, she added with less conviction, “It’s sort of a sorority thing.”

Looking genuinely concerned, “Is it that bad?”  He moved as to touch her backside.

Turning to keep him in front of her, flinching, almost giggling, “It’s bad enough, now stop!”

“I want to see it.”  His grin betrayed his attempt at a serious request, “For…your own safety.”

Pointing, “You have got to go.  I can’t get caught again.”  Putting a finger to his chest, “You just get on back to from wherever it is you come from.”

Standing firm, “Not until I am sure you are okay.”

“Look, it was just four lashes with one of my own belts.  It’s just a little sore, that’s all.”

“Let me see if it’s okay and then I’ll go, Pumpkin.”  He actually managed to look sincere, “I’m just worried about you.”

With her hands on her hips, she eyed him skeptically, “And then you go?”

“I will be yours to command.”  He broke into a flourishing exaggerated bow.

Exasperated, she quickly unbuttoned her shorts and gently eased them over her welts until they rested under the top crease of her thighs.  Sticking her butt out, she tried to turn and look herself, “It’s not all that bad, I don’t think.”

He went to his knees and began to closely examine, “They are mild contusions, but not lacerated.”  One hand went to each hip and he felt her shudder as his thumbs gently played at the welts, “The perimeter in the most volatile and it appears to be mostly intact.”  Looking up to her, “Where is the fourth?”

“What?”  She was horrible at acting innocent and combined with the way her body was reacting to his touch made it all the worse.

His smile grew, “The fourth welt?  You said there were four.”

“Well,” Not able to pull herself away from his touch, “I did?”  She felt his fingers move to the base of her bottom’s center and pull gently at her shorts.  She instinctively arched her back to allow him room.

“Is this the fourth one?  My little candy cane, you should let me take a look.”  Touching the signs of the fourth that laid out onto her cheeks, she flinched, “No, Muffin, the labia is a very vulnerable skin type.  You are going to have to take these off and let me see.  I assure you, you do not want complications or infection.

“Look,” She finally pulled away and controlled the shiver as it raced through her spine, “You may talk yer smooth line, but I ain’t gonna take my pants off right here in front of God and everyone.”  Wincing as she raised her shorts.

“Beside the fact that I am almost positive that you relish the opportunity to parade around naked in front of your girlfriends because you are too proud of your body not to, my intention was to take you somewhere a little more private.”  He stepped to the huge fir and picked around the limbs until he found what he was looking for.  Lifting the limb and attached branches, he exposed a large hollow under them, “Hence, a ‘Traveler’s Den’.”

Staring in awe, “That’s amazing!”  She only had to duck slightly as he held the opening for her.  He followed her in and lowered the ‘door’ behind him.

The huge trunk centered the roomy clearing.  The bottom most branches didn’t start until six or seven feet up and they were large enough to spread several feet before bowing and dipping to the ground.  The open area was covered in a thick bedding of many years worth of the heavy needles which fell from the Fir.  Shadows fell a little heavier, but after a moment the difference was indiscernible as their eyes easily adjusted.

“Unbelievable.”  She whispered, “How’d ya know ‘bout it?” standing toe to toe with him.

Keeping to her volume, “It was a guess, really.  It just looked right.”  He saw her bite her lower lip, contemplating.  To take advantage of her indecision, he couldn’t hesitate.  Putting his fingers to her waistband he began with her buttons.  Answering her raised eyebrows, “While we still have enough light, Muffin,”

Putting her hands over his, “Just to see if it’s okay, right?”

“Honeybun, only what you desire.”

Finishing the button herself, “That sounded a little suggestive.”  Getting them over her butt, she shorts and her panties fell to her ankles.  Taking just one foot out, she remembered her prior experience with him and quickly kicked them over both feet and flipped them off to the side.  Dramatically she put the back of a hand to her brow, feigning subservience, “Do as you must.”

Kneeling before her, he joined her folly, “Yes, just another fair maiden in distress.”

“Damsel,” She corrected him, “I believe it’s a damsel in distress.”

Smiling, “Yes, well, come down here and I will define your violation.”

Batting her eyes, “How can a girl refuse?”  Squatting down brought a flinch, then as her hands touched the bed of needles, “I can’t put my butt down on this.”

“Here,” He helped her, “go to your knees, hold them and I’ll help you roll over.”  Hiding his smirk, “You just keep your knees to your chest and your butt won’t touch.”

Eying him suspiciously, she just nodded and smiled, “You just see that I’m okay, Prince Charming.”  Holding her shins, she lowered her shoulder and felt him guide her easily to her back.  Gripping her shins as she was, caused her thighs to spread just enough.

His hands were warm against her inner thighs as she allowed him to spread them further.  Tingling at his touch, her body craved his hands, willing them to close upon her needy folds.  Pulling hard on her shins raised her hips, offering her lust to him.  She easily was able to ignore the heat which sparked up from her stretching the damaged area.

“Yes.  Yes.”

The deep timbre of his voice, even at his low volume, sent vibrations from and through her sex.  She stayed quiet and willed him to speak again.

“The welt is shallow and I don’t believe damaging.”  His fingers toyed at the flesh around her anus, pulling slightly at her perineum then the tips surveyed the virtually undamaged vulva.  He could feel her heart begin to pound and noticed her mouth open in an attempt to quietly get more oxygen.  Slowly he stroked the outer ridge of her labia before resting his fingers on the innermost fold, “Does it hurt much, Pudding Pie?”

“It…it…I…”  Very slowly she felt herself being opened, braking the seal to within her.  Her entire body flashed a quick spasm as a single drop of built moisture trickled over and into the neighboring pucker.  “Oh, oh…”

A single finger massaged the exposed inner wall, spreading the moisture, “Is there any pain here, Buttercup?”

“Mm Mmmm, Ohhh, Pleeeese.  Ohhh.”  Her hips slowly rocked in time with the finger.

They made eye contact for a quick moment as he was lowering his face to her.  Merely setting his tongue upon her wetness had her locked in a paroxysm of anticipation.  Both hands gentled to her striped cheeks and he pushed hard upon them at the very same moment that his tongue buried into her.

Her cry was restrained but still an obvious mix of expressions as her body fought to process the combination of sensations.  Lapping through the trough of her arousal, he advanced up and out, stopping just at the base of her stiffening node.  “Sugarplum, I think you are going to recover without complications.”

Clamping her thighs tightly around him, “Oh my God!  Don’t you dare stop!”

Lifting his head brought her body with him.  As if magically, his pants had disappeared and his erection laid across her entrance.  “Do you think you are medically capable?”

Her feet hit the ground flat and her hips lifted him with her.  Lowering her hands, she dug her nails into the muscle of his buttocks, “Take me…please.”

Plowing under her shoulders, his hands each took a firm grasp of hair.  Matching his pace, he pulled with his hands just as he pushed with his hips.  Her head bent back as he broke the entrance.  She whined in struggle while he started the plunge, then cried out in pain as her head rolled up under her neck as far as it would go yet the pulling did not subside.

Her focus shifted quickly as he drove the final inches, bullying her viscera and bathing her in an ocean of pleasure, tapping her craving, fulfilling her excitement.  She dug even deeper and pulled with a fury as his body pumped the piston of their hunger.  Long, solid timed strokes, each out to the tip, each buried to the base shifted and jolted her body to the battering.

Without pause, his teeth took to her blouse, ripping each button that stopped him, then pulling and tearing until the rest came free. “I want to feel the heat of your body, your anguish.  Come with me.”  He stopped and through their gasping, “Will you come with me to the tree?”

Digging and clawing him to continue, she cried out, “Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  Come on, Yes!”

In one fluid motion he rose, took her up, removed the shreds of her shirt and placed her face first against the trunk of the tree.  Lifting her, he entered her from behind then pushed his body into and onto hers, trapping her firmly against the tree.  Pushing into her deeper, he took her wrists in his hands and guided them around the wide trunk.

Whispering, “I will get deeper if you wrap your legs around it as well.”

She responded with just a whimper.

“Gumdrop, do not fret, I will not let you fall.”  Pushing harder, “Trust me.”

The pressure of his body drove her brutally onto the sharp edges of the thick bark.  Her breasts were caught.  She thought she may have been able to pull them to the sides, but not now.  Any movement now would surely tear the skin.  The weight and strength of his body would not relent and yet she wanted nothing but for him to push even harder.

From her cheeks to her collarbone, breasts, ribs, belly and pubis; her entire torso raged with the agony of a thousand tiny daggers.  As her arms circled the tree, she gripped it tightly for fear she might slip and open every pierce.  The command to wrap her legs seemed only logical, since her feet didn’t touch the ground anyway.

As the bark bit into the tender flesh of her inner thighs, her payment came in the form of an explosion of ecstasy.  He began to plunge with a force, over and over, deeper and deeper, shifting and tearing her body with every glorious stab and lunge of his assault.

Gripping yet even tighter into the torment of the tree, her body awash in the throes of her rapturous condition, she began to buck back into each drive of her assailant, increasing the pain but also increasing the euphoria which currently took precedence.

The volume of her cries escalated as she pushed and fought to push more.  The waves of paradise and building pressure were so intense that their power consumed her ability to resist as she could not process the full depth of her pain or pleasure beyond the pending eruption.

Melding the energy of that first climactic contraction with the severity of her physical traumas produced ferocious convulsions which radiated in dazzling waves of ethereal wanton rhapsody.

Incapacitated and enthralled, she accepted with gratitude the many paralyzing spasms that cramped her body in a tremendous series or orgasmic explosions.  Deeper and harder the fury of her stranger continued within her; eliciting more and more, encouraging every spasm and contortion as he filled her without mercy.

Finally able to breathe, she did.  Finally able to cry out, she did.  A primal, guttural shrill which only asked for more.  Compressed to the agony of the tree by her own power, she crushed it in her grip of arms and legs as her energy waned with the fading intensity of each shuddering seizure.

Her own body was finally spent of its fortune but the shaft within her still drove with a determined vigilance, unhindered by her physical poverty.  She cried in earnest as the powerful thrusts shifted her body at each turn.  The pressure on her back decreased as he put more effort into the lancing of her flesh, leaving her even more vulnerable to the movement he persisted toward.

The cry flowed into a scream as he wrenched her from the trunk.  Suspended by his strength alone, she was crushed down onto his shaft and held painfully tight as he shook to his foundation and fountained a stream of warmth that filled her with his passion.  His heat spread throughout her as he returned to his jackhammer pace before again crushing her and filling her again.  The knowledge of his pleasure and contentment blended in the pounding of his effort and the blast of his heat, producing an aftershock convulsion strong enough to again incapacitate her, strong enough to easily rival the rest.

Long, slow strokes continued as they both glowed in their accomplishments.  Her legs finally just dangled limply as she laid back against his strong body and let him support her.

After moment of gathering their breath, he spoke, “The mighty lioness has claimed and conquered her jungle.”  Lowering to his knees, he laid her on the bed of comparatively soft needles and followed her down, not yet removing his receding lust.  “Tomorrow at sundown, will you return here for me?”

Still lost in the maelstrom of her sensations, she only knew she didn’t want it to end.  Feeling his flaccidity finally pull from her body, she only know that it must be returned.  She could not go on thinking that she passed on an opportunity for this to happen again.  “Yes…” Barely discernable, she cried out louder, “Yes!  Oh God, yes!”

Feeling his weight leave her, she was finally allowed the oxygen to breathe almost normally.  Still immobile from the toll her body took, sensations began to return to normal in bits and pieces as the circulation left some areas and returned to others and she became agonizingly aware of hundreds of tiny stabbings as they began to burn while she shifted in the needles.

“Tomorrow, my muffin, I will bring something to try and limit your volume.”  Pushing at a patch of branches, “We certainly do not need any more eavesdroppers.”

Shifting quickly, flinching at the effort, panicked, “Are there…did someone, are we?”

“Honeybun, listen,” he paused long enough for her to hear and then continued, “Until tomorrow, my sweet little lemon drop.”  Stopping to look back with raised eyebrows, “I expect your attendance,” Clearly not a wish but a command.

Pulling her knees up under her, she was still alarmed at the howling of what seemed like every dog for miles around.  Smiling, “How do you know…” her words ended in a huff, for without a noise he was gone.

Accepting his departure, she groped around for her clothes for several minutes.  The darkness had become thick and within the den almost total.  Every move she made caused the many sores to pull and twist, hundreds of them.  By no means was it a severe pain but it was a constant reminder of the agony of the tree.  She would have to come up with a way to meet somewhere else.

Frustrated, she was unable to find her shorts and panties but her blouse was long enough to maybe get her to her room.  She put it on to find it torn and tattered beyond any real use.  Doing what she could to use the remaining material, she finally gave up and crawled under the branch bare to the world.

“It would figure.”  Grunting, she ran toward the house as rain fell in buckets, drenching her and her single remnant of clothing.  She could only pray that she could get in unseen.





Chapter 11




Every girl was screened.  They should all be viable.”  Turning back to the two, “Any of them who are unprepared for what they see or what we do and leave because of it will be a direct reflection of your inabilities.”  Her words were stern yet calm, “Which one is missing?”

“Tamera Doran, Ms. Davenport.  She never made it to dinner and her roommate says all her stuff is gone.”

Waving a hand, she began to pace, “Miss Doran was one of the G.P.A. girls, she would have never made it to auction regardless.  You will just have to pull up some of the slack in grades yourselves.”

Candace pleaded, “Ms. Davenport, I already have a three-point-eight and this semest…”

“Then there is still room for improvement.”  Firm but calm, “The fact that your first two years brought only dullards is not an issue I am particularly concerned with.”

“How about the fact that an acceptable G.P.A. is required for us to bring you another group of prospects next year?”  Candace quipped quietly.

Staring at the girl’s indignation, “Yes, I do suppose that does concern me.”  Her smile grew, “We will have to coddle the grade makers.”  Crossing her arms under her breasts while staring down the girl, “But we will continue to train and prepare and punish at every given opportunity.”  Shifting her gaze, “Christina?”

“Yes, Mistre…” stopping herself, still unsure of exactly when the title was required, “Yes, Ms. Davenport.”

“You will remind me in the morning to make an example of Miss Doran’s roommate.  These girls will perform better if they become more aware of each other.  You will also have to wait for your punishment this evening to begin.”  Looking back to Candace but still speaking to Christina, “It appears as though your roommate will not only participate in yours,” smiling, “but her insolence has earned her a place of her own before me.”

Bowing her head, she kept her excitement hidden, “Yes, Ms. Davenport.”

Stepping to the girl, she lifted her chin so they could look eye to eye, “You recall fondly the experience of earlier.  You want more of that.”  Grabbing the girl’s chin, she slowly shook it back and forth, “This will be nothing like this morning.”  Tracing her jaw with a finger, her smile was genuine, “You will be a fun one, I’m sure of it; truly a precious gem.”  Turning to the door, she called over her shoulder, “Have her ready for me in the study.  I am going to get something special for her and then I’ll be right down.”  Turning at the door, “I do expect she will be ready.”  With a devious grin, she was gone.


Pulling at Candace’s clothes as they ran, “Why did you antagonize her?”

“I just stated the obvious.”  Pulling her shirt off, they both quickly slowed to a walk as a couple of girls past them, giggling.  Noticing the two top senior sisters, they both quieted and nodded as they passed.

“Can, you need to begin now.”  Turning the last corner to the empty hall that led to the study, they again hurried their pace.  “What you did was totally unacceptable under a master.  It’s not just sex and masochism and your orgasms, it’s about submission.”

Arriving, they both worked quickly, Candace at her clothes and Christina at the cuffs.  Done with the ankles, she rose, gliding a hand along the thin muscular thigh and hip, staring intently at the fine silken patch and the way the base of her torso so nicely fit into the carriage of her hips, “You need to accept that with total submission comes total release from responsibility.  You just do what you’re told.”  Starting on a wrist cuff, “I mean, some masters do just want a sex slave while others might just want you to…I don’t know,” throwing her hands up, “clean their house naked or something, never even touching you.  But most are truly sadists, like Ms. Davenport.  She just wants to be the cause of your pain.  If you get off on it too, then so be it, but one thing they all have in common is a need for total and absolute control, complete submission.”  Finishing with the final cuff, she let her friend’s hand go.  “Get to your position.  If you’re already there when she gets here, she’ll like that.”

Putting her hands behind her head she asked, “Like before?”

“No, under the light fixture, like I was.”

Standing under the Candelabra, Candace spread her legs, locked her fingers behind her neck and raised her elbows high which pushed out her chest.  It actually served to emphasize her lack of chest, but it was the effort that counted.  “Well, I don’t want a master if he won’t use me for sexual pleasure.  It just seems pointless otherwise.”

“Can, you don’t get a choice, they do, and you got a fifty-fifty chance you’ll get a mistress or an even better chance that which ever you get they’ll just want you to play with another girl anyway, so it’s not even sex regardless.”

Laughing, “Come on, Tina, you know better than that.  If I cum, then it was sex.”

“What if you master ties you tight to a rack and then spends two hours just tickling you?”  Her eyes kept floating down to eye her friend’s naked body.

Eyes wide, “Oh, God!  I just couldn’t!  I’d probably pee all over everything.”

“Maybe they’ll want that.  Maybe they’ll force you to do that.”  Sitting in front of her, Christina had to work to keep her focus up high, “I spent a whole day on loan to a master,” seeing her friend’s expression, “Oh yeah, you will be loaned out or traded, but this one guy had miles of this soft silk rope.  He began to tie me up, making all of these intricate knots up and down each leg, then all the way up my arms.  He then linked my wrists to my ankles, forearms to calves, elbows to knees.  I was getting so turned on.  He circled both breasts in this rope.  It was tight and it began to hurt but I didn’t care, I was ready to burst.  So he turned me over to my stomach which made my arms and legs spread out real wide and left me balanced on my chest.  It was agony but I just wanted more.  It had taken him three hours to complete all the knots.  The anticipation was nothing I’d ever felt before.”

Not able to take the long pause, Candace had to ask, “So what happened?”

Palms up, shoulders shrugged, “Nothing.”  Looking back and forth from between her legs to up to her eyes.

“What do you mean, ‘nothing’?

“He left me there for about an hour while he went off and did who knows what…well, we probably know what, then he came back and undid all the knots in about five minutes, led me out to his den and had me sit in the corner where he could see me and gave me absolute instructions not to touch myself or get off in any way.”

“Oh my God!  I don’t know if I could do it.”

Shrugging her shoulders, “You have no choice but to do it.  That’s the beauty of submission; for that time, the weights of the world are gone.  I mean, sure, you’ll have no job, no classes, no bills, no homework, but you’ll also not have to worry about what to do when, about what to wear or how to sit or anything.  If your master is good at their domination, they choose everything.  Your only job is to obey.  It’s unbelievably liberating and you should practice it now, Can, practice submission every chance you get.  There is no good, there is no bad, there only is.  It’s a freedom everyone should try.”  As her speech ran out, her eyes again focused on the open legs before her.

“But the sit in the corner and do nothing when you’re all hot and ready, didn’t you just hate it?”

“It was…frustrating, but the next morning I was suspended by my ankles and flogged until I did cum and it was one of the most intense orgasms I’d ever had.”  Shrugging, “If I didn’t submit to their will, I would have never been able to have that.”

“Just submit?”  Nodding, “Okay, Tina, I really will try, but it all seems sort of…”

She stopped her with just a single finger in the air, “The first and hardest thing to control is your mouth.  That’s why you spent this morning with a gag in yours.”  Squatting down in front of her friend, she instructed, “When she gets here, which she should be here by now, you’ll impress her if you only say ‘yes, Mistress Leah’ or ‘no, Mistress Leah’.”

“Should I call her ‘Mistress Leah’?”

Looking up to her, “I just said you should.  I am your superior, at least in this I am, so practice now, Answer only ‘yes, Ma’am’ or ‘no, Ma’am’.  Do you understand?”  She scooted forward to close to within just a couple of feet from her friend’s open thighs.

“Yes, I understand.”

An open hand flew and struck severely across the inner thigh.

“Ahhhh!  Hey!”  Prancing, “Shit!  Damn it!”

Calling over the top of the fidgeting, “Answer only ‘yes, Ma’am’ or ‘no Ma’am’.  Do you understand?”

Emphatically she blurted, “Yes, Ma’am!”

“That’s better.”  Settling back down, Christina watched the handprint on her friend redden and rise, “Do you recall back in High School, after volleyball practice, the girls would make fun of you in the showers because of your little breasts?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

Staring the girl up and down from her lower vantage gave her old memories of the showers, but also more recent thoughts of the earlier contact with her tongue, “I always looked at your body too, but I never made fun of it.”

The desire to lower her arms and cover herself was receding, “No, Ma’am.”

Running a single finger up the front of a thigh, “I always thought your body was beautiful.”  She waited to see if she would get a response, then added, “Did you ever look at my body?”  Smiling and bouncing her eyebrows at the girl.

Pinking slightly, “Yes, Ma’am.”

“Did you want to be with me?  To hold me and kiss me?”  She almost blushed at the words herself.

After a slight pause, she began, “Well…”  The slap was sharp and crisp, “Ahhhh!  No,” Momentarily confused, “Well, Yes…Ma’am.”

Rubbing the second sting, “Had you ever dreamed of a time when I’d do what I did to you earlier?”  Her hand inched higher.

Candace smiled and unconsciously rolled her hips forward, “Yes, Ma’am.”

Drawn closer by the motion, “Why didn’t we…”

The door opened and they both fell silent.  Christina slid back just a little as the mistress turned to lock the door.

“You are ready and it is a good thing.”  Dropping a small tote, Leah went right to the closet and could sense her pet sliding back some more, “Stay where you are.  You will do what is first needed there.”  Returning, she handed Christina a four-foot thin but sturdy spreader bar with a fixed eyelet on each end.  Pointing to the trainee’s ankle cuffs, “Turn those around, ring side in and latch her to the bar.”

“Yes, Mistress Leah.”  Christina deftly unbuckled a cuff and spun it, refastening it just as tight as it was.  The pole was clipped to the heavy ‘D’ ring in the cuff before she scurried over to do the other.  Candace’s legs had to get quite a bit wider to get around the bar, but once in place she no longer had to flex to maintain the stance for the bar kept her legs from opening further into a splits.

Allowing her pet to clear, Leah waited before approaching her new subject, letting the crop bounce in her hand and letting the girl stew for a time.  Before too long, she did finally ask the girl, “Do you know why you are being punished?”

Without delay, “Yes, Mistress Leah.”

Looking down to Christina, who had slid back, she smiled and nodded, “Well done.”  A single flip of her finger and the girl sprang to her feet.  Back to her new student, “And you do agree to this punishment freely?”

Without making eye contact, she looked beyond her, “Yes, Mistress Leah.”

A nipple was slowly pinched then tightly clenched between her thumb and forefinger before twisting it in a roll.  The tiniest mew of discontent did not go unnoticed, “‘Anything’ I wish?” she asked while adding force.

“Yes…Mistress…Leah.”  Her eyes lowered until closed while she fought the pain.

Releasing her, “That is much better.”  Maneuvering herself to be in the line of the girl’s vision, “Is it because you did not like the gag this morning?”

Her brow clenched, “No…Yes,” shaking her head, “No, Mistress Leah.”

Pacing before her, “Never be afraid to answer honestly.  If you did not like it, say so.  If you did not mind it or even liked it, that is fine as well.”  Stopping again before her, “Be honest, did the ball gag bother you?”

Shaking her head as she said, “No, Mistress Leah.”

“Good.  I will keep that in mind and not hesitate in the future to use it.”  To Christina, “Get another set of cuffs for her elbows in place while I ready my things.”

“Yes, Mistress Leah.”  Christina fled to the desk and returned just as fast, tucking one under her arm as she buckled the other thick leather wrap just above her friend’s elbow.  The wide cuff covered almost all of her bicep and the soft liner compressed under the pressure of the buckles before her hand was allowed to return back to behind her neck.

“Undress as well, my pet, you might just as well share in the festivities until your turn comes.”  Pausing, she approached, “In fact,” handing over a stiff leather paddle, “I think your friend would be more comfortable if you did this.”  The spanker was four inches wide and a foot long on its face, ending with a thick round sturdy handle.

Taking the paddle cautiously, “Yes, Mistress Leah.”

Clapping her hands, “Undress!  Chop chop!”  Leah watched in amusement as the girl’s clothes literally flew from her body.  “Now,” she had to stop and turn to hide the amusement she couldn’t hide otherwise.  Using the moment to apparently tinker with another item, she composed herself, turned and handed her pet a thin rod, “Take this as well and make a sure measurement.”

Taking the rod, Christina knew what was expected.  The eight-inch rod had a small fixed clamp at each end of it.  Holding it up to their subject’s chest, she telescoped the rod to about six inches.

Watching from behind, Leah huffed, “I know you are not serious.”  It closed another inch, “Go on,” it got to where the clips were about four inches apart.  “Do you think that is going to be far enough?”

Exhaling, “Yes, Mistress Leah.”

“Don’t get huffy with me, girl.”  Waving a finger at her, “Tighten it down another inch.”  To Candace, “When it begins to tear, you will remember that it was because of her insolence.”  She turned to go then looked back, anticipating…

Candace rushed when she realized to respond, “Yes, Mistress Leah.”

Nodding, “Better.  Now,” Raising her brow to her makeshift assistant, “Do I need to instruct you step by step?”

Christina’s hand went to her friend’s breast, “No, Mistress Leah.”  Holding the bar in her teeth for the moment, she cupped the slight swell of a breast and with her thumb and forefinger spread wide, she pushed, lifting it, tightening the skin and immobilizing the breast.  Without having to line the paddle up, she took a swing and the leather slapped loudly against the flesh producing a short shriek from the subject.

Immediately the assistant, Christina, jumped and cried out loudly as the back of her thigh erupted in an explosion of unexpected pain.

“That was pathetic!”  Leah swung her crop again at her pet’s thigh but less aggressively, just for emphasis, “Hit her like you want it to hurt!  You know that wide paddle is not going to do damage.”

Trying hard not to rub or favor her flaming thigh, “Yes…Mistress Leah.”

Circling them, “And her little breasts do not need your support.  Remove your hand and do it again like you know I want it done.”

“Yes, Mistress Leah.”  Pushing her own pain back, she avoided her friend’s gaze as she lined up again and dropped a massive strike.

Crying out a shrill squeak, the student’s hands came down from behind her neck to cover her damaged parts, tipping herself over as the fury of the pain raged through her.  Christina had no choice but to catch her and take her into an embrace as she fell into her arms.

With a tap of the crop on her bottom, the mistress got Christina’s attention and mouthed the whispered words, “Talk her through it.  Help her.  She does not want to fail.”

Propping her friend up, she took her face in both hands to steady her, “Look at me, Can.  Look at me.”  Through a haze of tears she did, “Catch your breath.  Focus on your breathing and try to calm down.  It’s just pain, it’s not damage.  Use your common sense and over ride your body’s nature.  You know it’s not damage, it’s just your body that doesn’t.”

Righting her, the girl balanced on her own and finally did calm as the shock of the initial concussion faded.

Getting eye contact, Christina asked, “Do you wish to continue?”

After a sniffle and a wipe of her face across her bare shoulder, the girl stood straighter and answered, “Yes, Ma’am.”

Smiling at the proper response and the girl’s tenacity, she aimed at the same breast, “I’m gonna do it again.”  The sobs began again, threatening to overcome her.  Resting the paddle on the intended target she urged, “Candace, please, focus.  It’s just like this morning.”

“No it’s not!”  The tears came again.

“Yes, Can, listen to me…it is the same.”  Reaching down, she played her fingernails through her small tuft and after a sharp inhale the girl did finally quiet.  The flat of Christina’s hand lightly curved under and stroked the entirety of the girl’s V.  “The pain is just stimuli, no different than my hand, just more intense.  Use that intensity, you have done it before.”  Stepping back, “It’s gonna hurt, of course it is, but it’s your decision what you do with it.  Do you understand that?”

Through a sniffle, “Yes, Ma’am.”

“Are you ready?”

“Yes…”  She took a deep cleansing breath and brought her hands and arms back into position before realizing her omission and quickly added, “…Ma’am.”

“Do you want me to hit you as hard as I did?”  The girl’s elevated arms emphasized the color and slight swelling.

Nodding to herself as much as to Christina, “Yes, I am ready.  Yes, Ma’am.”

Swinging from the hip without lining up or preamble, she battered the breast hard enough to make the girl shift her feet to keep her balance, bouncing from one to the other until she recovered.  She stopped screaming as soon as she realized she was and panted and gasped until she could breath but through it all had kept her arms up and her hands locked behind her neck and had also kept her head together as the process took its course.

Surprised at how good the aftermath of the fire and stinging pierce was feeling, she opened her eyes to see her friend suckling at her unaffected side.  Closing her eyes again, she let it go on feigning incapacitation.

Pulling her mouth away, Christina took a nipple in each hand and fondled, pulled and twisted; not harshly, but not gently either.  Finally she was satisfied with their firmness and took the paddle and rod out from under her arm.  Dropping the paddle, she opened the jaws of the first side, “Just relax and let this happen.”

Smiling to her friend, Candace was able to calm her breathing even further, “Yes, Ma’am.”  The jaws approached her and she closed her eyes.

“Just let it happen.  No matter what.”

Fingers pulled slightly at her nipple and she had to watch.  Her eyes opened just as the jaws of the clamp closed sending the metal teeth into her.  Her eyes closed again as she ground her teeth against it.  The final clamping of the spring loaded vice was as powerful as anything she’d yet to experience, but the slow pace which it was released gave her time to accept each small stage of the torment as it came on.  Then she felt it start to move.  Her other nipple was taken by fingers and pulled, pulled harshly, toward the other just as it was pulled as well.

Gasping as the first clamp pulled and pulled, her tiny breasts couldn’t move much but finally she felt the metal of the teeth and even through the agonizing brutality of the jaws, she was awash in relief that once the clamps were in place, the incessant pulling could end, would end…the connection was made, her harsh breathing turned to struggled pants and gasps, hoping the pulling would stop, needing her friend to stop the pulling, the biting, the searing agony of it.  When would she stop the pulling!

Opening her eyes just before she opened her mouth to complain, she realized that the pain and the pulling was unassisted.  Her friend had stepped back and the thin rod, only three inches long, held both nipples firmly, forcing them to pull against each other.

Leah stepped up and tugged at the rod.  The girl screeched and brought her elbows down.  Her hands stayed clasped, but her elbows dropped to defend her.  Laughing, she stepped away and commented to Christina, “Yes, that will do just fine.”  To her subject, “Go ahead, bring your arms down.”  Circling behind her, “You are almost ready for your spanking for being such an insolent child.”  The palm of her hand slapped up onto the open spread of her legs.  The girl flinched then moaned in relief as the hand slid firmly and slowly across her, drawing her hips back as the woman left her.

“Bring your hands behind you.”  To her assistant, “Clip her wrists together and string her to the overhead.”

“Yes, Mistress Leah.”  Stepping behind Candace, she could see that she was struggling to get her arms behind her pulling them straight back.  The further back she’d bring them, the more it would pull on her chest.  Christina took an arm and bent it at the elbow and pushed the wrist up onto her back.  It was only a little awkward, but the girl could feel that it didn’t pull nearly as bad and bent the other just the same making it an easy link to clip the wrists together.

Turning just as Leah held out the thin cable, “You string her and I will lower the chandelier.”

Taking the cable, “Yes, Mistress Leah.”  Threading one end through the D-ring on the cuff at the right elbow, she led it across and loosely through the ring at the left elbow before clipping its end to the securing link on the wrists.  The other end she held while looking up and waiting.  As the lamp cage lowered, she rested a hand on her friend’s arm, hoping to reassure her.

Once the overhead had lowered to just above them, she secured the loose end to it and stepped back.

“Come here, my pet.  I want her pain to be yours.”  Passing her as they crossed, she back handed a swat with her riding crop to Christina’s thigh.  To her squeal, “Do not fret.  I will guide you.”  Gently she shifted her bound subject’s arms, checking the cable, “Up, up.”

Christina turned the crank until the slack was all gone and the lamp was well overhead.

“Do not stop now.  She is all ready for you to do this to her.”

As the light cage rose and the tension built, the girl’s elbows were pulled back bringing her shoulders and chest with them.  The slowly increasing pressure brought a whine that turned to a gasp as fingers fondled her sex.  The stimulation was not enough to quell the whine completely but it did help in the process as her torso was forced to bend over and the girl’s elbows were lifted higher and forced closer together for every inch the cable rose.

“More!”  Frustrated that her pet would stop, she still managed a more calmly stated, “I want her on her toes.”

Bent over, splayed widely and rising slowly, the blurring intensity of her nipples became secondary as she came to realize the vulnerability of her position.  A shiver ran her length as she recalled Randi’s reaction to the single sting she took across the pouch of her sex.  With her elbows and wrists relatively secure in their position, the increasing tension simply lifted her, but also, she noticed, caused her back to arch further and further, increasing the exposure and the danger to her tender folds beneath.  Even though the searing intensity of her nipples was excruciating, she had to ignore it all and focus on the wonderful fingers which had left a resonation of their touch upon and within her.

“Now come over here.”  Stepping up to stand hip to hip behind her subject, Leah bumped her own mound against the girl’s exposure then leaned over her back as best she could to reach under her and fondle the breasts, stroking the bulging tips of each nipple.  Crooning to the girl, “Do you want your punishment to begin now?”

Thoughts and images flashed through her mind and all ended in ‘begin?’.  Was she really just now in a position to start?  Knowing nothing else she could do or say, she merely panted, “Yes…Please…Mistress…Leah.”

Trying to shift as the woman’s hips still pressured her need was nearly impossible but the light grazing pressure and the wonderful feeling of her hand left the girl pliable and aroused to the point of necessity.  Having it all instantly stop as the woman backed off left a vacuum of sensations that was quickly filled by the constant throbbing bite of her nipples.

A cold flat surface was set upon one of her bottom cheeks.  As it shifted and slid across the arc of her lower behind, she inhaled sharply and pushed at her sex whish was swollen to the point of protruding enough to feel the cold of the leather upon it.  With no more pressure, she felt the surface slide until it touched the other cheek.  A shiver ran through her as she understood the extent of her delicate protrusion.

“Yes,” Chuckling, “you see, don’t you?”

The girl tried to pull herself forward against the arc of her back only to have the little pucker of her anus flex and spasm in her effort.

“I am not brand new at this, my gem, you can not avoid the paddle.  You are bound like you are for that very reason.”  Laying a series of very gentle slaps with the paddle to the center of her fear confirmed its ability to contact on even the lightest of swings.  “Are you ready?  Patting the area as she waited, “Are you ready?”

A deep cleansing inhale pulled on her chest but that pain was just a precursor of what she thought would come next.  The pain was nothing compared to the fear.  She knew she had to do this; not for anybody else, not for the sorority or her scholarship or the mistress or her friend, but she had to do this for her own discovery.  Could she be more?  Could she get more?  She already knew she wanted more…it was in the submission.  To be free she had to not be free…or something like that.  She almost laughed as the exact words escaped her but she did know what it meant: it meant no longer deciding for herself what was safe or good or right, it meant trusting her friend and her new mistress to decide those things for her, it meant she could have the freedom to choose what to do with all of this ‘stuff’ going on inside her.  She would release herself to them.  The words fell from her clearly, “Yes, Mistress Leah.”

Handing the paddle to Christina, Leah stepped around her subject and sat on the floor just inches from the girl’s face.  Smiling to her as their eyes met, she called out, “You may begin.”





Chapter 12




Locked firmly in the grip of a sudden convulsion, the three rapid strikes assailed her as one.  No specific area of damage could be ascertained as her entire body fell victim to the suffering.  Wave after wave continued to roll over her, sucking her under the tide of shock and agony.

Her knees tried to buckle but could not.  Her body tried to collapse but could not.  The one undefendable position was all she was allowed.  Yet, as the epicenter of the quake began to define itself, a tingling of many thousands of pins and needles pierced her bulging sex; again, again, at each beat of her heart, each breath, each moment, the sensations assailed her wildly.  It was excruciating, yet a dim light of something else burned in the distance of her trauma.  Focusing on it, she could not bring it closer, but she knew it was real.

In the short moments of recaptured lucidity, she regained enough of reality to hear her mistress chastise caustically, “You will do it again!  Do not toy with her!”  She mumbled the words herself as she heard them, “Yes, Mistress Leah.”  Then another barrage of angry stimuli sent her back beyond the confines of awareness.

Grasping to the frayed ends of reality, her conscious mind immediately found that distant spark of sensation she sought.  Pulling it closer and closer she caught herself screaming and stopped so she could focus even more.  It was still a haze, unreal in the depth if the pain, but it she would not resist, she knew it could be attainable.

With a deep gasping breath she opened her eyes and looked through her tears and into the face of her happily content mistress.

“Your, ‘very best friend’ wants to make your three swats continue far beyond what they were initially required to be.”  Smiling to the distraught Christina, “She is going to do it over and over and over again until I am satisfied that she has properly punished you.”  Reaching up and tapping her chin to gain the girl’s attention, “You can not walk away from this thinking that it is a game like you did this morning.”

Without a warning the paddle bore down another set of eruptions.  Holding back after just the shortest scream, she was unable to detect the arousal.  The pain of the new strokes burned too deeply, the agony too consuming, too intense.  She had no fear of losing consciousness, but swam in near the pool of regretting it.

The Mistress’ sudden movements caused her to flinch, to no end, of course.

Popping up, “Let’s see what you look like.”  Leah hopped around the outstretched leg and almost laughed at the large red rectangle which ballooned off of their subject’s bottom.  Licking her finger, she pushed it into the girl, past her blossomed lips and through her craving canal.  It was only for a moment, but she could tell by the reaction that it did indeed serve its purpose.  Pulling it out, she ran the moisture up onto the pucker above.  She circled the indent which had avoided the brunt of the attack.  “You are a lovely sight.”

Sliding around and under, Leah stared into her subject’s eyes as she reached up with both hands and simultaneously opened both nipple clamps.  The girl instantly broke into a tremendous scream as blood rushed back into the sensitive glands.  Dropping the rod, she massaged both tips to increase the circulation, “You do that very well.  I am sincerely aroused.”

Panting, confused and still writhing in anguish she managed a gurgled, “W…w…what?”  Her entire body throbbed with a pounding fury at each vicious beat of her heart, attacking her from every direction.

Scooting out from under her, “Why, scream, of course.”  Petting her head, “You scream so very well.  I would think we should make regular use of that.”  Walking around behind again, she reassessed the damage while fondling and stroking the folds to bring more moisture up onto the clench of her anus.  Circling her finger, pushing at the pucker, she looked up to Christina, “Do you think this is still virginal?”

Lifting her shoulders slightly, “Yes, Mistress Leah.”

Dragging her nails across the welts as she left, “That will be something else we should think about.”  Turning to walk away, “While I prepare for you, put your tongue in it as deep as you can and fondle her insides,” nodding to herself, “It will be something to do while you wait.”

“Yes, Mistress Leah.”

It was only a few moments, but Christina had Candace rolling her hips and panting under the simple ministrations before Leah could return and begin to cuff Christina’s ankles.

Speaking to the still bound student, “I am going to allow you to come down from there so you can watch your friend’s punishment.  You will not stir or disturb her, do you understand?”

“Yes…” Trying to catch her breath, she didn’t know quite why, but she began to cry, “Yes, thank you, Mistress…” sniffling, “…Leah.”

Pointing, “Go to the wall.”

Christine jumped to the crank, anxious to relieve her friend of at least some of the pressure.

“Slowly bring her down.”  Hugging her from behind, Leah pulled the girl’s weight back to her while whispering, “Just relax, now.  I’ve got you.”  Her arms lowered and the girl let herself fall back into the arm of the mistress as instructed.

Finally there was no more tension and the subject was again upright.  Leah unclipped and unlaced the cable and let it hang next to them.  Pushing her hips forward, her subject’s hands, still bound behind her, were filled with the curves of Leah’s carnal focus.  Reaching down, she pushed the girl’s hands hard up against her until she felt the fingers grope her on their own.  Whispering over her shoulder, “Someday, and that day will be soon, you will beg me to let you lick my body.”

Still hanging on the precipitous edge between utter agony and euphoric arousal, she believed the mistress could very well be correct and was left to only cup her hands tighter and murmur, “Yes, Mistress Leah.”

Unclipping the girl’s wrists and pushing her up to balance on her own, she stepped around her, slapping at a hand which inched toward the center of the girl’s still wide spread legs.  “Don’t touch.  You will make yourself cum and then we would have to start all over again.”  Stepping away, she clapped her hands twice, “Elbows up, hands behind your head, get to your position.”  Clapping again, “Chop, chop.”

Focusing toward Christina, “Now for you, my pet, we are going to fancy you up a bit.  Leave you all dressed up with no way to go.”  Laughing happily, she got into the carry-all she’d brought and pulled out a small leather corset.  Holding it up for Christina to see, “It is not too caprice, is it?”

“No, Mistress Leah.”  The laces were very loose and she was able to slide it over her thighs and hips and inch it up to her chest without any trouble.  Having been corseted before, but still not really much more than an amateur, she knew the biggest struggle with wearing one was the ability to breathe but was unsure if it would be better a little low on the hips or a little high on the ribs so she split the difference and centered it halfway between both.

Quickly Leah went to work, pulling the slack out lace by lace until it was snug and centered.  “Hold steady.”

Christina felt a knee come to her lower back and her body jerked as the first lace was cinched.  Pulling, pushing, panting and grunting at the effort required, Leah pushed the limits of the sturdy leather as the constriction grew higher, tighter and stronger.

Keeping her breathing to short calm puffs, Christina was able to endure its crushing grip.

“Spread your legs.  I need to see you.”  Squatting down before her subject, she let her hands play over the sides and front of the drum-tight leather, then over the pronounced swell of her hips before stroking down and across her bald mound.  With her thumbs she slowly opened the girl, revealing her ready bud.  Pulling more and wider exposed the moisture of her excitement.  Keeping the upper folds open with a thumb and forefinger, she used the other hand to grab a small plastic scissor clamp from her pocket.  Designed like a surgical clamp, it could be secured at several different degrees of intensity but because it was plastic it was very lightweight.

Using the slightly curved tip, she kept it closed and slowly circled the erection, only occasionally slipping directly over the nub itself, constantly changing the degree of pressure applied.  In only a few passes she could see the clitoris was as full as she would get it like this.

Opening the clamp, she pulled the skin up and out tighter to better define the tiny shaft.  Working carefully to pinch off only the bottom vein, she got it and about a third of the flesh of the node and secured it taut but not tight.  Letting the light weight of the small implement dangle freely, she looked up to her pet and was satisfied with her short quick huffs.

The tiny protrusion soon began to bloat, growing to twice its normally erect size, bowing over the tip of the clamp as it filled with blood faster than the blocked vein allowed it to leave.  Licking her finger, Leah very lightly stroked the abnormally sensitive bulge.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh,” She’d instantly lost her rhythm to a gasping, “Oh God!”

“Calm down, calm,” Very gently she just barely grazed it, “calm, easy breaths.”  Licking her finger for more moisture, she touched it again, “Feels good?”

“OH, God, Yes!  Mistress Leah, Yes!”  She managed to pant just within control.

Pulling her finger back, she lightly flicked the scissor clamp and the girl was sent into an immediate seizure of extreme pain, so intense that it sent a shiver all the way over and through the mistress’ desire as well.

Standing, she tapped an elbow which had started to come down, “Don’t falter.”  The girl straightened and Leah went back to her little bag of goodies and pulled out a pair of shiny black pumps.  Smiling to her new student while approaching again her pet, “No outfit is complete without the shoes.”  Dropping them in front of Christina, “Go ahead, put them on.”

Very carefully Christina lowered her arms and bent over as best she could with the pressure on her torso being so tight.  Her legs came together and she winced at every move as the clamp was constantly bumped, bounced or shifted.  Gently she righted a shoe with her toe and slid her foot into it.  Pushing with force she was unable to get her heel in.  Squashing her toes as far as she could get them, she tried again and gasped in relief when her heel wedged in and settled.

The shoe was at least two sizes too small, but she knew better than to mention it.  As she put her weight onto the three inch heel, the impact of how tight it was hit home.  Sucking in a very short breath, all that was permitted, she balanced on the cramped toes and moved quickly to upright the other and get at least her toes into it, sending the clamp bouncing and bobbing, almost toppling her in the pain of it all.  But through the fit her body was throwing, she was able to keep enough sense to complete the maneuver and steady herself within the second shoe while she forced that foot to fit as well.

Acting concerned, Leah played out her part, “Are you okay?  Would you like to sit down?”

Confused, Christina didn’t answer.

“Come over here and sit in front of your friend,” Offering a hand to help.

Taking the woman’s hand, she let the woman support her slowly across the few slow yards it took to get there as each step created a myriad of different sensations.  Once there, the woman got behind her and began to coax her to the floor.  Worried and unsure, her desire to get off of her feet was too great to pause and she let her weight transfer to the woman behind her as she cradled her under the arms and very gently lowered her to the floor.  Sitting made the Corset feel tighter, but she still was finally able to exhale in a bit of relief.  “Thank you, Mistress Leah.”

“You are quite welcome.  Now we should cuff your wrists.”

Buckling the two thick restraints, they went on without incident, but the two girl’s watched in wonder of what would happen next as Leah clipped Candace’s wrists back to the cable that still hung down.  The loose end was looped over a crossbar on the light cage and pulled down until Candace’s arms were stretched high above her.

The mistress signaled Christina’s arms up and was just able to clip them with the opposite end of the same cable which had taken in Candace’s.  Both girls had to lift their arms up high and stretch to get it to reach but were able to relax when they felt their mutual resistance against each other through the cable, supporting each other’s arms.

Watching them smile at each other, the mistress made a pretense of cooing, “You two look so cute together.”  Nodding to them, “You will both be fine to stay here for the night, enjoying each other’s company.”  Squatting down and grabbing one of Christina’s ankles, “Let me even you two up a little.”  She spread the leg wide until it matched Candace’s, then pulled at the cuff ring until she was able to clip it to the same spreader bar clip as the other girl’s.  Doing the same to the other side, their legs now matched even though Candace was still standing and Christina was seated.

Satisfied with her work so far, “Yes, that does look better.”  Looking back and forth between the two, she raised a single finger, “I have an idea.”  To Candace, “Since she is the one who got to punish you,” rounding behind her, she fondled the vulnerable body as she spoke, “I will let you determine the severity of her punishment tonight.”

Producing a length of string, Leah stretched it tight and let it cross back and forth across one of Candace’s still raging sore nipples.  Even in its battered condition it reacted to the stimulation.  As it grew, it hung the string up more and more until it was quickly solid and Leah was able to slowly saw the string across it as it held up to the pressure.  Very soon Candace was panting and whimpering.

Getting the tease of pain she desired, Leah looped the string around a leg and brought it up to put the standing girl straddling it.  Shifting it as she lifted, it worked its way into the girl as it split her evenly, only balancing on her clit.  Evenly lifting both sides kept it from sawing across the girl’s nervous center, but the steady increase has her whine none the less.

Dropping the string, she left the girl wet with the effort.  “Now we will do something truly fun,” bending, Leah tied one end of the string to Candace’s big toe.  The loop wasn’t too tight but the knot was.  Making a show of it, Leah strung the string through Christina’s ankle cuff, up her leg and through the handle of the plastic scissor clamp, down the other leg and through that ankle’s cuff ring then pulled the slack out before tying this end to Candace’s other big toe.

Bouncing from one side to the next, she unclipped both of Candace’s ankles from the spreader bar.  Without the assisted pressure to keep them wide, she followed her natural instinct and tried to ease their pressure by inching them closer but hadn’t even started when her friend’s sharp shrill cry stopped her.

Stepping back to examine her work, the scream, regardless of how short, still filled her with a pleasure and contentment.  To the standing student, “Now you are free to move, however you would like to.”  Stepping back, “And you will determine her punishment, as I had promised.”  Smiling, she irrelevantly waved a hand at them, “You might just as well go ahead and get comfortable, you will be here all night and then, I again promise, tomorrow you will behave better.”

Tapping a finger to her lower lip while examining her set-up, she suddenly snapped her fingers, “I know what’s wrong.  It’s those shoes.”  Her hands went to hips, “Shoes as beautiful as that were made to accentuate the calf and you can not very well do that while sitting down, now can you?”  Eyeing her pet, then raising an eyebrow as she asked again, “Can you?”

Still flinching at even the slightest movements of her friend pulled and tugged at the clamp, she got out a reasonable, “No, Mistress Leah.”

Getting behind the newer student, Leah was just tall enough to reach up and grab the center clip which collected both wrists and the cable end.  It did not require much added weight to get Christina to rise at the same time Candace was sinking, being pulled back at the waist so she would become the seated one of the two.

The two girls just tried to maintain a steady calm as they swapped positions and were doing fairly well, neither too concerned about the change until just before the end when Candace’s bright red and freshly welted bottom came in contact with the floor.

Flinching in shock, Christina screamed in terror as her insides felt like they were being ripped from her body.

Leah did not pause until Christina was fully upright and her cramped feet settled upright.  Spread to the bar and suspended by her hands, she was unable to react physically to the pain so she merely just hung there in traumatic acceptance.

“You two enjoy yourselves.”  Leah went to the wall and turned the crank, lowering the cable just a little to give them enough slack to have to fight it then left them to fend for themselves.


As soon as the door shut, “Tina…Tina…Tina!  Please!  Pull your arms down!  Help me!”  Almost a scream, “CHRISTINA!”  Candace struggled to keep her butt up off of the floor while resisting the urge to move her feet, her ankles, her legs, the entire lower half of her body had to remain perfectly still.  Tears rolled down her face, “Please help me lift, I can’t let my butt touch, it’s just too much.”  The words came out mumbled through her sobs, “Tina, I can’t sit, not now, please.”

Christina tried to respond but the aftershock of the scream and the constriction of the corset left her just able to breathe, much less speak.  Her body thrummed in a percussion of utter agony.  Centered from her favorite spot, exactly where she would want the added stimuli to go to or even come from…but not like this.  It was so swelled and so tight and every gasping jut of air and every concussion of her heart made it even more, made it even greater, beyond what she’d ever known.  The agony she floated through consumed her so thoroughly she had fear for the depths of its toll.  Just the slightest hint of a smile crossed her mind as she thought of how powerful the release would be if she could let herself fall from this high.  Then she remembered her friend.

Candace could see the muscles it her friend’s arms and shoulders begin to bunch and was quickly relieved to be able to let herself just hang free from her wrists for a moment without her bottom touching.  “Thank you, thank you.”

Having flexed her arms, she became again aware of her other extremities.  She tried to resituate her compacted feet and froze in another bite of agony as she remembered her ankle cuffs were a major link to the string’s circuit.  Tremendous and piercing, she would not try that again.  Fighting against the pain, she pulled even harder with her arms and was relieved to find that it took some pressure off of her feet and her friend seemed happy about it as well.

They hung silently for a minute but the inevitable would not be denied, “Tina…I can’t…hold up.”  She tried to lower herself so very slowly, but it was Christina who gave out and Candace fell the last inch to the floor.  Her body twitched, her legs pulled, the string yanked, Christina screeched and the cycle began again.

After the contortions required to reestablish her earlier position, Candace panted, “We can’t do this…not all night.”

Christina managed a struggling, “No…no…”  Her breathing wouldn’t normalize.

“Hold me.  Slowly…I’m gonna sit.  But be easy.”  She got her butt to touch and just held it there for a moment, letting her body just get use to the contact.  Letting her arms slowly settle her, the burning was intense, that she wouldn’t deny, but as she eased into it, she was able to accept each step if it came slowly and gradually.  It was a process and it took longer than she thought but all she had to do was look right in front of her at the constantly bouncing clamp attached to her friend’s most horrendous condition and she was able to gain the needed strength to finish what she had to do.  Soon she was resting firmly on her butt, in pain, but down.

Feeling the tension still pulling at her arms, “Don’t pull, I’m okay.  I’m down and I can stay…Don’t bounce me!  Tina!  Don’t pull me up anymore!”

Christina gasped out in restricted spurts, “I can’t…have to…my feet…can’t stand…have to…”  She finally pulled hard and felt the blood flow back through her feet as the pressure eased and then finally the pins and needles passed.  Her waning strength then quickly gave out and she relaxed her arms, Candace dropped and flinched, Christina screamed and there they were again.


Several of the agonizing cycles passed before they were able to find a peaceful balance between the two, and even that ended as Candace got a cramp in her leg.  Hour upon hour of the mental torment and physical anguish threatened each of their sanity.  Their internal clocks ticked at a snails pace as pain was all they knew.  Looking out the window, Christina willed the faint glow upon the horizon to appear and after so many hours she had decided that the sun would never come up again.





Chapter 13




“As much as you may be enjoying your sojourn…”

Christina twisted, Candace flinched and Christina broke out into a horse scream.

Leah gave them a moment while she soaked in the agony of it all, circling the two like a jackal ready to pounce.  Flicking the crop across Candace’s underarm, she bent to ask her, “Are you beginning to understand the meaning of punishment?”

“Yes,” Still gasping from the new sting, “Mistress…Leah.”

“I hope so.”  She laid another, stronger welt to the other underarm.  “I should wait until morning to release you.”

Another tear fell, “It’s not morning…yet?  Mistress Leah?”  She almost couldn’t say the words.

“Oh, my pet, don’t be daft, it’s only been forty minutes.”  Laughing, she looked to her watch, “Actually, thirty-eight, and I watched the whole thing and I have to say, you two are simply electric.”  Closing on Christina’s body, she wrapped her arms around her and fondled the breasts, the tight leather across her belly and hips as she gently pulled her body back.  As the girl began to squeal and her body shook, the mistress grabbed the clamp and released it.

Watching the whole thing, as soon as it came free Candace pulled her legs in and rolled up to one hip while Christina pulled massively to relieve the pressure on her feet.  Both girls wound up gasping and crying in relief.

Freeing Candace’s wrists, Leah pointed, “Free your friend.  You both need your rest.”

She rolled to her knees and went right to Christina’s shoes, knocking the girl over as she yanked the tiny pumps from her feet before stopping to hear the rest of what the mistress had to say.

“We all have our jobs to do.  Tonight, though, I thought it would be a good time for you two to further discover each other’s bodies.”  To Candace, “You will practice and you will learn.”  Raising her eyebrows, “It is not at all like throating a man.  It takes a little more work and a lot more patience.  From now on I want you both to sleep in the same bed and…” flipping her hand irrelevantly, “…from the sound of things, I am only commanding what should have happened years ago and what would eventually happen regardless.”  Heading toward the door, she turned to eye them both, “As long as you do remember the golden rule?”

Christina nodded while answering, “Yes, Mistress Leah.  No orgasms without permission.”

Eyeing her with a smile, “Very well, then.”

The door closed and scrambling, Candace finished releasing her friend’s ankles before finally sprawling out on her belly and relaxing her body completely.  A floating sensation came over her as all of her circulation regulated.  The hands which took her feet were soothing and gentle.  She felt the string untie from each big toe then the hands began to massage the feet, ankles and calves.

While rubbing, Christina spoke softly and slowly, “I want to apologize.”  Her words came out broken and forced, “I caused you more pain…than you deserved.”

“Mmmm, Tina,” She mumbled, “don’t be silly.”  Her mouth felt gummy, she so quickly had relaxed.  “Mine was nothing.  I was really afraid for you.”

“I know.”  Christina’s laugh struggled to get out, “I’m a real good screamer too,” she panted.

“You know, I kept trying to make it somehow…I guess…arousing.”  Moaning as the hands started massaging her feet in earnest.  “Like…before she left.  I swear, if you’d of hit me just one more time with that paddle…” she caught herself laughing, “…I don’t know, but I sure felt like I could of, you know,” shaking her head at the thought of how agonizing it was, yet how anxious she is to do it again.  “But once she hooked us up and I had to watch you and it really began; I was too focused on all the other stuff and I couldn’t do it.”

After a heavy breath, “No, you probably won’t.  Punishment…like that…” her breathing was quick and abbreviated, “…it’s not…supposed to…”

Concerned, Candace turned to look at her friend, “OH, Tina!”  She jumped up, “Why didn’t you say something?”  Scurrying behind her, she quickly began unlacing the corset.

“I didn’t want to disturb you.  You needed the break.”  With her returning breath she bashfully added, “I thought it looked…sexy.”  Enough opened to allow a real breath, deep and full, “Oh, yeah, oh thank you, Can, Oh.”  She still puffed and panted, but now each was long and soothing.  Before it was completely removed, she turned to face her friend, both on their knees and took her in a hug.  Their naked bodies came together as one complete unit.  The pains, the aches, the lasting burns, they all melted away under each other’s embrace.

Candace whispered over her shoulder, “Why did we never?”

“I don’t know about then, I can only know now.”  Pulling back just far enough to look her friend it the eyes, they both moved to close the short distance and their lips met in a union of a long awaited release of emotion.  Repressed for too long, its power overwhelmed them both as they were reduced to joyous tears.

Accepting their new bond, they were filled with a new energy which they used to get up, dress as they could and sneak through the house.

Rounding a corner from the side wing to the main wing, both jumped in surprise as a soaking wet girl, basically naked, moving too fast to recognize burst though one of the back doors and flew past them without a pause or notice.

Confused by the scene, Christina closed the opened door to the rain and chill and urged more speed from her friend as she was in no mood to deal with any ‘issues’ right then.

Finally in their room, the door had not yet even closed when Candace grabbed her friend by the wrist and pulled her into an embrace.  Her hands found Christina’s face and smothered the girl in kisses.  Infused by the physical events and driven by the freedom of her emotions, she did not pause in her affections as she stripped the few clothes from her friend and had her own fall from her body without effort.

Naked and together, but without the prying eyes looming over them, Candace slid her hand between the two and covered a breast.  The soft smooth skin she knew of but the full flesh of her buoyant breast she could not compare to her own.  It was perfect in her hand.  She found the nipple and toyed with it, bringing life to it, all while never breaking contact with her new partner’s mouth.

Finding her own self in need, Candace slid her hand down to explore the flat of her tummy, the swell of her hip then she cupped and squeezed the meat of Christina’s butt.  Shifting her second hand to the other bottom cheek, she used the leverage to pull the girl’s hips even tighter to her own.  A moan escaped her as their mounds pushed onto each other and both girls could not prevent the natural flex and canter which followed, changing the angle and furthering the luscious contact.

Breaking her lips away to speak, “Oh, Tina, your body…”

Responding, “Yeah, yeah,”

Laboring in lust, Candace pulled up with her hands to lower her body down, “We…we fit.”  One hand came around and gently cupped her friend’s sex while her face became level with a breast.  Holding firm with both hands, not wanting her partner to move, she lightly lapped at a nipple with her tongue.  Finding it less weird and more exciting than she would have thought, she wet her lips and puckered her mouth around it.  Hearing her friend moan drove her to suckle, the sudden gasp urged her to pull harder and lavish the nipple with all the effort her lips and tongue to give.

Shifting her stance made Christina shift as well, giving the hand below a greater access and without commanding it to do so, the fingers found the seam and moisture covered them as they found their way through the sodden valley.  Urgent and needy she pushed into the wanting folds only to retreat and push the moisture up and over…

The sudden squeal and flex of pain got the girl to stop.

Cupping the damaged sex in her open palm, “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.”

“No, no, it’s good.  I’m…” She pinched her hips and they cantered back, “It’s real good…”

Candace stopped her, “You’re hurt and I forgot.  It’s my fault.”

“No, I just…” The girl’s goofy grin made her stop, “What?”

Almost blushing, “Can I see?”  Grabbing her arm, “I’ll be careful.”

Nodding, carefully considering how far to take this, “You can tend to it with some salve I’ve got.”

Candace almost bounced with excitement as Christina scooted off to get the ointment but she wasn’t so distracted that she didn’t use the opportunity to ogle her friend’s naked body as she fled and as she returned, causing Christina to look at her oddly and ask, “What?”

Bashful was not something Candace often was and it looked weird on her, she coyly murmured, “I just like your body.”  Stepping to her friend, her hands sat comfortably on her hips and she pulled them to her own as they closed for another kiss.

Using the grip on her waist to guide her, Candace sat her partner on the bed, leaned her back and spread her legs.  Her baldness only emphasized the pouty puff of her lower lips.  Drawn to them, her elbows on the girl’s thighs and fingers at the crease of the hips, she lightly grazed the entire length of the center with a thumb.

“Oh, yeah.”  Christina moaned, wanting to guide her, but not wanting to push her.  Leaving the small tube of salve on her belly, she raised her arms up over her head to reduce the temptation to push her too fast.  “That’s really nice.”

With her thumbs together, one on each side, she slowly parted the folds.  Knowing how it felt, but never before really seeing what it looked like, she slid her thumbs up and down the inner sides of the labial lips.  The hips rose to meet her and let one thumb slip deeper, penetrating.

So badly she wanted this to go on, but also knew that she was the trained one and the one who should be the more of the responsible party.  Holding her breath, “Are you still just looking?”

Answering by pushing the thumb to its base, “Do you like this?”

“Do you really need an answer to that?”

Grinning at the difficulty her friend had in just talking, she pulled the drenched thumb out and followed to groove up to the button above.

“Okay!”  Flinching sharply and pulling her hips back, “Pain.  Very sore.”

“I’m so sorry!”  Frozen, afraid of what she’d done, “I didn’t know it was like that.”

Christina found her hands had pushed Candace’s away and she immediately put them back above her head.  “It’s…yeah…like that.”  Catching her breath, “You can touch it, just be real careful.”  Pushing the tiny tube to her, “Put a little of that on it.”

“I’ll be real easy.  I promise I won’t hurt it again.”

Smiling, “Just not again tonight.”

Candace frowned then raised her brow as she understood, “Right.”

Laying back to enjoy the soothing, caring hands upon her, she let the girl again open her upper folds and resisted a flinch when the cold of the ointment landed right on her spot.  The tender ministrations went on and her body reacted to the subtle circles and occasional trip across the obviously swollen and damaged clit.  The tingle of pins and needles crossed her.  Pulling her hands together behind her head did not soften the urge.

A deep breath was followed by another.  The beating of her heart became more and more apparent, sending little bursts of pain through her clit at each thrum, furthering the rate, furthering the thrum.  A thin sheen of sweat covered her.  The girl would have to end the marvelous rubbing soon.  Her body was building.  Involuntarily her knees came up and her feet found footing on the bed, adding to the access.  Her hips rose and fell and she couldn’t bring herself back.

“Okay, hold on.”  Three of the most difficult words she’d ever spoken.  “I’m gonna cum if you don’t stop.”  Her hands dropped to fend the girl off.

Laughing, Candace broke through the guard and slid two fingers deep into her.

“Woah!”  Pulling up and rolling away, “We can’t do that!”

Groping at her own body, “Come on, I’m so horny right now I’m about to burst.”

Gathering her wits about her, Christina pointed, “Stop that!  You know you can’t do that.”

Bottom lip out, “Oh, pleeeease.”

“It’s not up to me.  You heard what she said.  You know what the rules are.”

Candace bounced down onto the bed then quickly shot back up in sudden shock, “Damn it that hurts.”

Grabbing the tube of salve, Christina got some on her fingers, “Come here.”

Turning her butt to the girl, Candace was surprised when a hand slipped up under her arm and fondled a nipple.  The sudden pain was augmented by her excitement and by her desire to have the pain to use.  Brief but nice, she went back to a pout, “But I wanna finish.”

“I will finish, by putting lotion on your butt and then we will go to bed.”

A smile creased her face, “Together?”

“Isn’t that what we were commanded to do?”  A finger came up quickly, “But no funny stuff.”  Neither laughed, but they both smiled.

They finished tending to each other’s injuries.  Salves, lotions and mostly just good old TLC had them both relaxed and feeling better.  Naked and in bed, Candace cuddled up to Christina for she still could not be on her backside.  Her hand came naturally to rest upon her friend’s belly; she resisted the urge to shift it south.  The soft smooth feel was comfortable, amorous, wonderful.  She asked, “Can you believe we were strung up for only forty minutes?”

“Thirty-eight.”  Both giggled and settled in for sleep while trying to keep from the other just how bad their desire was, both fighting the urge to slip a hand below, both knowing just a couple of well placed strokes would do it.  It was a long time coming, but both did manage to fall into a well earned and much needed sleep.





Chapter 14




“…because every day we will learn and every day we will grow, together, as sisters.”  Finished, Christina sat and they all allowed the pledges to take away the breakfast settings before continuing.  Leaning to Candace, she spoke quietly, “Keep the list handy, I don’t want to forget anything.”

“I have it here,” Pointing with her chin to a leather folder, “I also plan on taking notes on each of them.  I think it could be helpful in the long run.”  Christina just nodded.  After a minute, Candace went on, “Should we start with Tamara?”

“Yes,” Leaning over even further to lower the whisper another notch, “but I think it’s a little more delicate that Mistress Leah wants it to be.”  Eyeing the bustling pledge, “I’m working it out.”

“Good, because they’re about done.”

Christina stood and the few straggling freshman literally ran back to their seats.  She waited a moment to let them settle, then began, “As sisters, we share in each other’s accomplishments; we are one in the victories of each.  The dreams and goals which we all invariably set become more easily within out reach when we are perched upon the shoulders of those around us.”  She began to pace behind the seated members of the head table, “We lift each other up.”  Her pace and volume increased, “We are the foundation for all that is built upon us and our strength is in our unity!”  The impact of her speeches came in part from the power of her voice.  She knew this and used it effectively, “In all things we are a single unit!”  She let the final words resonate and diminish until complete silence again reigned, filling the room with a quiet foreboding before adding, “…Even in our failings.”

Stopping behind her own empty chair, she spent a moment looking out at the group, meeting each of their stares before going further, “We are responsible for each other, we guide each other and must help each other.  But because of our bond, we are also liable for each other, accountable.”  She again scanned the room, “Because of this, I have failed.”  Her chin dipped only slightly during the pause.

Starting again loud and strong, “One of our group is not here today.”  She paced as the motion gave her momentum, “Each of you has begun to build relationships with one and other, friendships and camaraderie; ties which can last for many, many years to come.  And these associations begin in your dorm, in your room, with that first person you spend time with.”  Stopping at her premeditated spot, she finished, “With your roommate.”

Looking directly at the girl in front of her, “Yesterday you were all given an assignment.  Each of you will enlighten us with you discoveries.”  Still eyeing the girl, “Miss Peterson?  Would you please come to the front?”

She walked slowly but her hands moving, preparing for her normally animated way, yet she stayed silent as she came to stand in front of the table she was called to.

“I want you to turn to the group and tell us all what you discovered.”

Still facing Christina, not turning, she played with her hands, “Ya know, she like, left.”  Her palms faced up and she gave a little shrug.

Speaking loud enough to make it clear she wanted everyone to hear, “Why did she leave?”

“Ya know, the whole naked thing and spanking.”  The girl cringed, “I think she was sorta scared.”

Still much louder than the girl, Christina went on, “You spoke to her about this?”

“Yeah, I mean, we talked.”

“And you were unable to convince her to come to one of us, first, so we could at least try and guide her and nurture her through her fear, correct?”

“Well, I never…” She smiled and shrugged, twisting back and forth, trying to be cute while downplaying the incident.  Seeing that it wasn’t working, she finally just slumped her shoulders in a huff, “We didn’t really, like, ‘talk’ much.  She was kinda, ya know, just…I don’t know.”

Feeling it was time to push past the foreplay, Christina pressed, “What was her name?”

Resigning to her failure, Kelly Peterson struggled to remember, “Carrara?”

Enunciating slowly, “Tamara.  Tamara Doran, and she was one of us.  You and I both failed her.  Do you believe that our failure to a sister is acceptable?”

Looking to the floor, the girl shrugged, smirked and mumbled, “Well…I guess…no.”

Seeing the hint of the smile, she knew the girl knew what was coming.  It served no purpose to dawdle any further, “So then, how should we pay penance for this injustice we have done to one of our own?  How can we keep this from happening again?”

She was already nodding her head, “You’re gonna spank me.”  Not appearing happy about it, she also wasn’t reluctant.

Christina followed, “And you are going to strap me.  We will each take three strikes for failing our sister in her time of need.  I will let you choose to go first or not.  I can only promise that I will not show mercy.”

“You can go first.”  Her head hung dejectedly and her mouth was expressionless, but the wide expectation of her eyes betrayed her curiosity.


Watching the expressions of all the girls as the scene played out, Leah made mental notes about each of them.  Christina’s disrobing had some stare in rapt attention while others looked away or even tried to hide behind their hand as the remains of the previous day were still visible.

Still staring out at the group as the two girls got up onto the table, Leah made a single comment, “There will be six welts.”  Looking to Kelly Peterson, “If any of your attempts fail, that welt will be added to your backside.  Do you understand?”  Her voice was quiet and factual.

“Yes, Ms. Davenport,” Nodding, “I understand.”

“Very well then.”  Her attention drew back to the group, searching for the signs of curiosity she did see already on Miss Peterson.

The sound of the first crack had almost everybody flinch, whether they were watching or not.  It was so synchronal that the one that did not flinch actually stood out.  Her dark curls hid most of her face, but Leah could make out the glint of her eyes as she watched intently, not even blinking as the second strike sounded.  She could almost make out the hint of a smile beneath the veil of raven locks.

Having seen her on several occasions, Leah had always dismissed her embarrassed cower as disinterest, fear or just plain frigidity.  She was only there for her grades and Leah had intended on steering clear of her.  But seeing her now, the rise and fall of her chest deepening, obvious even through the bulky sweater, she made a note to herself about the girl before letting her eyes roam again.

As the third strap fell, she got up and rounded the table to examine Christina’s welts; all three were visible, all three rose, but they would only just qualify as welts.  Looking to the nervous girl, without emotion she simply stated, “Satisfactory,” and walked back to her seat.

Kelly trepidatiously disrobed and Leah almost laughed at the act.  The girl’s body was very well proportioned and Leah knew that Kelly was well aware of it.  The investigation on her before the invitation was issued revealed the thong bathing suit she wore regularly and even several trips to different know naked beaches; she was not as bashful as she was playing at being.

Enjoying the act for what it was, Leah feigned disinterest while the girl readied herself.  Nodding to herself in confidence, she did fall to the first shocking strike, but was able to maintain her balance if not her composure on the next two.  Leah was able to pick out several others who look on starry eyed and wondering.  Every moment that passed she felt better and better about this venture.


“We will succeed as one and fail as one.  We are united.”  Finishing with her top, Christina jumped down off of the table, “We will now go around the room and each pair of roommates will stand and tell us all what you have learned about each other.”

Having dressed, she stopped Kelly on her way to her seat, “Miss Peterson?”  The girl stopped and slowly turned.  “You did very well.  You should be commended for being the example that you are.”

She looked down but her smile beamed, “Thank you.”

Giving her a moment to enjoy her praise as everyone looked to her, Christina waited until she was very gingerly seated before pointing, “Janie and Carmon, stand up and share with us what you’ve learned.”

After a quick glance to each other, Janie began, “Carmon is kinda a sexaholic.  She’d go to parties and let groups of guys do her all at once or one at a time and she kinda really loves it, but she’s never been in love.  She was with a guy for a while who always brought other girls to bed with them…” blushing as she tried to cover her mouth with her hand, “…and she liked that too.”  Taking Carmon’s hand and holding it for support, she slid behind her, indicting she was done.

“Janie, on the other hand,” Her voice was loud and confident, “Her big secret is that she’s not the promiscuous little nymph everyone at her school thought she was.  She’s had sex with only two guys, one of them only once.  Her claim to fame was being found naked under the stadium bleachers during a football game.”  Trying to pull the girl who had slipped behind her forward, she had to hold back her laughter, “It turns out that she’d dropped a blueberry snowcone on her favorite day-dress.  She thought the place was secluded enough.” Shrugging her shoulders, “It had a faucet, so…” holding her hands palm up, “and she got caught.”

Janie sat and tried to pull her to her seat as well but Carmon fended her off, “She also thinks the spankings are more than just punishments.”  Janie yanked and Carmen fell back into her seat as they both giggled at something one of them said privately.

Leah stood, “Janie, what more do you see in them?”  She started the questioning innocently.

“Oh,” She started to wave a hand with a non-committal ‘nothing’, but stopped at the look Leah gave her.  The urge to giggle ended immediately.  “Well…”

“Stand when you address us, Honey.”  Her voice was easy and encouraging.

Rising slowly, never getting to fully upright, “It’s, just, the nakedness and exposure and, well, I guess vulnerable sense I get.”  Talking from behind her hand, “It’s not just control.  I kind wanna, I don’t know, be there for them, I guess, maybe hold ‘em.”

From her chair, Carmon called out, “It turns her on!”

Turning to her new friend, Janie swatted at her and broke out laughing before turning back to the group and adding loudly, “I really can’t put words to it.  It’s just sorta…different.”

Leah nodded, “Thank you.  I believe I understand.”

The girl sat, happy to be done and under the table poked at her roommate.

“The two Natalies.”  Christina called out, nodding to the next pair, “Would you please stand and share with us.”

They were both tall, thin, raven haired beauties.  Under close scrutiny they wouldn’t pass for sisters with their different facial features, but they were curiously similar.

One with a slight lilt to her hair began, “I’m Natalie Gionni and she’s Natalie Brozlich.”  With her hands clasped in front of her, she rocked on her feet while gazing off, above the group, “She’s slept with two different guys as well,” glancing back to her, “she loved ‘em both,” rolling her eyes but pressing on, “she’d given ‘em both blow jobs, in fact she’d done it a lot but never really liked doin’ it.”  She deflected a slap as she laughed, “She was too nice to ‘em, never said no, so she did get a lot of sex.”  That brought some laughs by the others, “But I don’t think she’s ever had a real orgasm.”

Watching the girl stand back and defend herself from her blushing partner’s hands, Christina fought back laughter herself as she spoke, “Thank you…” to the other, “Miss Brozlich?”

“Well,” leaning on the table in front of her, “Nat’s a real nice person.  She grew up in a good neighborhood.  She’s had sex and she likes it.  She has a cat named Snicker.  She has two older brothers and a younger sister…”  Plainly reciting the list she’d memorized, she continued with the simple details of her life.

Frustrated at her long oration of clearly irrelevant details, Leah cast a stare so powerfully at Christina that the girl turned to look at her.  With the slight rise of a single eyebrow, Christina got the message to act immediately.

Loudly and sharply she interrupted the dissertation, “Miss Brozlich?”

Shocked, the girl stopped, “Yes?”

Stepping out from behind the table, Christina paced over to face the two, “I would like a minute to ask her a few questions of her myself.”  Without waiting for a response, she smiled to the other, “Nat?”

Sheepishly, “Yeah?”

Very calmly, “Have you ever had anal sex?”

Looking both ways, she blushed, tsking, “No.”

“Have you ever had a sexual encounter with another woman?”

“Well…kinda, but not really.”

“Have you ever masturbated in a public place?”

Eyes wide, “What?”

“Have you…” Skipping to the meat of it, “Where?  Tell us.”  She took a breath to slow herself, “We are your sisters.  You can bare yourself and feel no shame.”  Nodding to her, “Tell us.”

“Well, in a theater,” dropping her eyes and grinning, “I even went back and saw the movie again the next day.”  Looking up to meet Christina’s eyes, “I did it again that next day too.”

Nodding to the girl, “Thank you, Nat, for trusting us.”  Turning to the first, “Miss Brozlich, what was your assignment?  Your one and only assignment to accomplish for the entire day yesterday?”

The tone of her leader had changed.  The girl became hesitant, “To…learn…about her?”

Pacing, “Do you recall the words ‘intimate’, ‘revealing’, ‘sexual’, maybe ‘personal secrets’; do you recall these words defining your assignment?”

“Well…” Looking to the others for some kind of support, “…Yeah?”

“Do you think her cat’s name or her favorite dress fit within the parameters of this assignment?”

“No, I guess not.”  Her head dropped even lower.

Softening her voice once more, Christina spoke, “Natalie, look at me.”  Slowly she did.  “In the fifteen seconds that I questioned her, I discovered a deep sexually related secret, an intimate piece of information which reveals something about her and about her tendencies.  We all know her a little better now, not about her external life, but about her.  Do you understand?”

Smiling, nodding, “Yes, Miss Rowe, I do.”

Smiling back, “Good, because I want you to make sure that you understand how and why you failed your assignment.”

Nodding, she exhaled, “Thank you.”

Tilting her head inquisitively, Christina looked back to the other, “Miss Gionni, based upon your short experience with us, how would you suggest we handle her admitted failure of the assignment given?”

Almost excitedly, “You’re gonna whip her with the belt.”  She nodded, confident that she had given a correct answer.

Stepping away, “No, no, I’m not.”  Natalie almost collapsed in relief, “You are going to.”  Pointing from one to the other, “Both of you, follow me.”


Slumping down lower in her chair, Margaret felt her heart pump stronger and worked to keep her breathing inaudible as her anticipation affected her.  Hearing the girl tell her theater story already had her hands in her lap, but knowing there would be another punishment had her unconsciously slipping a hand under the waistband of her long skirt.  Just resting in her lap, her hands were already covered by the unnecessary extra bulk of her sweater, so the additional movement would be completely undetectable.

The girl stripped down reluctantly and somehow that disinclination only added to Margaret’s anxious state.  Slowly her fingers crawled under her panties.  Without moving her head, she glanced through her tresses and found no one interested in anything but the front table, the same place she found her interest divert to as well.

Both Natalies were nervous and unsure.  The warning about the lack of welting was given again and then the belt was handed over.

With her finger resting upon herself, the erotic tingles which accompanied the explosive crack of the belt were greatly intensified.  Moaning aloud to match the scream that followed, she had to make sure she stopped before the scream from the front did but found it difficult as the girl’s obvious discomfort only served to further multiply her condition.

With help to keep her from falling, the scream didn’t end while the next two welts were placed.  Margaret shifted her finger and sucked in short gasps of air to prevent notice.  She studied the girl’s naked body and the stripes as they appeared upon it and wondered what the lines of the belt would look like…no, what they would feel like and what the girl would sound like if those lines were laid across some other places.

She wouldn’t climax.  Not here, not now.  She would save that, but the intoxicating combination had her quickly balancing in her delightful contentment.  Her eyes had stayed focused but the slow rhythmic pace of her finger kept her entranced in her private pleasure.


“Mags, Hey”

Her arm was bumped hard enough that she nearly lost control and spilt her desire right then and there.  Her roommate next to her had risen and the faint snap of elastic sounded as her hand came out from under her sweater.  She stood and her head never shifted but to tip just a slight bit further forward to bring her deeper behind her hair while both hands stayed clasped in front.

“Her name is Margaret Beleford.  She has had sex, but I don’t think she really liked it.  She’s not proud of it, but not ashamed of it either.  Her only really intimate moment was with another girl.  She’s not necessarily proud of that either, but as well not ashamed.”  Smiling to her, “I think that the most embarrassing thing she told me was that when she use to masturbate, which she does do a lot,” She waited while the few laughs died, “she use to intentionally not climax.”  Giggling, “She was preached that…” making an attempt at a deep voice, “…‘Fornication is a sin!’.”  Shrugging her shoulders, “She thought an orgasm without a husband was fornication.”  A few more laughs broke out.

“So…” she hugged the smaller girl, “…like I said, she likes to do the deed,” wiggling her finger, “but has never put anything in herself.  She acts shy and quiet, but I’ve already seen she’s very passionate and far more than what she appears to be.”  Standing back like she was done, then added, “Oh, and yesterday was the first time she’d ever seen another girl naked.”

“Thank you, that was very thorough.”  Christina turned to Margaret, “If you’re ready.”

Pushed forward by the arm that hugged her, Nicole urged her to begin but the images of the few different beltings flashed through her mind and combined with the comments of the first pair.  She could not understand how these girl’s pain could be arousing, but she had a sudden urge to want to try it.

Her mind wondered but her mouth began, “She is Nicole Sims, she…”

“Would you please speak up.  We all want to hear you.”  Christina tried to be as gentle as she could.  Knowing that this girl was needed for her grades, she prayed her presentation would be at least close to acceptable.  “Go ahead, its okay.”

All she had to do was fail, incomplete her assignment and her curiosity would be sated.  “She is Nicole Sims,” It was no louder, “She’s been with several guys…”  Having just been given an example of what not to do, she tried, “…she doesn’t have a cat, I don’t think…”  Trying to make up details that she hadn’t rehearsed was next to impossible.  Failure was not a part of her personality.  “She likes all sorts of toys…like vibrators and stuff.”

A couple of girls chuckled and it gave a pause.  She wanted to feel the belt, just to try it, but then it dawned on her that she would have to get naked in front of all of these people and then stand all bent over and exposed and finally the chuckles died and she had to start talking again.

When she did open her mouth again, it was her practiced speech that came out and the thoughts of the belt and the cries of pain faded away as she gave it.


Relief washed through Christina as the shy grade-maker finished much stronger than she began.  Making mental notes on some of the rest of the freshman pledges, she was grateful when the last pair had finally finished.  Stepping back to her seat at the front table to close the gathering, she was interrupted.

“I think it might be helpful…” Leah’s voice was strong enough to fill the hall, “…for them all to see another example of how a punishment such as this looks and feels the next day.”

Not sure where she was leading this, Christina agreed by nodding and adding her own vote of, “Yes, of course it would,” then waited for her to continue.

“Do you have an upperclassman who received marks yesterday for an infraction?”

Eyeballing Candace for a glance, she caught the very slightest pinch of Leah’s brow.  Knowing the only other option told her what Leah wanted, but not why.

Taking the lead again, Christina turned to the first table, “Randi,” giving her a big smile and calling her up with a toss of her head, “Come on down!”  Jokingly, “You get to strut your stuff for us again, Miss Bashful.”

Slow to stand, the girl was curiously timid.

“Come on,” Encouraging her, “we’re just gonna look.”  Perplexed at her sudden aversion, she lowered her voice to only Randi, “Just slide ‘em over your hips.”  Patting the table, “Jump up here so everyone can see.”

Once on the table, she gently lowered her already loose, thin pants carefully over the crescent of her curvature.  Holding her legs together and the pants right at her bottom’s crease, the faint marks were still there.

Still confused, Christina stalled, waiting for guidance, “The marks are only just barely visible.”  She called out, “None of the punishments are ever intended to do damage.”  A furtive glance over to Leah and she pressed on, asking Randi while touching the marks, “Is it still sore or tender at all?”

“No, not really,” She began to relax.

“Then why,” Leah stood and Christina relaxed as well, “Are you moving so cautiously?”  She came out from her seat and around to the front of the table while addressing the entire group, “If someone ever actually does get so carried away that they do real damage, their punishment in return will be exponentially ferocious.”  To the girl, “Pull the pants down.  Let me see if there is really anything wrong.”  Finally she had to reach up herself and take them down.

Randi did not resist but restated more firmly, “I’m fine, really I’m okay.”

The pants only needed to drop another few inches to see, but Leah let them fall to the table.  Acting surprised and concerned, she asked, “What on earth are all of these little marks?”  Pulling at her thighs, making her spread them open.

Not knowing what to say and with no good lie in mind, she just shrugged out a piece of the truth, “The trees out back,” pointing with her thumb, “They got sharper bark than I ‘spected.”

“Have you had them looked at?  Oh my!”  Lifting her shirt, “They are all over your front as well.”  Letting her go, “Did a tree do this to you?”

“Well…” her eyes bounced from Leah to Christine to Candace and back, “…I, was…sort a up against it.”

“But…” Leah put a finger to her lips for a pondering moment, “You must have been completely naked to get these all over like this.”  Thoroughly enjoying toying with the girl, “Why were you naked while ‘hugging’ a tree?”

“Because…I didn’t…”

Stopping her, making the question sound sincere, “Why was it that you were lashed with the belt in the first place?”

Dipping her chin, “I had a guy in my room.”

“Because he was simply in your room, or because you had a sexual encounter with a man, here on the property, against the University rules for a sorority?”

She simply said, “Sex.”

“Were you told what the repercussion would be if you did it again?”

“Yeah, but…”

Loudly, “There is no ‘yes, but’.  There is only ‘yes’ or ‘no’.”

“Yes, Miss Davenport.”  Her arms crossed under her breasts in a huff.

“So tell us, why were you being pressed up against a tree, while naked, admittedly here on the property, long enough and harshly enough to create this many tiny cuts?”

“I thought it was only if I was in the house.  I did, really.”

“Think carefully before you answer me:  Do you believe that you deserve the repercussions promised?”

Knowing that they all believed that accepting her fault was important, and denying the obvious would only make things worse, she figured a chastity belt couldn’t be that big of a deal, could it?  “I had sex with him out in the garden.”  Already accepting her fate, she smiled at the thought of what might happen.  The words ‘device, not belt’ came to mind but she figured she would soon enough find out what that all meant anyway.  Trying to remain stoic, “Yeah, I guess I deserve it.”

“Remove your clothes.  You will stay up there on display.  I am going to want every person in this room to see this.”

Leah put two chairs in front of the table a couple of feet apart.  Once Randi was undressed, she ordered her to step down off of the table and onto the two chairs.  She didn’t have to spread her legs far and their current placement was more than enough for what Leah intended.

“Put your hands behind your back.”

Randi balanced on the chairs, each just wide enough so it she wasn’t careful, either of them could tip because of her sideways pressure on it.  She watched the woman produce a small metallic disk and show it to the group.

“This is called a dragonfly.”  Pacing from table to table, she displayed it to them, “It is an extremely effective device for maintaining chastity.”  The three-inch long oval had a center hinge through its length, breaking the oval into two long halves.  Hanging from the same center hinge were two more ‘wings’ which lined up perfectly with the top pair.  The entire thing bowed slightly inward and wasn’t more than an inch and a half wide.  At one end there was a small disk, like a tiny bowl which extended from it, and the only other irregularity was a keyhole right in the center face of the hinge.

“It is possible to leave it in place virtually indefinitely.”  Glancing to see Randi’s reaction, Leah smiled, “We will leave it in place until we believe it has served its purpose.”  Putting a small key into the hole, she held the device up and turned the key back and forth to show the group what it did.  As she moved the key, each upper wing came down and each lower wing came up until they were almost flush together.  Another turn and the wings separated until they opened to just under ninety degrees.

Having rounded the room, she made it back to Randi, “The inner face of each wing is stippled with tiny studs, so once it is in place and locked, it will not move.”  Looking into Randi’s eyes and smiling, “The pain tends to subside after the first few days.”

“DAYS!!”  The dismay had Leah almost laugh.  The reaction was perfect.

“Leave your feet where they are and lay back onto the table, but only your shoulders should touch.  I want your lower torso suspended.”  Seeing immediately that she would have problems with her balance and the chairs, “Ladies…” she called to a couple sitting at the head table, “…help her down, please.”  They jumped into action.  “Then hold her arms above her head.  I want her immobilized.”

With the girls there to help, Randi froze.  Leah saw it happening and stepped in front of the nervous girl and spoke quietly, directly to her, “It is not as bad as I’ve made it out to be.  It is an effective device, but you will be okay.”  Randi’s eyes lowered and they shared a private nod.  Loudly to the group she announced, “Do you willingly accept this as punishment?”

Still not convincingly, she at least said it loudly, “Yes, Ms. Davenport.”

To the girl, more serious than intending it to be, she asked, “Are you ready to begin?”

“Yes, Ms. Davenport.”  Squatting down, she let the girls ease her shoulders to the table.  They both then scurried around the long table to hold her arms, each taking a wrist.

“Lift your hips.”

She did.

“Hold them there.”  Pushing slightly at her inner thighs got her to open them a bit more.  Without hesitation, Leah moved in and began to massage while pulling and tugging at one of the girl’s labial lips.  Getting it flexible enough also got the girl’s hips slowly undulating.  A quick slap stopped them.  Picking the lip up, she slid the lower wing under the lip and centered it.  Making the other lip more malleable took only a few seconds and she lifted that lip to set the device down and then cover the other lower wing with that final fold.  Shifting the unit only slightly to center and settle it, she continued to move and reset the skin until they were completely even and the dragon fly was in the proper spot.

Finally satisfied with its placement, double checking that the tiny disk on its top covered and cupped the clitoris and not the urethra, she looked at the girl, “This will hurt at first.”





Chapter 15




Every moment of her time here seemed to bring her new and different sights, feelings and desires.  Already worked up from the last belting, she was intrigued by the sensations and amazed at the cravings that the exposing position and fondling ministrations upon her lascivious neighbor gave her.  Riveted by the few moments that she was able to see the metal ‘dragonfly’, she understood immediately how it worked and shivered in a primal excitement when the wings were clamped open and shut in example.

Frustrated that her view had been blocked while it was put into place, it only added to the depth of an anticipation she couldn’t define.  Able to hear them talking, she listened to none of it.  Her hands both found her center right through her skirt when she was forced to slide to the front of her chair as others leaned forward as well.  The only words that did register sent tremors billowing from her center; “This will hurt…”

Slowly it rose; from a mew to a whine then a throaty groan and a cry of panting discomfort.  The shrill sounds lifted her arousal for they were not the constant, not the quick shrieks and screams that had been coming after a belting, but a long single croon of continuous agony.

The girl on display slid and shifted and was quickly over the center of the table with her head dropping back off the far side with two other girls there now to hold her legs open.  Ms. Davenport stepped out of the ‘V’ of her legs and Margaret was able to see the thin oval plate, curved to fit perfectly in place.  The hinge of it aligned exactly with her seam, making it appear as though it could be a natural extension of her body.

Wanting to touch it, to get a better look, to be closer to her pain; she almost stood in the desire for it but would never want that kind of attention drawn to her.  Feeling her own pain in the need to be closer, she willed it to be so.

“Each of you will approach the table,” Leah commanded.  “I want each of you to try and remove it.  I want you to know what to expect if you ever decide to disregard the rules so blatantly.”

The girls all rose and some of them milled about, unsure of what to do, but Margaret took Nicole by the hand and rushed her out to the front of the slowly forming line.  Her roommate spoke words and then laughed at what she had said, but none of it registered with her.  They were only several feet away but she had a need to get closer.  She could see the center hinge and how it curved to form tight to the girl’s sex with the little disk that extended off the top to encapsulate the button of her clitoris.  Closer and she made out the little designs on the wings and how perfect it all fit.

With only the slightest nudge she was drawn forward, away from the group and out front.  Suddenly all eyes were upon her and she cozied up to the strength of her beautiful new friend as they both stepped forward.

Sensing Margaret’s trepidation, Nicole broke her grip and leaned in.  Gently she picked at the edges of the wings then tried to shift the entire unit causing a sudden squeal which quickly got her to pull back.

Instead of reeling at the sound, Margaret was drawn in by it.  Having never seen a girl’s body this close before, or certainly touched one here, she began by touching the surrounding flesh.  When she pushed the device, the girl gasped.  When she shifted it she flinched and moaned and when she got her fingernails around it and gave it a little pull it created a marvelous scream.

Standing there holding the unit, the scream stayed constant.  It took a touch to her forearm to get her to realize that she really aught to stop.

Everybody watched.  She could tell that everybody watched and stared as the two quickly circled to the back.

“I’m glad you got us up there so quickly.  I don’t think I would want to wait and hear her do that every time, knowing I still had to go up there.”  Margaret just nodded as the cries and squeals rang out at regular intervals.

“Hey Mags?”

She looked to her.

“I’m going back to the room to use the little ladies room.”  Dipping her head to eye her seriously, “Are you gonna be okay?” then finished it with a smile.

She was so beautiful; Margaret couldn’t help but smile when she did.  She even managed a curt, “Yes, thank you.”  After a quick hug which she savored, she watched her friend saunter away while still thinking about what the bite of the dragonfly would feel like.  What it must feel like to produce such sounds.

The two rows of tables formed an open wide center isle where the line had formed leading up to the head table and where Randi was laid out upon it.  As the girls finished they came around the tables to the back where Margaret stood.  Slowly moving to avoid the girl’s congestion, she had been inadvertently herded toward the back of the waiting line.  As more came around behind, more room opened up in front of her.

Using an opening between where the last few had gathered she was able to see.  The laughs and giggles, the fearful stares, inquisitive looks and embarrassed blushes; each one reacted differently to the girl’s plight.  But Margaret was entranced, deaf to it all, focused only on the few short glimpses she was offered of the device and the constantly polarized reactions of the girl they were all touching.

The few moments passed, a few steps taken and her view suddenly became unhindered.  Smiling under her locks at the squirming girl, she then realized there were no more girls in front of her.  Wanting to step back into the crowd she had earlier avoided, she found herself alone at the front of the room.  She didn’t intend it, but tingles quickly took her as she knew the most inconspicuous way back was to go forward.

Instantly she began to pant.  Her palms wouldn’t dry on her sweater and she was suddenly drawn forward with a need to feel the girl again; not just to hear her cry, but to be a part of it.  She was ready, beyond ready.

Three steps were made.  Three of the strongest most confident steps she had ever taken.  Both hands reached out and took the dragonfly.  The body flexed and strained as a piercing cry filled the room.  Waves of stimulated intensity washed over her as she clawed under the disk to try and reach the clitoris.  Her fingers worked around and under the unit with enough force and intensity that she accidentally slipped a fingertip into her anus.

The shock of the action had both hands snap back.  Not knowing whether she’d done something wrong or not, she left the table at an invisible pace, hoping for no one to give her a second glance.  It wasn’t until the screaming stopped that she became aware of how much louder it had been under her touch.





Slipping out before the meeting was adjourned, a girl fled to the back patio and dialed.

“Speak to me.”  The woman’s voice was not pleasant or patient.

Excitedly the girl began, “They’re moving too fast!  The girl’s aren’t ready for what they’re doing!  It’s only just started and already one’s gone and there’s a bunch of others who are talking about it.”

The words the woman spoke were acidic, “Act only if you are sure.  Do not blow this.”

“Yes, Lady Farrow, I promise I won’t disappoint you.”  Through the following pause, the girl could hear the woman’s frustration and only then realized she’d used her name again.

Slowly and clearly, “Just hope that you do not, because if I am second seated because of your failure…” she let the thought linger, “…just don’t fuck this up!”

Hearing nothing but the dial tone, Pasha slipped the phone away and merged in with the quickly dispersing group.





Chapter 16




Keeping a pace which was quick yet didn’t have her pass anyone, she anonymously blended into the décor.  In her haste to reach the confines of her comfortable solitude, she silently thanked God and all the heavens that the morning gathering ended so quickly.  Rounding the final turn to take her down her hall, a shiver carried up her spine and raised the fine hairs on her arms because her sopping wet panties suddenly decided to bunch just enough to cling to her swollen arousal.  With only a few steps to go, she allowed the discomfort until she plunged through the door.

A quick scan proved her to be alone.  In one fluid motion the door closed, she skirt rose and the soused article of offense was suspended between her knees.  With a shift, a step and a kick they were tossed up to where she could grab them from their flight.  Dropping them in a hamper led her to her nightstand.

Just sitting on the bed caused a stirring of sensations.  Leaning forward to access the bottom drawer of the small stand had her gasp as ripples of pleasure held her in place for longer that what was required to get what she sought.

Finally breaking free from the compelling trance, she kicked her shoes free, scooted up onto her bed, leaned back against the headboard and brought both knees up.  With each foot set firmly next to each hip she let her knees fall open, granting her the greatest access.  Bunching her skirt to the front, she draped it, leaving her hands tented to work in relative privacy.

Head back and eyes closed, her hands knew the slow delicate dance of her contentment.  Her lips parted to form an ‘O’ as her lungs filled quickly with the first gasp.  Two fingers of each hand gently grazed her outer folds with only enough pressure in the middle to produce moisture for the area.

Her hands worked their magic while her mind was filled with the visions of her neighbor; held to the table and spread to the world, whining and panting as obvious spasms of pain seized her with each girl’s touch.  Held in her own fast approaching throes of carnal fervor, the explicit memory fueled her desire.  Only her practiced patience kept her from an instant climax and a premature end to her rapturous endeavor.

Peeling herself open, she teased and tested her clitoris.  Fully bloated and solidly erect, even the slightest pressure affected the hyper-sensitive bulb.  Drawn like a siren’s call, she pushed her fingers down hard onto and across it.

Gasping and straining as an explosion of ecstasy swept though her body, she was unable to relent.  Her knees locked tightly together and she rolled to her side to find only some semblance of control in her fetal position.

From a heavy pant to three quick deep breaths, she ‘Ooooed’ and ‘Ahhhhed’ her way back into command of her body.  A single finger stroked the inner labia and only teased at the craving clit.  Her knees separated enough to permit a hand to leave while the other continued.  Without pausing she shifted her focus and examined the switch on the end of the electric shaft.

Raising it to her mouth, the knob fit between her teeth and the unit sprang to life, shocking her at how loud the silence of the room made it sound.  The vibration carried through her hand and up her arm.  The power of it filled her with the thrill of anticipation.

Maintaining the curved position on her side, she lifted a knee and brought the machine up under her skirt.  Her heart thundered and her body sweat, shaking with the strength required to prevent herself from ending the wonderful delight in a hurried, uncontrolled waste.

With a long deep breath, she rested the very tip onto the bulk of her vulva.  The tremors instantly washed over her.  In waves of incredible excitement the buzzing unit covered her in a tingling anticipation of euphoria.

Only the slightest pressure was needed to split the folds.  She gasped and flexed as her inner wetness drew the unit into the pocket of her vulva.  The pressure against her muscled opening was unique to her.  The urge to push the bulbous head in was great, but she knew where she wanted it more and slowly the unit slid forward, opening her upper labia.  Under the machine’s hum she inched it closer until she came to the very edge.

Already her clitoris was affected and Margaret waited until she had at least somewhat acclimated to the glorious sensation before she continued.  Turning the unit back and forth allowed her to ease it forward by the tiniest of increments.  Closer and closer until the moisture gathered and pushed up onto the throbbing erection.  The compulsion was so incredibly irresistible that she held off even longer, just to experience the powerful hunger a little more.

Finally unable to withstand the craving any longer, she moved in.  Directly upon contact her body convulsed in a spasm of rapture.  Taken by it completely and immediately, the shaft bore down and ran its length across the needy node.  Rivers of pleasure, torrents of stimulating elation drenched her entirely in their tide as her body reveled in this new level of achievement.

Rolling to her back, she looked down upon her open legs and cried out in surprise, stopping completely to stare wide-eyed at her roommate.

“No, Mags…” she approached, “Don’t let me stop you, Kiddo.”

Shifting back to her side, the unit died and she hid into herself, covering her legs with her skirt in a way that still allowed one hand access which did continue to clandestinely stroke her button.  “Oh God, I can’t believe it.”

Stepping to her and sitting right in front of her on the bed, she stroked her hair, “It’s okay.  You shouldn’t have to stop for me, but I wanted to help you.  Ever since last night I’ve thought about it and Mags, I wanna help you learn.”  Cupping the girl’s chin, she tried to get her to look up at her, “It would be good for both of us.”  Sliding down to kneel on the floor, she set her chin on the mattress right in front of Margaret’s face, “You do see what they’re doing, don’t you?”

Margaret’s eyes opened and she focused on her friend’s words.

“All the punishments, all the spankings and nakedness; they seem to be preparing us.”

Nicole had a glimmer of arousal that even the inexperienced eye of Margaret noticed.  She couldn’t help but join her smile, “For what?”  Her chin dipped back down at the sound of her own voice, “Do you think?”

“I don’t know, but you saw what they did to Randi,” Her eyes opened wider, “and then to all of us!”  A moment was spent contemplating before she went on, “They seem to want to desensitize us to each other’s bodies, that’s for sure.  They want to try and use pain of fear of public pain as a means of control, but…” she shook her head, “…I don’t think it’s scaring many of us.  I’ve been watching and I think there are a few of us who are waiting for it, who actually want the get the belt.”

Sniffling and shifting her hips as her body was still not yet back to ‘normal’, Margaret slowly asked, “Do you…want, it?”

“I think…” Looking up, tapping her chin for an obviously feigned moment of thoughtful contemplation then zeroing back intently on Margaret, “…that you do.”

Smiling, whispering, “I think you do too,” she said into her blankets.

“Well,” Starting to rise, “for the time being,” sitting on the bed below the girl, “I think I have some knowledge that I can share.”  Resting her hand upon the girl’s knee, she felt her recoil.  “You know, Mags, I am even newer at this than you, but I think it would help us both to learn and explore.”  The vibrator buzzed to life and Margaret couldn’t help but look up.





Glancing at the many small screens which graced her private office, she shifted the phone to her other ear, “I will not reward you success, Quinn.  I expect it.”

“Of course, Mistress Leah.  I can assume then, that she is ready for me again?”

“Push her again tonight, yes, but what of the other two?  I have an appetite as well.”

“They are not as…pliable as the other, but I have yet to fail.”  His confidence was palpable.

“Yes, well…” Her attention was drawn to one screen in particular, “complete your assignment and be careful with the one tonight.  She’s close and I do not want her scared off.”

“Of course, Mistress Leah.”

Setting the phone on the desk, she stayed riveted to the monitor which showed her little scholarly gem; the girl so afraid you so interested.  She thanked her good stars that this shot in the dark attempt to raise their G.P.A. might actually produce a candidate for auction.

Turning to go, she was stopped as a second figure came into the view of the camera.  Settling back into her seat, she watched and smiled as the two interacted.  Not wanting to miss the opportunity, she launched herself from her seat and flew through the manor.

Pausing only a moment to collect herself, she knocked twice, waited a single beat then opened the door.

The sound of the vibrator was only a fleeting echo as she stepped in, but the quick bustle of the two continued.  The beauty queen was the first to spring to her feet, “Hello, Ms. Davenport.  We were not expecting you.”

She nodded to the girl but kept her gaze on the other.  She seemed to be lying on her back and had sat up suddenly because her skirt was hiked up, but not obscenely so.  Leah looked to see nothing in either’s hands, although the wide-eyed expression of her target told her where the toy was probably hidden.

Slowly she paced, “I wanted to come by and talk…to the both of you.”  Glancing quickly to Nicole and back, “About your thoughts and feelings about us and what you have already seen and been a part of so far.”  Her smile could be warm and sincere and she put it on display, “We want you all to be comfortable.”  Stepping to Margaret, “Are you comfortable?”

Hiding her face in her tresses, “Yes, Ma’am.”

Putting a hand to her shoulder, “Did you understand this morning?  And the others?”  she added, “And why we do these things?”

Leaning her head just enough to shift her curls so she could get an eye on the diminutive woman, she answered, “I think so.”

Her smile brightened even more, “Good.”  Turning to step away, she stopped and looked back, “Just so that we do understand each other, do me a favor and tell me what you think.”  After staring silently at each other for a moment, Leah added, “You think you understand.  Simply tell me what you think you understand.”  She kept her voice kind and patient while urging the girl.

Raising her chin parted her hair and they made solid eye contact, “I think you want us to obey you.”

Nodding her satisfaction, she glanced to Nicole, “Do you agree?”

Unable to find a trap in the words, she nodded and spoke, “Yes, I do.”

Still to Nicole, “Do you believe that strapping with a belt is an appropriate measure against failure to obey me?”

“I think…”

Jumping in at the pause, “Yes, tell me what you think.”

Raising her nose just slightly, “I think that you are getting the response from us that you desire.”  She couldn’t hide the smile that betrayed her haughty posture.

Matching her look, “You do, do you?”  Pacing a step, “If…” Leah turned, “…one of your sisters disobeyed a direct order, would you support me in her punishment?”

Nodding confidently, “Yes, I would.”

Pacing as she spoke, “If a girl failed to test the fit of the dragonfly this morning, would you consider that an infraction against my instructions?”

Knowing they had both gone, Nicole said without pause, “Yes, I would.”

Stopping to eye the girl directly, “How about if someone went twice?”

Trying and failing to remember what exactly was said, she did remember that once through was the intention, “Yes, I think so.”

Reaching to the side to take Margaret’s hand without breaking her gaze from Nicole, “Stand up, my precious gem.”  Knowing the difficulty of her position was almost humorous, Leah took the girl’s hand and gently urged her up, “Come on now, don’t be bashful, you weren’t this morning.”

Inching forward, “I can’t get up just yet.”  Pulling her hand away, she reached under her skirt and very calmly produced the vibrator, set it on the bed and returned to the offered help to rise.  Her voice was low but clear, “I didn’t plan on going twice.”

A little shocked and disappointed at how casually the girl had dispensed of her toy, her response was a moment slow, “But you did…go twice?”

“When I got there, I just felt compelled to.”  Shrugging her shoulders, “I didn’t plan on it.”

Confident the girl already knew, she still wanted to see her expression when she had to say it, “Do you know what your punishment will be?”

Hiding her face and her emotions, she simply asked, “Do you want me naked?”

“Could I do it any otherwise?”

The girl’s actions were slow and deliberate yet Leah could sense her anticipation.  Watching her strip, she was surprised by her muscular legs and calves.  The soft milky skin was to be expected, but the obviously strong curves were not.  The large sweater came up and exposed a tight round butt and as her arms rose to remove it, the concave arch at the small of her back was emphasized as were the tiny highlights of each abdominal ridge.

Discarding the sweater and the bra left her naked minus the hair which she still managed to hide behind.  Circling the girl slowly, Leah was elated.  This girl had the perfect body and posture of a coy, demure vassal.  She would have many bidders.

Removing her own belt, she circled the girl and let the leather strip trail along her nudity as she tried to guess, “Are you a swimmer?”

“No, Ma’am,” Pausing, she nodded, “well, a little bit, sometimes.”

“Gymnastics?”  A shake of her head.  “Track?” another shake.   Leah’s eyebrows rose as her belt continued to bounce lightly onto the girl’s body, “Upon your application and in your school history there was no indication of athletics,” Stopping in front of the girl.

“No, Ma’am.”  With Ms. Davenport ignoring her nakedness, she more easily disregarded it herself and was becoming more comfortable with it, even with the constant tapping of her belt.

“Is this,” Leah’s hand stroked the gentle curve where her waist met the front of her hip while changing her tone to unbelieving, “All natural?”

Blushing yet entranced by the woman’s touch, she stammered, “I don’t…know…what you mean.”

Putting her smile back on, “Child, you can not be so unaware of your own body.  It is obvious that you maintain yourself, and quite well at that.”  Becoming frustrated, “What do you do?  Do you dance?  Ballet?  Aerobics?”

Worry started to come through her voice, “No, Ma’am.  I’m sorry, I don’t know what…I don’t know.”

Leah laughed.  A warm hearty laugh that filled the room and immediately she saw Margaret’s body relax.  Putting her hand again on the girl’s hip, she stepped to her right and let her hand trail across her abdomen, “Do not think for even a minute that it is a bad thing.”  The girl’s arms came up just enough to allow the contact while she continued her circuit, “You have a marvelous body and it will serve you as a valuable asset in the future.”  Her hand crossed the small of her back and they both took a shiver up their spines.  Covering hers with words, Leah went on, “I do not know why you hide it so, but I was simply curious as to how it came to be.”


They both looked to Nicole.

“She told me that she would hike and backpack into the woods every week.”  Raising one shoulder, “Backpacks are heavy, Hiking is cardio, up and down trails is legwork…it’s just a guess.”

“Yes.”  Leah’s smile was genuine as she reexamined her subject, “The power in those legs does show stamina.”  Looking to Nicole approvingly, “I believe you may be correct.”  Backing off the girl, she gripped the buckle and wound the belt twice around her hand, “Let’s see how well this body of yours can take what you have earned it.”  Flicking the belt across her butt, she commanded, “Get to position.”

Having seen several examples already, she knew approximately what was expected.  Taking an unseen breath, she calmed herself, spread her legs wide and bent over; quickly, deftly with perfect balance and obvious anticipation she grabbed her ankles and tried not to flex.

Shifting just slightly, Leah was able to see the girl’s readiness.  Having stalled as long as she thought necessary, the arousal should no longer be from the scene she’d interrupted.  The corners of her mouth rose as she readied her swing, the anticipation doing much for her as well.

Without further preamble, the belt lazed back until belt, arm and body were fully extended, giving the optimum room to create inertia.  Knowing the girl wanted it, she put real force behind the swing.  As leather met flesh, the sound with the spent energy and her sexual need to produce a starburst of sensations which flooded Leah with their pleasure.

The girl did not so much as flinch.

Fed by the passion of her own creation, Leah delighted in the trade from energy into the belt to intensity flooding through her.  It was marvelous, tremendous and so savagely brutal.

Lining up for the third stroke, the rising vision of the first two stripes across that silken sheen of perfect milky flesh made her shudder in the comfort of the pain she had delivered.  Without movement of any kind, the subject accepted the third welt.  Leah had poured herself into the effort and had built a storm of her own excitement.  Holding the girl in place with a hand on her back, she swiped the other across the girl’s exposed sex…and stopped.

Tight and dry was not at all what she had expected.  Lifting the girl to a stand, she spun her around, latched onto the bulk of a breast and harshly lashed its middle…without reaction.  No sign of pain, sorrow, elation, excitement; nothing.  Glancing down her body, she could plainly see from the front that neither nipples nor vulva was engorged.  The girl was clearly no longer excited.

Stepping back in unexpected shock, frustrated in her lack of judgment and silently chastising herself for her near loss of control, she managed a weak smile and a short nod, “I hope you will learn from this.”

Without awaiting response, Leah fled the room.





Chapter 17




“So?”  Nicole approached her roommate, “Say something.”  Taking the girl’s hand, she was bouncing with excitement.

Looking up enough to part the curtains of her hair, she crinkled her nose, “It hurt.”

“Of course it did, silly, but what else?” she continued to bounce.

Avoiding her friends gaze, she turned, “She knew.  She knew it wasn’t what she expected…” shrugging her shoulders, “…or me.”

Deflating, “So, did it…do anything for you?”

One shoulder bounced up again, “It just hurt.”  Pulling her hands free, “It wasn’t traumatic or tortuous; it just felt like a belt.”  Grabbing toward her sweater, she continued, “Not intolerable, but nothing else either.”

“I’m sorry, Kiddo.”  Inadvertently stopping her from covering herself by putting an arm around her shoulder, “I know you were thinking it would be some grand exploration of the psyche.  Maybe next time it’ll be different.”

Slumping in her arms, “I’d rather not do it again, but it’s no big deal if I do.”  Breaking out of the girl’s grasp just far enough to reach out and pick the large garment up off of the bed, revealing the little shiny toy.

“Mags?”  Holding her tight enough to not allow her to put the sweater on, Nicole scooped up the vibrator and flashed her roommate a Cheshire grin, “Do we have some unfinished business to attend to?”

Dipping her head, trying to hide her smile, “Oh, I don’t know.”

“Well,” Letting the girl go, her hands went to her hips in a bit of a huff, “it may not have done anything to you, but right now I’m as lathered up as a plowhorse and if you’re gonna try and pull that innocent little bashful card, then I’m gonna have to pull out my trump card as well!”

Margaret’s eyes went wide, wondering if she was really upset.

Without a verbal response from the girl, Nicole lifted her chin and strode purposefully to her armoire, calling out, “As your roommate,” remaining stoic, “it is my responsibility to tend to you in your times of need,” pausing for effect as she turned, keeping something behind her back.  She spoke as if reciting, “And I happen to know for a fact that the facial epidermis under conditions of contusion or heavy trauma will have a high tendency to dry and crack, and, worse, could stretch as the area swells, compounding the situation into lesions and eventually open lacerations and,”  Closing the distance with long dramatic strides, “the only reasonable remedy is prevention; which means…” a giant smile creased her face as she held out a bottle and bounced her eyebrows suggestively, “…Body Oil!”

Not waiting for a response, Nicole playfully slapped away the girl’s arms which had folded into the sweater and were covering herself as best she could.

Bouncing and giddy, “We’re here now, so lets start with this one,” gesturing to her breast.  Slowly Margaret lowered her arms as Nicole dropped a puddle into her left hand.  Dipping a finger into the oil, Margaret’s arms came up as she tried to approach.  Leaning back, Nicole commanded, “Drop the sweater and hold your hands behind your back,” and raised an eyebrow, waiting until the girl complied.

No longer impeded, she closed on her target.  With just one wet finger she began to outline the inch and a half wide swath of raised red breast.  The girl shuddered as it started.  The lash mark covered a good six inches and Nicole intended on getting all of it, from the top of the breast to just under the nipple.

The nipple, at this time, was completely flaccid, barely a bump on the otherwise perfect curve, but as the finger gently massaged the surrounding area it budged and shifted, soon defining itself.

“Does that feel better?” It was almost a whisper.

With eyes closed, she responded with an affirmative hum.

Having traced the entire outline and circled the budding gland, she started filling in the middle; back and forth, slowly across and back, from the top lower and lower the oil glided.  As she got to the nipple she stopped to gather more oil.

Starting by circling just beyond the areola had the girl moaning the very slightest hum.  Closing the spiral to just miss the nipple had her holding her breath as her oncoming excitement was becoming quite visible.  In one solid stroke she crested the nub and Margaret gasped in a lungful of air and convulsed in a shudder.  By the time the shimmy had ended she was panting and moaning and as the nipple was stroked and rolled within the warm slippery fingers and thumb.

Opening her eyes, her mouth fixed to the form of an ‘O’ and she unconsciously pushed her chest into the sensation.

Continuing to slide the growth within her grip, their eyes met.  Nicole grinned out the words, “Lotions and Potions are a wonderful thing.”

Dipping her head in a blush, the girl just smiled then voiced a subtle but desperate, “No,” as the fingers retreated.

Fawning surprise, “Oh?  I thought you weren’t ready to continue.”

“But I…” The slick fingers grasped at the other nipple, “…Ohhhh.”

Suppressing a giggle, Nicole went on, “I have a duty and an obligation.”  Breaking the contact, she backed away, moving her hand in a circle, “Now turn around and assume the position so I can finish this.”

Taking the same position she used during the spanking, she flinched as two cold wet hands covered her throbbing cheeks, but the pain quickly assuaged as the oil warmed and the hands were able to glide smoothly across the whole of her bottom.  Back and forth, from one cheek to the other, slower and slower, lower and lower until the fingers filled oil into the center seam as they passed.  Slowing to almost a stop, a finger pushed oil onto, into and across the pucker of her ass.

Nicole could feel it spasm and twitch and it only encouraged her to gently push.

The short whine of protest was not followed by an attempt to stop her, but as the very tip of a finger pushed in, the girl started, “I…don’t…know…I…”  It easily fell deeper and the hips gyrated to meet it, “…I don’t know.”

Leaving the finger in, she turned her hand to lay palm down on the base of her spine.  Using two fingers of the other hand and starting right at the insertion, she slid her open hand down and onto the bulge of the girl’s sex, cupping it tightly.  “Oh, God!  I just love your body!”

Margaret responded by quickly releasing her own ankles and covering the hand which cupped her to keep it in place.  Before she could speak she was pulled back off balance and into the arms of her ready roommate.

“On the bed, now!”

Using the momentum already gathered, Margaret spun from the arms and flew the two steps to the bed.  Landing flat on her back, the sharp sting on her butt had her quickly lifting her knees to her chest to pull her butt up.

“Yes!”  Nicole followed just as fast, “Just like that!”  Pouncing on the bed, she landed with both knees sliding under the girl’s raised bottom and both hands going right to their mark.

The thumbs each stroked a side as Margaret grabbed her knees and pulled them tight, lifting her further into the intoxicating sensations.  Oiled and slick, the thumbs easily fell into the chasm to tease the greed of the inner folds while she brought her hips forward to meet and further support the base of the girl’s spine.

Toying with the muscled entrance that hungered for her while also adjusting to the elevated posture of her target, her head lowered.  Not intending to, her movement drew her down.  Taken by the moment and unaware of her own advance, her body moved, attracted by the need.  Her seduction not yet complete, Nicole’s tongue pushed into and swam without cognition, without caution, in total abandon of her reservations.

Just as she pulled the rigid clit into her mouth, she felt both thighs close about her ears, blocking the writhing moans and carnal fervor of her target.  Slowly she suckled as the hips rose and flexed, fixed to the pace she set.

Blindly searching, her fingers grasped the bulbous end of the shiny shaft and she had to work to wedge it just under her chin.  Holding it still, allowing the girl’s gyrations to lubricate it sufficiently, she slowly fed it into the hungry hollow.

The girl gasped and bucked as the breach was first made then relaxed back to her rhythm as the larger tip slowly spun just within her.

Having never experienced anything even close to this before, Margaret’s initial reaction was to hold off; don’t let it finish, make it last forever, and with years of practice she was quite efficient at it.  She would make it continue, it was too heavenly to ever let end…but then she was overcome, suddenly and dramatically.

Able to reach her second hand up under her chin as well, Nicole had found the back and had turned it on.

The girl’s sudden seizure shocked Nicole and she felt the two fists clenched tightly into her hair as the pressure from the thighs became incredible.  But focused on her task, she ignored the girl’s punishment and sucked, lifted and rolled.

With both hands on the shaft, only the initial inches and the head were in and she was able to lift with force, driving it solidly into the girl’s G-spot while still retaining enough mobility to circle the unit like a bone in a socket, creating a constantly shifting and rotating sensation without ever leaving the target and maintaining that ever so rapturous thrilling vibration.

Soon her pace was overrun as the girl began to lock and flex to a tempo all her own.  Tears ran down her face as the fists began to rip free of their shorings and the grip on her head clamped tighter from all sides.

Hearing Nicole’s wines and protests seemed to only fuel her desire as Margaret was trapped in the mental contortions of her physical intensity.  Clamping, pulling, driving; she was well into a euphoria she never could have imagined.  Pulses of elation quickly escalated into radiant powerful tremors as she clung to anything that could ground her but her body would not relent as the pressure rose and built, tighter, higher, climbing furiously, raging, brilliant.

Her body clenched, convulsed then exploded in a dazzling rhapsody.  Completely enthralled by its incapacitation she reveled in the blossoming starbursts of heavenly intensity, shaking her body in an absurdly glorious contraction of utter ravishment.  From her toes to her fingers, every muscle in her body joined in the paroxysm that wracked her, flexing and contorting beyond her yet still adding to the depth of the euphoric physical ecstasy.

Sucking a sharp deep breath, she lamented its end.  Tingles and pins covered her and she tried to move but suddenly another convulsion gripped her unexpectedly.  Powerful, intense and surprising, she was again lost to it, swimming in its ethereal abyss, drowning happily in its tide of unrelenting stimulation.

Four, five, six of these climactic surges took her before they had finally reduced in intensity enough to allow her at least some semblance of control over her movements.

Panting, sweating, shaking, she released her roommates head and could only mutter a gasping, “I…I…never…”





Chapter 18




“I’m doing it as fast as I can.”  She protested weakly, whining quietly yet audibly, “What did we do wrong?”

Through a frustrated clench, “Why does it always have to be about you?   Can’t you just…” Stopping herself, she took a deep breath. Still so thoroughly aroused from the expressionless reaction of the meek little girl, she knew better than to rush one of her subject’s into something.  In retrospect, it seemed to thrill her even more to know that the pain she had inflicted was nothing but just that.  There was no vent or outlet for the raven locked girl.  She took it stoically and emotionless; smiling as she thought the girl’s restrain must have made it hurt all the more.  Reigning in her emotionally driven sexual haste, she finished more calmly, “…just accept what I command, as you were trained to.”

With cuffs on her ankles and wrists, Leah held back her crop as Candace tightened the thigh cuff, securing it just above the knee to be even with the other.  Stepping back, she made eye contact with Christina and became excited for her.  She could see the anticipated arousal and with the curiously worked up mood of their mistress, Candace became jealous of her friend’s pending chastening.

“Hands up!”  A thick, heavy four-inch wide leather belt flashed out and battered an erect yet unprepared nipple and breast.  The shackled girl shrieked and flinched but a short, quick backhand to the other breast straightened her back up.

Calmly but directly, “And that is why I will continue to bind you tighter and tighter.  Well…” Circling to the girl’s back and letting her voice trail to a more comfortable tone, “…that is why until you prove that I will need to find another reason.”

Slapping her butt once, she threw one end of the belt around her subject and caught it with the other hand as it came around.  The outside of the thick strap was the oiled leather that snapped and welted upon contact.  The soft inner lining allowed for, just as with the smaller cuffs, a very tight secure fit.

Lining the belt’s length across the girl’s upper chest, just below the joint of her shoulders, Leah ordered, “Arms out to the side, straight out!”  Upon compliance she was better able to gauge the maximum height at which she could secure it.  Buckling it at the center of her back, Leah got her subject to gasp as she muscled it just one hole tighter.

Spinning the girl to face her showed that the width of the belt had overlapped onto the upper swell of her breasts, bulging the bottoms out oddly.  Toying with the nipples which now pointed almost straight up, she tsked through her teeth, “This will just have to do.”  Squeezing the two tips tightly opened her subject’s eyes wide as she held firm to them, “Now sit.”

The girl looked down to the cold hard floor then back to her mistress with a little too much incredulance.  With a growing smile on her face, Leah pulled down hard on the nubs she still held captive, “Yes, on the floor.”  The girl caved easily at the force upon her and sat without further delay.

Kneeling behind her, “Pull your knees up, put your feet flat on the floor.”  Leah leaned into the girl’s back, bending her torso forward while letting her know, “You are going between your knees, so you should open them accordingly.”

Christina was limber and it did not offer much resistance as Leah clipped the thigh cuffs to the rings sew into the wide belt, pinning the knees back even with her sides.  Bending her arms at the elbows and pulling them up around the thighs; she had to use extended clips, but did manage to clip them down to the same belt rings as the thighs cuffs.

“Go to the wall and lower the candelabra.”  Candace leapt to the command and quickly brought it down.

Within reach, Leah ran a single length of cable over one outside support then across the middle to an opposite outside support then down to clip it to one of her subject’s ankles.  The other end was pulled down and she had to lift the girl’s other leg to get it to reach, then both feet rose and left her balancing on her butt as Leah evened the slack on each side.  The housing for the light fixture was a good six feet across and Christina could already feel the weight of her body pulling her ankles wide.  It was different only because of the odd angle her knees were locked to.

At Leah’s direction the fixture rose and as predicted, her subject’s body was entirely exposed and completely immobilized.  At the slight angle from which it hung, the entire vulva pouched out well beyond the stretched limbs which normally protected it.  With an open hand she slapped the bald pubis and got only a flexing shift of the musculature for the girl could not easily move any further but her own body reacted in ways that only demanded her to do more.

Taking up her crop, she parted her subject’s lips wide and harshly snapped the dampened clitoris.  The girl screamed but could not avoid the second strike.

Pushing two fingers quickly into her, Leah pulled a generous offering of natural lubricant up over the offended bundle while crimping her own hips, desperate in need.  The sensations came, changed and went so quickly that Leah could barely appreciate them.  By the time she had caught her breath she was standing before the girl with a switch and concentrating so she wouldn’t begin to pant.

The two and a half foot reed was very light and forgiving, so Leah had to use maximum effort to get the desired effect from her subject and from her own body, but she did always relish a challenge…and a good workout.


Dangling in her precarious position, Christina tried to shift and twist.  Her wrists were back enough to be tight but it still allowed her elbows to flap uselessly in their inches of play at every effort she made.  Finally giving in to the awkward tension on her knees, she relaxed her legs and let the cables pull her wider which actually allowed her to settle, somewhat relieving the discomfort.

The slap caught her unprepared and her body jolted in surprise but the tingling afterburn was an efficient enough aphrodisiac.  The position had her torso just off of horizontal with her head just higher than her hips.  Lifting her head and looking down her body she confirmed the vulnerability she had imagined.  Watching as fingers opened her, her eyes rolled up as moisture shifted out and over her anus.

The sound of the concussion hit her first.  Her eyes flashed open but before her eyes could see, her body seized in an excruciating flood of anguish.  Billowing from her center, the agony kept her locked in the trauma of it.  The explosion of sensations mixed and melded as she shook and strained with the mental overload of her shying away and then pushing into the changes which assailed her.

As her vision finally retreated from the bright white of nothingness and she became aware of herself enough to stop screaming, she was faced with the aroused eyes of her mistress and her expectant smile.  Without paying attention to the instrument in her hand, she saw only the twist of her hips and the full swing of her arm and prepared for a bomb.

Flexed and afraid, she was surprised to be disappointed in the light lash that the effort produced.  The sting lined across both cheeks, just below her available pucker.  Her awareness of it did blossom; she could feel the exact length of it.  In just a second moment, the sting became fire then very slowly erupted into a searing blaze.  Gritting her teeth as it came on to truly assail her, a second, third and fourth came down.  A regularly timed chorus of blistering lines all raced to catch the inferno of the first.

Line after line across the back of each thigh, sometimes catching the belly and ribs with its length, beleaguered the dazed subject.  Caught in the writhing trance of their brutality, her bindings were tested and found to be true.  She hung helpless with just the one option…she only had but to do it.

The constant barrage gave her no respite as older strikes blazed anew even after they’d stopped.  Gathering all of her strength and remaining awareness, she used her body’s hunger and need.  It would not let this torment go as just tortuous pain.  She had spent all the last night and now most of the morning hoping for just this very thing to occur; she could not let the torment go as just tortuous pain.  Honing her focus onto her sex just happened to coincide with the lashes that crossed it and fingers that plowed into it.

Like a hurricane the transfer crashed onto her shores.  The millions of pins, pricks, burns and stings all gathered and flowed through her erupting desire.  At her body’s command they worked in concert with her focus, her desire.  Her body clenched in contortions and the arousal gushed from her in torrents.  All of the stimuli easily fit into the abyss of her appetite.


Sweating, panting, working for the urge, she knew her subject well enough to see the signs.  Ripping the short wrap from her waist, she called to her new student, “Right here!  Right Now!  Come On!”  Spreading her legs and pointing to the floor in front of her as the switching continued.

The girl tentatively stepped forward.

“On your knees!”  Pointing down, “Right here!” eyes wide, she almost shouted, “Don’t Dawdle!”

Falling to her knees a couple of steps back, “I don’t…I haven’t…” tears formed as she couldn’t get her body to follow her mistress’ command, “I just…never…”

Her body on the edge and her subject even closer, this time she did shout, “Oh my God, Girl!  Don’t be daft!”  Pulling her fingers out and circling her suspended subject, pushing the girl on the floor with a toe as she passed, “Oh, just get back!”

Lifting and tugging, she cinched the main belt tighter until the pin fell free and she let the suspended girl’s torso fall back from her knees.

Not quite free to dangle, her wrists were still linked to her thighs, but she otherwise hung splayed wide from her ankles at about the right height.  Quickly Leah sat into the slightly angled face and with her left hand reached behind her and took a handful of her subject’s hair, further securing the face into place as the mouth was already at work.

Grinding her hips and moaning out loudly, Leah spied Candace still on her knees, “I’ve changed my mind, open your shirt.”  The girl fumbled with the buttons too long.  “Just pull it off over your head and stand right here!”  Pointing with the switch to a spot right in front of her, “Turn, more…okay…”  Panting, shaking, ready, “Hands behind your back.”  Her words were becoming frantic as her body was quickly rising to the furious pace of the tongue upon her.


The switch flew, strike after strike but her arm couldn’t generate the speed required to welt deeply without her hips and freer movement.  She still threw it with all of her might and was rewarded when after the first few lashes matured, the pain came to the girl and she began to cry out a long steady crooning of agony.

Stopping only to drag the reed through the puddle of sex just before her face to get it wet enough assure at least a little better sting, she returned to the nicely lined little breasts.  Aiming for the nipples, she began to swing up, then down, catching them alone, searing the sides of the short shafts of the well defined nubs while her own body started to seize.

Her knees locked the head into place as both arms circled the body dangling before her for support.  The long awaited release took her like a tempest as she hugged tightly to her subject’s torso.  Explosions expelled the climax from her, releasing the ecstasy to consume her.  One convulsion led to the next as each tried to purge from her the trapped euphoria she had gathered.

After minutes of incapacitation she was still spasming but under her own control.  She found her cheek tightly coveting the warmth of her subject’s puddle.  Opening her mouth, she bit the inner thigh without moving.  Only then did she notice the slight swinging motion.

Casually, as if planned, she returned her feet to the floor, took a moment to gather her balance and freed herself from her subject.  Stumbling just once, she faced her slowly swinging subject and poorly feigned anger, “You are…” pointing to Candace and panting, “…to teach her, so this won’t…happen, again.”  She snapped the switch down into the split of her legs for emphasis before turning away.

“Yes, Mistress Leaaaahhh!”  The delayed inferno found its way past her moist swollen lips and bit deeply into her inner body.  After the initial explosion subsided, she was able to calm herself to just hurried pants and mews.

As quick as it left her body, the wrap was replaced and Leah left fully clothed.  Over her shoulder she stumbled through a straggling spasm and called out, “And clean her up, too.  I don’t even want to think about that anymore!”  Stopping, she turned for one final instruction to Candace, “You will make her finish with just your tongue before I will permit you to have one yourself.”  Eying her sternly, “Do you understand?”

With her hips pinched, her hands stopped and Candace looked up to answer dejectedly, “Yes, Mistress Leah.”

To the inverted Christina, “Do you as well?”

“Yes, Mistress Leah.”

She left with a smile on her face for several reasons.


The door closed and Candace raced to Christina, “Are you okay?”

“Yeah…” Still winded, “I’m great…just…gotta get me down.”

Standing there, staring at her friend’s splayed opening while absently rubbing the sting from her chest, “Oooo, I’m so sorry I couldn’t do it.  I didn’t know, like, what to do.”  Her other hand traveled lower to rub at her itch.


Looking down to Christina’s face, Candace shuddered as the pressure of her own hand found a good spot, “Yeah?”

“Could ya…lemme down?”

“Oh.”  Shimmying again before she fled off to the bookshelf and spun the handle quickly to lower the standard, stopping only when she heard her friend call out loudly.

“Hey!  Stop!  HEY!”

Running back to her suspended friend, she noticed that even balled up as tight as she could get, her head was just inches from the floor.

“Yeah, ya gotta think about what you’re doin’.”  Slowly letting herself uncoil, Christina rested her head and shoulders on the hard floor, “Now you can let it down further and get me out of this.”

Working quickly, driven by her physical need, she had her friend freed in another moment yet was still panting, continually rubbing her still burning chest, “So, what, I mean, I see how it all…you know.”  The flat of her palm again pushed down onto and over her mound causing another shiver to take her.  “Can I now?  She said I could.  I mean, you’re finished, right?”

Nodding, waving a hand, “Oh, yeah, I’m done for now.”

Both of Candace’s hands slipped under her shorts and a loud moan followed.

“No!”  Christina spun to her knees and stood, grabbing at the girl’s arms, “You can’t do that.”

Pleading, “But you said you’re done.”

Shaking her head, Christina kept the girl’s hands up away from her need, “No, you heard her.  You gotta do me yourself.”

“But I can’t wait.”  Pulling her hands free, “Just let me be for a minute…just a minute.  Please!”

Quickly unbuckling a wrist cuff, she loosely secured it to the protests of her friend.  By the time the second had been set into place and the two were secured behind her back, she had been reduced to tears.

“Candace, listen,” Christina’s heart rate and breathing had almost normalized, but the horrible burn of the switch still lingered enough to make her movements slow and calculated as she settled again to the floor, gasping at the first touch, then reveling in the cold it brought, “I will help you follow your orders and I can cum again,” shrugging her shoulders, “at least pretty quick, and then you can do it however you like.”

Through the glaze of tears, she watched her friend go to her back, flinching as her butt touched then settling to the floor with opened legs.  Wanting so desperately to rub herself…anywhere, she knelt before her friend, between her legs and found it difficult lower herself; and not just because her hands were behind her back.  “I don’t know if I can do this.”

“First of all, you can do this.  And second of all, if you’re about where I think you are, you shouldn’t care right now much about anything but getting that bubble burst.”

“No, I mean I’m gonna tip over.  I gotta get this done!  Can ya tip your hips up for me?”

Christina’s feet came up to sit flat under her knees, “Try it now.”

Bending again, Candace got to within a few inches and felt everything within her throb with the desire to do it, not just to get it over with, but to really do it.  Just when she thought her body would keep her from her orders, teetering on her knees, drowning in indecision; the legs of the girl under her flexed, the hips quickly rose and she was hit in the mouth with a sodden mass of tightly folded flesh.

Teetering back, it was not until she tried to right herself and fell forward toward her friend’s spent need that she noticed that the girl’s hips had again lowered.  There was nothing to balance on until her nose pushed onto then into those silken moist grooves.  Shifting and squirming to pull her weight back, a gasping moan sounded and pressure collapsed onto the back of her head.  Her struggle only intensified the moaning into cries of pleasure and the sound by itself stabbed a shaft of desire into her own needy mire.

Stopping for a moment, then nodding her head quickly got another responsive gasp from her friend and a shudder scrambled through her, covering her in goose pimples and the pins and needles of desire.  Tilting her head back and opening her mouth laid her tongue right into the arid crevice.  It didn’t take but one short taste to know that this was nothing to fear; it didn’t take but to create the sound of one gasping cry of elation to know that this was a good thing, the right thing, a now necessary part of what she wanted.

The sweet musk of her friend’s taste filled her and raised her even beyond where she’d been in anticipation.  Her hips began to grind and Candace lathered the girl’s center with her tongue only to hurry the pace.  Exploring, she found places to excite and places to tease but her own desire said she could hold off no longer and she centered on the bud of her clit, pulled it into her mouth and did what a billion years of nature has taught us to do when faced with the bud of a gland in our mouth.

Flexing and straining, it was only a momentary spasm but soon Candace was being fought off.  Clinging to the pouty nub, her arms struggled to be free so she could more forcefully secure herself to this glorious spot.  But without the power of her arms, she was useless against the power of the body below her.

Breaking only for a gasping moment, she was taken unaware as the body beneath her broke free only to spin, leaving that honey pot of sensations still under her and available…and then a mouth took her own dripping need.

Arching her back to put weight to it, her own cheeks laid perfectly between the backs of the upraised thighs, funneling her face naturally back to the feeding she’d enjoyed.  Lapping through it in time with the tongue within her own sex gave a sensation of doing it to herself and how she did like to masturbate.

The totality of it all became too great to withstand and her body could no longer deny itself the brilliant specter of her oncoming surge.

Laying herself flat, covering her friend’s face completely, she crested a wave of sensation that had been building for far too long…and then let it break upon her in a tidal flood of muscle wrenching glory.

The waves of the orgasm shook her to the marrow and clenched her in their grasp until they decided she was done.  It seemed to last forever, yet ended so soon.  Finally again in control, she very aggressively attacked the sex before her; lapping, licking, sucking, pushing; her nose, lips, tongue and chin all barged their way beyond the protests which she stifled by boring the brunt of her weight down onto the struggling body beneath her.

Her own satisfaction was not complete, she wanted more; not of her own, but to create more, to produce the sounds and flexing strains of ecstasy.  She needed to give.

Suddenly everything shifted and she was rolled onto her back, pinning her bound hands underneath her.

“Girl!”  Christina gasped and devoured the readily available air.  Shimmying her hips to remove them forcibly from Candace’s face, “Okay, no more problem?”

Lying back, panting, she called out loud and proud, “No, Ma’am!”

Rolling away from the girl, “Good, because trust me,” still catching her breath, “we’re not done yet.”





Chapter 19




Finally stopping, Leah turned to the pestering student, “So, what exactly are you asking?”  Still not completely settled, she had to check herself after being flagged down in the labyrinth of hallways.  Calmly she added, even smiling, “I do have time now and I would be more than happy to speak to you.”  Ushering the girl forward, “My office is near; would you care for a cup of coffee, Miss Peterson?”

“Yes, thank you, Ms. Davenport.  I think I would enjoy that.”  They both walked at a moderate pace but the girl was anxious to ask her questions and began as casual as she could, “I would just like to know a little more about our ‘national representatives’ and what our greater goals really are.”

Her office door was open and Leah stepped aside to let the student enter first, closing the door resoundingly behind them for impact, “You seem a bit…” tapping her finger to her chin in thought, “…skeptical.”  Turning her back on the girl to get two cups from the wetbar, she maintained her temperate tone, “What do you see as our direction?”  The girl did not respond until Leah returned the few steps with two full cups on saucers.

“Well,” she set the cup down without tasting it, “I see a distinct difference between the pledges and the majority of the sisters coming back from last year.  Not all of them, mind you, some of the upperclassmen fit the mold of the rest of us just coming in.”

“And what is this ‘mold’?”  Hiding her smile as she blew the steam off of her cup.

Smiling back without hiding it, “Do you have any idea how many girls here are sleeping together?”  After no answer, “If I may speak candidly…”

“I wish you would.”  Nodding, “And I expect you should.”

Her hands went instinctively to the offensive and planted on her hips, “Tamara was a cold fish and I couldn’t be happier she left, but now I don’t have a roommate.”  She took a deep dramatic breath, “I think Natalie left for good today and it’s probably my fault.”  Lifting her chin defiantly, “She caught me with her roommate after the meeting.”  Crinkling her nose and shaking her head, “But I don’t think you’ll mind because she wasn’t one either.”

Enjoying the act, she prodded, “One…what?” not giving her an inch.

Eyes wide, she huffed in frustration, “Ms. Davenport, excuse my indiscretion, but naked public whippings?  Disclosing sexual appetites?” adding as a side note, “and those answers in themselves define us all as pretty heavy to the deviant side, but then you’ve got girl’s spanking each other in their rooms because they’re ‘curious’ and the crème de la crème:  that girl this morning, Randi?  Laid out and held down?  Then you make everybody feel her up?  Come on, half the girls in the house left that gathering needing a change of panties, those who at least wear them.  I practically attacked Natalie…” Nodding through her confusion, circling her hand forward, “…the other Natalie.”

“So, then…” Leah began to pace, “…you approve of our choice of pledges?”  Smirking, satisfied.

Hands went back to her hips, “What are you recruiting us for?”  She raised a finger, “And don’t say Omega Phi.”

Having had enough, she pointed to a large leather chair, “Sit down, Miss Peterson.”

Crossing her arms, her chin rose just slightly, “I’d rather not, thank you.”

Leah’s smile faded only slightly but her face hardened into command as her words were low, slow and direct, “You will sit, you will learn and you will obey.”  Even being several inches shorter than the defiant girl, it only took the slightest lean forward and the girl dropped her chin and lowered herself into the chair.

Confident enough in just that small gesture of compliance, she decided she would lead this one a little further.  Settling back to a more pleasant relaxed posture, she went on, “Miss Peterson, you are going to be offered a very unique prospect.  You will be given a chance to free yourself in a way very few people will ever have the courage to enjoy, much less the opportunity.”

“Are you…”

Simply raising a single finger stopped her and gave Leah just one more little piece of confidence, “You will have no questions.”  With hands behind her back, she began to pace, “You will be told what you need to know when you need to know it and you will answer with only ‘yes, Ma’am’ or ‘no, Ma’am’ when a response is required.”  She paused and turned to her for emphasis, “Do you understand?”

Raising a finger herself, the girl started, “Yes, but…”  The suddenly wide eyes of the woman gave her pause and she nearly burst with the need to question, but after a short mental battle she restated her answer with a more simple, “Yes, Ma’am.”

Nodding, “Very good.”  Pacing again, she let the moment settle before going on.  When she did speak, she nodded her head with the words as if confirming the veracity of them.  “The only thing you will ever need is strict and complete obedience.  Do you understand?”

The girl did pause as if to say something else, but merely spoke, “Yes, Ma’am.”

Without a confirmation of her appropriate response, she went on, “This school year you will be required to maintain your grades.  It will be an aspect of your obedience.”  Raising her tone but not her volume, “This is not an option.”  Stopping to face her, “You will be mine for four years and I expect nothing short of graduation with a degree.  In fact…I demand it.”

“But I…”

The single finger again stopped her, “That is one.”  Stepping back, she gave room for the girl, “Stand up.”

As she did, she shrugged with both palms up, “Yes, Ma’am?”

Ignoring her, “You will learn to allow command of your body to be ruled by others.  You will be taught how to utilize your submission to others as a freedom from yourself.  You will learn to submit to the will of those who are your dominant.”  Lifting her chin high enough to look down her nose at the girl, “And right now that is me.”

Turning to her coffee, the woman spent a moment to take a sip…and then another, allowing the statement to process but also giving the girl more than enough time to interrupt the silence, but she didn’t.

Setting the cup down, Leah slowly closed the distance to stand toe to toe with her and began to unbutton the girl’s blouse.  The girl didn’t flinch.  “If I wanted to, would you let me whip your naked body?  Just because I wanted to?”

An answer hadn’t yet formed when Leah had loosened the shirt enough to pull an edge of the bra back and pinch a nipple, “I asked you a question requiring a response.”

“Yes!”  Becoming frantic as the pressure still increased, “Yes I would, I will!  I will let you!”

Leah let go and brought her face right up to the girl’s cheek and lightly licked it, whispering, “That is two.  Did I not already explain how you are to respond?” Raising her tone at the end to emphasize that it was a question.

One single nod, “Yes, Ma’am.”

Sliding her lips to the girl’s ear, she let the subtle sound of her own breathing be heard, “Once beaten and welted will you let me put all of my toys into your body?”

Her own breathing was hastened at the thought, “Yes, Ma’am.”

“And when you are ready I will strip you naked on a stage and sell your body to the highest bidder.”

Fear, shock, excitement…arousal; she answered confidently, “Yes, Ma’am.”

Stepping back, Leah waved a hand, “That was not a question.  That was a statement of fact.”  Pointing a finger at her open blouse, “Button your shirt, take your seat and enjoy your coffee.”  Nodding, “it should have sufficiently cooled by now.”

Sitting, “Thank you.”  Looking up quickly, she added, “Ma’am?”

Shaking her head, Leah smiled with real joy, “That…is three.”





Stretched out on the cold floor, Candace was too anxious to let the cold bother her.  Still loose enough to shift around, her spread eagle bindings were quite confining.  Each of her wrists and ankles were cabled through eyelets set into the floor, each a couple of feet beyond the appendage it secured.  The cables then ran to pulleys which led to a central pin crank so they could all be tightened with the turning of one single lever.

Christina knelt down over her and slowly lowered her naked sex to just over her subject’s face.  “You said it was because of my need, because of the sounds of eroticism, because of your feelings for me, but Can, you need to remove yourself from your primal instincts and release yourself only to command.  Don’t talk, don’t think, only obey my words.”

Lowering herself, she felt the girl’s tongue graze her as she saw her strain to reach it.  Keeping her hips at that just barely attainable height, Christina continued, “I will teach you.”  She gently stroked and lightly pulled at her friend’s little triangle of fine hairs, “but first out mistress wants me to ‘clean you up’, as she says.”

Bringing herself to well within range and sitting upright to better the angle, a tingle of the expired climax returned as the full width of the tongue probed her.  “No one said teaching you how to do it right couldn’t also have its perks for me; practice, practice, prac-ohhh,” catching a gasp as the wondering tongue found her button.

Candace set her head back down to complain, “Aww, come on, you have to admit I was at least okay.”

“Don’t.”  Christina lifted from her, “If you make me gag you then you won’t be able to practice what you really do need to learn.”

In a bit of a huff she let out an almost sarcastic, “Sorry.”

“Don’t!”  Christina stood and barked at her, “You will not speak!” walking away, “At all!”  Opening several drawers, she banged through the desk before she finally returned with what she’d sought.  “I am not going to gag you now, but you will spend some time wearing this to remind you to watch your mouth.”

Down to all fours, she lowered her mouth to kiss her bound friend on the lips before sliding the blindfold over her eyes.  “Until I release you, no matter who it is or who you think it is, you will kiss, lick or suck anything offered to you.  Do not think, only obey.”  Shifting the blind to make sure it had settled into place properly, “Do you understand?”

After a slight pause she muttered, “Yes, Ma’am.”

“Very good.”  Quickly rolling an already stiff nipple stood it tall and hard enough to close a small alligator clamp down over it.  Through the grunting and straining she called out, “I’ll be right back.  I need to find something and then I’ll clean you up.”

Throwing on just enough clothing to appear decent, Christina fled the room.


The halls she covered were deserted as she first tried Leah’s private office.  Discovering it empty, she traipsed back through to the woman’s student office.  Curious as to why the door was closed, she gently knocked.

After a moment it opened and Leah’s brow furrowed at the sight of her, “I am a little surprised to see you so soon.”

“Well,” Flipping her hand out palm up, “I’m not yet done.  I just came up to ask you where…” slowly the door opened further and she saw that Leah had company, “…Oh, sorry.  I didn’t know you were busy.”

“No, no, not at all,” Stepping back, “Come in.  You are just in time to see my newest gem; a little rough but with some polish she will glow,” a glance to the girl, her eyes bore into her, “I know she will.”  Walking Christina over to face the girl, “I was about to give our Miss Peterson a lesson in obedience.”  Nodding to herself, “She may need many; in fact I’m sure of it.”  With a brighter smile to her head student, “How can I be of assistance to you?”

Still eyeing the other girl, “I was looking for the floor jack.”

The woman nodded her approval, “Very good thinking.  It is in the bottom cabinet by the secretary.”

Pointing to Kelly, Christina added, “But I could probably use her as well.  I have my subject in a blinded position with very specific instructions regarding the use of her mouth,” Looking to Kelly with a knowing smile, “And they do not involve speaking.”  Attention back to her mistress, “If I could borrow her while I clean up my subject, I am sure that we could bring her back here more than ready for you.”

The woman’s face went suddenly expressionless, “Take off your clothes.”

Christina was a blur of movement as the sandals, shorts and T-shirt were easily and expeditiously removed.  In just seconds she stood with her ankles two feet apart and her hands behind her back.

The woman aimed Christina toward Kelly, “Kiss her.”

In three deliberate strides she crossed the distance, cupped the girl’s chin with one hand to raise it and latched onto her mouth, immediately probing and groping with her tongue.  After only a moment of uncertainty, the girl opened her mouth to share in the contact and passion just as Leah pulled them apart.

Directed again to Christina, the mistress commanded, “Masturbate.”

Already wet from her time above Candace, she easily pulled enough moisture up over her clit to begin the assent.

“Enough, thank you.  Get dressed.”  Circling to the younger student, “Do you see what I expect?”  Prodding her for an answer, “Do you?”

Keeping her eyes down, the girl couldn’t get her mind off of the idea of being borrowed out and what this other’s use of her mouth might be; she didn’t want to grin in anticipation, but had to answer a quiet, “Yes, Ma’am.”

“Will you be that good for me?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

Pacing, “From now on, if we are in private, only if we are in private or with others who know, you will respond ‘yes’ or ‘no, Mistress Leah’.  Do you understand?”

Nodding, “Yes, Mistress Leah.”

Turning in her pacing to face the older, “You may take her and use her as you see fit.”  Raising a finger, “But do not damage her.”  Lifting her chin with a grin, “I want to do that myself.  And, of course…” back to Miss Peterson, “…you will not orgasm.  I will accept no excuses.  You.  Will.  Not.  Do you understand?”

“Yes, Ma’am.  I mean, Mistress Leah.”  Her head hung even further.

Shaking her head in disbelief, she asked Christina, “Do you need her mouth?”

Liking the idea of having her gagged, she answered, “No, Mistress Leah.”

From the wall unit she removed a small clear bag and a collapsible ball.  Approaching the young Kelly Peterson with it, she told her, “Your mouth seems to be the first source of your inability to control yourself.”  Stopping directly in front of her, “But do not think of it as a failure, it is the most common and most difficult part of yourself to control.  So, if you were put in a position where your ability to speak was taken from you, then that problem would be eliminated.  Would you agree?”

Speaking slowly to assure herself of the correct response, she stated, “Yes, Mistress Leah.”

Showing the girl the bag, pointing out the two plastic half circles, “Do you want this in your mouth?”

Without thought, “Yes, Mistress Leah.”

“Very well.  Open up.”  The girl opened her mouth and Leah set the bag in with the two plastic arcs each lining up with the inner face of each row of teeth.  The ball she carried had a thin tube which she attached to a small nozzle on the front of the bag.  She squeezed the ball and the bag began to inflate.  It filled her mouth, the back of her mouth and the girl showed signs of panic as it pressed on her throat, all the while opening her jaw wider and wider.

Continuing to pump, she tried to calm the girl, “Relax, do not fight it.  There is a baffling system.  You will be able to breathe through it once it’s opened.  Your jaw will get sore, but if you continue to clamp down on it, it will become very painfully sore.”  It had filled enough to open the passageways through it and Leah could see the relief of the girl’s face as she eased her jaw’s grip and took in air through it and her nose.

Checking the fit around the teeth, she gave it a couple of more pumps before detaching the hose and offering a hand to escort her the few steps to Christina.  “You may take her…”  Looking back to the girl, “…no, wait.”

Opening the top four buttons on her shirt, she unclipped the bra and uncovered her right breast and tucked that cup back and under.  The girl’s breasts were just big enough, just perky enough to pull the blouse around the outside of the breast and rebutton the two lower buttons, securing the shirt and further emphasizing the exposure of the bare breast.

From her desk Leah took a star vice clamp, flittered with the already excited nipple and turned tight the five sides of the clamp one at a time until it was firmly secured to the node.  Not yet done, she added cuffs to her wrists and clipped them together behind her back.

Before she let her go, she went back to the clamp and added a turn to each of the sides.  Hearing the beginnings of a whine, Leah asked, “Do you like this?”  The girl moaned intelligibly while Leah licked a finger and stroked the bulging tip and continued to manipulate the gland while turning to Christina, “Parade her around the house a couple of times, use her as you wish then return her to me.”  Flicking at the tip brought a deadened squeal.  Grabbing the girl’s chin to assure their eye contact, she finished with her words to Christina, “We still have unfinished business to attend to.”  To the girl, “And you remember, No Orgasms.”

The girl nodded in her grip and even tried to moan out a response, but the gag was designed to eliminate all but the vibrations of the very deepest of tones.





Chapter 20




Leading the girl back to Leah’s private study, Christina was a little apprehensive about walking her around like this, but after passing two pairs of girl’s who just looked, snickered and passed on, clucking it up like hens in their house, she gained enough confidence to circle a long way and then double back, passing more open gasps and wide eyes, all of them shocked but none of them appalled.  She was almost disappointed when they turned down that final hallway, off-limits to others, and approached the heavy door to the study.

Turning the girl to face her, “Go in and do not make any noise.”  Unclipping her wrists, “I want you to strip off all of your clothes and wait for me to direct you.  You will see her soon enough, so I’ll tell you now that Candace is in there tied to the floor.  I want her to think that I came back alone, understand?”

The girl just nodded and hummed an acknowledgment.

With a return nod, Christina opened the door, let Kelly slip through and closed it behind them.  Stopping to watch Candace’s head turn to the sound of the door, she pantomimed to the girl to strip then quietly crossed the room and got into the cabinet behind the old secretary unit.  Getting the jack out made more noise than she was expecting and she only hoped that Kelly was having better luck at staying quiet.

The jack wasn’t real heavy, but it was bulky and landed next to the bound subject with a bit of a thud.

“Okay…” Candace muttered, “…Tina, that is you, right?”

As she set the jack up, “And it is your place to ask questions?”

“No,” Exhaling loudly, “I was just worried.”

“And speaking freely?  Is that what you are practicing?”

Tsking through her teeth, “No, Ma’am.”

“That’s a little better.  Now how about this?”  Circling her open hand over her friend’s stomach, she let it slide down over her pubis and got a long moan.  “Be silent.”  She continued and even crept down over the ridge to lightly stroke the still ready lips.  The girl was totally silent, but also holding her breath.

“That’s better.  Now, push into my hand and raise your hips as high as you can.”

The floor jack was no more than a flat pad set atop a square scissor jack, no higher than a couple of inches when down, but even that was too high and Christina had to help lift the girl’s hips to slide the pad under her.  Once in place, she shifted the jack to assure its placement was centered square under her hips.  Just a couple of pumps to the attached handle and all four corners closed in as the pad rose, lifting Candace’s hips.

Hearing a slight whimper, she stroked her friends hair back, “Just relax, Can, I’m going a bit higher.”  Soon she bowed over the jack, teetering as it took her higher, extending to its full two feet.

Without another word, she went to the central pin crank cabling in the subject’s arms and legs and brought out the extra slack, stretching the girl wider and tauter over the jack.  One tooth at a time, one tiny click and then another until Candace finally squealed a little cry.  Keeping her that tight left her arms and legs all strained wide, bowed down and suspended completely.  She balanced only on the small pad of the jack under her butt.

Scampering back to her friend’s face, Christina kissed her mouth.  The response was a hungry need, a devouring consumption of affection and desire which turned desperate and longing as the contact was broken.  Fixing the mask to assure of its fit and her inability to see at all, she gave the girl one more peck before retrieving the next tool she’d need and returning just as fast as she could.

Eying the now naked Kelly and nodding her approval, Christina reattached the two wrist cuffs behind the girl’s back and motioned for her to just wait while she stepped one leg over her friend and began to lower herself to all fours, centering herself inversely with her splayed subject.  Before her knees even touched her sex was ravaged by Candace’s mouth.  Fighting off the instant urge to just collapse into the sensations, she bent over and brought the electric clippers to life and began to sheer the tiny patch from existence.

The contact with the oscillating little machine brought Candace a certain thrill that added to her excitement but didn’t deter her from her assigned task as she blindly lapped and suckled at everything she could reach.

With the little hairs down to a stubble, Christina went against her body’s desire and got up off the girl to spin quickly and kiss her again, telling her gently, “For this part you can’t flinch or flex, don’t push or pull or try to shift.  I don’t want you to hurt yourself.”

Getting up, she readied her supplies quickly.  Setting all in place, she knelt next to her friend, subject and new lover and let a hand trace over her ribs and belly, up over her raised hip and down the tight thigh, “Your body is so inviting like this.”  Her hand stroked over the tautly pulled inner thigh, “You’ve always driven me crazy.”  Grazing the sex and over the now exaggerated peak of the pubis ridge, she moved up the center of belly and felt every abdominal ridge and ripple.  The bowed position tightened the already hard body to a beautiful extent.

Gliding back down to the stubble, to the tightly pulled skin over the pubis and along the outer crease of the vulva, “I’ve always wanted this…just like this.”  Two fingers slid into the girl and Candace gasped and moaned in thankful delight.  Turning her hand over, she slowly stroked the G-spot several times, bearing down more and harder pressure with each pass.  Then in one sudden movement she removed her hand and stood.

The girl flexed, “No…ohhhh…no, please!”

Taking up the riding crop she’d brought, Christina sharply swatted an inner thigh.  The sudden shock of it scared the girl into a short but livid scream.

Motioning for Kelly to step forward, “I suppose the best way to keep your tongue silenced will be to keep it occupied while I work.”  In her teasing manner, “So much the better for me.”  She smiled herself as she saw the corners of her friend’s mouth curl.

Standing the girl straddling over their subject, Christina took up the discarded shirt and wiped the drool from her gagged mouth before it could run any further then quickly passed her hand across Kelly’s sex, into it for a moment then pulled the moisture out and spread it in an attempt to approximate her own already sodden sex.  But the girl’s eyes went wide with first surprise and then with a shuddering moan which was clipped short even before it began when Christina grabbed the girl’s chin to force her eye contact.  Reality came back quickly and with a stern look from her superior, Kelly just nodded her understanding.

Holding her by the waist, Christina helped the girl lower to her knees.  Her eyes rolled back in her head as she was immediately plunged into the deep end of Candace’s enthusiasm. Unable to hold the low moan off, Christina tried to cover it, “Yeah, that should keep you quiet.  Just keep working at it.”

Taking two of the five small adjusting pins on the star clamp and cinching them each a turn tighter brought the girl’s eyes quickly back to focus.  Slowly waving her finger in time with her words, Christina mouthed, “Do.  Not.  Cum.”

The girl’s bottom lip came out just a fraction, but she nodded her understanding.

“Yeah, yeah,” She said out loud, “You stay busy.”  Faking the pleasure, she took up a sponge from a bowl of warm water and rung it several times over her target before rubbing a gel onto the stubble until it created a foam.

Reaching back, she took Kelly’s hips in her hands and slowly shifted them back and forth over her friend’s face, “Mmmm, Yeah, get it all.”  Pulling her hips forward enough to assure Candace was in or beyond her little anal furrow, “Yeah, like that.  It’s all so good, Can, but I have work to do.”

Releasing Kelly allowed the girl to shift to whatever she wanted while Christina took up a razor and began to clear away the cream and all that came with it, easily blading the tightly stretched skin clean.

Again rinsing with water, she played over the naked skin with her fingers, “Mistress Leah is very particular about hair and I have to make sure there are no strays or even a little fuzz.”  Her hands slid down then back up again, “So I’m not done just yet.”

Candace gasped and flexed and Kelly hummed and shifted as Christina slowly circled a piece of ice over the shaved area, labia and anus before pushing it between the labial lips and up to the clit.  Noticing the subject’s sudden lack of activity, “Don’t stop.  Make it feel good.”  Whining and whimpering as the cube was held in place, from her angle she could see the tongue back at work, “That’s good, just like that.”

Cold and numb, the warmth of the wax she next applied seemed hot enough to burn and Candace released a shrill cry for just a moment, then realized she was not burning, just warming up and quickly came to enjoy it as it covered the left half of her labia down beyond her butt and all the way out to the crease of her inner thigh.  The soothing pressure which came next was almost as nice as it traced the same area that the heat did, settling her, lulling her, preparing her.

The ignition of the fire was almost as bad as the shock of it happening.

“Down, hard.”  Christina called out loud to Kelly as the subject screamed but again only for a short gasp after the wax strip had been pulled away.  Slapping at the area as best she could, the ice finally came back to try and soothe the burn of so many little hairs being extracted all at once.

Working the ice back and forth from the done side for relief to the next side to ready it, “Okay, Can, halfway there.”

The next side still caused a stir, but knowing what was coming made it easier for Candace and not quite as much fun for Christina; none the less she worked diligently until the entire area was cleared and made a point to spend extra time icing the area until the two pieces of ice were almost gone.

Seeing the other two enjoying themselves so, she had just the slightest pang of jealousy.  Glancing to her hands, then back to the girls; one blindfolded and the other with her eyes closed, each with a nipple clamp styled to expose the tip, she had a slightly sadistic thought cross her envious mind.  Leaning forward, easily within reach, Christina held the ice to both.

Candace squealed and bucked and Kelly Peterson jumped up and turned away to fall back across Candace’s face, just enough to drag the blindfold up and off as she fought to stabilize herself.

Already discarding the ice, Christina caught Kelly and helped her to her feet, “Thank you.  You’ve done very well.”

Eyes blazing with astonished indignance, Candace silently daggered her friend while she walked the young Kelly to the door and instructed the girl to wait.

On the phone for only a moment, she returned and opened the door, “Mistress Leah has instructed you to go immediately back to her office and I am quite confident that you know the way.”  Literally pushing her out into the hallway naked, bound, gagged and just dripping at the edge of climax.  Shutting the door and locking it, she returned to her subject.

“I knew it wasn’t you.”

Leaning over to toy with the girl’s open sex, she could only laugh, “Based upon that look you gave me, I’d dare to say that’s a big fib.”  Finding plenty of moisture, she stroked the sturdy clit.

“Well, I, oh…”  Her hips could move just enough to shift and canter to the fondling fingers upon her.  Gasping, “I’m so close, don’t stop.”

Letting her fingers trail down to massage just within her swollen folds, “Let’s see; you were already in trouble for talking out of turn.”  Circling a quick trip around the clit then back to the sodden entrance, “And now you talk again and the first thing you say is an outright lie.”

“NO, No, it wasn’t.”  Begging, “I could.  She was…she tasted different, I just didn’t know why and now I do.”

“All right,” Two fingers dove deep then pressed hard up onto her G-spot.  She slowly shifted them as she spoke, “You were only half in the wrong so I’ll take you half-way there.”

Whimpering between the moaning gasps, “But…but…”

“I would say that about does it.”  Her hands left the girl.

Her words all came out as one long plea, “No, Tina, please, don’t stop, not now.”

Christina moved a lever on the jack and stood to chastise her friend.  “Talking is not the way to get rewarded.”  Her subject whined without words as her hips slowly lowered.  Enough slack was created for a wrist to be unclipped and it immediately went south.

Slapping at the hand, “No!”  Christina barked, “Do not touch yourself!”  Quickly the other wrist was released from the cabling and she went back to her lecture, “You have to learn and I have to teach you.”  Rounding to her ankles, “Now be good and the rewards will always be worth the wait.”

Panting in breaths as deep as she could manage, Candace just nodded her head as she was freed completely and helped to her feet.

“Put on your clothes but leave the cuffs on.”  Batting her eyes at her friend, “I like the way they look on you.”





Chapter 21




“You could hear them right through the walls!”  Waving a hand in disbelief, “I just think we could all show a little restraint, that’s all.”  Finally she ate the bite she’d been holding.

“Like restrain you to the wall?”  The group laughed as her roommate continued, directing it back, “Well, how many sets of batteries have you gone through, anyway, while ‘not listening to them through the walls’?”

Looking to her, she couldn’t help but smile, “Wassa matter?  Jealous…” wiggling a single finger, “…of my little machine?”

“Well…” Looking at the girls around her, she couldn’t help but laugh, “Okay, maybe a little.”  And they all joined her.

Margaret kept her head down and quietly ate her dinner as the few others present continued to talk and tease each other over their recent lascivious exploits.  The snickers, jeers and laughter kept the detailed descriptions from affecting her.

“I heard,” One of them started, “that we’re all gonna star in porno’s.”

“Don’t be naïve,” waving the thought off, “they’re probably filming us already.”

Someone called out, “I’d buy the one of you two.”  She cut the laughter by pointing her fork at Nicole, “Or our beauty queen.  I’ve still yet to see your ass naked.”  Batting her lashes, “Or better yet, Nikki, Maybe we should make one of our own.”   She bounced her eyebrows at girl.

Nicole let the hoots and catcalls die down before answering.  Feigning dejection, she put the back of her hand to her forehead, “You only love me when the camera’s rolling.”  Clutching Margaret, she faked sobs as the girl froze at the public attention.  Letting her go, she shook her head seriously, “Please, ladies, we’re not here to make movies.”

“All right, neighbor,” Carmon asked, “Spill.  I saw boss lady go into your room.  What’d she say?”

Organizing her thoughts for a moment, Nicole raised a single finger, “It’s not so much of what she did say, but I think she’s got us all here to find something.”  Looking to each of them, “Have you ever noticed that when one of us gets spanked, she never watches it happen, she’s always looking out over the group.  She watches our faces, our expressions.  I think she’s looking for those of us who are excited by it.”

“I seen that too.”  Natalie piped up, “When I got Brozlich this mornin’; she’s checkin’ out everybody but us.”

“Did she really leave?  Natalie, I mean?”

Waving her hand and tsking, “Let ‘er go.  She didn’t fit.”  She just shrugged her shoulders, “I think she got jealous when Kelly and I hooked up.  Now that girl can freak!”

“Whadd’a ya mean, ‘lookin’?”  Randi finally chimed in, shifting constantly in her seat but directing her question to Nicole.

“You would know more than us.  We’re brand new, but…”

One of the seniors stood, cutting them all off, “I think it is all repulsive!”  Picking her plate up, “And I do not see how you can all be led so blindly.”  Turning to the open kitchen, she called out, “It’s just not right.”

“Sandy!”  Randi stood, “How can you be such a prude?  Last year you slept with half the campus.”

Stopping, she spun to answer, “Yeah.  The Male half!  And don’t think for one minute…”

“Oh my God!  Look!”

Everyone stopped and turned to watch a naked girl walk casually across the hallway which opened up to the central court and kitchen before resuming on the other side.  As she crossed, the large piece of plastic wedging her mouth open and the shiny steel star on her breast were clearly visible and everybody’s focus.  Stepping beyond them and into the far hall, they could all see the thick black cuffs which bound her wrists behind her.

Banging her plate down on the counter, Sandy pointed, “That is exactly what I am talking about.”  Hands to her hips, “Erin and Gabby both packed up today and I think the rest of us will go as well.”  Pointing down the hall again, “You can’t possibly think that’s normal!”  Shaking her head, “I was told but I didn’t believe it.”

Silence only lasted until one girl called out, “I think that’s hot!

Natalie stood, still staring down the hall, “I think that was Kelly.”  Turning to Nicole, “She said kinda the same thing you did, that they’re lookin’ for somethin’.  She thinks we’re gonna be slaves or somethin’.”  Her smile got even wider as Sandy started to storm off with a huff, muttering under her breath.

“It looks like they’re already starting.”

“I wonder if they’ll take me next?”

Sandy stopped at the entrance to the hall to look back at them all with tears pooling in her eyes, “You’re all sick!”  Stomping out, “Slaves!  I can’t believe it!”

The room stayed quiet but for the echoing of her expletives through the halls.  Everyone waited for someone else to react when Randi finally broke the silence, “She’d a never been your friend, just your competition.”  Shaking her head, “It’s no loss at all.”

The lull only last a moment until someone asked seriously, “Do you really think they’ll try and sell us into slavery?”

“It’s not slavery, it’s submission.”  The entire room turned to the normally quiet Jamie, “Those cuffs on her wrists were suspension cuffs, and the star,” pointing to her own breast, “that wasn’t jewelry.  It was a kind of nipple clamp made just for inflicting pain.”  Sliding down a little in her seat as the weight of everyone’s eyes pressed down upon her.  One shoulder rose as she picked at her fingers, “I’ve seen some movies.  It’s about bondage and submission; even the gag, it’s all a part.”

Carmen laughed, “My roomie’s coming out and who’s to think, I couldn’t get her any further than a sixty-nine!”  Jamie slapped at her and the room erupted into giggles and taunts, each prodding the other about one act or another until Carmen jumped up onto her chair and pulled her pants down over her hips and called out, “I’ve earned my stripes!”  And clearly she had.

“Hold still,” Natalie stepped around to her, “Lemme see.”  As she got to the girl, she took hold of the shorts and sharply slapped the bared butt before skittering away.

“Hey!  Damn it, girl!”  She spun, upset, but the room’s laughter broke her from it quickly.  Motioning Natalie to come back as she got down off the chair, “What comes around…” Spinning her hand, “Turn around and make it fair.”

Pulling her pants down, she shook her unmarked butt at her, “Be gentle, it’s virgin skin.”

Bending the girl over to lean on the chair, “I have a hard time believing any part of you is still virgin.”  The words weren’t even done as her hand was already moving and Natalie jumped and flexed as the slap was clearly louder and crisper than hers was.  The hand print quickly grew and colored.

“Oh, God!  It tingles all over!”  Slumped over the chair, she clung to it desperately trying to cool the sudden heat.

“That’s what she wants,” Nicole pointed, “That’s what she looks for.”

“Masochistic tendencies.”  Janie slumped again, “I think.”

The girls poked and played at each other as Margaret quietly watched, wanting desperately to jump up and join them, to feel the sting on her hand, just to try and make another jump in surprise as the pain charged through them; to create that quick shriek as contact is made.  With her head down and her raven curtain in place, she satisfied herself by sitting silently and hiding her hands within the billowy folds of her sweater.

“So what are we gonna do?”

“Randi knows more about Omega Phi than any of us.”  Nicole stood, “What do you think is up?”

Standing as well, Randi pulled her thin cotton shorts up tight to her crotch and tapped the dragonfly with the back of her spoon.  The metallic ‘ping, ping, ping’ rang out, “Nothing is ‘up’, not with this thing in place.”  All the girls laughed, but guardedly.

“Does it hurt?”  Margaret surprised herself by actually voicing the question.

“Naw, not really.”  Looking to the shy girl sharply, “As long as people ain’t picken and pullin’ at it!”  Her immediate smile told the whole room she was just kidding, but Margaret still cowered.  “It’s mostly…” both of her hands ran under the flexible drawstring and to the apparatus, “…just a constant…” her hands clutched and turned under the sheer covering, “…turn on that I can’t turn off!”  Straining in a quick effort, “I can’t get at it at all!”

Some of the girls laughed but Nicole was curious and tried to steer the conversation back, “From the sounds of it, you’ve already had enough for at least a little while.”

“Never enough!”  Pounding her hands in a tantrum, “Never, never, never!”

Laughing with her, she brought it back again, “Did they do any of this last year?”

Settling down, she looked to Nicole and waved a hand, “Naw, we started Omega Phi as sorta a joke.  We just made it all up as an excuse to have parties.  We were just ‘Mega Pie’.”  Sitting back down, “We never talked about permanent charters and stuff like that.  I never even knew we had a national chapter or reps or any of the stuff Christina found out at the end of last year.”  Shrugging her shoulders, “She’s done all the work.”  Resituating herself in her seat, “And even though we’re an obscenely bawdy bunch, all this other stuff is new.”  With her hands again in her lap, she gritted her teeth and pulled at it, “This thing is torture!”

Carmen leaned over the table toward her, “Let’s see it again.”  Her eyebrows bounced and several of the others slowly stood to see over the edge of the table.

Before Nicole could stop it from erupting into another cacophony of twittering girls, Randi had jumped up onto the table and stripped naked, flaunting her cybernetic looking sex while others groped at her.  Nicole went to stand but Margaret’s hand shot out from under her sweater and latched onto her arm, keeping her seated.

It took only moments more before several of the girls were baring their marks and enjoying the exposure when someone smeared gravy over another’s chest and then a handful of jell-o was slapped up onto an open crotch and the volatility of the room was about at it’s peak, the food was about to really start flying…then everybody stopped at once.

Loud and solid the voice rose, “Do you really think this is appropriate?”  Christina and Candace stepped into the room, side by side, both smiling at the spectacle as Christina bounced the crop in the palm of her hand.

Carmen called out, “Show us your stripes and we’ll let you decide.”  A couple of them couldn’t hold back a tittering giggle but it was short lived.

“This all started talkin’ ‘bout you, anyway.”

The group became more brazen, “Yeah, I’d bet yours have all faded by now.”

“Strip down, give us a look.”

A chant began, “Strip, strip, strip, strip, strip!”

Facing them, her shorts fell and her shirt came up and as she turned around the room fell deadly silent.

“Oh, my God!  That’s terrible!”

“No!”  Turning back to them and dressing, “Those are the marks of the best orgasm I’ve had in a long while.”  Her unwavering smile was proof of the truth in it.

“Is everybody gonna…” pointing with her chin, “…do that?”

“Well,” Christina eyed them all, “It depends.”

It took just a short pause of silence then all at once the questions assailed her, “Are we making movies?”  “No, is it like, prostitution?”  “Are we gonna be slaves?”  “Do you want us sleeping together?”  “Can I try your riding crop?”  “Are you weeding us out?”  “Can I touch your butt?”

Calling out above them, “Stop!  Stop!  Everybody stop it!”  Christina shooed Janie away who was curiously fondling Candace’s wrist cuffs.

“You’re not hiding anything from us, you know.”  Nicole called from her seat.  “We all saw Kelly Peterson go by.  It would be easier if we all just knew for sure, that’s all.”

Calmly, Christina answered, “Although I do appreciate your candor, if we wanted you to know what was to happed next, what do you think we would do?”

“Of course, you’d tell us,” She mumbled, looking into her lap.

“Of course,” Looking around the room to the naked and slowly dressing girls, “Your welts, Carmen and Randi, your…situation,” adding with concern, “I’m assuming you’re fine?”  From one to the next, “Susan, Nicole, are your stripes still sore?”

Margaret slid slowly into her chair, willing herself transparent.  Christina noticed her but didn’t single her out.  “Because of disobedience,” pointing to Randi, “Talking out of turn,” to Carmen, “Failing your sisters, questioning authority, assuming…” pointing to each as she spoke, “…for all the things that we demand.”  Back to Nicole, “If you can learn from us and continue with us and are able to survive not knowing or asking why, you may succeed with us later.  Just like if you learn and continue and survive your college years, you may find success in the business world, or at least have a chance to face it more prepared.”

Looking around to the dozen or so present, “If I were to whip you for no reason you can think of, comfort yourself in the knowledge that you’re learning to accept a situation for no more than simply what it is.  That is our goal today, to have you learn and accept absolute servitude.”

Carmen stepped closer, counting her points off on her fingers as she states them, “You encourage us to explore each other sexually, you inflict pain and say we should like it, we need to obey without question and you say this is all a learning experience?”

Bobbing her head, her roommate Janie took Carmen’s arm and gently pulled her back, muttering, “BDSM, you want submissive masochists.”

Making a mental note of all present, she made her only logical move, “I want everybody to listen very carefully.  You will silently get up; no more questions.  You will leave your dishes where they are and go to your rooms.  Do not talk, do not question, do not hesitate, just obey me now.”  The group slowly shifted, dawdling and the crop came down loudly, snapping at the table as her voice rose, “Everybody to their rooms,” pointing the way, “I will come to see each of you and we will talk.”





“Just follow his instructions.  For tonight, you are his.”

“Yes, Mistress Leah.”  Kelly was still trying to work out the stiffness in her jaw.  Her cuffs and gag were gone, but the star still remained and was visible through the sheer white shift.

“Come find me when you are done.”  Raising one eyebrow and grinning, “We do still have a date.”

“Yes, Mistress Leah.”

“And, of course,” closing the book she was making notes in and looking up, “Do not cum.”

“Yes, Mistress Leah,” She finished just as a knock sounded from the door.

“Let them in on your way out,” Dismissing her with a wave.

“Yes, Mistress Leah.”

The door opened and Kelly was replaced by Christina and Candace.  Waiting until the door clicked shut, she started in a bit of a panic, “There are about a dozen who just left the dinner table…”  Christina stepped closer, “Mistress Leah?”

Ignoring the girl, she stood smiling, staring at the closed door and murmuring, “I’m gonna fuck her so hard tonight.”

“Mistress Leah?”

Finally focusing, she amended, “I like her.  She is going to train well.”  Taking a breath, noticing the dread on her face, “Yes, my gem, what is it?”

Quickly she told her, “They’re asking questions.  They think they know and they’re not far off.”

“Well, what did you expect?”  Her brow furrowed, “To scare off the weak ones we had to tip our hand.”  Shrugging her shoulders, “It’s nothing to be so dramatic over.”  Catching a laugh as it started, “You are worried about what they might think and you’re parading her around like that?” pointing to Candace’s cuffs.

“I just,” She dipped her head, “Thought they looked sexy.”

“Oh, but they do.”  She got up and circled her desk, “They are at the tables?”

Shaking her head, “I sent them to their rooms.”

“Just as well, now you get to give your little speech a few more times.”

Trying to stay calm, “But what should I tell them?”

One shoulder rose, “Tell them everything, of course.”

Christina took a deep breath before beginning, “Mistress Leah, if I might say with no disrespect intended, we have already lost three from last year and…” she stopped as Leah raised a finger.

“Five.”  She counted them off, “Erin, Gabby, Lorie, Lynn and Barbara.”

Hanging her head, “Well, then I guess it’s six.  Sandy’s packing right now.  Someone scared her off as well.”


Christina’s jaw dropped, “Good?”

Walking to the wetbar, “Your G.P.A. just went way up.”  She fixed herself a tea, “So you have six left plus Dawn and…What’s Randi’s roommate’s name?”

“Susan Dawby.”

“Yes, Susan and Dawn will both arrive tomorrow and you still have, what, twenty pledges?”

“Yes, Twenty.  We’ve only lost the three.”

Blowing over the top of her cup, “You should be very proud of yourself.  Your job here I know is not easy, but I do see success in our future.”  Sipping the tea, “Do not go to Randi’s, I will deal with her, and be sure to belt any who have yet to feel it’s sting.”  Setting the cup back into its saucer, she broke out a sincere smile, “Have fun, be creative, teach and never forget to learn as well.”

Smiling back, she nodded, “Yes, Mistress Leah.”

“Take a paddle with you, make a statement.”  Pointing to a cabinet, “Take whichever you like.”  With Christina into the cabinet, Leah approached Candace, “You managed to stand here this whole time without even the hint of wanting to speak.”  Fingers found the still tender nipple without trying.  A mild but painful turn and a pull got no reaction either.  “You will continue to learn, to get better at knowing, to accept complete servitude, but right now you are not displeasing me.”

She watched the girls go and the smile steeled to a harsh grin.  She knew she had a cancer, a malady that would grow if left unattended.  Two of the three seniors had mentioned her, but not by name.  Leah would find her and find out who sent her.  The grin grew even colder, “This could actually prove to be fun.”





Chapter 23




Piece by piece she shed her clothes; digging, twisting and writhing on her bed in frustrated unfulfillment.  Moment by moment, each event of the day seemed to continually encourage the budding growth.  Her inability to even touch, much less scratch the itch only enflamed her hunger for it.  The pain of it was never really much, unless it was being pulled on, but even that did not supplanted her craving.  She didn’t remember ever needing it so badly as when the pain came.

With her fingernails under its edge, she tensed as it shifted and thousands of needles assailed her sex.  Like goose bumps they traveled across the area.  The unit curved to her body so solidly that only the very slightest shift was possible, always leaving her clitoral node securely contained.

Releasing the dragonfly caused another wave of stings which seemed to spiral around the area.  Interested enough in the tingling pain, she pulled again but harder.  Immediately she had to stop as it erupted in a flurry of the vicious little bites.  Holding the unit still with her hands, she let her breathing go ragged as she felt her reaction to it.  Focusing on the reaction caused it to intensify.  Each pull of the pain, each pass of the spiral, each beat of her heart; her clit rose and throbbed and brought her at least some level of delight.

Excited about the potential of the erotic response, she slowly tugged and pushed, moving it just enough to keep her in a constant pain, a constant tease, a building arousal.  Fighting to get under the little piece that cupped her clitoris, she felt herself bulge and stand up to capacity, but still the design of the attachment thwarted her attempt to fondle it.  Her hips slowly gyrated while she thought about it.

Suddenly jumping from the bed, she flew to the bathroom and ripped off a length of floss.  Back to the room, she left her feet and came to her position well before she touched the sheets, landing already prepared.

With her knees wide, she flexed her hips and pushed her center higher.  The thin string slipped under the head of the dragonfly and quickly made a pass across, only flicking at the clit before stopping at where the hinge began.  Bringing it back up slowly, she could feel it graze across the upper labial curtain.  Back and forth she searched with a growing frustration but could not seem to hook her tiny nub.  The skin had to be spread to get it to truly protrude and that was just not possible.

Dropping the floss, she scooted to her vanity and got out a Q-tip and a bottle of baby oil.

Again on her back she pried as she could on the mechanism and stripped most of the tip off the swab as she forced it under.  But a success of sorts was attained because as she spun the stick she was able to make contact.  The instant pleasure was pure rhapsody but she wanted more; she wanted the bulbous tip, she wanted to cotton fibers, she reached for the baby oil.

The small trickle ran over her, through her; it felt good.  Good enough to do it again…then again, until a steady flow covered her and puddled onto the bed.  Sopping the good end of the Q-tip, she slowly rolled it under the edge.  Excitedly she bucked as it made it in whole.

Resting her head back to begin the long awaited climb up and over the pinnacle of her passion, she let loose of squeal of surprise and rolled into a ball to cover herself.

“Did you forget, my buttercup?”

“How’d ya get in here?”  She reached for a cover but stopped, not wanting to appear panicked.

Pointing as he stepped to the bed, “The window was open, Muffin, I thought it was an invitation for our night to be here.”

Frustrated because she knew she’d locked it, but even more distraught over needing to get back to what she was doing, so she got right to the point.  Rolling to her back, she spread her legs to show him, “I can’t anymore.  They’ve done this to me as a punishment.”  Glancing down, she noticed the little stem of the Q-tip sticking out.

“This does look intriguing.”  He closed the short distance and began to test the limits of the device, sending her into a shocking series of tremendous waves which teetered between agony and pleasure, extreme in both.

Running his fingers through the oil and circling the contraption, “But you do still want me, don’t you Cupcake?”

It wasn’t really a question but she felt compelled to answer anyway, “Well, yeah, but…” she gasped as he moved the Q-tip, slowly shifting her hips to guide it.

“Then you shall have me.”  He stood, “And you shall have all that I desire as well, my luscious lollipop.”  From the back of her closet door he retrieved her bathrobe, “Do you have another of these?”  She nodded and he opened her closet and found it hanging on the inside of the dame door.  Stripping the sash from each, he returned.

Lifting her to be seated upright, he took her wrist and began to tie.  She allowed it but watching the knots had to ask, “Are you gonna be able to get this off?”

“Sugarplum, have I ever failed to get this off?”

She just shook her head and let him finish both.  Each wrist was looped three times and now had a knot on the back of the wrist and a long lead beyond.  She had already accepted that he would tie her again to the headboard as he laid her back and suckled firmly on an erect nipple.  She spread her arms wide but he pulled her left arm down and her left knee up.

Allowing his manipulations, she still asked, “What’a ya gonna do?”  She knew how good he could be, but she couldn’t shake her trepidation.  Always with him it was like this.

He lined up the back of her forearm with the inner side of her calf and her knee was raised until the knot on the back of her wrist was just beyond the arch of her foot before he responded, “I am going to do whatever pleases me, Pumpkin.”

The length of the sash came around her foot then began to circle her forearm and ankle, “Have I ever disappointed you?”  She just shook her head as the sash coiled up to pin her elbow to her calf.  Without a knot, he simply tucked the end under a loop and left it to secure itself.

Letting him begin on the right side, she tested the left.  While none of the loops seemed tight, she was clearly affixed in this position.  Her arm would not slide up her leg and her elbow would not leave her calf.  He finished the other side the same and she could feel the position kept her thighs spread and left her torso and chest exposed, but it wasn’t uncomfortable and it didn’t leave her so terribly vulnerable.

His body came down over hers and to a certain extent she was able to hug him to her.  She could feel his erection.  “I am going to enter your body.  We will climax together.  You will do all that I command, won’t you.”

Even though it was again not intended as a question, she panted, “Yes, yes I will,” and pulled him tighter to her the best she could.

His hands came up her sides, through the oil, “What is this, cupcake?”  Holding up the floss, he pulled it quickly out from under the device to a short squeal, “You were getting ready for me?”  He licked a nipple, “How thoughtful.”  Squeezing and rolling both nipples firmly enough to elicit the level of delirium he was looking for, he again led her down the path of his choice, “My little cookie crumb, would you suck anything I put before you?”

“Yeah, baby, Ooohhh, yeah, anything, baby,” her eyes had rolled back and lost focus.

“Would you lick and suck and use your tongue however it needed to satisfy…” Talking to the timing of his fingers, “…anything?”  This time it was a question.

“Ohhh, yeah!  Put it in my mouth, lemme do it!”  Fingers continued to fondle her but the pressure changed, it was tight…and getting tighter.  Her eyes opened and focused and she gasped as it hurt.  She helplessly watched him wind the floss around her full nipple, distending its bulk into a bulb as the several windings were all tight to the areola.  He began the other side and she mumbled, “It…it…it…”

“It hurts?”  He finished the second, “No, Honeybun, it won’t really begin to hurt until I turn you over and you balance your weight on them.”  Nodding as he teased both bulges, “Then, I do suppose, it will hurt.”

Her eyes filled as he lifted himself from her.  Spying the still stranded Q-tip, he spun it and worked it slowly back and forth and immediately she was transformed; panting and moaning as her body collapsed into the ravishing sensations.  He took her by the hips and turned her over then pulled her back until her feet dangled off the edge of the bed.

Pushing with her face to lessen the weight of her chest, her knees were pulled apart further which only increased the pressure above.  Concerned only with her nipples, she didn’t realize the extent of her vulnerability until a finger slipped into her.  Force by the immovable bindings, her hips were held high and pointed straight up, spread wide and with her lower back bowed up like an offering.  Her ass could not deny the heavily oiled penetration.

She whined as it slid deeper then grunted as the rest of the hand pushed her harder onto her chest.  The sensations within her were odd, different, titillating.  The finger moved and turned and she was taken by the tempest of sensations.  It hurt but it felt so good, it was oddly soothing as it stroked within her pain.

“I will enter you and I will not be this gentle.”  He could feel her inner muscles quiver, “It is merely a coincidence that to complete my wishes for our little tryst, I will also be assisting you up and off of your blossoming little chest.”  Her position left it very simple for him to reach down between her thighs, between her arms and tug on the line of floss which led from one nipple to the other.  She cried out, even though he didn’t pull very hard, but it kept her occupied while the third body slipped up onto the bed.

“Lollipop,” His finger slid out and the floss relaxed and her body allowed her a deeper breath, “I have brought a friend and you will take my friend into your mouth and please us both.”

She craned her neck to look back at him, expecting a gag.

Their eyes met and he asked, “Have you ever performed cunnilingus?”

He rocked her back and lifted her head and shoulders from the bed.  Her head straightened and her eyes bulged as she saw the naked girl’s sex inch toward her and rest under her.

“You may use her for support, but I do expect you to stay active.”  She whined out as her face was lowered onto the finely edged patch of hair and he reminded her, “You said you would lick and suck anything that I put before you.”  He let her shoulders come to rest upon the girl’s thighs and circled next to her, “Lick it, Buttercup.  She wants you to maker her cum.  She wants you to taste her precious effort.  She came here just for you, cupcake.  You should thank her with enthusiasm.”


Rapt by the vision of the girl’s sex before her, Randi missed her opportunity to turn away or duck her chin.  Settling into the tuft she could smell the sweet musk of the girl’s arousal.  The girl was as ready and excited as she herself was.  The encouragement from her mystery man was not necessary as she slowly craned her neck further out of curiosity.

The first few flickers of her tongue were experimental.  She tasted, felt and explored.  The girl’s body responded to each in a way that drove her forward with a real desire.  Struggling to get a better angle, she was finally able to run the flat of her tongue deep into the furrow causing such a sudden gasp and shudder that it ran through both of them.

Inspired by the positive reaction, she fumbled for her clit.  The little nub stood proudly and she pulled it into her mouth.  The girl cried out as she suckled.  Randi felt her own body lurch as the Q-tip shifted and a hand crawled under her to grope a tender nipple.

Awash in the many new and different sensations, she rocked into the massaging of her anus.  The finger would feel so good.  If it would stroke her like before, she knew she would cum.  She felt it push and she relaxed to permit it.  It pushed harder and she felt herself open…then wider.  It hurt more than before, it pushed harder and felt bigger.  Letting go with her mouth, she ground her teeth, groaning as the pain of the pressure shot though her.

Hands stroked her back and she heard, “Relax and it will be easier.  Do not flex.  Just let yourself enjoy this.”

She heard the words but could not imagine not flexing because it hurt so badly.  She knew it was not his finger because it felt like the larger tip was still trying to get just within her.  Moving with him as he slowly shifted back and forth allowed her to release her muscled grip as the initial pain ebbed just slightly as she acclimated to it’s feel against her.

His voice was melodic and soothing as well.  She let herself focus on his words, “Focus on pleasing your girlfriend, she wants to cum too, pumpkin.  Move with me, relax and make her moan.  Make her cum and it will be better for you as well.”

After a couple of breaths, she tried it.  Opening her mouth, she lapped slowly into the recesses of the girl’s hunger.  The moan and tremble inspired her to make another pass.  The feel of the quivering lust filled her with a drive to satisfy this girl and then she squealed herself as the oiled head began to shift to a deeper area, now almost within her.

“Easy, Jellybean,” He continued to rock the pressure; hard then easy, hard then easy.  “You’re doing just fine.  Focus on her and I’ll take care of you.”

She had not yet opened her mouth and he slipped another fraction of an inch.  A short squeal slipped out before she closed around him as the bulb of his head felt like it was finally in her and the pain of her widening eased just a little.  She heard him exhale loudly and believed that the biggest part of him was through.  Balancing her nose on the girl’s mound was difficult as her body was slowly rocked by the pace he set.  Managing to pull the clit into her mouth began the motor of the girl’s hips.  Ignoring the burning of her rear, ignoring the motion beginning now within her, she got a great satisfaction in bringing the girl beneath her to panting and moaning.

Feeling the pounding of the girl’s heart, lost in the girl’s pleasure, her body felt her need and opened.  Holding tight to the only thing she could cling to, the girl cried out as Randi had an epiphany of sensations.  She let the man continue to slide deeper into her, rocking her bit by bit as he drove, encouraging him the only way she could:  by following his instructions and satisfying the girl beneath her.

Further and further he plunged, smoothly parting her viscera as she felt her capacity extend by his force.  Greedily her inner walls welcomed him and the euphoric release his presence brought.  She couldn’t push back into him but wanted to, wanted the stroke, she wanted the piston fast and solid strokes of sex.  His body pressed up against hers and she knew he was buried.  She readied herself for what was to come.

He began his retreat and all of the many wondrous sensations collected together as one.  She cried out, “Oh God!”  The oil eased him easily from her but before the head could escape he plunged to the pit of her and her teeth bore into the flesh before her.  Unable to resist to pressure or the incapacitation of rapture it brought her, she did not even think to attempt to hide her teeth from bearing in further.

Out again then quickly he buried to the hilt of his weapon.  She squealed and writhed under the agonizingly slow exit and furious return of each repetition.

Shaking and shifting, her nipples were drug and tortured over the bed.  Even the added elevation of the girl couldn’t keep them completely suspended.  The timing was increasing as the distance of each beat came out further and sank faster.  Her entire body wobbled at the thrusting intensity of each.  Taken by the pace, she fell into his power.  Contracting around him, her apex quickly approached.

Taken down by the floss, her chest exploded in a renewed pain at the very moment her body peaked and released.  Her open mouth filled with sex as the battering of her ass crescendoed.  She spasmed uncontrollably, clenching firmly onto the mast of flesh within her like a vice as she swam through the many pains and pleasures which assailed her.  Locked into the cycle of convulsions of her fulfillment, she gladly released herself to the ravishment.  The dragonfly could not contain her eruption.

Clenched around him in her ultimate release, his own motion combined with her added pressure and finished him.  She shrieked as his buried member was forced deeper and held by his own contractions as an explosion of his warmth filled her.  His quick flurry of action got them each another spurt of climax then bit by bit his cadence waned until both were spent completely.

Even with his reduced girth, his head still caused a yelp as she was closing around him and he pulled it from her without warning.

The girl scampered out from under her and she caught a glimmer of a star upon her chest but it didn’t mean anything to her.

“Did she cum as well, my little poundcake?”

Still panting and huffing as she was again face down and resting on her chest, “Yeah, I think so…oh…yeah, I think.”  She gave up trying to stop the pain and found herself better off just accepting it without effort.

Kelly’s eyes went wide as she shook her head no.

“You promised me you’d make her cum too.  Cookie…she didn’t cum.”  He circled around the bed to put his face right next to hers.  Somehow he was already dressed.  “You said you would obey me and make her cum.”

“I tried,” She panted, “I really did try.”

Tsking to her, he left her line of sight, “Ms. Davenport will not be pleased with your disobedience, Puddingpop.”

Shifting around, her eyes opened to huge saucers, “Whadda you know of…”  Scrambling to look around, but they were gone.

Laying in her bowed up position for what seemed like many minutes, she waited for his return.  Slowly she inched her knees together.  He had to come back.  Testing her bindings she knew he had to come back!

A few minutes more and she could no longer tolerate the pressure on her chest.  Rocking her body to the side, then back again tipped the scales and sent her rolling to her back.  Sore and tired, she pulled her right arm back and extended her left side was able to stretch just enough to reach where the robe sash was tucked under itself.

Pulling the first loop free loosened the arrangement enough that it all fell apart and her hand quickly came up to her chest.  Leaving her right arm and leg attached for later, she unwound the floss as quickly as she could and buried her face in the bed as she screamed while the pain increased to a violently merciless level.  Controlling herself only enough to unwrap the second as well, she laid in the malevolent suffering as the concussions of agony swept over her in waves.  Her free hand cupped her sex and found the metal attachment but just the added pressure resuscitated the forgotten orgasm to produce just one more shivering spasm of glory.

Surprised but pleasantly so, by the unique combinations, Randi tried to reproduce the act with several different points of pain producing actions but could not bring herself to equal the depth of the pain she had found in the release of her nipples and could not find the edge of her climax like she was at before.

Finally convinced she was done, she unwrapped her right side, eased off of the bed, gentled herself to her feet and hobbled off to the shower.


Sipping her tea she laughed while watching the girl’s indecision and hesitation.  Her Quinn and his ‘assistant’ had been gone for a few minutes and yet she watched Randi stay painfully upright.  Leah didn’t mind for it gave her a wonderful view of her battered little ass.  She actually found the entire scene quite arousing and was anxious for Kelly’s return.  She had plans for this one.

Glancing from screen to screen, she stopped when she noticed Christina and Candace entering a room she’d been in earlier that day.  Just thinking about that girl had her stumped.  She was so sure.  She cringed as she saw the two approached the raven-haired enigma and not the beauty queen.





Chapter 23




Holding the bulk of her sweater with one hand, she slid the long skirt down over the edge of a cheek with the other, displaying the edges of the still visible marks.

Christina and Candace looked to each other, brows raised, both knowing that the other was wondering why Mistress Leah would break her own decision.  “Very well.”  Turning to the anxious Nicole, “And I would have to guess that you’ve gotten your first taste as well?”

Failing to clear the smile from her face completely, “No, I haven’t, but I am ready.”  Just to quiz her new leaders she stepped out by asking, “Would you tell me why, first?”

Smiling, Christina slowly shook her head, “I do appreciate your willingness to conform to what you believe is required of you, but you will also learn never to question, only to obey.”  Her lack of patience at least appeared contrite.

Candace played her part and added, nodding, “She will be eligible.”

“They both could be, if they would choose to be.”

“Okay, quit the act.”  Nicole stood with her hands on her hips, “Just lay it on the line; what is really expected of us?”

Candace quipped, “Just obey.”

“Obey who?”  Nicole continued as she felt Margaret slide in behind her, “And why?”

Christine snapped, “You will obey whoever is your m…”

Cutting her off, “Ms. Davenport, Ms. Rowe,” Candace nodded with her head to Christina, “or any sister who is you senior.”  Remaining calm also calmed Christina, “Now you will strip and take a fourth lash for your insolence.”

Christina pointed to Margaret, “Do not hide behind anyone.  Fear is only an obstacle to be overcome.”

Margaret took Nicole’s hand, stopping her from her undressing and spoke quietly but solidly with a proudly raised chin, “She is my sister.”

Both seniors stood and stared at the overt act of solidarity and waited for the other to come up with a way to condemn it.  After a pause which was already too long, Christina handed over the leather paddle to Margaret, “Then you shall see to her first pledge marks.”

She took the paddle without words.

Nicole resumed her undressing, nodding and smiling to her roommate, “I have faith in you.”


Heavier than she expected it to be, just holding it gave her a chill.  She had no intention of hurting her friend and was relieved in the knowledge that it was something Nicole actually wanted to try anyway, but she had no idea what would be proper.  As she swung it slowly in the air, imagining it striking the naked flesh of her roommate, tingles ticked her spine.

“The wide paddle will need far more force that a belt would need to leave a mark, but it will also be less dangerous,” Nodding her head while adding, “but more painful.”  Candace tried to comfort the timid girl, “You still need to raise welts, but we will walk you through it.”

All three girls stared openly at Nicole’s naked body.  Her curves and proportions were as perfect as her jaw line and cheekbones.  Letting her hair fall further forward, Margaret gawked as Nicole’s swollen ready sex inched into a more prominent view as she slowly bent to grab her spread ankles.

Christina covered the protruding pouch with a cupped hand and bumped her hips up against it.  Losing her balance, Nicole stepped forward.  Playing her fingers into her, “You will not be able to keep your balance under the force of the paddle.”  Pulling out, she ran the juices up onto her anus, “Go to your bed and lean over onto it.”  Patting her butt as the girl moved, “We will find something suitable to secure you.”  The two walked to the closet and began to pick through it.

Seeing the moisture, Margaret watched her step to the foot of the bed, spread her legs until her feet met the inner sides of the foot posts, lean her body over and onto the mattress and raise her arms as high as she could over her to grab at the bedcover.  Her hips were just higher than the bed, forcing her butt up into the air, emphasizing the slope of the small of her back.

Stepping to her, Margaret’s hand stroked the smooth ramp of flesh.  Inspired by the subtle moan, she used the tip of a finger to gently touch her seam.  The moisture had already been spread and her finger fell easily into the pouty folds without effort.  Her heart pounded, her finger froze, her mind raced.

Mumbling quietly through her moan, Nicole cooed, “Yes, Mags, yes.”

Shaking uncontrollably, Margaret moved out of sheer need.  Her mind pictured the many beltings she’d witnessed and felt herself drip.  She rested the face of the paddle across both offered cheeks and felt desire course through her.  The sweat from her hand covered the handle.  She shifted it for a two handed grip and felt better for it; infused, ready, excited and wanting.  Legs spread for balance and hips ready to shift, adrenaline surged through her body as the moment of action was close at hand.

Rocking her weight to her back foot, she could wait no more.  The paddle came back and her shoulders opened, tightening the spring of her pivot.  Unable to maintain the tension, her eyes opened wide and she released a mighty swing.

The explosion was frighteningly loud but the scream hit a wavelength which pierced the deafening clap.  Shockwaves of the physical resistance that the paddle met accompanied and multiplied the scream, tangibly affecting Margaret’s body, driving her to get more to satiate her thirst for it.

“No, Honey, wait for us.”  Each with a handful of belts and cords, they watched on from the closet as the girl brought the paddle back and hammered the flesh a second time.  The naked target shook and cried out, fisting chunks of the bedspread as if trying to tear it.  Her knees buckled and her body lowered yet she managed her position.

Both seniors crossed the room quickly, but not before the third strike thundered down onto the already reddened cheeks.  They both held her back, “Margaret, you should have let us walk you through this.”  They coddled her and mistook her deeply erotic excitement as mental anguish.

Shaking in their arms out of a desperation to continue, her entire body absorbed the intensity of the pain she had produced.  Every pulsing throb of her heart was a new wave of exotic stimulation.  Each breath a conduit for creating more.  She saw her work; the damage, the welting, the pain.  She needed to again swim in that pool of lust.  Their was one more to be delivered.  She would not be kept from it.

Breaking free took little effort as she gained extra momentum in the two steps back to her target.  With a heavy two handed swing, she aimed low for the back inner left thigh.  The contact was perfectly flush and her subject lurched up onto the bed, screaming and crying, balling into a defensive curl.

Dropping the paddle and evading the hands that grabbed at her, desire she’d never know compelled her forward.  She leapt to the bed and forced Nicole’s lower leg straight.  Straddling it, she laid over her and wedged her own knee up onto her roommate’s sex while grinding her own excitement down hard onto the thigh she straddled.  The ecstasy was intoxicating.  The sensations were unreal.

Not exactly sure what she was witnessing, Christina took one assertive step before Candace seized her arm and stopped her, “Should we maybe let Ms. Davenport handle this?”

To Candace she nodded, “But I can’t just let it go completely.”  Picking up the paddle, she handed it to Candace before loudly addressing the two on the bed, “Okay!  Enough, now!  Both of you, up!  Up!”  She clapped her hands and said it again, “Up, up!”

Christina heard both girls begin to pant loudly as their rocking cries turned and their rhythm against each other increased, “Don’t you dare!”  She physically pulled the normally timid girl off the other and over the edge of the bed.  Letting her go as she fell to the floor, “Don’t you ever ignore me like that again!  Do you understand me?”

Staying curled up on the floor, panting, Margaret looked up through her tousled tresses, “Yes, Ma’am.  I’m sorry.”

She looked so meek, scared, almost pathetic.  Christina’s anger quickly cooled as she pitied the homely girl.  Reaching out to her, “Let me help you up.  I’m sorry too.  I didn’t mean to push you or to yell at you.”  The girl took her hand but released it quickly as soon as she was up.  “I just wanted your attention.”  Looking across the bed, “You both have to pay attention.  It will become more and more important as time goes on.”

Raising up to rest on an elbow, still gasping from the excitement and exertion, “Why?”  Pausing to catch her breath, unable to bring herself down so quickly, “We played out your game, now tell us.  We’ve heard all the rumors to scare us away and we’re both still here.”

“It is not a game and we’ve felt the waves of negativity as well.”

Candace chuckled, “And just now you two were notplaying’.”  She made the quote marks in the air with her fingers.

Nodding her agreement, “You have a very unique opportunity, a chance which should be taken very seriously.”

Wincing as she rolled over and stood, “Don’t sell me, just tell me.  Are you weeding us out to find the masochists or submissives for sex play?”  Moving to her clothes, she limped noticeably and Margaret leapt in front of her and retrieved them for her.

“Yes and no.”  Moving to allow the girl to help her dress, “Again, it is not play.  This could pay for your entire schooling.  Hopefully you will be in a position to submit by the end of the school year.  You would serve Three months under a master or mistress then return here next year,” Eying each of them, “Just like I did this last summer.”  Getting no negative reaction, she continued, “During this year our goal will be to train you for anything and everything.”

Watching Nicole flinch and gasp, Nicole stopped Margaret, “Wait, let me see.”  Turning her, she sucked air through her teeth, “Oh yeah, you got her good.”  Looking to Margaret, “What got into you, anyway?”

Without answering, she draped a shirt over Nicole’s chest and hid behind her.  Nicole’s chin came up defensively, “She just ‘obeyed’, that’s all.”  Cuddling the girl to her, “I think she did just fine.”

Backing off the two, “Just don’t cover it until I come back with something to help it heal.”





“OH, you little succubus!”  Clapping her hands and laughing, “Why couldn’t I see the demon in you?”  Turning from the screens she finished the cold dregs of her tea without care, “You will be my special project.”  Standing, she glanced back to watch her hide innocently behind the girl she’d just beaten.  “How can you be so timid?”  Shaking her head, she had to laugh again at the thought of it.

Rinsing her cup at the wetbar, she shifted her hips and pushed her palm down hard over her mound.  The shiver that took her almost lost the cup from her hand.  After watching Quinn and her new toy viciously impale the willing Randi and seeing their little Margaret go Berserker on her roommate had her anxious for work.  Setting the cup down carefully, she crossed her mound again, stood straight through the tremor and marched to the door.  Throwing it open, she nearly trampled Kelly.

Taking her by the arm without missing a step, “What took you so long?”

Quickly matching her pace to avoid the fingers on her arm from sinking any deeper, “I came as soon as Master Quinn released me, Mistress Leah.”

Still holding tight as they traveled, “You left that room over twenty minutes ago.”  Quiet yet demanding, “Why did I have to wait for you?”

“Master Quinn…kept me…for a few minutes.”

Stopping, she spun the girl to face her, pointing accusingly, “Did you cum?”

Cowering, “No!  No, Mistress Leah.  I didn’t, I swear.  I just gave him a blowjob.  He never even touched me.”  She pleaded, “I’ve waited for you, Mistress Leah, just like you said to.”

With a nudge she got her moving again, “We shall see.”





Chapter 24




“Lose the shift, I want to begin immediately.”  The door to the private study swung shut behind her and she shot straight to the desk.  Picking through a drawer, she found the desired cuffs.

The minute it took to buckle the four cuffs allowed her to calm to a more manageable level of excitement.  The wrist cuffs she used were designed for stretching or heavy suspension.  Three one-inch wide straps were evenly attached around the cuff; one at either side of the palm and one directly up the back of the hand.  Each was ten inches long and they collected at a main ring.  The even distribution of weight allowed for far more pressure and the front two straps could be grabbed by the fingers to shift, change or ease the tension on the wrist.  They were not really necessary here now, but Leah wanted to slow herself down to try and ease the rookie into her newfound carnal pleasures.

Lowering the light fixture to within reach, she hooked a wheel-link to the center of the cage then both main rings from the wrist cuffs to the wheel-link.

Standing with her hands just over her head, ready for what ever was to come, Kelly felt a single drop fall from her to stain a tiny line down her inner thigh.  Stretching out as her arms rose filled her with a susceptibility, a defenselessness which left her completely available to the whim of her master.  She was now beyond opinion, beyond any control.  Her arms took her weight.  Up to her toes, the words escaped her mouth without her permission, “I am yours.”

Smiling, “Yes, my gem, you are my plaything.”

Kelly looked up, not realizing she’d spoken aloud.

“You are my toy.”  Leah’s fingers played at the still bound nipple, “And I want to play.”  Flicking the bloated tip brought a shiver to both of them.

Tingling ripples of pins and pricks covered the entire breasts as it was fondled.  She felt the star shift and pull.  Her moan of arousal broke into a restrained grunt of agony as it snapped free.  The pulsing torment took her so fast and so far away that not until her legs spread wide and she dangled freely did she even realize her ankle cuffs were being put to use.  She was no longer submitting and merely vulnerable; she was exposed and had lost her last source of defense.  Her legs could not close and were getting wider.  Her toes could not touch and her body tightened into the position.  She had become completely free of responsibility.

Working quickly, now almost franticly, Leah pulled the girl’s legs wide and clipped the bar into place.  Holding a leg, feeling her subject sway, she stayed in a crouch.  Her heart pounded.  Her greed demanded action but her better senses begged patience.

Leaving her crop on the floor, she rose, slowly stroking fingers up along the back of a thigh.  The slight pressure was enough to turn her subject as the well oiled wheel-link spun on its bearings.  A step to follow and an open hand stung the crescent of her bottom.  The girl flexed and gasped but did not cry out.  The force of the impact turned her a little faster.

Backing a step to let her subject’s front come around to her, she was happy to see two very erect nipples.  Clamping down onto both, she used them to stop her from turning.  Looking down, the girl was obviously excited.  Looking to her half focused eyes, she had to ask, “You’ve done this before, haven’t you?”

“Well…” Gasping as her nipples were still under the pressure of her mistress’ fingers, “…not, exactly, like this.”

“What did he use to beat you with?”  Her fingers twisted as she awaited an answer.

Gasping, “Lots…lots of stuff.”  Unable to think, “Like, like…”

Holding tight, “Tell me what.”

A tear fell and her head rolled back as she fought to think, “A spatula.  A, a, a ruler.”  She sniffled, “Belts ‘n cords ‘n stuff.”

Leah let go and forcefully grabbed her sex, hard enough to bury the tip of her middle finger into her anus, “But not like this?”

Every shift of her hips drove the finger deeper, “No!  No, Mistress Leah, not like you.”

Intentionally pushing it deeper, “Do you like the way I do it more?”

“Yes…” Shifting, “Ahhh, yes, Mistress Leah.”

Pulling her hand back, she returned it quickly enough to slap it up onto the wet lips causing another flurry of gasps and pants she could enjoy while she walked away.  “Since you are so experienced, I will give you a special treat.”

Returning from the desk, she came up behind her subject, “I have a custom whip.”  Grabbing the girl’s hair, she slowly pulled it to ease her head back.  “A very heavy, painful tool I use only on special occasions.”  Holding her head, Leah combed her fingers through the hair, “But you are not ready for it.  I fear you could hurt yourself by flailing about.”

Holding the bulk of her hair with one hand, she ran the other under the girl, pulling moisture up and over her ass.  Sliding a finger in, she pulled the hair down while lifting with the finger, bringing the two closer.  With her lips right to her ear, she whispered slowly, “Do you want me secure you further…so I can use my cabled scourge upon your body…until cum pours from your body?”

“YES!”  Franticly, “Yes, Oh, please yes, Mistress Leah.  Yes, please!”  Her hips rolled with anticipation, driving the finger further.

A leather thong was produced with a quarter sized ring sewn into one end.  It was two feet of very thin yet very sturdy hide, split the last couple of inches of the loose end.

Pulling her head back even further, she commanded, “Keep it here while I prepare you.”

Gathering the hair into a pony tail up high on the back of the crown of her head, the split tassels were used to tie it into a single tail.  The bulk of the hair was then split into three parts and the mistress did a tight, four piece braid with the leather strip as the fourth, leaving the end of the tail to be the now secure quarter sized ring.

Reaching around the girl, Leah pulled their bodies together tightly and she stroked the tight skin of her belly then down to her open sex.  A thin but solid shaft with a large bulbous end easily slid eight inches into her and her hips bucked wildly at the needed contact as Leah fought to control them.  “Just hold on.”  Sternly she added, “Do not cum!  Do you hear me?”

Fighting it, “Yes!  I will…I won’t!  I mean I hear!  I won’t…yet…understand.”

With both hands Leah gripped the exposed half of the ‘J’ shaped tool and lifted, forcibly driving the hinge of the ‘J’ onto her clit.

“Oh God!  Oh God!  I won’t!  I won’t!  Oh God!”  She was perched upon the very brink and Leah knew it.

Waiting for just the right moment, she yanked the insert free, “No, my precious gem, you won’t.”  The unit dripped with her wetness.  Satisfied with the volume of lubricant, she played the bulbous end over, across and into the pucker of her ass.  Physically resisting without protesting verbally, the balled end needed to be forcefully inserted, but with a few twists by a practiced hand, it soon fell deeply into her body.

A thin chain hooked to an eyelet at the end of the exposed shorter leg of the ‘J’.  Pulling the braided thong down as far as she could, the chain slipped through the ring at its end.  With just the chain in her grasp, she pulled.

Her subject’s head bent back as far as it would go and then each additional link which cleared the ring brought insert deeper until the hinge finally nestled up to her flesh, but Leah did not stop there.  Continuing to pull links through brought her subject’s butt up, arching her back further and further until her body formed a perfect half circle.

Having achieved the immobility she’d set out to acquire, Leah hooked the end of the chain to itself, locking the girl into the position.

Stepping back, she admired her work; the severe concavity of the small of the back, the exaggerated sphere of each of the buttocks and the isolated presence of the breasts as the body pushed then forward, away from the torso, retreating from them as for fear of a marked target.  Circling her, Leah reveled in the occasional spasm in the thigh as the girl’s body periodically tried to bring the knees up or close the legs for protection, all of course in vain.

Too tempting an offer, she slapped at a bestowed breast and got the desired squeal.  The body tensed but didn’t shift.  Reaching under the cocked hips, she slid through the sloppy mess of her sex without a buck or a thrust.

“I have helped you to remain still,” Her fingers plunged into the girl’s sex and fought for room against the insert behind.  She got nothing but a gasping moan of gratitude, “You can thank me properly, later.”

As her hand fell away, she heard the slightest mewing of displeasure.  Cooing to her, “Don’t worry, my pet, I will be right back and we will continue on with your education.”

Crossing the room one measured stride at a time, she had to again calm herself, continually she seemed to have to do that…not that it was a bad thing.

A key opened a cabinet door and she quickly stripped.  Buckling a heavy belt around her waist, laying the scourge over her shoulder and grabbing the few extra items she needed, she returned within a minute.

Behind her subject, she spread her own legs, pushed the flap that hung off of the back of the belt out of the way and slit the large insert into the hungry dwelling of her own need.  It moved easily to its base and back before she removed it.  The angle of her subject’s head kept her mouth open, but Leah first ran the length of the wet shaft across her upper lip and nose, “I want you to know and remember who did this to you.”  She worked the knob of its head in between the girl’s teeth and plunged it deep into her throat, “This is your master.  You will learn my taste and know me well.”  She pulled it out.

“Yehh, Mihtrehh Eeah.”  Kelly hummed.

Surprised that the girl could even manage that much, she sincerely commended her, “That is very good.”  Sliding the big unit back into her own body, she cinched the belt around her waist and pulled up the flap between her legs and buckled it tightly to the front, securing the shaft solidly within her.

Taking a step and then another to settle everything, she started with a light swing to the bottom of the girl’s butt and got just a grunt.  She swung it again to simply reacclimate to its weight and feel and got much again the same.  But the third was aimed across the back of the mid thigh and swung with purpose.  The girl cried out a muted gasp with no more than a stiff flex but quickly settled into the sting the cables brought.

“You may cum if you like.”

The responding grunt was cut off as the scourge took her across the hip with enough force to set her swinging, slowly turning as she swayed.

Landing the first truly solid blow across her abdomen clearly knocked the wind from the girl.  Leah surged with titillating adrenaline as she subject was caught between gasping and screaming, truly unable to do either.  Quickly recoiling, she lashed the left hip before it drifted in its spin out of range.  Excitement again raged through her as the subject’s body seized in a spasm, allowing each major muscle group to clearly define itself.

Listening to the screams of agony, Leah’s hips shifted and pumped into the belt she wore, working the large tool within her as she readied for another blast.  Winding up her swing, motivated by the dazzling pleasure which threatened to consume her, compounded by the horrible pain she was inflicting, her breath so ragged, her body bathed in sweat…she stopped.

Letting the whip swing mildly, she completed her action and laced both breasts.  Still painful enough to make the subject scream, the blow was severely tempered as she regained her focus and remembered her job here.

With a much more solid control over her craving, Leah firmly yet cautiously whipped her thighs, torso, chest, armpits and sides, calves and the backs of her knees and regularly caught the hitched back pubis and sex.  She worked calmly and efficiently, upset only by the fact that she couldn’t get a solid swing to her back for the braided tether that held her subject bowed.

Stopping the girl’s motion, Leah grabbed a handful of breast and mildly swung underhand, letting the weight and bulk of the cables impact upon the subject’s sex.  Each slowly timed slap brought a louder and more discernibly desperate cry of desire.

“You haven’t cum yet?”  She waited for an answer then gripped tighter to the breast, “Answer me,” not breaking the cadence of her swings.

Panting frantically, it was an effort just to listen to the words, much less respond to them, but she got out a garbled, “Oh…Ohhh, No I Haahhh…I hahen’n.”

“Is that how you answer me?”  Shaking the grip, “Was that proper?”

“Ohhh, Mithreath Eeah.”  A keening whine started, “I’ee onna cuummm!”

Leah stopped, backed up and let her swing free.

“Donn stahh…ohhh…pleahhh…ohhh.”  Tears pooled and fell as she was so close and she could do nothing to further her progress.  “Pleahh, Midreah Eeah!” breaking into sobs which shook her whole body.

Talking over the girl’s constant blubbering, she asked, “Should I fuck you until you cum?”  The bar between the girl’s legs had an eyelet in the center of it and Leah clipped a cable to it as she talked.

“Yeah!  Oh Llease!  Mithdreth Eeah!”  More properly she tried to repeat, “Yeth, Mithdreth Eeah.”

Holding a fat, ten inch silicone member over her face, “Do you want me to use this?”

“I…I…”  Her eyes bulged at its unreal girth but her need was too powerful, “Yeth!  Mithreth Eeah, Yeth!  Llease, Yeth!”

Running the cable from the ankle spreader to the same wheel link that held the girl’s wrists, Leah began to pull.  As the legs rose, her torso struggled mightily to unbow but her bindings would not give.  The bar rose above her waist, above her shoulders and quickly it met the wheel link and Leah secured it.

The new position pushed the girl’s sex out beyond her spread thighs and left her bowed torso horizontal.  From the side, her arms, legs and torso made a fairly even triangle.  With her open hand, Leah could not resist the urge and she slapped the turgid bulk of sodden flesh, splashing the free-flowing stream she produced.

At the decorative shelving, Leah turned the crank and lowered the girl down to her range.  The huge phallus snapped into place on the belt’s understrap, resting it perfectly on the bottom edge of Leah’s pubis.  After tightening both straps of the belt again, Leah oiled the entire massive length, stroking it as she came back to her subject.

Lining it up, she played the head against the girl’s opening.

Straining to speak at all she cried out, “Oh God!  Oh God!” and it came out as clear as day.  The lips parted and bulbous head met the muscled entrance…and resistance.  Leah pulled back and the girl protested, “Oo it!  I aunt it, I oo.  Llease, Mithreth Eeah, llease!”

Calmly yet seriously she chided her, “You will learn that what you do want or do not want is not relevant.”  Stopping to back away from her own excitement over the moment as well, she added, “You can no more tell you master to continue or proceed than you could tell them to stop or slow down.  We are all trained to know the limits of the body.  So that you can learn from this…” she stepped back, “…I am not going to give you what you want.”

“I…but…”  Panting, wrestling with her mind, she stated the words more clearly, “Yeth, Mithress Leah.”  Her body collapsed around those words as her heart continued to fuel the throbbing sensations through every nook of her existence.

Knowing that her subject could not see her and acceptant of the satisfactory response, Leah inched back forward, liked up the big unit, flexed her hips and jabbed it into the relaxed girl.

She screamed and shook but could do nothing to dislodge the intrusion.

Holding her by the hips, Leah kept the head just within her, holding her still until the girl calmed, and then she told her, “I changed my mind.”

Stepping forward, the unit pushed the girl and she slowly rocked back but gradually gravity pushed her little by little onto the shaft.  Shifting forward more, the girl again slid down onto it.  Looking down, she could see that half of it was gone; more than enough to begin.

Leaning over the girl, Leah wrapped her arms tightly around her waist.  Backing out only as inch had the girl cry out then grunt heavily and she lurched forward, gaining back the inch plus some.  Repeating the process got her deeper and deeper, fighting the rear insert for space, compressing the inner organs without mercy.  Still slowly, she exited further and quicker before each dive and soon a regular pattern of battering thrusts bullied their way through the relenting viscera.

Cries, grunts, moans and screams filled the study as Leah’s own unit was pushed and prodded enough to rekindle the fire she’d burned earlier.  Fueled by the girl’s agonizing vehemence, her timing and rhythm quickly became furious and raging, uncontrollable as her lust demanded the girl’s anguish.

Unwrapping her arms from the girl allowed for longer, deeper, more powerful strokes.  Her subject was pushed out only to swing wildly back onto each thrust.  At the apex of one stroke, Leah pulled completely out and then let the body fall back down onto her shaft until suspended by it alone before her momentum pushed the body up and away again.

Just three of these effective mighty thrusts and Leah felt the girl’s butt meet the front of her own hips.  Having it buried completely only served to encouraged her.

Full swings, full strokes, fast and ferocious her body tingled in the glow of her imminent conclusion.  The pleas and cries of tormentation turned her as well, adding a demanding edge of fulfillment to their feral sounds, but Leah only listened for the pain.

For Kelly, the shock of the intense pounding was as dramatic as the pain of the actual event.  Wracked by the intensity of it, she was hurled into an abyss of severe awareness.  Each and every twitch only added to the pounding within her.  Unable to fend off the barrage, unable to defend or deflect any of the searing trauma, unable to even move beyond what the mercy of her mistress demanded, she released herself to the will of what would be and drank in the sensations as they came; furious and unstoppable wrath, frenzied and harried her entirety accepted the rage as fuel and her long awaited release contorted her mind as it invoked itself into existence. Called forth by the miasma of sensations and expounded by the wait, she was not prepared for its taking.

Leah’s eyes widened as suddenly the shaft locked up, frozen in place by the intensity and strength of the girl’s contraction.  Pushing through the vice-like grip, Leah flinched as fluid spewed from the edges of the incredibly tight shaft.  Not to be distracted, she pushed even harder and even faster and the first of her own spasms seized her body.

Writhing in the trance of her rapture, Leah forced her body on, finishing both her subject and her own blissful lust.

Hanging on her subject, letting the last of the brilliant bursts cover her, she reached around and unclipped the tiny chain.  The girl’s pelvis instantly rolled forward, easing her entire body as her head was freed to come up.

“Oh my God!  Ohhh my Gooood!”  Her body had the freedom and she milked the shaft, producing more spasms as Leah backed out.  Squealing as the head popped out, she was left to swing freely and was gloriously content to do so.





Chapter 25




The relaxed state of her body was heavenly.  Shifting slightly she became aware of the heat and sank deeper into it.  It was more than just physical, it warmed her through.

Moving a hand the couple of inches to rub an eye, she returned it to the comfort that had soothed her.  It rested naturally on a small mound that fit perfectly into her hand.  Unconsciously she began to stroke to nub that pierced the silky smooth knoll.

Her eyes fought the offensive gleam which managed to struggle its way through her lids but the effort only brought her further from the drowse she was enjoying.  Slowly and carefully she stretched both legs, more and straighter until they both locked, down to the pointed toes and she shook from the effort.  Bringing them back to relaxed, she realized she was on her side.  Rolling onto the warm comfort next to her, her left leg was pinned against it but her right leg slid over the top and her knee found the mattress on the other side.  Straddling the coziness, she rolled her hips and moaned as it flexed beneath her.  Stimulating sparks of arousal zipped across her center as her back hutched up to better the angle.

In the softest whisper, an angel appeared and spoke, “You know, I don’t believe for a minute that you’re asleep.”

Risking the glare, she opened her eyes to a soft pale dawning.  Her eyes found a focus and she was staring at her thumb, toying with a nipple almost its equal.  She smiled, moaned and rolled the node in a gentle pinch, “You’re supposed to be gagged.”

“It’s morning, I took it off.”  The girl’s hips still gyrated on her thigh and she could feel the moisture spreading, “And you’re not supposed to have an orgasm.”

Lifting her leg up and over the girl’s other leg, she rolled up onto her.  Hips to hips, chest to chest, nose to nose, she pecked her on the lips, “Time with you is going to make that a very difficult order to obey.”  They kissed deeper.

Candace reached up and took her lover’s head in her hands and dove greedily with her tongue.  Both girls rose quickly to the emotion and eroticism in the act, clasping each other in an affectionate embrace.

Both lurched, banging teeth as a loud disruptive buzz filled the room.  Launching herself off of her stimulant, Christina bounced across the bed and slapped the clock while rolling to land with her feet on the floor and aiming straight.  This morning she thought she could beat her to the bathroom but looked up to see the naked backside scamper through the door ahead of her.

“Damn.”  She fell back to the bed and closed her eyes, letting the naked vision comfort her while she let the minutes pass.





“It is all really…quite…simple.”  She still had on the face of understanding but her voice was edged with authority mixed with malevolent excitement, “Your hazing will last all year.”  Looking across the group, eyeing each individual, she added, “No one is exempt.”

She paced across the top of the table, her pantaloons billowing at each deliberate step as an edge of steel laced her tone, “You will accept, you will obey, you will submit; or you will leave.”

Taking a pause, she let the edge go and spoke easier to them, “I will do things to you.  I will set you up to fail.”  Her pacing began again, but an easier stroll, “I will encourage your blunders and errors and relish in the punishments delivered, but every step will teach you something new.”  Pointing to Randi, “Come up here.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”  She rose and circled the table to stand before her.

“Have you enjoyed your first few days here?”

Not really sure what Ms. Davenport wanted, she just shrugged her shoulders, “Yeah?”

Smiling, “So you have enjoyed sharing time with my Quinn?”

Her brow pinched to the tilt of her head, “Pardon me?”

“Quinn.  My subject.  I have sent him to you every night.”  Flipping her hand casually, “Surely you do recall him.”

“Oh…” Unable to contain her smile, “…him?”

“Yes…him.  You got to enjoy him so that we could all enjoy you.  Would you like to have the device removed?”

“Yes, please, Ma’am,” Her manners miraculously returning.

To the group, “Do not be surprised if he looks familiar, for I know of a few of you who have fallen for his charms.  Some of you have already been punished for it; the rest of you will be soon enough.”

Quinn walked into the room, hands in pockets, shit-eating grin on his face.  Several girls gasped and a low hum of chatter filled the hall.

Talking over the din, “For the practice and training I intend, his presence will be necessary.”  To Randi, “Strip down and we will see to your…‘disengagement’.”  Leah eyed the crowd, searching.

When Randi stripped it was always a show.  She never simply removed her clothes, not even in private but now she really put on a spectacle focused on Quinn.

“Enough of that, now.”  Leah stopped her little dance, “On the table, on your back, knees up,” clapping her hands, “do not dally.”  Turning to the back of the table, she used a chair to step down to the floor.

Randi laid back, spread her legs and brought her knees back to her shoulders.  Looking to Quinn, she shimmied her hips and squealed as her still sore anus was penetrated.

Holding her fingertip with her, Leah feigned surprise, “What?  Is you little ass sore?”

“Ahhh, Yeah.”  Randi panted then squealed again as it reerupted.

Pushing deeper, “Is that a proper way to address me?”

Flexing, holding her breath, “No, Ma’am.”  The exhale burst from her as the finger was removed.

To the room, “Have all of you yet to discover the pleasures of anal intercourse?”  She paced, staring poignantly at Candace, glancing to Christina to sure she noticed then back to the room, “You all will, so it would be advisable to ‘prepare’ yourselves for the inevitable.”

From the back Pasha stood, “Are you really gonna sell us as slaves?”  Her irremovable grin gave away her thoughts on the idea.

Smiling in return, Leah answered, “Absolutely.”  Her arms crossed and her chin rose just a fraction, “Do you have a problem with that?”

Another stood, “You can not be serious.”  This girl clearly was, “I have seen too much already and now you expect me to be some sex slave?  I’ll let you haze me or spank me, I’ll accept that.”  Pointing her finger, challenging, “But you will not sell me!”

Leah nodded, “No, you are correct.”  Hands behind her back, she paced, “We will not sell you.  In fact, there are many who will not be sold.”  Stopping, looking back to the girl, “The only difference between the others who will not be sold and you is that they have already left.”

They stood silently, staring each other down from across the room.  Seconds passed, the moments dragged.  A full thirty seconds of silence passed before the girl spun, “Fine!”  She stormed out.  Another got up and slid out behind her.  Face by face Leah searched for signs of satisfaction.

Giving them time to be out of earshot and down the hall, Leah continued, “So,”  she said loud enough to gain everyone’s attention, “I would have thought the rumors would have weeded out of the unwilling.  I will continue from this point believing that now they are all gone.”

Taking a key from her pocket, she handed it to Quinn.  He took it and turned to free his little cupcake’s bound labia.

“Twelve weeks.”  She called out and again took to pacing, “You will be stripped naked, cuffed and presented on stage to an audience of prospective buyers.  They will be mostly masochists but some will just wish to dominate you; but man or woman, old or young, you will serve them in all that they desire for just twelve weeks.  It will be new for you, just as it will be new for most of them.”  Grinning, “For they are more accustomed to purchasing for much longer at a time or indenturing a submissive for even years under terms usually kept private.”

Centering herself at her front table, she leaned back against it, “But first you must complete your school year.  All of you will maintain your grades.  Punishment for failure will be extremely harsh and utterly unrewarding.  When classed do begin, Tuesday I believe, the weeks will be devoted entirely to your studies except for one hour each evening for our special instruction.”  The corners of her mouth curled up, “The weekends will be mine.”

Ushering a still mostly naked Randi to follow, “The pitter-pat of a standard belt will be replaced by paddle, whip or switch and there are many of each you will become acquainted with.”  Pointing across the room, “Carmen!  Front and center, naked, now!”

Jumping and running, she stripped, her bra slowing her as she stared at Quinn.

Watching the girl struggle, Leah added, “During ‘my time’, you will not encumber yourselves with bras or panties.  In fact, the less the better.”  As she spoke, she slipped behind the main table and returned, striding out carrying a long tasseled flogger and walked right by the girl, ignoring her discomfort over undressing in front of a strange man.

“Who is going to be the first to throw this?”  Stopping in front of her raven-haired mystery, “Who would volunteer to welt this girl and make her scream for all of us?”  Noticing her target inch deeper into her seclusion, she stepped past casually along to the next, “Each of you will taste its venom, each of you will also wield it.”  Looking into their eyes, she was seeking signs of thrill but also seeking signs of the intruder.

Janie stood rounded her table, “She’s my roommate.  I’ll volunteer.”

“Very well, come up here and strip as well.”  Leah ushered Randi back to the front and Janie followed.

Janie moved slower but was not affected by Quinn’s gaze as she stripped.


Relieved she’d passed her by, she sat back up with interest as yet another girl shed her clothes.  She watched Leah.  She watched Leah watch her in return and even her pitch black curls couldn’t hide her fascination.  Her hands became so easily lost in the bulk of her clothes.

With Carmen bent over the table and just able to grip the far edge, Leah handed over the flogger, “Swing easy at first then gradually increase each impact.”

Tentatively holding the whip by its very end, “Just on the butt?”

Urging her forward, “No, Honey, anywhere you like.  In fact, experiment with different variations.”

Somewhat shocked, “Not just three?”

Patiently, “Stop questioning me and swing the whip.”

Several half-hearted lashings landed without affect and Leah stopped the hesitant Janie, “Carmen?”

Looking to her without getting up, “Yeah?”

Speaking slowly but directly, “You will answer to me properly.”  Speaking to the girl but to them all as well, “You will answer with ‘yes, Mistress Leah.  I am your master and you will treat me as such.  Do you understand?”

Smiling, she was always happy to learn and thrilled to understand, “Yes, Mistress Leah.”

Enjoying her enthusiasm, she returned the expression, “Very good.  Now, each time she hits you I want you to remain silent.  It will be like a contest; if you cry out, you lose.”  To Janie, “Do I need to explain your part?”

“No Ma’am.”  Catching the woman’s glare, “I mean, no, Mistress Leah.”


The snaps and cracks of the leather became louder and louder.  The girl grunted and gasped but did not cry out.  Each swing, each effort, each opportunity was one lost to Margaret.  She had her chance.  She wanted the whip.  She knew she could make the girl scream.  Desire pushed her, envy goaded but her body did not budge.  She just sat and slowly stroked her pouty lips and clit, hoping for at least one good scream.


With her attention firmly taken, Leah was able to watch her without distraction.  Her sadistic hunger was so plain now that it surprised her that she’d erred so badly before.  Tired of the slow progressing scene and anxious to move on she stepped in and motioned the girl to stop.

“Hold on for a moment.”  A quick examination showed a lot of reddening but not one welt was raised.

Turning Carmen around so her butt sat just on the edge of the table with her legs spread just a couple of feet wide.  She called two girls up to assist; each was instructed to sit cross-legged around an ankle and to hold on tightly to the calf.  Carmen then laid her shoulders and upper back across the table and two others grabbed a wrist each.

“You want me to…hit her…” pointing to her stretched out friend, “…like that?”

“Yes.  You have just one more chance and you will make her scream loudly or she will win.”  Leah was adamant, nodding to the girl, “You will win.  Do you understand me?”

Not knowing what they were competing for, she shrugged, “Yea…” stopping herself, “Yes, Mistress Leah.”

“Begin like before.  Bring it up gradually and you should have no fear of damaging her.  You want to hurt her, not damage her.”

Nodding, “Yes, Mistress Leah.”  The first swing started like those on the back, but Carmen’s reaction was clearly different.  Janie first avoided the breasts, but was uncertain as her belly and hips quickly reddened.

Leah moved and Janie stopped, “Continue, do not let me distract you.”  She came up to Randi and whispered in her ear, “Quinn was a part of what you must do, now this is another…”

A few more words of encouragement and direction and Leah stepped back.

Randi knelt down in front of the bowed back Carmen and Janie looked to her questioningly.  Randi pointed up toward Carmen’s chest, “Just move up a bit.  Don’t stop.”  The bulk of the leather lashes came down just above her face and Randi tried not to flinch.

Closing in on her first time approaching between a girl’s legs on her own volition, she was amazed at how erotic it all seemed.  The previous evening had been erotic but also too chaotic to digest like she could now; the curves and folds, the shifting motion, the thin tuft of baby fine hair, even the smell of her arousal affected her.

The whip came down on the belly and the little muscles shimmied and twitched.  Knowing what she herself wanted right then, in one direct action she pushed her tongue into the girl, buried until her nose and chin both swam as well.  The entire body flexed as she moaned out loudly, unable to contain it.

Driven by the sound, Randi lapped more aggressively, using her entire face to satisfy.  Following her instructions, her hands came up the hips then rested on the belly, forcing the whip to strike higher.  Watching the whip clip the under edges of the breasts had her curious for that as well.

Leaving one hand up on the center of the belly, she shifted her mouth over the clearly turgid clitoris and suckled while the other hand worked fingers into the hungry maw.

Crying and struggling, the girl thrashed about, unable to do anything but accept the painful ecstasy.  The battering of her breasts was mentally tumultuous as it hurt so badly yet she only hoped it wouldn’t end.  It built within her.  It grew in a sudden moment she didn’t expect she cried out, straining her body with a flexing of both voice and body.

A storm of sensations within her erupted.  An orgasm so deep, so powerful, so consuming that she had a fleeting thought that something within her had actually broken.


Missing the climax, Leah watched her target and knew with a growing confidence.  Only the lapse in the sound of the crashing leather alerted her to a change.  She looked to the group at the front with a bit of wonder.

“Do you want me to continue?”

Even Randi had stopped to look up, her face was dripping wet.

“No, but thank you.  You have all done very well.  She screamed quite loudly so I guess then that you win.”  To the others, “You may all dress and take your seats.”  Knowing she should seed the thought, she added, “Do not be surprised if a new face appears and commands you.”  Glancing to Margaret, “Do not be surprised.”

Gathering her things, “We have much to go over, but not this morning.  You are all dismissed.”  She whispered to Christina then pointed to Quinn, “You, with me.”

Bowing to her, “Yes, Mistress Leah.”





Chapter 26




“Christina said you wanted to see me?” her head peeked around the edge of the open door.

Waving her in, “Come, come.”  Pointing to the chair opposite her desk without looking up from her work, “Close the door and sit down.”  She kept her tone light and friendly, “I thought we should talk.”  Shuffling some papers and restacking them gave the girl enough time to sit and get settled without being stared at.

Finally looking up to her, “You enjoyed watching the flogging.”  It was not a question.

“Yes, Mistress Leah.”  She hid her smile well.

“You know…” She tried to see through the bulk of hair, “…you are not like them.”

The girl just nodded, slowly bouncing her hair.

“And I would have thought that you would have left by now.”  Leaning forward, staring intently, trying to catch a glimpse of her reaction but getting none.  “Do you know why you are still here?”

The girl began to deflate, “No, Mistress Leah.”  She fought back the urge to sniffle and added quietly, “I don’t want to go away.”

Ignoring her plea, “The reason you are still here, even though you are so different from the rest of the girls is because you are not so different from the way I am.”  Leah stared at the top of her bowed head and waited.

Margaret eventually looked up and the slight tilt of her head gave Leah a glimpse of her bewilderment, “But the belt,” she shook her head, “you knew then.”  Her shoulders rose, “It didn’t work on me.”

“Yes, yes,” She waved a hand, dismissing the idea, “I did know then that you were not a masochist.”  Breaking out her best grin, “But I have been watching you.”

Hiding again in her curls, “I know, Mistress Leah.”

“Oh?”  Her tone rose with her brows, “Did you know that I watched you last night?  Did you know that I watched you paddle your roommate?  Did you know that I could feel your excitement?  You almost lost complete control of yourself.”  Chuckling, she added, “I was surprised you were able to stop at all, much less at the exactly prescribed four lashes.”  She let her mirth fade into a more serious pause.

“This morning, why did you not stand up and take that flogger from me?”

Margaret’s head tipped to the side but she remained silent.

More directly, “There was not another soul in that room who wanted that task as badly as you.”  Pointing to the girl as her ire rose, “You know that I directed the offer to you first.  Answer me, what held you back?”

Her shoulders rose and she whispered, “I don’t know, Mistress Leah.”

“Yes you do!”  She worked to stay calm, “Okay; first, did you want to do it?”

Bouncing her head, “Yes, I did.”  Finally she did sniffle.

Already knowing the answer, she still had to ask to set her plan up because this girl might be a good way to end the charade that was being played out with the one girl who was creating chaos.  Getting to the meat of her talk, “Were you afraid of the crowd?”

Margaret simply nodded.

Leah turned dramatically and pulled out a file from a stack and set it opened on the desk between them, “Do you recall ‘Grease’?”

The girl looked up.

“’1984’?  ‘Little Orphan Annie’?  ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof’?”  Flipping the pages, “Your Speech and Debate instructor writes, ‘She is an excellent public speaker’.  You Theater teacher put you in three lead roles in four years!”  Closing the file, she gave them both a minute to digest the information.

In the silence, Margaret took a deep breath and exhaled just loud enough to keep Leah from speaking before her, “I could never debate.  I always froze.”

Leah opened the file again and scanned for what she missed the first time, “Not even once?”

Lifting her shoulders, her chin came up enough to make eye contact, “Not even in class.”

Shaking her head in disbelief, “But you can act?”

Both palm turned face up in supplication, “The lines are all written out.  The roles have all been done before.  I don’t have to be me.”

Snapping her fingers and pointing to the girl with a new smile, “You won’t have to be you.”  Ideas flew through her head.  She stood and tried to organize all she was thinking, “I need you to play a role.”   Rounding the desk, “Just make it a part in a play.  We can work this out.  I will not get the response I need.”  Pointing, “But you could.”

Beckoning the girl to rise with her hands, she added, “Stand up.”  The girl did.  “We’ll start simple.  Words that can be very useful: ‘Do not speak’.  Say them.”

Excited because the woman was, confused and still scared, she no more than mumbled, “Don’t speak.”

Waving it off, “No contractions.  Emphasize each syllable.  Think of…it is like a parent chastising a child.”  Giving the example again, “Do, not, speak.”  Nodding to her, “Do it.”

She could do that:  Clearly and louder she stated, “Do not speak.”  But had to finish with her shoulders up again, “What’re you thinking?”

Biting her bottom lip, ignoring the question, “That is better, but…do it with an accent.”  Her mind was reeling, wondering if this would really work but had to go on, “Take yourself out of it completely.  Can you do a good, proper British accent?”  Before she could respond, “And put strength in your voice.  You are on stage and they all have to hear you.”  Her own voice rose as the excitement grew.  Loudly she added, “Let me hear you!”

“Dew.  Naught.  Speak!”  With the words, even her bearing and posture changed.

Pointing, “That!  Can you do that?”

Her shoulders slumped, “But why?”

Talking almost to herself, “We will not allow them to look at you.  It is not uncommon.”  She commanded, “Down!  Look down!  Do not attempt to address me!  You are beneath me and will act as such!”

The girl cowered almost to the point of crouching to the floor.

“No, Honey.”  Leah offered her hand and lifted her back to upright, “I am giving you an example.”  Back to the desk and a clean sheet of paper, “I will write your lines, all of them.”  Looking up, “And you can memorize them and practice them quickly?”

Astonished, the girl had to get clarity, “You want me to do this in front of the others?”  When no response came from the writing woman, “But they’ll all see me.”

“No.”  She said into the paper, “They will see someone, but not you.”  Silently she sat, occasionally writing another line.  Thinking, acting out scenarios in her head, she wrote all she could come up with then scratched a couple out.  Looking at the list, satisfied, she handed it over to Margaret who had sunk back into her chair as well.

“Read these aloud.  Practice them now.  I want to try something and you need to be ready.”  Leah got up and crossed the room.  “I will be back in a bit.  You stay here and go over your lines.  I do not want people to see us together right now.”

Leah practically ran through the halls.  She needed this to work.  The mole was still causing too much trouble to let it go on any longer.  And besides, this might in the long run ease her workload and allow the girls to experience different styles.  The bonus in it all would be that a properly trained submissive sadist was a rare and valuable asset.  She smiled at the thought that this little girl might make it to the auction after all.  Topping from the bottom was not that uncommon.


After filling a bag with all she could think to bring, she returned to her office and found her student studying…perfect.  This girl might be inordinately shy, but she was not one to allow failure.

“Take off your clothes, all of them.”  Walking by her to the desk, she began setting out items.  “You disguise will not need to be elaborate.”  Looking up, “No one really knows what you look like to begin with anyway.”

Seeing her subject naked, she began by handing her fishnet stockings, “Be careful, they catch on everything.”  A garter belt, red leather mini skirt and a black and red ribbed corset came out.  A black leather brassier with stainless steel chains held up by a thin leather collar was laid out next as Margaret was tentative yet excited to be a part of something and interested to see what this exotic arrangement would do for her, but she was still confused as to why the mistress was so excited about plain old her and had to ask, “Why…if you don’t mind, Mistress Leah, why are you doing all of this for me?”

Black leather gloves which fit to the elbow, the red tassels matching perfectly to the rest of the garb came out next and she stopped to look at her directly as she spoke, “Margaret, I am going to use you to do something I need to have done, but it will also give you an opportunity to be a greater part of what we are doing here.  This…” waving her arm across the load of leather, “…can be for both of us.”

Margaret stared at it all with honest amazement.  People just didn’t normally help her for no reason and even though she was just told that this was for both of them, she still felt a new desire to please her mistress and do this to the best of her ability.  Without words they shared a moment of eye contact which conveyed far more.

A sincere grin graced Leah’s face and she pushed on without the need to address it any further, “I brought the heels and the boots, you can wear either with this.”

Her eyes grew wide as she stared at the selection, “I’ve never worn high heels before.”  She reached for the stiletto boots.

“Ah,” She had to stop the girl, “You have never worn heels?”

The girl continued to gawk as she just shook her head.

“Then don’t wear the boots.  Try the shoes first.”  This time stopping herself, “In fact, you should not wear either.  I have some flats, almost really just slippers,” packing the shoes away, out of sight, “they will be better yet.”

Starting with the corset, Margaret had to ask, “Do you think all this will really fool people?”  Her solid curves were vividly revealed.

Leah already almost didn’t recognize her but shook her head, “No.  This is just the icing.”  A small carry-all case came out of the bag last.  She held it up, “This is the cake.”  Digging for a hairbrush, she found it and handed it to the girl, “Brush it out thoroughly.”  Leah set out the different make-up from the case while Margaret readied her hair.

“Put it in a top-knot.”

“Like a pony tail?”

Nodding, “But up on the top of your head,” she pointed to the spot.

The small elastic tie held the mass tightly then Leah wound the length around itself until a tight bun was formed, exposing the never before seen slope and grace of her neck and rarely seen strength of her jaw.

“Perfect.  Now hold still.”  The eye liner was black but the mascara, lipstick and even the rouge were all as electric as her leather.  Just the heavy base was enough to conceal her but once the color was added it was truly transforming.

Looking at how well her creation was coming along, she just knew her plan was going to work.  “Now you finish getting dressed and I will go get your shoes.”


Fully clothed and properly shod, they practiced for a while more, polishing her lines and refining her demeanor before they came to choosing a favorite tool:  she wanted the flogger.  It clipped at her hip to the belt on her skirt and hung menacingly, swinging with each step she took.

A panel opened off a closet door to reveal a full length mirror.

Gasping as she glimpsed herself, holding her hand over her mouth, “Is that really me?”

“No.”  Leah stepped up behind her, talking to her own reflection, “That is not you.  That is…what should we call her?”

Gazing at herself, she stated with confidence, “Lillith.”

Leah’s eyebrows rose, “Are you sure?  Lillith?”

“Yes.  The forgotten first wife of the original Adam:  ‘The Mistress’.”  Grinning, proud of her new assertive façade, “I will be Mistress Lillith.”  She eyed her own curves and found them to be sexy, even very sexy, emphasized by the corset but exposed by the lack of so much extra material seemed to give her even more confidence.  She liked it, nodding to herself in the mirror, “I will play my role well.”  In her convincing accent she tried to command her image, pointing, “For it is you who shall obey!”

Leah bowed to her, “Mistress Lillith,” emphasizing the title, “are you ready for your debut?”

Turning away with a dramatic flourish, “It will be divine, of that I am quite certain,” she said in perfect character.

Smiling at her enthusiasm and unbelievable transformation, Leah just nodded in consent, “Let us then go see who is ‘available’,” ushering her toward the door.

The girl’s posture collapsed, “Now?”

Not giving in, “Yes, now.”  Taking her hands and looking softly and caringly to her, “You are ready. No one will recognize you and even if they did you would have my support.”

“I would?” Somewhat confused about her new position.

“Margaret, you do know that at some point it will come out that Mistress Lillith is actually you.  It is inevitable.  And at that point I will have hoped to have ferreted out our little mole but I will still need your help and you will still be who and what you are.  This whole charade is only for your confidence.  Even if they never figure it out, at some point you will be comfortable enough to reveal yourself.  No matter where or when or how, you will still be you and I will support your authority.”

Relaxing noticeably, she smiled, “Thank you, Mistress Leah.”

A finger came up quickly, “Just ‘Leah’.  You have to remember the details.”  Turning away to grab an item, “Once we select our little victim…” holding up the blindfold, “…we will be sure that they do not get another good look at you.”

Nodding, feeling better about this at every moment, she took up the flogger, “Is there a trick to this?”  The many leather straps fountained from a solid wound handle.  Each lash was a good three feet and the long handle was thin enough to fit in her hand well.

Leah laughed out loud and the question, “Based upon the way you handled that paddle, you should do just fine.”

“Do I get to…” An image of Randi, bound to the bed and totally helpless flashed through her mind, “…tie them down…if I want?”

They both smiled at the thought, “One step at a time, but yes, that will definitely be a part of your training.  Today you might be better off leaving details such as that to me.”

“I am,” She shrugged, “kind of…” crimping her hips, “…anxious.”

“That is good.  I plan on going out there and sending a message.”  Into her bag, “One last item,” she pulled out a leather thong underwear.  “This is a special little unit.  The front of it unsnaps if you wish it but while you go to work, anytime you go until you are better trained, you will have one item or another of self flagellation.  It will remind you of the pain you are inflicting and hopefully help you to maintain your restraint.  You are to inflict pain, not to do damage.”

“Yes, Mi…Leah.”  Taking the panties, she saw the several items sewn into the crotch.  Stepping into them, she carefully placed them over her fishnets, unhooking them to get it under the garter and began to settle them into place.  They were fairly tight and did not give at all.  Pulling her skirt up higher, she inched the leather up until she uncomfortably felt the rear strap fall into the seam of her butt.  Then the front came up another inch and she caught the first bites of the sharp edges of the beads, pinching and pricking her.

“Spread your legs a little.  Let me see.”  Running her fingers along the edges, Leah pulled the girl’s labia open just enough to expose more delicate parts to the sting.  She then inched the waist band up higher, cinching the biting beads to the girl’s flesh.  Clipping her stockings and straightening her skirt, “Now you are ready.”

The first few steps were pinching and awkward, but after stretching back and forth and a few slow high knee lifts, she walked around almost normally.  Practicing for a few more minutes, studying herself in the mirror and settling herself into her thong, she was deep into her role and gaining confidence and attitude on each pass of the mirror.

“Self-assured, driven, focused;” Leah pointed to the door, “now lead the way.”

Ignoring the little bites that assailed her inner labia, Margaret kept her chin high and strutted with the confidence she thought her character should have.  The door opened, she stepped into the hall and felt Leah behind her as she heard the door to her office close.

Catching the girl, “There are a few rooms in particular we might try looking to first.”

“Very well.”  She turned a corner that passed a main room and tingles ran the course of her spine as three girls stopped and stepped aside to let them pass, “Do naught gawk, child, it is unbecoming.”  Her accent was perfect and her stride never broke as all three looked away and cowered.  A surge of certainty filled her, a boldness she had never experienced.

“They were easy, none of them I want right now, but you did just fine.”  Stride for stride, they matched each other’s pace.

Entering one of the dorm hallways, two girls were just coming out of their room.  Their eyes bulged as they saw the pair coming toward them.  Leah couldn’t believe her luck when she saw who one of them was.  Speaking just loud enough for only Margaret to hear, she muttered, “Take this one.”

Margaret had a fifty-fifty chance and pointed to Carla, “You will do.”

Leah made a show of stopping her, “Carla is still healing.”  They both looked to the other, “We shall test Pasha and then you will see for yourself how valuable we could become.”  Leah had to make an effort not to sneer at the girl she suspected.

Looking the girl over, Margaret gave one nod, “Yes, Leah, she will do.”  Commanding, “Strip here now and then you shall come with me.”

Worried, Carla asked, “Where are you taking her?  What has she done?”

“Do Not Speak!”  Margaret had that line down perfectly.  Squaring off with the girl, “You do not rank an explanation but apparently you are in need of a proper lesson.”  Pointing to the door they’d just come out of, “Go to your dormy, take out your dildo and bury it completely into your arse.  Then you may crawl to me on hand and knee while holding it deep within you and beg for your assigned lesson.”

They stood for only a second before the whip popped from her belt and flew in one fluid motion, tagging the girl right through her shorts, high across the thigh.  “Do not be dull, child, go.”

Leah was impressed by the quick hand of her apprentice and added before the struck girl could turn, “Mistress Lillith had commanded you.”  Her eyebrows rose expectantly.

Carla’s eyes flashed back and forth between the two before realizing her protocol, “Yes, Mistress Lillith.”  She turned to slip back into the room without another look back.

Liking the feel of the flogger and energized by the shocked look of pain on Carla’s face upon impact, she swung it again, albeit lightly, across the arms and side of their new captive causing another flinch, just enough to affect them both.

Leah barked out at the now naked girl, “Hands behind your head, elbows high.”  Prodding her, “Now go.”  With the girl in the lead, Leah and Margaret shared a glance to each other and neither could hide their grin.





Chapter 27




Masking their subject at the door of the study, Margaret led her in, flinching just slightly at each step as her aroused clit swelled and bloated out onto the teeth that kept her in check.  She still managed to move at a steady pace but took great care in not fumbling at her task of buckling the simple cuffs.  She felt the girl tremble yet sensed no fear or doubt but a hungry expectation.  Her small fear of acting against the girl’s will dissolved as her own anticipation grew.

The girl spoke, “Can you just do this?”

“Do not speak.”  She liked it, it sounded good.  Running a cable over the light cage, she clipped an end to each wrist.

“But I’m scared.”  Pasha was pathetically unconvincing yet it still made Margaret stop.

Thinking it through, Margaret made her only logical move, “If I release you, you will be escorted out and never allowed to return.”  Pausing only a moment, she commanded, “Chose!”

“I…I can’t go.”  Her head tipped forward.

Margaret was confused, the girl was clearly not afraid and simply an awful actress.

Leah was holding back laughter as she stepped forward and showed her student the ball gag and mouthed the word, “Watch.”  Touching it to the blinded girl’s lips, her mouth opened apparently out of habit to accept it.  Leah just shook her head as she buckled it tightly into place.

“If you will not go, then you will not need to speak to stay.”  Margaret stood back as Leah raised the girl to her toes.  With a tether to each ankle, Margaret’s heart pounded as she spread the girl wide and eliminated her last line of defending herself.  This was so much better than what she remembered of Randi spread out on the bed.  There was no part of this girl that her whip could not access.  She crimped her hips regardless of the pain that was delivered.

Shuffling over to the crank, she encouraged Leah to raise her just a little more and in two clicks, just two teeth tighter, the muscles in the back of her thighs and butt, her shoulders and back, they all strained and defined themselves, beckoning to her and she was ready to answer their call.

Heavier than the paddle, the flogger also offered less stability, less control.  She knew that from just the couple of swings she’d taken with it.  So she let the bulk of the tassels pendulum back and excitement surged through her and aided in the force which propelled the whip forward.

Following through to beyond her target, she felt the mass contact the unforgiving body and explode in a thundering clamor that reverberated through her arm and body.  The gag did little to lessen the effect of the scream.

Hobbled only slightly by the edges which naggingly badgered her more delicate parts, she swung again with the strength and intensity of the first.  Her arousal and desire fed from the contact and demanded more.  A third swing blasted the same battered cheeks and she was held in thrall by her own unrestrained malevolence.  The jaws of the teeth that bit into her only proved her satisfaction.

Leah waved a hand in front of the subject’s welting butt and motioned to strike either higher or lower.  Knowing the tenderness of the thighs firsthand, she focused on delivering pain.  Ignoring the constant wail, she lashed meticulously down each leg.  Releasing and yet also producing energy upon each contact made, driving her to go on.  Every strike stepped her forward into a deeper pool of her ecstasy.

Motioning to pause, it took a moment for Margaret to register that she should stop as Leah pushed her body up against the girl’s burning backside.  Reaching both hands around to firmly cup her sex, she was not surprised at the volume of moisture that spilled from the girl.  Whispering as she deeply massaged the mass, “Have you cum yet?”

The girl just moaned and tried mightily to roll her hips.

Leah kept her grip and looked to her apprentice and slowly shook her head.  Not getting a response, she pointed with her chin to Margaret and then again shook her head at the girl.

Understanding, Margaret circled to her front and grabbed the still whining girl by the jaw to calm her enough to listen, “I forbid it.  Do you understand me?”

The head nodded, the voice hummed so sort of affirmation and then a horrible mewing poured from her as the hands all left her body.

Stepping back, Margaret was really beginning to understand the different elements of what aroused her because the sound of the subject’s desperation was almost as alluring as her screams of agony.  Slipping back to behind her, the girl brought her hand up under her subject and applied just enough pressure to get the girl to moan her approval.  Testing her, Margaret backed her hand away and slapped up onto the bulk of her sex.  The girl writhed and cried and that was all Margaret needed.

The mass of heavy leather straps flipped up and over and completed their circle with added speed to crash mightily onto the subject’s open vulnerability.  The instant scream was not the cagey cry like before.  It was powerful and filled with real agony.  The full circle swing came around again and battered the girl from her lower belly all the way around to her ass, nothing was left without feeling the bestial wrath of the flogger.

More agony spewed from the girl but as Margaret tested her different options and again fondled her fingers through the welted marsh, that agony transformed into thankful greed.  The body before her strained to its end to shift and pump its hips onto the offered hand.  She found it an oddity that her subject struggled more for the pleasure than it did against the pain.

Pulling her away, Leah spoke over the mews and pleas, “That was done very well, now we will end with this and then see if our suspicions about her were correct.”  Showing her a dime sized domed disk with an ornate design worked into its face around a small hole in its center, she popped it inverted then back again, convex then concave and allowed her to see the series of stiff metal wires which criss-crossed its back.  “It’s a crest, follow me, watch and you do the talking.”

Understanding and following Leah to the girl’s front, they both knelt below their subject.

The student began, “As a token of your commitment, you shall don my crest.”

Instantly the gasping of sudden pleasure quelled the incessant whines as fingers opened the girl’s upper labia and coaxed the clitoris to stand tall and proud.  Working the disk over the erect bud, it was carefully pulled through, edge by edge, bit by bit until its tip was exposed enough that it could be pinched and pulled through the hole completely.

Holding it firm, the outer edges of the cup were pushed down, pinching the center tightly until the edge all the way around inverted and formed a dome.

The girl panted with pain and excitement, needing them both to continue.  But she could sense that the woman in front of her had gotten up and she was disappointed that there was not more to be done while centered on her bulging clit.  It hurt, but not horribly so.  The pain of it all was that she could feel her clit being pulled at and pinched but she could not get it to be manipulated in any of the wondrous ways she knew were possible.  The pounding of her heart only furthered her need as it kept steady the throb through her desire.

Margaret’s own need forced her to flinch often as her arousal was kept in check.  Taking up her whip, she let the tassels swing loosely up to contact the newly bound ornament.  The immediate reaction was enough to make Margaret jump as the girl burst into fits of agony, testing mightily her bindings.  Fearful for damage yet excited over the pain, she swung across, higher and harder, putting the full force of her arousal into it and blasted tassels onto both breasts.  The impact took the girl’s breath away and Margaret flinched and twitched as her need pushed for more.

Seeing that it was time to shift the gears, Leah brushed by her student and forced the focused girl back. Hustling a padded bench, just one foot wide and four feet long out behind their subject, she had to motion again to get Margaret to stop and drop her flogger, “Mistress Lillith, if it pleases you, I believe that our subject wishes to know your taste.”

Not entirely sure what she meant or what to say, she simply commanded, “Yes!”

The suspended girl was lowered and her wrists were released.  Margaret watched Leah and followed, each taking an arm and setting the girl down then laying her back onto the bench.  With her arms above her head, they connected her wrists together under the bench.

Leah reached under Margaret’s skirt and in one swift tug detached the leather thong’s snaps and pulled it free of the girl.  The sudden shock of the teeth tearing away almost goaded a squeal from her, but she managed it without a sound.

Moving to the foot of the bench gave her an excellent view of the girl’s still spread legs and the many overlaid welts of her whip.  With her arms up over her head and then pulled under the bench, it forced her breasts up into the air, as if on display for their changing color as that last strike was still taking its toll.

Looking down for her new whip, she was directed away from her tool to stand at the head of girl and then prodded forward until she straddled her face.  Knowing now what was intended, she felt suddenly self-conscious and unsure.  Could she really have this girl do this to her?  Knowing she couldn’t really stop now, she was just glad that their subject’s blind was still on and that she couldn’t see her face.

Accepting the inevitable, she became aware again of the constant throb which drove her and got a certain thrill from the idea that this girl would do this even if she thought it was uncomfortable or weird or odd…she was going to do it anyway and that command over her will had an arousing affect in itself.

Leah removed the ball gag and asked Margaret, “Are you ready?”

But Pasha answered, “Yes, Mistress Leah.”

She wanted to release so badly, she was more than ready to yet could not completely get over her apprehension of having some random girl do this to her.  Leah shifted her a few inches forward and started to guide her down.  She was a little uncomfortable but Margaret never even considered resisting.

As short as her skirt was, it still tented the girl’s face enough to prevent Margaret from having to see it at all.  She kept her focus on the girl’s body and what she could do to it to get the reactions she desired.  At least she kept her focus there until that first panting breath wafted up to her ready need.  Its heat covered her in an instant sheen of sweat.

With hand gestures and mouthing the words, “Down, easy,” Leah guided her new student.  Smiling at her nervous motions, she added, “Relax and enjoy.”  With a single finger raised she advised, “Don’t cum yet, wait.”

Nodding her understanding, Margaret didn’t need any further guidance as desire drove her forward and down.  The first tickle of the tongue had her jump, but she came right back down.  She knew she wanted the confidence that being Lillith gave her and acclimating to others touching she would enjoy getting used to.

Feeling herself part under the slight pressure of the warm moist muscle was euphoric.  The tongue slid deep then widened, flattened and lapped through the entirety of her.  Gasping and fighting for balance, the concentration of sensations shot through her like lightening.  Moaning her delight, her body dropped without her consent, smothering the girl with her dire need.

Leah took Margaret’s hand to help her balance, “Here, Mistress Lillith, if our subject is not cooperating, perhaps you could find it within yourself to have mercy on our rookie and goad her with my crop.”  Adding maliciously, “You know she does so badly want to succeed in what she is doing.”  Patting the girl’s belly, “Isn’t that right, Pasha?”

“Yes, Mistress Leah,” She managed through the flesh that covered her.

Margaret took the crop and Leah mouthed again, “Do not cum yet.”  She nodded but did not let Leah’s hand go, feeding off of her strength.  Lowering to take the tongue again, she dropped the crop down onto a breast.  The girl squealed and shook and Margaret pressed down onto her, taking advantage of the struggle.

Coached by Leah and trained by years of finding and learning her precarious edge, she spent a full hour discovering the nirvana of cunnilingus and exploring each surge or arousal that the snapping and spasming of the riding crop created.  Her subject’s chest, belly and upper thighs were covered with the small square welts of the crop.  But her favorite was the jolting squeal and flexing resistance of every strike to her open sex and the bulb of flesh which poked out over the tiny metal dome.  The girl’s vulnerability and indefensible position drove her to go even further and hit even harder, pushing into the face of distress to feed from her agony.  Her own muscular legs cramped under the pressure of maintaining her stance for so long, but nothing shy of a physical attack was going to dismount her or stop her assault.

Having heard stories of Margaret’s ability to hold herself back from climax, Leah was still amazed to see it first hand.  The girl was obviously ready to peak and clearly hadn’t yet.  Not only to torture Pasha, but also for her own amusement, she maintained her restriction against Margaret’s climax until she herself couldn’t take it anymore.

A hand signal was made, accompanied by a nod and tingles of relief surged across her body.  Letting herself go an accepting the monstrosity of a climax she’d built was an ecstasy that easily equaled her encounter with her roommate and her electric toy but different.

It took her, rapt her and held her in its thrall.  As much as she got, she needed more.  Her hips lowered further and viciously coursed across the nose, mouth and chin, any protrusion to add to the building of her beast.

As prepared as she was, the intensity of that first convulsion locked her every muscle.  Her thighs clamped down around her subject’s head as the ocean of her rhapsody exploded from her body.  Wave after wave of the raging current surged from her in an alarmingly dazzling fulfillment until she was completely lost in the delirium of it.

Hands took her head and she opened her eyes.  The bulging nub of the girl’s clit throbbed above the little dome right before her.  She lifted herself quickly after she realized where she’d found comfort.

Leah helped her rise and spoke through her mirth, “I can only assume you found our little Pasha to be satisfactory?”

So many thoughts raced through her mind as she feebly gained her bearings, only slowly recalling the necessity of her theatrical performance.  Backing up off the girl’s face, she stumbled only once before proclaiming in a voice which carried a strength that surprised even her, “She will learn, Leah, of that I am certain.”

Exhaling a relieving breath of her own, Leah nodded, “Yes, Mistress Lillith, I can assure you she will.”





Releasing Pasha and sending her naked, welted, sore and tired back to her room, Leah decided to parade Margaret around a while more while the finishing touches of her plan percolated.  In just their first few minutes out they ran into Pasha’s roommate Carla, crawling through the halls with a noticeable unease.

“Mistress Lillith!” She panted, “I’m here as you requested…” even though she flinched and gasped in bits of pain, her excitement was evident, “…for your punishment.”

Leah swirled a finger pointing down, “Turn, let us see.”

Shuffling in a circle, she displayed the very end of an insert as it held the pucker of her anus wide, “Is this okay?”

“Did it hurt?”  Margaret squatted down behind her.

“Yes…but not too bad.”  Carla yelped as it was pushed.

Leah took Margaret by the arm and brought her back to her feet.  Leading Margaret aside, she told Carla, “You have done as you were commanded but your punishment will have to wait.  For now you are to keep the item in your ass until after dinner.”  Adding as point of emphasis, “And you will sit through all of dinner.”

Looking up to them, relieved yet disappointed, she answered, “Yes, Mistress Leah.”

“Now stand up and walk back to your room and dress.”  Holding up a finger, “And do so without letting it slip.”

“Yes, Mistress Leah.”

They waited while she climbed her way to standing.  Using the wall for support, she cantered out of sight.

Walking her back toward her office, Leah spoke in hushed tones, “You have done very well but you have to work on your control.”  Margaret nodded.  “I want you to clean yourself up, dress and I’ll show you out the side door of my office.  Come around the front of the house and if anyone asks, you went out to take a walk.

Nodding again, she mumbled, “No one will ask.”  She’d already lost her regal stance and demeanor, knowing it was over for now.





Chapter 28




As soon as the phone was activated and a signal was acquired, the scanned locked onto the frequency and the system began recording.


Without preamble, the urgent voice commanded, “Tell me something good.”

Holding the phone in one hand, she delicately stroked the little bulge of flesh which stood erect through the metal button and silently cursed herself for making the call so suddenly, “I…they have…”  She had to stop her finger to take a breath, “A new mistress showed up today.”  Holding the phone away she took two longer deeper breaths while she waited for a response.

“That does not surprise me.  Leah could never master so many alone.”  Her tone became intent, “Tell me, how many have gone?  What does she have left?”

“Well…” Her finger very slowly went back to work, “…half of the girls from last year are gone,” adding hastily, “but a couple more are still gonna leave, I’m sure of it.”  Trying to breathe normally, “Of the younger ones, there’s still maybe…” her shoulders rose, “…I guess twenty.”

“TWENTY!  Do not let this happen!”  She ground her teeth as she spoke, “Pasha, I still have plenty of time to replace you with another plan.  You tell everybody you see what she plans.  Do not let them settle in!”

The girl mumbled, “But she’s already told ‘em.”

That stopped her for a minute, she formed another direction of attack, “Okay,” she sounded calmer, “tell them that you have done it before and how horrible and awful it was.”

On the edge of whining, “But they’ve already started them into bondage and everybody here’s already been whipped at least once.”  Her bottom lip came out, “That new mistress used a flogger on me just a bit ago and it’s making all the girls curious, not afraid.”

Lady Farrow smiled, “Did you cum?”

Definitely whining, “She forbid me.”

Knowing the high probability of the answer, she asked just to hear the answer but managed to keep her tone stern, “Are you touching yourself right now?”

Pulling her hand away quickly, “No.”  Her head swiveled back and forth even though she knew she was alone before whimpering, “It’s got this little, like, disk thing.  It’s pinching in on my clit and holding it out so it touches everything and it really hurts and I can’t get it…”

“Stop it!”  Silencing the girl while she went through her mental library of who might be involved who favor the clitoral gauntlet, “What is her name?”

“Mistress Lillith.”

The name did not ring a bell, “Describe her to me.”

“Well,” The girl had a hard time not stroking herself and an even harder time focusing while doing so, “she’s definitely British, she’s got jet black hair, she’s not beautiful but not plain either.”  Going over the short snippets she saw of her, “She wears a little too much make-up, she’s got a rock hard body and she looks kinda young but I don’t think she is.”  Recalling so many of the events of the past two hours, she had to add, “She is really good,” nodding to herself as she said it.

Making a mental picture of each thing her pawn described, “I will discover who this ‘Lillith’ is and for…”

Interrupting, “It’s Mistress Lillith.  Even Mistress Leah calls her ‘Mistress’.”

“Yes, well, if the council gets wind they have even half that many for the spring show, even as temps, I could lose my position and I refuse to go behind her!”

“Yes, Lady Farrow.”

Still thinking, she added, “You continue as you have.”  Then remembering, “Are your classes ready?”

“Yes, Lady Farrow.”

“Stay attentive to them.  You may be there longer than we first planned.”

Smiling, scooting to the edge of the bed, “You really want me to go to college?”

“You will go and you will do well.  In the house if there is dissention, support it but do not start any on your own.  Having you there still may be essential.”  Thinking of nothing more, “Keep me informed.”

The phone went dead and she moaned loudly as her finger slid quickly over her bulging readiness.  The door flew open and her roommate came stumbling in but she didn’t let that stop her.





“Hey Mags!”  She sat forward on her bed, clearly excited, “Did you see her?”

Margaret entered their room and looked up, smiling as her roommate’s unrestrained emotional animation made her even more beautiful.

“A new mistress!  She’s here!”  Jumping to her feet, “She’s like something out of a movie or a dream,” her eyes opened wider, “or a nightmare,” she laughed.

Quietly, “Did you see her?”  Knowing she didn’t.

“Well, no, not really.  Just from behind for a second while she toured the halls, but she took one girl, just at random and led her off into the back of the house and she hasn’t been heard from since!”

Not wanting to burst her bubble, Margaret just let her talk, nodding and smiling when appropriate.

“Some of the others are plotting how to get into trouble just to get their chance to try her out and be with her.”  Grabbing the girl’s hands, “She carries this big whip and they say that she’s some sort of foreign specialist.”  Realizing that she was bouncing about and taking her friend with her, she pulled the girl to her and took her in an embrace, “Oh, Mags, this is all going so fast but I feel so good.  I feel like this is what I want but I also want to be with you.”

Taking Margaret’s face in her hands, she kissed her deeply, “Mags, what are you gonna do?”  She looked into her eyes, “If you stay, they’re gonna expect you to follow the ways.”  Shaking her head, “I know this isn’t for you but I don’t want you to go.”  With a heavy sigh, “Is that too selfish?”

Margaret brought their bodies back together in an embrace and fought to control her emotions, she’s never felt so wanted.  “I will stay.”  She sniffled and buried her face into Nicole’s hair as she held her tight and whispered, “You’re not selfish.”

Holding the girl back to look at her directly made it almost more difficult to say, “Mags, we can…both go.”

Smiling at her act of benevolence, she murmured a drawn out, “Nooo.”  The contact had felt so good that she brought her back into the hug, “I wouldn’t do that to either of us.”

Plowing forward, “We could find somewhere else.  There’s got to be…”

“Nicole,” Stopping her, “I guess I should probably tell you something.”

“We can do this.  We can go and…”

Louder and more aggressive than usual she called, “Nicole!”

Looking to more seriously, “What is it, Honey?”

Holding a single hand up to stop her, “I don’t want to go anywhere else.  I have found…I am not…” she paused to work it out before she spoke and decided on a direction to attack it from, “Do you know what this Mistress Lillith looks like?”

Nicole tilted her head as her brow pinched, “I only caught a glimpse, why, did you see her?”

Nodding enough to part her curls and reveal her Cheshire grin, Margaret grabbed a lock of her own hair, “Black hair?”  Her hands slid from her own waist down to her hips, “Thin and muscular?”

Slowly nodding, Nicole let out a curious, “Yes.”

Holding her hand up to the level of the top of her own head, “About this tall?”

“What are you getting at?”

Using her new voice, “Got a bit of the Brit in her voice?”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute.”  With widened eyes, “What exactly are you saying?”

Margaret nodded sheepishly and looked to her feet while her fingers played at themselves, “Yeah, it’s kinda,” she shrugged, “me.”

“But how can it be you?”  Confused she went on, “Nobody said it was you.”  Stepping back, she reappraised her roommate, “She didn’t look at all like you.”  Another step back to eye her up and down, “I saw her.”

Nodding in her slightly satisfied smile, “From behind.”

“I saw her walk away.”  She gazed up as she pictured the event in her mind.

“I’da had on the boots but Ms. Davenport said I might trip ‘cause I never worn heels, so I had to use the slippers.”

“The flats.”  Nodding in agreement, “I remember thinking that was odd.  But how…”

Closing to her quickly, Margaret’s tone was as urgent as her movement, “You can’t tell anyone.  I don’t think I could do it if anyone knew.”  Taking her hands, “I just couldn’t lie to you.  You have to help me keep my secret.”  Gripping tighter, “I really do want to stay.”

“Of course.”  Shaking her head, still in disbelief, “So, why, I mean what…how did this all happen?”

“I don’t really know for sure but Ms. Davenport told me she could ‘sense’ me or something.”  Looking to her eyes with a bigger smile, “It was when I paddled you.”

Rubbing her butt, “Yeah, I could ‘sense’ you or something too,” she had to giggle as she said it.

“No,” Trying to be serious, “I kinda got caught in the energy of it.  It sort of ran all through me.”  Her eyes got wider, “I didn’t wanna stop.”

Nicole was struck silent by the girl’s sincerity as Margaret’s voice quieted, “Your body all tensed up and all those little sounds you made.”  Looking back to the floor, “I just never before…” a shoulder raised and she shook her head, not knowing quite how to finish the thought.

“But,” Nicole thought back, “It was Candace and Christina who were here when you spanked me.”

Shrugging, “I don’t know how, really, but she got me the outfit, did my hair and put some make-up on me and gave me lines to practice.”  Looking up smiling, “It was a really, really intense with Pasha.  I couldn’t even tell you how crazy it got.”  Her face colored just thinking about it, “She’s already talked me into doing it again.”  Her blush turned beet red, “I’m not going anywhere.”

Nicole laughed out loud.





Margaret only sat forward to pass a bowl along, retreating back behind her hair otherwise.  She wasn’t really worried about being found out while acting as herself, people just didn’t look at her.

Slowly moving the fork to her mouth, she shroudedly watched Carla constantly shift and wince and wondered what the girl found to be so painful.  Rolling her own hips pushed the shaft she had Nicole help her wedge into her ass down harder onto the chair.  There was discomfort but even that was fading as her body adjusted to it.  She had been told to be aware of truly how painful things were and now she just needed to find a way to make this even more so.

Randi came in late with her recently arrived roommate and announced to the room in her southern twang, “This is Susan Dawby, she’s been with us fer two years and is all real excited to git up and along with us.”  Walk her to the head table and Christina, “She is ready.”

“Do you have a belt?”  Randi held it up and Christina look to the newly arrived Susan, “Did she tell you everything?”

Smiling, Susan answered with a proper, “Yes, Ma’am.”

Nodding, “Very well.  Remove your clothes.  Randi?”

“I’m ready; yes, Ma’am.”

Margaret caught Pasha enter out of the corner of her eye and followed her without turning her head.  She thought Pasha was looking right at her but dismissed it as the girl very slowly sat and looked to the front of the room.  Just the sight of her got Margaret quickly aroused and she flexed her butt to lift her up just enough to feel the shaft within her shift.  It was definitely not a painful experience as the sensitive tissues were stroked.

The snap of the belt rand out and her hand slid casually under the table.  Very slightly tipping her head forward curtained her completely from the gathering.  She used this isolation to create the image of her naked roommate, buckling under the intensity of her flogger.  Another snap sounded and it was clearly louder and sharper than the first.  A squeal bleated out from the subject and only added to Margaret’s vision.

A hand on her thigh froze her.  It slid under her sweater and over her own hand as she felt the warmth and pressure of the body next to her eliminate the distance between them.

In a whisper, “It really does excite you, doesn’t it?”

Margaret’s head tipped down even further as Nicole’s hand forced hers to continue to stroke.

“How does it feel inside you?”

The girl’s shoulders shifted.

She cooed, “Does it hurt?” as the third strike sounded.

Whispering back, “No, not like it did.  I wanna try some things, though.”  Her breathing was becoming uneven.

Loudly a voice sounded, “I hope you all learn quickly.”

Margaret and Nicole both froze at the appearance of Mistress Leah.

“Lady Lillith has told me that she is wont to let her leather cool.”  Waving her hand, dismissing the girls at the front, “Wait.”  She pointed to Susan, “Bend over and grab your ankles again.”  Kicking at a foot, “Spread them wider.”  Parting the girl’s lips she found moisture.  Her open hand slapped firmly across the stripes on Susan’s butt, ringing out louder than the belt strikes and raising only a flinch and an abbreviated yelp.  “You will do fine.  Dress and sit.”

Bowing her head to her first meeting with the woman, she answered, “Yes, Mistress Leah.”

Leah smiled, “Yes, you will do just fine.”  Louder she called out, “Pasha!”

The girl stood.

Eyeing her across her brow, “Come up here.”

She crept slowly to the front.  She had on a large cotton day dress which hung loosely to her knees.  Upon her arrival, taking the bottom hem, Leah lifted the dress to expose the metal disk.  “Today I want you to wear these.”  From her pocked she pulled out a pair of silk panties.  “Keep them on until I remove them.”

“Yes, Mistress Leah.”  She stepped into them and pulled them up over her hips and shifted to settle them comfortably.  They were tight enough around the crotch that the silk teased her exposed clitoris at every move she made, even when she stood still.

Watching her difficulty, Leah smiled at her successful ploy, “You will spend all evening and all night without touching the panties.  In the morning we shall see if you are ready to have the disk removed.”  Lowering the dress back into place, she made a point of rubbing her hand over it several times to further build the excitement that would not be relieved.

As she sent the girl back to her seat, she swatted her welted behind, “That is from your Mistress Lillith.”

Pointing across the room to Pasha’s roommate, “Miss Dawby!  Your time has come.”  She turned to go, “With me, now!  Mistress Lillith awaits!”

Margaret watched and caught the quick eye contact; she had to go as well.  After a few minutes passed and the room had settled back into giggling and frivolity, she took one last bite of her meal and whispered to Nicole, “I have to go.”

Smiling proudly back at her, “I know, Mags, you go give ‘em hell.”  They both grinned and Margaret dissolved from the room without notice.





Chapter 29




“I’ve been waiting.”

“I’m sorry.  I didn’t want it to look too obvious so I waited.”  Looking down, she played with her fingers and shrugged.

Getting up, Leah approached the girl and spoke in a calm paced manner, “You did fine.  Waiting was appropriate.  Now come with me.  I am going to teach you a few things about the resiliency of the human body.”  Stopping her after a step, “Are you hesitant?”

“No, Ma’am.”

The next step had her looking the girl up and down, “Are you limping?  Why are you moving so slowly?”

“No, I didn’t, I should probably…” She shifted her hips and made a face, “I wanted to try something.  I wanted to learn if it really hurt.”  With one hand Margaret patted her own butt.

Stifling a smile, “And what did you learn?”

“It only hurts for a little while and then it’s just awkward.”  She pushed through her skirt at its base and gasped, blushing, “And a little sensitive, but not so much in a bad way.”  Shifting again, “I just wish I could grip it.”

Laughing, Leah held out a hand, “I’m sorry.  I’m not laughing at you, it’s just…”  She burst out again, “Okay, I lied:  I am laughing at you,” not able to say more.

Margaret was not put off by it, just confused, “What?”  The woman’s constant laughter was contagious and soon she joined her, not as heartily, but joined her just the same.

Through a back hall she led her and into the study where Pasha’s roommate Carla stood naked but for the four black cuffs.  Margaret stopped short as Leah strode into the room.

“Oh,” Waving a hand at the girl, “don’t worry about her.  Come here, I want to show you some things.”

Edging into the room, Margaret slowly rounded the girl and noticed small patches over her eyes and a thin headset that cupped over her ears and buckled to the straps of the ball gag in her mouth.  The girl stood; legs spread, arms pinned together behind her back and chest proudly pushed forward.  Not able to completely disregard her, Margaret turned her eyes to the array of items upon the desk.

“I will teach you, one at a time how to use each of these to the fullest extent of their potential.  I will need you to focus…” Snapping her fingers got more of her attention, “…here.”

“I’m sorry, I just…” Gesturing to the sensory deprived girl.

“Trust me, like you will always need to do, she can not see or hear.”  Her hands moved to an item, bringing the girl’s attention back to the desk, “This may be what you have been thinking about.”  Just bigger around than a quarter, the ring was an inch deep with edges bowed out.  A myriad of spokes crossed its middle at odd angles.  Leah put a thin rod with a handle into its center slot and turned.  The ring expanded to a half-dollar, then the size of a silver dollar, and then bigger and even bigger yet until the rim was as big around as a large grapefruit.  “I have a larger one if you need even more.”

“Is that…” Margaret took it as Leah offered.

Pointing, “Put some oil on it and we will give it a try.”

She covered it quickly and pulled up her skirt.  Her body gave up the shaft slowly but she could not control the shiver which consumed her as the multitude of nerve endings were stimulated by its passing.

Smiling at the apprentice’s discovery, “You could do a lot with just that.”

“Ohhh,” It finally slid free, “Yeah,” she took a sharp breath, “I guess I could.”  After a longer deeper inhale, she toyed with the collapsed ring, “Now, how do I…”

“No, that’s not for you.”  Stepping to the naked girl, “Come on, I’ll show you.”

Tentatively following her mentor, she watched her slap lightly at a breast yet the girl jumped like she’d been gored with a hot prod, her gag barely muffling her scream.

“Now that she knows we are here…”  Chuckling, Leah bent the girl at the waist.  The further she bent, the more shaft within her exposed itself.  “Grab that.  You do not want it coming out just yet.”

Margaret held the vibrator and felt the pressure from the body trying to dispel it.  The girl was limber and almost folded over completely, leaving her sex and ass very accessible.

Slowly Margaret pushed the unit back in, forcing the girl’s body to accommodate considering the readjusted new position.  She grunted and whined, affecting Margaret enough to encourage another action; she let her thumb slide off the shaft, over, through and across her sex.  The whine immediately clipped to a satisfied moan and Margaret pushed a little harder.

“All right now, enough of that.”  Leah stood with her knees into the girl’s back, assuring her stability, “You need to learn to detach yourself during a set-up.  It wouldn’t be any good for either of you if you climaxed too soon.”

Margaret just looked at her, impossibly perplexed.

Remembering the girl’s practiced ability, she waved that last statement off, “Right, not you, but her.  You have definitely proved your point, but for her to climax too soon…”

Nodding, “I understand.”

“Good.  Now, let it slide halfway out, circle it to get maximum expansion then do the swap.  And be sure to get the ring in evenly and deep enough.  Of the rim, only that outer lip should be exposed.”  Working her fingers in close to the anus, Leah pulled to help keep their subject open.  “She will close quickly; you just have to be quicker.”

Ignoring the girl’s consternations and protests, Margaret routed the entrance in a widening spiral as she inched the shaft from her.  Her own arousal urged her while her desire to obey and control herself held her in check.  Glancing up to Leah, she got a nod and yanked the insert from her.

The girl squealed out in shock as Margaret stared in awe at the opened cavity.  Each beat of her heart saw it clamp and reduce.  Realizing the error in her pause, she quickly pushed the ring into the maw, forcing the muscled entrance to expand to accommodate it.  The subject winced and flexed but soon relaxed over the ring that held her open.

“You kept your wits about you and accomplished this part of the set-up without too much distraction and now…” Handing Margaret the small handle, “…you get to create pain.”

Smiling in her new grin, the apprentice took it.

“Push her up against me to hold her and make one full turn.”

Margaret’s attention went right to her work but Leah stopped her and got it back, “Only one, understand?”

Her head dipped but only slightly, “Yes, Mistress Leah, only once.”

She fit the handle into the mechanism at the center of the spokes and gradually began.  It was a good quarter of a turn before she got a reaction but by halfway around the expansion was obvious and her subject had begun to shift and whine.  At three quarters of a turn if was the size of a half dollar and Carla was crying and bucking as her hands worked to free themselves.

The girl’s pleas and struggles matured; stimulating, titillating and feeding the already aroused student.  She finished the turn in one quick shift and produced a scream that just surged through her, driving her craving for more as the girl’s protests were frantic.

“Enough, now quickly come here and hold her.  She needs to be comforted.  Move quickly, come on.”

Breaking the rapturous spell, she circled the girl as Leah brought her upright and let her fall onto Margaret.  “Hold her.  She’s in a pain that can only be quelled by time.  Let her know that you care and appreciate her sacrifice for you.”

Legs closed tightly, pinching at the hips and dancing from foot to foot, the girl’s tears leaked out from around her blinders and Margaret held her tightly to her own body thinking about the words of her mistress.  The girl’s pain was for her and she needed to express her gratitude.  The intensity of her arousal was incredible and so should her show of thanks be.

Letting the girl rest upon her body, she slipped a hand between their hips and over her mound.  It got between her thighs and crested the edges of her sex in a frantic play to find her clitoris but slid right past it and into her as the girl quickly rolled her hips.

Stroking her slowly, “She’s really wet.”

“That is good.  She should be.”  Leah watched, pacing, “Now spread her legs back out and stand her back on her own.  The body adjusts quickly and by now it is probably a much more manageable pain.  Stand her on her own.”

Looking to the mistress, “It’s that quick?”

With one hand palm up, “How long did it take you to get beyond the initial piercing throb of your insert?”

Nodding in understanding, she got the girl’s legs to spread, “Is it like the same?”  While asking she got her subject to balance on her own.

“It is very similar.  Also, it is easier for her to adjust if she gets her mind off of it, so why don’t you…” Looking the girl up and down for a place to begin, “…massage her nipples.  We’ll begin there.”  Leah turned and went to the desk.

Having no aversion to the contact, she took the two erect buttons and covered them with the remaining oils and moisture on her fingers.  The girl abruptly stood straight and pushed her chest into the massage.  The remains of her mews and whines shifted as well.

Margaret tittered, “I think her mind has found something else to occupy it.”

Returning with a grin, “It usually doesn’t take very much.”  Stopping her, Leah handed her apprentice one of the two identical crops she’d gotten, but did not let go right away.  Eyeing her seriously, “You can not, you must not go off on any of the new girls like I let you go off on Pasha.  Not until well into their training will a thrashing like that be appropriate.”  Nodding to get her to follow, “Do you understand?”

Nodding, “Yes,” but then shaking her head, “No.”  Lifting her shoulders, “Then why did you let me go…”

Leah raised a finger and it stopped her, “Pasha is different and we will just leave it at that.”  Returning her attention to the subject at hand, “For now, I just want you to focus on control.”  She turned and swatted Carla’s right nipple hard enough to get her to yelp and buckle for a moment but not more.  “Sharp, painful yet controlled.”  Pointing to the other of the pair, “Now you do it.”

Lining up the left, she ran through her mind a swing too soft, then a swing too hard and tried to visualize the energy put into each.  Deciding on what she thought would be a middle ground, she swung and made contact.  The subject’s reaction was almost identical to the first.  Margaret’s physical exertion to create the girl’s pain only added to her growing need.  Pausing her thoughts, she let it travel through her.

Leah grinned, “You really like this, don’t you.”

Letting her hair fall forward enough to cover her smile, she picked at the handle of the crop.

Tapping her student on the chin with her crop just enough to raise her head, “Do not be bashful or ashamed,” one shoulder rose, “I ‘really like this’ too.”  They shared a grin before Leah again got back to business.  “Now it is going to get a little more difficult to temper your blows.”  Facing the subject, “Pay close attention to where and how.”

The first three strikes were quick but mild as they clapped the outer swell of the breast.  Without pause the intensity picked up as four, five, six and seven traveled under and across the cleavage.  Carla twisted and cried out, pulling to free her arms and protect herself but stayed upright as the battering brought several more strikes to the upper breast, each harder and quicker as approached the already slightly welted nipple.  The girl panted, shrieked and then finally bowed forward, collapsing defensively.

Leah caught the girl in her arms and kept her upright, causing her to cry out in objection.  Even through the gag it was pronounced yet again Leah quelled the complaint by stroking the rod of her crop through the viscid pout of her spread legs.

Leaning into her mistress, she kept enough pressure on her to keep her from backing away for fear of letting her fall while rolling her hips in time with the movements of pleasure below.  She was quickly contented by it.

Leah continued until the girl’s focus was entirely between her legs then forced her to stand on her own before finally ending the titillation.

“Particularly now, when they are new,” Turning to Margaret, “you must remind them where to focus their thoughts and energy in times of physical distress.”  Back to the subject, she tapped with the crop up onto the swollen spring of her exposure.  The girl gasped, ooohed and ahhhed as her legs trembled.  “She’s ready to cum, so be careful.  They are not nearly as receptive afterward.”

Anxiously awaiting her cue, she saw the mistress step back just enough to allow her to step forward.  Raising her crop, she had to ask again, “Just like you did?”

“Just feel it.  You may need to go longer; you may need to clip it short.  Feel you subject and her reactions.  She will tell you what to do and when to do it.”

Margaret nodded and lined up with her subject but Leah stopped her.

One finger raised, “What is your main focus right now?”

Taking a measured breath, she smiled and answered calmly, “Controlling myself.”

Nodding her satisfaction, she stepped back, “You may begin.”

Again visualizing it first, she began gentler than Leah had but timed each stroke at a faster pace.  Her own body reacted and drove her arm as the subject’s rising cries fueled her.  She could feel it take her.  Her body wanted more as the resistance her arm felt upon impact coupled with the associated shriek and sent surges of desire through the whole of her sex to wash over her body entirely.  Only her resolve to succeed tempered her hand as she maintained and even distribution and intensity as she circled the breast, increasing the force only at the end, on the upper breast, just as her mentor had done.  The final stroke to the nipple was just vicious enough to double the girl over as planned and they both clutched to the other with pinched hips and sodden readiness.

Holding the weeping form, she felt the girl’s passion equal her own.  She felt her budding hunger for the pain, but also her lust.  Discarding the crop, she got her arm between them and played her fingers into the pool that pulled her in.  The girl cried out in ecstasy as Margaret’s hand became her fulfillment.

Pulling them apart, “Control, remember?”

“But she wants me so bad.”  Her words were a plea, “I can feel her; everything she wants.”

“And that is why you must stop.  They may not all find altruistic masters in the summer.  They need to learn to hold off for the extended pleasure of their master, just as you must learn to draw their pain out and acclimate them to it in stages.  Again, it is about control.”

Nodding, “Yes, Mistress Leah.”  She watched the girl’s hips continue to gyrate, searching for contact.

“Now, be Mistress Lillith for a minute.”

Her eyes grew wide, looking down at herself, “Like this?”

Raising a finger, “You’ll see.  Just tell her that you will let her cum.”  Margaret nodded and Leah reached up and pushed a button on the earpiece of the strapped on headset, “You have performed adequately and so far to our pleasure.”  The girl’s smile was just perceptible.  “We wish to take you a little further today, to expose you to some different things.”  A single hand gesture urged Margaret to take over.

The thrill of being in control surged through her and added to her already borderline stability.  She instantly transformed into Lillith and latched onto a breast with a clenched fist and spoke with proper British form, “My leather beckons to bleed the cum from your body.”  Closing right up to her face, nose to nose, “Do you desire my whip?”

The nod was hesitant.

Sensing her fear only drove her to want more, “I want your body defenseless.  Would you deny me this pleasure?”

Her whole body shook but her head was slightly more pronounced as she very subtly nodded her consent.

“Your climax will be my gift for your obedience.  In the future, you will remember this.”

The subject’s nod became more adamant and Leah reactivate the sound cancellation with the button on the headset before she backed away clapping.  “Oh my!  But you are not the book that fits that cover!” Laughing aloud all the way to the desk.

Still in her accent, “I am merely the tool of which you have created.”

“Oh, but yes you are!  Now,” Turning back to her, “your choice, how do you want her ‘body defenseless’?”

Shrugging, back out of character but still openly excited, “I just thought we’d tie her down.”

“But there are so many ways.”  Pushing her to think, “What do you have in mind?”





Chapter 30




The image of Randi tied up on her bed came first but then she figured they were not going to have intercourse so the restrictions of that position would not be as useful, but…she had a thought.  “Are there other eyelets on the floor other than these?  Or on the couch, or no, a table?”  Looking around the study, she eyed a large solid oak study table, seven feet long and half as wide.

Knowing the question, Leah motioned, “Be my guest.  Can I get you anything?”

Looking to Carla’s already cuffed wrists and ankles, “Straps?  Of some kind?”

Leah made a show of doing a formal bow, “I will assist you however you like.”

“What are we…targeting?”

Raising her eyebrows, “You promised to make her cum with your whip.  What do you think we are targeting?”

Nodding, “Right.”  From behind her subject, Margaret hugged her waist and leaned her to the right, tapping her left leg to close, then urged her into a walk and led her to the table.

Unclipping her wrists, Margaret spread Carla out on the table, lined up diagonally across it.  With her first strap from Leah she clipped one wrist, ran the tether under the table leg and clipped the other wrist.

The second tether took the right ankle to the opposite corner, around the table leg then back to the same ankle.  She was secured but not tight and her left leg was still free…just like Randi was but here is where she would get creative.  Her heart picked up it pace as she envisioned what she wanted.

The next short strap clipped to her left ankle.  Margaret circled the table, taking the ankle with her and stretched the leg up until the knee was up against the girl’s chest.  The tether was looped through both wrist cuff rings again through the ankle cuff ring and then clipped to the wrists.  The entire assembly was not tight yet her legs were spread very wide and she was lusciously exposed and tremendously vulnerable.  The vision alone tested the lungs of the student mistress.

Running her fingers over the back of the left knee and up the inner thigh, she came to the ring holding open her anus, “Can we make this bigger?”

“If you wish.”  Leah passed over the little crank handle, “Go slowly and use your judgment.”

Inserting the handle jarred the ring slightly but it was enough to alert the subject of the immediate area of interest.  The girl flexed and mewed but was unable to prevent the inevitable.  It began to expand and the shrieks filled her ears and the body’s spasms shook the heavy table and Margaret stopped and stepped back away from her subject out of fear of her own inability to stop.  “That is all she needs for now.”  Her heart pounded as her eyes were fixed on the handle sticking out from the wheel’s center.

“Yes, for now it is.”  Leah leaned in and gripped the handle, shifting it back and forth, drawing even more objections.  “Secure enough,” Is all she said before removing the tiny temptation.  “Quite often,” She faced Margaret, “it is desirable to leave a more lasting reminder of your presence before moving from one body part to another.  So,” Placing an alligator clip in her student’s hand, “before we retire from the breasts completely…” she just raised her brows.

With a smile, Margaret zipped around the table so they each had access to a breast, “On her nipple?”

Nodding to her while she began, “Even the slightest jar at the wrong time can rip the flesh, so always get a firm grip first.”  They each took one, “Be sure it is erect to its fullest,” Leah palmed the clip and rolled the nipple in her fingers.  Margaret watched and did the same.  They could both feel the increased pace of their subject’s heart as they worked.

“Now, what I like to call ‘chew’.”  Holding the breast tighter, she opened the jaws of the little clamp and let them close on the bloated nub.  The girl cried out and flexed against the pain until they were opened again only to be shifted and closed again.  Slowly but steadily she opened, moved then closed, all the way around the swollen gland while the body spasmed and shrieked at each and every move.

Seeing the sweat run in rivulets down the face of her student told her how much it was all affecting her.  Prodding, “Go ahead, just be sure to hold on tight, maintain control.”

Grasping the breast in a firm grip felt good and Margaret began to ‘chew’ her way around and up and down the throbbing nipple.  She could do no more than release it completely and that guaranteed limitation gave her enough confidence to really enjoy the torture and screams of obvious and certain agony.  Each movement, each release brought a new cry, a new strain.  She felt her own arousal drip from her.


Margaret looked up.

“Go to the very base of the nipple just onto the areola and go about midway into the jaw and let it settle.”

They both did and then stopped to watch their subject pant and struggle with her torment.

After a minute, “This one just loves the attention.”  Motioning to Margaret, “Come look at this.”

Sliding down the table to better see, there was an obvious puddle of fluid built up in the upraised split of her sex with little trails running onto her belly and back onto, over and into the held open maw of her anus.

Drawn to it, Margaret reached out and touched the swollen labia, breaking the bit of a seal that had formed and releasing several more drops to fall.  Rubbing her finger into the slick, she pulled back up and along the pouch of her.

The girl’s body shook again and lost itself in the so many different combinations of sensations which assailed her.  She continued to pant and whine over the unrelenting agony of her clipped nipples yet still greedily pushed her hip higher in her unforgotten need.

Pulling the student’s hand away, “A quick lesson in physics:” Holding up her crop, “the very end of the pad, just as with any whip, moves the fastest, hence it slaps the sharpest, welts the worst and stings the most.  So,” with the handle of the crop down along the knee of the straightened leg, she brought it up slowly to rest the pad upon the sex, “if you swing up from down here, be very careful not the hit the clitoris unless you’ve governed your swing to do so.”

Shifting the handle up to rest between the girl’s breasts, “If you swing from this angle, even an inadvertent clip to her clit probably won’t do any real damage.  It will still hurt like hell, but then again, that is the point, no?”  Stepping back, “Don’t go right at it, tease her with some surrounding welts but show me what you want combined with what you have learned.”

Nodding to her mistress, “All about control.”

“Absolutely.”  Escorting her forward, she backed off, “Enjoy.”


Still writhing to the extent that she could, without being touched Carla began to cry.  Her body was so close to release that it absolutely demanded attention and she had never been in a position where she could not at least rub herself up against something, anything.

The touch of the small leather pad bouncing on her inner thigh gave her shivers.  The sudden explosion of pain which erupted from that spot twisted her into a convulsion she couldn’t deny.  Waves of pins and needles covered her entirely in torment but also buffeted the horrible need of her sex with stimuli to feed from.  She felt herself expand from the center to consume, but not from the center of the pain, from the center of her need.

Bouncing on her inner thigh again, she readied herself for the blow she now anticipated and when it crashed down upon her, it did not disappoint.

Beyond her ability to control, the searing impact was so close to her need, just inches from her craving that she willed the fire of the leather to consume her desire and satiate her ever increasing need to release in climax but then her hip, side, belly and arm were all taken by the pain of the leather in a volley she could not fully digest.

Then a strike was closer and without warning.  Then again so close she could actually feel it clip the pouch of her want.  The waves of agony twined with the even greater carnal hunger to lift her into a rapturous dimension of ethereal anticipation.  She could not breath, could not move and could not resist the torturous explosion when it landed directly upon her.  As badly as she feared it would come, she needed it to happen, then again and again.

More wonderful sensations came immediately following but before the next volley of blows could even register her body had gotten enough.  In a paroxysm of proportions she could never have dreamed possible, the entirety of all of her sensations fountained from her in a single ecstasy.  Her mind was bathed in the enormity of it as her body wrenched and twisted from a desire to create even more as so many different things all worked toward the one grand end.  The thrashing continued and she prayed it would never end.


Seeing the visual consumption of her efforts culminate into such a dynamic peak drove Margaret to create even more.  She leapt up onto the table and straddled her subject to batter and thrash the tender flesh of the sex before spreading the damage to the hips and both inner thighs.  The lower belly took its share before she moved up the sides and welted the open armpit to finish the flurry.

Standing up straight, she grabbed at her own sex with a force that released an, “Oh, God!”  Looking to Leah, “Oh this, this is unbelievable.”

Smiling, Leah just nodded, “Are you enjoying yourself?”

“Oh, Ms. Davenport, can you just…keep on going?”  Swatting again to the raised thigh, “How should I, I mean can I, or is there a best way to…for me?”

Casually pacing, enjoying the show they were both putting on, “I used to just masturbate or have sex if my subject was male but I soon found a craving for cunnilingus.  You may do whatever you like, even wait until later if you would prefer.”

Shaking her head, “Can’t wait, don’t wanna wait.”

Stepping up to the table, “Do you want me to help you?”

As keyed up as she was, she still managed a blush, “I don’t really…”

“Kneel down right there, like you’re going to sit on her face, quickly before it’s over and you’ll get a real good look at her orgasm and I’ll see what I can do to maximize your climax as well.”

Margaret’s body quivered at the thought of completion, “Are you sure?”

Clapping her hands and pointing, “Get down, now!”

By the time Margaret had settled down over her subject, Leah had gone and returned from the desk and without pause slapped her oiled hand over Margaret’s ass and sex, sliding fingers into each as she spread the lubricant.  “Don’t let me stop you; you’ve got a promise to fulfill.”

Being so close to her target made it a little awkward, but she managed to get the crop bouncing at a solidly intense pace directly upon the sex while the fingers continued to massage in and out of both of her openings.  Feeling herself rise so quickly, an urge came over her and she set the crop aside and lapped her tongue over and through her target and felt the body below her contract in a sudden spasm.  Searching with her lips, she easily found the sprouted clitoris and pulled it into her mouth quickly and viciously, tensing herself as larger items entered her.

“With your whip, you promised with your whip!”

Lifting her head she felt the deeply ribbed unit stutter its way into her body, filling her like nothing ever before.  Bursts of electricity coursed through her at every stroke and before she realized it, the crop was again slamming down onto the target.  Clit or not it seared the entire area in a constant changing pace and direction, becoming more focused and sharper as her own body began to spill over.

Looking into the swollen and battered folds of her subject, she saw the seizure clench and contort the girl.  Her strokes remained solid, blistering strokes that splashed the eruption bursting from her body.

Rocking, pushing, bucking, her own body convulsed tremendously yet she somehow managed to continue with the crop, exploding the gushing fluid as lost herself in the throes of her own rapture.  Another new climax to her rhapsody and she purged her own while still encouraging her target’s until well after they had both completed their cycles and Leah had to forcibly remove the crop from her hand.





Chapter 31




The edges of the welts were still quite discernable.  Leah lightly stroked through the oils which still buttered the pubis she’d shone smooth hours ago and whipped into a frenzy just after that.  Her time training her apprentice to control herself had left her in quite a lather of her own.

Finally done with the girl, “Kelly,” pushing at her, “Kelly, wake up.”

The girl rolled up to her side, facing away, “No,” she murmured, “I sleep.”

Leah slapped her ass, “Kelly!”

Jumping, “Ow!  God!”  She scurried deeper into the bed, “What?”

Laughing, “It’s morning.  Go and slip into your bed before your Natalie comes looking for you.”  Pointing, “And you know she will.”

Sliding off the far side, she hung at the edge of the bed, not wanting to let her feet touch the floor, “Yeah, I know.”

“You make it sound like a chore.”

“I just hate mornings.”  Finally allowing herself to teeter to the floor, she pulled on a shift and turned to Leah with her hair all rumpled and her face frumpy, “I’m gonna go.”

Again the laughter came easily, “I will see you at breakfast.”

Kelly just grunted a reply and staggered out and down the hall.  It was dark enough to use the wall to guide and support her.  Her free hand lifted her shift and glazed across her smooth mound.  She liked the feel of it; on her finger and down below.

Smiling as came to her room, she opened the door, slid in and allowed the door to swing shut behind her as she shuffled to her bed and climbed up under the covers.  Her finger still played at her barren knoll even slipping lower to coax a moan from her but sleep was a more powerful force.


Hearing a door in the hall close opened Candace’s eyes.  Her first waking breath filled her with the essence of her bedmate.  She smiled, moaned and cuddled in closer to let her hand roam about the body next her hers.

Returning her humming moan, Christina rolled into her and let their bodies come together as their mouths did as well.

Shifting her hips, pushing their mounds together, “You’re starting to get stubbly.”

Pushing back, “No, honey, that’s you.”

“Will you shave me?” Christina pouted her plea.

Sitting up, “Only if you shave me.”

Shaking a finger, she chided, “No orgasms, mistress’ rules.”

Lifting her chin, Candace looked away, “Then you will just have to control yourself.”  Without further warning, she sprang from the bed and bolted to the bathroom first.


Having played with the nipple for the last twenty minutes, she squeezed harder and twisted more; slowly, gently but enough to contort the bloated stem into all different forms.

“Oh, Mags,” She sucked a quick gust of air in through her teeth, “Oh, it was so good.”  Still unable to move, she contented herself with the knowledge that her pain was both of their pleasure.  “Ahhhh,” Moaning out, “God, that hurts.”

Quickly she covered it with a clothes pin and slid below to spread the upper labia which covered the clit.  Pulling it wide enough and firm enough to stand the little nub up, she stroked it to her lover’s delight while stating, “You know we have to get up now.”

Still tied tightly in a wide spread eagle to the bedposts, Nicole could only laugh, “I guess that would have to be mostly up to you.”

Ignoring the comment, Margaret took up the belt, loosened a good six inches, held her friend open with just one hand and slapped the erect clit.  Holding back from an all out scream, Nicole cried and gasped, grunting loudly as the pain abruptly gripped her, sending her body into a quivering spasm.  Aroused sufficiently by the earnest writhe, Margaret happily leaned over and allowed her tongue one agonizingly slow pass through and over the pain before she mechanically began to untie her roommate’s wrists.

Through gasping clenched teeth, “Why did you do that?”

Finishing the first, “Because I like it soooo much.”  The freed hand went directly to the pinned nipple but Margaret slapped it away, “Not yet.”





Leah walked in and they all stopped their chatter and made a pretense of eating while watching her.  Her speech began before even found her seat, “Tomorrow you will all do your walk-throughs.  You will all become prompt, attentive and studious.”  Stepping up onto her chair then easily gliding up to the tabletop, “Of all the things I may teach you, none will impact your life as that of your college degree.”

She paced and the few girls at the head table scrambled to clear her a path, “All of the things which will happed under this roof are extra-curricular.  So,” She stopped with her hands on her hips, “to ensure you receive your proper rest at night, you will not only adhere to the curfew without fail but you are all forbidden to orgasm until after classes and after homework on Fridays.”

The entire room sighed at once creating a much louder protest than intended.

“Hey!” Leah kicked a cup across the room, sending it smashing to the floor creating an absolute silence in its wake, “You will never again openly protest my rule!”  Storming to the other end she sent another sailing to burst against a wall, “As a submissive you will obey without question!  As a student you will learn without limits!”

Pacing again, she took a couple of laps across and back while she calmed herself and only the sound of her heels upon the wood and her own breath were audible.  Finishing her own cycle of emotion, she stated in a more calmly manner, “If your grades are not adequate, I will not recommend you for a summer position.  If you do not graduate in four years, I will not endorse you for the two-year term most subs strive to obtain.”

Allowing more of the tension to ease from the room, she paused again before continuing, “All rules I enact are for your benefit whether you see that or not.  Every week you will abstain from your carnal pleasures from Sunday night until Friday evening.  Not only will this benefit your education,” smiling, “but it makes what I do so much more enjoyable.”  Her sincerity was obvious.

“So,” A girl called out from the back, “do we have all day today?”  Begging meekly, “Until tonight?”

Loud and enthusiastically she proclaimed, “Yes!”  Her smile filled out as the group muffled an energetic cheer of relief.  “I expect you will all be ready for sleep by ten o’clock this evening.  Until then, you may free to exhaust yourselves in any way you so choose.”  A few claps turned into applause then quickly erupted into a full blown chorus of rejoicing.

She let them carry on for a minute before raising her hands to calm them.  It took only a moment as they quickly shushed each other, “But first, as always, there are some ‘issues’ to be dealt with.”  Looking to her, “Carla?”

The girl stood, “Yes, Mistress Leah.”

Stepping down off of the table she waved her forward, “Would you please come up front.”  She went out to meet the girl half way and walked her up the chair and onto her make-shift stage, “Are you doing well?”

“Yes, Mistress Leah.”  She shifted her hips nervously.

“Mistress Lillith had informed me that you are in possession of something which belongs to her.  Is that correct?”

Grinning, “Yes, Mistress Leah.”

“Would you please show the group what you are holding for her?”  The girl started to strip but Leah stopped her, “Just lift your skirt to show them.  That should be sufficient.”

Pulling it up over her hips, she turned her back to the group, spread her legs and bent forward.  The expanded ring in her anus was impossible to miss, holding her open a good two inches.

Reaching in, Leah tugged at the ring, “Is it comfortable enough?”

Gasping, “Yes! Oh! Yes, Mistress Leah.”  The girl whined and mewed while Leah fiddles and toyed with it then exhaled dramatically as it collapsed and was removed.

“Lady Lillith said you were fabulous,” The girl beamed with pride, then Leah added, “for a brand new novice.”  Standing her upright, Leah added to the room, “As are all of you.  Do not take this as an insult or a slight against you; it is just a simple fact.  But it is a fact which can only be rectified by time and focused training.”  Nodding to the girl as she helped her down, “You did do very well.”

Taking each step slowly as her muscled entrance retracted, “Thank you, Mistress Leah.”

Looking to Pasha, Leah beckoned her with a finger, “Before we rectify your little situation, I appreciate you volunteering for our little bondage display.”

The girl almost stopped mid-step yet continued out of fear of drawing undue attention to herself.

Leah spoke to the group as she cuffed Pasha’s wrists and Christina did her ankles, “To satisfy most dominant sadist appetites you will need to relinquish command of your body.  Bindings remove the natural compulsion to protect and defend ones self.  You may also find yourself better able to focus and extend and go beyond what your thought your physical limits for pain were.”

Undressing the girl, she did not so much as flinch as her body was bared.  Leah continued as casually as she could be, taking extra time to shift and slide the tight silk panties off, “So, the dominant gains another aspect of control on you further your plunge into total surrender.”  Turning the girl around, “Bondage can be a wonderful tool.”

Touching the red and raw button which still protruded from the tiny disk caused an audible gasp but the girl did not flinch.

The strap was twelve inches long and two inches wide with a sturdy eye-clip sewn into each end.  Christina guided Pasha to cross her arms behind her back while Leah clipped the strap to her right wrist, “While many doms prefer cumbersome racks, crosses, couches or horses, others prefer an unattached approach; binding one to one’s own self.”

Leah pulled the strap, extending the right arm tightly across the middle of her back while Christina pulled the left arm in the opposite direction.  The subject grunted slightly as Leah held the wrists and pulled the strap across her ribs, just under her breasts and wrenched it mightily to reach the other cuff.  Muscling and fighting it, both Leah and Christina exhaled in relief as the clip hooked into place.  Not surprisingly, Pasha did not join in their relief.

Nudging her subject into a walk, they toured the small hall, “This does not hinder the subject’s ability to be presented yet is still quite a satisfying display of dominion.”  Stopping her, Leah pinched a nipple, “You could clip on your best jewelry and parade her around with pride.”

The girl’s body was exquisite and Leah took every chance to touch it and bring pain.  From behind her constricted example she reached both arms around her and toyed with the disk, “You can clip jewelry from literally anywhere.”  A surge flowed through her as she felt the girl tremble in her arms while she toyed at the delicate bulge.  In a whisper, “Amazing what a fine silk can do.  Maybe next we’ll try it with wool.”  The girl made no reaction at all so Leah flicked at the button to get one.

Standing the girl back up, Leah completed their circuit to stand her subject up against the center of the head table with the bottom crease of her butt up on the tabletop.  “And then there is confinement bondage.”  Two girls clipped a tether to each of Pasha’s ankles and began to pull.  “This is quite common and will generally leave you unable to move whatsoever.”  Waving to her subject to comply, “Use the table for support and let your legs spread.”

Leah circled around behind the table, “We will be going over suspension and wraps later.”  Leaning forward, she hooked Pasha by the chin and bent her back until her shoulders touched the table and her torso fought against the bindings which held her ankles down and wide, bowing her body and pushing her pelvis up to elevate her pubis above her hips.

“This is a makeshift confinement because my hand on her chin is what is keeping her in place.  We could tie her down in several different ways, but I like the feel of her struggle…” Nodding to the group with a big grin, “…which she will begin to do very shortly.”  Only needing one hand to hold her chin, Leah retrieved her crop from her belt and snapped it intensely across a nipple.

Flexing across the sudden agony, she was able to stay silent.  Looking over the top of her subject’s head and into her eyes, Leah asked very calmly, “Why are you here?”

With the pressure on her chin and her body in such a position, she could not speak normally but could groan out a questioning, “To…to learn?”

The crop pounded the same nipple, “Why are you here?” She asked firmer.

She cried out, “For school, for college, for…for…that’s it!”

“Is that the only reason?”  The strike was gentle but it seared the clitoris with horrible results as the girl screamed and strained against her predicament as the overflow of stimuli assailed her.

Leah noticed some of the girls up front flinch at that last contact.  Looking to them, “Do you want to know why I am doing this to her?  Are you wondering if this could be you up here?  Well,” Speaking to the entire room, “This is not a normal lesson.”  She lightly circled her crop over the bloated clit while holding firm to the girl’s chin, “Any one of you just entering training would not be expected to endure pain of this magnitude without a very strong pleasure stimulus to help offset it.”  Tapping her crop, “But this is no trainee and this is not a lesson in accepting or converting pain.  It is a lesson in honesty and loyalty.”

At that point Quinn sauntered into the room, “Good morning ladies.”  A low murmur of snickers and comments ended quickly as they realized what a commotion they were making again.  This allowed them a silent moment to admire his stride as he passed.  “A lovely group, Mistress Leah.”  He bowed regally and set a small phone between Pasha’s breasts.

“Thank you, Quinn.  Again you have done well.”  He bowed again and retreated to a seat next to Randi.  Leah pointed to him, “Be good.”

“Yes, Mistress Leah,” Lowering his head in an obsequious show, “Always, Mistress Leah.”

She released an uncouth snort of disbelief before returning her attention to her subject, “Is that still the only reason?”

Shrugging her shoulders as best she could, she scoffed, “It’s just a phone.”  The crop fell again, still lightly but more than enough to send her again into traumatic spasm.

The words were acidic, “Watch you tone.”  Opening the phone, Leah made a show of pointing out where the redial function was then in plain view of everybody she used a single finger to activate the speaker phone creating an audible dial tone then pushed the one button and several quick tones of the phone dialing were heard by all.  “Choose your words carefully.”


It rang once and was answered, “Tell me something good.”

Leah’s smile grew as Pasha’s eyes widened.  They stared at each other, neither blinking, neither breathing, waiting for the other to make a play while trying the patience of both.

The speaker blasted, “Don’t fuck with me!  Tell me what is going on!”

Pasha blinked, “They know.”

“How can you be so stupid?  I told you to pace yourself!”

Almost in tears, still fighting the constant assault of agony delivered just moments ago, she pleaded, “You told me to act.”

Clearly angered, she spat back, “Do not contradict me.  You leave there and report back here and expect the worst for your failure!”

Crying, eyeing Leah, “I don’t think I can.”

“The fuck you can’t!”

Leah interjected, “Please do calm yourself, Farrow, the girl said she can’t because she really can’t.”

The pause wasn’t long but clearly perceptible, “I do not know what lies she had told you but you will implicate me in none of your paranoid conspiracies.  She is a liar and a fool.”

Laughing at her intensity, “I believe there are several reasons why you should personally come down here and retrieve her yourself and maybe,” she did not try to hold back her chuckle, “just maybe stay around for a bit of fun.”

Lady Farrow spat, “You insipid little fool!  How dare you even suggest that…”

Loudly Leah cut in, “The next call I make is to the committee.  I will speak to them or I will speak to you.  It is your choice.  Think long and hard about it, Farrow, second seat is better that expulsion.”

Inflamed by the threat, “You have no evidence!”

Calmly she retorted, “Do you truly believe that?”

Neither of them spoke as the moment lingered, leaving them all time to sort out their words.  It was Lady Farrow who broke the intermission, “It is a twenty minute drive and I…”

“Be here in fifteen.  I am timing you from…now.”  She closed the phone, ending the call.


It was seventeen minutes before Lady Farrow burst through the front door.  A time productively spent assuring each girl that the treatment of Pasha was excessive and only a seasoned veteran would ever be expected to accept pain of that intensity and that, based upon Lady Farrow’s response it would at best get merely worse.

Keeping Pasha lashed to the table, all of the girls helped as they quickly set up the necessary equipment.  The anticipation and excitement was topped only by the timid Margaret’s open expectation and participation in the preparations.  Several girls commented but mostly they were just silently applauding her effort to escape her introverted nature.  Only Nicole saw the strong radiation of arousal.

Clearing the center of the room, they formed an isle to welcome the wide eyed Mistress who opposed them.  Her storming rage subsided as she gawked at all the girls; young, shapely, virile, willing and most of all beautiful.  There was not a low bid in the batch.  Her concession was immediate; she knew she would at best sit second at the auction.

Approaching her Pasha, there was nothing left to fuel even the appearance of her anger.  Her voice opened stoically, leveled yet direct, “What have you told them?”

Nervously relieved, the girl answered with confidence, “I have said nothing.”

From the side, Leah approached, “She is telling the truth.”

“I do not care for your commentary.  She obviously has said something.”  Pointing to the approaching Leah, her ire redeveloping, “You have no right!  You are a junior seat!”  She shouted, “I am your superior!”

One of the girls commented, just loud enough to be heard, “I bet she’s not Mistress Lillith’s superior.”

Another said with more confidence, “Mistress Lillith would kick your ass!”

A cheer started to grow but was quickly quelled by the simple lifting of a finger by Leah, “The status of our positions is not for us to debate,” glancing to the group, “and you will all respect her authority regardless.  Besides,” She smiled contently, “I need no one else to win this battle.”  The digital recorder clicked on and Farrow’s voice chirped out from it, ‘I can not afford to have you caught.  You will create doubt and nurture their hesitation.  I want Leah stopped!’  It clicked off.  “She told me nothing,” Laughing, “You told me all I needed to know.”

“What…” Her teeth ground against themselves, “…do you want?”  Her arms crossed indignantly.

Confidently Leah proceeded, “I have some friends who have been very creative lately.”  She slowly bounced on the balls of her feet, “I am anxious to experiment and simply require your assistance.”

A single eyebrow rose, “You have got to be kidding.”

Ignoring her retort, “You and your subordinate will be on exhibition for my girls to show them examples of what is possible.”  Before further protests sounded, “Or I will take one of my many copies of this audio file to some very interested parties.”  As they eyed each other, the temperature noticeable rose, “Second seat and be recognized or crawl up from the bottom again; if they will even let you.”  Allowing her time, Leah stepped to the table and retrieved a ball gag.  Taking it to Lady Farrow, she handed it to her, “You do not even need to say a single word.”

Thoroughly frustrated and utterly cornered Farrow shook with the rage she contained.  There just was no way to escape this unscathed.  It took her a full minute to conclude that a short time of humiliation and pain was far better that a long drawn out humiliation and pain.

In that time a low chant from the back began, “Go, go, go, go…”  The woman looked out to them and it grew, “Go, Go, Go, Go…”

She screamed, “You can not make me do this!”

Leah’s grin was caustic, “I will not make you do anything.”

Staring Leah down as the growing chant crescendoed, she had to choose the lesser of the two evils.  Opening her mouth, she wedged the ball in and buckled the harness herself.  The girls exploded into a cheer that Leah allowed.  Deflated and defeated, Farrow stepped up and presented herself to Leah.

Flittering her hand, Leah commanded, “Off with the clothes; off, off.”  She gave Candace and Christina each a cuff and took two herself.  “Never lie to your master,” She announced to the room, “Never deceive your superiors,” Cuffing Farrow’s wrist, “And learn from this example.”





Chapter 32




Having Farrow naked and cuffed, Leah tapped the left nipple, announcing the blow to come.  With her subject’s full attention she lashed viciously at the target.  The snap of the leather rang out alarmingly but the woman only flinched, her smile coming through the gag.

A foot-long tether was stretched across her ribs to hold her arms locked crossed behind her back.  She was just a little bigger than her sub, Pasha, so the cinch was tighter but enlisting the help of several of the girls got the job accomplished and left Lady Farrow slightly short on each breath taken.

Four-foot leg spreaders went on both Farrow and Pasha as Farrow was laid back over the table right next to her sub, pushing her pelvis up and pulling her legs and torso down to lift her pubis up and over the surrounding thighs.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk,” Pulling at the small patch of pubic hair, “What is this mess?”  The clippers came to life and Farrow shifted and whined but could not stop her manicured tuft from being sheered to the skin.  Rubbing the area, Leah commented, “I do not like stubble, either.”  Dry, she pulled a blade across the mound several times.  The woman froze while Leah worked but could not prevent the many dots of blood as they seeped out.

Pouring oil onto the affected area to create a sharper sting, “If we stimulate the open pores, I think it would help.”  Signaling the girls to hold her tight, she blasted the sensitive mound with several ferocious shots which had the woman flexing and crying in protest.

“My God!”  She laid one more lash with her crop, “Be still.  We have not yet even begun.”

Bending to examine, Leah opened the folds below the fresh welts and fingered the flaccid clitoris.  Not getting an initial reaction, she pulled some oil down onto it and gently tried to stimulate it into growth.  After toying with it without results, she held her open with one hand and sharply lashed it, sending the woman into a pain induced seizure.

Toying with it again, “Oh, I will get it to grow.  If I have to raise it with welts, it will grow enough for me to use it.”

Regaining her faculties, Farrow grunted and panted her objection but Leah got the bud to swell regardless.  A small disk to match Pasha’s was put into place and now both were immobile with their most sensitive nerve bundle exposed beyond its natural protection.

Tapping each, “We will get to these in just a bit, but first…” her head tilted as she asked, “Have you ever seen a tuning fork?”  She held up a large metal post which split into a fork; each two foot long tine was conical: two inches across at the top and four inches across at the middle and an incredible six inches across at the base.  They were offset, leaning toward each other so a one-inch gap separated the two tines all the way up their length.

As instructed, Christina and Candace each took a subject and poured oil over their entrances before working a pair of standardly large dildos into each orifice.  Pasha quickly tried to climax but Leah was there and swatted the offending clit, ending that for at least the time being.

The entire fork, handle and all was no more than four feet long.  Leah slid the handle through a ring welded into the center of Farrow’s leg spreader.  Lifting her legs allowed the fork to back through enough to rest short of the center of the woman’s V.

Nodding to Candace, the girl pulled the two inserts out and Leah quickly replaced them with the fork ends.  The first couple of inches went in easily but she worked to get a couple more, just for good measure.  Small holes drilled all the way up the handle were fit for a pin which stopped up against the leg spreader and prevented the fork’s retreat.

Patting the bulging mound, Leah cooed, “You just stay calm.  This is not going to get really interesting for at least a few more minutes.”

Candace gagged Pasha who let out a quick, “I’m sorry!” before it was seated and Leah and Christina fit the second fork into the girl, pinning it similarly but deeper.

A small stage was wheeled in.  It was sturdy but only five feet square so it rolled quite easily.

“All right girls, come on.”  Several took each bound subject, lifted and carried them to the stage while groping, pinching, pulling and twisting anything they could get their hands on.  It was the only activity Margaret involved herself in since the set-up and she took full advantage of the opportunity.

Two holes set exactly twelve inches apart were designed to take the fork handles.  Each subject was set into one with the two facing each other.  Farrow groaned as it bottomed out and her weight was forced onto the fork for another inch of insertion before her toes touched and could take her weight.  Pasha’s feet came down flat as she was more easily able to relax and take the inserts deeper.  Seeing this, Leah pumped a foot petal and lifted the fork until Pasha was momentarily off of her toes.  The girl shifted her hips and her toes found the stage.

From behind, Leah put her arms tightly around Farrow’s body and crossed her arms in front to take and massage a nipple in each hand, “Have you ever had a TENS unit used on you?”  Slowly she added her own weight to the woman’s, increasing the pressure below.  “Well, this will be nothing like a standard TENS unit.  This takes nerve stimulation to a whole new level.”  Bearing down harder she felt the woman’s body take more of the tines.  Whispering in her ear, “You will never fuck with me again.”  She brought her down another inch before letting her go.

Pumping the foot petal to Farrow’s fork, the woman whined as she again was brought up to her toes.

Up between them, Leah returned to twisting and pulling Farrow’s right nipple and Pasha’s left until they were both sufficiently erect.  Girls pushed the torsos of the two subjects closer until Leah could gather both nipples into the jaws of a single clamp and latch them together.  The girls stopped their pushing and both subjects struggled as their bodies pulled apart.

Leah bound the other two nipples the same way and left the stage and the two as their breasts reached out to meet each other.

Coming back with more equipment, Leah set a small hook over one clitoral gauntlet, extended the inches of chain and set the loose end’s hook over the other subject’s gauntlet.  The thin chain did not have enough weight to pull harshly but not much weight was needed.

Tugging at the chain, “I am almost ready.”  Backing off, she blasted two, three, four severe strikes with the crop to Farrow’s butt, “Are you ready?”  Working the foot pump, “You can not be really ready if you are still touching the floor.”  Farrow’s muffled cry called out as her eyes bulged.  She slid the distance until her toes touched again.

Another crack to her bottom, “I will not begin until you are up off the floor.”

The fork was steadily slipping further and further into the woman even though she teetered from toe to toe while trying to maintain her level with the breasts hers were bound to.  But eventually, as designed, the fast increasing girth of the forks was more than her body could take in and the weight of her body was not enough to persuade any more of the instrument into her and she left the floor to balance on her impalements.

Leaving the two uneven for a minute, enjoying the struggle immensely, Leah circled the two and swatted whatever took her fancy; calves, thighs, ribs, she even spent some time blistering the bottoms of both of their feet while being driven forward by not only her own desire but also the calls and cheers of the girls who supported her.

Finally anxious to move on, she lifted Pasha to match Farrow’s height and was surprised at how much the girl could take.  But the point did come and soon they were both suspended inches from the stage and level with each other.  One thing that could not be missed was that the further onto the forks they fell, the less they could lean forward and the more their breasts and nipples had to distend to maintain their forced contact.

Leah tapped the elongated bulk of one of Farrow’s breasts, “I want to check one more thing.”  She took out a remote control from the stage, pressed a button and began to turn a knob.

Both subjects’ eyes gaped in unexpected joy as their forks began to hum.  The sensation was soothing, pleasurable, delightfully enchanting and impossible to resist.

The knob was turned a little more and they began to ride the forks, writhing upon them, bucking their bodies as their hips were quite solidly immobilized.  Both gasped and moaned as it became even more.  Leah then lifted them further as they both pushed and opened to the incredible stimulation, each taking another two full inches of the giant fork.

Letting them enjoy the ride, she got up on the stage and attached a small taped diode to each temple and to the base of the skull, one on either side of the spine just like she was instructed to do by the inventor.  A reading came up immediately on the screen of the remote.  She completed the second subject and a second reading showed.

Turning the knob suddenly way up sent both into an instant ecstasy.  Pasha’s reading began to spike and Leah pushed the red button.

Screaming and spasming uncontrollably, they shuddered as the electricity coursed though them, spiking pain into every excruciating crevice of their bodies.  It was devastating and traumatic to instantly deviate from one extreme to the other.  The room had fallen silent except for the two subject’s unending howls.

The cycle did finally end and both were left shaken and panting, immediately unaware of themselves but quick enough it all came back.

Chastising the girl, “I would not recommend that you try to orgasm again.”  Tapping the remote monitor, “I can tell.”  Both shook their heads vehemently as they ended their cries and simpered through their struggled pants.

Little by little the curious students began to gather around the stage, intrigued by the devices and proud of their mistress’ control of the situation.  Seeing their obvious interest, Leah encouraged them to participate, “You may not have noticed but the forks have a pivoting joint.”  Picking one of the girls out, “Janie, step up here and I will show you how it works.”

A leverage bar fit into a slot right at the joint of the fork.  Putting the girl’s hands upon the bar, “Go ahead, push it down.”

Having to put her weight into it to get it to move, she got the bar to ease lower and she could see how it lowered the rear tine while raising the front one.  The subject moaned a painful contentment and Janie smiled at her own simple accomplishment.  Using quite an effort, she was then able to raise the bar, reversing the direction of each tine.  She looked to Leah, “Like this, Mistress Leah?”

“Yes, my gem, just like that.”

Putting Natalie Gionni on the other pivot bar, they easily had both moaning and crying as each arousing motion was coupled with a painful stretch to create a tumultuous mixture of sensations.

With the remote, “Now if I do this,” the grunts and groans elongated into guttural braying, “a low level electrical impulse is sent through the forks,” tapping her crop on a breast, “and their connected nipples completes the circuit.”

An adjustment and their cries became desperate.  To Janie and Natalie she said with only a hint of sarcasm, “Continue at a good pace.  They are really starting to enjoy it.  Try and make them climax.  Make each stroke deep and meaningful.”  Back to the pair of struggling breasts, “Since this is the point of greatest resistance, they are feeling the concentration of the energy as it passes between them.  At this level it is quite painful yet very stimulating.  I will turn it up just a little more.”  The pitch of the murmured whines changed in perfect sync, “And we will leave it right there for now.”

Both bodies shifted constantly as they were see-sawed back and forth causing a slow but sure descent, taking in more and more of the oiled cones at each pivot.  Farrow was consuming almost a foot into each yawning breach but the more practiced Pasha had no limit to her depth as only the expanding girth of the pipes kept her from exercising more than the fifteen inches that filled her and kept her suspended off of the floor of the stage.  At the foot pump, Leah raised the girl again to bring the two back to level.

Rattling the chain which hung from clit to clit, “Now, if we allow some of the current to flow through here,” she hooked a grounding wire to the chain and both subjects flexed into spasms as they were taken by the sudden change.  Their inability to scream left them gasping at a primal drone as it felt as if the ecstasy was being literally sucked from them at a rate way beyond what they could possibly enjoy.  The rhapsody of climax leeched from their bodies.  The shocking focus of so much pleasure was tortuous beyond the brutally savage.

Stepping down, Leah motioned to the two subjects like an exhibit, “This is what overstimulation looks like.  It is like nothing I have ever seen before and if they could answer, they would tell you the same.”  Leaning back up, she lifted the grounding wire back off of the clit chain and the majority of the surge returned through the nipples.  Both exhaled dramatically and burst into fits of panting and cried out as they were finally able to.

“Let’s see if we can make them orgasm.”


Each movement, each flinch, the cries and moans all affected Leah but even more so Margaret.  She had held herself back, her desire to participate almost overriding her compulsion for anonymity and obscurity.  But she felt that she had to do something.  She thought of nothing but the surge of jubilation as she swung the flogger just the day before or how she tied down her roommate and pulled, twisted, slapped, belted and inserted just about everything in the room into her; their cries, their pain, their climaxing together.

As the group formed around the stage, Margaret was able to get close enough to better know their pain; the creases at the corners of their eyes, the tiny muscle spasms that constantly bombarded them and mews and pants which they tried desperately to conceal and would not carry back to where she was originally standing.

Calmly and casually she managed to edge her way up to the stage directly behind Pasha.  The girl’s legs were spread more than enough to display full the inserts as they steadily stroked into and out of the hugely distended orifices.  Margaret glanced to Janie as she eagerly worked the leverage bar, pivoting the fork joint as far in each direction as she could.  The girl was clearly enjoying the work…or maybe just enjoying the attention.

Watching the few inches that traveled in and out, she tried to remember just how long those tines were, just how much was really in the girl and what it was that kept her suspended:  A bottoming out or the width?  Nodding to herself, she made a mental note to try this same set-up but with shorter and fatter inserts.

Only half listening to her mistress, she flinched at the two’s reaction to the grounding wire being added to the clit chain.  An energy of its own coursed through her as the two subject’s demeanor wildly erupted.  The feral sounds and obvious physical incapacitation were a new level of stimulation, a different and exciting rapture.  Her hand cupped her own arousal right through her skirt and moisture spilled out and over as she pressed herself down.

Too quickly it ended but her instructor commanded that everybody participate and she almost climaxed on the spot as paddles and crops were handed out and without effort she found one in her grip.  She was totally within the mass and exactly where she needed to be.

Waiting only until the first other whip landed, she took the crop heavily to the calf.  The girl flinched and grunted, just as she had done the night before.  The familiarity with the situation led her to a bolder move as she welted the back of a knee.  Leather was landing all over her body yet she only turned and looked; only really reacted to Margaret’s strikes.

Making eye contact, Margaret saw her confusion.  She clearly did not expect to this homely looking, shy, mild-tempered girl to be at the delivering end of that familiar tempoed and tempered beating.

Margaret just tipped her head to hide her face and did as her teacher instructed:  tried to make her cum.  The crop laid a trail up the inner thigh in harsh yet patterned welts while others swung wildly at the girl and her mistress.  Margaret could feel her subject’s pain and knew that it was great but she could also feel the intensity and depth of her excitement and need.  Building as she rose, a swing grazed the fork and lashed high into her inner thigh and the girl convulsed into a seizure as both subjects were again clenched into the grip of the debilitating electrical shock.

Just one additional swing and Margaret could feel the current as her crop made contact.  It was only a mild awareness but the knowledge of the sensation was overwhelming.  Dropping the crop, she clenched the girl’s ankle and coughed roughly as she felt a taste of the girl’s pain, only a fraction of the surge but enough to leave her unable to remove her hands until the cycle completed itself.

As soon as the paralysis ended, her hands released the ankle as her body could not contain the explosion of ecstasy which burst from her as she stumbled back to hide in the comfort of obscurity within the crowd.  Debilitating her to a higher degree than the electricity ever could, the flood of her sexual rapture consumed her without restraint.

Relenting only long enough for a partial breath, a tiny gasp of reality, then the climax again clutched her in spasm.

The entire course of her fulfillment was timeless but at one point she found herself in the arms of her Nicole.  Taken to a chair, she cuddled into her lover’s grasp, into her lover’s lap and finished the pulsing beacons of utopia which lifted her at every beat of her raucous heart.





Chapter 33




The late afternoon day was beautiful; not a cloud in the sky, warm, dry and just the slightest hint of a breeze.  A perfect day to be in the park and many people were.  After an exhausting day indoors, it should have been a welcome relief to be out and about.

“Thank you very much for coming over.  I want you to feel free to come back anytime and we’ll do it again.”  Leah laughed while the two were hustled out of the van.  Neither could walk normally yet but they huddled just fine using each other for support.

The van drove away and left them covered in only a thin sheet.  Arms still tightly locked behind them, mouths still gagged and the thin chain connected the clamped nubs of their clits together but it was their nipples which mostly kept them locked to each other.

Pasha shook terribly and finally as the van drove off and bucked her hips back.  The chain pulled and Lady Farrow grunted loudly in protest.  After a second sharp pull, Pasha came in a long anticipate release that almost took her from her feet.  Farrow was furious but didn’t really care to and couldn’t even properly chastise her sub regardless.

The sheet was only loosely wrapped about them and as the lady fidgeted to display her ire, it slipped off of her shoulder and the very slightest gust of a breeze took it from them.

As the orgasm concluded, Pasha burst into a fit of stifled laughter as they became the spectacle of a fast growing crowd.

Lady Farrow watched the van until it was out of sight and vowed that this would not be the end of it.